ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16

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"An Endangered Gazelle as a Petitioner in an Israeli Court"
 adam, Rachelle.

"Promiscuously Mixed Together": Nineteenth-Century New York Elites and the Problem of Human-Animal Proximity
 Miltenberger, Scott.

"The Sad Story of the Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf Reintroduction Program"
 babcock, hope.

"The True History of the 'Snail Darter,' a Misbegotten Icon of Environmental Extremism"
 Plater, Zygmunt.

"Wrangelling Narratives: Alaska Wilderness and Native Claims"
 Higgins, Margot.

: ProQuest Historical Newspapers and the Meanings of the "E-word" across the 1970s
 Morse, Kathryn.

: Ordering the Modern Middle Eastern State: Hydroelectricity in the Levantine Borderlands, 1920-1954
 Meiton, Fredrik.

'Designed to be Trash:' The Capitalist Logic of E-waste and Recycling Practices"
 LeBel, Sabine.

‘In the interest of the public health’: Public health policy and medical care in early modern Spanish hospitals
 Clouse, Micheel.

‘On the Creation of Egypt in Russia’: Medical Climatology and the Study of Soviet Turkestan
 Conterio, Johanna.

“A Much Better Article is the Old-Fashioned Loaf”: Bread and Crisis in Britain’s Country, City, and Empire, 1870 to 1914
 Fouser, David.

“Alligator Farms: Domesticating Wild Florida in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”
 Barrow, Mark.

“Can Vegetables, Fruit, and the Kaiser Too”: American Women, Canning, and the Food Administration, 1917-1925
 Fedorova, Maria.

“Carne Importada”: Cultural Brokers and Spanish Migration to Argentina 1989-1910
 Esquivel, Fernando.

“Curbing an industrial civilization’s abuse of nature”: Environmental Law During the 1970s
 Sabin, Paul.

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A Canal Runs Through It: The Erie and the Environment
 Greene, Ann.

A Demanding Environment: Weeds, Connection, and Disconnection at the Panama Canal
 Carse, Ashley.

A Hard Pill to Swallow: Women, Nature, and Hormonal Contraceptives
 Payne, Sarah.

A Lively Place: Native Whalers in San Diego
 Bourbois, Julia.

A Plague from the Sea: Shipworms and Disaster in the Dutch Eighteenth Century
 Sundberg, Adam.

A tale of five rivers - the meandering history of the Ohio valley
 Lübken, Uwe.

Accidental Regulation: How Refinery Disasters Spurred New Environmental Rules
 Ottinger, Gwen.

Agriculture and Watershed Management: The Catskill Mountains, Southeastern Minnesota and the Challenge of Non-Point Pollution
 Soll, David.

Aldo Leopold’s Revolutionary Platform: Getting Underneath the Law
 Warren, Julianne.

Amber Waves of Smooth Brome: The Cultural History of a Non-native Grass
 walden, elizabeth.

America’s Early Energy Sacrifice Zones
 Jones, Christopher.

Angels of the Lighthouse: Women Lighthouse Keepers of Lake Michigan
 Mason, Kathy.

Animal Activism and the Zoo-Networked Nation: Rethinking Nineteenth-Century “Animal Rights” with the National Zoological Park
 Vandersommers, Daniel.

Animal Traffic: The Regulation of Illicit Hunting and Collecting Overseas, 1900-1934
 Cincinnati, Noah.

Animals, Empire, Environment: Examining Epizootics and Dietary Discourses in Colonial Bengal
 Samanta, Samiparna.

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Bad Habits or Bad Language? Ecologists, Engineers, and the Language of Mississippi River Floods
 Morris, Christopher.

Bayou Desires: The Systemic Enrollment of Urban Ecosystems
 Lewis, Joshua.

Befriending Four-Legged Animals: The Relationship between Humans and Domestic Livestock along the Overland Trails, 1840s-1860s
 Ahmad, Diana.

Behind Sawali Walls: Individualism, War, and the Environment
 Terry, Jennifer Robin.

Beyond National Needs: Acid Rain and Environmental Protection in Europe
 Rothschild, Rachel.

Blood and Soil: National Socialist Germany and the Policy of Sewage Farming
 Closmann, Charles.

Bodies on Ice: Hawaiian Migrant Labor in the Arctic Ocean
 Rosenthal, Gregory.

Bodily Histories: Epigenetics and the Case of Soil Fumigants in California’s Strawberry Production
 Guthman, Julie.

Bordering North America: Constructing Wilderness Along the Periphery of Canada, Mexico, and the United States
 Baumgardner, Neel.

