ASEEES Convention 2016-Nov-17 to 2016-Nov-21

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"How is this Problem Solved Abroad?" Drawing on Capitalist Experience to Foster Technocratic Environmentalism in Soviet Water Management, 1957-1975
 Coumel, Laurent.

100 Years of Sodom: Reactionary Dystopia and the Fear of a Queer Planet
 Borenstein, Eliot.

125-130: Mandelstam and Zenkevich
 Cheloukhina, Svetlana.

1956 and the Collapse of Stalinist Politics of History: Remembering the Ujvidek/Novi Sad Massacre of 1942 in Hungary and Yugoslavia
 von Klimo, Arpad.

1956 and the End of the Eastern European Socialist Realist Project
 Dobrenko, Evgeny.

1956: A Year of 'No Events' But of High Significance in Communist Czechoslovakia
 Blaive, Muriel.

1989 vs. 1991: The End of the Cold War, the End of the USSR, and the Origins of Conflict in Ukraine
 Weber, Yuval.

21st Century Russia: A Glorious Past and a Proud Future
 McDaniel, Cadra.

77 Million Rubles for Ecology
 Brain, Stephen.

'A Great Many Will Be Glad to Help': Émigré Appeals on Behalf of Russian Political Prisoners
 Finkel, Stuart.

'A Little Too Much Goose Liver:' Imaginary Hungarians and Hungarian Imaginaries in Classical Hollywood Cinema
 Simonyi, Sonja.

'A Truly Satanic Regime:' Russian Anti-Bolshevik Appeals in Britain and the Famine of 1921-1922
 Jansen, Dinah.

'All Art at the Fountainhead is Didactic': G.B. Shaw in Dialogue with Lev Tolstoy
 Sobolev, Olga.

'Bare Formalism Gave all it Could': Mayakovsky's Constructivism and What Gives with Agit-Prop Poetry
 Godek-Kiryluk, Elvira.

'Bright Patches and Dots of Light': Sensation and Abstraction in Andrei Bely's ‘Peterburg’ and Wassily Kandinsky's Art
 Dimova, Polina.

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A Case-Control Method for Studying Protest Participation and Other Rare Events: An Application to Ukraine’s EuroMaidan
 Rosenfeld, Bryn.

A Chronicle of Russian Emigration: Transnational Allegory in Nabokov’s 'The Eye'
 Freeh-Maciorowski, Rebecca.

A Cinema for the Deaf: Sensory Accessibility in Soviet Culture
 Shaw, Claire.

A City at the Front of Change: Urban Life in Lwów across the First World War
 Burks, Drew.

A Dangerous Feminine Force: Pushkin's Abstract Muse in the Major Works of the 1830s
 Gillespie, Alyssa.

A Dedicated Russian Listening Comprehension Course for Advanced-Level Learners
 Trotter, Mark.

A Different Kind of Utopia: A Woman and the City in Socialist and Post-Socialist Cinema
 Crnkovic, Gordana.

A Double Game in a Soviet Provincial Hospital: The State Pronatalism and Abortions in the late 1940s-1960s.
 Ruban, Kateryna.

A Living Memory in Nabokov's Writings.
 Minskaya, Marina.

A Marginal Elite: Soviet Physical-Mathematical Schools and the Cultivation of the New Superfluous Man
 Gerovitch, Slava.

A Nation Without Imagination: A Cognitive Approach to Zamiatin’s ‘My’
 Stuart, Madelyn.

A New East-West Divide in Europe: The Debate between Hungary and the EU
 Fabian, Katalin.

A New Research Conception on Historical Identities
 Agora, Zsuzsanna.

A Painless Procedure: Abortion, Emotion, and Embodiment in Vienna, 1900-1930
 Motyl, Katya.

A Poetics of Grief: Tiutchev's Poems on the Death of Denis'eva
 Goldberg, Stuart.

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Baikal Environmentalism in a Global Field of Power
 Brown, Kate.

Baratynsky, the Fantastic, and the (One) Ring
 Clark, Elena.

Baring the (Body and) Soul: Fyodor Dostoevsky and Giacomo Casanova as Readers of Rousseau’s Confessions
 Orr, Sara.

Battling the Big Lie with Our Truth: Emotion and Objectivity in Early Radio Free Europe Broadcasts
 Feinberg, Melissa.

Becoming Recognizable: Decoupling Gayness from Whiteness in Kyrgyzstan
 Buelow, Samuel.

Beheading the Empire: Who Dies and How in Hadji Murat
 Blink, Sean.

Behind the Scenes and on the Page: Nicolaas Witsen and Text Hybridity on Early Modern Tartary
 Monahan, Erika.

Belarus and Russia: Neutrality, Partnership, and Nuclear Power
 Marples, David.

Belarus and the West: Geopolitical Games Thinly Disguised
 Ioffe, Grigory.

Belgrade Girls: Subjectivity, Sex, and Clubbing in the 21st Century
 Obradovic, Dragana.

Believers and Spiritual Capital for Peace: Bridging the Secular-Religious Divide in BiH
 Spahic Siljak, Zilka.

