ASEH Annual Conference 2018-Mar-14 to 2018-Mar-19

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"A Golden Mean betwixt two Extremes": Climate, Coldness and Colonialism, c. 1500 – 1700
 Meredith, Tayler.

"The Lofty Trees Have Fallen...The Wild Beasts Are No More": The 1626 Purchase of Manhattan in Nineteenth-Century Environmental Memory
 McErleane, Stephen.

"Water is Life!" Urban Austerity, Social Reproduction, and African American Women’s Water Activism in Detroit and Flint
 Rector, Josiah.

"Wyoming Oil is Our Bread and Butter": How Wyoming Towns Confronted Economic and Environmental Impacts of Refinery Closures, 1940-2000
 Roberts, Phil.

7.6 Billion Tons of Garbage Doesn’t Weigh What It Used To: U.S. Waste Statistics and a History of Contestation
 Krones, Jonathan.

‘Big Ag’ in Small-town America: How Olivia Breeds and Grows Corn for a Global Market
 Liepold, Annka.

‘Dethroning the Goddess of GNP’: Environmental Criticisms of Economic Measurement and International Development, 1960-1975
 Macekura, Stephen.

‘Maquilapolis’ and the Alamar River: Transborder Power Flows and Toxic Site Remediation at the Tijuana-San Diego Border, 1972-2008
 Schutten, Carolyn.

‘The United States gains nothing by the proposed guarantee to Mexico’: The Water Treaty of 1944, the New Deal, and the Limits of Sovereignty
 Harvey, Sean.

“A Deluge of Possibilities: How Flooding and Evaporation in the Salton Basin Shaped Scientific, Political and Environmental Thought in the Southwest, 1905-1924”
 Luce, Todd.

“A Shameless Upheaval”: Cattle, Capitalism, and the Genocide of California Indians
 Karp, Michael.

“A Worn-Out Country”: The Ecological Consequences of the Merino Boom and Bust in New South Wales and the Cape Colony, 1820-1850
 Capps, Maura.

“Cool freedom is far better than hot oppression”: Climate and Slavery in the Antebellum South
 Hauser, Jason.

“El Río de los Temblores, Agua Mansa, and the 1862 Pacific Slope Megaflood”
 Cowan, William.

“Every Guide Comes Back to the Colorado”: River Running & Adventure Tourism on the Colorado River & Abroad
 Porterfield, Sara.

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A Landscape of Non-Renewable Resource Use: Natural Gas Pipelines, Groundwater Irrigation, and the Transformation of High Plains Agroecosystems, 1950-1980
 Watson, Andrew.

A Mantra for Elephants: Wellness for Charismatic Mammals and Humans in Southeast Asia in 19th century Malayan manuscripts
 Zakaria, Faizah.

A National Park in the Wasteland: American and National Park Service Perceptions of the Desert
 Dilsaver, Lary.

A Reexamination of the "Lumberman's Frontier" in the Gulf South, 1850-1900
 Hodge, Joshua.

A Target Case: Replacing Industrial Waste with Consumer Waste in Woburn, Massachusetts
 Williams, Johnathan.

Admixing Empire: Asphalt, Colonial Difference, and the Built Environment in Seoul
 Grunow, Tristan.

An Altered Landscape: Malaria Control and Environmental Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago 1941 – 1962
 McCollin, Debbie.

Anthropiodenial. On the coevolution of willful food contamination and consumer society
 Kneitz, Agnes.

Aquatic dreams: Invisible and imagined water in colonial South West Africa
 McKittrick, Meredith.

Assembling an Ecotopian Toolkit
 Wiggin, Bethany.

Assessing the Past: Environmental Impact Assessments and Contested Historical Narratives in the Yukon Territory
 Iceton, Glenn.


Being East to the Great Lake: Sovereign Tasks, Communities, and Technologies in the Early Nineteenth-Century China
 Wang, You.

Being Inside: Living and Dying in the Technosphere
 Otter, Chris.

Between Food Insecurity and Empowerment – The Struggle for Urban Agriculture in Detroit, 1967-2017
 Torres Ruiz, Elena.

Between Internment and Environmentalism: Ecological debates over Japanese-American Relocation at the Colorado Indian Reservation
 Ruiz, Stevie.

Bird Pirates, Border Islands, and Non-Colonial Sovereignty: The Origins of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, c.1900-1909
 Kreitman, Paul.

