ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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"A Treasure in California's Weak Earth:" Geological Change and The Geysers Geothermal Energy Field, 1960-1997
 Whitney, Justin.

"Development as a Moral Equivalent of War: From a War on Nature to a Marriage with a Nature."
 Selcer, Perrin.

"In the Midst of the Canadian Bush": German Prisoners of War in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park
 O\'Hagan, Michael.

"Let the Poor Beasts Alone": Caribou Reintroduction and Public Environmental Attitudes in Maine, 1986-1993
 Jesse, Ian.

"The Paradise of the Latrine": the United States, transnational toilet-building and the continuities of colonial/postcolonial development
 Toner, Simon.

"To Deaden the Memory of the Act": Archival Iterations of Bestiality and Environmental Change in Colonial New Spain, 1563-1821
 Tortorici, Zeb.

"We Have to Assert the Right to Life": The Transnational Fight to Green the World Bank in the 1980s
 Adler, Paul.

"Wilderness" or "Eco"? - Publicizing a Tourism Concept at Camp Denali, Alaska
 Buchczyk, Sabine.

'His Rightful Heritage of Something to Eat': the contested history of indigenous and settler duck hunting in the photographs of Lorene Squire
 McManus, Karla.

'The 80s Almost Killed Me': Toxic Fear as Psychological Time Bomb
 Egan, Michael.

‘Crops of Vaccine Virus’: Production, Pedigree, and Purity on American Vaccine Farms, 1870-1902
 Lanzarotta, Tess.

‘Slow‘ in indigenous practice and the museum space
 McMaster, Gerald.

“A Terrible and Sickening Spectacle”: The Penn Cove Roundup and the Environmental Politics of the Salish Sea
 Colby, Jason.

“An Intricate Maze”: Indigenous Encounters with Trapline Registration in Northern British Columbia, 1930-1940
 Vogt, David.

“Defining Sustainable Agriculture: Mapping Indigenous Peasant Food Production during Guatemala’s Agrarian Reform (1952-54)”
 Chasse, Patrick.

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A Body in Fukushima
 Johnston, William.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Asbestos: The Transnational Path of a Toxic Mineral
 van Horssen, Jessica.

A shifting "environment"? Climate, land and politics from late Rome to middle Byzantium
 Haldon, John.

Adat and Environmentalism in Cham History
 Noseworthy, William.

Agriculture’s Energy: Brazil’s National Alcohol Program in Context
 Rogers, Thomas.

Air Surveys and U.S. International Development in the 1950s and 1960s
 Robertson, Tom.

Antarctic ice and the global environment: exploration, conceptualization, connection
 Antonello, Alessandro.

Anthropocene Scholarship and Communist Legacies of Conservation
 Blavascunas, Eunice.

Appendix to an Earthquake: Revising Disaster in Eighteenth-Century New England
 Barlow Robles, Whitney.

At the Source. The Political Geography of Marijuana Eradication in Colombia
 Britto, Lina.


Battleground Alaska: Anti-statism and Environment in America's Last Wilderness
 Haycox, Stephen.

Bengal 1770: Famine, Corruption and the Climate of Legal Despotism
 Bandopadhyay, Saptarishi.

Beyond the Local Pub: The Vast Carbon Footprint of Early British Brewing
 Ashton, Deanne.

Beyond “Migrant Mother”: The New Deal, Poverty, Race, and Gardens in the Segregated South
 Morse, Kathryn.

Black Lake and Beyond: Environmentalists for Full Employment and the Campaign for Economic and Environmental Justice
 Lacher, Katrina.

Body of Evidence: Asbestos and making of an environmental risk in South Korea
 Kang, Yeonsil.

Byzantine People and Aegean Woodland: Changes from 900 to 1100
 Olson, Alexander.


Cabinda Gulf Oil in Angola, 1964-1984: A Case Study in Managing Reputational Risk While Operating in the Context of Violent Conflict and Public Outcry
 Klieman, Kairn.

Callenbach's Ecotopia or Turner's Frontier? How Popular Culture Articulates and Reinforces Anchorages's Environmental History and Future
 Moscato, Derek.

Capitalism and Maya Autonomy in Mexico’s Forest Frontier, 1902-1945
 Kates, Adrienne.

