ASEH Annual Conference - Washington, D.C. 2015-Mar-18 to 2015-Mar-23

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"Contains Natural and Artificial Flavors": The Nature of Flavor Chemistry in the postwar U.S.
 Berenstein, Nadia.

"Setting the Record Straight" in 1980: Sherwood Idso, Climate Modeling, and an Early Dispute Over the Climatic Response to a Doubling of Carbon Dioxide
 Henderson, Gabriel.

"Tune into Natural Vibrations”: Towards a Sensory History of the Environmental Movement
 Edgington, Ryan.

(C)ore states: rethinking natural resources in the seams of international orders
 Vettese, Troy.

'We Farmed Money': Landscape Change, Women's Food Production, and Marketing in French West Africa, ca. 1944-1960
 Twagira, Laura.

’An Outstanding Feature of Our Relations’: The Melding of Canadian and US Park Management after World War II
 Young, Terence.

’Our attempts may yet be fruitful’: The Danish-Norwegian State and the North Atlantic in the 18th century
 Oslund, Karen.

“A Constituency of Concerned Citizens”: Antinuclear Protest in the Great Lakes Basin
 Fremion, Brittany.

“A Happy Singing Band of Convalescents”: How Pediatric Patients Shaped Ideas about Nature, Health, and Happiness, 1870-1930
 Crnic, Meghan.

“A tract that is wholly sand:” Environment, development and the making of a modern Libya
 Heefner, Gretchen.

“Don’t Californicate Colorado”: The 1976 Winter Olympics & the New Metropolitan Politics in the Rocky Mountain West
 Guberman, Rachel.

“Elk, ‘Nature,’ and Human History in Rocky Mountain National Park”
 Frank, Jerry.

“Environmental Knowledge Production and the Making of the Global Empire of Cotton”
 Ippen, William.

“Flooding a Whole Race of People’s History and Heritage Off the Map”: Cherokee Environmental Activism and the Tellico Dam
 Smithers, Gregory.

“Husbandry was Once a Sacred Art:” American Farmers and Conservation
 Donahue, Brian.

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A Century and a Half of Discovery of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Earth Science It Illuminates
 Theberge, Albert.

A Flood of Possibility: Making environmental futures in colonial Egypt
 Derr, Jennifer.

A Matter of Taste: How Local Perceptions Drove International Water Management in the Great Lakes, 1946-1972
 Denning, Meredith.

A Particular Vision for Solid Waste Management: The US EPA’s Office of Solid Waste (Management), 1970-1979
 Howell, Jordan.

A Silent River of Oil: An Environmental History of Pipeline Spills in Canada, 1959-2012
 Kheraj, Sean.

A Tale of Two Environmentalisms: Assessing ‘Traditional’ and ‘Revisionist’ Accounts of the Movement’s History
 Montrie, Chad.

A Tale of Two Reindeer: Pastoralism and Preservation in the Soviet Arctic
 Bruno, Andy.

ASEH 2015 Paper Abstract: Political Confrontation and Ecological Restoration: Environmentalists, Conservatives, and the Chesapeake Bay, 1981-1984
 Ramey, Andrew.

Alberta Surface Rights and the Impact of the Canadian-U.S. Petroleum Network
 Van Huizen, Philip.

Allied Power: Canadian Rivers and Resource Mobilization, 1939-1945
 Evenden, Matthew.

Amusement, Health, and the Therapeutic Environments on the Nineteenth-Century Delaware River
 Chernesky, Jason.

An Inadvertent Brood: The Contribution of Agriculture and Water Control to Locust Plagues in 18th and 19th Century China
 Bello, David.

An orderly organization of village communities" - Planners' dreams versus farmers' realities in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan, 1915-1980
 Ertsen, Maurits.

Anticipating climate change in New France
 Coates, Colin.

Architecture and Climate
 Baweja, Vandana.

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BART versus the Redwoods: Suburban Environmentalism and the Politics of Mass Transit in Postwar Marin County
 Needham, Andrew.

Back from the Brink? Problems with the Introduction of a Wild Horse
 Rothfels, Nigel.

