American Society of Criminology 2017-Nov-14 to 2017-Nov-19

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"30 Days In" - Accessing Mental and Medical Health Care in Maine Jails
 Leduc, Lisa. and Annunziata, Valentina.

"Black Lives Matter: The Watchdog for the Criminal Justice System"
 Boyd, Lorenzo.

"Convict Criminology Testimony: Using Polar Opposites to Fight against the Epoch of Neo-incarceration."
 Dietsche, Lucas.

"Crew Collar" Crime: Hacking for the Heck of It
 Hansen, Laura.

"Doing Convict Criminology as a Non-Con."
 Park, Nicholas.

"I've Never Seen a Pink Elephant": A Qualitative Analysis of the Practice of Microdosing
 Webb, Megan.

"It's Not Racism if it's a Fact": Dissemination of Ideological Hate in a Popular Far Right Online Forum
 Cohen, Shuki., Freilich, Joshua., Holt, Tom. and Chermak, Steven.

"Justice Pathologized:" The American Criminal "Injustice" System in the Neoliberal Period of American Capitalism"
 Calathes, William.

"Necrocriminology": Responding to Mass Violence Through the Dead
 Shute, Jon.

"Student Seeking a Sugar:" A Peek into the Sugarbaby Culture
 Huffman, Jessica. and Nava, Angela.

"Unless They Get Education They are Never Going To Do Any Better": Practitioners' Experiences With Reentry Youth Transition
 Donchik Belkin, Liliana.

"We Are Giving Voice to the Victims:" The Cultural Production of "Sex Trafficking Victim Stigma" in the Anti-Trafficking Movement
 Cojocaru, Claudia. and Curtis, Ric.

"We're Inherently Uncool": Policing and the use of Humor on Twitter and Facebook
 Mayes, Lauren.

"What Can Manganese Teach Us About Sharks?": Corporate Framing of Environmental Harms as Benefits
 Ningard, Holly.

"When the Going Gets Tough ...": Administrative Inertia in Addressing Legal Threats to Research Confidentiality
 Ivers, Aaren. and Palys, Ted.

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A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Antisocial and Delinquent Behavior: A Systematic Review on Biopsychosocial Interaction
 van Hazebroek, Babette., van Domburgh, Lieke., Hoeve, Machteld., de Keijser, Jan. and Popma, Arne.

A Case Study of Police and Prosecution “Real Time” Adaptation to a Legislative Mandate to Test All Sexual Assault Kits
 Pattavina, April., Williams, Linda. and Morabito, Melissa.

A Case for Situational Homicide Prevention
 Skott, Sara., Jamieson, Fiona. and Crichton, John.

A Case-Control Study of Placement in Secure Juvenile Facilities and its Relationship to Race and Legally-Relevant Factors
 Mueller, Derek. and Sullivan, Christopher.

A Classification Tree Approach to Analyzing the Interactive Effects of Race on Juvenile Court Decisions
 Gann, Shaun. and Sullivan, Christopher.

A Closer Examination of Officer-Student Encounters in the School Setting
 McKenna, Jospeh.

A Co-Responder Approach to Responding to Heavy Utilizers of Police Services
 Savage, Jenna. and Morabito, Melissa.

A Collaborative Effort Toward a Safer Campus
 Shariati, Auzeen.

A Community-Oriented Policing Approach to the Rhino Poaching Crisis in South Africa
 Charlton, Richard.

A Comparative Analysis of Active and Mass Shooters and Events
 Daly, Sarah.

A Comparative Analysis of Criminal Justice Based Short-Term Study Abroad Trips
 Parrotta, Kylie., Schell-Busey, Natalie. and Anderson, Pia.

A Comparative Analysis of Exposure to Violence Among Veterans and Urban Residents
 Green, Cherrell.

A Comparative Analysis of Journey to Crime Patterns among Acquaintance and Non-Acquaintance Sex Offenders
 Guerette, Rob., Zgoba, Kristen., Salerno, Laura. and Comerford, Caroline.

A Comparative Analysis of Juvenile Offenders in Residential Placement and on Probation
 Pate, Symone. and Anderson, Valerie.

A Comparative Analysis of Release, Supervision, and Revocation in Systems Without Discretionary Parole
 Watts, Alexis., Rhine, Edward. and Reitz, Kevin.

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BJA Smart Defense Project
 Beeman, Marea.

BJS's Origins and Authorities and the Crime Commission's Recommendations
 Wormeli, Paul.

Back to the Science: The Background of the RNR Simulation Tool
 Lerch, Jennifer., Taxman, Faye. and Murphy, Amy.

Bail Reform and Risk Assessment Tools: The Case of New Jersey
 Piechestein, Ana Clara.

Balanced Justice and Support for Mental Health Courts
 Sloas, Lincoln. and Atkin-Plunk, Cassandra.

Ban the Box and Racial Discrimination: A review of the Evidence and Policy Recommendations
 Stacy, Christina.

Bared from Each Other: Why Normative Husbands Remain Married to Incarcerated Wives
 Einat, Tomer.

Barriers to Disclosure for Transgender Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
 Kurdyla, Victoria.

Barriers to Reentry: A Comparison of Individual Perceptions and Social Service Availability and Utilization
 Viglione, Jill., Alvarado, Micaela., Caudy, Michael., Ray, James. and Walter, Rebecca.

Becoming a Felon: A Successful Ceremony of Degradation
 Green, Edward. and Williams, Sue.

Bedtimes, Self-Control, and Deviance among Rural Adolescents
 Liu, Dan., Ksinan, Albert. and Vazsonyi, Alexander.

Before Radicalization. Police Data on the Backgrounds of Travelers to Syria and Iraq from the Netherlands
 Weenink, Anton.

Behavioral Ethics and Wrongful Convictions: Case Studies in Ethical Failures in Criminal Justice
 Bonventre, Catherine., Norris, Robert. and Sciascia, Matthew.

