ASEEES Convention 2017-Nov-09 to 2017-Nov-13

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"Trump and Putin sittin’ in a tree": Material Culture and the Pornification of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
 Rowley, Alison.

(Minor) Popular Culture, the Apparatus of Area, and Border Condition: The Case of Ukrainian Female Singer-Songwriters (1990s)
 Matasova, Iuliana.

(Mis)information and (Mis)representation: Western Media Coverage of the Refugees Crisis in the Balkans, 2015-2016
 Hashamova, Yana.

1789–1917–1989: Transgression, Composition, and the Revolutionary Calendar of Central and Southeast Europe
 Mijatovic, Aleksandar.

'A Girl in the Karpathians': Transgressions of an Unconventional Scottish Lass in Eastern Galicia
 Dabrowski, Patrice.

'All who have plundered people and state should be shot': Debates on Corruption in Interwar Yugoslavia
 Buchenau, Klaus.

'And They were Judged Every Man According to Their Works: Maximilian Voloshin's Anno Mundi Ardentis and the Apocalypse
 Löflund, Emma-Lina.

'Apostles of the Gospel of Reform': Siberian Exile and the Transnational Mythology of the Russian Revolutionary Movement, 1885-1917
 Phillips, Ben.

'Are you there, Elton? It’s me, Putin': Or, the Digital Politics of Sexual Identity and New (Media) Cults of Personality
 Kayiatos, Anastasia.

'Border crossing' as a Life and Literary Strategy in the Ukrainian Literature of the Interwar Period in Travelogues by Sophia Yablons'ka
 Haleta, Olena.

'By Bicycle and on Foot through a Black Land': Kazimierz Nowak’s Journey through Africa as Transgressive Act
 Wood, Nathaniel.

'Cavalry-Maiden' Nadezhda Durova: What Makes Her a Popular Cultural Myth?
 Puryaeva, Nadezda.

'Clothe yourselves in sackcloth': Asceticism as an Orthodox Challenge to Revolutionary Ideals (1917-1919)
 Silano, Francesca.

'Crime and Punishment': The Smuggling of Literature across the Iron Curtain and its Crackdown by State Security
 Lemmen, Sarah.

'Detki v kletke': Thaw-era Unofficial Literature and Soviet Children’s Books
 Morse, Ainsley.

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A Bug’s Life in the Novels of F.M. Dostoevsky: Insects, Arachnids, and Zoomorphism as Indicators of Debasement and Transgression
 Marsh-Soloway, Michael.

A Centralist Approach to Regional Development?: The Case of the Russian Ministry of the Far East
 Libman, Alexander.

A Cure or a Self-Medication?: The Anti-Dialogical Collaborations of Inspection: ‘Medical Hermeneutics'
 Lichvarova, Katarina.

A Decade and a Half in the Life of a Gerontological Russian NGO, Dobroe Delo, and the Rights of the Elderly
 Harris, Jane.

A Forlorn Hope: Why International Law Cannot Restore Ukraine's Sovereignty
 Harasymiw, Bohdan.

A Home-Grown Culture of European Foreign Policy?: Small States’ International Relations Between the Demands (or Reality) of Domestic and EU Environments
 Rozic, Peter.

A Human Face of Soviet Soft Power: Evgenii Kosminsky and the Polish Historians
 Ryzhkovskyi, Volodymyr.

A Laicizing State in Transition/A Confessional Society in the Making: The State, the Church, and Anti-Religious Activism and Religious Life in Poland, 1956-1979
 Curp, Timothy.

A Mirror for the Hero or a Window to the Other World?: TV Concepts in Soviet Film and Literature
 Zhukova, Mariia.

A Murder Most Siberian: 'Crime and Punishment' in 1909 Tomsk
 Bell, Wilson.

A Myriad of Private/Public Spheres: Late Soviet Literature as a Private Kitchen
 Klepikova, Tatiana.

A Reluctance to Record Things Past in House of the Dead
 Blake, Elizabeth.

A Revival of the Jewish Religion in the Leningrad Refusenik Community in the 1980s
 Beizer, Michael.

A Revolutionary Moment: from Imperial Prisons to the Soviet Labour Camps
 Popova, Zhanna.

A Russian Audience for the European Enlightenment: Public Theater, Periodicals, and Educated Muscovites, 1780-1805
 VanMouwerik, Heather.

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Back to the Future: Yugoslavia, Europe, and the Politics of (Post-) Nationalism, 1910s and 2010s
 Hajdarpasic, Edin.

Baku 1922: The Forgotten City Symphony of Arseny Avraamov
 Schwartz, Daniel.

Balanchine and the Emigration
 Kendall, Elizabeth.

Balanchine in the Soviet Union and the Soviet Context
 Searcy, Anne.

Barbarians at the Gate of Moscow: Capitalizing Communism in the late 1960s
 Sanchez-Sibony, Oscar.

Battle for Russian Priorities Revisited: the Late 1940s Reform of Soviet School Curricula and Its Late Effects
 Mayofis, Maria.

Becoming Afganushki: Late Soviet Models of Psychological Trauma and Stigmatization on Women Veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War
 Droznin, Alexander.

Before and after the Maidan: the Shifting Landscape of Ukrainian Playwriting
 Birksted-Breen, Noah.

