Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies 44th Annual Convention 2012-Nov-15 to 2012-Nov-18

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"Fractures and Crises in Hungarian Cinema"
 Portuges, Catherine.

"Law and Grace: Religious Roots of Legal Tradition in Russia"
 Kustanovich, Konstantin.

"'Granica': Border Crossing in Polish Film Before and After 1989"
 Beinek, Justyna.

(Ab)Use of the Nobel Prize Winner after Yugoslavia
 Pistalo, Vladimir.

'A School of Motherhood': the Construction and Disruption of Mothering Roles for Soviet Single Mothers
 Galmarini, Maria.

'A Snapshot of My Soul': Pasternak and Tsvetaeva Write the Photograph
 Blasing, Molly Thomasy.

'A Solid Belt around the Loins of the Nations': Biologistic Imagery of the Railways
 Jeschke, Felix.

'A Story of the Most Important Thing': Zamiatin and the Thermodynamics of Revolution
 Laursen, Eric.

'A Strictly Ukrainian Crime': The Murder Mystery Novel Imitation by Yevhenia Kononenko
 Shchur, Oleksandra.

'A Well-Protected Domain Of The Sultan’ Or ‘Tsar's Patrimony’?: Diplomacy And Imperial Rivalry Over The North Caucusus Between The Ottoman Empire and Muscovy
 Yasar, Murat.

'Alps of the Pechora': Nature Protection in Komi ASSR and the Formation of Yugid Va National Park, 1971-1994
 Roe, Alan.

'Apostates,' 'Turnskins' and Other 'Mongrels:' Ukrainian Intellectuals in Russian Culture of the 1830-1850s
 Ilchuk, Yulia.

'Believe me, wherever this man finds himself, he will be inseparable from Rome': Peter Slovtsov’s Tobol’sk Sanctuary
 Soderstrom, Mark.

'Chanoyu' and 'Chaepitie': Japanese and Russian Tea Cultures Compared
 Yoder, Audra.

'Church-American' in Pelevin's SNUFF
 Boston, Masha.

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A 21st century Trip to Solovki
 Vatulescu, Cristina.

A Child's Experience: Developing Artistic Vision in the Prose of Pasternak and Bely
 Schlegel, Joseph.

A Factory Directors’ Statelet: Industrial Power Relations and the Formation of the Dniester Republic
 Zofka, Jan.

A Grand Day Out at the Museum: Representing/Constructing the Museum Spectator in Soviet Art
 O\'Mahony, Mike.

A Kaleidoscope of Languages: The Language of Children's Cyber-Discourse
 Nedashkivska, Alla.

A Language of Love: Towards a New History of Amatory Discourse in Early Modern Russia
 Dukhanova, Diana.

A Multi-Religious Region in an Atheist State: Soviet Secularization in the Post-War Volga Region
 Luehrmann, Sonja.

A Murder Most Foul: Drawing Conclusions from Muscovite Miniatures
 Flier, Michael.

A Novel Approach to Pedagogy: Teaching Master i Margarita in Russian to Undergraduates
 de Sherbinin, Julie.

A Prison without Walls: The Experience of Immobility inside Besieged Leningrad
 Peri, Alexis.

A Privilege of Traveling Abroad: Experiences of Soviet Scientists in the 1950s and 1960s
 Rogacheva, Maria.

A Problem of 'Material Interest': Collective Farm Labor and Incentives in Post-Stalin Agricultural Reforms
 Hale-Dorrell, Aaron.

A Russian Named Pierre: Imperial Geopolitics, Visual Epistemologies and a New World Order in Zeng Pu's Nie Hai Hua
 Chan, Roy.

A Scandal at the Bolshoi: Cherniakov's Staging of 'Onegin'
 Bershtein, Evgenii.

A Star is Reborn: 'Bitter Taste of Freedom' and Gendered Images in Post-Soviet Film
 Chatterjee, Choi.

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Back and Forth Across the Border: Ukrainian Epics about Captivity
 Kononenko, Natalie.

Backgrounds and Concepts of Economic Sanctioning in Slovenia during the 20th Century
 Lazarevic, Žarko.

Bandits, Ghazis, National Heroes: Interpretations of the Basmachi Movement in Contemporary Tajikistan
 Nourzhanov, Kirill.

Batiushkov's Translations of Byron and the Development of Russian Elegy
 Ishov, Zakhar.

Being a Polish Jew: Jews with Hybrid Identities in Interwar Poland
 Marlow, Jennifer.

Being a Socialist Worker in the Industrial Town of Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Petrovic, Tanja.

Belarus as Border Environment: Individual Trajectories and Collective Strategies of Adaptive Identity
 Tereshkovich, Pavel.

Belarusian Journalism from the Soviet School to a Current Stage
 Koulinka, Natalia.