Back-to-the-Maine Myth: Homesteader Success in a State of Natural Wonder and Poverty
 Pomerleau, Clark.

Balancing Protection on the Market’s Scales: ORBES and the 1970s Transformation of Environmental Law
 Halvorson, Charles.

Beyond Wilderness: Land Use and the State in 1970s America
 Mahoney, Eleanor.

Bitcoin "Mining" and the Materiality of Digital Goods
 Ensmenger, Nathan.

Black Panther Ecology: Environmental Justice and Survival in Oakland During the Black Power Era
 McCammack, Brian.

Boom and Bust in the Flatland: Flood, Drought, and Narrative in California’s Central Valley 1987-2000
 Grant, Daniel.

Bugs in the Garden: Environmental Constraints, Nature and Tea in Eastern India, 1840-1910
 Dey, Arnab.

Bunkered Landscapes: On War and Peace in the Urban Environment of Berlin in WW II
 Brantz, Dorothee.

Bureaucratic and Non-bureaucratic Management of Irrigation Systems
 Palerm Viqueira, Jacinta.


Canada’s Best Idea? The Canadian and American National Park Systems in the 1910s
 MacEachern, Alan.

Catamounts and Mountain Culture in Vermont
 Mudgett, Jill.

Changes in the Uruguay River Basin: impacts on the environment and displacements in the Southern Cone (Brazil and Argentina)
 Nodari, Eunice.

Changing Values, New Priorities: How Environmental Policies Completely Altered San Francisco Bay Area Naval Bases
 Evans, Hugo.

Characterizing Tribal Cultural Landscapes for Resource Preservation and Protection: Documenting culturally important areas - for tribes, by tribes
 Grussing, Valerie.

Chernobyl: Coping with the Aftermath of a Nuclear Disaster
 Kalmbach, Karena.

City Elemental: Solar and Lunar Light in the Early American Industrial City
 Grossman, Sara.

Civilizing Savage Space: The National Land Grid, Self-Indigenizing Discourses, and the Intellectual Transformation of Ohio Country, 1785-1830
 Jeffers, Joshua.

Claiming the Funks: Seabirds and the Ecology of Subsistence in 19th-Century Newfoundland
 McLaughlin, Mark. and Mancke, Elizabeth.

Cleaning the Smoke-Filled Rooms: Anti-Smoking Activism and the State
 Milov, Sarah.

Clearing the Air: Pollution Control Technology, High Sulfur Coal, and the Local Effects of the Clean Air Act of 1990
 Chew, Megan.

Climate, warfare and the wetlands of the Carpathian Basin, 1500-1800
 Ágoston, Gábor.

Clover Colonialism: The Fate of Sown Grasses and Enlightenment Husbandry in Britain’s Settler Empire, 1780-1850
 Capps, Maura.

Codfish, Cows, and Chemicals: An Un-natural History of Vitamin D Fortification in the United States
 Warren, Christian.

Commodifying Water in Coastal Tanzania: Poverty, Social Conflict, and Natural Resources, 1930-1937
 Kelly, Chau.

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Designing the energy future. Two discourses on energy planning in Denmark, 1980 – 1995
 Rudiger, Mogens.

Diversion, Dredging, and Dollars: The Awakening of Oyster Ecology on the Delaware Estuary
 Chiarappa, Michael.

Doctor Mead has Dreamed a Dream: Reclamation in the Twentieth Century South
 Okie, William.

Doers and Seers: Engineers, the Material Past, and Visions of the Future in Central Asia’s Arid Environments, 1840s-1940s
 Peterson, Maya.

Doing Marine Biology in a Nuclear Age: Radioactive Specimens at the Applied Fisheries Laboratory, 1946-1962
 Aronowsky, Leah.

Doing Things with Data: The Politics and Practices of the World Data Centers, 1950s – 1970s
 Aronova, Elena.

Drainage, Migration, and the 1951 Polesine Flood, Italy
 Parrinello, Giacomo.

Drainage, improvement, and state building in 17th-century England
 Ash, Eric.