Boundary Defying: People and animals flout political jurisdictions in Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park
 Mtisi, Richard.


Campus Soil and Order: The environmental tensions of educational experiments in 1960s Sierra Leone
 Poppel, Zachary.

Categorical Confusions: Feral Cats, Environments, and Nationalism in Australia and England
 Franklin, Adrian.

Changes in the Air: Eighteenth-Century Conceptions of Continental Warming
 Davis, Paul.

Chavez as Ecological Indian: Understanding the Environmentalist Fascination with the UFW
 Wald, Sarah.

Chinese Reflections on the Dust Bowl and the 1930s Crisis in American Agriculture
 Gao, Guorong.

Chinese Take-Away: Reframing Identities in Ghana’s Artisanal Gold Mining Sector
 Tschakert, Petra.

Cinchona Bark and the Science of Quinine Self-Sufficiency in Colonial Taiwan
 Yang, Timothy.

Civilizing the Amazon: Photographs of the Imperialist Project on the Amazônian Frontier
 Sarzynski, Sarah.

Cleared, Collected, and Displayed at the World’s Fair: The Trees of Forest Park, 1904
 Kohout, Amy.

Climate Variability and Agropastoral Dynamics in Early-nineteenth Century Southern Africa
 Hannaford, Matthew.

Cloth and the Calorie: Scarcity Regimes and Political Power in Independent India, 1947-1967
 Siegel, Benjamin.

Cocooning constraint: Models as soft modifiers of the human enterprise
 Wormbs, Nina.

Complicating Ecological Imperialism in the South American Tropics (1741-1780)
 Arias, Santa.

Concrete and Heat: The Built Landscape of Post-WWII Tokyo and the Mapping of Urban Climate Change
 O\'Bryan, Scott.

Constructing Local Environments: Inca Architecture, Spanish Colonial Rule, and the evolution of the Chinchero Landscape
 Nair, Stella. and Hastorf, Christine.

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Dark Crossings: Automobility, Nature, and the Mapping of African Empire before 1930
 Denning, Andrew.

Designing Automotive Environments in High-growth Tokyo
 Maxey, Trent.

Developing Resistance: Radical Environmentality and the Haitian Ecology of Survival
 Sapp, Sophie.

Developing and Evaluating "Above and Below"
 Pubols, Louise.

Digital modeling of lost landscapes: The Emeryville Shellmound in "Above and Below"
 Lee, Scott.

Disaster Photography and Historical Memory
 Jackson, Jeffrey.

Dissolving the Green Wall: Colonizing Imaginaries, Coca, and the State in Peru
 Silverstein, Sydney.

Distributed Power: The Development of Biomass Energy in the U.S. and the Politics of Renewables
 Mittlefehldt, Sarah.

Does the environment and history of Antarctica make it a natural space for alternative histories?
 Roberts, Peder.


Endangered Species Laws Across Cultures: A Comparison
 Heise, Ursula.

Enemies at the Granaries: Food and Environment in Wartime China, 1937-1949
 Lee, Seung-joon.

Energy and Environmental Change in the Basin of Mexico in the Late Nineteenth Century.
 Vergara, German.

Enslaving Piney Frontiers: Turpentine Camps in Antebellum North Carolina
 Zallen, Jeremy.

Environmental Aesthetics and Materiality in Contemporary U.S. Literary Representations of Domestic Labor
 Emmett, Robert.

Environmental Health in the Delta: Andy James and the Tufts-Delta Health Center
 Ward, Tom.

Environmental Obstacles, Deforestation, and Unfree Labor: The Problems of Canaling in the Landscapes of Coastal Georgia, 1820s-1890s
 Finlay, Mark.

Environmental history (1855-2011) of wildland fire and fuels management across Forest Service and tribal ownerships of the eastside Cascades of Oregon
 Steen-Adams, Michelle.

Environmentally Racist: Mexican Farm Workers and Eco-Justice in 1930s Protests
 Ruiz, Stevie.

Envisioning Asian Landscapes of Health: Chinese Doctors and White Patients in Progressive-Era America
 Venit-Shelton, Tamara.

European Environments: Transnational governance and regional identities in the European Union
 Hamilton, Sarah.

Every Exertion: Provision, Desertion and Discipline in the U.S. Invasion of Creek Territory, 1813-1814
 Stevens, Katherine.

Experimentation and innovation in early modern Peruvian medicine
 Newson, Linda.

Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon: A Cautionary Tale
 Greenberg, Joel.


Farmers, Cans, and Culture: The Rise of the Canned Sweet Corn Industry in Northern New England
 Miller, Cody.