Behavioral Health Training for Juvenile Probation Staff: Innovations in Delivery and Uptake
 Elkington, Katherine., McReynolds, Larkin., Belenko, Steve., Taxman, Faye. and Wasserman, Gail.

Behavioral Health, Police Use of Force, and Officer Perceptions in Two Suburban Agencies
 Gill, Charlotte., Jensen, Rachel., Cave, Breanne., Yang, Sue-Ming. and Kanewske, Caitlin.

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CBT and Court-Ordered Participants: An Evaluation of Kalamazoo County Community Corrections’ “I Must Think!” Program
 Cundiff, Patrick., Darling, Blake. and Imbody, Sam.

CJRA Chairperson
 La Vigne, Nancy.

CJRA Government Relations
 Culligan, Thomas.

CJRA Media Relations
 Kizielewicz, Caitlin.

CVE Program Evaluation Efforts in the United States
 Legault, Richard.

CVE Programs Thus Far: Lessons Learned
 Neudecker, Christine.

California Proposition 47: Public and Officers' Attitudes and Perception
 Ambrose, William. and Walsh, Ryan.

Campus Climate Surveys: Their Usefulness in Generating Estimates and Assessing Program Effectiveness
 Fisher, Bonnie.

Campus Sexual Assault Climate Survey Methodologies and Findings
 Moylan, Carrie., Randall, Jenna. and Hatfield, Courtney.

Can "Broken Windows" Theory be More Empirical?: Revisit it From Spatial and Temporal Perspectives
 Jia, Di.

Can Coordinated Justice and Police Programs be Effective in Preventing Domestic Violence Reoffending?
 Sousa, Pedro. and Quintas, Jorge.

Can Diversion Nullify the Impact of a Previously Applied Label?
 Little, Simon.

Can School Policing Be Trauma-Informed? Lessons from Seattle
 Witherup, Kirsten., Gill, Charlotte. and Gottfredson, Denise.

Can Sex Offense Rates Act as a Predictive Measure to Undercover Hidden Areas of Human Trafficking?
 Diaz, Madelyn.

Can We Kick It? An Analysis of the Decision to Prosecute Corporate Criminal Cases in the U.S.
 Maume, Michael. and Scott, Tabor.

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DUI, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Outlets
 Stringer, Richard., Gainey, Randy., White, Garland. and Triplett, Ruth.

Danish Punishment and the “Law of Jante”
 Sexton, Lori., Sumner, Jennifer. and Reiter, Keramet.

Darkness on the Edge of Town: Prisons, CAFOs, and Rural Landscapes of State Power
 McClanahan, Bill. and Linnemann, Travis.

Data Driven Justice: An Evaluation of Reentry & Rehabilitation Software
 Link, Tanja. and Crank, Beverly.

Data Science, Data Culture, and Data Empowerment
 Widom, Rebecca.

Dating Violence Victimization and Substance Use: Do Genes Play a Role?
 Yohros, Alexis. and Ford, Jason.

Daytime Mobility of Men on Parole
 Bates, Christopher., Sugie, Naomi. and Hipp, John.

De-criminalization of Financial Crime in the U.S. and China
 Shen, Puma.

Dealing with Domestic Violence in the Hmong-American Community
 Takahashi, Yoshiko.

Death Row Narrative Study
 Johnson, Robert. and Lantsman, Jacqueline.

Death and Destruction: An Exploration of the Poaching Epidemic in South Africa
 Carlton, Richard. and Schneider, Jacqueline.

Decision to Kill: Relationships Between Weapon Choice and Dynamic Factors in Homicide
 Pelletier, Karissa. and Pizarro, Jesenia.

Deconstructing Incidents of Campus Sexual Assault: Comparing Male and Female Victimizations
 Budd, Kristen., Rocque, Michael. and Bierie, David.

Deconstructing the Trope of the “Dangerous Online Pedophile”
 Walker, Allyson.

Decreasing Rape-Related Attitudes and Sexual Aggression Through Compassion Building: Results from the SAFE Campus Pilot Study
 Clark-Miller, Jason.

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Early Life Adversity and Adverse Developmental Outcomes: Genetically-Informed Results from Two Nationally-Representative Samples from the United States
 Schwartz, Joseph.

Early Representation in Richmond, California: An Innovative Partnership
 Lipetzky, Robin., McDonnell, Ellen. and Cruz, Franklin.

Early Trauma Exposure and Cortisol Reactivity Among Inmates
 Johnson, Alexandria. and Glenn, Andrea.

Early-onset, Chronic Offending, and Life-course Persistence: When the Concepts of Career Criminal and Offender Dangerousness do not Converge
 Lussier, Patrick., McCuish, Evan., Bouchard, Martin. and Corrado, Raymond.

Eating the Poor: Revanchism, the Body Politic, and Racist State Violence
 Wall, Tyler.

Ecological Influence on Perceptions of Police Legitimacy and Suspect Resistance
 Shjarback, John. and Katz, Charles.

Economic Distress, Labor Markets, and White-Collar Crime
 Powell, Zachary.

Economic-Social Precarity and Violence in Young People in Cape Verde: The Need for a Structural Intervention
 Dias, josé.

Economics of Incarceration: Looking Beyond Market Costs
 Venkatesan, Madhavi.

Educating Criminal Justice Majors with Open Educational Resources or Traditional Textbooks? An Exploratory Comparative Analysis
 Vollman, Brenda K..

Education Fraud in the U.S.
 Meng, Qingli., Tong, Yonghong. and Rhineberger-Dunn, Gayle.

Education and Post-Release Employment: An Exploratory Study of Offender Reentry
 Wood, Frank.

Educational Tracking and Juvenile Attitudes toward the Police in China
 Luo, Fei. and Ren, Ling.

Effect of Bisexuality on Attributions of Blame in Cases of Sexual Assault
 Mann, Olivia., Diamond-Welch, Bridget. and Bass, Melissa.

Effect of Public Transit on Crime: Evidence from SEPTA strikes in Philadelphia
 Wu, Yuhao.

