ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03

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L.M. Montgomery, the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, and the Search for Environmental History"
 Campbell, Claire.

Layering for the Cold with the M-1943 Field Jacket: How American Military Studies of Climates and Bodies Shaped Popular Style
 Gross, Rachel.

Leading Lights: A History of Modern Lighting in Canada, 1860-1940
 Sandwell, Ruth.

Long-range Forecasts: Prairies, Pampas, and the Role of Big Agriculture in the Hemispheric Movement of Market and Climate Data, 1890-1939

Longue-Durée Environmental History and the “Chicago School” of Geography, 1903-1957
 Nekola, Peter.

Looking for Nature in Urban Gardens
 Mart, Michelle.
ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03
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