ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03

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"Mr. Peabody" in Paradise: Why the Class Origins of Strip Mining in Kentucky’s Green River Valley Should Matter to Environmental Advocates Today
 Hagerman, Eileen.

"On the Teeth of the Wind": Atmospheric Knowledge and American Expansion in the Southeastern Borderlands
 LaFay, Elaine.

"The Unhappy Captives”: Science, Circulations, and the Creation of an Orangutan Crisis in Sumatra, 1910-1940
 Minarchek, Matthew.

"To leave delightful fields for barren wilderness": Ordering Wilderness Landscapes during the American Revolution
 Soucier, Daniel.

"Very Close, Very Dirty, Very Damp, and Very Offensive": The Mutual Construction of Bodies and Environments in Victorian Bakeries
 Fouser, David.

'Enough Beans to Physic the Earth': Agricultural Diversification, Public Health, and the Rise of the American Castor Oil Industry
 Luedtke, Brandon.

'The Intelligence of Animals': Manly Hardy and the Animals of the Northeast
 Jesse, Ian.

‘Postwar’ Relief to Wartime Poland: The ARAEFC and Poland’s Battle Against TB, 1919-1923
 Niebrzydowski, Paul.

‘The View Downward’: The Expansionist Rhetoric of Antebellum Geological Surveys
 Blandford, AJ.

“A Mysterious System of Configurations:” The Environmental History of Canals and Climate on Mars
 Degroot, Dagomar.

“A Succession of Surprises:” International Geology and the 1909 Porcupine Gold Rush
 Jorgenson, Mica.

“An Engineering Curiosity and an Economic Fantasy”: The Passamaquoddy Tidal Project, 1948-65
 Kenny, James.

“Ane Great Distroyer of Woddis”: Counting Trees and Woodland Sustainability in 16th Century Scotland
 ross, alasdair.

“At Home In Nature: William James and the Moral Equivalent of Tough-Love Environmentalism”
 Croce, Paul.

“Food for the Worms”: Understanding Nature through Urban Burial Grounds in the Early Republic, 1780-1830
 Leone, Steve.

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A Comparative Analysis of the Environmental Effects of Cold War Uranium Mining in Grants, New Mexico
 Mellor, Robynne.

A Landscape of Water and Waste: How Low-Grade Iron Ore Mining Transformed the Mesabi Range
 Baeten, John.

A Military-Industrial Cleanup: The End of the Cold War and the Remediation of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal
 Foxley, Curtis.

A Patchwork Homogeneity: Industrial Cotton in Interwar New Mexico
 Carleton, William.

A Patchwork of Land Rights: The 1970s Energy Crisis and Coal in the American West
 Tate, Ryan.

A Precarious Mediterranean Mountain Ecology: Migration, Silk and Famine in Lebanon, 1887-1918
 Pitts, Graham.

A Report to the Consumer: Ida Honorof and Environmental Activism
 Hay, Amy.

A Thermal Spring and Its City: Describing Early Modern Ottoman Sofia
 Peychev, Stefan.

A little like Philanthropy, a lot like War: The Production of Environmental Refugees before the advent of Climate Change Discourse
 Bandopadhyay, Saptarishi.

A “Quiet Revolution” on the Urban Fringe: New Approaches to Conservation on the Metropolitan Edge
 Mahoney, Eleanor.

Across the Line: Cross-Border Effects of Trapline Registration in Northern British Columbia and the Yukon
 Iceton, Glenn.

Adjudicating less water in the 21st century American West
 Perramond, Eric.

Adopting trees. Climate Change and Landscape Transformation in Sixteenth-century Ottoman Anatolia
 Falkowski, Mateusz.

After the Fall: Deforestation and the Rise of New South Fruit Farming, 1880-1930
 Roberts, Stacy.

Agroindustrialization and the Green Revolution: The Rise of the Brazilian Sugar and Alcohol Complex in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, 1960-1990
 Eaglin, Jennifer.

