ASEEES Convention 2015-Nov-19 to 2015-Nov-23

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(New) Media Utopianism and Public Life in Putin's Russia
 Tatarchevskiy, Tatiana. and Kolozaridi, Polina.

(Re)Production of Space in the North: Varlam Shalamov's Kolyma Tales
 Brookes, Alec.

1914: War and Russia's Public Organisations
 Waldron, Peter.

1933: A Year in the Life (Death) of Andrey Bely
 Cooke, Olga.

19th Century Czech Verse
 Plechac, Petr.

'A Flash in the Pan?' The Remarkable Persistence of the Chaadaevets in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
 Kleespies, Ingrid.

'A New and Still More Terrible Misfortune:' The Language of Petition in Women's Letters to the Political Red Cross and the Authorities
 Finkel, Stuart.

'A sacred burden:' the Poetics and Politics of Soviet 'Nuclear' Literature
 Caffee, Naomi.

'Aelita' as Kosmikino: Science, Spectatorship, and Cinema
 Banerjee, Anindita.

'An address on Planet Earth:’ David Bergelson’s Search for Jewish Space
 Murav, Harriet.

'Brother Parties' in the European Family of Nations: Transnational Labor Activism and the White Terror in Post-World War I East Central Europe
 Gioielli, Emily.

'Communist' and 'Non-communist' Translation: Traces of Ideology in Dutch (Re)translations of Soviet Literary Classics
 Van Poucke, Piet.

'Elegiac Devices' in Iurii Trifonov's Prose
 Lapushin, Radislav.

'Empty Actions' and Performative Documents in Recent Russian Performance Art
 Maydanchik, Michelle.

'Entrenched Regionalism:' Paternalism, Ethnicity and Everyday Politics in the Romanian Banat (1920-1947)
 Grama, Adrian.

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A Blank Page or a Page of History? The Kalanta Monument in Kaunas, Lithuania
 Swain, Amanda.

A Capital at War: Memoirs of Muscovites
 Skorokhodov, Philip.

A Child's Right to a Family: Deinstitutionalization of Foster Care as an Ideology and Practice in Russia
 Kulmala, Meri.

A Cinema of Counterfact?: Remaking the Brezhnev-era Comedy in the Twenty-first Century
 Donovan, Victoria.

A City Beneath the City: Avrom Sutzkever’s Geheymshtot and the Question of Postwar Jewish Space
 Pollin-Galay, Hannah.

A Communist City of Sport: Preparing Moscow to Host the 1980 Summer Olympic Games
 Parks, Jenifer.

A Comparative Analysis of Russian Attitudes in 2007 and 2014 on Human Trafficking, Slave Labour and State Capacity
 Buckley, Mary.

A Confluence of Fact and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century Serbian Narrative Painting
 Robinson, Lilien.

A Contentious Past: Occupation, Holocaust and Post-War Violence in the Narratives and Memories of Lithuania’s Nations
 Suziedelis, Saulius.

A Continental Education: The Development of Elementary School Systems and Popular Education the Danubian Principalities and the Early Greek State.
 Tipei, Alex.

A Cultural Approach to Media Systems
 Gross, Peter.

A Different Kind of Empire?: Europe, East Asia, and Mainstream Conservatism in the Discourse of Russian Identity in the Early Twentieth Century
 Hoffman, Zachary.

A False Confession: On the Impossibility of Dating L.N. Tolstoy's Spiritual Crisis
 Stavis, Jesse.

A Farewell to Objectivity: The Use and Abuse of Hemingway’s 'A Farewell to Arms' in Slovene Contemporary Culture
 Kranjc, Gregor.

A Fate Tied to the Integrity of Interwar Czechoslovakia’s Borders
 Klein-Pejsova, Rebekah.

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BRICS and International Migration: In Search of a Common Ground
 Korobkov, Andrei.

BRICS in Russian Foreign (Economic) Policy
 Salzman, Rachel.

Becoming Pygmalion: The Effect of 'Sensual Beauty' in Gogol’s 'Nevsky Prospect'
 Turta, Ekaterina.

Becoming Ukrainian and staying Jewish: Jewish Converts to Greek Catholicism
 Gude, Nino.

Been There. Drew That. 17th-century Dutchmen Imagining Siberia
 Monahan, Erika.

Belarus and its East Slavic Neighborhood
 Ioffe, Grigory.

Belarusian Presidential Elections of 2015: Point of Bifurcation?
 Manaev, Oleg.

Belgrade’s ‘Black Star:’ Gender, Race, and Josephine Baker in Interwar Yugoslavia
 Babovic, Jovana.

Bequeathability and Authoritarianism in Central Asia
 Markowitz, Lawrence.

Between Being 'Cool' and Being 'Mohair': Antinomies of the Contemporary Polish Public Discourse as Opposing Ends of Orientalizing Self-Perception(s)
 Skórczewski, Dariusz.

Between Civilizing Mission and Military Necessity: Romanian Occupation Policy and Local Responses in Transnistria, 1941-1944
 Solonari, Vladimir.

