ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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Racial Profiling: Soil Management and the Politics of the Fertilizer Trade in the Jim Crow South
 Johnson, Timothy.

Radiation Exposure and the Construction of Ignorance in Fukushima
 Bay, Alexander.

Radio Pollution: From Sparks to White Spots
 Wormbs, Nina.

Rama’s Hunt in the Malay Wilderness: Elephant Bomors, Gods and Miraculous Traps in the Modern Malayan Interior
 Sevea, Terenjit.

Really Rapid Prototyping: Working with Scholars to Test and Validate Digital Functionality in Sustainability, and Beyond
 Humphreys, Alex.

Reconquering the River: Buenos Aires and the Río de la Plata
 Hoyt, Jennifer.

Recyling Alkaline Batteries in a Throw-away Society
 Turner, Jay.

Regulating the ‘Kitchens of the Nation’: Fruit Cannery Waste Disposal in the Central Valley in the Mid-Twentieth Century
 Statz, Stephanie.

Regulators of an Internal Environment: British Naval Nursing in Late-Eighteenth Century Hospitals
 Spinney, Erin.

Restoring Louisiana’s Coast and Connections to its Cultural History
 Colten, Craig. and Hemmerling, Scott.

Rethinking Dominion: Evangelicals and Animal Welfare, 1980–Present
 Kercsmar, Joshua.

Robert Solow, Growth Theory, and the Vanishing Natural World
 Jones, Christopher.

Rural and Urban, Forestry and Factory: Chinese Forestry Workers’ Labor Consciousness in Response to the State’s Spatial Construction
 Zhou, Shuxuan.
ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03
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