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FACTUALITY for Law Enforcement: A Cultural Awareness Workshop
 Fundack, Ashley. and Van Brakle, Mischelle.

FBI Stings Against Suspected Terrorists: “Kramer Jihadists” Versus the “Known Wolf” of Orlando
 Hamm, Mark.

FBI’s NIBRS and Animal Cruelty
 Querol, Nuria., DeSousa, Dan., Thompson, John. and Angel, Cuquerella.

FCC Flexibility: Assertions of Implicit Bias Leading to Arrest
 Grantham, Robert. and Norton, Johnathan.

Facilitating Community Re-entry: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Cognitive Life Skills Program for Parolees
 Antonio, Michael. and Crossett, Andrew.

Facilitators of Successful Reentry Program Implementation: Findings from the AORDP Process Evaluation
 Buck Willison, Janeen., Lindquist, Christine. and Lattimore, Pamela.

Factors Affecting the Physical and Mental Health of Incarcerated Individuals
 Fahmy, Chantal.

Factors Associated With Reporting Hate Crime to Police in the NCVS
 Langton, Lynn.

Factors Associated with Sexual Assault Police Reporting and Victim Service Utilization Among College-Enrolled Emerging Adults
 Bessaha, Melissa., Fedina, MSW, Lisa. and Backes, Bethany.

Factors Explaining Sentencing Variations in U.S. District Courts
 DaGrossa, Joseph., Antonison, Richard., Chapman, Shavaughn., Corpora, Mark., Leakan, Thomas., MacAvoy, Joshua. and Sullivan, Kelly.

Factors Influencing Jail Inmates’ Interrogation and Confession Decision Making: Results from an American Study
 Cleary, Hayley. and Bull, Ray.

Factors Influencing Perceptions of Government Legitimacy
 McGuirk, Morgan.

Factors Predicting Repeat Domestic Violence Victimization
 Mizrachi, Dory. and Sousa, William.

Factors associated with Fear of Violent Crime and Property Crime
 Hong, Moonki. and Lee, Heeuk.

Factors of Illegal Gun Acquisitions
 Morselli, Carlo. and Gagnon, Claudine.

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G.I. Johns
 Spears, Jasmine., Smith, Molly. and ten Bensel, Tusty.

Gang Bangers: What Makes These Mass Murders Unique?
 Szalewski, Alec., LaFleur, Jacob. and Huff-Corzine, Lin.

Gangs and Spirituality: Global Insights
 Deuchar, Ross.

Gangs in Central America: The Differences Between Nicaragua and the Northern Triangle
 Van Damme, Ellen.

Gated Communities – By Product of the Lack of Trust?
 Waszkiewicz, Pawel., Svenonius, Ola. and Bjorklund, Fredrika.

Gender Bias in the Legal System: Are Mothers an At-Risk Population?
 Dixon, Janelle., LaRue, Gillian., Tripp, Eleanor., Gauvin, Samantha., Chevere, Cristina., Douglas, Devon. and Meyer, Cheryl.

Gender Difference in Perceptions of the Police among Juvenile Offenders: Identifying Trajectories
 Lee, Selye.

Gender Differences among Male and Female Parent Killers: Motivational and Crime Scene Behavioral Aspects
 Aguilar, Claudia., Weisman, Adam. and Schug, Robert.

Gender Differences in College Student Deviance
 Bones, Paul. and Worthen, Meredith.

Gender Differences in Drug Use Trajectories: A Multilevel Risk and Protective Factor Examination
 Leban, Lindsay. and Gibson, Chris.

Gender Differences in the Effect of Community Policing Training on Police-Juvenile Relations
 Won, Haemi.

Gender Identity and Sexual Victimization: What Does the Association of American Universities’ Study Reveal About These Victims?
 Cantor, David., Fisher, Bonnie. and Peterson, Samuel.

Gender and Bullying in Japan: An Applicability of General Strain Theory
 Kobayashi, Emiko.

Gender and Judging in the Context of China: An Empirical Study on Women Judges Who Judge Women Offenders
 Shen, Anqi.

Gender and Narratives of Entry into Policing
 Bannister, Sarah.

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Hackers, Corporations, and Governments: Student Privacy and Security in Secondary Schools
 Ireland, Leanna.

Hanging Out in Prison: The Link Between Inmates’ Network Position and Their Behavioral Adjustment
 Sentse, Miranda., Palmen, Hanneke., Dirkzwager, Anja. and Nieuwbeerta, Paul.

Hard Work, Harder Time: Penal Labor Structure and the Reproduction of the Underclass
 Gibson-Light, Michael.

Harm and the Wrongs of Entrapment
 Butler, Jethro.

Harnessing State Data: Exploring the Impact of Marijuana and Methamphetamine Related Crime on Criminal Justice Systems
 Farley, Erin. and Maryfield, Bailey.

Harsh Parental Discipline and Delinquency in Mainland China: The Conditional Influences of Gender and Bonding to Paternal Grandparents
 Liu, Ruth.

Hate Crime Against Transgender Victims
 Yeh, Yenli.

Hate Crime Victimization in Germany and the USA
 Groß, Eva. and Wagner, Alexander.

Hate Crime and Hate Groups in the United States
 Zhang, Chenghui.

Hate Crime and Other Crime: Toward a Nexus of Understanding
 Gerstenfeld, Phyllis.

Hate Crimes
 Vegh Weis, Valeria. and Rosenbaum, Thane.

Hate Crimes: A USA-Balkan Comparison
 French, Laurence., Lalic, Velibor. and Radovic, Nenad.

Hate in the Digital Age: Correlates of the Production of Online Hate Material
 Costello, Matthew. and Hawdon, James.

Hatred Simmering in the Melting Pot: Hate Crime in New York City, 1995-2010
 Mills, Colleen.

Have Federal Consent Decrees Reduced Police Homicides?
 Goh, Li Sian.