Dreaming in the Ditch: Engineers, hydrology, and colonial agency in French North Africa
 Temple, Sam.


Ecological Knowledge, Expertise, and Improvement
 Pluymers, Keith.

Efficient, Secure, Green: Digital Utopianism and the Challenge of a “Smart” Grid
 Slayton, Rebecca.

Embracing the Environment and Technology: Student Activism at the University of Illinois c.1970
 Rankin, Joy.

Emptying the North Pacific: 19th century conceptions of whales as a non-renewable resource
 Demuth, Bathsheba.

Endangered Lives and Livelihoods: The Ramifying Logic of Endangerment in U.S. Public Policy
 Whitney, Kristoffer.

Endangered Maize: Agricultural Modernization and Genetic Conservation, 1935-1975
 Curry, Helen Anne.

Engineering the End of the Algerian Sahara: Political Problems, Technical Solutions, and the Nature of the End of Empire
 Trumbull IV, George.

Enigmatic Findings: Discovering Large Cetacean Vocalizations
 Warde, Ann.

Entangled Bodies: Horses, Humans and Clostridium tetani
 Dean, Joanna.

Environmental Decline and Changing Gender Practices: What Happens to Karuk Masculinity When There Are No Fish?
 Norgaard, Kari.

Environmental “High Politics”: Pollution Modelling across the Iron Curtain
 Rothschild, Rachel.

Evolutionary Fine Tuning: Adapting Greyhounds to Hunting, Gambling, and Private Coursing
 Russell, Edmund.

Evolutionary Yarns in Seahorse Valley: Fabricating Marine Endangerment
 Roosth, Sophia.

Expecting Disaster: How Paris is Bracing for its Worst Flood since 1910
 Soppelsa, Peter.

Ezra Taft Benson and the Birth of the World Food Network in the 1950s
 McDonald, Bryan.


Faith, Reason, and Fear: The Italian left and the energy issue in the 1970s
 Graf von Hardenberg, Wilko.

Fauna Economics and Colonial Politics on the Kafue Flats in Zambia, 1950-1960
 Schauer, Jeff.

Feral Burros in the American West: The Environmental Legacy of Nineteenth-Century Mining Booms
 Gibson, Abraham.

Fighting Fire with Fire: Indigenous Groups, French Forestry, and the Algerian Landscape, 1838-1900
 Williams, Andrea.

Finding Common Ground: Creating an International Park in the Borderlands of the United States and Mexico
 Baumgardner, Neel.

Finding Meaning and Debating Value in Historical Landscapes: Wendling and Kinzua
 Benac, David.

Fishermen and Fish in Nineteenth Century Anglo-American Diplomacy
 Earle, Thomas.

For God, Tsar, and Salmon: Conservation and Russo-Japanese Fisheries Disputes, 1890-1940
 Sokolsky, Mark.

Formulating an Anti-Environmental Opposition: Neoconservative Intellectuals during the Environmental Decade
 Boynton, Alex.

Fracking and Earthquake Uncertainty in Mid-America
 Valencius, Conevery.

Framing Environmental Uncertainty for a Multinational Nineteenth-Century Public
 Coen, Deborah.

From Conservation Boon to Ecological Blight? Environmental Policy and the Rise of the Farm-Raised Catfish Industry
 Senaga, Karen.

From Determinism to Endangerment: The Environmentalist Origins of Environmentalism
 Benson, Etienne.

From Improvement to Development: Irrigation Engineers’ Evidence of the Future in the American West, 1877-1915
 Powers, Allison.

From Most Valued Treasure to Dazzling Target: The Decline of the Red-Crowned Crane in Japan, 1600-1945
 Hisai, atsuyo.

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Gaining Strength from Nature: Surviving WW II in Munich
 Arnold, Tom.

Game Cropping, Trophy Sales, and Tourist Hunting: Socialist Tanzania’s Fraught Wildlife Policies, 1961-1978
 Weiskopf, Julie.

Game Laws and Deer Parks: Unintended Environmental Preservation in Late Medieval England
 Moore, Andrew.

