ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16

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A Canal Runs Through It: The Erie and the Environment
 Greene, Ann.

A Demanding Environment: Weeds, Connection, and Disconnection at the Panama Canal
 Carse, Ashley.

A Hard Pill to Swallow: Women, Nature, and Hormonal Contraceptives
 Payne, Sarah.

A Lively Place: Native Whalers in San Diego
 Bourbois, Julia.

A Plague from the Sea: Shipworms and Disaster in the Dutch Eighteenth Century
 Sundberg, Adam.

A tale of five rivers - the meandering history of the Ohio valley
 Lübken, Uwe.

Accidental Regulation: How Refinery Disasters Spurred New Environmental Rules
 Ottinger, Gwen.

Agriculture and Watershed Management: The Catskill Mountains, Southeastern Minnesota and the Challenge of Non-Point Pollution
 Soll, David.

Aldo Leopold’s Revolutionary Platform: Getting Underneath the Law
 Warren, Julianne.

Amber Waves of Smooth Brome: The Cultural History of a Non-native Grass
 walden, elizabeth.

America’s Early Energy Sacrifice Zones
 Jones, Christopher.

Angels of the Lighthouse: Women Lighthouse Keepers of Lake Michigan
 Mason, Kathy.

Animal Activism and the Zoo-Networked Nation: Rethinking Nineteenth-Century “Animal Rights” with the National Zoological Park
 Vandersommers, Daniel.

Animal Traffic: The Regulation of Illicit Hunting and Collecting Overseas, 1900-1934
 Cincinnati, Noah.

Animals, Empire, Environment: Examining Epizootics and Dietary Discourses in Colonial Bengal
 Samanta, Samiparna.

Another Green World: Tropical Foresters and the American Jungle in the Territorial Philippines, 1902-1935
 Brock, Emily.

Apocalyptic Climate Change Narratives and the Ecologically Noble Indian: Historical Perspectives from the Andes
 Carey, Mark.

Arid Spring and Flooded Autumn: the Yellow River and Local Society in Eastern Henan,1644-1795
 Ding, Xiangli.

Aridity, Expansion, and Empire: Transnational Perceptions of Climate
 Culver, Lawrence.

Authoritarianism and artificial fertilizers in China Since the 1970s
 Hill, Emily.

Authoritarianism and the Question of Environmental Justice in Africa: The Example of Land Use Act of 1978 in Nigeria
 Oyeranmi, Olusoji.
ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16
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