Economics of Population Health: Inaugural Conference of the American Society of Health Economists 2006-Jun-04 to 2006-Jun-07

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(In)Consistency of Preference Ratings: Results Using Three Methods of Preference Elicitation
 Gillespie, Kathleen., Andresen, Elena., Boslaugh, Sarah. and Recktenwald, Angela.


A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Female Primary Education as a Means of Reducing HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
 Brent, Robert.

A Cross-Disciplinary Survey of the Empirical Evidence of Adverse Selection in Health Care Markets
 Cardon, James., Hall, Jonathan. and Showalter, Mark.

A Dynamic Model of Health
 Leger, Pierre., Allard, Marie. and Jelovac, Izabela.

A Framework for Making the Business and Social Case for Investment in Health Promotion Services: The Case of Smoking Cessation
 Fishman, Paul. and Edwards, Rhiannon.

A Lower Price of Child Survival Lowers Fertility: Testing Quality Quantity Tradeoff In Africa
 Zhao, Feng. and Bishai, David.

A Model of Personal and Ecologic Characteristics to Explain Deprivation in US Healthcare access
 Dodoo, Martey. and Phillips, Jr, Robert.

A Multi-linear Multi-Attribute Utility Function for the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 System
 Feeny, David., Furlong, William., Torrance, George., Goldsmith, Charles., DePauw, Sonja. and Kingston-Riechers, JoAnn.

A Multimodal Model of Health Care Prices
 Craig, Benjamin. and Deb, Partha.

A Neural Network Approach to Modeling the Hospital Choices of Rural Illinois Breast Cancer Patients
 Robertson, Richard. and McNamara, Paul.

A Review and Synthesis of the Cost and Benefits of Health Facilities Regulation in the U.S.
 Conover, Christopher.

A Review and Synthesis of the Cost and Benefits of Health Insurance Regulation in the U.S.
 Conover, Christopher.

A Review and Synthesis of the Cost and Benefits of Health Professionals Regulation in the U.S.
 Conover, Christopher.

A Study on the Influencing Factors in Physician’s Prescribing Original Drug in Korea
 Kim, Seongok.

A study of income-motivated behavior among general practitioners
 Iversen, Tor.

Accounting for changes in morbidity among the non-elderly in the U.S.
 Imai, Kumiko., Gregg, Edward., Cheng, Yiling. and Zhang, Ping.

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Barrieers of the Demand of Health Services of Nepal?
 Pant, Kiran.

Bayesian Analysis of Health Care Provider Choice in Rural India
 Borah, Bijan.

Before you advocate, do your sensitivity analysis: The evidence for reforming the Medicare physician payment system
 Dodoo, Martey. and Phillips, Jr, Robert.


Can you afford to exercise? Effects of time and money income on physical activity and the body mass
 Thakur, Nidhi.

Can “Lifetime Cover” (Be Made To) Work?
 Connelly, Luke. and Brown, Henry.

Choosing Health versus Wealth: A Laboratory Survey
 Graboyes, Robert.

Clinical Trial Participation and Prescription Drug Use
 Kilgore, Meredith. and Goldman, Dana.

Cohort Turnover and Productivity: The July Phenomenon in Teaching Hospitals
 Huckman, Robert. and Barro, Jason.

Collective Equipose and Therapeutic Misconception: On the Consequences of Selection for Clinical Research
 Byrne, Margaret. and Thompson, Peter.

Comparing Population Health in Canada and the United States: The Poor and Less Educated Are Healthier in the Frozen North
 Feeny, David. and Eng, Ken.

Comparisons of Utilization and Costs among Women Veterans Obtaining Primary Care in Community Clinics and Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers
 Lui, Chuan-Fen., Yano, Elizabeth., Ransom, Scott. and Maciejewski, Matthew.

Consistency between willingness to pay for reducing the risk of adverse drug events and the associated health-related utility gain
 Rodriguez-Monguio, Rosa.

Construct Validity of the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3): Alzheimer Disease, Arthritis and Cataract
 Asakawa, Keiko. and Feeny, David.

Continuous Enrolment Requirement: Do we really need it?
 Baser, Onur.

Controlling for Quality in Hospital Inefficiency Estimation
 Mutter, Ryan. and Rosko, Michael.

Cost Effectiveness of Interventions for Teen Diet and Exercise
 Frenn, Marilyn., Kuhn, Evelyn., Liu, Hua. and Sachdeva, Ramesh.

Cost of Rotavirus and Nonrotavirus Diarrhea among young children in Brazil
 Soarez, Patricia., Kowalski, Clarissa., Melo, Maria Lúcia., Timenetsky, Maria do Carmo., Silva, Luiz., Eduardo, Maria., Ciconelli, Rozana. and Ferraz, Marcos.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis under Uncertainty: Investigating the Role of the Cost-Effectiveness Frontier (CEF)
 Zarkin, Gary., Bray, Jeremy., Mitra, Debanjali., Bala, Mohan. and Couper, David.