Flood narratives in the Dutch Zuiderzee area, 1675-1930
 Pieters, Harm.

Floods in the Euphrates River and their Historical Consequences
 Husain, Faisal.

Following the flow of the river: environmental history in the Amazon
 Sevilla, Ximena.

Food, Not Fish: How Canning Altered the Interpretation of Seafood
 Payne, Brian.

From Agrarian Bounty to Treeless Waste: Deforestation in the Wartime South
 Cashin, Joan.

From Fish to “Meal”: Locating the Humboldt Current in the Twentieth Century Global Food Industry
 Wintersteen, Kristin.

From Individualism to the Quest for a United Nation: Automotive Pioneers in Turn-of-the-Century Canada
 Faugier, Etienne.

From Killing Frost to Milky Way? Agricultural Responses to the Nationwide Crop Failures in Finland of the 1860s
 Myllyntaus, Timo.

From Tlaloc to Virgin of Guadalupe: Shifts in Technological and Religious Paradigms in Water Management in 16th and 17th Century Mexico City
 del Valle, Ivonne.

From Transnational Failure to Global Expertise: Americans in Arid Lands in the Post-WWII Era
 Nash, Linda.

From Venice to Menace: the City of New York vs. the Broad Channel Community
 Fauss, Eric.


Gender and wildfire: Landscapes of uncertainty at the wildland-urban interface in southeast Australia and west coast USA
 Eriksen, Christine.

Golden Enclosures? Creating Value in the Borneo Landscape
 Peluso, Nancy.

Governor Yoshida’s “Mountain Dream:” Engineering Dam Tourism in the Northern Japanese Alps
 Dinmore, Eric.

Great Basin Apocalypse: The Desert Origins of the 1890 Ghost Dance and the Environmental History of an American Religion
 Warren, Louis.

Greening the Desert: Engineers, Irrigation, and the 21st Century Ag-Export Boom on Peru’s Pacific Slope
 French, Adam.


Historians of the future: Emerging historiographies of the Anthropocene
 Sörlin, Sverker.

 Goff, Lisa.

How I Learned to Read Tree, and Why You Should, Too; or, Sylvan Literacy in the Nineteenth-Century United States.
 Miller, Daegan.


Imagined riverine communities. Shifting spatial and temporal boundaries of the people of the St Maurice river valley
 Castonguay, Stephane.

Impure Nature: The Pollution of the Maternal Body and the De-Politicization of Environmental Health
 Martucci, Jessica.

International, National, and Alien: Carl Schenck and German Forestry from National Socialism to American Military Government, 1933-1954
 Moranda, Scott.


Labor Migration, Environmental Justice and the Political Ecology of Capitalist Accumulation in India
 Swami, Vandana.

Landscape Makeovers Every 50 Years
 Schmidt, David.

Literary Crossings of the Pacific: Ocean Roads leading to Kaitiakitanga Pasifika
 Kaisinger, Yvonne.

Living on the Edge: The Environments of Shantytowns in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
 Robichaud, Andrew.

Louisiana Mudfog: Airs, Waters, and Races in a Toxic Wetlandscape
 Mandelman, Adam.


M.I. Budyko (1920-2001) and Soviet contributions to climate change science 1945 -1991
 Oldfield, Jonathan.

Making Ambler: Histories, Present, Futures
 Roberts, Jody.

Making C12H22O11: Crystallizing Sunshine, Air, and Water in Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley
 Perez, Bernadette.

Making of the “Atomic Tuna”: Radioactive Fallout and the Trans-Pacific Politics of Standards for Radiological Inspection in 1954
 Higuchi, Toshihiro.

Managing Public Space Downtown: Pedestrians, Pollution and Vice on Toronto’s Yonge St. Mall, 1971-74
 Ross, Daniel.

Manufacturing Scarcity: The Rasa Island Guano Company and Japan's Quest for Autarky, 1913-1945
 Kreitman, Paul.

Medicated salt and toxic legacies: the failed efforts to control vector-borne illness through individual consumption
 Sedell, Jennifer.

Mega Rice, Mega Disaster? Hot Spot of Degradation in Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan
 Goldstein, Jenny.

Megan Chew: Freeway Revolt in the Forest City: The Lost Highways of Cleveland’s East Side
 Chew, Megan.

Melted in Modernisation – the history of natural ice as an urban commodity
 Schönach, Paula.

Men Against the Desert: Arid Lands Research and the Growth of Development, 1948-1964
 Selcer, Perrin.

Meteorological Imperialism: The Italian Environmental Conquest of Libya (1911-1931)
 Caglioti, Angelo.