Glass Pasts, Genetic Futures: Fluid Legacies of Ocean Biodiversity
 Battistoni, Alyssa.

Global Governance and the Effort to Reduce Toxics in the Great Lakes
 Gorman, Hugh.

Globalizing a Global Environmental Crisis: Radioactive Fallout and the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, 1954-1958
 Higuchi, Toshihiro.

Graveyard of the Atlantic: the Maritime Cultural Landscape of the North Carolina Coast
 Delgado, James.

Grizzly Bears and Pine Squirrels Strike Back: Rocky Mountain Exploration, Fear, and Hunger in the 1830s
 Willert, Luke.

Growing Roots: Native Soil and Aboriginal Cattle
 Ritvo, Harriet.


Healing in the Bark: Biocolonialism, Indigenous Knowledge, and Social Protest in Mexico, 1980 to present
 Alexander, Anna.

Historical Ecologies of African Watersheds: Climate Change in The Blue Nile and the Zambezi
 McCann, James.

Historical Soundscapes, Ecological Imaginations, and Italian Opera
 Allen, Aaron.

History of Bamboo production in north-east India: Mizoram since pre-colonial times
 Dawar, Jagdish.

Hotelling’s Rule and the Economic Efficiency of Oil Depletion
 Jones, Christopher.

How to Catch Rocky Mountain Sheep: A Saga
 Vandersommers, Daniel.

Hunting with the Mic and Saving with the Antenna: The Sounds of Conservation in Interwar America
 Hui, Alexandra.

Hydropower at Patshetshunau
 Thistle, John.


Identifying Unsteadiness in a Calm Climate: Southern England in General, Herstmonceux in Particular, 900-1350
 Newfield, Timothy.

Imagined Resilience: Conservation Campaigns and Narratives of Sacrifice on the American Home-Front
 Frohardt-Lane, Sarah.

Improving Empire: Draining Wetlands and Configuring Communities on the Delaware River, 1675-1682
 Mulry, Kate.

In Defense of Discourse: Film as a Site of Long-Term Environmental Values and Impacts
 Peabody, Seth.

Institutions, Expertise, and Policy: Scientific Assessment at the U.S. National Research Council
 Shindell, Matthew.

Inundation and Adaptation at Old Court; or, How to Survive Manorial Life on a Flood Plain
 McLean, Scott.

Is There Something to the Backlash?: Opposition to Environmentalism in the American Metropolis During the Late Twentieth Century
 Spiers, John.


Keystone XL and Beyond: The Potential -- and Limits -- of the #NoKXL Movement
 Horn, Steve.

King Cotton in France and Italy: Environmental Transformation and Geopolitical Strategy in Napoleon’s Continental System
 Horan, Joseph.

Knowing the Canadian Arctic in the Little Ice Age, 1560-1630
 Degroot, Dagomar.


Laid to Waste: Regulating and Contesting Industrial Waste in Southern California, 1947-1972
 Sarathy, Brinda.

Land and Freedom (and Water): The Colorado River Delta, Popular Protest, and the Mexican State
 Reid, David.

Legal Pluralism and American Environmentalism
 Fattal, Josh.

Legal Theory, Coastal Environmental Management, and the Public Right to the Beach in America
 Schlichting, Kara.

Lessons Unlearned: The Impossibility of Learning from Slow Disaster
 Knowles, Scott.

Little Omnivores: Children’s Food in the Nineteenth Century
 Veit, Helen.

Local Growth Coalitions and Smoke Policy in Montreal during the Interwar Period
 Temby, Owen.


Measurements of Productivity: Machines, Manpower, and Race in the Southern Forests
 Hyman, Owen.

Memory, Knowledge, and Experience: Using Oral History to Understand Place
 Roberts, Jody.

Meteorology and the Making of a Nation State
 Piper, Liza.

Miracle Fibers?: The New Synthetic Tradition in the Outdoors
 Gross, Rachel.

Modeling Stability in the Face of Uncertainty: Taming Climatic Fluctuations at Postwar Seabrook Farms
 Bergman, James.