Bely's Petersburg and Eliot's 'The Waste Land': Elective Affinities
 Fink, Hilary.

Benoît Malon, the “Revue Socialiste” and the “Jewish Question” in the Russian Empire in the Late 19th Century
 Schulz, Oliver.

Beram (Istria) in the Middle Ages and Croatian Glagolithism: A Historiographical Perspective
 Galovic, Tomislav.

Beram's Church and Society in the Early Modern Age
 Orbanic, Elvis.

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California-Alaska Trade, 1850-1867: The Relations of the American-Russian Commercial Company with the Russian America Company
 Saul, Norman.

Campaign for Asylum: The Politics of Russian Émigré Claims as Refugees in Early Twentieth Century Britain, 1890-1917
 Hartnett, Lynne.

Captured Courts and Legitimized Autocrats: Kazakhstan's Constitutional Council
 Williams, Nora.

Carceral Experiences and Fascist Memory in Contemporary Romania. The ‘Broken Biographies’ of Legionary Members from the Interwar up to Post-Communism
 Biliuta, Ionut.

Catherine II and Voltaire: Imperial Chimeras and Utopias of the Enlightenment
 Proskurina, Vera.

Catherine II’s Publicist: The Russian Empire and the Law of Nations in the Eighteenth Century
 Leikin, Julia.

Catherine the Great as Dido Queen of Carthage: Vasilii Petrov's Translation of the Aeneid
 Torlone, Zara.

Censoring the Muses: Opera and Censorship during the Reign of Nicholas I
 Zavlunov, Daniil.

Chekhov the Witness
 Kokobobo, Ani.

Chewing on Leather and Radish Leaf 'Herring': Food Strategies of a Starving Population in Nazi Ghettos
 Sinnreich, Helene.

Child Welfare NGOs and Foster Care Reform in Russia
 Kulmala, Meri. and Bogdanova, Elena.

Childhood in Exile: Polish Jewish Children on the Margins of the War
 Adler, Eliyana.

Children of the Siege of Leningrad: The Soviet Literature's Perspective
 Voronina, Tatiana.

China through Russian Eyes, 1804-1860s
 Vinkovetsky, Ilya.

China's Economy in Soviet and Russian Thinking
 Miller, Chris.

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Dance as Plastic Language
 Misler, Nicoletta.

Das ist fantastisch! The Dissemination of Porn in the East Bloc, 1985-1995
 Keck-Szajbel, Mark.

De-Ideologization as Ideology: The End of the Soviet-ANC Partnership (1986-1994)
 Lynd, Hilary.

Deadbeat Dads, Lying Wives, and Lost Wages: Fighting for What’s Mine in Early Soviet Legal Claims
 Retish, Aaron.

Decommunized and Happy: Literary Reactions to Disappearing Soviet Symbols in Post-Maidan Ukraine, 2013-2016
 Kotsyuba, Oleh.

Defining "Romance" in 18th-c. Women’s Writing: N. A. Neelova and the Marriage Plot
 Dickinson, Sara.

Defining Dissent: The Imprisonment, Retrial, and Rehabilitation of Martemyan Riutin
 Hooper, Cynthia.

Defining Health and State Responsibility: The Framing of Healthcare Reforms in Post-Soviet Ukraine
 Holom, Brittany.

Defining True Faith While Forging Military Alliances: The Patriarch of Constantinople Kyrillos Loukaris (1570-1638) and the Patriarch of Moscow Philaret Romanov (1553-1633)
 Olar, Ovidiu.

Demanding Reparations, Denying Restitution: The Curious Case of Postwar Czechoslovakia
 Gerlach, David.

Democracy Beneath the State: the Impact of the EU on the Autonomy of Local Leaders
 Kostadinova, Petia.

Democracy is Healthier? The Polish Anti-tobacco Movement between 1974 and 1999
 Zatonski, Mateusz.

Demons of the Global South: the Novel of Meta-Ideas
 Jackson, Jeanne-Marie.

Deontic „უნდა“ (unda) in Georgian
 Sharashenidze, Nino.

Designing Steel City: All-Union Architectural Competition for the City of Magnitogorsk, 1929-30
 Crawford, Christina.

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EU–Russia Relations: the Realist, the Liberalist and the Constructivist Perspectives
 Halizak, Edward.

Early Experiments in Narrative Value: 'Poor People,' or Poor Readers?
 Paine, Jonathan.

Early Ukrainian Émigré Writings on Collectivization, Deportations and the Famine-Holodomor of 1932-1933: Assessments and Conclusions
 Klid, Bohdan.

East German Punk and the ‘Problem’ of Anti-Commercialism in the GDR during Late Socialism
 Hayton, Jeff.

East-West Cultural Dialogue in Georgia during Queen Tamar’s Reign
 Kiknadze, Vazha.

Eastern European Journalists and the Vietnam War
 Erdeljac, Filip.

Echoes of Byzantine Liturgy in Early Slavonic Liturgical Manuscripts
 Grinchenko, Olga.

