Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies 45th Annual Convention 2013-Nov-21 to 2013-Nov-25

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(De)Mythologizing the City: Vacationing in Moscow in Vladimir Shredel’s 'Dva voskresen’ia' (1963) and Vasilii Shukshin’s 'Pechki-lavochki' (1972)
 Borislavov, Rad.

(Re-)Inventing a Rebel: The Case of Imam Shamil in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union
 Karl, Lars.

(Re-)construction of Memory in 'Mixed' Cities in Bulgaria: Memoryscapes in Smolyan, Kardzhali and Razgrad
 Haksoz, Cengiz.

(Self) Censorship and Journalism in Late Socialism
 Fainberg, Dina.

(Un)Completed Soviet Transformation among Lithuanian Cultural Networks: Continuity, Blame and ‘Francosomania’
 Ivanauskas, Vilius.

10,000 Boxcars a Day! Evacuating People, Food, and Factories
 Goldman, Wendy.

'A Priceless Encyclopedia of a Dead Language': Soviet Classics in Timur Kibirov's Poetry
 Hodgson, Katharine.

'All That We See or Seem': Dream-Theater in The Tragedy of Mister Morn
 Rose, Kira.

'All of Film is An Experiment': Nonfiction Film, Postwar Reconstruction, and 'Building Socialism' in Czechoslovakia
 Lovejoy, Alice.

'And Something Like Scales Fell…':The Ambiguity of New Testament Motifs in Bulgakov's 'Stal'noe gorlo'
 Walker, Clint.

'Are You Croatian Enough?' Debating Ethnicity and Patriotism in the post-Socialist Croatian Sport Field
 Brentin, Dario.

'Blood Is What Counts': The Changing Definition of Family in the Soviet Union
 Kaminsky, Lauren.

'Blood and Tears': Fear, Grief, and Sympathy in the Perception of Russian Terrorism before 1917
 Hilbrenner, Anke.

'Comrade Speaker!': Zapiski as Means of Political Communication and Source for Popular Moods in the 1920s
 Albert, Gleb.

'Comrades, We Are Well on Our Way to Take Censorship to a Superior Level': Cultural Revolution and Work Practices in the Romanian Censorial Agency, 1948-1955
 Chiorean, Andru.

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A Balance of Power Approach to Informal Politics in the Former Soviet Union
 D\'Anieri, Paul.

A Beacon to the East: Egyptian Cotton, American Engineers, and the Transformation of the Soviet Tajik Republic, 1928-1932
 Peterson, Maya.

A Brave Attempt at Independent Analysis of Czechoslovak Political and Cultural Life under Communism: The Czechoslovak Documentation Center
 Raska, Francis.

A Bridge between East and West? The Role of Democratic Politicians in Czechoslovakia’s Drift toward Communism, 1945-1948
 Smetana, Vt.

A Conceptual Blending Approach to Nabokov’s 'Signs and Symbols'
 Vergara, Jose.

A Cross For Jimi Hendrix: Imagined Wests and Youth on the Soviet Western Borderlands
 Risch, William.

A Gothic Nostalgia: Bunin's 'Dry Valley' and the Decline of the Russian Estate
 Bowers, Katherine.

A Jewish Boy with a Head Full of Russian Rhymes
 Gross, Irena.

A Media History of the Russian Protest Slogan
 Gabowitsch, Mischa.

A Mephistophelian Conundrum: National Boundaries and Transnational Aspirations in the Films of Aleksandr Sokurov
 Nemec Ignashev, Diane.

A Moment of Gaze : Utopian Temporality in Stalinist Architecture
 Hwang, Kiun.

A Mosque of a Different Color?: Why do Global Muslim Causes Have Little Resonance in Central Asia?
 Khamidov, Alisher.

A New Country and a New System: Pomeranians Watch their Homeland Transformed, 1945-1950
 Matro, Katharina.

A New Direction in Nabokovian Intertextuality
 Nepomnyashchy, Catharine.

A Novel of Fragmentation: Dostoevsky’s Podrostok and the Disintegration of Realism
 Holland, Kate.

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Back to a Competitive Authoritarianism? The Development of the Party of Regions in Ukraine
 Matsuzato, Kimitaka.

Barkoviana, Pushkiniana, and Pseudopushkiniana
 Peschio, Joseph.

Battling Brotherhoods: Timur Bekmambetov’s Hollywood Productions
 Mulcahy, Robert.

Bedeviling Images: Pious Fears and Orthodox Frustrations in a Book for the Tsars
 Boeck, Elena.

Being Deaf after Stalin: Welfare, Agency, and Representation in the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, 1953-1970
 Shaw, Claire.

Being a Colleague: Emotions at the Soviet Work Place
 Oberlaender, Alexandra.

Being and Beings: Anthropomorphism in Russian Art and Literature Painting by Pavel Filonov, Felix Lembersky, Solomon Gershov, Aleksey Komarov and Poetry by Vladimir Mayakovsky and Boris Pasternak
 Lembersky, Yelena.

Between Boredom and Joy: Emotional Experiences of Late Socialism
 Emeliantseva, Ekaterina.