Between the Rough and the Fine Cut: South Slavic Film and Alternative Views of History
 Vidan, Aida.

Beyond Backwardness: Russian Economic History in Real Historical Perspective
 Stanziani, Alessandro.

Beyond Belief: Amazons of Ancient Scythia and Avant-Garde Russia
 Yezernitskaya, Mechella.

Beyond the 'Big Zone': Komsomol Youth Abroad
 Hornsby, Robert.

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Calendar Anomalies in Nabokov and Pushkin
 Blackwell, Stephen.

Can Love Conquer All? The Revival of Samizdat in 'Gay Propaganda: Russian Love Stories'
 Cassiday, Julie.

Can Verse Study Become an Exact Science?
 Anshakov, Oleg.

Can a Mockumentary Alternate the History? Alexey Fedorchenko’s First on the Moon
 Mikhailova, Tatiana.

Capital Punishment in Eighteenth Century Russia: From the Block to Penance
 Marasinova, Elena.

Captive Nations Take Flight: Aeroflot Flight 244 and the Hijacking of Détente
 Scott, Erik.

Case Studies in 21st-Century Collection Development: Croatia, Serbia, Armenia, Turkey, Uzbekistan
 Condill, Kit.

Catching Up in the Global Economy: Good and Bad Banks in East Central Europe
 Epstein, Rachel.

Catherine II’s Antidote and Its Political and Ideological Context
 Proskurina, Vera.

Catherine II’s Foreign Policy on Trial: The Commission for Archipelago Affairs after the Second Russo-Ottoman War, 1787-1798
 Leikin, Julia.

Censoring Hollywood: Trophy Films, 1947-56
 Knight, Claire.

Censorship and Amateur Photography: Sovetskoe Foto and Soviet Photography Clubs in the Late Soviet Period
 Werneke, Jessica.

Censorship in post-Stalinist Lithuania: Framing Local Threads or Embracing All-Union Trends in Lithuanian Glavlit Activities
 Ivanauskas, Vilius.

Challenging a Soviet Atrocity: Crimean Tatars in War, Ethnic Cleansing and Debating the New Crimean Narrative, 1941-1991
 Straw, Andrew.

Changed by Thalerhof: The History and Significance of Europe’s First Concentration Camp
 Silvestri, Maria.

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Daily Life and Party Ideals on Late Soviet-Era Radio and Television Programming for Children and Youth in Buryatia
 Chakars, Melissa.

Darwin on the Hunt: Chekhov and the Origins of the Detective Novel
 Miller, Melissa.

Decision-Making under Hybrid Regimes: The Role of Legislatures
 Schulmann, Ekaterina.

Decoding the Facts of Chattering Narrators: The Response of Jewish Journalism to the Feuilleton in Imperial Russia
 Orr, Meital.

Decolonization and Soviet Theories of Economic Development
 Miller, Chris.

Defining Crimes and Criminals: Revolutionary Consciousness, Tribunals and Conceptions of Justice Across Russia’s Civil War
 Rendle, Matthew.

Defining Disability: Medical Discourses and War Invalids in Interwar Poland
 Vynnyk, Oksana.

Defining Socialist Industry: Anatolii Lunacharskii, Aleksei Gastev, and the Question of Technical Aesthetics in Proletarian Culture
 Lucento, Angelina.

Defining 'Political Exile': Emigration from East-Central Europe, 1945-1989
 Mazurkiewicz, Anna.

Depicting Soviet Time in Estonian Museums: The National Project and Its Transnational Influences
 Jõesalu, Kirsti.

Designing and Delivering Individualized Learning Programs for High-Proficiency Learners of Russian
 Kurashova, Natasha.

Detecting Defections: The Causes of Party Breakdown in Georgia, 2003-2012
 Radnitz, Scott. and George, Julie.

Detective as Midwife, or How the New Raskolnikov Was Delivered
 Golstein, Vladimir.

Developing and Implementing Taxonomies of the Evil: Romanian and German Ethno-politics in Occupied South Eastern Europe During the Second World War
 Wedekind, Michael.

Development of Ecological and Economical Mechanism of Nature Management in the Moscow Region
 Tolstykh, Aleksandr.

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E-Participation from Below: Russia’s Experience
 Bruk, Boris.

Early Corpus Studies in Kodasevich’s and Nabokov’s Commentary on Pushkin
 Lakhtikova, Anastasia.

Early Modern Jewish Residence Patterns Revisited
 Frick, David.

Eastern Karelia Between Two Geo-cultural Projects: Great Finland and Great Russia
 Vituhnovskaja-Kauppala, Marina.

Eastward Ho!: Ivan Goncharov's Travels in Siberia
 Bojanowska, Edyta.

Ecology and Colony in the Science Fictions of Aleksandr Bogdanov
 Erley, Mieka.

Economic Foundations of Russian Superpower 2015-2030
 Rosefielde, Steven.

Economics Laid Bare: What Ukraine Teaches Us About How Economies Work
 Barnes, Andrew.