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Badlands History as Landscape History in the North American West
 Evans, Sterling.

Bewildered in Chicago: Notes on the History of the Transformation in the Landscapes Surrounding Chicago
 Heneghan, Liam.

Bison Hunters of the Tallgrass Prairies
 Morrissey, Robert.

Black Migrant Foodways in the “Hog Butcher for the World”
 McCammack, Brian.

Blasting the North African Desert: ‘Foreign’ Expertise and the Building of the High Dam at Aswan
 Reynolds, Nancy.

Blood, Oil, and Turtles: The Voyage of the Maria (1832-1836) and the Political Ecology of the American Whale Fishery
 Zallen, Jeremy.

Breeding Better Nature: USDA Plant Explorers, Agricultural Innovation, and the Origins of American Eugenics, 1900-1945
 Egli, Rebecca.

Building New Networks of Power: Changing Environmental Relations along the Kiso River in Interwar Japan
 Wilson, Roderick.

Building a Hydraulic Engine: Late Development, Water Nationalism, and China’s Gezhouba Dam
 Meyskens, Covell.

Building the Bayshore: Vernacular Design of a Marine Environment
 Chiarappa, Michael.


Call of the Domestic: Huskies, Prospectors, and Inupiat in the Nome Gold Rush
 Demuth, Bathsheba.

Capitalism and the Wilderness Idea: Conservation, Labor, and the Industrial Forest
 Cohen, David.

Changes in the Nightscape: Light Pollution, Regimes of (Im)perceptibility, and History in Artificial Light at Night Imagery
 Pritchard, Sara.

Chasing the Chinook: Knowing the Wind through Science and Bodily Experience
 Vetter, Jeremy.

Coal, Power, and the Long Energy Crisis of the 1970s
 Free, Jonathan.

Coffee Planters and the origins of conservation in colonial Ceylon
 Guneratne, Arjun.

Colonia Hull House Restaurants: the Comforts of Home or the Exotic on Mexican Boulevard
 Innis-Jiménez, Michael.

Colonial Regulation of Religious Slaughter of Animals
 Yahaya, Nurfadzilah.

Colonial Space, Indigenous land use, and resource extraction in the Yukon, 1900-1940
 Green, Heather.

Colonizing Light? The Contentious Development of Artificial Light in British India
 Hasenöhrl, Ute.

Commemorating Danger: Toxic Hazards and Communicating with Future Generations at an Abandoned Gold Mine
 Sandlos, John.

Conservation Economics and Ecological Economics: Aldo Leopold’s Unrealised Proposals to Rethink Economics
 Lin, Qi Feng.

Constructing Wetlands
 Martin, Laura.

Constructing the Built Environment: The Environmental Impact of Artificial Humidity and Temperature on Worker Bodies in Southern Textile Mill Design: 1880-1940
 Fitzgerald, Gerard.

Coping with floods without an ark: urban nature and local ingenuity in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in the late 20th century
 Sedrez, Lise. and Casa Nova Maia, Andrea.

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Designing a national laboratory: Fermilab’s grand statement
 Ahn, Eun-Joo.

Development of Human Ecology at the University of Chicago: Evidence from the Archives
 Lewis, Jonathan.

Disasters and Memories. Perceptions and Learning from Gujarat, India
 Lakhani, Vikas.

Diseased, Cold, Violent, and Scottish: environmental data and the revision of Scotland’s medieval history.
 Oram, Richard.

Disposability and Sustainability in the 1970s: The Disposable Diaper Paradox
 Smith-Howard, Kendra.

Domesticating the “Naturalists’ Paradise”: Images and the Perception of the Environment in 19th Century Madagascar
 Anderson, Thomas.

Drought Cattle and the Moral Economy of Meat in Socialist Tanzania
 Sunseri, Thaddeus.