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I-CAN: New York City Jails and the Challenges of Re-Entry
 Sohan, Waheeda.

ISIS and How It Recruits in Cyberspace: Findings from Social Media Research in Turkey
 Ozeren, Suleyman. and Canbegi, Halil.

Idea, ideologies, Institutions and Identities: The Racialized Manufacture of Youth Crime
 Visano, Livy.

Identifying Change: Valuable Signals of Desistance for Employers Considering a Job Applicant with a Criminal Record
 Reich, Suzanne.

Identifying Global and Local Clustering of Abandoned Homes: Implications for Blight Removal
 De Biasi, Alaina.

Identifying Late-Bloomers and Examining Early Characteristics That Account for Why They Delay the Onset of Offending
 Thornberry, Terence., Matsuda, Mauri. and Krohn, Marvin.

Identifying and Explaining Life Course Transitions and Turning Points - A Case Study
 Zhuo, Yue. and Mancini, Emilia.

Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application of Community Policing to Local Opiate Markets in Pennsylvania
 Sterner, Glenn., Verdery, Ashton., Monnat, Shannon., Zajac, Gary. and Forster, Peter.

Identity Theft
 LoConte, Gina. and Leigey, Margaret.

Identity Work of U.S. Servicewomen: Barriers to Reporting Sexual Abuse and Opportunities to Challenge Sexism
 Bonnes, Stephanie.

Ideological Approaches to Corrections in Norway: A Consideration of Staff Attitudes at Halden Prison
 Nolan, Emma., Andersen, Synove. and Hyatt, Jordan.

Ideological Imputations of Deviance and Moral Literalism in Late Modernity
 Kontos, Louis.

If These Walls Could Talk: Tracing Theories of Punishment Through Historical Evolutions in Prison Architecture and Design
 Augustine, Dallas.

If You Didn't Do It, Then Why Does Your "Crime" Matter? Crime Related Disparities in Time to Exoneration
 Shermer, Lauren. and Mannes, Suzanne.

If You See Something, Do You Say Something?: Why People Report Potential Terrorism Activity
 Kearns, Erin.

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JRI State Reform Strategies, Preliminary Outcomes, and Lessons Learned
 Harvell, Samantha. and Welsh-Loveman, Jeremy.

Job Involvement Among Chinese Prison Staff
 Jiang, Shanhe., Lambert, Eric. and Liu, Jianhong.

Journey to Crime Analysis and its Utility in Policing
 Jesberger, Paul.

Joyriding or Jockeying: Adolescent Decision-making Around Committing Crimes
 Diamond Roman, Paula.

Judicial Decision-Making and Firearm Removal on Civil Domestic Violence Protection Orders
 Wallin, Mikaela. and Durfee, Alesha.

Judicial Disasters: Original Crime Victims Share their Experiences With Wrongful Convictions
 Cook, Kimberly.

Jumping the Gun? Criminal Justice and Victim Service Professionals’ Evaluations of Risk for Intimate Partner Homicide
 Lynch, Kellie.

Jurisdictional Comparisons of Crime: Moving Beyond Population Size
 Martin, Kimberly.

Jurisdictional Issues of the International Criminal Court
 Ebbe, Obi.

Jury Reform in America: An Examination of the Benefits and Downsides of Professional Juries for Felony Cases
 Cardoso, Nick. and Leigey, Margaret.

Jury Sentencing and the Trial Penalty
 Doyle Feingold, Katherine. and Dezember, Amy.

Just Because it’s Difficult to Conduct Criminology Experiments Doesn’t Mean you Shouldn’t Try
 Campie, Patricia.

Just Interactions? Victims’ Accounts of Their Involvement With Criminal Justice Agencies in England and Wales
 Robinson, Amanda.

Just Regulation? Examining Police Attitudes on Gun Rights and Gun Control
 Carlson, Jennifer.

Just the Facts: The Representation of Sex Offenders in Law and Order SVU
 Gambardello, Nicole.

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K-12 School Shootings: General Characteristics
 Lee, Seungmug.

Keep Your Thoughts Off My Body: Social Attitudes Toward Rape-Related Abortions
 Fernandez, Ketty.

Keeping it Real: Exploring Girls’ and Young Women’s Substance use Narratives
 Arnull, Elaine. and Ryder, Judith.

Keeping it in the Family: Mass Incarceration and Wealth Inequality in American Households.
 Sykes, Bryan. and Maroto, Michelle.

Kernel of Hope: Using Computer Science to Discuss Agency and “Hooks for Change" with Female Convicts
 Castillo, Gina.

Key Evaluation Findings from GRYD Gang Prevention and Gang Intervention Services
 Kraus, Molly., Chan, Kristine., Martin, Alfonso., Park, Loraine., Hennigan, Karen. and Kolnick, Kathy.

Key Findings from the Northwestern Juvenile Project: How Longitudinal Data Can Guide Juvenile Justice Policy
 Jakubowski, Jessica., Teplin, Linda., Abram, Karen., Welty, Ph.D., Leah. and Aaby, David.


LEADing in the Golden State: An Assessment of Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion in California
 Binnall, James., Perrone, Dina. and Malm, Aili.

LGBTI Police Liaison Programs and Service Provision: the Key Issues for LGBTI People in Two Australian States
 Dwyer, Angela. and Ball, Matthew.

LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence & Human Rights
 Messinger, Adam.

LGBTQ+ People and Sexual Assault: Where Are We Now and Where Do We Have Left to Go?
 Kimble, Alayna.

Land Use Features, Informal Social Control and Crime: A Longitudinal Study of Neighborhood Dynamics
 Wickes, Rebecca., Zahnow, Renee., Kimpton, Anthony., Corcoran, Jonathan. and Hipp, John.

Latent Trajectories of Cross-National Homicide Trends: Structural Characteristics of Underlying Groups
 Tuttle, James., McCall, Patricia. and Land, Kenneth.

Latina/o Criminology in the Age of Trump
 Armenta, Amada.