Between Family, Church and Empire: A Noble Family’s Biography in Late Tsarist Russia
 von Winning, Alexa.

Between Jabotinsky and His Russian Predecessors
 Tsurumi, Taro.

Between Moscow and Ukraine: Mykola Kulish's Sonata Pathétique and Soviet Cultural Mobility in the 1930s
 Fowler, Mayhill.

Between Pathology and Genius: V.P. Efroimson's The Genetics of Genius
 Mishuris, Katerina.

Between Skoropadsky's Ukraine and Bolshevik Russia: Neutral Zone in 1918
 Akulov, Mikhail.

Between the State and Global Feminism: Post-Soviet Women’s NGOs Navigating Local and Global Politics
 Shapkina, Nadia.

Beyond Institutions: Explaining Regime Outcomes in Post-Socialist States
 Smyth, Regina.

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Can Russia Survive Twelve More Years of Putin
 Hedlund, Stefan.

Can Villagers be Russians?: Perspectives on Elementary Education during the Great Reforms
 Aoshima, Yoko.

Can the Imaginary be Realized? Performance Challenges in Scriabin’s 'Prometheus, Poem of Fire'
 Gawboy, Anna.

Capitalists and Comrades at the Movies: Gender and Consumption in Circus and Ninotchka
 Hilton, Marjorie.

Captive Nations and Captive Notions: Re-Imagining the History of Russia's Southern Borderlands
 Boeck, Brian.

Casual Chic(k): Oksana Robski's Russia
 Matthews, Emily.

Categorization of the Varieties of the Slovene Language
 Lundberg, Grant.

Centre-periphery Relations between the Latvian SSR and the Kremlin and the Development of Latvian National Communism
 Bleiere, Daina.

Certification for Kazimir Malevich: Aleksei Gan’s Constructive Criticism
 Romberg, Kristin.

Challenges of Russian Interlibrary Loan Requests
 Kinslow, Kenneth.

Chancres, Nodules and Rotting Noses: Diagnosing Syphilis in Soviet Villages,1945-1957
 Haber, Maya.

Change in Bulgarian Physical Education and Sport after September, 9 1944
 Gyaurski, Marian.

Child’s Play? Growing Up in State Care in Hungary and East Germany in the 1980s
 Rasell, Jennifer.

Christian Responses to the 'Jewish Question' in Silver Age Journalism
 Stroop, Christopher.

Circassian Literature in Russian Language: Intellectuals and Empire in the North Caucasus in the 19th Century
 Zhemukhov, Sufian.

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Daniil Kharms and the Hesychast Tradition
 Blank, Ksana.

Dark Provincial Melodrama: The Revival of Chernukha in Post-Soviet Cinema
 Anisimova, Irina.

De-Ciphering Akaky Akakievich: Reading/Writing Nothing in Gogol
 Vicks, Meghan.

Dealing with the Socialist Past through Films: The Case of Czechoslovakia
 Nisonen, Riikka.

Death and the Laws of Nature in Post-Soviet Necrorealist Films by Evgenii Iufit
 Klimova, Olga.

Decentralization Revisited: Kozak, Khloponin and Proposals to Weaken the Vertical
 Slider, Darrell.

Defanging the Police: Reform of the Residential Registration System in Post-Soviet Georgia and Russia
 Light, Matthew.

Defining European 'Orientalism' through the Balkan Lens of Paja Jovanovic
 Robinson, Lilien.

Defining Insanity in Stalin’s Soviet Union: Schizophrenia and Psychiatric Authority in the Soviet Union, 1928-1938
 Zajicek, Benjamin.

Defining the Nation: History, Identity, and Communism in Romania (1964-1966)
 Iacob, Bogdan.

Deflation or Deflowerization of Liza in/by Karamzin and Socio-Economic Changes of Russia
 Khokholova, Natalya.

Deliberative Democracy and Participation in Latvia's Countryside
 Karklina, Rasma.

Depictions of the Soviet Union in Herge's 'Tintin in the Land of the Soviets' and Interwar Catholic Anticommunism
 Brennan, Sean.

Descent from Snake Mountain: On the Contexts and Content of Late Soviet Economics
 Leeds, Adam.

Development of the New Postwar Cities in Slovenia during the 20th Century
 Di Battista, Alenka.

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Early Warning Indicators of Asset Price Boom/Bust Cycles in Emerging Markets
 Ponomarenko, Alexey.

East Karelia between Russia and Finland: Selection Strategies of Various Social and Regional Groups (1900-1918)
 Vituhnovskaja-Kauppala, Marina.

Ecclesiastical Union or 'Foreign Confession'? State Power and the Boundaries of Orthodoxy in Imperial Russia
 Werth, Paul.

Ecological Consciousness in the Poetry of Fedor Tiutchev
 Pike, Christopher.

Editing the Great Patriotic War: A Soviet Author's Encounter with WWII Memory
 Mann, Yan.