Modeling the Ride Up ‘Hubbert’s Peak’ and the Post-Peak Environmental Precipice: Controversies, Rhetoric, and Policy Challenges
 Doran, Connemara.


Natural Disasters and Displacement: A Global History
 Luebken, Uwe.

Nature's Viet Cong?: "Pests" and the limits of biocentrism in Vietnam
 Aso, Mitch.

Nature’s Wasteland or Nature’s Wonder? Uranium Mining and Nature Tourism in Navajo Country
 Voyles, Traci.

Not wanted in the territory: Managing trappers and fur-bearers in the Northwest Territories, Canada
 Adcock, Tina.


Of Pipelines and Protest: Contested Natural Gas Fracking and Transportation in Pennsylvania
 Bedi, Heather.

Oil and the Building Blocks of Institutional Memory in China's West
 Kinzley, Judd.

Oyster Panics: Placing Responsibility for Food Safety in the 20th century
 Booker, Matthew.


Plantation Indigo and Synthetic Indigo: The Meanings of “Natural” in Re-definition of a Colonial Commodity
 Kumar, Prakash.

Poetry vs. Prose: Why Legislative History Changes How We Understand Progressive Conservation
 Taylor, Joseph.

Pooling Beyond “Mere Puddles”: How World War II Shaped North America’s Grid
 Cohn, Julie.

Power to the People?: Environmental Values and Local Democracy in Rural Electric Cooperatives
 Spinak, Abby.

Pragmatic Activism: Wood Energy as Political Protest in the 1970s
 Mittlefehldt, Sarah.

Pricing the Urban Woodpile: Fuel Philanthropy and Protest in Toronto and Montreal
 MacFadyen, Josh.

Project Chariot Revisited: Ecology and Epiphany in the Quest for the Peaceful Atom
 Cittadino, Gene.

Protest or Policy? The Evolution of Environmental Justice Activism in California, 1980s to 2010s
 Perkins, Tracy.

Protesting the Canadian Oil Sands: Policy Success Now or for the Future?
 Nemeth, Tammy.


Re-Imagining Company Towns: The Evolution of Diboll, Texas, 1945-1962
 May, Meredith.

Reassessing “The Gospel of Efficiency” in Progressive Era Range Management
 Pearce, Matthew.

Regulating Processed Food: The Canning Industry's Responses to Environmental Law in the 1970s
 Zeide, Anna.

Remembering Nature: Memorials and Monuments to Extinct Species
 Enright, Kelly.

Remembering Ocean Plastics
 Liboiron, Max.

Reports from the Anthropocene: Environmental history and Water Management in Australia
 Morgan, Ruth.

Reviving the Distant Clarion: The Ecological Degradation and Expedient Restoration of Pennsylvania’s Clarion River
 DeWitt, Jessica.

Revolutionary Conflict and the Civilian Environment: Spatial Contestation and the Administrative Ordering of Society during the Second Indochina War
 Clemis, Martin.


Scientific Expertise and Environmental Challenges: the Production of Environmental Knowledge as Premise and Critique of Italian Colonialism (1880-1945)
 Caglioti, Angelo Matteo.

Seafood for the Empress: the governmental projects of oyster breeding in the gulf of Finland in the 18th c.
 Kraikovski, Alexei.

Seeing Below the Surface: Climate Chance Science and the Carbonization of Indonesia’s Subterranean Landscapes
 Goldstein, Jenny.

Seeing Forests as Fuel: The Evolution of Biomass Energy Perceptions since 1980
 Silver, Emily.

Selling Self-Sufficiency and Eliminating the Unwanted: The Contradictory Raced and Classed Redefinition of Back-to-the-Land during the Great Depression
 Padilla Carroll, Valerie.

Shall Burnet Woods Be a University or a Park? The Battle to Define the Public Interest and Public Lands in Postwar Cincinnati
 Stradling, David.

Shell Games: The Aquatic Commons, Economic Policy, and Shellfish Aquaculture in Prince Edward Island, Canada
 MacDonald, Edward.

