ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16

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M.I. Budyko (1920-2001) and Soviet contributions to climate change science 1945 -1991
 Oldfield, Jonathan.

Making Ambler: Histories, Present, Futures
 Roberts, Jody.

Making C12H22O11: Crystallizing Sunshine, Air, and Water in Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley
 Perez, Bernadette.

Making of the “Atomic Tuna”: Radioactive Fallout and the Trans-Pacific Politics of Standards for Radiological Inspection in 1954
 Higuchi, Toshihiro.

Managing Public Space Downtown: Pedestrians, Pollution and Vice on Toronto’s Yonge St. Mall, 1971-74
 Ross, Daniel.

Manufacturing Scarcity: The Rasa Island Guano Company and Japan's Quest for Autarky, 1913-1945
 Kreitman, Paul.

Medicated salt and toxic legacies: the failed efforts to control vector-borne illness through individual consumption
 Sedell, Jennifer.

Mega Rice, Mega Disaster? Hot Spot of Degradation in Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan
 Goldstein, Jenny.

Megan Chew: Freeway Revolt in the Forest City: The Lost Highways of Cleveland’s East Side
 Chew, Megan.

Melted in Modernisation – the history of natural ice as an urban commodity
 Schönach, Paula.

Men Against the Desert: Arid Lands Research and the Growth of Development, 1948-1964
 Selcer, Perrin.

Meteorological Imperialism: The Italian Environmental Conquest of Libya (1911-1931)
 Caglioti, Angelo.

Monocultures of Energy Crops: The ethical and historical implications of reconstituting plant life as "energy crops"
 Davitt, Marcia.

Moosonee as a Pinetree Radar Base: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Cold War and a Northern Cree town.
 Heffernan, Sue.

More Rules, More Floods: The Yellow River and Chinese States’ Hydraulic Efforts
 Zhang, Ling.

Motorized Adventures: The Touristic Colonization of Southern Chile by Car
 Booth, Rodrigo.

Muskox on the move: Animal agency and crossing national boundaries
 Jørgensen, Dolly.
ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16
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