Echoes of Maksim Grek in Establishing the Moscow Patriarchate
 Olmsted, Hugh.

Ecocidal Tendencies: Pushkin, Goethe, and the Romantic Response to Environmental Catastrophe
 Scollins, Kathleen.

Ecocriticism vs. Naturphilosophie -- Comparison of the Western and the Russian Traditions of Studying the Representations of Nature in Literature
 Perkiömäki, Mika.

Economic 'Ethnicism': Right-Wing Campaigns Against Minority Commerce, 1890-1917
 Geraci, Robert.

Edges of Empire: Polish Documentaries about Contemporary Russia
 Shpolberg, Masha.

Eisenstein as a Reader of Jean d’Udine
 Tsivian, Yuri.

Eisenstein's film "¡Que viva México!"
 Rosset, Francoise.

Eisenstein’s Letter to Magnus Hirschfeld: Text and Context
 Bershtein, Evgenii.

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Faith in Stalingrad: The Myth of the Battle, 1942 and 2016
 Garner, Ian.

Faking It While Making It? The Anomaly of Female Rule in Eighteenth-Century Russia
 McBurney, Erin.

Falling in and out of Love: Estrangement in Tolstoy’s 'War and Peace' and 'After the Ball'
 Somoff, Victoria.

Fantastical Spaces in Late-Medieval Povesti
 Morris, Marcia.

Far Right in Eastern Europe: Ethnic Nationalists or Economic Malcontents?
 Tucker, Joshua.

Father-Heroes and Disciplined Sons: Cultural and Historical Contexts of Soviet Boarding Schools (1938–1948)
 Mayofis, Maria.

Fear of Losing Istanbul
 Sakul, Kahraman.

Feminism(s) in Romania before and after 1989: Education, Emancipation and Economic Justice
 Apostol, Corina.

Feminist Political Thought in East Central Europe during State Socialism: Sources and Methods
 Lorand, Zsofia.

Fictional Human Rights and Real Human Rights? The Polish Authorities’ and Dissidents’ Attitude towards Law in the 1970s
 Kuisz, Jarosław.

Fifty Shades of Russian Grey: The Trilogy of Alisa Klever
 Cassiday, Julie.

Fighting Putin in Russian? The Impact of the Russian Aggression on Ukraine’s Russian-speakers
 Kulyk, Volodymyr.

Film Screening: The Face of Sustainability in Northern Russia and Norway
 Leonard, Carol.

Finding Russianness in Imperial Space: The Paradoxes of Leskov’s Novella “At the Edge of the World”
 Maiorova, Olga.

Firm, City and State in the Russian Monotown
 Gill, Ross.

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Gambling Liaisons: First Person Narration of Self and Other in Dostoevsky's 'The Gambler' and Laclos' 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses'
 Hudspith, Sarah.

Gendarmes and Honor Killings in the Age of Serfdom
 Antonov, Sergei.

Gender Policy-Making in Serbia: Powerless and Silent at the Semi-Periphery
 Antonijevic, Zorana.

Gendered and Classed Attitudes Towards the Institutions of Self-Management in Late Yugoslav Socialism
 Archer, Rory.

Genealogy of the Concept Iurodivy in Russian Cultural Tradition
 Maksimovich, Polina.

Generations Come and Generations Go: Imagining Soviet Family Past in Russian, English, and German
 Krutikov, Mikhail.

Generosity and Disappearance: Sedakova on Facebook
 Kelly, Martha.

Genius and Villainy: Pushkin's 'Mozart and Salieri' and Diderot's 'Le Neveu de Rameau'
 Hanukai, Maksim.

Georgian Wine and European Identity in the Late-Tsarist Period
 Bittner, Stephen.

German Concepts for the Economic Reorganization of Central and Southeast Europe during the Interwar Period.
 Wien, Markus.

German Jewish Anarchists and their response to the ‘Jewish Question’
 Schapkow, Carsten.

Glagolitic Manuscripts on Sinai and Early Slavic Monastic Ritual
 Glibetic, Nina.

Global Circuits of Trade and Sociability in Ivan Goncharov's Travelogue The Frigate Pallada (1858)
 Bojanowska, Edyta.

Global Contexts of 'Russian' Innovation: Inventor-Entrepreneurs in the Age of Synergy
 Palmer, Scott.

Global Conversation of the Hand: Reliquary of St. John the Baptist
 Sinkevic, Ida.

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Hagiography and Normativity in Kievan Monasticism
 McCaffray, Edmund.

Happy Moscow: Amputation of Nightmare Narrative
 Baumgartner, Rebecca.

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and the Cold-War Publishing of Yugoslav Novels
 Elias-Bursac, Ellen.

Harnessing Historical Memory: Putin and the Politics of Soviet History since 2000
 MacKinnon, Elaine.

Healing through Words: Psychotherapy in Soviet Medical Discourse
 Brokman, Aleksandra.

Healthy Numbers: Rockefeller Foundation, Statistics, and Biopolitics in interwar Romania
 Grama, Emanuela.

