ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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Ecologies of Betrayal: Rationalizing the Steppe in Occupied Inner Mongolia, 1920–1940
 Christmas, Sakura.

Ecologies of Sugar Consumption: Slavery, Health, and Nutrition in Antebellum Louisiana
 Engineer, Urmi.

Energetic Anthropocentrism in the Anthropocene
 Zizzamia, Daniel.

Energy History Beyond Fossilistic Fundamentalism
 Uekoetter, Frank.

Engineering Landscapes: Photo Albums of the Yellow River and Grand Canal in Republican China
 Ye, Shirley.

Entangled Flows: An Online Interactive Maps of Water Uses in the Po Valley 1860-2000
 Parrinello, Giacomo.

Environment, Leadership, and Union-Building in California Agriculture During the Strike Wave of 1933
 Martin del Campo, Francisco.

Environmental Activism and Paper Pollution: The Ironies in Print
 Knott, Cheryl.

Environmental Catastrophe in Iran; Lake Urmia
 Safaee, Samira.

Environmental Knowledge: Noise, Lead and Learning in the Urban Environment
 Fredrickson, Leif.

Environmental diplomacy in the German Democratic Republic between the 1950s and 1970s
 Kirchhof, Astrid.

Epizootics, Colonialism, and Changing Urban Landscapes: Rabies Outbreaks and Dog-Killing Campaigns in Colonial Central America, 1680-1802
 Few, Martha.

Ethnicity and Soil Conservation in Revolutionary Russia, 1914-1921
 Brain, Stephen.

Evangelical Protestants and the Politics of Environmentalism in the United States, 1920-2002
 Sheldon, Myrna.

Evironcide in Southern Africa: From Colonial Conquest to the Bush War
 Kreike, Emmanuel.

Evolution, Degeneration, and Threat of Extinction, 1890-1930
 Rieppel, Lukas.

Exploring Across Borders: Geophysics and the Modern Oil Industry
 Frehner, Brian.

Exploring, Constructing and Commodifying the Underground: An environmental history of cave diving in the Yucatan Peninsula
 Melo Zurita, Maria. and Munro, Paul.

Extreme Environments and the Construction of Scientific Research Stations: The British Antarctic Survey at Adelaide Island
 McCahey, Daniella.
ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03
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