Before the 'Yellow Peril': Russian Administrators Views of Chinese Labor and Commerce in the Far East, 1860s-1890s
 Glebov, Sergey.

Being Young and Socialist in the Late-1970s: Socialist Dissidents on the Campus of Moscow State University
 Wilson, Natasha.

Belarus: Is there a Place for Clan Politics in One Man's Land?
 Leukavets, Alla.

Belarusian Theater and Border-Crossing in the Digital Age
 Kompelmakher, Margarita.

Beram's Church and Society in the 18th Century
 Orbanic, Elvis.

Berlin as a Setting in Vladimir Nabokov's Russian Prose
 Kobrina-Coolidge, Julia.

Between Arcadia and Arcade: The Aesthetics of Moscow Amusement Garden circa 1900
 Chefranova, Oksana.

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CMEA and East-West Trade and Finance in the 1980s
 Kansikas, Suvi.

Cabins and Castles: Architectural Space in Karamzin and Poe
 Milkova, Stiliana.

Capitalism and Armenophobia in Late Tsarist Transcaucasia
 Geraci, Robert.

Capturing the Sound of Russia: Gramophones and Popular Music in the Empire and Abroad
 Mannherz, Julia.

Care and Demographic Expertise: The Socialist Roots of Neoliberal Policies
 Leykin, Inna.

Central Asia’s Global Authoritarian Spaces: Politics and Contestation Outside of a Closed Region
 Cooley, Alexander.

Challenging the Police: Lev Protiv Patrols in Moscow Streets
 Favarel-Garrigues, Gilles.

Challenging the State Artist–Dissident Divide in East German Art
 Eisman, April.

Change of Attitudes or Temporary Compromise?: Imperial Educational Policies and the Peoples of the Western Borderlands around 1905
 Aoshima, Yoko.

Changes in the Political Canon of Soviet Armenia after 1953
 Kovacs, Balint.

Changing the Framework: Oleh Lysheha’s Interlocutors in Western Literature
 Kotsyuba, Oleh.

Charta 77 for the Twenty-first Century: Lessons on Dissidence from the Eastern Bloc
 Brinton, Aspen.

Chekhov’s Industrial End Games
 Koroliov, Sonja.

Chekhov’s 'Across Siberia': The Poetry of Travel Sketches
 Lapushin, Radislav.

China and Russia in Central Asia: Competition or Cooperation?
 Fiori, Antonio.

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Dacha as Escape: A Study on Trends in Summer Housing Possession among Urbanites in Russia in the 2000s
 Guseva, Anna.

Daniil Kharms and the Fracturing of Identity in the play 'Elizaveta Bam'
 Syvarth, Kristina.

Death and Grief in Petrushevskaia’s 'Rekviem'
 Martiniuk, Jill.

Deciphering Allusions: from Traditional Folk Tales to Modern
 Ogurtsova, Olga.

Deep Learning for Humanists
 Janco, Andrew.

Defacement and Dematerialisation in Klucis's Photomontage
 Kocialkowska, Kamila.

Defeating Culture Shock: Making 'Little c' Culture a Priority in Polish and Russian
 Houle, Erik.

Defending the Eastern Bulwark of the Habsburg Monarchy: Transylvanian Military Engineers and the Mapping of Mountain Passes in the Eighteenth Century
 Veres, Madalina.

Defining the Subject: The Evolution of Maria Morozowicz-Szczepkowska’s Playwriting
 Kot, Joanna.

Delayed Retribution: Transnational Cooperation and Soviet Patterns of Stigmatization around Fedor Fedorenko’s Case, 1973-1986
 Voisin, Vanessa.

Demand for Law: Why Communism Had to Have Courts
 Burbank, Jane.

Demographic Threat and Public Attitudes toward Homosexuality: Post-communist Societies in Comparative Perspective
 O\'Dwyer, Conor.

Desecularizations in Ukraine and Russia: a Comparative Analysis
 Yelensky, Viktor. and Karpov, Vyacheslav.

Developments in State-Owned Business under Putin
 Adachi, Yuko.

Devoted to the Soviet Union: Icelandic Socialist Intellectuals and the Cultural Cold War in the 1950s
 Magnusdottir, Rosa.

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Early Soviet Homosexuals Speak about Oneself: Social Portraits, Rhetoric, Lifestyle
 Roldugina, Ira.

East Looks West: Belgrade’s Young People Evaluate Western Counterculture and Student Activism
 Fichter, Madigan.

Eccentric Corporeality: The Body in The Russian Avant-garde
 Seliazniova, Volha.

Ecological Problems and Disability in Hamid Ismailov’s The Dead Lake
 Hristova, Maria.

Ekaterina Dashkova and Anna Jabłonowska, the Eighteenth-Century Proto-Feminists, and Collectors: Two Portraits
 Chuchvaha, Hanna.

Ekphrasis as The Origin: Visuality in the Analysis of Poetic Texts from Tiutchev's 'Cicero' to Ivanov's 'Roman Sonnets'
 Gusejnov, Gasan.

Electoral Fraud and Voter Behavior: Survey Evidence from Russia
 Reuter, Ora John.

Electronic Political Engagement in the Information Age: Evidence from Russia
 Chapman, Hannah.

Elites and Uncertainty in Putin’s Russia
 Rivera, Sharon.

