ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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Making Public Historical-GIS: Crowd-sourcing Toronto’s Spatial History
 Bonnell, Jennifer. and Fortin, Marcel.

Mexican Farm Labour in Interwar United States: Toward the Bracero Agreement
 Calnitsky, Naomi.

Middle Park Syndrome: Securing a Place for Provincial and State Park History in Canadian and US Conservation History
 DeWitt, Jessica.

Migration of Conservation Practices in the New England Diaspora
 Stoll, Mark.

Mindfulness of the Earth: Perceptions and Correspondences in Kan Azuma’s Erosion (1973)
 Langford, Martha.

More Damaging than Dirty Air: Parking Lots and Public Welfare in 1970s California
 Halvorson, Charles.

Multispecies Feedback Loops in Toxicity Research and Practice in the Twentieth-Century United States
 Andrews, Thomas.
ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03
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