Electing Poroshenko: Conflict, Crisis, and Voting in Ukraine’s 2014 Presidential Election
 Hale, Henry. and Colton, Timothy.

Electronic Elections in Russia: Practical Experience
 Volkov, Leonid.

Elena Shvarts's 'Cynthia': A Roman Muse on the Petersburg Stage
 Bishop, Sarah.

Elusive Figures: Cinema’s Children, Traumatic Memory and the Bosnian War
 Jelaca, Dijana.

Embodying East-West Translation: Tikhonov, Krachkovskii, Naimy
 Holt, Katharine.

Emil Kubek's Mahanoy City
 Kupensky, Nicholas.

Emotional Appeals in Early Soviet Criminal Cases: The Plach as Legal Strategy
 Newman, Daniel.

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Facing the Past: Sculptural Anthropology on Display in the Soviet Union
 Voerkelius, Mirjam.

Fact and Faith in 'Master i Margarita'
 Any, Carol.

Fact and Fiction in Early Soviet Histories of the Narodnaia Volia Party
 Goodwin, James.

Fact as a Relic: Sacralization of Historical Memory in Contemporary Russia
 Apryshchenko, Victor.

Facts - Acts - Fakes - Lies or: The Many Troubles of Early Soviet Cinema (Solovki Reenacted)
 Wurm, Barbara.

Facts Behind Myths/Myths Behind Facts: State Censorship and Youth Films Under Brezhnev
 Klimova, Olga.

Facts about the Nonexistent: Soviet Recollections of pre-Soviet Cinema (with Anna Kovalova)
 Bagrov, Peter.

Facts and Fictions of Canon Formation: The Status of Russian Women's Writing in Russian Academic Discourse
 Puryaeva, Nadezda.

Facts of the Matter: The Textual Object of Kamensky's 'Ferroconcrete Poems'
 Olowoyeye, Olufolahan.

Faded Beauty: Aging, Social Stigma, Self-Perception, and Internalized Narratives of the Self in Tolstoy's Heroines
 Mohler, Sarah.

Fakt: A Polish Tabloid and the Making of National Facts and Fictions
 Rogula, Weronika.

Fallen Women in Russian Nineteenth-Century Periodicals
 Lucey, Colleen.

False Passports and Public (Dis)Order at the End of the Eighteenth Century
 Smith, Alison.

Fantasy Genre and Cultural Identity: The Case of Lada Luzina and the Diachenkos
 Rewakowicz, Maria.

Farewell to Illusions: Self-reflexive Art and the Change in Narratives of Collectivization in Czechoslovakia
 Najbert, Jaroslav.

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Gangs of Baku: Masculinity, Territoriality, and the City (in the Stalin & Khrushchev eras)
 DeHaan, Heather.

Gardening for Home and Country: Kitchen Gardens in World War I Russia
 Ruane, Christine.

Gendarmes and Counterfeiters: Fighting Organized Crime in Imperial Russia
 Antonov, Sergei.

Gender and Resistance during World War II: The Mobilization of Women in Tito’s Partisan Movement
 Batinic, Jelena.

Gender and Youth Work Actions in Post-War Yugoslavia
 Simic, Ivan.

Gender, Nationalism and Identity in the Red Army
 Majstorovic, Vojin.

Gendering post-Socialism, Neoliberalism and (Un)employment in the Czech Republic: Single Mothers Claiming Welfare in Brno
 Watson, Amy.

Gendering the Gulag Experience: Motherhood, Memory and Survival in Women’s Camp Narratives
 MacKinnon, Elaine.

Generic Plurality in 'The Hell of Treblinka' and the Emergence of Vasily Grossman’s Ethical Position
 Traverse, Emily.

Genuine Refugees from Communism?: Catholic Relief Services and the Question of Yugoslav Refugees in Austria 1955-1967
 Brennan, Sean.

Georgian Diasporas: Past and Present
 Alasania, Giuli.

Germans are from Mars, Poles are from Venus? A Gendered Perspective on Post-War Reconciliation
 Frieberg, Annika.

Getting Through Hard Times: Vasilii Sleptsov and his Radical Hamlet
 Brumfield, William.

Global Divide: Translation of ‘Facts’ on Homosexuality within Expert Knowledge in Russia and the US
 Kondakov, Alexander.

Global Trends in Journalistic Practice? Adversarial Questioning of Russian Presidents
 Comstock, Lindy.

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Healthcare and Humanism: Post-Imperial Origins of the League of Nation’s Social Programs
 Silverstein, Sara.

Heartbreak and Heresy among Monastics and Old Believers in Moscow (1700-1735)
 Clay, J. Eugene.

Hegelian Recognition and Desire in Turgenev's 'Rudin'
 Johnson, Zachary.

Henry Scott: African-American Jazz Dance under Stalinism
 Silsby, Christopher.

High Culture on the Radio Waves: Bulgarian Literati Adapt (to) the Early Radio
 Gigova, Irina.

Historic Preservation and Ways of Remembering in Socialist Czechoslovakia: Sources of Historic Emotion and (N)ostalgia?
 Giustino, Cathleen.