Emotion Seldom Crystallized into the Form of a Definite Idea: Ivan Goncharov's 'Oblomov' and the Trajectory of Realism
 Godek-Kiryluk, Elvira.

Empires, Exhibitions, East: Vereshchagin's Unconventional Realism and its British Reception
 Hardiman, Louise.

Ending in Madness: Bruno Jasieński’s 'The Nose' and its Precursors
 Finer, Emily.

Enhancement Strategies for Revitalization and Management of Neglected Built Heritage
 Vapa, Zoran.

Epistemic Weakness in Dostoevsky’s 'Besy'
 Armstrong, Brian.

Escape from Coercion and Control: Polish Women Workers in Communist Czechoslovakia
 Klipa, Ondřej.

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Facts and Fictions: Sergei Tret’iakov, 'Dzhungo,' and the Craft of Soviet Screenwriting
 Tyerman, Edward.

Falling Off a Welcome Cliff: Explaining the Decline in Russian Hate Crimes
 Arnold, Richard. and Iakimova, Olga.

Fascism in the Cradle of Democracy: The Proto-fascist Ideas of Ion Dragoumis, 1900-1920
 Mazis, John.

Fearing the City, Fearing the Village: Young Women and the Urban-rural Divide in Eastern Ukraine in the 1960s and 1970s
 Belokowsky, Simon.

Feeling Like a Mountain: 'Oblomov' as Empire's Dead End
 Watson, Thomas.

Fighting for the Same Homeland in Opposing Armies: Visions of the Nation among Latvian Soldiers in World War II
 Merritt, Harry.

Figurations of Home in Recent Bulgarian Émigré Writing
 Ilieva, Angelina.

Finding ‘True’ Russian Orthodox Chant: Stepan Smolenskii and the Imperial Basis of a National Tradition
 Mitchell, Rebecca.

Flash Fiction in Contemporary Slovenia
 Reardon, Kristina.

Florensky in the News: Vladimir Putin and the Mother of God Icon
 Adams, Amy.

Flouting History and Forging Ideals: Constructing an Identity for Poland’s First Socialist City
 Misteravich-Carroll, Natalie.

Food Distribution, Politics, and Social Stability in White Ekaterinburg
 Irvin, Dakota.

For Martyrs or for Guns?: Russian Revolutionaries and Western Publics, 1900-14
 Finkel, Stuart.

For Marx: Russian Cinema and the Left after State Socialism
 Bozovic, Marijeta.

For Whom the Bot Tolls: Bots in Russian Political Twitter, 2014-15
 Tucker, Joshua. and Stukal, Denis.

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Gender Conformism or Agency: Why Older Russian Women Say They Do Not Want to Be in a Relationship with Men
 Shadryna, Hanna.

Gender Equality, Difference, Capitalism, and Socialism
 Gapova, Elena.

Gender Inequality in Work and Earnings in Central Asia: Evidence from Household Surveys
 Anderson, Kathryn.

Gender Relationships under Attack?: Men and Women in the Red Army 1941-1945
 Bischl, Kerstin.

Gender and Journalism: A Case Study of Dagestani Women’s Journalistic Writing
 Rodina, Elena. and Anokhina, Svetlana.

Gender and Social Reproduction in Post-Stalinist Bulgaria
 Valiavicharska, Zhivka.

Genealogy of Contemporary Russian Nationalist Sentiment: The Role of Media
 Lazitski Torres, Olga.

Genghis Khan's Moving Capital: Nikolai Yadrintsev's 1889 Orhon Expedition and the Discovery of Karakorum
 Biyashev, Ismael.

Genocide from Above: Local Anti-Jewish Violence and the Occupational Dynamics of the General Government
 Frydel, Tomasz.

Gentlemen Who Kill: Social Identity and Paramilitary Violence in Hungary, 1919-1921
 Bodo, Bela.

Glagolitic vs. Latin Writing in Istria in the Middle Ages: Transgression and Regression
 Zagar, Mateo.

Glasnost in the Embassy and The Death(s) of Socialism in Mozambique and the Soviet Union
 Banks, Elizabeth.

Global Money, Local Politics: The Making of Kleptocracy in Eurasia
 Melnykovska, Inna.

Gothic Aesthetics as a Tool for Portraying Female Transgression in 'War and Peace'
 Chelpanova, Ekaterina.

Gothic Corners in Shared Quarters: Negotiation of Social Spaces in Jane Austen and Mikhail Lermontov
 Ayers, Carolyn.

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HIV Prevention, Precarity, and Fragmented Landscapes of Care in Ukraine
 Owczarzak, Jill.

Habermas and Orbán:? Structures of Difference and Categories of Practice in the European Reception of Migrants
 Gille, Zsuzsa.

Habsburg Legacies, Consociationalism, and the Fate of Democracy in Interwar Austria and Czechoslovakia
 Howe, Philip.

Handling Sin in Seventeenth-Century Ukraine: the Sacrament of Confession between Community and Individuals
 Bartolini, Maria Grazia.

Hard to Be a Goo: Radical Atmospherism in the Work of Alexei German
 Seely, Adrienne.

Having it All: Culture and the Four Skills in the Introductory Czech Curriculum
 Langer, Ellen.

Heroin in Kyrgyz Prisons: the Other Methadone Treatment
 Azbel, Lyuba.