Eisenstein (Aleksandrov)—Aleksandrov—Eisenstein: Stylistic Continuities
 Eagle, Herbert.

Elective Affinities: Nikolai Karamzin and Lev Tolstoi
 Steiner, Lina.

Eliminating the Legacy of the Gulag from the Post-Soviet Prison System
 Pallot, Judith.

Emigration and Canonization: Marc Slonim and His Predecessors in Writing the History of Russian Literature
 Nakano, Yukio.

Emigration of Muslims from Southeastern Europe to the Ottoman Empire: The Turks and Tatars of Dobruca, 1878-1914
 Hunt, Catalina.

Empire in the Album: Amateur Travel Photography in Post-war Russia
 Sarkisova, Oksana. and Shevchenko, Olga.

Empire in the Era of Mass Pilgrimage: Some Thoughts on the Russian Case
 Kane, Eileen.

Empirical Analysis of Islamic Education in Central Asia
 Achilov, Dilshod.

Employment Generating Effects of FDI within a New Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan
 Prysmakova, Palina.

Enemies at the Gate? Lithuanian Post-Soviet Public Space as a Battlefield Between Different Ideologies, Narratives and Memory Types
 Svedas, Aurimas.

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Faith in Work, Faith at Work: Labor, Belief, and Authority on Religious Communes in Early Soviet Russia
 Herrlinger, Page.

Farhad, Labor Hero: Optimistic Tragedies and Passion Plays on the Stalinist Persianate Periphery
 Hodgkin, Samuel.

Feeding the Factories: State Policy and Provisioning Workers
 Goldman, Wendy.

Finding Alternative Paths: Transnational Networks and the Moscow 1957 World Youth Festival
 Koivunen, Pia.

Folklore and Folklorism: Independent Research in the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
 Corbett, Joyce.

Forbidden or Allowed? The Boundaries of Premarital Intimacy in the pre-Soviet Ukrainian Village
 Mayerchyk, Maria.

Forced to be Free: Azerbaijan and the Burdens of Independence, 1918-1921
 Reynolds, Michael.

Foreign Genre, Russian Core: The Paradox of Russian Nationalist Boevik in Dmitry Cherkasov's Night over Serbia
 Minkova, Yuliya.

Forgotten Books about Native Americans: The Second Life in Russian Children's Literature
 Bukhina, Olga.

Formative Years: The Education of Yuri Samarin in the 1820s and 1830s
 Kucher, Katharina.

Former Dissident Subjects and Neoliberal Politics in Post-Socialist Bulgaria
 Valiavicharska, Zhivka.

Forming the Multicultural Environment in Terms of Science-Educational Network for Teachers
 Davydova, Natalia.

Fortress Przemysl and the Austro-Hungarian campaign on the Eastern front 1914/1915
 Tunstall, Graydon.

Fragmentation on Both Sides of the Border: Hemingway and Ivan Cankar's World War I Narratives
 Reardon, Kristina.

Framing World War II in Russia Today
 Carleton, Gregory.

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Gangsters and Crime in Cinema
 Dolgopolov, Gregory.

Gender, Violence, and Corruption in the Waning of Putin’s Russia
 Johnson, Janet.

Georgian Nation-Building Abroad: Georgian Students at Russian and European Universities
 Reisner, Oliver.

Gerhard Friedrich Müller as Founding Father of Ethnography
 Vermeulen, Han.

German Economic Interests and Investments in the Interwar Period Hungary
 Barta, Robert.

Getting Married in Philadelphia, Polish Style: The Problem of Identity and Genre in Danuta Mostwin's 'Gargoyles: A Theatrical Tale'
 Kononova, Victoria.

Global Imbalances: Non-conventional View
 Popov, Vladimir.

Global Trends or Regime Survival: Reforms in Russian Higher Education
 Forrat, Natalia.

Go East Young Man: Polish Jews and Border Crossing, 1939
 Adler, Eliyana.

Gogol and Transylvania
 Ilnytzkyj, Oleh.

Going Global: Mikhail Vrubel’s Reception Abroad
 Taroutina, Maria.

Gorky in New York: The City of the Yellow Devil and the Paradox of American Morality
 Lippman, Erich.

Got Milk? Cows, Cream and Cultural/Economic Imperialism in 1920s Manchuria
 Chiasson, Blaine.

Governing Russia's Forest: Russian Law, International Certification, and Regional Variation
 Henry, Laura. and Tysiachniouk, Maria.

Governing Through Taxation: Towards Greater Accountability, Capacity and Compliance in Developing and Democratizing States
 Berenson, Marc.


Halyna Pahutiak’s and Sergey Lukyanenko’s Vampire Sagas: Two Mythmaking Strategies
 Krys, Svitlana.

