ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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Save the Breeds! Science, Sheep, and the Politics of Conservation in Twentieth-Century Britain
 Woods, Rebecca.

Scientific Forestry and Ecologies of War in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Rule
 Hung, Kuang-chi.

Seeing the Forest from the Trees, and the Continent from the Forest: Trees and Early European Efforts to Understand the North American Environment
 White, Sam.

Seriously Queering it up in English, Comp Lit, & Linguistics
 Seymour, Nicole.

Shaking Empire: The 1931 Managua Earthquake under US Occupation
 Santiago, Myrna.

Shattered Visions: Beringia International Park and the Limits of Transnational Environmental Cooperation
 Roe, Alan.

Slow catastrophes: a historical perspective on drought resilience
 Jones, Rebecca.

Socialist Nomads: The Promotion and Transformation of Nomadic Life in Soviet Kazakhstan, 1934-1945
 Cameron, Sarah.

Something new under the sea: An environmental history of the post-paleozoic world of corals
 Sponsel, Alistair.

Songs of the Seascape: Sama Bajo Vernacular Knowledge of the Marine Environment, Past and Present
 Nolde, Lance.

Spanish Responses to Landscape in Early Colonial Yucatan, 1527-1700
 Wallace, Geoffrey.

Starving Children, Scientific Nutrition, and the American Relief Administration's Mission in Central Europe, 1918-1923
 Niebrzydowski, Paul.

Sternwheelers, Manganese, and Sulfur Dioxide: Community Health Activism along the Ohio River
 Chew, Megan.

Stiff-lipped in Environmental Studies
 Muchnick, Barry.

Sustaining Profits: The Role of Industry in Recycling Initiatives, 1970-1985
 Hazlett, Jon.

Sweetness and HPOWER: An Environmental History of Honolulu’s HPOWER Waste-to-Energy Facility
 Howell, Jordan.
ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03
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