Historical Belonging and Alienation in the Inter-cultural Families in Ukraine and Estonia
 Lember, Uku.

Historical Facts, Cognitive Artefacts, and Propaganda: Professional Experts on Bessarabian Case at Paris (1919)
 Suveica, Svetlana.

History Warfare: Vladimir Putin's Re-interpretation of History during the Ukrainian War
 Von Scheliha, Wolfram.

History and Dialectics of Resources (D. Bykov and V. Sorokin)
 Kalinin, Ilya.

Holocaust Survival and The Success of Hungary’s Opposition in the West
 Harms, Victoria.

Homely Heroines: Physical Ugliness as a Psychological and Generic Problematic in Bronte and Tolstoy
 Finashina, Carmen.

Homer in Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Hadji-Murat
 Orwin, Donna.

Honor and Post Imperial Foreign Policy: Zone of Post-Soviet Authoritarian Peace and Neo Ottomanism
 Erdagoz, Hakan.

Housing Inequalities in the Soviet South – Evidence from Tbilisi and Yerevan
 Sichinava, David.

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Identity Formation, International Integration, and Citizenship in Post-Communist Compatriot Policies
 Sarlo, Alexandra.

Ideology in the Abecedarium: Alexandre Benois’s 1904 'Azbuka v kartinakh'
 Weld, Sara Pankenier.

Image and Personality: Violence against the Other in Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema
 Koneva, Anna.

Images of Socialism: Memorial Albums of Factories
 Nenov, Nikolay.

Images of Translation in Contemporary Russian Translingual Novels
 Hansen, Julie.

Import Substitution in Russia after 2014
 Tabata, Shinichiro.

Imposing the Model: Samara Bend National Park and the Problem of Nature Protection in Late and Post-Soviet Russia
 Roe, Alan.

In Defense of Peace: Aron Trainin's Contributions to the Legal Framework of the Nuremberg IMT
 Porter, Thomas.

In Loss for Urban Words: Taras Shevchenko’s Novella 'The Artist' as an Ekphratic Map
 Barskova, Polina.

In Quest of Worthy Victims: Tolstoy Defines the Needy
 Herman, David.

In Search of Personhood: Dostoevsky, Bakhtin and the Ethics of Characterization
 Spektor, Alex.

In Siberia, in the Service of the State: 17th-Century Voevoda Mikhail Petrovich Golovin
 Bourlakov, Gwyn.

Incorrect Modernity: The 'Othering' of 1930s Hungarian Film
 Frey, David.

Informal Payments in Russian Regions
 Bessudnov, Alexey.

Information Literacy through Reference: The Slavic Reference Service Example
 Lechtenberg, Urszula.

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Jagged Little Pill: Medicine, Discipline, and Sexuality in Chekhov and Tolstoy
 Vinokour, Maya.

Jan Patočka, Milan Kundera, and Václav Havel: Early Assessment of the Prague Spring
 David, Zdenek.

Jatakas and Sutras in Disguise: Pelevin and Bunin's Buddhist Narratives
 Stauffer, Rachel.

Jernej Kopitar’s Collection of Slavic Manuscripts: Primary Sources for Reform
 Johnson, M.A..

Jewish Dissident Literature in the late Soviet Union: Documenting vs. Inventing Jewish History
 Smola, Klavdia.

Jewish Ethnography and the Changing Politics of Interwar Poland
 Zarrow, Sarah.

Jewish History as a Window into the Czechoslovak State and its Politics
 Labendz, Jacob.

Jewish Publishers, Warsaw Bookstores, and the Polish Book Trade in the Nineteenth Century
 Auerbach, Karen.

John Paul II’s 1983 Pilgrimage to Poland as Seen by the Communist Regime
 Felak, James.

Joseph Brodsky and Literary Genealogy
 Karpukhin, Sergey.

Journalists at Stalingrad: The Genesis of a Myth
 Garner, Ian.


KGB Semiotics: Between Soviet Universalism and 'Local Peculiarities'
 Grybkauskas, Saulius.

Kafka in Translation
 Tuckerova, Veronika.

Karion Istomin in Words and Pictures
 Marker, Gary.

Kazakh Participation in WWII
 Mendikulova, Gulnara.

Keeping the Skeleton in the Closet: Why the Ukrainian Communist Party was Absent from the Second Comintern Congress
 Velychenko, Stephen.

Khodasevich in English and German
 Wanner, Adrian.

Killing Death: The Necroaesthetics of Post-Soviet Underground Cinema
 Shembel, Daria.

King of Capri or Russian Court Poet? Gorky’s Meta-Artistic Musings in Italian Exiles
 Masing-Delic, Irene.

Knowledge Naoshchup: Early Central Asian Cinema and Embodied Spectatorship
 Widdis, Emma.

Knowledge Through Co-movement: Eisenstein’s Theory of Kinaesthesia, Emotion, and Embodied Spectatorship
 Olenina, Ana.

Knowledge Through Vision: Arctic Bodies, Early Soviet Ethnography and Embodied Spectatorship
 Kaganovsky, Lilya.