Hidden GULAG Death Rates: Early Release on Medical Grounds, 1930-1955
 Nakonechnyi, Mikhail.

High Art or Entertainment?: Arkhip Kuindzhi’s Night on the Dnepr
 Paranyuk, Viktoria.

Historical Replication among Middle Muscovy's 'Depolorables'
 Goldfrank, David.

Historical Science, Oral History, and the Contingency of the Nation in Early Kazakh National History
 Hancock-Parmer, Michael.

Histories of Capitalism in East-Central Europe: The Place of Austro-Hungarian Business Elites in the Histories of the 'Long First World War'
 Rigo, Mate.

History Dialogue as a Means of Conflict Resolution in the Post-Soviet Space: Concepts, Prospects, and Limitations
 Druey, Cécile.

History, Memory, and the Artist: Travel Literature and the Reinterpretation of Facts in Vladimir Nabokov’s 'The Gift'
 Lieberman, Adam.

Holy Madness: ‘Private Life’ in the Leningrad Underground
 Epstein, Thomas.

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IREX/IUCTG and How the Business Model for Area Studies Expertise Changed in the Cold War
 Walker, Barbara.

Icons, Dostoevsky, and Tarkovsky’s 'Mirror'
 Jens, Benjamin.

Icons, Tarkovsky’s 'Stalker,' and Strugatskys’ 'Roadside Picnic'
 Lahti, Katherine.

Ida and Mother Joan of the Angels: A God-Like Camera and Women in Habits
 Kosmala, Kinga.

Identity Markers in Medieval Georgian Narrative Sources: Kartlis Tsxovreba
 Sanadze, Manana. and Gudushauri, Tina.

Images of Slovenia in Post-1991 Translated Fiction
 Hellewell, Olivia.

Images of the World Beyond the Grave in Vladimir Sharov’s Novels
 Gabrielova, Amina.

Imagined Objects: The Taxonomies of Collecting by Late Imperial Siberian Museums
 Franz, Marisa.

Imperial Bureaucrats as Revolutionaries?: Austrian Welfare Officials and the Revolution of 1918-1919
 Hsia, Ke-chin.

Imperial Emotions in Early Russian Statistics
 Avrekh, Mikhail.

Imperial Taxonomy in Goncharov’s 'Fregat Pallada'
 Kleespies, Ingrid.

Imperial and Ethnic Nationalism: A Dilemma of the Russian Elite
 Komin, Michael.

Imposed Heritage: (Un)praising Revolution and Victory in Post-1945 and Post-1991 Moldova
 Felcher, Anastasia.

In Between Post-Communism and Post-Yugoslavism
 Brajovic, Tihomir.

In Business Matters, is Family More Important than Community?: The Case of Non-Agricultural Firms in Albania
 Gassie-Falzone, Esmeralda.

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Jan Patočka on Karl Marx and Socialism: From People's Democracy to the Aftermath of the Prague Spring
 David, Zdenek.

Jewish Homes and Homeless Jews: German and Czech Aryanization in the Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
 Frommer, Benjamin.

Jewish Humanitarianism in the Russian Civil War
 Zavadivker, Polly.

Jewish Institutions and Stalinist Terror in Smolensk
 Hickey, Michael.

Jewish Refugees in the Balkans: Entangled Perspectives on Second World War and the Holocaust
 Aleksov, Bojan.

Jewish Themes in the Polish Press Photography: 1918-1939
 Zielinski, Konrad.

Jews and Non-Jews during the Holocaust in Northern Bukovina: 1941-44
 Lazar, Natalya.

Jews, Greeks or Communists?: Greece's Relations with Israel after Its Establishment
 Králová, Kateřina.

Joining The Revolution: Who Was in the Maidan and Why?
 Pop-Eleches, Grigore., Robertson, Graeme. and Rosenfeld, Bryn.

Josima Feldschuh: Music Behind the Ghetto Walls
 Dobbs, Teryl.


Kaliningrad under Brezhnev: A Faithful Soviet Outpost in the Baltic or a Basket Case of Rootless Cosmopolitanism?
 Blusiewicz, Tomasz.

Kamenev and Soviet Peasant Policy of the 1920s
 Pogorelskin, Alexis.

Kantian and Neo-Kantian Themes in Boris Pasternak
 Glazov-Corrigan, Elena.

Katechon and/or Kenosis: Interpretation of Russian Geopolitical Culture
 Suslov, Mikhail.

Kazimir Malevich to El Lissitzky: Modernist Epithets and the Subject of Language
 Plagmann, Jacob.

Keywording Transgressions: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Peritexts in Finnish Translations of Soviet Art Books
 Kemppanen, Hannu.

Kinofikacyja of the Periphery of the Soviet Union: the Case of Lithuania
 Kaminskaite-Jancoriene, Lina.

Kniaz’ia i narod kak politicheskie igroki v letopisnykh opisaniiakh konfliktnykh situatsii
 Vilkul, Tatiana.

Knowledge and Aesthetics in 'Hedgehog in the Fog' (dir. Iurii Norshtein, 1975)
 Blackledge, Olga.

Korean Press in Russia and Central Asia
 Cheun, Wookjin.

Kuleshov's By the Law as a (Possible) Source for Tarantino's The Hateful Eight
 Leving, Yuri.