DuPont and the Limits of Corporate Environmentalism
 Rome, Adam.

Dumped Munitions in Swiss Lakes – A Historical Perspective on Military Waste Management
 Charrière, Elodie. and Baudouï, Rémi.

Dying Harvests: The Great Plains Agricultural Council’s Efforts to Study Climate Change, Protect Crops, and Solve the 1950s Drought
 Vail, David.


Ecological Imperialism in a European Context: The Incidental Landscapes of War in Napoleonic Italy
 Horan, Joseph.

Ecology on the High Seas: Piracy, Postcolonialism, and the Westward March of Pacific South America
 Wintersteen, Kristin.

Eminent Domain, Environmental Politics, and New York’s $1.00 Prison
 Hall, Clarence.

Empire, Trees, and Climate: Critical Dendroprovenancing in the British North Atlantic
 Greer, Kirsten.

Engineering Nature: Maintaining the Erie Canal in the 19th Century
 Greene, Ann.

Environment, Disease, and Red Army Triumph: from Civil War to NEP, 1918-1921
 Davis, John.

Existence, Action, and Value: The Ethics of Preservation and the Humpback Chub
 Smith, Ian.


Fallen Skies: Near-Earth Space as Global Environment During the Long 1970s
 Rand, Lisa.

Feasts of Change: The Impact of Colonialism, Christianity, and Globalization on Feasting Foods in the Cook Islands, 1900-1950
 Cutting-Jones, Hannah.

Female Empowerment and Gendered Negotiations: How Women Wrote Women into Back-to-the-land during the 1930s
 Padilla Carroll, Valerie.

Fertile Grounds: Māori Market Gardens in Colonial Auckland, New Zealand, 1840-65
 Mackintosh, Lucy.

Fighting War, Fighting Flu: The British Battle with Pandemic Influenza during and after the First World War
 Harris, James.

Following the Sun: The Clean Air Act and Coal’s Westward Migration
 Free, Jonathan.

Following the Wapiti: Historical Inter-species Relationships in Yellowstone National Park before 1886
 Clement, Kerri.

Food Contamination in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
 Longley, Hereward.

Forests or Flying Fortresses? Defining the Public Good in Washington State during World War II
 Macica, Katherine.

Franklinia alatamaha and the Stamp of Extinction
 Enright, Kelly.

From Desert to Development: Coffee and the Transformation of Mexico’s Eden
 Lurtz, Casey.

From Kazakhstan with Love: A USDA Project to Breed Temperate Sugarcanes in Tropical South America
 Lorek, Timothy.

From Wind Roses to Meteorological Maps: Visualizing the Mistral in France and the Mediterranean World
 Dunlop, Catherine.


Game Ranching and the Ecology of Development in the Serengeti, 1961-1967
 Lekan, Thomas.

Gender and Fieldwork at the Bermuda Biological Station, 1903-1932
 Tonn, Jenna.

Germany’s ‘Wooden Walls’: Timber as a Strategic Raw Material during the First World War
 Wilson, Jeffrey.

Ghana’s Akosombo Dam, Technopolitics, and Pan-Africanism
 Miescher, Stephan.

Global Trading Giant or “Have-Not” Country? Natural and National Resource Anxieties in 1930s Japan
 Dinmore, Eric.

Good Tidings: Local Knowledge and High Modernism in the "World's Largest Hay Field"
 Rudin, Ronald.

Gospel of the Gum: Jules-Émile Planchon and the Global Eucalyptus Fever of the Nineteenth Century
 Perry, Jackson.

Greening the Book Industry – or Greenwashing the Book Industry?
 Norrick-Rühl, Corinna. and Vogel, Anke.

Growing Patriots: Victory Gardens, Children, and Civic Identity in World War II
 Day, Anastasia.

Gut Microbes and the Industrial Revolution
 Finger, Thomas.


Harnessing the Leviathan: Science, Cetaceans, and the Cold War
 Colby, Jason.

