ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03

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Teaching “Birth of the Bluegrass”: Lessons from the Arboretum, the Classroom, and the Archives
 Patrick, Andrew.

The "Empire of Law" Goes to Sea: Fur Seals and the Bering Sea Conflict, 1880-1893
 McLennan, Rebecca.

The Birth of Geoengineering. Building and Managing Infrastructures in the Early Stage of the Anthropocene
 Meiske, Martin.

The Business of Plastic Six-Pack Rings
 Kinkela, David.

The City of Gold: The Ecology of Gold in Northeastern Antioquia, 1880–1900
 Campuzano Duque, Lorena.

The Closing of the Interior: The Shared History of Expansion and Environmental Management
 Black, Megan.

The Concrete Space of Industrial Labor, 1900-1930
 Lee, Gabriel.

The Devolution of Marine Sanctuary Development in American Sāmoa
 Poblete, JoAnna.

The Ecological Refugees of the Cotton Belt: Black Migration from Rural Spaces in the Wake of the U.S. Civil War
 Mauldin, Erin.

The European Great Lakes: A Divided History
 Laakkonen, Simo.

The Forest in the City: Elk Island National Park and the Challenges of the Russian National Park System
 Roe, Alan.

The Hazards of Paradise: Place, Public Image, and the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill
 Rhee, Pollyanna.

The High Water Mark of Dutch Brazil: Extreme Weather, Migration, and Indigenous Resistance, 1641-1645
 Cunigan, Nicholas.

The Indigenous Dogs of Early New England: Disease, “Widows,” and Intercultural Conflict
 Roberts, Strother.

The Inscribing Environmental Memory Project: interdisciplinary environmental humanities, archaeology and Icelandic Sagas
 Hartman, Steven. and Hambrecht, George.

The Making of Environmental Carcinogens
 Creager, Angela.

The Mexican American Leopolds: Decolonizing Love and the Land
 Ybarra, Priscilla.

The Most Laissez Faire: International Comparison as Energy Policy in the Interwar United States
 Spinak, Abby.

The New Right’s Stuff: Space Exploration, the Hippie Counterculture, and the Rise of the “Conservative Crescent”
 Maher, Neil.

The Open-Pit Workscape: Industrial Exposure and Mining Labor During the Shift from Underground to Open-Pit Copper Mining
 Leech, Brian.

The Paramour of Capital: Opium, State-Making, and the Geographies of Malwa
 Ray, Shatam.

The People’s Parks and Sidewalks: Environments of the Early Disability Rights Movement
 Williamson, Bess.

The Resurrection of Harlem Creek: Environmental Racism or Urban Revitalization?
 Hurley, Andrew.

The Soviet Union’s River Border: Engineering Economic Change and Political Reality on the Amu Darya, 1917-1937
 Reid, Patryk.

The Story of the Illinois Prairie Path: How a Group of Suburban Women Built a Regional Citizenship and Connected Communities to Nature
 Keller, Anne.

The Times of Sand
 Benson, Etienne.

The Transnational Veins of Coal: Regional Coal Ecologies and the Revival of Coal in the 1970s
 Dolata, Petra.

The Turning Point in Amazon Deforestation: Historical Shift or Contextual Phenomenon?
 Padua, Jose-Augusto.

The “Peaceful Conquest” of Kopaïda
 Idol, David.

Think Globally, Act Nationally: The Translation and Transformation of The Limits to Growth
 Knott, Cheryl.

Thinking with "chemical stories"
 Ignani, Esther.

Thoreau, Wilderness, and The Maine Woods: The Uncertain Invention of an Environmental Icon
 Judd, Richard.

Thoreau’s Challenge: The Image, Reality, and Promise of Revolution
 Richie McGuire, Mary.

Tourist Mobility and Environmental Adaptation in the Italian Alps

Toward an Evolutionary History of Slavery
 Kercsmar, Joshua.

Trans-Local Stories of Lighting Innovations in the c19th English Country House
 Moore, Abigail.

Transhumance, Between Mode de Vie and Mise en Valeur in the Middle Atlas
 Young, Patrick.

Transhumant Temporalities in Ottoman Anatolia
 Gratien, Christopher.

Translating Environments: technologies of access for environmental education
 Whitney, Kristoffer.

Trapped in a spiral of risk? The case for re-allowing floods in the Danube basins’ floodplains.
 Winiwarter, Verena., Haidvogl, Gertrud., Spitzbart-Glasl, Christina. and Hohensinner, Severin.

Tread Lightly: Contested Ecologies at the La Brea Tar Pits
 Laurence, Alison.

Tributaries of Sovereignty: The Klamath Tribal Approach to Water Management and Ecological Restoration
 Bilka, Monika.
ASEH Annual Conference 2017-Mar-29 to 2017-Apr-03
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