ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03

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Improving on Nature: Recreational Lake Development, Menominee Sovereignty, and Tribal Restoration
 Dockry, Michael.

Incident at Galisteo: The 1955 Teapot Series and the Mental Landscape of Contamination
 Carr Childers, Leisl.

Industrialization, Metal Mining, and Quantum Leaps in Environmental Impacts: Setting the Stage for the Twentieth Century, 1880-1920
 Quivik, Fredric.

Intersections of Race and Rain: Ensuring the Survival of “White Civilization” in South Africa through Demographic and Climate Engineering, 1890-1934
 McKittrick, Meredith.

Islands of Freedom: The struggle to desegregate Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain National Park 1936-1941
 Williams, Teona.

ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03
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