Harmony and Disharmony in the Political Visions of Tomas G. Masaryk and Vaclav Havel
 David, Zdenek.

Here, There, and Nowhere? Hungary’s Olympic Dilemma in 1920
 Ivan, Emese.

History in the Structure of National Myths: Public Discourse and History Education in Ukraine
 Korostelina, Karina.

History of Translation and Translating History in Chingiz Huseinov's Novel Fatal Fatali
 Schild, Kathryn.

Hobson's Choice? Belarus between the EU and Russia, 2006-2012
 Marples, David.

Holidays as ‘Border Crossings’ between Ethnicities and Religions: The Case of Russian-Speaking Immigrants in Israel
 Fialkova, Larisa. and Yelenevskaya, Maria.

Holocaust Memory and (De-)Constructing Jewish Identity in Socialist Hungary
 Esbenshade, Richard.

Hostages of Time: The Soviet Literary Hero and Fear
 Doubrovskaia, Maria.

Hosts and Hospitality in Muscovy: The Welcoming of Foreign Guests
 Salomon Arel, Maria.

How Far Is the Border? The Evolving Image of Cracow in the Writings of Adam Zagajewski
 Wrobel Best, Jolanta.

How Insulted Religious Feeling Turned into Pogroms: Lithuania in 1900
 Staliunas, Darius.

How Many Workers Have There Been in Prague in the Interwar Period?
 Holubec, Stanislav.

How Nabokov Reads Dostoevsky
 Connolly, Julian.

How Postwar Czech Courts Exposed and Exonerated Perpetrators of Crimes against Bohemian and Moravian Jews
 Frommer, Benjamin.

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I Ignored Your Revolution, But You Forgot My Anniversary: Party Competition in Slovakia and the Construction of Recollection
 Leff, Carol.

I.M. Pul’ner and the Jewish Section of the Museum of Ethnography of the Peoples of the USSR
 Yalen, Deborah.

Identity Theft? Conflicting Narratives of National Origin in Central Asia
 Hanks, Reuel.

Igor' Il'inskii: Movie Stardom and Performance Style before and after Stalin
 Bohlinger, Vincent.

Illegal and Informal Employment of Migrants in Russia
 Mukomel, Vladimir.

Image, Landscape, Media: Cinema and Painting in Films of Andrei Tarkovsky and Alexander Sokurov
 Chefranova, Oksana.

Images of the Russian Imperial Family during World War One
 Kolonitskii, Boris.

Imagining a Soviet Nation at the 1944 Historians' Conference
 Blitstein, Peter.

Imagining the Nation in the Architecture of the German and Polish Borderlands in the 20th Century
 Bartetzky, Arnold.

Imperial Chronotopes in Iurii Tynianov's Historical Fiction
 Dwyer, Anne.

In God's Image: Labor, Liberation, and the Worker-Priests' Significance for the Young Karol Wojtyla
 Kosicki, Piotr.

In Search of Political Utopia: Images of the Soviet Union in Italian Travel Writing during the Cold War
 Lee, Joanne.

In and Out of the Dead Zone: The Indistinct Time-Space of Modernity in Pushkin's ‘Feast in Plague-Time’
 Platt, Jonathan.

Incorporating Russian Superstitions, Customs and Traditions into Role Play
 Griffiths, Galina.

Innocence, Irony, and the Commedia dell'arte Tradition of the Ballets Russes
 Brandt, Jessica.

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Jabotinsky and Orientalism: Turks, Jews, and Arabs.
 Horowitz, Brian.

Jabotinsky's Short Stories: Between Fiction and Memoir
 Scherr, Barry.

Janusz Szuber in Ukrainian: Translating Poetic Encounters
 Makhno, Vasyl.

Jewish Budapest, 1945-48
 Freifeld, Alice.

Jewish Pogroms in Kiev during the Civil War
 Khiterer, Victoria.

Jewish Youth in a Yiddishist and Polish Milieu: The Vilna Educational Society and Polish-Jewish Hybridic Identity among Yiddish-speaking Youth in Interwar Vilna
 de Bloeme, Jordana.

Joseph Brodsky as an English Poet: Self-Translation and the Translation of the Self
 Kelbert, Eugenia.

Jozef Witlin's Ukraine
 Frajlich-Zajac aka Frajlich, Anna.

Judas in the Literary Worlds of Fedor Sologub and Leonid Andreev
 Merrill, Jason.

Jungian Archetypes in Dostoevsky's 'The Idiot'
 Johnson, Brian.


 Naiman, Eric.

Karamzin reads Karamzin
 Annunziata, Alison.

Kazakhstan’s ‘Little October’: Visions of State-Building in the Soviet East, 1925-1929
 Cameron, Sarah.

Keeping the Faith: Dimitry Stelletsky's Interpretations of Icon Traditions
 Winestein, Anna.