Latina/o Criminology in the Age of Trump
 Martinez, Daniel.

Latina/o Criminology in the Age of Trump
 Kubrin, Charis.

Law Enforcement Data Collection Policies and Practices, 2013
 Brooks, Connor.

Law Enforcement Matters (LEM)
 Brzenchek, Robert., Brown, Joshua. and Flanagan, Cassondra.

Law Enforcement Perceptions of SB77: Best Practices on Lineups and Interrogations
 Pack, Brian., Frank, James. and Godsey, Mark.

Law Enforcement Presence in America's Schools: Preliminary Findings about Differences in City, Suburb, Town and Rural
 Sohn, Ji Seun. and Hatcher, Shelby.

Law Enforcement-Public Homicides, Social Media, and Retaliatory Violence
 Parkin, William., Bejan, Vladimir., Pozo, Veronica. and Hickman, Matthew.

Lay Person Viewpoints of Computer-Generated Child Pornography and Sexual Violence Prevention
 Steele, Sarah. and Blasko, Brandy.

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Mainstream Print Media and Alt-Right Online Media: Construction of Narratives
 Cadigan, Robert. and Ausman, Emma.

Major Jack J. Wells: A Case Study Illustrating the Prosocial Organizational Behavior (POB) Model of Whistle-Blowing and its Ancillary Model of Retaliation
 Wells, James.

Make Our Enemy - Kill Our Enemy: the Creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
 Pedigo, Sarah.

Making it Stick: Retention of Best Practices in Probation
 Maass, Stephanie.

Making the Grade: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Victimization Outcomes
 Kubicki, Rachel. and Wilczak, Andrew.

Maldevelopment as a Crime
 Böhm, María-Laura.

Male Peer Support Theory: Murder and Sexual Assault
 Katz, Rebecca. and Laskovtsov, Albina.

Male Sexual Victimization: A Common but Unvoiced Issue
 Reed, Shon. and Kennedy, M. Alexis.

Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Girl? Delinquent Consequences of Family Instability by Parent for Youth.
 Shelley, Walter.

Managing Barriers to Visitation: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Family Members of Prisoners
 Cox, Alison.

Managing Early Intervention for Police
 Worden, Robert. and McLean, Sarah.

Mapping Attitudes Towards the Police at Micro Places
 Wheeler, Andrew., Silver, Jasmine., McLean, Sarah. and Worden, Robert.

Mapping Domestic Violence in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: An Exploratory Analysis
 Nicácio, Claudia., da Silva, Sérgio Felix., Alves, Flávia., Costa, Michelle., Cheib, Alice. and Resende, Letícia.

Mapping Intimate Partner Violence, Maternal Abuse and Coping Skills According to Social Disorganization
 Martinez, Veronica.

Mapping the Effects of Racial and Ethnic Heterogeneity on Homicide Count
 Toohy, Kayla. and McCutcheon, James.

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Narcotics and Drug Abuse
 Reuter, Peter.

Narrative Provocation: Legitimization, Emotion, and Criminology’s Sensory Regimes
 Presser, Lois.

Narratives of Police Shootings in Miami-Dade County, FL: Neighborhoods, Race and the Media
 Lautenschlager, Rachel. and Harder, Brittany.

Narratives, Conspiracies, and Political Violence: An Exploratory Study
 Parsons, Katherine.

National Data Collections, Analysis, and Dissemination at OJJDP
 Adams, Benjamin.

National Landscape Scan of Higher Education in Prison
 Davis, Lois. and Tolbert, Michelle.

National Origin, Immigration Status, and Downward Departures: A Disaggregated Analysis of Latino Subgroups
 Logue, Melissa.

National Resource Center for Reaching Underserved Victims
 Smith, Nancy. and Hope, Charity.

National Resource Center for Victim Research
 Orchowsky, Stan., Howley, Susan. and Yahner, Jennifer.

Navigating Justice: Digital Technologies, Counter-Publics, and Survivor Responses to Sexual Assault
 Gjika, Anna.

Navigating Reentry: The Role of Reentry Organizations From the Perspective of Ex-Prisoners and Staff
 Maier, Katharina.

Navigating Social Relationships for Formerly Incarcerated Men and Women
 Leverentz, Andrea.

Navigating Technology Acquisition and Implementation in Law Enforcement Agencies
 Werth, Rose., Daye, Crystal., Aagaard, Brian. and Strom, Kevin.

Navigating The Thin Blue Line: An Auto-ethnography of Policing on the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Gamino, Eric.

Negative Media Coverage of the Police: Does it Seem Fair to the Public and Does That Matter?
 Gauthier, Jane. and Graziano, Lisa.

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Obesogenic Socioeconomic Disadvantage: The Mediating and Moderating Roles of Neighborhood Stop, Question, and Frisk Policing on Body Weight Status
 Sewell, Abigail., Lee, Hedwig. and Ortiz, Kasim.

Obstacles to Developmental Youth Justice Practice
 Butts, Jeffrey.

Of Superbots and Techno Fears: Constructing On-line Child Sexual Exploitation in the Media
 Kohm, Steven.

Off the Books: How Disease and Age Are Driving the Underground Prison Economy
 Novisky, Meghan.

Offender Perception of Relationships in Employment
 Edwards, Kerry.

Offender Reentry
 Pappacena, Lauren. and Healy, Eoin.

Offenders a Decade Later: Locating, Interviewing, and Capturing Data
 Ellis, Christopher., King, Stephen., Barrick, Kelle., Hill, Lori. and Lattimore, Pamela.

Offenders or Victims?: Offenders’ Families’ Conflicting Role Set and Ambivalence
 Kita, Mari.

Offenders with Uniforms: Revisiting Routine Activity Theory
 Ortiz, Ruben.

Offenders’ Choices in Gang Extortion Rackets in El Salvador
 Ponce, Carlos.

Offenders’ Supervisors Practices in the Context of Conditional Sentencing in Canada
 Euvrard, Elsa.