Koncheev Smiles. Pushkin Shrugs
 Barabtarlo, Gennady.

Kowalska in Context: The Divine Mercy and Wider Patterns of Twentieth-Century Catholic Mysticism
 Alvis, Robert.


Labor Unrest in Civil War Petrograd: The Strike Wave of March, 1919
 Rabinowitch, Alexander.

Ladies and Lace: Sofia Davydova and the Collecting and Exhibiting of Russian Lace during the Late Imperial Period
 Rusnock, K. Andrea.

Lake Seliger in the 1970s: 'Pearl of Russian Nature' Between Degradation and Patrimonialization
 Coumel, Laurent.

Land for Service: Russian Peasant Views of a Postwar Land Settlement during World War I
 Moore, Colleen.

Language Retention in Folklore Texts
 Kononenko, Natalie.

Language Strategies of Multinational Corporations in the Russian Speaking Hemisphere
 Neubacher, Dionys.

Late Bulgarian Socialism: the Obraztsov Dom and the Social Life of Goods
 Scarboro, Cristofer.

Latvia and Russia: Politics in Light of Ukraine
 Ijabs, Ivars.

Learning to be a Social Movement: Conceptualizations of Jewish Practices in the Late Soviet Period
 Shayduk-Immerman, Olesya.

Lemkin, Rappaport, and Pella: East European Jurists and the Birth of the 1948 Genocide Convention
 Crowe, David.

Let History Judge: Genesis of a Soviet Dissident Historical Research on Stalinism
 Martin, Barbara.

Letting the Music 'speak for itself': Dvořák as Strategist
 Branda, Eva.

Let’s Speak (Standardized) Rusyn
 Magocsi, Paul.

Liberalism as a Cultural Phenomenon of Russian Provincial Life of the Late Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Century
 Shevchenko, Oksana.

Life Reform, Health Reform, Dress Reform: Gustav Jaeger's Normalkleidung
 Rindisbacher, Hans.

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Made in Ukraine: Consumer Citizenship before and after EuroMaydan
 Bulakh, Tetiana.

Magical Thinking and Animism in Soviet Melodrama of the Thaw Period
 Markin, Alexander.

Maidan from Private to Public
 Dzyadevych, Tetyana.

Making Minorities History: International Diplomacy and Europe’s Problem Populations
 Frank, Matthew.

Making Revolution, De-Constructing Empire: Abdurakhman Fakhreddinov’s 1918 History of Russia
 Ross, Danielle.

Making War and Breaking Peace in the South Slav State 1918-1923
 Newman, John.

Making the Soviet Experience Visual
 Abman, Lauren.

Malevich as Russian Formalist: The Theory of the Additional Element
 Barr, Adrian.

Malevich between Prose and Poetry
 Strudler, Jason.

Mapping Happiness in the Russian Taiga: Mikhail Tarkovskii and the 'Happy People'
 Filimonova, Tatiana.

Mapping Sick Jewish Bodies – Medical Discourse and Race in the Second Polish Republic
 Aleksiun, Natalia.

Marina Tsvetaeva's Essay on Bely: Fact and Fiction
 Smith, Alexandra.

Marina Tsvetaeva’s Criticism of Victors as Fact-makers
 Rosochinsky, Max.

Marshalling Tito: The Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and the Crisis of International Stalinism in the Early Cold War
 Cotton, Matthew.

Marxist Humanism and the Rise of the Nationalist Subject in 1970s Bulgaria
 Valiavicharska, Zhivka.

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Narrative – Gesture – Thing: Kira Muratova’s Passions (1994) and Renata Litvinova's Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (2012)
 Schulzki, Irina.

Narratives of Multiple Belongings: Religious Connections in Aharon Appelfeld’s Bucovina
 Windsperger, Marianne.

Narratives of a Modern World: Concepts of Child-rearing in Czech Children´s Literature and Film of the 1970s and 1980s
 Winkler, Martina.

Nation and Vampiric Narration in Aleksey Tolstoy's 'The Family of the Vourdalak'
 Erman, Irina.

National Difference on the Factory Floor: Korenizatsiia in Practice and Peril
 Guadagnolo, Gary.

National Organizations of the Belarusian Refugees in Russia and Ukraine during the First World War
 Kasmach, Lizaveta.

Nationalism, Imperialism, and 'Federalism' in Interwar Poland
 Brykczynski, Paul.

Nazi Occupation Policy in Warsaw and the Response of the Urban Elite
 Biskupska, Jadwiga.

Negotiating Muslim Inheritance Division in Imperial Russia
 Garipova, Rozaliya.

Neoliberalism and the Return of the Right: Hungary’s Illiberal Turn in Global and Historical Context
 Jobbitt, Steven.

Neptune’s Riches: Promoting Seafood and Culinary Innovation in Late Soviet Russia
 Jacobs, Adrianne.

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Opera 'The Snow-Maiden' (1881): The Early Staging and Reception History
 Kononova, Victoria.

Nineteenth Century European Comparative Linguistics in the Early Soviet Context
 Gevorgyan-Ninness, Stella.