Kharms, Vvedensky, and the Idea of History
 Pavlov, Evgeny.

Kicking Maximov out of the Carriage: Narrative Exclusion in The Brothers Karamazov
 Matzner-Gore, Greta.

Kids in the Courtyards: Soviet, National and Youth Identities in Kaunas, Lithuania, 1960s-1970s
 Swain, Amanda.

Konstantin Leontiev and the Social Critique of the Tanzimat Turkey
 Taki, Victor.

Kurbskii and Shakespeare: Case Studies in Misattribution?
 Ostrowski, Donald.


Labor Market, Education and Armed Conflict in Tajikistan
 Shemyakina, Olga.

Lamaism, Shamanism, and the Russian Empire as a Transformative Process
 Murray, Jesse.

Language Across the Curriculum: Teaching Russian through Politics, Health Care, and Environmental Science
 Chernishenko, Olena.

Language Changes in School Education in post-Soviet Kazakhstan (1991-2011)
 Altynbekova, Olga.

Language Politics in Ukraine: Impact of the Regime Change on Public Opinion
 Kulyk, Volodymyr.

Language and Identity of the Bosniaks of the Sandzak: Implications for Bosnia, Montenegro, and Serbia
 Greenberg, Robert.

Language, Class, and the Nation in a Soviet Ukrainian Blockbuster Comedy: Chasing Two Hares (1961)
 Pressitch, Olga.

Lashes of Conscience and Promiscuity of Images: On Text, Images and Reality in the Cooperative Surrealist Book Project Biče svědomí
 Russell Holtebrinck, Marketa.

Late Chekism and the Concept of Violence: East Germany and Eastern Europe in Comparison
 Gieseke, Jens.

Late Imperial Russian Society and the Workers’ Question: Views from the Non-Revolutionary Left
 Pate, Alice.

Legacies Remembered: Dositej Obradovic and the Inroads of Enlightenment
 Milojkovic Djuric, Jelena.

Legitimising the Local: The Ukrainian and Russian Prose of Kvitka-Osnovianenko
 Pavlyshyn, Marko.

Lev Rubinstein’s 'Nostalgia Performances': Moving Beyond the Genre Boundaries
 Toland, Kristina.

Liberals and Aliens: A New Look at Cold War Science Fiction
 Howell, Yvonne.

Listening Across the Curriculum
 Evans-Romaine, Karen.

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Mad Dogs and Animal Protectionists: Rabies in Interwar Poland
 Plach, Eva.

Making Sense of Violence: Postsocialist Approaches to Institutionalized Repression in Communist Bulgaria
 Topouzova, Lilia.

Making the Symbolist Book
 Stone, Jonathan.

Male Corporeality and Negotiated Masculinities in Russian Identity and Politics
 Nowakowski, Arianna.

Malevich and Ekster: Dressing Humans and Space
 Rosset, Francoise.

Managing Distrust: Letters to Party-State Authorities and Conflict Resolution in the Late Soviet Union
 Tikhomirov, Alexey.

Mao's Railway Army Goes to Africa: Stories from the Other Cold War
 Monson, Jamie.

Mapping Nighttime Leisure in Early Soviet Moscow
 Beresford, Benjamin.

Mapping Republican Virtue in Russia from Machiavelli to Tolstoy
 Valentino, Russell.

Maps and the Making of Imperial Space
 Winkler, Martina.

Marches, Formalism, and a Sleepless Stalin: Lullabies by Sergei Prokofiev
 Orlov, Vladimir.

Mardi Gras Myths and Buffalo Tales: Remembering the Visit of Grand Duke Alexis
 Farrow, Lee.

Market as Experiment: Neoliberal Transformations in Postsocialist Romania
 Tulbure, Narcis.

Martyr, Myth, and Memory: Zoia Kosmodemianskaia and the Quest for a Post-Soviet Russian Identity
 Harris, Adrienne.

Meanings of Work, Self, and the State in Neo-Liberalism: The Latvian Story
 Ozolina, Liene.

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NER: Ideal Communist City?
 Bocharnikova, Daria.

Nabokov and the Art of Attack
 Nepomnyashchy, Catharine.

Nabokov and the Brain: The Narrative Logic of Neurological Conditions
 Olson, Naomi.

Nabokov in Self-Translation: From Conclusive Evidence to Drugie berega
 Garcia de la Puente, Ines.

Nabokov on the Evolution of Subjectivity
 Cooke, Brett.

Nabokov's Authorial Position: Complicating Bakhtin's 'Vnenakhadimost'
 Gorski, Bradley.

Naked Dance, Naked Music
 Morrison, Simon.

Naked, Nude, Neglected: Baring the Body in Russian and Soviet Art
 Goscilo, Helena.

Nannies in the Homes of the Soviet Elite: Transcending Borders of Class, Ethnicity, and Culture
 Klots, Alissa.