Between Capital City and Megalopolis: Crnjanski's Reading of Berlin
 Vladusic, Slobodan.

Between Imperial Expansion and Reform: Nicolae Rosetti-Roznovanu’s 'Government' and Russian and Ottoman Rule in Moldavia, 1820-1840
 Costache, Stefania.

Between Soviet and Russian: Varieties of Russocentrism in Late Soviet Discourse about the War
 Brunstedt, Jonathan.

Between the Love of Learning and the Desire for God: the University of Cracow and the Slavonic Monastery of the Holy Cross at Kleparz
 Verkholantsev, Julia.

Biography, Help, and the Construction of Acceptable Subjectivity in early Soviet and Stalinist Russia
 Galmarini, Maria.

Biological Imperialism and Resistance: Post-Communist Poland and International Adoption
 Pytka, Meghann.

Birthing Realism on the High Holy Ground of Russian Genius: 'Pushkinskij zapovednik' and Pushkin’s Fake Wetnurse in Soviet Texts and Practices After WWII
 Meyer, Holt.

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Can Religion be a Factor of Change? In Search of the Arab Spring Symptom in Modern Russia
 Curanovic, Alicja.

Can So-Called 'Hybrid Authors' Find a Single Home?
 Thompson, Kathleen.

Care as Enticement: Social Policy in the Leisure Sphere
 Kuznetsova, Lyudmila.

Cartographies of Revolution and Peacemaking – Polish, Czechoslovak, and Hungarian Imagined Territories and Politics of Space, 1914-1925
 Haslinger, Peter.

Caspian Dimensions of the Bosporus: Istanbul as an Azerbaijani 'lieu de mémoire'
 Gasimov, Zaur.

Centripetal Nationalists: A History of the Croatian National Party, 1903-1908
 Kenny, Michael.

Change and Memory in a Chocolate Factory: Biographical Narratives of Privatized Polish State-Owned Enterprise
 Mikolajewska, Karolina.

China and the Central Europeans in the Wake of the Split, 1960-1965
 Jersild, Austin.

China between Emulation and Condemnation: Responses to the Sino-Soviet Split in East Germany and Poland
 Tompkins, David.

Chinese Migrants as Inhabitants of St. Petersburg
 Dixon, Megan.

Choosing Channels of Influence in Hybrid Regimes: Direct and Indirect Lobbying across the Russian Federation
 Marques, Israel., Pyle, William. and Govorun, Andrei.

Christ and Leningrad Underground Poetry: Literature as Salvation?
 von Zitzewitz, Josephine.

Christ and Narrative Transvestism in the Poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva
 Clark, Elena.

Christ, Eros and Dr. Zhivago
 Givens, John.

Church and State in the Era of the South Slavic Influences
 Johnson, Glen.

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Dachas, Property Rights and Questions of Empire in Late Imperial Russia
 Lam, Kitty.

Dancing in the Vicious Circle: Provincial Town in Karen Shakhnazarov's 'Ward no. 6'
 Lapushin, Radislav.

De-Stalinization and Cultural Diplomacy: East Europeans as Friends and Enemies in Soviet Ukraine, 1956-1965
 Wojnowski, Zbigniew.

De-Stalinization before De-Stalinization in Ukraine, 1953-1956
 Liber, George.

Debating Modernization in Dushanbe and Moscow
 Kalinovsky, Artemy.

Deca begalci (Children Refugees from Greece) in Slovenia 1948-1950
 Gombac, Jure.

Decadent Ecosystems in 'Uncle Vanya'
 Newlin, Thomas.

Defending the Revolution: The Soviet Partisan Movement, the Komsomol, and the Great Patriotic War
 Holzman, MayaLisa.

Defiling Our Lady's Closet: Pollution, Prostitution and Anti-Semitism in Two Sacred Farces from Fourteenth-Century Bohemia
 Thomas, Alfred.

Democratic and Anti-Colonial: Ustasha Self-Perceptions from 1931 to 1941
 Erdeljac, Filip.

Democratization, European Integration and Community Development in Post-Communist Romania
 Bucsa, Lavinia.

Demographic Revolution: Different Population Trends, Their Impact on Changes in Ethnic Configuration and the Propensity for Ethnic Conflict in Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Zila, Ondrej.

Demonic Narration in Dostoevsky
 Apollonio, Carol.

Derzhavin's Influence on the Poetry of Prince Ivan Dolgorukov (Dolgorukii)
 Starikov, Konstantin.

Design on the Edge of Utopia: Afterlives of the Avant-Garde in Soviet ‘Artistic Design’ 1964-1974
 Cubbin, Tom.

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EU Accession, Membership and Human Rights: Discrimination against the Roma in Slovenia and Croatia
 Bracic, Ana.

Early Literary Responses of Polish Writers to the Holocaust
 Brenner, Rachel.

East Central Europe
 Siemaszkiewicz, Wojciech.

East European Mnemopolitics and the Existential Revolution in Europe
 Mlksoo, Maria.

East and West in the 1820s: The Eastern Question, Greek Independence, and the End of the Ottoman Subject in European Opera
 Wolff, Larry.