Hellenophobia to Russophobia: Modern Romanian Nationalism between the Greek and the Russian Others (1800-1856)
 Taki, Victor.

Herberstein’s and Olearius’ Maps
 Kollmann, Nancy.

Heroes, Witnesses, Victims: Children of WWII in the 1940s Soviet Media and Children's Literature
 Voronina, Olga.

History in Stones: Historic Preservation and Construction of the Soviet Built Environment
 Conti, Kathleen.

Holidays as a Nation-building Tactic: A Regional Analysis of Holidays in Russia
 Stewart, Katie.

Hollywood Comes to Warsaw: The Production and Reception of Anatol Litvak’s The Night of the Generals in Poland
 Kunicki, Mikolaj.

Holy Foolishness Illumined: On the Role of the Holy Fool in the Context of the Phenomenology of Enlightened Consciousness
 Flory, Mark.

Holy Fools and Piety Networks in Early 18th-Century Moscow
 Clay, J. Eugene.

Homo sacer and the Decline of the Soviet Empire in the Works of Zakhar Prilepin
 Minkova, Yuliya.

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Iconic Images of a Child at War: Andrei Tarkovsky’s 'Ivanovo Detstvo'
 Weld, Sara Pankenier.

Iconostases and Cathedrals: Creating Orthodox Sacred Spaces in Russia’s Western Borderlands, 1828-1855
 Skinner, Barbara.

Ideas as Contagion in Dostoevsky’s The Possessed and the Unrepresentable ‘Real’
 Vladiv-Glover, Slobodanka.

Ideological Pragmatism in the Soviet Approach to the Genocide Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1946-48
 Weiss-Wendt, Anton.

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Soviet Art History in a Global World
 Nouril, Ksenia.

Images of Scandal: Pogorelich at the Chopin Competition
 McCormick, Lisa.

Images of the Female Body on Film: Remaking Gender and Nation in Interwar Hungary
 Manchin, Anna.

Imagined Sites of Imperial Science across Russia and America
 Iosad, Alexander.

Immigration in Hungary: The Long View
 Nemes, Robert.

Impact of International Cooperation on History teaching in Georgia
 Medzmariashvili, Elene.

Impeachable Dignity: Russian Dostoinstvo in a Comparative Context
 Rodin Maslov, Boris.

Impediments to the Global Humanitarian Order: The Case of Cold War Romania
 Capotescu, Cristian.

Imperial Law: Views from the Ruled
 Burbank, Jane.

Imperial Law: Views from the Rulers
 Borisova, Tatiana.

Impossible Mission Forces for Developing Manufacturing?
 Kuboniwa, Masaaki.

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Jan Patočka’s Assessment of European Civilization: from Exaltation to Disillusionment
 David, Zdenek.

Jazz Music Under Stalin as Ersatz Public Sphere
 Beresford, Benjamin.

Jeans and Imagining the West
 Luthar, Breda.

Jewish Agricultural Settlement in the Russian Empire, 1807-1914
 Friedgut, Theodore.

Jewish Economic Practices in Post-war Soviet Union: The case of Moscow Jewish Suburbs Malakhovka and Saltykovka
 Kushkova, Anna.

Jewish Infiltrees Crossing the Western Borders, 1945-48
 Freifeld, Alice.

Jewish Radicals in the Narod: Nationality and Antisemitism in the Going to the People Movement of 1874
 Johnson, Eric.

Jewish and Non-Jewish Interactions in Vaudeville Performances between Budapest and Vienna Circa 1900
 Korbel, Susanne.

Jews Here, Jews There: Jewish Theme in Derzhavin’s Public Writings and Poetry
 Averbuch, Alexander.

Joseph Brodsky’s Anti-Eliot Poems
 Karageorgos, Nataliya.

Joseph Brodsky’s Imperial Consciousness
 Bertelsen, Olga.

Judging a Book by Its Cover: Meditation, Memory and Invention in Seventeenth-century Ukrainian Title Pages
 Bartolini, Maria Grazia.

Just a Doctor: The Career of Zofia Rosenblum Szymańska
 Martin, Sean.


Karamzin’s Traveler Meets the Locals
 Parts, Lyudmila.

Kharkiv in Linguistic Thought and Language Practice
 Berezovenko, Antonina.

Kings, Counts, and Serfs: Natural Order in the Sheremetevs' Portrait Collections
 Helprin, Alexandra.

Korolenko and Peretz: 'Makar's Dream' and 'Bontshe Shvayg'
 Berkovich, Nadja.

Krym nash!: Operatic Claims to Crimea’s Identity in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia
 Goldman, Leah.


LCY's Central Committee 13th Session: Echoes on the Shop Floor
 Music, Goran.

LGBT Discrimination Cases in Russia and at the European Court of Human Rights
 Sundstrom, Lisa. and Sperling, Valerie.

Laboratories of Soviet Marketization: Economic Visions and Reform Agendas in the USSR's Baltic Peripheries
 Stöcker, Lars.

Land or Living Standards? What People in SouthEast Ukraine and Crimea Prioritize
 Toal, Gerard. and O\'Loughlin, John.