Noblewomen, Memory and the Invention of a Fictitious Past
 Lubamersky, Lynn.

Nonfiction Cinematic Labor in Yugoslavia, 1945-1952
 Malitsky, Joshua.

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Objectionable Medicine? Medical Cannibalism, Animal-based Medicine and Negotiating Acceptable Medical Practices at the 17th-century Russian Court
 Griffin, Clare.

Oblomov's Prolonged Suicide
 Oches, Brian.

Of Grammar and Gardens: Leonid Aronzon and the Leningrad Elegy
 Redko, Philip.

Officiality and Privacy in the Letters of Vasilii III and Elena Glinskaia, and of the Early Romanovs
 Soldat, Cornelia.

Old Maps, New Territory: Constructing the Motherland
 Ciaravolo, Beth.

Old Russia’s Wise Maiden as Literary Prototype
 Morris, Marcia.

Olga Sedakova’s 'Free' Verse: Ecumenicizing Communities of Spirit and Conscience
 Braley, Bethany.

On Truth and Deception: From Tolstoy’s 'War and Peace' to Nabokov’s 'Pale Fire'
 Dragunoiu, Dana.

On the Road Again: Diligent Itinerant Bishops of the Western Dioceses, 1800-1850
 Skinner, Barbara.

Once again Comrades: Greek and Yugoslav Communist Party Relations, 1945-1946
 Horncastle, Jamie.

One Performer, Two Festivals: Lemko/Ukrainian Identity Negotiations Between Ellenville and Zdynia
 Latanyshyn, Sarah.

Online Content-Based Course: Access to Professional Language
 Kudyma, Anna.

Only the Learned Shall Pass: Ignorance and Knowledge in Early Modern Poland
 Tworek, Michael.

Opening the First Soviet Canteens : Between Ideology and Vital Necessities
 Nerard, Francois-Xavier.

Opportunities and Challenges for Consolidating Media Freedom in post-Maidan Ukraine
 Ryabinska, Natalya.

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Paid All-national Weal: Land-based Revenues of Municipal Budgets in the pre-war USSR. Gorkyi Case
 Korotkova, Elena.

Pan-Slavism Redux, or Speaking Russian in Modernist Tongues
 Shevelenko, Irina.

Paranoia, Priests, and Politics: the Repression of Soviet Ukrainian Religious Figures through the Prism of Perceived Nationalism and Political Disloyalty, 1932-1948
 Hiatt, Kathleen.

Partisans in the Myth of the Great Patriotic War
 Holzman, MayaLisa.

Pasadena to Leningrad: Historic Preservation and US-USSR Cooperation
 Conti, Kathleen.

Pathologies of Migration: Czech and German Critiques of Czechoslovak Borderlands Resettlement, 1945-1960
 Glassheim, Eagle.

Patriarch Nikon's New Jerusalem and 'Byzantine Legacy'
 Kain, Kevin.

Patriarch Tikhon and the Quest for Church Unity, 1917-1925
 Kenworthy, Scott.

Pavel Antokolsky as a Witness to the Shoah in Ukraine and Poland
 Shrayer, Maxim.

Pavel Arseniev and the Laboratory of Poetic Actionism (St. Petersburg)
 Platt, Kevin.

Pavlensky's Law
 Platt, Jonathan.

Peasant Rebels or International Social Activists? The ‘Green Cadres’ in East Central Europe, 1918-1929
 Benes, Jakub.

Peasant, Conscript, Square: The Great War and the Evolution of Suprematism
 Borgmeyer, David.

Peasants in Knight’s Leap: Making Use of Citizenship and Residency between Hungary and Its Neighbors after WWI
 Egry, Gábor.

Peasants! Get to know one another!: Imperialism, Regionalism, and Rural National Belonging in Interwar Poland
 Wilczewski, Michal.

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Que vaut le récit? Iteration and Narrative Value in Dostoevsky’s Brat’ya Karamazovy
 Paine, Jonathan.

Queering Tolstoy
 Schmuck, Laurel. and Weil, Abigail.


Radical Nationalists between the Austrian Empire and Successor States
 Vushko, Iryna.

Rape Culture in War? The Red Army in 1944/5 and Its Treatment of Women
 Bischl, Kerstin.

Rapes and Pogroms during the Civil War
 Chopard, Thomas.

Re-Membering Codreanu: Maligning Fascist Virtues in Aiud Prison, 1964
 Clark, Roland.

Re-education by Psychoanalysis: 'Re-educating' Political Opponents in the 1940s
 Antic, Ana.

Reader as Writer: Authorial Instruction in Margarita Meklina's Short-Story Fiction
 Thompson, Kathleen.

Reading Across the Caucasus: The Campaigns to Eradicate Illiteracy and the TSFSR 1922-1937
 Johnson, Jeremy.

Reading Stone Dreams on the Anniversary the Great Catastrophe
 Mamedov, Mikail.

Real and Imagined Empires in A. Pushkin’s Monument (1836)
 Proskurin, Oleg.