Eastern Europe’s Gay-Rights Revolution? Postcommunist Social Taboo in the Shadow of European Integration
 O\'Dwyer, Conor.

Economic Consequences of Emancipation of Serfs: Evidence from Russia
 Markevich, Andrei.

Education, Conflict and Class Reproduction in Socialist Yugoslavia
 Bacevic, Jana.

Educational Revolutionaries: Modrzewski, Maricius, and Reform in the Kingdom of Poland
 Tworek, Michael.

Eight Hours Labour, Eight Hours Recreation, Eight Hours Rest – Women’s Memories of Normalization-Era Czechoslovakia
 Johnston, Rosie.

Eisenstein and Interiority
 Oeler, Karla.

Elevation in Janáček’s Jenůfa
 Cooke, Brett.

Embarrassment and Narrative in 'The Idiot'
 Tapp, Alyson.

Embellished Knots: Male Artists and Needlewomen in the 19th Century
 Harkness, Kristen.

Emotionality as a Test for Loyalty in 19th--early 20th Century Russian Imperial Politics
 Dolbilov, Mikhail.

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Faith and Secularization in East Central Europe
 Cibulka, Frank.

Farewell to the Grand Narrative: Debate and Dissent in the Construction of Memorials to the Great Patriotic War
 Siggins, Scott.

Fathers and Debtors: Family Ties and the Culture of Credit in Imperial Russia
 Antonov, Sergei.

Fear of the Files: Andrzej Wajda Building an Alibi in post-Communist Poland
 Krakus, Anna.

Fedor Martens: A very Russian Way to International Law and a Transnational Life
 Holquist, Peter.

Fiery Exchanges and Heated Debates: The Emotions of Reader Response to Late Soviet Historical Literature
 Jones, Polly.

Fight the Power with the Feminist Wedge: The Gender Dynamics of Russian Protest Art
 Chadaga, Julia.

Fine-Tuning Protest Event Analysis: Collecting Participant-Generated Event Data and Protest Slogans in an Internet Age
 Sveshnikova, Olga.

Fiscal Crisis of the Old Regime: Precipitating Events and the Collapse of Communism in USSR and Poland
 Easter, Gerald.

Fitting Madness: Memoirs of a Nervous Illness in Nabokov's Look at the Harlequins!
 Reilly, Catherine.

Focusing on the Soviet Union: The German Diplomat Gustav Hilger
 Happel, Joern.

Folklore and Social Media: Reinventing Pomak Ethnic Identity in Contemporary Bulgaria
 Osterman, Laura Olson.

Folkloric Language in Socialist Bulgarian and Yugoslav Propaganda
 Girvin, Cammeron.

Football under Siege: The Wartime Game in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 1992-1996
 Mills, Richard.

Forced Justice: The ICTY's Role in Democratic Consolidation and the Rule of Law in Kosovo and Serbia
 Lang, Craig.

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Gasping for Air: Inspiration, Authenticity and Temporality of the Poetic Soul in Sophia Parnok’s 'В Форточку'
 Dukhanova, Diana.

Gender Equality in Croatia: Challenges and Choices
 Irvine, Jill.

Gender Inequality in Kosovo
 Haug, Hilde.

Gender Inequality in the Republic of Serbia
 Dordevic, Vladimir. and Aleksic, Danko.

Generating Produkt Moscow: Urban Surface, Depth and Digital Space in Viktor Ginzburg's Generation P
 Coxe, Brinton Tench.

Generation P - from Simulacra to Hyperreality
 Griffiths, Galina.

Genocide as a Communal Event: Buczacz, East Galicia, 1941-44
 Bartov, Omer.

Geographers on the Brink of Being and Nothingness: Mapping the Geo-Psychological Depths of Hungary’s Nationalist Imagination, 1920-1949
 Jobbitt, Steven.

Georgia: Searching for a Constitutional Transfer of Power
 Markedonov, Sergey.

Georgian Heroes and Cultural Activists in the Russian Series LRP
 Kiziria, Dodona.

Georgian Hospitality and the Culture Wars of Literary Modernism
 Ram, Harsha.

Getting the Opposition Together: Coordinating Protest in post-Communist Russia
 Robertson, Graeme. and Reuter, Ora John.

Ghosts of Scandal: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior as a Haunted House
 Borenstein, Eliot.

Glamazons en Travesti: Russian Drag Queens and the Internet
 Cassiday, Julie.

Going Digital: Issues of Preservation and Access in the University of Notre Dame/Ukrainian Human Rights Group Collaborative Project
 Lyandres, Natasha.

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Hating Soviets – Killing Jews: On the Identity and Motivations of Perpetrators in Southern Ukraine
 Solonari, Vladimir.

Health Care Sector of Kazakhstan: Challenges Faced by Health Care Professional when Providing Medical Services in the Country
 Chukmaitova, Dariga.

Health, Strength, and Romance: The Pictorial Aspect of Interwar Czech Sex Reformism
 Huebner, Karla.

Heavenly Bodies and Earthly Delights: Sun Imagery in Kuzmin's Oeuvre
 Kim, D. Brian.

Hegel and Goncharov: History, Progress, and ‘Revolutionary’ Change in Ordinary Tale, Oblomov and Overhang
 Juharyan, Victoria.