Bird migration, global environmental crisis, and the concept of wetlands
 O\'Gorman, Emily.

Black Environmentalism in an Age of Urban Crisis: Detroit in the 1960s and 1970s
 Ward, Brandon.

Bowhead Whale Hunting in a Cooling Arctic, 1610-1640
 Degroot, Dagomar.

Breeding the Bluegrass: A Political Ecology of Kentucky's Bluegrass Region
 Tyrrell, Brian.

Brinda Sarathy
 Sarathy, Brinda.

Building a Communal Environment: Back-to-the-Land in Mendocino
 Stein, Gary.

Bundling Local Knowledge: Reginald Daly’s Geological Survey through the Mountains of the Southernmost Canadian Cordillera
 Marcille, Andrew.


Camp Pendleton as a Sentinel Landscape: An Introduction to Researching DOD Environmental Matters
 Mansavage, Jean.

Can you smell that? Odor thresholds and the appearance of quantitative power in water analysis
 Spackman, Christy.

Captive Care: Commercial Parrot-Breeding Aviaries in South Africa
 Jacobs, Nancy.

Catastrophic Connections: Mining Disasters and International Answers at the Porcupine Camp, 1909-1929
 Jorgenson, Mica.

Chasing Nature: The Amalgamation of Industrial Recycling and Ecological Action in the 1970s.
 Hazlett, Jon.

Chastisement for Dreamers: The Chihuahuan Desert and U.S.-Mexico Deportation Policy
 Gutiérrez, Laura.

Cincinnati and the Ecology of Race
 Gioielli, Robert.

Circulating People, Ecologies and Commodities in the “Cantonese Pacific”: Chinese migration and environmental exchange, 1790s-1920s
 Beattie, James.

Civilization’s Magic Number: From the 33% ‘Taux de Boisement’ to Contemporary Forestry Conundrums
 Davis, Diana. and Robbins, Paul.

Climate for Health, Wealth, and Residence: Climatic Thinking and Region-Making in Southern California
 Culver, Lawrence.

Climate, Development, and Adaptation in Late 19th Century Mexico: The Porfirian Desagüe
 Garza, James.

Climate, Slavery, and the Case of Colonial Georgia
 Johnston, Katherine.

Climate, food & energy. Krakow’s climate in the last millennium and its impact on the city
 Wnęk, Konrad.

Collection and Contention: The Power of Environmental Impact Statements
 Knott, Cheryl.

Colonial Woods: The Forests of Garhwal-Kumaon and the British Environmental Imagination
 Weaver, Stewart.

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Dark Green Tourism: Carceral Conservation in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
 Edwards, Ryan.

Deep Time Domesticated: Nostalgia, Oil Culture, and Sinclair's Dinoland
 Laurence, Alison.

Desertification in the Sahel and the Long Shadow of Empire
 Lehmann, Philipp.

Development and the Biological Management of Empire: Tropical Agriculture in Early Twentieth-Century Hawai‘i
 Wang, Jessica.

Dictatorship and Dam Building in Brazil: Modifying Nature and Institutionalizing the Environment
 Capellini, Nathalia.

Did Sixteenth-Century Vietnam Suffer a Climatic Downturn? A Possibility to Reconstruct Premodern Vietnamese Perceptions of Climate
 Corsi, Hieu.

Die Rolls, Casting Spells, and Meeples: Examining Environmental Values in 21st Century Video, Board, and Card Games
 Blum, Elizabeth.

Digitizing Water Resources for Researchers: A Public Library’s Approach
 Zackmann, Kelly.

Disciplining Nature: The Large Hydroelectric Projects of the Last Military Dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983)
 Zarrilli, Adrian.

Discordant Empire: Natural History Collection along the 1850s U.S.-Mexico Border
 Menchaca, Celeste.

Distributive Preservation & Heritage Livestock
 Boniface, Katrin.

Divining a Desert’s Future: The California Desert Conservation Area
 Woodhouse, Keith.

Down Lovers’ Lane: A Brief History of Necking in Cars
 Johnston, Michael.

DuPont on Everest: Commercial Sponsorship of Expeditions
 Gross, Rachel.

Dust Breeding: Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and the Visual Rhetoric of Drought
 Housefield, James.


Early-Modern Plastic: How Whale Baleen Shaped the Culture of Tokugawa Japan
 Arch, Jakobina.

Eating Poisoned Catfish: Food Justice and the Triana DDT Case, 1971-1983
 Senaga, Karen.