Henry Chandler Cowles and Chicago Ecology – Revisited
 Cittadino, Gene.

Herbs across Borders: The Regulation of Chinese Medicine in Post-Exclusion America
 Venit-Shelton, Tamara.

Hidden in Plain Sight. The Quiet Architecture of Logistics
 Mauch, Felix.

Hoofed Animals in the Snow: Ungulate Geographies and Indigenous Knowledge in the Little Ice Age
 Wickman, Thomas.


Improving on Nature: Recreational Lake Development, Menominee Sovereignty, and Tribal Restoration
 Dockry, Michael.

Incident at Galisteo: The 1955 Teapot Series and the Mental Landscape of Contamination
 Carr Childers, Leisl.

Industrialization, Metal Mining, and Quantum Leaps in Environmental Impacts: Setting the Stage for the Twentieth Century, 1880-1920
 Quivik, Fredric.

Intersections of Race and Rain: Ensuring the Survival of “White Civilization” in South Africa through Demographic and Climate Engineering, 1890-1934
 McKittrick, Meredith.

Islands of Freedom: The struggle to desegregate Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain National Park 1936-1941
 Williams, Teona.


Jimmy Carter and the Renaissance of American Coal
 Lifset, Robert.

Journaling Weather: Personal and Private Conceptions of the Environment in Personal Diaries of the Cold Decade (1810-20)
 Munger, Sean.


Kentucky’s “Atomic Graveyard”: Maxey Flats and Environmental Inequity in Rural America
 Peyton, Caroline.

Knowing Disorder: Forestry in the U.S. South during the New Deal
 Hyman, Owen.


L.M. Montgomery, the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, and the Search for Environmental History"
 Campbell, Claire.

Layering for the Cold with the M-1943 Field Jacket: How American Military Studies of Climates and Bodies Shaped Popular Style
 Gross, Rachel.

Leading Lights: A History of Modern Lighting in Canada, 1860-1940
 Sandwell, Ruth.

Long-range Forecasts: Prairies, Pampas, and the Role of Big Agriculture in the Hemispheric Movement of Market and Climate Data, 1890-1939

Longue-Durée Environmental History and the “Chicago School” of Geography, 1903-1957
 Nekola, Peter.

Looking for Nature in Urban Gardens
 Mart, Michelle.


Making The Cariño Doctrine: Land Law and Indigenous Rights in the American Colonial Philippines
 Ventura, Theresa.

Managing Wetlands in the Anthropocene
 Weisiger, Marsha.

Manly Nations through Nature: Frontier, Wilderness, Hunting, and Social Class in North America and the Nordic Countries
 Saikku, Mikko.

Material and Affective Extraction in the Standard Oil (New Jersey) Photographic Project
 Roehl, Emily.

Mechanical gardeners and Scientific Sailors: Standardizing Organic Time on Land and at Sea, 1750-1830
 Wersan, Kate.

Medieval Conservation: The Example of French Woodlands
 Keyser, Richard.

Mother (other) Earth: Feminisms, Ecologies, and Alien Worlds
 Messeri, Lisa.

Mummies and Mammoths Melting from Ice: Anthropocene Impacts on History, Archaeology, and Perceptions of the Future
 Carey, Mark.


Natural Resources and Narratives of Progress in Nineteenth-century Brazil and the United States
 Cribelli, Teresa.

Nature and the Anarchist Imagination: May Day and Working-Class Environmental Thought in Gilded Age Chicago
 Fisher, Colin.

Nature´s Revenge: War on the Wilderness during the Opening of Brazil´s ‘Last Western Frontier’
 Silva, Sandro.

No Flatterer: Equine Complicity and Human Veracity in Stuart England
 Roberts Graham, Amber.

North Atlantic Fisheries Revolution, c.1400-1700: climate, ocean productivity, and markets
 Holm, Poul.