Narratives of Corruption in the Postwar Courts
 Heinzen, James.

Natalia Gorbanevskaia and the Construction of Her Oeuvre: Tracing Samizdat, Archival and Other Sources
 Reid, Allan.

National and Transnational Identities in Women's NGOs in Latvia
 Lazda, Mara.

Nationalism and Regime Legitimacy in Russia’s Regions
 Goode, Paul.

Nationalization of Foreign Owned Companies in Post WWII Hungary
 Angi, Janos.

Nationbuilding and Translation: The Case of Lev Nussimbaum/Essad Bey/Kurban Said
 Menzel, Birgit.

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Oksana Zabuzhko's 'I, Milena': The Diabolical Seduction of Images
 Romanets, Maryna.

On Being Moldovan: The Language Practices of Student Youth in the Border Region around Cahul
 Ciscel, Matthew.

On Word Order and the Sequence of Tenses in Upper Sorbian Sentential Complements
 Toops, Gary.

On the Borders of Revolutionary Change: Scientific Ambition, “Self-Sovietization,” and the Czechoslovak Hygiene Services, 1950-1962
 Moore, Bradley.

On the Performativity of Moscow Conceptualist Poetry
 Kalinsky, Yelena.

On the Poetics of Postsocialist Art Economies in Russia and Poland
 Skowronek, Thomas.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Russian Variations on an American Theme
 Reich, Rebecca.

One Minute to Midnight: How Close Was Armageddon?
 Dobbs, Michael.

One Movement or Many: Protests in Russia
 Evans, Alfred.

Only the Clean are Strong: the Bat'a Company and the Grooming of the Modern Workforce
 Doleshal, Zachary.

Opening a Non-exit state: Evolution of the 'Passport Policy' in Communist Poland
 Stola, Dariusz.

Opera Subtexts in Nikita Mikhalkov's Films
 Thresher, Klawa.

Ordinary Policemen: A Case Study of Volhyunian Policemen and the Holocaust, 1941-1944
 McBride, Jared.

Over Water Wide and Clear: Liquescence in a Poem by Adam Mickiewicz
 Wolski-Moskoff, Izolda.


Painting around Forced Labor: Heinrich Vogeler at the White Sea-Baltic Canal
 Glebova, Aglaya.

Paper Empire: State Publishing and the Literary Sphere in Stalinist Poland
 Mikanowski, Jacob.

Parents and Professionals: Boundaries of Expertise in Child Study and Education in Late Imperial and Early Soviet Russia, 1880s-1930s
 Byford, Andy.

Particularity and Art: Moving Beyond the Artist as a Type in Anton Chekhov’s Work
 Aulen, Amber.

Pastoral Care for Military Conscripts in East Germany: Party-State Responses to the Church and Pacifism in the 1960s
 Doellinger, David.

Patterns of Pluralism and Protest in Provincial Russia: A Paired Comparison of Company Towns
 Evans, Allison.

People on the Move during the 'Era of Stagnation': The Exodus from the Countryside in the RSFSR during the 1960s-70s
 Siegelbaum, Lewis.

Perceptions of Russian Cyberimperialism: A Comparison of Kazakh and Kyrgyz Reactions
 Uffelmann, Dirk.

Performance and the Word: Written Texts in Moscow Conceptualism
 Nicholas, Mary.

Performance in Moscow Conceptualism: Collective Actions
 Janecek, Gerald.

Performing Foolishness: Daniil Kharms’ Life-art Performances and the Avant-garde
 Syvarth, Kristina.

Performing Identity: Orthodoxy, Nationality and Liturgical Music in late Imperial Kyiv
 Mitchell, Rebecca.

Permissive Cultures: The Interactive Roots of Regime Non-Violence and Implosion in 1989 East Central Europe
 Capkova, Katerina.

Person/Object: Taduesz Kantor's Boundary Categories in Dead Class
 Juntunen, Jacob.

Peter's Great Game ? Eighteenth-Century Russia and India
 Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, David.

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Race, Eugenics and the Inferior in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania under Nazi Occupation 1941-45
 Felder, Bjoern.

Railway Tourism in Socialist Romania, 1948-1970: Between Collectivist Experience and Social Modernization
 Stefan, Adelina Oana.

Raskol'nikov's Right: Honour and Legal Self in 'Crime and Punishment'
 Aliev, Baktygul.

Raskolnikov's Brother: The Major Role of Minor Siblings in Crime and Punishment
 Berman, Anna.

Raskol’nikov’s Conversion: From Hearing to Listening
 Schümann, Daniel.

Re-Assessing the Archipelago: The Soviet Gulag in Comparative and Transnational Context
 Hardy, Jeffrey.

Re-Imagining Borders: Hungary and ‘It’s Own’ Sub-regions
 Imre, Robert.