Reality Check: Chernukha Cinema and the Social Drama Today
 Isakava, Volha.

Reality and Wonder in Lyudmila Petrushevskaya's Fairy Tales
 Zdun, Izabela.

Reasonable Passions and Erotic Reason in Dostoevsky
 Grosholz, Emily.

Reclaiming the Russian North
 Campbell, Elena.

Recollecting Culture: Self-Narratives about Artistic Performances in Socialist Romania
 Oancea, Claudiu.

Recuperating the Communist Past: Romanian Literature and Authoritative Discourse
 Petrinca, Ruxandra.

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Sacred Image in a New Form: Eastern Orthodoxy at the Core of Wassily Kandinsky’s Art and Theory
 Sokolova, Lilia.

Satire and the Russian Avant-Garde Before WWI
 Brooks, Jeffrey.

Saturnalia and the Gnome: Fact and Humor as a Bridge to Reality under Communism
 Figa, Jozef.

School for Stalinism: Czechoslovak Students in the USSR, 1946–1953
 Applebaum, Rachel.

Schumpeter vs. Marx: A Gold Standard Theory of the Russian Revolution
 Grigoriadis, Theocharis.

Science in 18th-century Russia: Images, Instruments, and Knowledge Exchange Within and Outside the Empire
 Iosad, Alexander.

Science of Siberian Regionalism as a Case-Study in Imperial Networks
 Mordvinov, Dmitry.

Screening Chekhov: Postdramatic Roots, Heroic Abyss, and the Demise of Love and Justice
 Weygandt, Susanna.

Searching a Usable Past: Nostalgia for Austrian Galicia in the Works of the 'Stanislav Phenomenon' Group
 Dvoretska, Olena.

Searching for the Truth: Facts and Interpretations of the 1905 Revolution in Latvia (Looking Through the Library and Archival Collections of Stanford University)
 Zalite, Elga.

Secret Addressees: a Type of Ambiguity in Mandelstam's Later Poetry
 Reynolds, Andrew.

Securitizing Legal Activism from Eastern Europe: Transnational Involvement and Conflicting Loyalties in the 1920s
 Rometsch, Konstantin.

Segmented Assimilation Theory Revised: Splitting Up the Ethnic Community: The Case of Kyrgyz Migrants in Moscow, Russia
 Rocheva, Anna. and Varshaver, Evgeni.

Seize the Foothold: Soviet Development Assistance to Mozambique, 1974-1977
 Telepneva, Natalia.

Self and Nature in the Soviet North
 Bruno, Andy.

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Tacit Public Reasoning in Dostoevsky’s 'Crime and Punishment'
 Armstrong, Brian.

Taking the Offensive: The Public Relations of Human Rights in the Late Soviet Union
 Kerley, Elizabeth.

Talking to the System: Collaboration as Political Lobbying in Ceauşescu’s Romania
 Bottoni, Stefano.

Tatlin's Sartorial Things
 Kurchanova, Natasha.

Tchaikovsky’s Economic Agency
 Bullock, Philip.

Teaching Language For Special Purposes (Russian in the Major) to a Heterogeneous Student Group
 Alsufieva, Anna.

Teaching Russians How to Bargain: The Wenming Interpretation of Neoliberal Governmentality on the Russian-Chinese Border?
 Stern, Dieter.

Tearooms and (Communist) Sympathy: Repeating Lenin, Queerly
 Kayiatos, Anastasia.

Teatr.doc and the Performance of Witness
 Hanukai, Maksim.

Teffi Between the Reds and the Whites: Paris, 1945-47
 Haber, Edythe.

Television Propaganda and Reasons for Its Impact on the Russian Public
 Fossato, Floriana.

Television, Conversational Patterns, and the Making of Putin’s Nation
 Kovalyova, Natalia.

Terrorism between Poland and Palestine: How Transnationalism Shaped Right-Wing Zionist Attitudes and Approaches to Violence in the late 1930s
 Heller, Daniel.

Terrorism, the State, and Organizations: The Human Face of Political Violence in Putin’s Russia
 Holiman, Alan.

Testing the Limits of Deception: Children as Propaganda Tool in Serbian and Croatian Media during the Yugoslav Wars (1991-1995)
 Polic, Ivana.

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Ukrainian Nationalism, Soviet State and Legitimacy Contests in the Kyiv region, 1941-1944
 Melnyk, Oleksandr.

Ukrainian Project in Search of National Space, 1861-1914
 Kotenko, Anton.

Unbound Resources: The Trajectories of Online Research Resources in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
 Lenkart, Joseph.

Uncovering Timeless Stitches
 Wetenhall, Tanya.

Underground Space Travel: Viktor Pelevin’s Omon Ra
 Lerner, Amanda.

Understanding Russia’s Great War After the Archival Revolution
 Lieven, Dominic.

Understanding Women’s Political Dis/engagement in Contemporary Russia
 Turbine, Vikki.

Unfinished Selves: Demons in Dostoevsky's Late Works
 Corrigan, Yuri.