Langston Hughes in the Journal International Literature: Poetics and Ideology of Poetic Translation
 Ostrovskaya, Elena.

Language and Cultural Nationalism: Slavophile Attitudes Towards Franco-Russian Bilingualism
 Offord, Derek.

Language of the Russian Leaders: a Mixture of Styles
 Shmeleva, Elena.

Language, Politics and Identity: The Russian-Speaking Population in the Post-Soviet Space
 Kachuyevski, Angela.

Languages of Europe: A model Case of ,trans‘: An Interexilic Dialogue Between Ivan Blatný and Jiří Gruša'
 Kliems, Alfrun.

Larger than Life: the Fragmented Biographies of Alexander Griboyedov
 O\'Neil, Catherine.

Late Soviet Rock-Samizdat and the KGB
 Safariants, Rita.

Laughable Russianness. Russian émigré satire.
 Dhooge, Ben.

Law as a Common Good in Contemporary Russia: How Often People Refer to Legislation, Addressing Complaints to the President
 Bogdanova, Elena.

Learning from the Eastern Europe – Lustration in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland.
 Snegovaya, Maria.

Learning to Deal with a Communist National Security State: Memories of an American Historian working in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s.
 Cohen, Gary.

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Madness and Maelstrom in Valerii Briusov’s ‘Fiery Angel’: The Therapy of Self-Diagnosis in Symbolist Life Creation
 Knickmeier Cummings, Kelly.

Maintaining Linguistic and Cultural Ties: Russian-speaking – Estonian Mixed Families in Contemporary Estonia
 Zabrodskaja, Anastassia.

Making Ends Meet in Khrushchev’s USSR: Peasants as Consumers, 1959–1964
 Hale-Dorrell, Aaron.

Making Room for a Poetics of Inspiration: A Look at Marina Tsvetaeva’s Literary Essays
 Fergus, Adam.

Making 'Black Alijah': Paths of Jewish Postwar Dispersion
 Klein-Pejsova, Rebekah.

Making a High-Tech Pakistan: The Role of Scientific Internationalism and the Soviet Union in Pakistani Technology Development
 Grise, Michelle.

Mandelstam, Gumilev, and Acmeist Poetics
 Wang, Emily.

Manipulation in the Russian Political Discourse
 Shmelev, Alexei.

Manufacturing Migration: Policy and Practice of the Slovak-Hungarian Population Exchange
 Waters, Leslie.

Map Mining – Thematic Maps on East and Southeast Europe as Multimodal Data Sources
 Bauer, Hans.

Marginalized Identities: The Sick Body in Chernobyl Photography
 Laurila, Haley.

Mark Aldanov and the Chekhov Publishing House
 Nakano, Yukio.

Markian in the Wonderland: Chornobyl as a Culture Incident
 Tereshchenko, Serhii.

Marks of Distinction: Quotation, Cliché and Transformation in the Work of Vladimir Maiakovskii
 Rann, James.

Marriage as Fellowship: Self and Other in Dostoevsky and George Eliot
 Frazier, Melissa.

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NGOs as Policy Entrepreneurs in Hybrid Regimes: the Case of Child Protection in Russia
 Bindman, Eleanor.

Nabokov’s Antihistoricism Reconsidered: History and Poetry in The Gift and Other Works
 Muravnik, Constantine.

Narratives on Damming and Flooding: the Trope of Hydropower
 Rosenholm, Arja.

Nastasya Filippovna as a Skopcheskaia Bogoroditsa
 Jordan, Katya.

Nation-Building and Globalization in the Budapest Orpheum and Cabaret World (1890-1914)
 Vari, Alexander.

National and Minority Languages vs. Global Language in the Cross-Border Area: the Case of Slovenian Istria
 Mikolic, Vesna.

Nationalism, Ottomanism, and Constitutional Crisis: The Case of the 1908 Samos Uprising
 Mentzel, Peter.

Native Language Obligation and the Challenge of Self-identification: Myth, Ethnography and Nationalism."
 Malykhina, Svitlana.

Native Sons, Russophone Fathers: Yury Rytkheu and Vladimir Sangi as Test Cases for Russophone Literature
 Stanton, Rebecca.

Negotiating Sacred Space in the Mixed-Confessional Cities of the Early Modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
 Frick, David.

Neoliberal Production of Economic Races: The Cases of Greece and Thailand
 Selmic, Radman.

Neoliberal Reforms and the 'Self-transformation' at the Shipyard in Gdynia
 Ther, Philipp. and Filipkowski, Piotr.

New Local Festivities. In Search of Identity in the Global World
 Nenov, Nikolay.

New Moscow: from Utopian Dream to Mundane Sprawl
 Argenbright, Robert.

Newly Discovered Translations of Three Russian Writers in China: Retranslation and the Question of Intermediary Texts
 Gamsa, Mark.

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OBERIU and Objectivism: Towards a Cross-Cultural Poetics of the Object
 Weinstein, Michael.

Observations on High Inflation in Russia in 2014 and 2015
 Tabata, Shinichiro.