Cat Geographies: Encounters between Humans, Cougars, and Jaguars at the Argentine-Brazilian border, 1950s-1980s
 Freitas, Frederico.

Climate Change and the Eighty Years’ War, 1568-1648
 Degroot, Dagomar.

Climate and the Mongol Conquest
 Di Cosmo, Nicola.

Collateral Developments, New Allies, Big Problems
 Thomas, Julia.

Colonial Agrarian Interventions and the Everyday Language of Environmental Change in Twentieth Century Northeastern Zimbabwe
 Mseba, Admire.

Colonial Physicians and the Insalubrious Environment of Yucatán
 Martin, Rebekah.

Commodities and global environmental history: The case of rubber
 Aso, Mitch.

Comparative environmental history and settler colonialism in Yosemite and Tasmania
 Hore, Jarrod.

Conflicts Over Social Control of the Environment in Rural Argentina: Farmers, Peasants, Deforestation and The Expansion of the Agricultural Frontier in the Gran Chaco, 1980-2010
 Zarrilli, Adrián.

Congolese Ecology in the Archive of James Chapin
 Jacobs, Nancy.

Conquering an Unforgiving Countryside: How America’s Environment Shaped Confining Prisoners of War in the American Revolution
 Halverson, Sean.

Consider the Qing Locust
 Bello, David.

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Dai-Ōji: The Ōji Paper Company and Politics of Trans-Imperial Forestry in Northeast Asia
 Fedman, David.

Data visualizations for energy and nutrient flows in farm systems for the Sustainable Farm Systems project
 MacFadyen, Joshua.

De-localizing Nature: Los Angeles and the Owens Valley, 1902-1937
 Bertenthal, Alyse.

Deep Time: Past, Present and Future. Building the National Fossil Hall of Tomorrow
 Starrs, Siobhan.

Deifying Animals in Ancient Mexico: Reflections on Scale, Seasonality, and Sacrifice
 Montero, Iris.

Destruction and Restoration of Gorongosa Communities
 Muala, Domingos.

Domesticating Poliovirus: Laboratory Monkeys and Vaccine Production, 1908-1960
 Piper, Liza.


Ecologies of Betrayal: Rationalizing the Steppe in Occupied Inner Mongolia, 1920–1940
 Christmas, Sakura.

Ecologies of Sugar Consumption: Slavery, Health, and Nutrition in Antebellum Louisiana
 Engineer, Urmi.

Energetic Anthropocentrism in the Anthropocene
 Zizzamia, Daniel.

Energy History Beyond Fossilistic Fundamentalism
 Uekoetter, Frank.

Engineering Landscapes: Photo Albums of the Yellow River and Grand Canal in Republican China
 Ye, Shirley.

Entangled Flows: An Online Interactive Maps of Water Uses in the Po Valley 1860-2000
 Parrinello, Giacomo.

Environment, Leadership, and Union-Building in California Agriculture During the Strike Wave of 1933
 Martin del Campo, Francisco.

Environmental Activism and Paper Pollution: The Ironies in Print
 Knott, Cheryl.

Environmental Catastrophe in Iran; Lake Urmia
 Safaee, Samira.

Environmental Knowledge: Noise, Lead and Learning in the Urban Environment
 Fredrickson, Leif.

Environmental diplomacy in the German Democratic Republic between the 1950s and 1970s
 Kirchhof, Astrid.

Epizootics, Colonialism, and Changing Urban Landscapes: Rabies Outbreaks and Dog-Killing Campaigns in Colonial Central America, 1680-1802
 Few, Martha.

Ethnicity and Soil Conservation in Revolutionary Russia, 1914-1921
 Brain, Stephen.

Evangelical Protestants and the Politics of Environmentalism in the United States, 1920-2002
 Sheldon, Myrna.

Evironcide in Southern Africa: From Colonial Conquest to the Bush War
 Kreike, Emmanuel.

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Fodder for Animals, Debate, and Conquest: Alfalfa in Russian Turkestan and the American Southwest, 1873-1914
 Seitz, Jack.

Forest Worlds: Ruins of the Stone Lions of Burma
 Khazeni, Arash.

Forest composition at state's end: Trees after the fall of the Roman Empire
 Graham, Benjamin.