L. Petrushevskaia’s Escapism: A Non-Answer to Fear, Worry, and the Absence of Agency
 McCauley, Natalie.

Labor Migration, Ethnicity, and the Oil Industry of Soviet Baku: 1930-1942
 Hastings, Rebecca.

Land Tenure on Russian Monasteries: 1550-1750
 Brown, Peter.

Language Lost and Found: Ambivalence towards Linguistic Change in the Works of Broadly Defined ‘Fellow-Travelers’ (Olesha, Platonov, Zoschenko, etc.)
 Zotova, Yelena.

Language Sacred, Language Injurious: Translating Liberalism through Tolerance Promotion in Latvia
 Dzenovska, Dace.

Language of the Past: An Analysis of Soviet-Speak in Putin's Speeches and Commentaries
 MacKinnon, Elaine.

Latin Christianity and the Construction of the Other in the Fifteenth Century Polish Kingdom and Lithuania
 Pac, Teresa.

Laughter, Spectacle, and Violence in Dostoevsky’s 'Notes from the House of the Dead'
 Dilworth, Cecilia.

Learning to be Loyal: Patriotic Education in Russia
 Koesel, Karrie.

Legal Aspects of Changes to the Western Boundary of Yugoslavia and Croatia, 1917 to 1947: The May Declaration, Rijeka, and Istria
 Bartulovic, Željko.

Legal Idealism and Revolutionary Realism: The Provisional Government's Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry
 Moyal, Dina.

Lemberg/Lwów/L’viv as a Space of Memories during the First Half of the Twentieth Century
 Witoszynska, Halyna.

Leninfall in Ukraine: How Did Lenin Statues Disappear?
 Gaidai, Oleksandra.

Lenses of History: Projections of the Solidarity Revolution in Contemporary Polish Cinema
 Kunicki, Mikolaj.

Leonid Lipavsky’s 'Left' Lexicon: Compiling a post-OBERIU Dictionary
 Cebula, Geoff.

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Make the Kremlin Cry: Speaking Kinship and Appealing for Empathy in 'Relatives' Letters' to Soviet Leaders
 Tikhomirov, Alexey.

Making Good Kids with Books: Soviet Practices of Reading in the Post-Soviet Politics of Parenting
 Rogova, Anastasia.

Making Women Modern: the Impact of 1917
 Ilic, Melanie.

Making a River Border: Early Soviet Economic Life and Mobility on the Upper Amu Darya
 Reid, Patryk.

Making and Policing Muscovites: Migrant Letters to the Priemnaia of the Supreme Soviet
 Elliott, Emily.

Malaia Rodina, Soviet Legacy, and Regional Patriotism
 Laruelle, Marlene.

Managing 'Treason' in the Habsburg Monarchy in the Era of Neo-Absolutism
 Cornwall, Mark.

Maneuvering among Poland, Muscovy, Crimea, and the Ottoman Empire: Hetman Petro Doroshenko’s Ottoman Alliance (1660s-1675)
 Kohut, Zenon.

Mapping Central Asia: The Effects of Genre
 Hokanson, Katya.

Mapping Influence: Social Network Analysis in Soviet Film Administration, 1928-1953
 Neuberger, Joan.

Marjorie Post, Collector of Fabergé
 Zeisler, Wilfried.

Mayakovsky, Williams, and the Construction of Everyday Life
 Weinstein, Michael.

Measuring Backwardness: Interwar Eastern Europe and Ludwik Landau’s Scale of World Capitalist Economy
 Mazurek, Małgorzata.

Mega-Events and Mega-Personalities: International Games, Nation, and Gender in the Politics of Sport in Contemporary Hungary
 Antunovic, Dunja. and Fabian, Katalin.

Melons, Mosques, and Modernization: Dealing with Orientalism in Late Tsarist and Early Soviet Photography
 Holzberger, Helena.

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NATO's Effect on Russia-Ukraine Conflict
 Kiryukhin, Denys.

Nabokov as Pozdnyshev
 Drennan, Erica.

Nabokov's Escape and the Power of Remembering
 Minskaya, Marina.

Nabokov’s Ideal Reader: Interpretive Problems and Solutions
 Almuratova, Assel.

Narrative Medicine in Bulgakov and Chekhov
 Miller, Melissa.

Narratives of Justice and Lives of Crime in the Soviet Union after Stalin
 Dowling, Rhiannon.

Nasty Women in Andrey Bely's Novels
 Cooke, Olga.

Nation, Empire, and the Taming of Waterways: Hungarian Hydrological Engineers and the Reclamation of the Tisza Valley in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
 Jobbitt, Steven.

National Narratives and Nonsense: Lithuanian, Belarusian, and Polish Quarrels over History through the Last One Hundred Years
 Kamuntavicius, Rustis.

Nature as Place of Everyday Resistance to Political Order: Russian Speakers in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan
 Jasina, Alina.

Navigating Target Culture at the Elementary Level
 Alley, Maria.

Navigating the Line Between Conformism and Non-Conformism: Aleksei Surkov and Anna Akhmatova
 Harrington, Alexandra.

Negotiating Maternal Subjectivities: Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities in Russia
 Battalova, Alfiya.

Neither Collaboration nor Resistance: Serb Peasants between the Dinaric Chetniks and Tito’s Partisans, 1941-1945
 Erdeljac, Filip.