Monocultures of Energy Crops: The ethical and historical implications of reconstituting plant life as "energy crops"
 Davitt, Marcia.

Moosonee as a Pinetree Radar Base: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Cold War and a Northern Cree town.
 Heffernan, Sue.

More Rules, More Floods: The Yellow River and Chinese States’ Hydraulic Efforts
 Zhang, Ling.

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Nanotechnology in Thailand: defining the role of emerging technologies in achieving sustainable development
 Bea-Taylor, Jonah.

Nature in the Kitchen and at the Supper-Table: African-American Women and Small-Game Cookery in Rural and Urban Landscapes
 Biehler, Dawn.

Navigating Urban Water Supply in Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria
 Ihediwa, Nkemjika.

Neo-Bondage, Toxicity and Vulnerability in India's Labor Migration Economy: Case of Rajasthan and Odisha
 Ali, Zaineb. and Sharma, Amrita.

Nomadic Regulation of Mining Waste in the Mongolian Gobi
 Hahn, Allison.


Of Mushrooms, Mongols, and Men: Early Modern Nature and the Nature of Empire
 Schlesinger, Jonathan.

On a Silver Platter: Cooking and the Nature of Household Labor in Chicago, 1865-1890
 Wiersema, Courtney.

On the Whiteness of Antarctica
 van der Watt, Lize-Marie.

Orcharding the Southern Landscape
 Okie, Tom.

Out of the Blue: Nantucket and the Pacific World
 Melillo, Edward.

Out of the Trash Heaps: The Informal Economy of Nineteenth-Century New York’s Shantytowns
 McNeur, Catherine.

Owning the Ocean: Alaska Fishermen and Bristol Bay Salmon, 1930-38
 Coen, Ross.


Pandora’s Box Reopened: The Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Sibaral
 Ward, Christopher.

Peace Parks along Israeli-Arab Borders: Hopes and Reality
 Sadeh, Shahar.

People’s Narrative on the History of Deforestation in the Island of Mumbai
 Vijailakshmi, usha.

Pigs and Politics in the Kingdom of Serbia, 1804-1914
 Roeder, Carolin.

Plague, Famine, and the Empire: The Institutionalisation and Professionalisation of British Applied Entomology in the Early Twentieth Century
 Clausner, Arik.

Poison and potions: Apothecaries in early-modern Lima, Peru
 Kole de Peralta, Kathleen.

Power in Short Supply: Energy and Technocracy in Nationalist China, 1928-1949
 Seow, Victor.

Preserving Nature’s Most Perishable Food: Making Milk a Global Commodity
 Sutton, Sarah.

Progress’s Canaries: Race, Genetics, Epidemiology, and the Changing Nature of Chronic Disease
 Klingle, Matthew.

Purging the “Black Brood”: Responses to American Foulbrood Outbreaks among Honeybees in Ontario and New York State, 1880-1940
 Bonnell, Jennifer.


Quantifying Quicksilver: The Complicated History of Mercury's Reference Dose
 Egan, Michael.


Radicalism or Reform?: Friends of the Earth’s First Decade
 Thomson, Jennifer.

Red States, Blue States, Green States: Environmentalism and Ideology in the 1970s
 Woodhouse, Keith.

Refugee Aid: Rwandan Labor as Development Tool in Tanzania, 1959-1968
 Rosenthal, Jill.

Regimes of Urban Nature: Organic Urbanism, Biotope Protection, and Public Gardening in Berlin
 Lachmund, Jens.

Remaking the North American Desert, 1855-56: The Introduction of Camels to the “America Palestine”
 Isenberg, Andrew.

Restoring the rain: Settler knowledge and climate anxiety in South Africa, 1910-1950
 McKittrick, Meredith.

Roots of a Drug Economy: Licorice in the Desertification of Northern China, 1915-1930
 Christmas, Sakura.


Salvaging Salmon: The Shasta Dam and the Conservation Movement
 Blumstein, Anna.

Same River Twice: The New West, the Old West, and Dam Removal
 Brewitt, Peter.

Saving the Lake: Airports and Islands along Chicago’s Lakefront, c. 1972
 Dribin, Andrew.

Scales of Nile Geography: The 1902 Aswan Dam and the Materiality of Agricultural Geography
 Derr, Jennifer.

Sea Creatures: Ethnicity and Difference in the Pacific Whaling Fleet
 Wadewitz, Lissa.

Securing Food in the Waste Bin: Scavenged Food and the Politics of Charity
 Vaughn, Rachel.

Silver Mining Before the Rise of the 'Modern World-System': A Succinct Survey
 Graulau, Jeannette.