University Pundits, Amateur Historians and the Gubernia Scholarly Archival Commissions
 Kaplan, Vera.

Unsettling the Plan: Urban Monumentalism and Displacement in Postwar Moscow
 Zubovich, Katherine.

Unspoken Bias: Prejudice and EU Expansion into Eastern Europe and the Balkans
 Ashbrook, John.

Urban Development, Restoration, and Heritage Tourism in Suzdal
 Smith, Susan.

Urban Modernity and Nationalism in Late-Imperial Kyiv through the Eyes of Russian and Ukrainian Writers
 Bilenky, Serhiy.

Urbanization and Political Subjectivity in Socialist Yugoslavia
 Robertson, James.

Utopian Imagination in Russia and the West in the 1950-1960s in the Correspondence of Gleb Struve and Russian Emigrant Writers.
 Nakano, Yukio.


V.G. Chertkov and the Commodification of Tolstoy
 Oliver, Donna.

VIP: The Vampire in the Contemporary Russian Fantasy
 Cotey, Yekaterina.

Vienna on the Rio Plata: Nazi-Era Musical Refugees in Argentina
 Orzoff, Andrea.

Viktor Pelevin: Critical Perspectives in Russia and the West
 Trotman, Theodore.

Viktor Pelevin’s Cosmogony of Power: Empire, Aesthetics and the Post-Soviet Condition
 Khazanov, Pavel.

Violence as a Generative Force: Rethinking 'Ethnicity' through a Bosnian Community
 Bergholz, Max.

Visions of the Future and the Past: Urban Reconstruction vs. Historic Preservation in Velikii Novgorod in the Decades After WWII
 Dobronovskaya, Marina.

Visions of the Past - Revised in the Present, Recreated for the Future: Nostalgia for and Travels to Austrian Galicia in Polish Literature After 1989
 Baran-Szoltys, Magdalena.

Vladimir Jabotinsky and 1905
 Horowitz, Brian.

Vladimir Putin and the Media: Building a Dual Image
 Stewart, Hannah.


Wanderers in the Works of Nikolai Leskov: A Possible Influence on St. John’s Spiritual Identity
 Sutton, Matthew.

War, Peace and Money in Late Imperial Russia
 Siegel, Jennifer.

Was There a 'Female Perspective' on Imperial Rule? Elite Women's Autobiographies in Late Tsarist Russia
 Schenk, Frithjof.

We Exist! Childen-404, 'Gay Propaganda', and the Battle Over in the Child in Putin’s Russia
 Fishzon, Anna.

We love America and Allende: Contradictions and Idiosyncracies in the Worldview of Late Soviet Non-conformist Youth
 Fuerst, Juliane.

Weaving the Way to Stalinism: Textile Production and the Sovietization of Czechoslovakia
 Gerlach, David.

Western Powers’ Sanctioning of Ethnic Cleansing and the Territorialization of Ethnicity
 Tesser, Lynn.

Western Representations of Muscovite Diplomatic Rituals
 Rowland, Daniel.

What If? Counterfactual Historical Imagination in post-Soviet Russian Literature and Historical Sciences
 Nicolosi, Riccardo.

What if NATO Hadn't Expanded? A Counter-factual Analysis of Russia and the West
 Marten, Kimberly.

What is the Emperor’s Charisma? The Mystical Wisdom Tradition as the Language Symbolizing Ivan IV’s Power.
 Hunt, Priscilla.

What is the Half-Life of Risk? A Brief Analysis of Discourse About a Radioactive River
 Roman, Rosibel.

What's Really Hiding Under All That Plaster
 McCausland, Gerald.

What’s the Real ‘Matter’ with Iosif Volotskii?
 Goldfrank, David.

When A=-A and Nothing Becomes Everything
 Tarnai, Anita.

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Yakov Protazanov's Emigre Experience and the Question of National Cinema in 'Aelita'
 Wilson, Booth.

Yegorushka’s Sacred Journey: Regarding Biblical Allusions in 'The Steppe'
 Zubarev, Vera.

You Can't Leave Home Again: Correspondence Between Soviet Returners and Non-Returners
 Bernstein, Seth.

You Have Been Warned: Managing Threats to State Security in Lithuania under Soviet Rule
 Harrison, Mark.

Your Weapon is Your Conscience, Learning to Kill in the Red Army 1941-1945
 Schechter, Brandon.

Yugoslav Foreign Policy: Belgrade-Peking-Third World Triangle
 Niebuhr, Robert.

Yugoslavia and Islam: Protest and Identity
 Fichter, Madigan.


Zajímáte se o hudbu?: Musical tastes, Identity, and Czech-language Ethnic Press in the 1940s
 Cope, Lida.

Zenkevich’s Femme Fatale: Akhmatova, Elga, and the ‘Golden Triangle’
 Cheloukhina, Svetlana.

Zhenskii Vopros and Women Doctors' Contributions to the Late 19th Century Medical Profession
 DenBeste, Michelle.

Zhukovsky’s Family Album of Drawings in the Context of His Late Prose
 Ayzikova, Irina.
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