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Demand for the Influenza Vaccine among the Elderly
 Ayyagari, Padmaja.

Demand Response of Mental Health Services to Cost Sharing Under Managed Care
 Lu, Chunling., McGuire, Thomas. and Frank, Richard.

Demand for Health under ex ante Moral Hazard
 Wang, Rui. and Russo, Gerard.

Demand for Private Health Insurance in Germany
 Elhewaihi, Majed.

Demand response of medical care to cost sharing in rural China
 Lu, Chunling. and Liu, Yuanli.

Determinants of catastrophic health expenditures in Brazil: the impact of the public system and private insurance
 Bos, Antonio. and Waters, Hugh.

Determinants of growth in prescription drug expenditures
 Shah, Nilay., Mullahy, John., Smith, Maureen. and Vanness, David.

Diabetes-Related Productivity and Welfare Losses in the Canadian Labour force
 Farahati, Farah. and Hurley, Jeremiah.

Did Medicaid/SCHIP Crowd-Out Private Insurance Coverage among U.S. Low-Income Children?: A Multilevel Approach
 Oluwole, Adetokunbo. and Shea, Dennis.

Differential reporting of health status by sub-groups of the U.S. population
 Dodoo, Martey.

Diffusion of prescription drugs for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) among older adults
 Ganesh, Chandrakala. and Shea, Dennis.

Disability and work: the role of shocks and childhood circumstances
 Lindeboom, Maarten., Llena Nozal, Ana. and Van der Klaauw, Bas.

Discrimination and Equilibrium in the Market for Obstetricians and Gynecologists
 Reyes, Jessica.

Disparities in Late-Stage Cancer Diagnoses in 1990 and 2000: A Comparative Study of Three American Cities
 Barry, Janis. and Breen, Nancy.

Do Abortion Restrictions Affect Child Fatal Injury? A Longitudinal Analysis
 Sen, Bisakha. and Wingate, Martha.

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Economic Analysis of School-based Preventive Dental Services in Underserved Populations
 Khurshid, Anjum.

Economic Determinants of Physical Activity in US Adults
 Keuffel, Eric.

Effect of Disability on the Employment of Other Household Members
 Mennemeyer, Stephen.

Effect of Drug Manufacturers’ Rebates on Ohio Health Plans Pharmaceutical Expenditures
 Seoane Vazquez, Enrique., Rodriguez-Monguio, Rosa. and Visaria, Jay.

Effect of HMO on Ambulatory / Emergency Service Use Among Medicaid Beneficiaries Under 18: A Fixed-Effects Panel Regression Analysis
 Moon, Sangho. and Shin, Jaeun.

Effect of antidepressants on employment of women with HIV in the HAART era: 1995-2004
 Galarraga, Omar.

Effect of neighborhood racial and ethnic composition on disparities in imaging utilization
 Bhargavan, Mythreyi., Meghea, Cristian. and Sunshine, Jonathan.

Effect of proximity to death on participation in the long-term care market
 Priez, France. and Stearns, Sally.

Effects of Population Movement on the Risk of Chagas Disease in the California Blood Supply: A Preliminary Model
 Wilson, Leslie. and Ramsey, Janine.

Effects of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) on Access to Dental Care and Use of Dental Services
 Wang, Hua., Norton, Edward. and Rozier, R..

Efficiency of Nonprofit versus For-Profit Hospitals: Alternative Hypotheses and Empirical Analysis
 Ruseski, Jane. and Carroll, Kathleen.

Employment and Income Effects Related to Drinking with Controls for Drug Abuse and Smoking: Analysis Using the NESARC Database
 Goodman, Allen. and Hankin, Janet.

Employment-Contingent Health Insurance, Illness, and Labor Supply: Evidence from Married Women with Breast Cancer
 Bradley, Cathy., Neumark, David., Luo, Zhehui. and Bednarek, Heather.

Endogenous Health Plan Choice and the Utilization of Health Care Services: A Semiparametric Approach
 Shin, Jaeun. and Huh, In.

Enrollment in Health Insurance Plans Fully Paid by Employers
 Zawacki, Alice. and Taylor, Amy.

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Factors Affecting Physician Productivity in a Proceduralist Specialty, Radiology
 Sunshine, Jonathan. and Meghea, Cristian.

Factors Associated with Non-Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care Use among Depressed Primary Care Patients in the VA System
 Lui, Chuan-Fen., Chan, Domin., Yano, Elizabeth., Rubenstein, Lisa. and Chaney, Edmund.

Federal Health Care Funding in Canada: Is It Allocated According to Need?
 Asada, Yukiko. and Kephart, George.

Financial Incentives and Physician Prescribing Behavior
 Neyaz, Sarah., Simon, Kosali. and Mathios, Adam.