Heroes of their Time: The Soviet Reception of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution
 Rupprecht, Tobias.

Heroic Black Panthers, Bloody Pogroms, and Soviet Parasites: Representations of Dissent in the USSR, 1967-1972
 Roman, Meredith.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Labor Trafficking in the Soviet and post-Soviet World
 Transchel, Kate.

Hierarchies of Place: Prestige, Personal Connections and Their Impact on Evacuating Soviet Culture to the Regions: Perm and Sverdlovsk, 1941-1945
 Megowan, Erina.

Historicizing National Traditions within Soviet Documentary Cinema: Poetic Schools of Latvia and Kirgizia
 Sidenova, Raisa.

Historicizing the River of Time: The Slate Ode and The Marxist Poetics of Acmeism
 McGarry, Matthew.

Histories of the Star Image: Ivan Mozzhukhin
 Paranyuk, Viktoria.

History Becomes Academic: The University of Cracow and the Teaching of History in the Fifteenth Century
 Knoll, Paul.

History Effects, Document Affects: Performative Recontextualizations of State Security Files in Eastern European Theatre
 Szucs, Aniko.

History Painting: Its Transformative Role
 Robinson, Lilien.

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Ideas and Statehood: Foreign Policy Revolutions and Russian/Soviet Integration into the International Energy Economy
 Barkanov, Boris.

Identities and Ologies: Cemeteries and Conflict in Socialist Yugoslavia
 Lilly, Carol.

Illuminating the Past to Create a Brighter Future: Aleksandr Chizhevskii, the Sun, and His Search for Historical Laws
 Hofius, Margaret.

Imad Abdul-Majid: East German Punk, Collaboration and the Rigors of Reunification
 Hayton, Jeff.

Images of Hungary’s 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence in Irish Political Discourse
 Zarka, Zsuzsanna.

Images, Colors, Typography: The Path from 'The Disk' (Disk) to 'The Reel' (Pásmo)
 Toman, Jindrich.

Imaging and Reimaging Václavák : Wenceslaus Square as a Nexus of Czech Visual Culture and National Identity
 Hudac, Nicholas.

Imagining the Enemy Within
 Glaeser, Andreas.

Immortality and the Body: The Evolution of Public Monuments to Zoia Kosmodemianskaia (1960-1986)
 Harris, Adrienne.

Imperial Dynastic Comparison: The Romanovs in Context
 Lieven, Dominic.

Imperial Miracles: The Legacy of the Romanovs and Russia's Icons of the Mother of God
 Shevzov, Vera.

Imperial Orientologists’ Involvement in the 'Malaia Rodina' Movement: An Attempt to Reconcile Imperial and National in Personal Biographies?
 Tolz-Zilitinkevich, Vera.

Imperial Russia’s Bureaucrat-Missionaries: State Regulation of Inter-Confessional Interaction after the Edict of Toleration
 Scarborough, Daniel.

In Search for a New Order: Tsvetaeva’s 'The Ratcatcher' (1925) As a Re-Writing of Blok, Demian Bednyi and Mayakovsky
 Smith, Alexandra.

In Search of Homosocial Utopia: Cinema of Stanislav Rostotsky and Soviet Heteronormativity
 Prokhorov, Alexander.

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Jan Patočka as a Disciple of Tomáš Masaryk and a Mentor of Václav Havel
 David, Zdenek.

Jews during the Preparation for the Elections to the First and Second Russian Dumas (1905-1907)
 Melentyeva, Mariya.

Judeo-Bolshevism, Christianity, and the Idea of Europe
 Hanebrink, Paul.

János Kádár and Kádárism: New Perspectives
 Rainer, Janos.


Kaganovich's Grupirovka: The Lenin Library Competition and the Invention of the VOPRA
 Udovicki-Selb, Danilo.

Kapitalizm: An In-Class Simulation of Shock Therapy in Post-Soviet States
 Redford, Bart.

Klikusha's Curse: Hysteria, Transgenerational Haunting, and the Gendered Traumatic Subject in 'The Brothers Karamazov'
 Hamrick-Nevinglovskaya, Anya.

Kopitar's Slovene and the Neighboring Slavs
 Peti-Stantic, Anita.

Košice/Kassa as a Second City in the Hungarian and Slovak National Imaginations
 Waters, Leslie.

Košice’s Distinct Experience during the Czechoslovak ‘Revolutions’ of 1948, 1968 and 1989
 Mullins, Marty.

Krajina Serbs in Austro-Hungary's Military Service as Historical Background for Crnjanski's Novels
 Mikasinovich, Branko.

Krokodil: A Soviet Transmedia Phenomenon
 Etty, John.

Kronid Liubarskii and Dissent among the Scientific Intelligentsia under Brezhnev
 Rogacheva, Maria.

Kyiv as a Soviet Capital: Grand Plans and Realities
 Cybriwsky, Roman.


Ladies of the Big Screen: The Marketing and Selling of Pre-Revolutionary Russian Silent Film
 Leigh, Michele.

Language Creating Violence: Discourses of Criminalisation in Today’s Russia
 Ryazanova-Clarke, Lara.

