ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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Tasting Behaviors and Habitats: The Sensory and Environmental History of the Farm-Raised Fish Industry
 Senaga, Karen.

Testing Donora: Robert Kehoe, Clarence Mills, and the Struggle to Define Disease
 Stradling, David.

The Agricultural Legacies of German Development Interventions in the Nilgiris, South India (1965-1985)
 Krishnan, Siddhartha.

The Ambiguous Politics of Glyphosate in Colombia
 Moreno, Juan Felipe.

The American Revolution
 Hsiung, David.

The Anthropocene and Scale: Highways, Tourism, the Great Acceleration towards Unnatural Disaster
 Wright, Will.

The Blue Death: Tambora, Climate Change, and Global Cholera, 1817-1832
 Wood, Gillen.

The Bread Scare: Cold War Food Policy and the 1972 Soviet-American Grain Deal
 Dorsey, Kurk.

The Bully Pulpit: Public Humiliation and the Shaping of Anti Environmentalism in the Religious Right, 1990-Present
 Pogue, Neall.

The Changing Natures of Flower City: Nurserymen, Suburbs, and the Changing Landscapes of Rochester, New York
 Burd, Camden.

The Concealed Connection Communist China’s First Nature Reserve and Its American Roots
 Hou, Shen.

The Connaught Laboratories and Farm, 1916-1925: Considering the Horse, the Calf and the Guinea Pig
 Dean, Joanna.

The Cuban Earthquake of 1880 and its Implications for the Present and Future
 Johnson, Sherry.

The Emotions of Popular Environmentalism: Fear, Empathy and Hope in the Campaign for a World Park Antarctica
 Shortis, Emma.

The End of Sugarcane in China
 Hill, Emily.

The Energy Underground: Environmental Culture in the Architecture of the 1970s
 Barber, Daniel.

The Florida Tropical Home (1933–1965)
 Baweja, Vandana.

The Hypnotists: Hot Climates, Debility, and the Search for Clairvoyance in the Antebellum U.S. South
 LaFay, Elaine.

The Janus-Head of Public Hygiene. Episodes from China`s Kiaochow as German Protectorate, 1897-1914
 Kneitz, Agnes.

The Natural Smell of Clean
 Smith-Howard, Kendra.

The Nature of the Relationship: US-Canadian Environmental Diplomacy in the Early Cold War
 Macfarlane, Daniel.

The Paradox of Local Power: Exploring Tensions between Renewable Energy Advocacy and Civil Rights Activism
 Mittlefehldt, Sarah.

The Politics of Economic Growth in the Postwar International Order
 Bivar, Venus.

The Rise and Fall of Gasohol: U.S. Biofuels between the 1973 Oil Embargo and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
 Manuel, Jeffrey.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Retrieving History and Building Public Support for a Threatened Region
 Garone, Philip.

The Sea-Bears and Scientists: Scientific Diplomacy in the Late Nineteenth Century
 Nielsen, Elizabeth.

The Struggle to Remember the Great Lumber Strike of 1935 in Humboldt County, California
 Karp, Michael.

The Thermostat Age: Questions of Historiography
 Denzer, Anthony.

The Trouble with Managing and Monitoring: the Devils Hole Pupfish, the National Park Service, and the Changing American West, 1952-Present
 Brown, Kevin.

The Use of North American Technical Knowledge in the Brazilian Oil Industry
 Peyerl, Drielli.

The Year Without: Food Scarcity in Canada in 1817
 MacEachern, Alan.

The ecological consequences of London’s nineteenth century leather tanning industry
 Watson, Andrew.

The “Couch Where We Will Lie Down and Sleep Our Last Slumber”: Constructing Richmond, Virginia's Hollywood Cemetery
 Nelson, Kelli.

The “Italian Experiment”: Race and Labor in the Post-emancipation South, 1880-1920
 Hauser, Jason.

The “Year Without a Summer”: Agriculture, Environment, and New England, 1816 and After
 Judd, Richard.

To Build a Road in Unfamiliar Terrain: How Sky and Silver Remade Peru’s Amazon
 Sharon, Tucker.

Toxic Orcas: Chemical Pathways and Whale Discourses along the Salish Sea
 Werner, Mark.

Tracing the Transnational History of Environmental Direct Actions, from Berkeley to Johannesburg
 Lovell, Kera.

Transient Sojourners and Technological Advances: Oil and Gas Exploration in Canada’s High Arctic in the 1960s and 1970s
 Dolata, Petra.

Transplanting Rural Modernity: The International Farm Youth Exchange and Postwar Agricultural Development
 Williams, Amrys.

Trapline Registration and Constructing Land Use: A Spatial History of Kaska Land Use in the Early to Mid-Twentieth Century
 Iceton, Glenn.
ASEH Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03
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