Occupying the City: Re-imaging Skopje 1899-2014
 Kramer, Christina.

Of Birds and Men: Tchelitchew’s Le Coq d’Or at the Berlin State Opera in 1923 and the Creation of a Modernist Diaspora
 Utkin, Roman.

Of Entropy and 'Hairy Paws;' A Vision of Biocentric Freedom in Evgenii Zamiatin’s 'We'
 Pike, Christopher.

Of Prayers and Pelicans: Religion, Atheism, and Science in Gulag Newspapers
 Hardy, Jeffrey.

Old Wives Tales: The Subversive Power of Gossip
 Khokholova, Natalya.

Olin Downes and the Soviets
 Bartig, Kevin.

On Decoys and the Elevating Deceit: Khodasevich and “Gor’kii” (1937, 1940)
 Parker, Luke.

On Eurasian Mission: the Moscow Patriarchate and Vladimir Putin’s Post-imperial Agenda
 Von Scheliha, Wolfram.

On Petya's Raisins: from Individual to Cultural Memory in War and Peace
 Byrd, Charles.

On Scale, Suffering, and Sympathy: The Eco-Moral Philosophy of Tolstoy’s Kazaki
 Corke, Anya.

On Their Way to a New Life: the Resettlement of Latvian Displaced Persons in the USA after World War II, 1946-1952
 Zalite, Elga.

On the Brink of the 'New World Order' – Political Slogans of ‘Brotherhood and Unity’ in the Pre-Yugoslav Croatia
 Rumenjak, Nives.

On the Gravity of Pain: Reading Simone Weil's Concept of 'Malheur' in Dostoevsky's Fiction
 Trifiro, Justin.

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Pan-Slavism and Soft Power in Post Cold War Southeast European International Relations
 DeDominicis, Benedict.

Paradigms of Flesh: Profane Histories of Gender and Liberation in the Works of Solomko and Kadan
 Zychowicz, Jessica.

Paradoxes of Sustainability in the urban Circumpolar North: Two Case Studies
 Leonard, Carol.

Paradoxical Victimhood? Communicating the Holocaust in Hungary and its Impact on National Identity
 Paur, Bettina.

Parodying the Past: Socialist Icons in Contemporary Nowa Huta
 Misteravich-Carroll, Natalie.

Pasternak’s Eco-Historical Poetics
 Rewinski, Zachary.

Pavel Filonov and the Atom
 Bowlt, John.

Peace for Europe, War to the Sultan? Russia and the Paradoxes of the Eastern Question, from Vienna to the Crimean War
 Ghervas, Stella.

Pedagogy of Images: The Visual Languages of Soviet Children’s Books (1917-1953)
 Reischl, Katherine. and Keenan, Thomas.

Pelevin’s 'SNUFF' vs. Prokhanov's 'The Steamer Joseph Brodsky': Posthumanism in Post-Soviet Culture
 Livers, Keith.

Perdition Spiritual and Bodily: The Dangers of Drinking Tea in Late Imperial Russia
 Yoder, Audra.

Performing Emotions, Spectating Emotions in the Theater of Nikolai Evreinov
 Ballard, Alisa.

Performing Pushkin’s Tatiana: Anna Netrebko in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin
 Partan, Olga.

Performing the Poet: Elena Shvarts's The Visible Side of Life
 Bishop, Sarah.

Permanent versus Ad Hoc: Russo-Ottoman Diplomacy in the 18th Century
 Amelicheva, Mariya.

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Race and the Collapse of Yugoslavia: A Political-economic Perspective
 Brown, David.

Racialized Desire and Bypassing Babyhood: Constructing U.S.-Russian Adoptive Families
 Gulya, Lisa.

Radical Sympathy in Radishchev’s Journey from Saint Petersburg to Moscow
 Cebula, Geoffrey.

Railway Workers' Memories of Geographical and Social Mobility in Socialist Yugoslavia
 Kojanic, Ognjen.

Rain and the Poet’s Voice in Tiutchev’s 'Vesenniaia groza' and Fet’s 'Vesennii dozhd'
 Camisa Morale, Erica.

Rainbows and Milošević: Serbian LGBT Activism from the 1990s to Today
 Cooper, William Gregory.

Raised on Radio: Hungary 1956 and Radio Free Europe
 Brown, Karl.

Raising the Socialist Youth: Socialist Identity and Youth Education and Organization in Yugoslavia, 1948-1953
 Lazic, Milorad.

Rapture, Ecstasy, and Bliss: Responses from the Heart in the Aesthetic System of P.P. Muratov’s Obrazy Italii/'Images of Italy'
 Lencek, Lena.

Ravishers or Tradesmen? Understanding East European Traffickers at Home and Abroad
 Stauter-Halsted, Keely.

Re-assessing Early Russian Feminist Activism in the Post-Soviet Frame
 Ruthchild, Rochelle.

Reading Chaadaev in French and Russian: A Comparison of the French and Russian Versions of his First 'Philosophical Letter'
 Green, Daniel.

Reading Emotions through Russian Literature: End of Life Work with Clients and Families
 Gheith, Jehanne.