Reading Karamzin, 1802-1803
 Grigoryan, Bella.

Reading Literature Aloud, and Reading Aloud in Literature, 1884-1906
 Lordan, Anna.

Reading Nature/Nature Reading: The Ethical Sublime in Turgenev's 'Zapiski okhotnika'
 Marquette, Scarlet.

Reading Orhan Pamuk Reading Nabokov
 Wakamiya, Lisa.

Reading in the Dead House: Identity Formation and the Arts in Gustaw Herling-Grudziński's A World Apart
 Kogel, Irina.

Reading the Erotic in 'The Master and Margarita'
 Johnson, Zachary.

Real Men Drink, Real Bolsheviks Abstain: Sex and Alcohol at the International Lenin School
 Kirschenbaum, Lisa.

Realm of Fantasy, Realm of Struggle: The Trans-Oder-Neisse and Polish-German Encounters in the Early Cold War, 1945-1966
 Kwiecien, Michal.

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SOE in France: Soviet Propaganda and the Genesis of Britain’s First Intelligence Official History
 Moran, Christopher.

Saint Teresa of Avila, Madame Blavatsky, Gertrude Stein and the ‘Ecstasy of Tongues’
 Rischin, Ruth.

Same But Not Quite: Genre and Cultural Translation in Post-Soviet Horror Film
 Isakava, Volha.

Same Industry, Different Socialisms: Steel Workers in Kremikovci (Bulgaria) and Elbasan (Albania)
 Brunnbauer, Ulf.

Sanitizing Faith: Protest Missionaries and the Making of Modern Bulgarians
 Neuburger, Mary.

Sardonic Iconoclasm in Khrzhanovsky's '4'
 Byrd, Charles.

Savva Grudtsyn in the Seventeenth and Twentieth Centuries: Temporal Crossovers
 Morris, Marcia.

Schopenhauer and Nabokov: The Guru of Pessimism and his Optimistic Adept
 Picon, Francisco.

Screening Chechenland: Representations of Chechnya in post-9/11 Russian Cinema
 Ladygina, Yuliya.

Searching in the Dark: Give Us Your True Holdings. Online Resources for Verifying, Searching, and Locating Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Materials
 Lenkart, Joseph.

Second-round Winners in post-Communist Political Economies
 Barnes, Andrew.

Sector-Switching in Transition Economies: A Case Study of Kazakhstan's Health Care Sector
 Chukmaitova, Dariga.

Secularization and the Rise of Assertive Azerbaijani Nationalism
 Ahmadov, Ramin.

Seduction in 'The Master and Margarita': The Lure of the Exotic and the Forbidden
 Chilstrom, Karen.

Seeing the Light: Images of Children in Post-Stalin Anti-Religious Propaganda Posters
 deGraffenried, Julie.

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Tajikistan: The Challenge of Transnational Islamic Movements
 Dorgabekova, Davlatsulton.

Tallinn’s Russian Community, 1860-1914: Social Diversity and the Imperatives of Nationalism
 Woodworth, Bradley.

Tampering with the Invitations: Forgery and Memory at Muscovite Royal Weddings
 Martin, Russell.

Teaching Russian Heritage Learners in the US: Successful Practices in A College-Level Class
 Smyslova, Alla.

Teaching Russian Poetry to the Beginners
 Titus, Julia.

Teaching Russian Through Pushkin
 Harris, Robert.

Teaching Russian through Advanced Readings in Social Sciences
 Stern-Gottschalk, Ariann.

Teaching Writing: A New Russian Textbook for Heritage Learners 'We write in Russian: A Writing Textbook for Heritage Speakers', ZLATOUST (Saint Petersburg: Zlatoust, 2011)
 Kudyma, Anna.

Technologies of Kindness in the Provinces: the Promotion of State-Run Youth Voluntarism in Russia
 Hemment, Julie.

Technology, Aviation, and the Russian Imperial Officer Corps: Assessment, Evaluation and Exploitation, 1904-1914
 Vitarbo, Gregory.

Technology, Photography and Mapping Eurasian Territories: Genesis of 'the Turkestan Album' and Its Antecedents, 1855-1876
 Sonntag, Heather.

Testing High Level Proficiency of Russian Flagship Students: Curricular Implications
 Kagan, Olga.

The Abnormal Mind of Andrei Monastyrskii: Mental Illness and an Alternative Soviet Philosophy of Language and Thought
 Droitcour, Brian.

The Absence of Alexander Suvorov in War and Peace
 Orwin, Donna.

The Absurdity of a Nose and the Timeless Realities of Oppression: The Noses of Gogol, Shostakovich, and Kentridge
 Troncale, Joseph.

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U.S. Interventions in Southeastern Europe in the 20th. Century
 Perica, Vjekoslav.

Underground goes PPPop: “Octobriana” or the Transgression of Borders, Imaginaries, and Codes of Conduct
 Goelz, Christine.