Ecology in the Age of the World Target: Asia-Pacific Histories of the “Hotspot”
 Peckham, Robert.

Economic Growth Theory in the Public Sphere
 Jones, Chris.

Economizing Environmental Policy: Chemical Testing, International Trade, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
 Lanier-Christensen, Colleen.

Encounters on land and lagoon: Reconstructing pathways to power in pre-colonial Lagos (1845-1852)
 Adelusi-Adeluyi, Ademide.

Engineering the Earth: The Emergence of the “Earth System” Concept at NASA, 1978-1982
 Barton, Jenifer.

England’s Search for a Northwest Passage in the Context of a Changing Climate
 White, Sam.

Eroticism and Outrages at the Elysian Fields, 1830-1898
 Plater, Marika.

Exhibitions Making History: Community Engagement with Photographs of 1930s Gardeners on the Crow Indian Reservation
 Ott, Cindy.

Experimenting with Care, Conservation, and Decolonization in a Colonial Home, Sarawak 1955-1966 and 2008-2010
 Parrenas, Juno.


Fallen Trees: Forests and Reshaping the Memory of the First World War
 Keller, Tait.

Finding New Frontiers of Value in the Logging Labor Process, 1900-1950
 Newton, Jason.

Finding Women in the History of Lighting: the case of the English home, 1815-1900
 Sayer, Karen.

For the “Common Wealth of the Earth”: Protestant Churches and Agricultural Development in Latin America's Cold War
 Holdorf, Anna.

Forest Management as Underdevelopment: Land Reform, Logging, and Commercial Agriculture in Green Revolution Mexico
 Boyer, Chris.

From Bleeding to Breeding: Power, Profit and Preservation of Medical Leeches in Nineteenth-Century France
 Kirk, Robert. and Serviant-Fine, Thibaut.

From Madeira to Terra Nova: Fishermen and Empire at Newfoundland 1497-1527
 Bouchard, Jack.

From Soil Erosion to Global Warming: The Postwar International Origins of Global-scale Environmental Crisis
 Selcer, Perrin.

From a Shared Religious Space to Rubble: The Monastery of Surb Garabed, 1849-1915
 Miller, Owen.

From pollution sinks to Eco-Town: Sustainability transition experience in Minamata, Japan
 Lee, Kyungsun.

From wind to wave: renewable energy, the Orkney Islands, and the British State, 1950-2017.
 Dudley, Marianna.

Fuel Forests: Charcoal Promotion and the Politics of Warmth in Colonial Korea
 Fedman, David.


Gail Borden’s Meat Biscuit: waste, nature, and imperial capitalism
 Haushofer, Lisa.

Game of Horsepower: Robert Yellowtail, Crow Horses, and Native American Power during the 1930s.
 Clement, Kerri.

Gendered Whitewater Adventurers from the Gates of Lodore through Grand Canyon
 Weisiger, Marsha.

Geographic Perspectives: Narrative Power In Protecting Public Landscapes
 Colten, Craig.

Good Maple
 Donahue, Brian.

Guardians of the Big Trees: "Buffalo Soldiers" in Sequoia and General Grant National Parks
 Mason, Kathy.

Guiding the Colorado: Labor, Politics, and Identity
 Coleman, Annie.


Habitual Delinquents, Sometime Assassins: Dispossession, Power, and Violence in the Forest in Nineteenth-century France
 Matteson, C..

Health, Immunity, and Ecology in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1877-1879
 Engineer, Urmi.

Hessian Flies, Wheat Midges, and Female Scientific Authority
 McNeur, Catherine.

High Modernism Afloat: Pacific Vastness and Floating City Projects as Part of an "Oceanic Colonizing Mission" since the late 1950s
 Huebner, Stefan.

History from Below: The Currents of Power Relations in Postwar Groundwater Development in the U.S. West
 Marsh, Kevin.

Human Movement and Animal DIsease in the Jazira, 1870-1940
 Dolbee, Samuel.

Hurricane of the New South
 Grego, Caroline.


Identity, environment and astronomy. The case of Chile in the 1960s.
 Silva, Barbara.

Imagined natures: the myth of Krakow as the garden city and its perilous consequences for the city’s coping with ecological crises
 Praczyk, Malgorzata.

Immunocapital: Yellow Fever, Acclimation, and Power in the Deep South, 1803 to 1860
 Olivarius, Kathryn.