Nevol’niki: Writing the Black Atlantic in Imperial Russia
 Wilson, Jennifer.

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Objects of Refuge: Material Culture and the Experience of Migration in Post-World War II Poland
 Zborowska, Agata.

Objects of Value, Experts of Renown: Cultural Property, Expertise, and Power in Socialist Romania
 Grama, Emanuela.

Obsession of the Internal Cold War: Contemporary Dystopias of the Two Coexisting Russias and their Soviet Origin
 Kukulin, Ilya.

Obsessive Thoughts: Between Insanity and Ideology
 Wurl, Jonathan.

Of Barricades and Bands: Class, Nation, and the May Day Riots in 1914 Trieste
 Malloy, Rose.

Official and Unofficial Critiques of Russification in Ukraine after the 1989 Language Law
 Dobczansky, Markian.

Oil and Gender in Contemporary Russian and Nigerian Art: The Influence of Oil-Driven Economies
 Clark, Liubov.

Old Wine into New Bottles: Preserving the Content of Legal Documents in Hilandar Monastery for Over Eight Centuries
 Johnson, M.A..

Olga Grushin’s Intertextual Homage to Vladimir Nabokov in the Novel 'The Dream Life of Sukhanov'
 Hansen, Julie.

On Diagnosing Landscape and Placelessness: Nabokov's Wood-Sprite
 Renner-Fahey, Ona.

On Revolutionaries and Revisionists: Chinese Perspectives of Yugoslavia and Ideological Pressure during the 1950s and 1960s
 Stopic, Zvonimir.

On the Defensive: Russian Popular Nationalism in the North-Western Provinces of the Russian Empire, 1906-1915
 Petronis, Vytautas.

On the John: Toilet Imagery in Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature and Art
 Hoppe, Nadia.

On the Rocks: Lower League Football and the Internal Complexities of Socialist Yugoslavia in the 1950s
 Mills, Richard.

On the Socialist Front: A Bulgarian Detective Against Bio-Terrorists and 007
 Bugaeva, Lyubov.

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Pain, Theodicy, and Making Sense of War: Logics of Narratives of Suffering
 Hass, Jeffrey.

Painting Socialist Internationalism: Béla Uitz and the Development of Transnational Proletarian Art, 1930-1941
 Lucento, Angelina.

Palestine or Birobidzhan?: Young Polish Jews Search for a Homeland
 Koerber, Jeffrey.

Palimpsest Tarnów: Facing the Town’s Jewish Past
 Wierzcholska, Agnieszka.

Paradise Lost and the Poetics of Milan Kundera’s 'Žert'
 Woods, Michelle.

Party Strength and Accountability in Young Democracies: Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia
 Auerbach, Kiran.

Patriotic Education in Contemporary Russia: Governmental Programs and Empirical Evidence
 Sanina, Anna.

Pavel Kuznetsov and the Representation of Peasant Women in the 1920s and 1930s
 Gasper-Hulvat, Marie.

Perestroika Representations of Soviet Liberalism of the Thaw Period
 Kalinin, Ilya.

Performance at the Margins: Border Posturing and Liberal Subjectivities in Post-1924 Poland
 Wroblewski, Kathleen.

Performing Foreign Policy on Social Networks
 Gaufman, Elizaveta.

Performing Memory-Constructing Borders: Russian Bikers and the Memory of World War II
 Molnar, Virag., Koziura, Karolina. and König-Paratore, Franziska.

Peripherality at the Center: Marginalized Sexuality and the Construction of National Identities in Contemporary Czech and Polish Cinema
 Gleissner, Philip.

Perpetual Transgression: Ukrainian Poetry 1900-1940
 Achilli, Alessandro.

Personal Connections, Political Power and Geographic Place: The Wartime Narrative of the Soviet Creative Intelligentsia, 1941-1945
 Megowan, Erina.

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Queer Experiences in Late Soviet Estonia through Oral Histories
 Lember, Uku.

Queer Identity and Totalitarian Desire in Vladimir Sorokin's Marina’s Thirtieth Love
 Sadovina, Irina.

Queer Peripheries and the Russian Nation in Late Soviet/Early Post-Soviet Literature
 Mueller, Mirjam.

Queer Reparations of Russia’s Periphery: In Non-Metropolitan Time and Space
 Lapina, Veronika.

Queer Subjectivity and Soviet 'Barbarians' from Stalin to Brezhnev: a Diary of a Soviet Latvian Gay Man
 Lipsa, Ineta.

Queer Times in the Other Europe: Representation, Activism, and the Memory of Communism
 Pohrib, Codruta.

Queering the 'Styling': Internationalization of Serbian Popular Music through Contextualized Staging of Queer Accents
 Grujic, Marija.


Race and the Politics of AIDS in East Germany: Representing Disease and Sexual Transgression
 Folland, Johanna.

Racial Signifiers in the Russian Canon
 Valentine, Sarah.

Racial Thinking and Ethnic Intermarriage in Soviet Central Asia
 Edgar, Adrienne.

Radical Right Mobilization in Ukraine: The Far Right and Paramilitary Groups: Understanding the Roots of Political Mobilization and Support in Ukraine
 Bustikova-Siroky, Lenka.

Radio Free Europe Music Broadcasting and its Role in Cultural Exchange between East and West
 Pospisil, Filip.