Small Watersheds, Big Economy: Conservation, Economic Growth, and the Watershed Concept in the Postwar United States
 Nygren, Joshua.

Smallpox Eradication in Africa: Realizing Ideas about Health and Environment
 Reinhardt, Bob.

Smallpox Eradication in Africa: Realizing Ideas about Health and Environment
 Reinhardt, Bob.

Staking a Claim: “Free Land,” the Expanding Nation-State, and the Reality of Homesteading in America
 Gregg, Sara.

State of Absolute Neglect:Policy and Market Responses to Internal Migration in India
 Varma, Divya.

Stories from the Hybrid Landscape: Exhibitions and the Visualization of the Changing San Francisco Bay
 Grossinger, Robin.

Surveying Northern Health: Connecting Public Health, Epidemiology, Race and Place in Canada's Arctic
 Piper, Liza.

Symbiotic Exchange: Rewilding bodies and ecosystems across continents
 Hall, Marcus.


Texas Cattle Fever: A Study of Scientific Progressive Thought and Transnational Policy
 teel, katherine.

The Accidental Reef: Coal Clinkers, Lake Sturgeon, Zebra Mussels, and Scuba Divers in a Great Lakes Watershed
 Heasley, Lynne.

The Aswan High Dam’s New Landscape of Heat
 Reynolds, Nancy.

The Birth of the Flexible Mine: From Colonial Power to Global Sustainable Development
 Knapp, Freyja.

The Burden of the Bomb: Work, Workers, and the Social Relations of National Defense at the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory
 Dillon, Lindsey.

The Clean, Green Fight Against Communism: Embracing the Environment in Buenos Aires During the Last Military Dictatorship, 1976-1983
 Hoyt, Jennifer.

The Coastal Wars: The Intersection between Battles over Land Rights and Environmentalism
 Fingal, Sara.

The Colorado River and the Cold War: Salinity and U.S.-Mexican Relations
 Reid, David.

The Domestic Stain
 Ritvo, Harriet.

The Farce of The Commons: Standard Oil and the Great Lakes
 Wlasiuk, Jonathan.

The Flooded City: Urban Disasters, Vulnerability and Memory in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in the 20th Century
 Sedrez, Lise.

The French Prince, His Car, and Colonial Indochina: Bridging Histories, Geographies and Ecologies in the 1908 Expedition of Ferdinand d’Orléans, Duke of Montpensier
 Ponsavady, Stéphanie.

The Genealogy of New Domesticity: Radical Eco-Homemaking in the 20th Century
 Padilla Carroll, Valerie.

The Great Deer Escape from Sherwood Forest in the early eighteenth century
 Morrison, Sara.

The Great Famine and Food System Vulnerability in Medieval North-East Europe
 Huhtamaa, Heli.

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U.S. Cold War Strategic Planning, Environmental Diplomacy, and the Panatomic Canal
 Keiner, Christine.

Unnatural Border: Changing the Nature of Migration at the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Mendoza, Mary E.

Urban Ecology: A New Approach to the Environmental History of Latin American Cities, A View from Mexico City
 Vitz, Matthew.

Urban Tentacles: San Francisco Grabs the Bay Area's Water
 Brechin, Gray.

Urban Wildlife between Charity and Ecology
 Benson, Etienne.


Venerable Relic: The Great Elm on the Boston Common
 Beamish, Anne.

Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis and the Environmental Consequences on the United States/Mexican Border
 Griffis, Kayla.

Volcanic Eruptions and the Fragility of Place in Early Modern Quito
 Lauhon, Jordan.


Waste: A Historically Specific Social Category
 Yates, Michelle.

Wasteland: The Deep History of Defining Desert Wastes
 Davis, Diana.

Water Development and Diplomacy in the Tigris-Euphrates Basin
 Stahl, Dale.

Water, Development and Disaster in the Making of the Belice Valley (Sicily, 1958-1993)
 Parrinello, Giacomo.

We Come from a “Chain of Bodies”: Pollution Between Generations and the Struggle for Reproductive Justice
 Scott, Dayna.

What is “Political” About the Politics of Water? Empire and Spatial Control in the Sahara
 Trumbull IV, George.

Where to See Asbestos? Shifting Relationships Between “Blight” and “Risk” in Body and Environment Monitoring
 Dahlberg, Britt.

Wildland Fire Management—An Overview
 Bramwell, Lincoln.

Wildlife Conservation and Human-Wildlife Contestations in Kenya’s Maasailand, 1980-2000
 Okech Oyugi, Willis.
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