Fossil Capital: Scarcity and Abundance in Victorian Geology 1820-1870
 Albritton Jonsson, Fredrik.

French Foresters Abroad: French Empire and the Nineteenth-century Evolution of Forest Science
 Williams, Andrea.

From Heaven or ‘Out of the Earth?’: Locusts in Late Medieval Valencia
 Agresta, Abigail.

From the Sea of Trees to the Land of Primeval Forests: Inventing Manchuria's Forests in the Age of Global Communications, 1886 - 1914
 Pitts, Larissa.


German-Americans, Soil Conservation, and Fears of Ethnic Survival in a Transatlantic Context, 1870-1933
 Moranda, Scott.

Giant Trees, Iron Men: Coast Salish Loggers and Masculinity
 Osmond, Colin.

Good Trees, Bad Trees – Colonial Debates on the Climatic Impact of Forests
 Lehmann, Philipp.

Green Dreams, Toxic Legacies: Digital History and Landscape in Silicon Valley
 Heppler, Jason.


Harvest for War: Fruits, Nuts, Imperialism, and Gas Mask Production in the United States During World War I
 Fitzgerald, Gerard.

History Without Humans: Can A Neo-Materialist Understanding of Culture Escape Anthropocentrism?
 LeCain, Timothy.

History in a Brain Scanner: How a Historian and Neuroscientists Studied the Impact of Environments on Brains Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 Russell, Edmund.

How to connect daily human agency and long term effects in irrigation
 Ertsen, Maurits.

Hunting and the Shikari in Pre-colonial and Colonial India
 hussain, shafqat.

Hunting, Ivory and Firearms Trade in the Ethiopian Region, c. 1840s-1940s
 Gemeda, Guluma.


Imaginary Landscapes: Audio Bird Guides and the Measure of Biodiversity
 Mundy, Rachel.

In Pursuit of City-Nature Fusion: Urban Greening along the Yenisei River, 1945-74
 Taylor, Maria.

Indian Mounds on the Southern Landscape: Professionalization of Archaeology and the Environment
 Timmerman, Nicholas.

Induced Earthquakes and Outsider Knowledge in Oklahoma and Arkansas
 Valencius, Conevery.

Interacting with London’s Industry, 1865-1895: creating a deep online map with HGIS and a MediaWiki database
 Clifford, Jim.

Inventing Wilderness: Field Scientists in the Brazilian Pantanal, 1910-1930
 Kauffman, Jason.


Jahangir’s Cranes: A Mughal Theory of Animal Minds
 Hughes, Julie.

Jurisdictional Flexibility and Woodland Claims in Early Modern China
 Miller, Ian.


Landscaping with photographs, or how propaganda pictures transformed forests into fields
 Gaudreau-Lalande, Samuel.

Legacies of Hunger: How war and revolution changed farms, foodways and human health in Vietnam and Indonesia
 Smith, Jennifer.

Living with the Sun – A Dogma of High Modernism
 Poerschke, Ute.

Locusts without Borders in the Early 20th Century Jazira
 Dolbee, Samuel.


Making Public Historical-GIS: Crowd-sourcing Toronto’s Spatial History
 Bonnell, Jennifer. and Fortin, Marcel.

Mexican Farm Labour in Interwar United States: Toward the Bracero Agreement
 Calnitsky, Naomi.

Middle Park Syndrome: Securing a Place for Provincial and State Park History in Canadian and US Conservation History
 DeWitt, Jessica.

Migration of Conservation Practices in the New England Diaspora
 Stoll, Mark.

Mindfulness of the Earth: Perceptions and Correspondences in Kan Azuma’s Erosion (1973)
 Langford, Martha.

More Damaging than Dirty Air: Parking Lots and Public Welfare in 1970s California
 Halvorson, Charles.

Multispecies Feedback Loops in Toxicity Research and Practice in the Twentieth-Century United States
 Andrews, Thomas.


Narcotics Policy and the Making of a New Environmentalism
 Merleaux, April.

National Parks as (Geo)Political Instruments on Svalbard
 Roberts, Peder.

Nationalism and Zoogeography in Latin America, 1937-1947
 Duarte, Regina.

Nature study, colonial science and the Filipino public
 Pagunsan, Ruel.