Involuntary Migrations of Enslavement and Ecological Injustice
 Pellow, David.

Ishi’s return to Deer Creek and Photographs as Evidence
 Wolfe, Byron.

It’s Morning in Vietnam for Monsanto: Life After Agent Orange for a GMO Giant
 Elmore, Bartow.


Javanese Nature as Empire’s Laboratory: Economic Botany and the New Imperialism, 1817-1900
 Adam, Luthfi.


KaSkukuza: The Kruger National Park in the political calculus of the lowveld
 Dlamini, Jacob.

Knowing Nature, Settling Capital: Cyclones, Empire, and Sugar in Early 20th Century Mauritius
 Rouphail, Robert.

Kuznets, Frankenstein, and the GNP Monster
 Bivar, Venus.


La Muralla Verde: Trash, Green Space, and the Image of Authoritarian Buenos Aires, 1976-1983
 Hoyt, Jennifer.

Land Reform as a Source of Violent Conflict: The Dynamics of Natural Resource Conflicts in the Fast Track Land Resettlement Areas of Zimbabwe.
 Doro, Elijah.

Landscapes, Law and the Governance of Itinerancy in Colonial Northeast India
 Medhi, Abhilash.

Legacies of the Cold War: Environmental Degradation and the Ongoing Quest for Justice in the Republic of Marshall Islands
 Smith-Norris, Martha.

Lesbian Rangers, Ecosexuals, and a Brief Modern History of Queer Outdoor Sex
 Seymour, Nicole.

Lessons from the Holocene: Adaptation, Resilience, and Vulnerability in the Great Basin of the American West
 Garone, Philip.

Let it Grow?: Environmentalism and the North Carolina Christmas Tree Industry
 Thomas, Aaron.

Liminality within Reconfigurations of Territoriality in Indo-Pacific Waters. Migrating Tuna, Knowledge Economies and Ocean Politics in the 20th Century
 Heé, Nadin.

Lithium and Development Imaginaries in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia
 Barandiarán, Javiera.

Living in a polluted environment: from early modern to a communist city
 Szpak, Ewelina.

Local or Global? Late Ottoman Environmental Crises in Global Climatic Perspective
 pehlivan, zozan.

Logistics, Labor, and Land: The origins of goods movement in the Inland Empire
 Sarathy, Brinda.

Loving the Uglies: Fiendish Representations of Deep Ocean Creatures
 Davis, Kathryn.


Making ‘a way in the wilderness’: the colonial hydrology of arid Western Australia, 1860s-1900s
 Morgan, Ruth.

Managing American Climate Data
 Grossman, Sara.

Mapping Nomads in the Japanese Empire: Digital Methods in Environmental History
 Christmas, Sakura.

Marine Submersion and the Moral Geography of Port Royal, Jamaica
 Pastore, Christopher.

Matters of Abstraction: Making Commodities in Egyptian Cotton Markets, 1882-1912
 Primel, Casey.

Measuring Prisons’ Environmental Impacts in the Adirondack Park, 1976-1999
 Hall, Clarence.

Mexican Canals and Indian Tube Wells in the Making of the Green Revolution
 Soto Laveaga, Gabriela.

Mistakes on the Lake: Coastal Engineering on the Great Lakes
 Wlasiuk, Jon.

Molecularizing Hazard: Toxicological Information and Environmental Protection
 Hepler-Smith, Evan.

Monstrous histories, Indigenous cultural revitalization, and the remaking of shíshálh forests in the Pacific Northwest
 Roy, Susan. and Silvey, Jessica.

Mosquito Warfare: Insect Science and Environmental Degradation in Cold War Canada
 Wiseman, Matthew.


Native Hawaiian Workers’ Bodies and Ecologies of Self-Care
 Rosenthal, Gregory.

Nature State as a Frontier State: national parks and frontier development in Brazil, 1937-1980
 Freitas, Frederico.

Nature and Empire in Early British Mountaineering
 Duffy, Andrea.

Nature on Trial: Collier v. Postum and the Evidence for Natural Food
 Kideckel, Michael.

Nature’s “reserves”: Public lands, science and environmental conservation in colonial Philippines, 1903-1933
 Pagunsan, Ruel.

Negotiating Survival: Resource conservation and utilisation in the context of shifting environmental and socio-political landscapes in rural Zimbabwe’s Mberengwa district, c.1980 – 2015
 Hove, Godfrey.