Understanding Euroscepticism in Turkey
 Büyükbay, Can.

Unmasking the Devil: Fear and Hatred in Visual Images of the Judeo-Bolshevik Menace
 Hanebrink, Paul.

Unraveling the Discourse of Loyalty and Treason in pre-1914 Croatia
 Cornwall, Mark.

Unregistered: Gray Spaces in the Soviet Regulation of Islam
 Tasar, Eren.

Untangling the Lysenko Effect in Evolutionary Biology
 Peterson, Erik.

Untimely Hegelianism: Tragedy, Non-Synchronicity, and the Rise of Russian Realism
 Kliger, Ilya.

Unveiling: Islam, Gender, and the Titoist State in the 1940s and 50s
 Batinic, Jelena.


Varieties of Statehood: Russia's Transformation and the Energy Regime
 Barkanov, Boris.

Verses between Khleb and Matzoh: Generational Memoirs of Childhood and the Construction of Russian-Jewish Literary Identitites
 Scherer, Renee.

Vertical Information and the Horizontal Reader
 Simankov, Vitaly.

Viacheslav Ivanov's 'Discourse on the Orientations of the Modern Spirit’ and Italian Culture in the 30s
 Wang, Emily.

Viktor Shtrum in Vasilii Grossman’s 'Zhizn’ i sud’ba'
 Maguire, Muireann.

Violence and State (Dis)integration: A Comparison of the Ranković Era and the Eighties in Kosovo
 Pezo, Edvin.

Violence, Aesthetic Innovation, History and Ethics
 Platt, Kevin.

Violent Communities – The Soldiers of the Yugoslav People´s Army and the Outbreak of War in Croatia 1991
 Lucic, Robert.

Virtual Peripheries: The Effects of Mobility and Internet Publication on Central Asian Russophone Poetry
 Caffee, Naomi.

Visual Discourses on Central Asia
 Kalinowska-Blackwood, Izabela.

Visual Marketing and the Early Postcards of Leonid Andreev
 White, Frederick.

Visual Reference and Spatial Metaphor in The Idiot
 Roberts, Thomas.

Visual Spaces, Sutured Beliefs and Ideological Boundaries of the Soviet Screen
 Shcherbenok, Andrey.

Visualizing Daniil Kharms
 Anemone, Anthony.

Visualizing Greek in Kievan Rus'
 Vukovich, Alexandra.

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Warm Water and Camphor Oil: Keeping Beauty Alive during WWII
 McDonald, Tracy.

Warsaw’s Jewish Elite and the Development of a Polish National Science
 Konieczny, Matthew.

Wartime Loyalties on the Hungarian-Romanian Linguistic Frontier
 Nemes, Robert.

Whaling as a Source of Regional Identity in the Russian Far East
 Jones, Ryan.

What Can Eastern European Neoliberalism Tell Us about the United States
 Bockman, Johanna.

What Could a Party Bureaucrat Learn at the Academy of Social Sciences of the Communist Party Central Committee in the mid-1950s-1970s?
 Mitrokhin, Nikolai.

What Did You Do During the War? Rebuilding Soviet Power in Post-1944 Belorussia
 Exeler, Franziska.

What Does Coming to Terms With the Past Mean in Russia?
 Dietsch, Johan.

What Happened to the Nightingale: Transformations of Characters and Their New Features in the Translation of Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale and the Rose”
 Rojavin, Marina.

What is Europe doing about the Roma?
 Liebich, Andre.

What is Socialist Unrealism? Queer Negativity and Camp in the Camp
 Kayiatos, Anastasia.

What is the German’s Fatherland? The GDR and the Resettlement of Ethnic Germans from Socialist Countries (1949-1989)
 Panagiotidis, Jannis.

When Beatniks Became Hippies or How Soviet Youth Learned to Feel Rather Than to Think
 Fuerst, Juliane.

When Mullahs Rise Up: Explaining Variation in Muslim Political Activism in Central Asia
 Khamidov, Alisher.

Where Are the Yugoslav Holocaust-Era Jewish Cemeteries?
 Friedman, Francine.

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Yiddish Actresses and the Construction of Stage and Memoir Personas
 Warnke, Nina.

You are what you eat: Self and Other in the Yugoslav Kitchen
 Bracewell, Wendy.

Youth Cafes in Moscow: Western Culture in the Soviet Capital during the Socialist Sixties
 Tsipursky, Gleb.

Yugoslav-Albanian Relations from the End of World War II: From the Common Path to Socialism to the Long-lasting Ice Age in Neighborly Relations
 Hadalin, Jurij.

Yugoslavia as an Intelligence Puzzle
 Kanin, David.

Yugoslavia's Non-Alignment as a Strategy to Fend Off International Intervention
 Miskovic, Natasa.
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