Shifting Values, Changing Laws: The Embrace of Organic Foods in the United States
 Mart, Michelle.

Silting at the Dock of the Bay: Mud, Science, and the Fight for San Francisco’s Waterfront, 1853-1863
 Nelson, Derek.

Social Activism, Environmentalism, and the Construction of an Adirondack Prisonland, 1976-1999
 Hall, Clarence.

Soil Conservation and Religion, 1908-1955
 Waldkoenig, Gilson.

Soil Fertility on an Agricultural Frontier: The U.S. Great Plains, 1870-2000
 Cunfer, Geoff.

Speaking for the Earth: Nuclear Winter, Scientists, and the Public in the 1980s
 Rubinson, Paul.

Spinning Three Mile Island: Nuclear Accidents and the Politics of Blame
 Hecht, David.

Still Life with Vitamins: Mural and Meaning at the 1939 New York World’s Fair
 Lutz, Raechel.

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Territories of Nature: the Military and National Park Displacement in Southern Brazil, 1940-1980
 Freitas, Frederico.

The 1970s and the Nuclear Credibilty Gap
 Peyton, Caroline.

The American Chestnut: An Environmental History
 Davis, Donald.

The Billion-Dollar Debacle: Why the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Never Got Off the Ground
 Oatsvall, Neil.

The Colonial Dust Bowl Scare of the Interwar Years
 Ross, Corey.

The Double Movement of Pollution Regulation in the US: From the Clean Air Act to Global Warming Solutions
 Hoffman, Karen.

The Drift-Net Catastrophe: The Soviet-Japanese Fisheries Convention and the 1958 Collapse of the Kamchatka Salmon
 Ferguson-Cradler, Gregory.

The Economic Fix: The Norwegian Approach to Climate Change
 Anker, Peder.

The Evolution of “Stewardship” from Religious Doctrine to Environmental Principle
 Stoll, Mark.

The Evolving Geographies of Hawaiian Maritime Cultural Landscapes
 Cloud, John.

The Fastest Limit in the West: People in the American West React to the 1974 National Maximum Speed Law
 Leech, Brian.

The First Modern Lighting: A Short History of Manufactured Gas and Kerosene in Canada
 Sandwell, Ruth.

The Forest in the Model, the Model in the World: Theorizing Succession in Northwest British Columbia
 Özden-Schilling, Tom.

The Hai River Conservancy and the Growth of Tianjin, 1927-1937
 Wang, Ai.

The Hecht Company Warehouse: A Landmark of Environmental Change in Washington D.C.’s Ivy City
 Summer, Rebecca.

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Using Maritime Cultural Landscapes to Inform Management of Marine Protected Areas
 Barr, Bradley.


Wangari Maathai: Women, Politics, and the Challenge of Environmentalism in Kenya
 Okech Oyugi, Willis.

War and Critical Networks: A Comparative Study of Urban Water Protection in the Baltic Rim
 Laakkonen, Simo.

Wetland Habitation in Iraq’s Alluvial Plain
 Husain, Faisal.

Whale Worlds: Hawaiian Labor in a Maritime Work Environment
 Rosenthal, Gregory.

What is “severe damage” to the environment? Facts and values in acid rain assessments in Canada and the US in the 1980s
 Wazeck, Milena.

When Nukes Were Unsustainable: Nuclear War Studies and the Denaturalization of Cold War Strategy, 1954-1968
 Hunt, Jonathan.

Why Red-crowned Cranes are Thriving in the DPRK: Underdevelopment as Conservation Strategy
 Brady, Lisa.

Winning a Battle, Losing the War? The Rise of Climatology and the Dilemma of Data Diversity, 1870-1910
 Lehmann, Philipp.

Working Class Wilderness: Immigrant, African American, and Working Class Leisure in the Forest Preserves of Industrial Chicago
 Fisher, Colin.


Yellow Jack and Jim Crow: Disease and Disfranchisement in Memphis, TN and Jacksonville, FL
 Driskell, Jay.


Zombie Zoology: History and Re-animating Extinct Animals
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