ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03

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Designing a national laboratory: Fermilab’s grand statement
 Ahn, Eun-Joo.

Development of Human Ecology at the University of Chicago: Evidence from the Archives
 Lewis, Jonathan.

Disasters and Memories. Perceptions and Learning from Gujarat, India
 Lakhani, Vikas.

Diseased, Cold, Violent, and Scottish: environmental data and the revision of Scotland’s medieval history.
 Oram, Richard.

Disposability and Sustainability in the 1970s: The Disposable Diaper Paradox
 Smith-Howard, Kendra.

Domesticating the “Naturalists’ Paradise”: Images and the Perception of the Environment in 19th Century Madagascar
 Anderson, Thomas.

Drought Cattle and the Moral Economy of Meat in Socialist Tanzania
 Sunseri, Thaddeus.

DuPont and the Limits of Corporate Environmentalism
 Rome, Adam.

Dumped Munitions in Swiss Lakes – A Historical Perspective on Military Waste Management
 Charrière, Elodie. and Baudouï, Rémi.

Dying Harvests: The Great Plains Agricultural Council’s Efforts to Study Climate Change, Protect Crops, and Solve the 1950s Drought
 Vail, David.

ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03
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