Rallying around the Flag?: The Impact of Sanctions on Government Approval in Russia
 Frye, Timothy.

Rape, Honor, and Fatherland. Violence against Women in Polish Cinema after 1945
 Kurz, Iwona.

Reading the Russian Novel through Florensky's Anthropology
 Grenier, Svetlana.

Realism without Qualification in Dostoevsky’s Aesthetics
 Lorenz, Sarah Ruth.

Reassembling the USSR: Paintings from 1920-1940s as a Source for Post-Soviet Historical Constructivism
 Novozhenova, Alexandra.

Rebuilding the Ukrainian Navy
 Sanders, Deborah.

Recent Regime Changes in Russia and Central Asia: Aging or Renewal?
 Petrov, Nikolay.

Receptions of Soviet Armenian Identities in Post-Soviet and Post-Socialist Spaces
 Matevosyan, Hakob.

Recognizing Female Voices in Dissent: The Macho Ethos of the Opposition and Its Post-1989 Legacies
 Scheibner, Tamás.

Reconceptualizing Anti-Communist Violence in Postwar Yugoslavia
 Greble, Emily.

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SEEU and the Management of Higher Education
 Bexheti, Abdulmenaf.

Sacred and Desecrated Spaces in Dostoevsky’s 'The Possessed'
 Tytarenko, Olha.

Sailing from Russia: Interactions between Imperial Russia and Antebellum America
 Stoneman, Kyle.

Salon Populism: On the Imperial Origins of a Populist Cliché
 Randolph, John.

Samantha Smith in the Land of the Bolsheviks: The Propaganda of Peace in the Late Cold War
 Peacock, Margaret.

Satori in St. Petersburg: Misanthropy and Enlightenment in Dostoevsky's 'Notes from the Underground' and 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man'
 Pennington, James.

Say My Name: Linguistic Omission and Spatial Transgression in Tsvetaeva's Molodets
 Nikulin, Lev.

Scenarios of Friendship?: Catherine II, Frederick II, and Temples of Friendship
 Frede, Victoria.

Screening the Enemy Within: Conspiracy Theories and the Media Construction of the Russian Opposition in 2013-2015
 Yablokov, Ilya.

Scripting the Empire in Korolenko’s 'The History of My Contemporary'
 Berkovich, Nadja.

Searching for Identity: The Russian Idea in the Post-Soviet Fantastika Film Adaptation
 O\'Dell, Jesse.

Secondary Separatism and the Ukrainian Crisis: The Quest for 'Foreign' Relations with Post-Soviet Unrecognized Entities
 Andrijauskas, Konstantinas.

Security Considerations in Crafting Responses to the European Migrant Crisis: Evidence from Bulgaria and Hungary, 2015-2017
 Rizova, Tatiana.

Security and Justice from Below: Vigilantism in Ukraine: the Case of Odessa
 Shukan, Ioulia.

Seeing Like a Social Worker: Social Policies, Social Services, and the State in Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Hromadzic, Azra.

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TV Sets Capturing Soviet Domestic Spaces
 Bönker, Kirsten.

Tagayeva, et al., vs. Russia: Justice for the Victims of Beslan
 Holiman, Alan.

Taking a Stroll Down 'Nevsky Prospect': Gogolian Allusion in Alexei Uchitel’s 'Progulka'
 Scollins, Kathleen.

Talking to Animals: Vladimir Durov at the Crossroads of Ethology and Psychology
 Nelson, Amy.

Tamara de Łempicka's Veils of Transgressions as Captured in Robert Dassanowsky's Poems
 Gąsienica Byrcyn, Anna.

Tangled Webs of Jewish Restitution in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland
 Gerlach, David.

Tatlin’s Art of Objecthood: Where is the Subject?
 Kurchanova, Natasha.

Tea as a Commodity in Late Imperial Russia
 Vinkovetsky, Ilya.

Teachers and Civic Life of the Eastern Siberian Cities in the Late Nineteenth century
 Raskin, Anna.

Teaching Fundamentals through Technology
 Sawyer, Benjamin.

Technology and the Idea of the Modern Soviet-Russia after 1917
 Autio-Sarasmo, Sari.

Telecratic Image Politics: Art Debates on Russian TV (2000-2010)
 Murasov, Jurij.

Telling Stories: Writing Military History Around Tsarist Borderlands in the 19th Century
 Campbell, Ian.

Terror, Ethnicity, and Everyday Life: Yiddish Travelogues in the Era of Early Stalinism
 Yalen, Deborah.

Text Mining the Gulag
 Young, Sarah.

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U(Dys)topian Impulses in Ukrainian pre- and post-Maidan Literature
 Domina, Natalya.

Ukraine Crisis, NATO, and Eastern Europe's Grey Zone of Security
 Stepniewski, Tomasz.

Ukrainian Pop Music and Perestroika: How Soviet Ukrainian Culture Turned Anti-Soviet
 Wojnowski, Zbigniew.

Un-Queer Men: Re-tooling Queer Visual Aesthetic in Russian Grassroots Media
 Strukov, Vlad.

Unbridled Avengers: The Red Army in the Third Reich 1945
 Schechter, Brandon.

Uncommon Sense and Impossible Faith: Chekhov and Shestov
 Evdokimova, Svetlana.

Under the Crossfire: Remembering the USSR in Eastern Ukraine
 Skubytska, Iuliia.