Not Laughing in History
 Sachs, Aaron.

Nuclear Fracking: Projects Gasbuggy, Rulison, and Rio Blanco, 1967-1973
 McFarland, Victor.


On Native Land: Challenging the Public Environmental History of Northeastern Minnesota
 Whitson, Joseph.

On The Milky Way Railroad and Other Works After March 11, 2011
 Suga, Keijiro.

Onward! Canadian expansionist outlooks and the photographs that serve them.
 Cavaliere, Elizabeth.

Overlooked Wilderness? Mammoth Cave National Park, Exploration, and Preservation
 Warrick, Alyssa.

Overview of the History of Solar Architecture
 Perlin, John.

Owning the abundance. Reclamation of the royal forests in Sixteenth-Century Poland and Lithuania
 Falkowski, Mateusz.


Pests and Pest Control; Biological and Scientific Exchange on Hawaiian Sugarcane Plantations
 Kessler, Lawrence.

Peter Thorsheim
 Thorsheim, Peter.

Phase "A": Redesigning the Litani River, 1948-1955
 Lawson, Owain.

Pine Protection as Bureaucratic Forestry in Pre-Industrial Korea, 1392-1910
 Lee, John.

Place, Science, and Snow Leopards in India
 Lewis, Michael.

Placing the Global: The Galapagos Islands and the production of the global scale
 Hennessy, Elizabeth.

Plying a Global Trade: Post-WWII Economic Reconstruction and the Invention of Southeast Asian Tropical Hardwood Plywood
 Brock, Emily.

Polluted Nightscapes: “Natural Sky Brightness,” Skyglow, and the U.S. National Park Service
 Pritchard, Sara.

Pontificating Who Knows Where on Who Knows What
 Price, Jenny.

Publics of Nature: Communities of Environmental Citizenship in the Progressive Era
 Muchnick, Barry.


Racial Profiling: Soil Management and the Politics of the Fertilizer Trade in the Jim Crow South
 Johnson, Timothy.

Radiation Exposure and the Construction of Ignorance in Fukushima
 Bay, Alexander.

Radio Pollution: From Sparks to White Spots
 Wormbs, Nina.

Rama’s Hunt in the Malay Wilderness: Elephant Bomors, Gods and Miraculous Traps in the Modern Malayan Interior
 Sevea, Terenjit.

Really Rapid Prototyping: Working with Scholars to Test and Validate Digital Functionality in Sustainability, and Beyond
 Humphreys, Alex.

Reconquering the River: Buenos Aires and the Río de la Plata
 Hoyt, Jennifer.

Recyling Alkaline Batteries in a Throw-away Society
 Turner, Jay.

Regulating the ‘Kitchens of the Nation’: Fruit Cannery Waste Disposal in the Central Valley in the Mid-Twentieth Century
 Statz, Stephanie.

Regulators of an Internal Environment: British Naval Nursing in Late-Eighteenth Century Hospitals
 Spinney, Erin.

Restoring Louisiana’s Coast and Connections to its Cultural History
 Colten, Craig. and Hemmerling, Scott.

Rethinking Dominion: Evangelicals and Animal Welfare, 1980–Present
 Kercsmar, Joshua.

Robert Solow, Growth Theory, and the Vanishing Natural World
 Jones, Christopher.

Rural and Urban, Forestry and Factory: Chinese Forestry Workers’ Labor Consciousness in Response to the State’s Spatial Construction
 Zhou, Shuxuan.


Save the Breeds! Science, Sheep, and the Politics of Conservation in Twentieth-Century Britain
 Woods, Rebecca.

Scientific Forestry and Ecologies of War in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Rule
 Hung, Kuang-chi.

Seeing the Forest from the Trees, and the Continent from the Forest: Trees and Early European Efforts to Understand the North American Environment
 White, Sam.

Seriously Queering it up in English, Comp Lit, & Linguistics
 Seymour, Nicole.

Shaking Empire: The 1931 Managua Earthquake under US Occupation
 Santiago, Myrna.

Shattered Visions: Beringia International Park and the Limits of Transnational Environmental Cooperation
 Roe, Alan.

Slow catastrophes: a historical perspective on drought resilience
 Jones, Rebecca.