Officer Involved Shootings: The Effect of Delay on Police Officers’ Memory for Stressful Events
 Porter, Louise., Ready, Justin. and Alpert, Geoffrey.

Officer Views of Body Worn Cameras and the Community: Results of a Quasi-Experimental Study
 Rosenbaum, Dennis., McCarty, William., Palacios, Mariana., St. Louis, Ermus. and Escamilla, Justin.

Officer-related Outcomes Associated with Body-Worn Camera Adoption in Milwaukee, WI
 Peterson, Bryce., Lawrence, Daniel. and Yu, Lilly.

Officers’ Perceptions of Early Intervention Systems
 Paoline, Eugene., Worden, Robert. and McLean, Sarah.

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Paid Your Debt to Society? Criminal Justice Debt, Reentry, and Reincarceration
 Link, Nathan.

Pain Across the Pond: Measuring Penal Severity (Inter)subjectively in Europe and North America
 Hayes, David.

Pan-African Issues in Drugs and Drug Control: The Case of Africa
 Kalunta-Crumpton, Anita.

Panacea or Poison: Can Propensity Score Modeling Replicate the Results from Randomized Control Trials? – PART I
 Campbell, Christopher. and Labrecque, Ryan.

Panacea or Poison: Can Propensity Score Modeling Replicate the Results from Randomized Control Trials? – PART II
 Labrecque, Ryan. and Campbell, Christopher.

Parental Affection and Offspring Personality Development: A Genetically Sensitive Assessment Informed by Life History Theory
 Nedelec, Joseph.

Parental Death and Crime During the Transition to Adulthood
 Larson, Matt.

Parental Imprisonment, Child Victimization and Young Adult Problems
 Hellfeldt, Karin., Källström, Åsa. and Nylander, Per-Åke.

Parental Incarceration and Current Perceptions of Socioeconomic Status, Another Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
 Wiernik, Craig.

Parental Incarceration and Internalizing and Externalizing Antisocial Behaviors: The Interaction of Parent and Child Gender
 McDaniel, Christopher.

Parental Incarceration: Does Having Minor Children Have an Effect on Recidivism?
 Gricius, Matthew.

Parental Maltreatment as the Causes of the Causes of Youth Delinquency
 Steketee, Majone., Aussems, Claire. and Enzmann, Dirk.

Parental Management and Low Self-control on Digital Piracy
 Baek, Hyunin. and Losavio, Michael.

Parental Migration, Self-control, and Children’s Delinquency in Rural China
 Chen, Xiaojin. and Jiang, Xin.

Parenthood and Identity Change along the Pathway to Desistance
 Stone, Rebecca. and Rydberg, Jason.

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Qualitative Analysis of Cure Violence
 Cobar, Particia. and Evans, Douglas.

Qualitative Interviews Examining Victimization in the LGBTQ Community
 Clevenger, Shelly., Navarro, Jordana., Marganski, Alison. and Hefner, M. Kristen.

Qualitative Studies Including Samples of Women on Probation or Parole: A Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Future Research and Policy
 Wilfong, Jordan.

Quality Associated with 3rd Generation Risk-Need Assessment Tools
 Chowdhury, Sharmistha.

Quality Interactions and Positive Outcomes: Exploring the Potential for Procedural Justice in Sexual Assault Investigations
 Lorenz, Katherine.

Quantifying Gang Retaliation and the Impact of Incident Response 
 Brantingham, Jeffrey., Yuan, Baichuan., Sundback, Nick., Herz, Denise. and Chan, Kristine.

Queer Is as Queer Does
 Valcore, Jace.

Questioning Bias: Validating a Bias Crime Victim Assessment Tool in California and New Jersey
 Simich, Laura. and Kang-Brown, Jacob.

Questioning Children About Sexual Abuse Allegations in Criminal Trials: Current Practices in Recent Cases
 Stolzenberg, Stacia., Morse, Stephanie. and Haverkate, Danielle.

Quitting Smoking as an Analog to Quitting Crime
 Koegl, Christopher.


Race and Class as Predictors of Public Confidence in The Criminal Justice System
 Samuels-Jones, Tameka.

Race and Deadly Force: Assessing Minority-Threat Arguments
 Gray, Andrew.

Race and Gender Inequalities Portrayed in Introduction to Criminal Justice and Introduction to Sociology Textbook Images
 Yingling, Julie. and Wienk, Ruthie.

Race and Public Health Concerns under Trump
 Robin, Shani.

Race and the Creation off Crime Clusters: The Role Of Segregation And Discrimination
 Eck, John.

Race, Crime, and the Changing Fortunes of Urban Neighborhoods (1999-2013)
 Phillips, Jason., Krivo, Lauren., Velez, Maria., Lyons, Christopher. and Sabbath, Elizabeth.

Race, Drugs and Harm Reduction
 Covington, Jeanette.

Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice
 Crutchfield, Robert. and Fernandes, April.

Race, Ethnicity, and Punishment under Sentencing Guidelines: A Test of the Liberation Hypothesis
 Lehmann, Peter., Chiricos, Ted. and Bales, William.

Race, Ethnicity, and School Punishment
 Khade, Natasha.

Race, Ethnicity, and the Processing of Criminal Immigration Cases in U.S. Federal Courts: A Longitudinal Multilevel Perspective
 Beckman, Laura.

Race, Gender and Capital Sentencing in Arizona
 Hu, Charlotte. and Spohn, Cassia.

Race, Gender, Intersectionality and School Suspensions
 Guevara, Lori., Shekarkhar, Zahra., Brown, Joe. and McElrath, Karen.

Race, Gender, and Crime: Portrayals of African American Women in Local Television News
 Metzger, Diana.

Race, Neighborhoods, and Substance Use: The Role of Social Bonds
 Schnellinger, Rusty. and Peralta, Robert.

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SAFE Court: Examining the Effectiveness of a Misdemeanor Prostitution Diversion Program
 Muftic, Lisa.