Underground Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules of Populist Sociability
 Ely, Christopher.

Unexpected Allies: Imperial Russian Support of Jewish Emigration at the Time of Its Legal Ban, 1881-1917
 Strakhova, Anastasiia.

Unknown Holocaust: Czech Roma, Memory, and Restitution
 Hegburg, Krista.

Unofficial Jewish Life in the Soviet Union: The View from the West
 Komaromi, Ann.

Unruly Gdansk: Breakdown of Control of Space in the Postwar Period 
 Kalabinski, Marta.

Unsettled Science: Agronomists, Experimental Farms, Agricultural Schools, and the Settler Colony on the Kazakh Steppe, 1900-1917
 Seitz, John.

Urban Noise: Offensiveness, Jokes, Chekhov
 Safran, Gabriella.

Urban Planning 'Miracles' in Frankfurt/Main, Leipzig, and Wrocław, 1949-1956
 Demshuk, Andrew.

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Varieties of Corruption: Changing Corruption Dynamics in Poland and Hungary
 Kartner, Jennifer.

Verticals and Horizontals: Networks of Connections between Russian Executive Elites
 Buckley, Noah.

Veterans' (Pensioners') Councils and their Role in Russian Politics
 Forrat, Natalia.

Victory Days: The Great Patriotic War in the Stalinist Commemorative Landscape
 Brunstedt, Jonathan.

Viktor Shklovsky’s Imperial Art of Accommodation
 Dwyer, Anne.

Virgin Soil in the Russian Cultural Imagination
 Erley, Mieka.

Visualizing The Romanov Dynasty: The Imperial Family in Art, Photographs and Moving Images
 Shmelev, Anatol.

Visualizing the Other: Bohemian Hussites in the 15th Century Central European Art
 Rywiková, Daniela.

Visualizing the Past
 Zubovich, Katherine.

Vladimir Clementis - Victim or Perpetrator of Czechoslovak Stalinism?
 Baer, Josette.

Vladimir Korolenko’s 'Letters to Lunacharskii': Explaining Tragedy
 Conliffe, Mark.

Vladimir Nabokov's Avant-Garde
 Karpukhin, Sergey.

Vladimir Tuchkov's Intertextual Transgression: The Parody of the Russian Classics as Post-Soviet Social Criticism
 Dreyer, Nicolas.

Vladivostok in Search of a New Urbanity
 Kitsos, Vasileios.

Voice Trafficking: Crossing the Border of Sexual Gender Rhetoric in Viktor Erofeev’s Prose
 Savic, Jasmina.


Waking the Dead: Uses of the Posthumously Rehabilitated in the Tbilisi and Baku Show Trials
 Casper, Samuel.

Walking on Eggshells – the Changing Possibilities of Ideological Impact behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War
 Orság, Petr.

War Perceptions and Support for Democracy: Ukraine in Comparative Perspective
 Alexseev, Mikhail.

War and Displacement: Synthesizing Theory and Empirics
 Basso, Andrew.

War and the Void: Transforming Melancholy in Serhiy Zhadan's 'Internat' (2017)
 Zaharchenko, Tanya.

War as a World Catastrophe: The Novel Pnin and the Problems of War and Peace
 Volkova, Rusina.

War, Hunger and Ideas of Revolution in besieged Leningrad, 1941-43
 Lomagin, Nikita.

Was 'New Moscow' Really Necessary?
 Argenbright, Robert.

What Is Putinism?
 Fish, M Steven.

What Marxist Theories of State Can Do for Us Today: Lenin, Kradelj and Poulantzas
 Luketa, Valentina.

What did a Human Being 'Look Like' in Kartvelian Linguistic Space
 Asatiani, Rusudan. and Ivanishvili, Marine.

What is Good Work? Nikolai Leskov’s Sealed Angel
 Zink, Andrea.

What it Takes to Win: New Political Technologies and Campaign Strategies in Moscow’s Municipal Elections
 Gorokhovskaia, Yana.

What the Kingfishers Told Him: Dragomoshchenko, Olson and the Zone of Poetry
 Pavlov, Evgeny.

What the Russians Left Behind: Soviet Cinema in Cuba, from Eisenstein to 'Muñequitos rusos'
 Salazkina, Maria.

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Young Minds - Young Bodies: The Emotional and the Physical in the Late Soviet Discourse on Aging
 Klots, Alissa. and Romashova, Maria.

Yugoslav Culture between Ideology and Science: Deconstructing the Ideology of Socialism and Reconstructing Civil Society within the Secondary School Curriculum of Sociology in SFRY
 Jaric, Isidora.

Yugoslav State-Building in the Egyptian Desert: El Shatt
 Bieber, Florian.

Yugoslavia and US Foreign Policy in the 1960-1970s of the 20th Century
 Eskridge-Kosmach, Alena.

Yugospotting through Rhyme-Droppin’: Rapping New Common Identities in Post-Yugoslav Spaces
 Cvetanovic, Dragana.

Yurii Shevelov and the Discourse of Ukrainian Occidentalism of the 1940s-1950s
 Hundorova, Tamara.


Zofia Kossak: An Antisemite Who Rescued Jews
 Brenner, Rachel.

Zombies in the Snow: Apocalyptic Blizzards in Blok and Sorokin.
 Bowers, Katherine.
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