Noxious Weeds and Noxious Laws: Cannabis Cultivation and the Botanical Basis of Prohibition in the United States, 1930s-1950s
 Merleaux, April.


Of Cotton and Corn: Guatemala’s Struggle to Define a Sustainable Agro-Ecosystem (1952-1964)
 Chasse, Patrick.

Offshore Submerged Land, U.S. Jurisdictional Assertions, and Oceanic Regime Governance, 1945-53
 Margolies, Dan.

Onions, Peppers, and a “Liddle Tuppentine:” An Environmental History of Dogs and Slaves in the US South
 Parry, Tyler.

Outsourcing Resource Exploitation: The Triumph of Atlantic Canada’s Nineteenth Century Offshore Fisheries, 1866-1916
 McKenzie, Matthew.


Palm Trees and Dreams: The Environmental Vision of the Los Angeles Olympics
 Ramey, Emily.

Partition’s Ecology: India, Pakistan, and Energy in the Cold War
 Shutzer, Matthew.

Pastoral Nomadism of Horse, Sheep, Goat, and Camel in the Historical Middle East
 Manz, Beatrice.

Perdition of the Isles: Pests in British Caribbean Plantations and Slave Gardens, 1750-1793
 Blakley, Christopher.

Perfect Apples, Safe Apples?: Consumers’ Impact on Industrial Pesticide Use in Washington Apple Orchards, 1920-1930
 Van Lanen, Amanda.

Philippine Resettlement: Remaking Political and Environmental Terrains
 Miller, Karen.

Planning on Climate’s Margins: Climate, Migration, and Community Stability in the United States, 1933–1935
 Bergman, James.

Planning on Zero: Infrastructures, Networks, and the Level of the Sea
 Graf von Hardenberg, Wilko.

Planting Land: Trees as a Sustainable Design Element in German Qingdao
 Kneitz, Agnes.

Plumbing the Depths: Drilling as Ecological Knowledge in Texas Oil Communities
 Stanford-McIntyre, Sarah.

Power and the Title: Maasai Group Ranches, Indigenous Rights, and Wildlife Conservation, 1980-2010
 Okech Oyugi, Willis.

Project Documerica and Pre-Carbon Nostalgia in the 1970s
 Wellum, Caleb.

Projecting Risk with Historical Analogs: The Scientific Use of History
 Colten, Craig.

Pursuing the Tajik Sea: negotiating for, and reflecting on, environmental change in Soviet Central Asia (1950s-1960s)
 Roberts, Flora.


Radical Requiems: Refashioning the Body of the Farmed Animal in the Twentieth Century to Sell a Sustainable Future
 Sayer, Karen.

Refugees or Rebels: Policing Environmental Migration in German Southwest Africa
 Lehmann, Philipp.

Regenerating Nature: A British Vision for the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
 Stahl, Dale.

Resorting to Nature? "Green" Developers and American Environmental Politics
 Bryan, William.

Resources for Freedom?: Nature, Nation, and Strategic Minerals in the Early Cold War
 Howe, Joshua.

Rethinking Soil Erosion and Conservation in Lesotho, Southern Africa, c. 1903-1956
 Conz, Christopher.

Revisiting Aldo Leopold Amid New Cultures and Networks of Sustainability
 Forbes, William.

Risk-taking versus sure-thing-taking: changes in Hohokam irrigation over time
 Ertsen, Maurits.

Roundup from the Ground Up: The Supply Side Story of the World’s Most Profitable Herbicide, 1970-Today
 Elmore, Bartow.


Sanitized Landscapes: Racial Identity, Historic Preservation, and Environmentalism in U.S. West Mining Communities
 Frank, Nichelle.

Science and Disability in the Laboratory Environment
 Martucci, Jessica.

Self-Sufficiency Through…Federal Government Assistance? The Back-to-the-Land Movement, Biofuel Development, and the Department of Energy’s Appropriate Energy Technology Grants Program
 Turman, Jinny.