Language Ideology, 'Marxist Linguistics' and the Making of Modern Standard Belarusian, 1920-1939
 Woolhiser, Curt.

Language of Russian Embroidery
 Zavialova, Maria.

Language of the 'Other' in Romania: Romani Identity in the Lyrics of Manele
 Beissinger, Margaret.

Language, Dissidence, Dissent: Circumlocution as a Sensibility of Resistance
 Sandomirskaja, Irina.

Larger Contexts for Pussy Riot: The Kazan Cathedral Protest (1876) and the Punk Prayer 'Mother of God, Drive Putin Away' (2012)
 Thorstensson, Victoria.

Latvian Identity and the Memory of Occupation(s) after 1989
 Lazda, Mara.

Learner as Linguist: Data-Driven Approach to Teaching Grammar
 Dubinina, Irina.

Legacies of (Dis)trust: Post-Communist Citizens and Trust in Political Institutions
 Pop-Eleches, Grigore.

Legal Prosecution or Political Persecution: Why do Politicians Go to Jail in the post-Orange Revolution Ukraine?
 Osipian, Ararat.

Legends on Boundaries: Hungarian Responses to the Trianon Peace Treaty, 1920
 Ablonczy, Balazs.

Lenin in Smolny: Interiors of the Russian Revolution
 Pasholok, Maria.

Lenin is Always with Us: Musical Commemoration of the Revolutionary Past in the 1970s
 Belge, Boris.

Lenin's Testament in the NEP Era and Beyond
 Pogorelskin, Alexis.

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MID and Stavka: The Foreign Ministry's Struggle for Relevance during World War I
 Bobroff, Ronald.

Mad/Men: Dissidents, Soviet Psychiatric Abuse and the Western Search for a New Self
 Lehmann, Maike.

Madness versus Pragmatism: Violence and Ideology in Ivan IV’s Oprichnina
 Benoit, Alexandre.

Make War, Not Love: Art Collective Voina and the Post-Soviet Bodyscape
 Stefani, Sara.

Makine's Last Call for a Revolution
 Theis, Mary.

Making Economies Legible: Explaining Cross-National Variation in Implementation of the System of National Accounts
 Herrera, Yoshiko. and Chapman, Hannah.

Making Moravia Czech: The Svatopluk Workers’ Beseda and Czech Nationality in Brno, 1896-1918
 Burgard, Andrew.

Making National Capital out of a Multiethnic City: Lithuanians and Vilnius in Late Imperial Russia
 Staliunas, Darius.

Making Scents of the Past: Stalin-era Sights and Smells in the Films of Aleksei German Sr.
 Harte, Tim.

Making Sense of the Soviet Communism and the Cold War by the former KGB Chairman Vladimir Semichastny
 Sniegon, Tomas.

Making an Exhibition of Yourself: Archetypes of Czech Identity between Industrial Revolution and Folklore
 Agnew, Hugh.

Maksim 'The Hatchet' Martsinkevich: The Activist and the Ideologist
 Enstad, Johannes.

Man of Steel or Man of Sh**? Popular Responses to the Stalin Cult in the 1930s
 Waterlow, Jonathan.

Manipulating of Election Results in Putin's Russia
 Pietilinen, Jukka.

Manufactured and Manipulated: Iosif Volotsky and the Empowerment of Humility
 Goldfrank, David.

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Nabokov and Bakhtin: From a Common Philosophical Context to a Philosophical Dialogue
 Picon, Francisco.

Nabokov and History
 Karpukhin, Sergey.

Nabokov and Laughlin: From the Archival Material in Harvard University
 Akikusa, Shunichiro.

Nabokov and William James's Pragmatic Tradition
 Blackwell, Stephen.

Nabokov and 'New Biography' that Did Not Travel Well
 Lakhtikova, Anastasia.

Nabokov’s Taxonomies and the Boundaries of the Subject
 Wakamiya, Lisa.

Nabokov’s 'Lolita' and Dostoevsky’s 'The Brothers Karamazov'
 Dragunoiu, Dana.

Narodnost of the New Negro: Socialist Realist Heroes and 'Race Men' on the Soviet Stage
 Silsby, Christopher.

Narrating Revolution and Nation in 19th Century Croatia: the Year 1848/1849 in the Literary Works of Bude Budisavljevic of Prijedor
 Rumenjak, Nives.

Narrative and Revolution in Oksana Zabuzhko's 'The Museum of Abandoned Secrets'
 Ewers, Emily.

Nasmeshka nad dokumentom: The Films of Alexei Fedorchenko and the Destabilization of Identity
 Getty, Amanda.

National Identity (De)Construction in the Russian New Wave: Kirill Serebrennikov’s 'Iur’ev Day' (2008) and Sergei Loznitsa’s 'My Joy' (2010)
 Wilmes, Justin.

Nechui’s Aesthetic Code: Repetition, Pacing, and Non-Purposeful Narration
 Tarnawsky, Maxim.

New Cadres of Carers: The Professionalization of Russian and Soviet Nursing, 1917-1941
 Grant, Susan.

New Forms of Solidarity: Strategies of Survival for the Unemployed
 Yaroshenko, Svetlana.