Socialist Nomads: The Promotion and Transformation of Nomadic Life in Soviet Kazakhstan, 1934-1945
 Cameron, Sarah.

Something new under the sea: An environmental history of the post-paleozoic world of corals
 Sponsel, Alistair.

Songs of the Seascape: Sama Bajo Vernacular Knowledge of the Marine Environment, Past and Present
 Nolde, Lance.

Spanish Responses to Landscape in Early Colonial Yucatan, 1527-1700
 Wallace, Geoffrey.

Starving Children, Scientific Nutrition, and the American Relief Administration's Mission in Central Europe, 1918-1923
 Niebrzydowski, Paul.

Sternwheelers, Manganese, and Sulfur Dioxide: Community Health Activism along the Ohio River
 Chew, Megan.

Stiff-lipped in Environmental Studies
 Muchnick, Barry.

Sustaining Profits: The Role of Industry in Recycling Initiatives, 1970-1985
 Hazlett, Jon.

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Tasting Behaviors and Habitats: The Sensory and Environmental History of the Farm-Raised Fish Industry
 Senaga, Karen.

Testing Donora: Robert Kehoe, Clarence Mills, and the Struggle to Define Disease
 Stradling, David.

The Agricultural Legacies of German Development Interventions in the Nilgiris, South India (1965-1985)
 Krishnan, Siddhartha.

The Ambiguous Politics of Glyphosate in Colombia
 Moreno, Juan Felipe.

The American Revolution
 Hsiung, David.

The Anthropocene and Scale: Highways, Tourism, the Great Acceleration towards Unnatural Disaster
 Wright, Will.

The Blue Death: Tambora, Climate Change, and Global Cholera, 1817-1832
 Wood, Gillen.

The Bread Scare: Cold War Food Policy and the 1972 Soviet-American Grain Deal
 Dorsey, Kurk.

The Bully Pulpit: Public Humiliation and the Shaping of Anti Environmentalism in the Religious Right, 1990-Present
 Pogue, Neall.

The Changing Natures of Flower City: Nurserymen, Suburbs, and the Changing Landscapes of Rochester, New York
 Burd, Camden.

The Concealed Connection Communist China’s First Nature Reserve and Its American Roots
 Hou, Shen.

The Connaught Laboratories and Farm, 1916-1925: Considering the Horse, the Calf and the Guinea Pig
 Dean, Joanna.

The Cuban Earthquake of 1880 and its Implications for the Present and Future
 Johnson, Sherry.

The Emotions of Popular Environmentalism: Fear, Empathy and Hope in the Campaign for a World Park Antarctica
 Shortis, Emma.

The End of Sugarcane in China
 Hill, Emily.

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Using and abusing a torrential urban river. Tanneries and other crafts at a Viennese Danube tributary before and during industrialization (Wien River, Vienna-Austria)
 Pollack, Gudrun. and Haidvogl, Gertrud.


Viewing the World Anew: Landsat Satellites, Geological Surveillance, and International Development, 1965-1980
 Black, Megan.


Walls, Bootprints, Ashes, and Floods in the Landscape: Environmental Effects of Banditry, Small Scale Conflict(s), and Insurgencies in China’s Military Environmental History, 1720s-1931
 Hayes, Jack.

Warfare, Resource Mobilization and State Formation in Qin, 481-208 BCE
 Lander, Brian.

Wasted Space: Production and Protest of Orbital Pollution, 1958-1988
 Rand, Lisa.

Water and Excrement: Making of the Cosmopolitan Pera in the Late Nineteenth Century
 Kentel, Koca.

Welcome to the Anthropocene. The Earth in Our Hands
 Moellers, Nina.

When You Have a Landfill, Everything Looks Like Garbage: Problem Framing in Municipal Solid Waste Management
 Pollans, Lily.

Women and Life on Earth: Peace, Ecology, and a Transnational Women’s Movement, 1975-1999
 McClanahan, Alyssa.


Yellow Fever, Ecology, and American State Power, 1803 - 1820
 Olivarius, Kathryn.


Zanzibari Communities and Scientific Experts: Relationship Building and International Attempts at Malaria Elimination in Zanzibar, 1900-2014
 Graboyes, Melissa.
ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03
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