Serving His Nation: Carl Schenck, the Timber Trade, and German Remilitarization, 1918-1945
 Moranda, Scott.

Small Islands in the Revolutionary Caribbean
 Bassi, Ernesto.

Smokey Bear as Exclusionary Icon
 Peters, Catherine.

Soccer Fields and Stormwater Features: Early Green Infrastructure
 Spezio, Teresa.

Social Justice Templates: The Climate Movement and the Abolition, Civil Rights, and Anti-Apartheid Movements
 Wilson, Bob.

State-Tribal Cooperation on the Lower Euphrates: The Ottomans, the Muntafiq, and the Jaza'ir Dam,1840-1880
 Bolanos, Isacar.

Sustainability in Byzantium
 Olson, Alexander.


Teaching “Birth of the Bluegrass”: Lessons from the Arboretum, the Classroom, and the Archives
 Patrick, Andrew.

The "Empire of Law" Goes to Sea: Fur Seals and the Bering Sea Conflict, 1880-1893
 McLennan, Rebecca.

The Birth of Geoengineering. Building and Managing Infrastructures in the Early Stage of the Anthropocene
 Meiske, Martin.

The Business of Plastic Six-Pack Rings
 Kinkela, David.

The City of Gold: The Ecology of Gold in Northeastern Antioquia, 1880–1900
 Campuzano Duque, Lorena.

The Closing of the Interior: The Shared History of Expansion and Environmental Management
 Black, Megan.

The Concrete Space of Industrial Labor, 1900-1930
 Lee, Gabriel.

The Devolution of Marine Sanctuary Development in American Sāmoa
 Poblete, JoAnna.

The Ecological Refugees of the Cotton Belt: Black Migration from Rural Spaces in the Wake of the U.S. Civil War
 Mauldin, Erin.

The European Great Lakes: A Divided History
 Laakkonen, Simo.

The Forest in the City: Elk Island National Park and the Challenges of the Russian National Park System
 Roe, Alan.

The Hazards of Paradise: Place, Public Image, and the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill
 Rhee, Pollyanna.

The High Water Mark of Dutch Brazil: Extreme Weather, Migration, and Indigenous Resistance, 1641-1645
 Cunigan, Nicholas.

The Indigenous Dogs of Early New England: Disease, “Widows,” and Intercultural Conflict
 Roberts, Strother.

The Inscribing Environmental Memory Project: interdisciplinary environmental humanities, archaeology and Icelandic Sagas
 Hartman, Steven. and Hambrecht, George.

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Waste Lands: The Role of Expertise and Technology in Plans for Overcoming Natural Limits in the Early-20th-Century U. S. West
 Gregg, Sara.

Wasting Coconuts? Competing Visions for Environments and Economies in French Pacific Islands, 1900-1960
 Stevens, Kate.

Weighing the Cost: Regulation and its Discontents in the 1970s
 Woodhouse, Keith.

Wetlands as Wastelands: Soggy Lands, Wasted Bodies
 Carlson, Anthony.

What Clean Should Smell Like: Body Work, Laundry, and the Politics of Nature in the US, 1931-1947
 Greeney, Spring.

What Grows in the Greenhouse? Herman Miller and Design for the Environment, 1942-2017
 Zimring, Carl.

When Cities Became Ecosystems: How ecologists discovered urban nature, why it took them so long to do so, and what they found when they did
 Alagona, Peter.

Wild Roots: The Social and Environmental impact of the Ginseng Market on Haudenosaunee Communities
 Hopkins, Kelly.

Working Like a Dog: The Question of Urban Dog Labor in 19th-Century America
 Robichaud, Andrew.

World Views and the Changing Human Place in Tidal Wetlands
 Hatvany, Matthew.


Zooarchaeology and Icelandic Fisheries- Progress and Potentials
 Feeley, Francis. and Harrison, Ramona.
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