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Occupy Slovenia and the Radical Political Imaginary
 Razsa, Maple.

October Surprise: Trotsky, the Petrograd Bolsheviks, and the 'Second' Yudenich Crisis
 Rabinowitch, Alexander.

Oedipus and Antigone in Russia
 Lieber, Emma.

Of Eco-Tours and IDPs: Forging New Identities
 Childs, Mary.

Of Third Ways, Federations, and Horizontalisms: Thinking Federalisms, Socialist Experiments and Diversity in the Socialist East together with Latin America
 Taylor, Mary.

Official Nationalism and Elite Competition in Russia
 Goode, Paul.

On the Eastern Side of Ostpolitik: West German Media, the 1968 Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland, and the 1969 Election
 Frieberg, Annika.

On the Edge of Civilization: Lancastrian Schools and the Transition from an Orthodox Commonwealth to Balkan Nationalisms
 Tipei, Alex.

On the Eve of War: The National Soviet Exhibit in Kabul, April-May 1979
 Jones, Jeffrey.

On the Relationship between the French New Wave and the Soviet Cinema of the Thaw
 Fenghi, Fabrizio.

On the Right Side of the Tracks: Urban and Railway Planning in Romania before World War I
 Popescu, Toader.

On the Road to Emmaus: Spiritual Themes in Maksim Gorky’s Early Works
 Jens, Benjamin.

One Flew Over an Ice Floe, or the Russian Revolution Estranged (On the Material of Arvi Perttu’s Novel Papanin’s Expedition)
 Krylova, Natalia.

Origins, Dynamic and Consequences of the Russian Protest Movement
 Volkov, Denis.

Orthodox Clergy and Church-Parish Schools in Kiev Province, 1860s-1905
 Coleman, Heather.

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Pain and Punishment in East Slavic Iconography
 Kollmann, Nancy.

Paisios Ligarides and Aleksei Mikhailovichʼs Candidacy to the Polish Throne
 Von Scheliha, Wolfram.

Papal Bookends of the Revolution of 1989: John Paul II’s 1987 and 1991 Pilgrimages to Poland
 Felak, James.

Paradoxes and Particularities of 'Stagnation'-era Soviet Melodrama
 Wilson, Booth.

Parallel Worlds: Formal Structures and Informal Mechanisms of Postwar Soviet Mathematics
 Gerovitch, Slava.

Party Finance and Patronage in post-Communist Croatia
 Garding, Sarah.

Party Patronage and Electoral Fraud: Evidence from Kosovo
 Skendaj, Elton.

Party-State Relations in the USSR and Soviet Foreign Policymaking
 Kramer, Mark.

Passing the 'Torch': Software, Youth Labor, and Technology Transfer in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok
 Tatarchenko, Ksenia.

Passions and Institutions: Human Nature in the Theories and Practices of Administration from Peter I to the Emancipation of the Nobility
 Fedyukin, Igor.

Pasternak’s Lara and Petrarch’s Laura
 Livanos, Christopher.

Pastoral Space as an Epic Stand-in in the Nineteenth Century Russian Novel
 Dame, Natalia.

Patriotic Pronatalism and Stripping for Putin: Interpreting the Gender Politics of Russia’s State-Run Youth Projects
 Hemment, Julie.

Patterns of Prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases in Russia: The First 10 Years
 McCarthy, Lauren.

Pavlo Khystiuk's 'Zamitky i materialy do istorii ukrainskoi revoliutsii' as an Anticolonial Critique of Russian-Ukrainian Relations
 Von Hagen, Mark.

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Quantitative Study of Ottoman Wealth Accumulation: Three Grand Viziers
 Yasar, Murat.

Quasi-Prisoners: The Invisible Victims of the Russian Carceral System, Yesterday and Today
 Katz, Elena.


Race and Romanipe in Interwar Romania
 Thorne, Michael.

Ranks and Stalls: Social Hierarchy and Cultural Institutions in Eighteenth-Century Russia
 Evstratov, Alexei.

Re-assessing the History of the Gulag in the Collective Memory: the Case of Romania
 Ciobanu, Monica.

Re-centreing the Centre: Reconciling the Local and the Central in the Russian Revolution 1917-1921
 Read, Christopher.

Re-reading Chekhov's 'The Name-Day Party'
 Miller, Melissa.

Reaching New Heights: Stalinism Goes West with Moscow’s Tall Buildings
 Zubovich, Katherine.

Reading the Russian Villain in The X-Files: The Waning Use-Value of the Cold War in American Popular Imagination
 Kopack, Robert.

Ready-Made Orphans: Motherhood and Incarceration in Contemporary Russia
 Pallot, Judith.

Realizing ‘Real’ Russians Don’t Live in Soviet Russia: Russian Repatriates Born in China Narrate Their First Impressions of Their Historic Homeland
 Manchester, Laurie.

Rebels from Xinjiang: Spies, Foreign Agents and Kazakhstan’s First Five Year Plan
 Cameron, Sarah.

Recasting Masculine Heroic Character in Crime and Punishment
 Valentino, Russell.

Red Menace in the Maternity Ward: Natural Childbirth and The Cold War
 Michaels, Paula.