No Refuge: The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System and the Industrialization of the Arctic
 Wight, Philip.

Not One Dissident Voice: Tla’amin Assertions of Power Over Forest Resources in British Columbia, 1870-1930
 Osmond, Colin.

Nuisance in the Fields: Technological Change in the Antebellum South Carolina Lowcountry
 Smith, Hayden.


Of Oldtimers and Construction Wizards: Environmental Expertise on the Canol Project
 Adcock, Tina.

Oklahoma, 1939: Photography as Drift
 Weems, Jason.

On Mobile Geologies With Fellow Travelers: The Charisma and Social Work of Earthquake Magnitude
 Reddy, Elizabeth.

Overlapping and Crosscut: Delineating Indigenous Power in the History of Industrial Logging on British Columbia’s North Coast, 1894-1985
 May, Nicholas.


Past Drought Management Strategies in the Mediterranean World: the case of the South-east of France in the Late Little Ice Age (1700-1850)
 Maughan, Nicolas.

Paul Sutter
 Sutter, Paul.

Penny-Wisdom: An Environmental Reappraisal of the Market Revolution in Early National New England
 Nivison, Kenneth.

Perceptions of Danger: Understanding the Role of Fear in Women’s Energy Decisions
 Sandwell, Ruth.

Petrol for the Padişah or Power Outage?: Toward an Ottoman History of Oil and Energy Michael Christopher Low
 Low, Michael.

Pious Subjects, Reluctant Foresters: Buddhist Monasteries and the Expansion of State Forestry in Southern Korea, 1724-1894
 Lee, John.

Planning for Prosperity, Planning for War: The New Deal and War Mobilization in the Pacific Northwest
 Macica, Katherine.

Poland’s Golden Centuries and the Little Ice Age: Studying the Impact of Climate Change on Economy Using Natural Scientific and Historical Data
 Izdebski, Adam.

Power and Preservation: New Deal Work Relief and the Transformation of Chaco Canyon
 Carver, Benjamin.

Power in Doubt: How Exxon Transformed the Climate Change Debate
 Lutz, Raechel.

Power to the people! Energy, environment and equity in South African history
 Carruthers, Jane.

Primatology between Japanese and Colombian scientists and the FARC, 1996-2002
 Leal, Claudia.

Public-Private Preservation: The National Park Service and Boy Scout Naturalists, 1913-1933
 Jordan, Benjamin.

Pulling the Pieces Together: Providing Access to Water Resources
 Kato, Tanya.

Pumping Gas: Green Liberalism and the Politics of Energy, Transportation, and Climate Change, 1987-93
 Wollet, Benjamin.


Race and the Environment: An Asian American Critique
 Park, Lisa.

Race and the Logic of Capital: How White Supremacy Accelerated Deforestation in the American South
 Hyman, Owen.

Rayon empowerment: Producing artificial silk in the Appalachian South in the 1920s
 Lee, Jongmin.

Red, White, and Bottled: America in the Age of Branded Water
 Duncan, Samuel.

Redwoods and Reefer: The Deep Ecology of Humboldt County
 Rinn, Daniel.

Remembering the River that Used to Be: Personal Memories and Environmental Change in the Nineteenth Century
 Kiechle, Melanie.

Removing the “Best American Beach”: Environmental Privilege on the Los Angeles Waterfront
 Fingal, Sara.

Research and Teaching on the Environmental History of Vietnam
 Biggs, David.

Rethinking Yellow Fever’s Atlantic World History
 Sutter, Paul.

Rethinking the Deforestation Narratives in the Late Ottoman Empire
 Dursun, Selcuk.

Revolutionary Mountaineering: The Chinese Expedition to Everest, 1966-1968
 Greene, Maggie.


SHTEAM—A Spoken-Word Defense of the Humanities
 Price, Jenny.

Save the bird! Hunting legislation and avian conservation in Fascist Italy.
 Graf von Hardenberg, Wilko.

Saving the World with Junk Mail: Power, Pollution, and Environmental Politics in the Mailbox
 Case, Andrew.

Seeing the Forest for the Microbes: A History of Land Use Change and Emerging Epidemic Disease in Melbourne, Australia, 1837-1890
 Webster, Emily.

Seeing the Nation for the Trees: Białowieza Forest, Ecological Masculinity, Motherhood, and the Debate on Polish National Identity
 Bakhmetyeva, Tatyana.

