ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16

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Radicalism or Reform?: Friends of the Earth’s First Decade
 Thomson, Jennifer.

Red States, Blue States, Green States: Environmentalism and Ideology in the 1970s
 Woodhouse, Keith.

Refugee Aid: Rwandan Labor as Development Tool in Tanzania, 1959-1968
 Rosenthal, Jill.

Regimes of Urban Nature: Organic Urbanism, Biotope Protection, and Public Gardening in Berlin
 Lachmund, Jens.

Remaking the North American Desert, 1855-56: The Introduction of Camels to the “America Palestine”
 Isenberg, Andrew.

Restoring the rain: Settler knowledge and climate anxiety in South Africa, 1910-1950
 McKittrick, Meredith.

Roots of a Drug Economy: Licorice in the Desertification of Northern China, 1915-1930
 Christmas, Sakura.
ASEH Conference – San Francisco 2014-Mar-13 to 2014-Mar-16
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