Redefining Birth: A Visual Analysis of the Hungarian Home-Birth Movement
 Fabian, Katalin.

Refractions of War in Croatia, 1917-1928
 Newman, John.

Regional Components of Corruption and Bad Governance in Russia
 Slider, Darrell.

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Saints on Film: Cinematic Representation of St Stephen and St Wenceslas in Hungary and the Czech Lands after 1989
 Talaber, Andrea.

Sandor Marai's Memoirs of Hungary, 1944-1947: Contemplating Soviet Russia, Opting for the Bourgeois West
 Duzs, Elena.

Saving Youth from Crime and the Law: The Komsomol and the Soviet Anti-Shirking Law of 1940
 Bernstein, Seth.

Saving the Sable: Science, Conservation, and the Barguzin Nature Preserve
 Breyfogle, Nicholas.

Scholarship in Service to the People: The Case of Father Mykhailo Zubryts'kyi (1856-1919)
 Sysyn, Frank.

Science, Technology and Socialist Future: Czechoslovak 'Scientific and Technological Revolution' Between Marxist Theory and Social Scientific Expertise
 Sommer, Vitezslav.

Screening Injury, Choreographing Grief: Public Memory and Private Meaning on Display at the Sarajevo Film Festival and Srebrenica Commemorations
 Postema, Antje.

Screening Minorities in Bulgarian Media: (Re)Negotiating Religious and Gender Identities
 Hashamova, Yana.

Screening Revolution Silently, or How to Commemorate October with Words in Film
 Bainbridge, Rosemari.

Screening Revolution: Two Takes on the Collapse of the Soviet Regime in Estonian Cinema
 Naripea, Eva.

Screening Revolutions: Making Sense of Communism’s Demise in Czech and German Cinema
 Pedersen, Sune Bechmann.

Sebastian Knight and Jacob's Room
 Meyer, Priscilla.

Sebastopol or Theodosia? Commercial Competition between Two Crimean Port-Cities in the Last Quarter of the 19th Century – Beginning of the 20th Century
 Sydorenko, Anna.

Seduction or Induction of the Young via Visuals?
 Goscilo, Helena.

Seeking Mikhail Armalinsky: Constructing and Reading the Self in an Age of Digital Revolution
 Johnson, Emily.

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Taganrog: Between the Hinterland of the Don Cossack Frontier Market and the Foreland of the Western European Market
 Harlaftis, Gelina.

Taking Communism to the Bank: Bolsheviks and Their Bankers in the 1920s
 Sanchez-Sibony, Oscar.

Talking about That-What-Should-Not-Be-Mentioned: Post-socialist Trade Unionists Constructing Class Relations in Estonia and Slovenia
 Roosalu, Triin. and Bajuk-Sencar, Tatiana.

Talking ‘Bout a Revolution: Was Kaunas 1972 Really Soviet Lithuania’s '1968'?
 Swain, Amanda.

Tax Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Revenue, the State and Society in Late Imperial Russia
 Kotsonis, Yanni.

Tbilisi in the Realized and Unrealized Film Projects of Sergei Paradzhanov
 Usitalo, Steven.

Teachers and the Multiple 'Revolutions of 1917' in Ukraine
 Pauly, Matthew.

Teaching Literature in a Heritage Language Classroom
 Titus, Julia.

Teaching Participles and Verbal Adverbs (Gerunds) Without Pain
 Ogurtsova, Olga.

Tenisheva’s Nemesis: Revisiting the Arts and Crafts Legacy of Aleksandra Pogosskaia
 Hardiman, Louise.

Terrorists: Revolutionary Violence in Central Asia (Turkestan), 1905-1907
 Uryadova, Yulia.

Thaw Cinema and the Typecast Star: Aleksandr Dem'ianenko as Shurik
 Trimble, Theodora.

The 1905 Revolution in Latvia and Political Emigration to Northern California: The Library of the Lettish Socialist Labor Section in San Francisco
 Zalite, Elga.

The Access to Health Care: Building Primary Health Care Systems in post-Soviet Central Asia
 Johnson, Erica.

The Adoption and Implementation of Ukrainian Human Trafficking Laws
 Dean, Laura.

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Ukrainian Anti-colonial Marxism and the Case for Study of Modern Ukraine as a Russian Colony
 Velychenko, Stephen.

Ukrainian Nationalism, Political Violence, and Cold War Realities: The Case of Mykola Lebed
 Rudling, Per.

Ukrainian Translations of Taras Bulba and Their Role in Shaping Ukrainian Identities from 1851 to the Present
 Ilchuk, Yuliya.

Ukrainian in the 1920s-1930s: from Ukrainianization to Church-Slavonization
 Danylenko, Andriy.

Umbrella or Straightjacket? The EU's post-Crisis Policies in Central and Eastern Europe
 Barnes, Andrew. and Johnson, Juliet.

Uncertain Citizenship: National Committees, the ‘Ethnic Revolution’ and Jewishness in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1948
 Cramsey, Sarah.

Under Pressure: How post-Communist Judges Resist Political Interference
 Trochev, Alexei.