Sex in the Reeds: Disciplining Nature and Cultivating Virtue in Boston’s Back Bay Fens
 Nowak, Zachary.

Shifting Lands Across the Border: The Colorado River, a Farmers Banco, and Territorial Ambitions in the California Borderlands, 1905-1936
 Grant, Daniel.

Silviculture, Capitalist Modernity, and the Systemic Extermination of Coastal Redwood
 Cox, Christopher.

Social Engineering in the Age of Oil: Race, Energy, and the Rebirth of the Cherokee Nation, 1949-1975
 Boxell, Mark.

South Texas Stories: An Oral/Aural History Project
 Brown, Jen.

Spanish Wetlands in the Anthropocene
 Hamilton, Sarah.

Spray-On Climates: Wastewater Disposal, Land Reclamation, and the Reconceptualization of Drought in the 1950s
 Bergman, James.

Stories From an Accidental Reef
 Heasley, Lynne.

StoryMapping a Field Guide to San Diego’s Military Environment: Opportunities and Pitfalls of Collaborative Student Research
 Elkind, Sarah.

Surveying Sites Unseen: Trees, Representation, and Power
 Leib, Charlotte.

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Taking care of the Amazon. Life and labor in Brazil’s Extractive Reserves (1980s-2010s)
 Barca, Stefania.

Taming Nature’s Toxins: Power, Knowledge, and Environments in Postcolonial Kenya
 Mueller, Lucas.

Tapping Ghanaians: Kwame Nkrumah’s Rubber Scheme, 1958-68
 Lambert, Keri.

Tapping Into a Reservoir of New Knowledge
 Hahn, Michelle.

That Oil Folks: The 1980s Texas Oil Crisis as Environmental Watershed
 Stanford-McIntyre, Sarah.

The Aboveground Ecology of an Underground Mine: A Comparison of Uranium Tailings and their Treatment in the U.S. Desert, Soviet Steppe, and Canadian Shield
 Mellor, Robynne.

The Climate of ‘Electroculture’
 Wersan, Kate.

The Climatic Origins of Arbor Day
 Giacomelli, Joseph.

The Ebro River as a Weapon of War: Dams, Floods and Pontoons in the Final Battle of the Spanish Civil War (1938)
 Gorostiza, Santiago.

The End of the Earth: Disaster and Eschatology in Cold War Honduras
 Okie, William.

The Environment-Power- Injustice Nexus through the Lens of Water in Zimbabwe
 Musemwa, Muchaparara.

The Environmental Context of the Tobacco Protest in Nineteenth-Century Iran
 Kazemi, Ranin.

The Great Storm of 1703 and Power Dynamics between Scotland and England
 Klinger, Patrick.

The Legacy of Salmonscam: Treaty Rights and Natural Resource Management in the Post-Boldt Pacific Northwest
 Dougherty, John J..

The Mechanization and Medicalization of Plantation Landscapes in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1820-1860
 Willoughby, Chris.

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Unearthing Latin American Metals: Tropical Gold in the Nineteenth-Century Mining Booms
 Campuzano Duque, Lorena.

Unlikely Alliance: Technological Cooperation between Hungary and Latin American States during the Cold War. An Environmental History
 Pal, Viktor.

Urban Catastrophe: Mexico City and the Environmental Politics of Development During the Twentieth Century
 Vitz, Matthew.


Vulnerable Landscapes, Resilient Peoples: Anecdotes from the Roof of the World
 Clements, Philip.


Waste and the Workplace: The Chernobyl Accident in Relief
 Brown, Kate.

Water Buffalo Herding in the Tigris-Euphrates Marshes, 1534-1590
 Husain, Faisal.

Water Without Borders: Tribes and Water Rights along the Ottoman-Qajar Frontier
 Bolanos, Isacar.

Watered Down: Political Power and the Missed Opportunity of the Rural Clean Water Program, 1977-1990
 Nygren, Joshua.

What is infinite about infinite growth?
 Albritton Jonsson, Fredrik.

What is the Panamanian Interoceanic Corridor?
 Bonilla, Francisco.

Where is Gender in American Climate Justice?
 Sasser, Jade.

Who Eats Who? Land, Labor, and Disease in the Making of the Firestone Plantations Company
 Mitman, Gregg.

World War II Corporate Victory Gardens: Fruits and Vegetables of Industry
 Day, Anastasia.


Yellow Fever and Environmental Medical Theory in Antebellum New Orleans, 1817-1824
 Warden, Paul.
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