Reading Post-Socialist Memorial Landscape and 'Cultural Wars': Slovenian Anti-Monuments as Continuation of 1941–45 Civil War?
 Luthar, Oto.

Reading a Police File under the Force of Law
 Gokariksel, Saygun.

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Scenes from Folk Life and the Use of Nonsense in Literary Language
 Safran, Gabriella.

Scientific African Socialism? Tanzania’s Ujamaa and Soviet Development Strategy in Africa
 Friedman, Jeremy.

Scientific History Outside Academia: Historical Commissions in the Leningrad Council of Trade Unions in the 1920s
 Gilmintinov, Roman.

Screening Dostoevsky's Men: Masculinity and Adaptation
 Doak, Connor.

Searching for Home: The Journeys of Soviet Jews after the Holocaust
 Jakel, Elana.

Secret Laughter: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Covert Sphere in the Soviet Lithuanian Humor and Satire Journal Broom
 Klumbyte, Neringa.

Seeking Fertile, Patriotic Woman: Public Awareness Advertising and Russian Identity Construction
 Rakhimova-Sommers, Elena.

Seeking a Metaphor for Russianness: The Interplay of Local and National Identity in Mid-Nineteenth Century Kazan (1815-1861)
 Johnson, Eric.

Seghii Astakhov, A Patriot and Orthodox Christian Gay: One Video Blogger’s Vision of Politics in Putin’s Russia
 Vinogradova, Maria.

Selling Servitude, Captivating Consumers: Images of Bondsmen in American and Russian Advertisements, 1880-1915
 Bellows, Amanda.

Selling the Sea: Tourism and the Environment on Yugoslavia's Adriatic
 Djordjevski, Josef.

Semantic Significance of Canadian Images in Julian Kornhauser’s 'Been and Gone': An Intercontinental Debate on History, Being, and Time
 Wrobel Best, Jolanta.

Sent to Siberia: Reader Expectation and the Strange Epilogue of 'Crime and Punishment'
 Bowers, Katherine.

Sergei Paradzhanov, 'The Color of Pomegranates,' and Armenian National Identity
 Usitalo, Steven.

Seriozha Karenina and Tolstoy's Crisis
 Herman, David.

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Taking Russian Military Science Seriously
 Kipp, Jacob.

Taming the Danube, Transforming the Landscape: Enlightenment, Environment and the Remaking of Rural Hungary in the 18th Century
 Gray, Robert.

Tat'iana Goricheva: The Development of a Religious Dissident
 Skomp, Elizabeth.

Tat'iana Samoilova and the Soviet Celebrity
 Trimble, Theodora.

Tatarinova and Dubovitskii: Explaining Her Cult to the Third Section
 Antonova, Katherine.

Tautology as the Highest Form of Ideology
 Petrov, Petre.

Teaching Political Russian with Moodle Platform
 Ogurtsova, Olga.

Teaching Political Violence: the Memory of the Hungarian Civil War (1918-1921) in High-School and University Textbooks, 1945-Present
 Bodo, Bela.

Teaching Russian Topics in International Context: Regular and Online Language Classrooms
 Chernishenko, Olena.

Technologies of Participatory Governance in Putin's Russia
 Chapman, Hannah.

Tell Herzen not to scold me so, lest I unsubscribe - Alexander Herzen's Illiberal Readership and Radical Re-adjustment
 Groce, Alexander.

Ten Years in Peking: V. V. Korsakov on Russian Life in the Chinese Capital, 1895-1905
 Hoffman, Zachary.

Tepid Nationalists: The Germans of the Banat of Temesvar
 Olin, Timothy.

The "Modern" Photojournalist? Soviet Photography and Aesthetic Influences in the 1950s and 1960s
 Werneke, Jessica.

The 1932-1933 Famine-Holodomor in Ukraine: a Systemic Synthesis
 Wolowyna, Oleh.

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US-Russian Relations in the Context of the Grand Strategies Approach
 Shiraev, Eric.

Ukraine in Transformation: Taxes and Trust Post-Euromaidan
 Berenson, Marc.

Ukrainian Diaspora, Ukrainian Intellectual Self, and Americanists in Soviet Ukraine
 Zhuk, Sergei.

Ukrainian Historical Studies in Canada: A Dialogue of Divided Loyalties?
 Kravchenko, Volodymyr.

Ukrainian National Identity in Transformation: Debating Language Concern
 Bureiko, Nadiia. and Moga, Teodor.

Ukrainian Ritual on the Canadian Prairies
 Kononenko, Natalie.

Ukrainians in the Late 19th Century Discourse of the Imperial Elite
 Kotenko, Anton.

Un-Orthodox in Liudmila Ulitskaia's 'Daniel Stein: Interpreter'
 Kornblatt, Judith Deutsch.

Understanding the 'Silovik' Mindset in the Russian Elite
 Rivera, Sharon.

Undoing Statehood and Competing for Political Recognition in Croatia, Uganda, and Guatemala
 Dragojevic, Mila.