Universalism and Relativism in European Politics: Revolutionary Challenge or Postcolonial Hybridity?
 Morozov, Viacheslav.

Unmaking Russia’s Abortion Paradigm: Towards a Genealogy of Contemporary Reproductive Politics
 Rivkin-Fish, Michele.

Unnecessary Melodrama: Narrative Strategies in Nikolay Chernyshevsky’s What Is to Be Done? (1863) and William Godwin’s Caleb Williams (1794)
 Vaisman, Margarita.

Unofficial Truth Projects – Competing or Complementary Solutions?
 Stan, Lavinia.

Upper Silesia and the Tensions of German Revisionist Diplomacy
 Karch, Brendan.

Urusova’s 'Sly Stagecraft': The Heroïdes as Tragedy
 Ewington, Amanda.

Utopia and Anti-utopia in the Poetry of the White Émigrés (1920-1941)
 Petrov, Aleksandar.

Utopianism at Home: Revolutions in Domesticity in the early Soviet Years
 Friedman, Rebecca.

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V. K. Arsen'ev and the Challenges of 'Green Imperialism' in the Russian Far East
 Sokolsky, Mark.

Vicarious Vacations from the Upper Balcony: Tourism by Other Means in Hungarian Cinema, 1932-1944
 Behrendt, Andrew.

Victims' Politics: Jewish Behavior during the Holocaust
 Finkel, Evgeny.

Viktor Shklovsky’s Marco Polo - Razvedchik: A Geopoetic Representation of Imperial Space and History for Children
 Tippner, Anja.

Virginia Woolf Rewriting Tolstoy
 O\'Brien, Kevin.

Virginia Woolf and Leo Tolstoy on Distant Suffering: Loving Your Neighbor in Mrs. Dalloway and Anna Karenina
 Knapp, Liza.

Visions of Revolution in Croatian Poetry: From 'Judita' to Vukovar and Beyond
 Soljan, Ivo.

Visions of the Future, Then and Now
 Ost, David.

Vladimir Korolenko and the Late Century Ocherk
 Costlow, Jane.

Vsevolod Meyerhold’s 'Inspector General' (1926) and Soviet Theatre after the Revolution
 Avkhimovich, Irina.


War and the Politics of Information: Soviet Understandings of Nazism and Occupation
 David-Fox, Michael.

War, Insurgency and Revolution in the Contemporary European and Russian Imaginary
 Casula, Philipp.

Was Belarus ‘Ready’ for Socialist Revolution in 1917? The Economic Dimension in the Context of East Central Europe
 Tereshkovich, Pavel.

Was the Oprichnina a State of Exception?
 Wilson, Leann.

Waterbirth in Russia: Envisioning Revolutions and Change
 Belousova, Ekaterina.

We Will R.E.P. You: Undermining Central Ideologies in Liminal Spaces
 Oleksyshyn, Natalie.

Western Pomerania in Nabokov's Art and Life
 Shrayer, Maxim.

What Does It Mean to Be Modern in a Socialist State? Debating Youth Lifestyles and Consumption in 1960s Poland
 Fidelis, Malgorzata.

What Games Steal from Film? Theorizing Spaces in Films and Digital Media
 Shembel, Daria.

What Happened to Liliana Lungina? 'Podstrochnik' for the Dismembered Community
 Arlauskaite, Natalija.

What Kind of Solidarity?: The Challenges of Researching East German Co-Productions with the Soviet Union and Eastern European Countries since the 1960s
 Ivanova, Mariana.

What Nationalist Amnesia Buries: Discontent, Powerlessness and Collective Identity in Socialist Yugoslavia
 Devic, Ana.

What Works: ROTC Project GO Russian Proficiency Assessments 2011-2013
 Merrill, Margaret.

What is Different about post-Communist Party Patronage?
 Kopecky, Petr. and Spirova, Maria.

What is Russian about the Inner-Russian City: Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod as the Middle Ground
 Gerasimov, Ilya.

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Your Identity Here: Political Discourse and Visual Representation in Tajikistan and Kosovo
 Funcheon, Gloria. and Mauser-Carter, Natalie.

Yudin’s Second Library, 1907-1912 and its Current Status at Russian Libraries
 Leich, Harold.

Yugoslav Psychoanalysis, 'Paleopsychoanalysis' and Rising Fascism
 Antic, Ana.

Yugoslavia Is Pregnant with Revolution! Some Critical Views of the So Called Cominformist Opposition on Yugoslav Internal Situation during 1970s
 Vojtechovsk, Ondej.

Yuri Ekishev: Between 'Old' and 'New' Nationalism
 Mitrofanova, Anastasia.


Zaum' at Zero. Aleksei Kruchenykh's Null-Poetics
 Strudler, Jason.

Zemstvo Medicine and Women's Healthcare
 Bucher, Greta.

Zhivkova's Laboratory: Bulgaria's Experiment with Occult Communism, 1970s-1980s
 Ivanova, Veneta.

Zhukovsky's 'O melankholii v zhizni i v poezii' and Romantic Debates on Melancholy
 Vinitsky, Ilya.

Zvonko Karanović: Rebel with a Cause?
 Obradovic, Biljana.
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