SAMHSA Now Is The Time – Project AWARE: Strategies to Identify and Response to Threats to Student Safety and Well-being
 Banks, Duren., Johnson, Nicole., Saavedra, Lissette. and Yaros, Anna.

SEXHUM: Sexual Humanitarianism
 Musto, Jennifer.

SNAP (Stop Now And Plan), A Gender-Specific Evidence-Based Model For Latency Aged Girls: A Case Analysis Review Highlighting Assessment, Treatment Planning & Response.
 Augimeri, Leena., Walsh, Margaret., Rajca, Erin. and Donato, Adam.

Sad Guns, Bad Guns: A Sentiment Analysis of Print Media Discussion of Firearms Policy
 Van Patten, Isaac. and Hendrix, Nicole.

Safe for Some, Not for Others: Europe's Influence on Canada's Refugee Policy
 Zyfi, Jona.

Safety on University Campuses: The Benefits of Student Conducted Tactical Site Surveys
 Parker, Amanda.

Sanctuary Cities and Crime
 Martinez-Schuldt, Ricardo. and Martinez, Daniel.

Sanctuary Policies and Crime: A Macro-Level Analysis of Cities in the United States
 Madero-Hernandez, Arelys. and Rojas-Gaona, Carlos.

Sanctuary in Name Only: How Broken Windows Impacts Immigrants of Color
 Leyro, Shirley.

Scholars of Tomorrow- Rikers to LaGuardia Pipeline
 Paneto, Kyle. and Feldman, Cory.

School Bonding, Developmental Assets, and Adolescent Delinquency: A Parallel Process Latent Growth Mediation Model
 Wiesner, Margit., Li, Ya-Huei. and Zhu, Zhenyuan.

School Climate Enhancement and Bullying Prevention in Southern Illinois: Preliminary Findings
 Cashel, Mary. and Kroner, Daryl.

School Discipline: Its Impact and Cumulative Effect on Juvenile Delinquency
 Brent, John. and Mowen, Thomas.

School Punishment and the Mechanisms of Secondary Deviance: A Peer Network Approach to Labeling Theory
 Jacobsen, Wade.

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Tackling Opioid Abuse
 Cohen, Marcia. and Stephenson, Rachel.

Tactical Analysis using Cops’ Brain
 Jessie, Darnell.

Taking No for an Answer: Examining Refusal Rates for Survey Participation
 Lawton, Brian., Weisburd, David. and White, Clair.

Taking the Hate Out of Hate Crimes
 Wienk, Ruthie. and Yingling, Julie.

Taking the Reigns: Examining Police Leader Succession in British Columbia
 Murphy, Joshua.

Tales from the Ring: Narrative Accounts of Men’s Experience of Violence, Desistance and Boxing
 Jump, Deborah.

Talking about Sex Work in the Classroom
 Norton, Christopher.

Talking to Youth about Pleading Guilty: Perceptions of Judges, Attorneys, and Advocates
 Woestehoff, Skye., Redlich, Allison., Dezember, Amy., Cathcart, Elizabeth. and Quas, Jodi.

Target Congruence as a Means of Understanding Risk of Intimate Partner Victimization: A Comparison of Male and Female College Students
 Elvey, Kathryn. and McNeeley, Susan.

Target-Based Approach to Determine Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Crime
 Alazawi, Mohammed., Jiang, Shiguo. and Messner, Steven.

Targeted Deterrence & Mechanisms of Change: Evaluating Chicago’s Project Safe Neighborhoods Offender Notification Meetings
 Trinkner, Rick.

Targets of Terrorism in the Western World, 2002-2016
 Miller, Erin.

Teacher Integration, Threat, and School Punishment
 Hughes, Cresean., Bailey, Caroline., Warren, Patricia. and Stewart, Eric.

Teaching Across Institutions
 Young, Jacqui.

Teaching Criminal Justice in an Era of Alternative Facts
 Arvanites, Thomas.

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U.S. Supreme Court Use of Social Science Research to Inform Constitutional Criminal Law and Procedure Opinions throughout the 2001 – 2015 Terms
 Meitl, Michele.

Uber Safe: A look at the Impact of Geo-Hailed Cabs on Risk of Driver Robberies in Philadelphia
 Fitch, Misty., Hayton, Alexis. and Kot, Evelina.

Unclogging the Pipeline: Community College Admissions from the Perspective of Formerly Incarcerated Students
 Feldman, Cory.

Unconventional Weapons: War and Terrorism in an Age of Risk
 Hollingsworth, Michael.

Uncovering Additional Information Available on
 Spivak, Howard. and Tyson, Jennifer.

Under The Bridge: A Typology of Internet Trolling
 Glosser, Angela. and Cadigan, Robert.

Under the Electronic Eye - A Legal Evaluation of Predictive Policing in Germany and the United States
 Sommerer, Lucia.

Undercover or Provocateur: Analysis of Human Intelligence cases in the American Terrorism Study
 Shields, Christopher. and Jackson, Summer.

Understanding Baltimore's Underground Gun Market: Risk Profile of Justice-System-Involved Men
 Webster, Daniel., Crifasi, Cassandra., Sherman, Susan. and Caplan, Gillian.

Understanding Barriers to Community-based Health Care After Release from Incarceration
 Paddock, Ellen., Mallik-Kane, Kamala. and Jannetta, Jesse.

Understanding Bias and Item Missing Data in NIBRS
 Salane, Douglas., Abdu, Eman. and Shenkin, Peter.

Understanding Changes in Beliefs among Members in Online Extremist Web Forums
 Chua, Yi-Ting., Holt, Tom., Freilich, Joshua. and Chermak, Steven.

Understanding Children’s Visiting Experiences: Challenges and Lessons Learned from University-Jail Partnerships
 Shlafer, Rebecca., Davis, Laurel. and Hindt, Lauren.

Understanding Citizen's Perceived Vulnerability to the Police
 Carr, James., Hamm, Joseph. and Searle, Rosalind.