United but Separate: The Failure of Korenizatsiia in the Red Army during World War II
 Carmack, Roberto.

Unpacking Silence and Distortion: Mapping Misogyny in Serbia
 Hughson, Marina.

Unsettling Denunciations, Defenses, and Detectives: Rev. Gnieliński (1856-1925) as Defender of the Polish Nation, Honorable Priest, Corrupt Banker, 'Girl-Seducer of the Worst Kind,' Abortionist, ‘Sherlock Holmes’?
 Skier, Stephanie.

Untold Stories and Secret Lives: The Comintern's Radical Network and the Culture of Modernity in Latin America, 1919-1943
 Pujals, Sandra.

Uprooting the Empire: Plants, Animals and Folklore in Tolstoy's 'Khadzhi-Murat'
 Schmuck, Laurel.

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Vasilii Ivanovich Goes to Algiers
 Morton, Jason.

Velikii Kombinator: Gary Shteyngart's Russo-American Satire and the Authorial Self-Image
 Mihailovic, Alexandar.

Vertical and Horizontal Integration in Imperial Russian Cotton Textiles
 Gregg, Amanda.

Vice Policy in Russia: Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling
 Leitzel, James.

Victims of Repression and Anti-Communist Activists in Polish Legislative Discourse
 Rossmiller, Elizabeth.

Violence and Ethnic Categories: Local Evidence from Bosnia, 1941
 Bergholz, Max.

Virtual Political Preaching and Rethinking the 'Church of Majority’ Concept
 Verkhovsky, Alexander.

Visible from Space: Cartographic Perspectives on Early Modern Russo-Qing Relations
 Afinogenov, Gregory.

Visions of Provincial and Metropolitan Urbanism in Stalin Era Cinema: Alexandr Medvedkin's New Moscow
 Mankovskaya, Elizaveta.

Visiting a Socialist Paradise: The Children’s World of the Artek Pioneer Camp
 Neumann, Matthias.

Visits of the Tsars to the Caucasus in the Nineteenth Century
 Jahn, Hubertus.

Visual/Verbal Rhyme and Ideological Critique in Makavejev's Early Films
 Eagle, Herbert.

Vladimir Korolenko and the Classics
 Maguire, Muireann.

Voices from the "Maidan": Investigating Dark Networks in Ukraine
 Bell, Patrick.

Voinitsky and the Strange Case of the Paratextual Resurrection
 Oches, Brian.

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Walking, Reading, and Writing the City in Nabokov’s 'A Guide to Berlin'
 Mironava, Jenya.

War Neurosis in the Psychiatric File: Case studies from post-World War One Yugoslavia
 Karge, Heike.

Was Stalin Necessary? The Railroads and the Crumbling of Obshchina in Tsarist Russia
 Sztern, Sylvia. and Keren, Michael.

Ways of Remembering: Flashback, Anamnesis, and the Poetics of Memory in Marek Hlasko’s 'Israeli Tales' and Israel Novel Trilogy
 Gasyna, George.

We Have Nothing in Common: (Non-)Conversations among Contemporary Translingual Writers in Germany
 Finkelstein, Miriam.

We are from Jazz: Leonid Utesov, Isaac Dunaevsky, Alexander Tsfasman and Eddie Rosner
 Khiterer, Victoria.

Weakened Machine Politics and the Consolidation of a Populist Regime? Russian Politics after the Ukrainian Crisis
 Ogushi, Atsushi.

Weltliteratur, Mirovaia literatura, World Literature: The Task of Translation and the Literatures of East, 1919-1922
 Kunichika, Michael.

What Does the Russian Novel Queer?: Time and Failure in 'The Idiot'
 Lieber, Emma.

What Is Illuminated in Translation? Jonathan Safran Foer's Transmetic Novel and its Ukrainian, Russian and Cinematic Translations
 Ivashkiv, Roman.

What Monastic Collection Records Can Tell Us: An Analysis of the Sbor of the Nilovo-Stolobenskaia Hermitage in the 1740s
 Thyret, Isolde.

What Role for Non-profit Organizations? – Russian Health NGOs between Program Implementation and Advocacy
 Pape, Ulla.

What is in the Centre?
 Sorochkin, Yury.

What is to Be Done? Herzen's Struggle with Radical Politics and his Non-Radical Self
 Harris, Robert.

What the Animal Remembers: Animality and Memory in Works by Aitmatov and Pelevin
 Nordgaard, Ingrid.

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Yenisei's New Life: Mikhail Tarkovskii and the Heritage of Village Prose
 Filimonova, Tatiana.

Yugoslav Filmic Imaginings in a Post-Yugoslav Context
 Rucker-Chang, Sunnie.

Yugoslav Literature(s) after the World War II
 Marcetic, Adrijana.

Yugoslav Popular Music and Global Histories of the Cold War
 Baker, Catherine.

Yugoslavia’s 'Brotherhood and Unity' Slogan and its Influence on Global Conversation and Global Transformation
 Green, Surya.


Zemstvo in Loco Parentis: Child Protection in Late Imperial Russia
 Corcoran, John.
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