Understanding College Sexual Assault Victims’ Perspectives of Disclosure to Informal or Formal Resources
 Foster, Kaity.

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VAWA 2018: Getting Right on Criminal Justice
 Jacobs, Lisalyn.

VAWA: Looking Beyond the Money
 Labertew, L. Denise.

VAWA: The Money, its Impact and the Politics
 Ranjan, Sheetal.

Vanguard of the Next Revolution: The Historical Involvement and Contemporary Potential of Gang Members in Revolutionary Activity
 Weide, Robert.

Variants of Social Disorganization: Spatial Comparison Between Urban and Rural Counties
 Feng, Shun.

Variation and Change in Criminal Record Policies for Public Housing
 DeMarco, Laura.

Variations in State Sex Offender Statutes: Implications for U.S. Higher Education
 Custer, Bradley.

Vegan Criminology
 Mentor, Kenneth.

Verbal Aggression and Physical Violence Perpetration Across Relationship Context: Gender, Adverse Childhood Events, and Conflict Management Styles
 Mumford, Elizabeth., Taylor, Bruce., Miesfeld, Noelle., Berg, Mark. and Liu, Weiwei.

Veterans, Addiction, and Criminal Justice: Exploring the Intersubjective Sites of Intervention Post-Service for a Meaningful Service Design
 Murray, Emma.

Veterinarians and Their Perception of the Treatment of Animal Abuse Cases in the Criminal Justice System
 Richardson, Dustin.

Victim Characteristics and Case Attrition: How Who Gets Raped Impacts Sexual Assault Case Attrition
 Williams, Linda., Pattavina, April. and Morabito, Melissa.

Victim Cooperation and Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases: An Examination of Legal Action in Los Angeles
 Smith, Savannah. and Dierkhising, Carly.

Victim Gender, Offender Gender, Seeking Professional Help, and the Reporting of Violent Crime
 Hullenaar, Keith. and Ruback, Barry.

Victim and Offender Blame in Sexual Assault: The Role of Alcohol
 Moorhouse, Meghan. and Ruback, Barry.

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Wacky Tobaccy: Reexamining Durkheim's Social Facts
 Albertson, Stephanie.

Waiting for Trial at Rikers Island: What Factors Influence Pretrial Length of Stay?
 Hood, Quinn. and Kim, Jaeok.

Waiting to Die: Examining Case Complexity and Delay in Death Penalty Cases
 Collins, Kelsey. and Burrow, John.

Walking the Tight Rope: U.S. Immigration and the Challenges of Legality
 Obinna, Denise.

Walls, Wars, and Global Warming: Expanding the Terrain of " Violence Against Women"
 Wonders, Nancy.

Warrior Versus Guardian: A Survey of Millennials and Their Attitudes Pertaining to Police Operations
 Kocher, Charles.

Wartime Sexual Violence: Research Trends and Future Directions
 Gregg, Melissa.

We All Want the Same Thing: An Organizational Analysis of a Housing Reentry Program
 Williams, Danielle. and Bostic, Raphael.

We Are Judges Now: The Elected Lay Jurists of Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts
 Nyseth Brehm, Hollie., Uggen, Christopher., Nobles, Allison. and Gertz, Evelyn.

We Are What We Learn: The Effects of Race on Domestic Violence from SLT Perspective
 James, Ariel.

We are All Green: An Exploration of Racial Differences among Incarcerated Veterans
 Brooke, Erika. and Peck, Jennifer.

What Americans (Think They) Know About Serial Murder and Criminal Profiling
 Wiest, Julie.

What Can Time Tell Us Regarding Perceptions of Police? Incorporating Latency Information into Experimental Evaluations of Dichotomous Outcomes
 Simpson, Rylan.

What Can Your Friends Do for You? Assessing the Relationship between Strain, Friendship Networks, and Delinquency.
 Kuptsevych, Anastasiia., Antonaccio, Olena. and French, Michael.

What Causes Sex Offending? Views from Community Corrections Professionals and the General Public
 Call, Corey.

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Yellow Means Go?: Exploring the Relationship Between Psychological Screenings and Adverse Behavior among Correctional Officers
 Carter, TaLisa.

Young Adults and Staff experiences at Rikers Island: Findings from qualitative research
 Montano, Nicolas. and Ferone, Jennifer.

Young Black/Hispanic Males: The Combined Effects on Criminal Sentencing
 Jordan, Kareem. and Fitch, Chanell.

Young Men of Color’s Help Seeking Following Violent Victimization
 Bey, Saadiq.

Young Men’s Experiences of Parenting Within Prison: 10 Years On
 Meek, Rosie.

Youth Arrest as a Turning Point in Delinquency: The Role of Labeling across Time
 Bares, Kyle., Mowen, Thomas. and Brent, John.

Youth Co-Facilitated Focus Groups on Gangs, Youth Violence, and Community Responses
 Cournoyer, Erin. and Zaykowski, Heather.

Youth Experiences of Online Sexual Grooming
 Hernandez, Cristal., Greene-Colozzi, Emily., Blasko, Brandy. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Youth Gang Involvement in the Central Valley of California: Its Initiation, Continuation, and Desistance
 Gao, Huan.

Youth Sex Offender Caseloads: Managing Risk and Supervision Level
 Peters, Adrienne.

Youth Violence and Immigrant Status: An Examination of the Effects of Neighborhood Disorganization and Micro-Level Strain Processes
 Lobo Antunes, Maria Joao. and Manasse, Michelle.

Youth and Aging out of Cyber-Risk: Privacy, Self-Responsibilization and Having Nothing to Hide Online
 Adorjan, Michael. and Ricciardelli, Rose.


Zero Tolerance Policing or Community Policing
 Fischer, Michael.

Zone Violations: Investigating the Conditions under which Drug Sellers are Subject to Drug-Free Zone Penalties
 Griffiths, Elizabeth. and Levine, Kay.

Zoor Suits and Zazous: A Cultural Criminology
 Ferrell, Jeff.
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