Financial Incentives for Adherence to Diabetes Care Pathways: Discerning Pay-for-Performance Impact from Increasing Trends
 Burgess, James., Young, Gary., Berlowitz, Dan., White, Bert., Meterko, Mark., Bokhour, Barbara., Baker, Errol., Sautter, Karen., Beckman, Howard., Greene, Robert. and Curtin, Kathleen.

Financial Incentives to Improve Primary Care Physician Depression Care: Effect on Depression Screening
 Ong, Michael., Lee, Deborah., Potter, Michael. and Feldman, Mitchell.

Financing and Use of Public Mental Health Services and Costs Among the Seriously Mentally Ill
 Gilmer, Todd.

Food Insecurity, Food Storage, and Obesity
 Cash, Sean. and Zilberman, David.

Food for Thought: Food Stamps, Food Insecurity and Disability
 Armour, Brian. and Pitts, M. Melinda.


Generalizability of the Multiplicative Multi-attribute Utility Function for the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 System
 Asakawa, Keiko. and Feeny, David.

Geographic Variations in Medicare Physician Costs: The Role of Market Factors, Reimbursement, and the Practice Organization
 Reschovsky, James.

Geographic disparities in imaging utilization in the context of technology adoption and diffusion
 Bhargavan, Mythreyi. and Sunshine, Jonathan.


HMO Selection Incentives and Underprovision of Mental Health Care
 Cao, Zhun.

Health Behavioral Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Screening
 Chen, Chia-Ching. and Yamada, Tetsuji.

Health Care Costs Associated with Autism among Privately Insured Children
 Leslie, Douglas. and Martin, Andres.

Health Expenditure Estimation and Functional Form: Applications of Generalized Gamma and Extended General Linear Models
 Miller, Edward. and Hill, Steven.

Health Insurance Demand Responses from New Price Structures Offered by Consumer Directed Health Plans
 Parente, Stephen., Feldman, Roger., Abraham, Jean. and Christianson, Jon.

Health Insurance Theory: The Case of the Missing Welfare Gain
 Nyman, John.

Health Risky Behaviors and Social Capital: Four Approaches to the Issue of Causality
 Folland, Sherman.

Health Status and Quality of Life in Young Adults of Extremely Low Birth Weight
 Goddeeris, John. and Saigal, Saroj.

Health Status and the Demand for Private Health Insurance in the U.S.
 Condliffe, Simon. and Link, Charles.

Healthcare Markets, the Safety Net, and Access to Care Among the Uninsured
 Gresenz, Carole., Rogowski, Jeannette. and Escarce, Jose.

Hedonic Methods for Quality Change, New Products, and Generics in the Medical Market
 Bradley, Ralph.

Home- and community-based Long-Term Care: Who are the marginal beneficiaries?
 Yang, Zhou.

Hospital Competition, Managed Care and Mortality After Hospitalization for Medical Conditions: Evidence From Three States
 Rogowski, Jeannette., Escarce, Jose. and Jain, Arvind.

Hospital Financial Condition and Operational Decisions Related to Quaity of Care
 Bazzoli, Gloria., Lindrooth, Richard., Clement, Jan. and Chen, Hsueh-Fen.

How Do Parental Risk Preferences Influence Take-up of Public Health Insurance? The Case of Smokers
 Simon, Kosali. and Liu, Feng.

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Identifying Peer Effects in Substance Abuse Treatment
 Falba, Tracy., Bayer, Patrick. and Sindelar, Jody.

Impact of Obesity on Labor Market Outcomes of the Elderly
 Renna, Francesco. and Thakur, Nidhi.

Impact of public health program and maternal education on immunisation behaviour of children in rural Bangladesh
 Sadique, M. Zia. and Asadullah, M.

Impact of supplemental insurance on access, expenditures and health: Evidence from Europe & the U.S.
 Schultz, Jennifer. and Tadesse, Bedassa.

In Sickness and in Health? Analysis of the Dynamics of Health and Cohabitation among British Adults (Work in progress)
 Karlsson, Martin.

Income-Related Disparities in Kidney Transplant Graft Failures Are Eliminated by Medicare’s Immunosuppression Coverage
 Woodward, Robert. and Soares, Ricardo.

Income-related inequalities in health in Sweden: unravel the causes of health inequality over time
 Islam, Kamrul., Gerdtham, Ulf-G.. and Burström, Kristina.

Informal payments in developing countries
 Liu, Ting.

Institutional Aspects of Medical Technology Assessment
 Kemp, Robert.

Insurance Matters: Prevalence and Costs of Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations in Tennessee by Insurance Type
 Chang, Cyril.

Insurance Turnover as an Impediment to Improving Health Care Quality
 Votruba, Mark., Cebul, Randall., Rebitzer, James. and Herschman, Raymond.

Intended and Spillover Effects of Pay-for-Performance on Quality of Care
 Rosenthal, Meredith., Frank, Richard., Li, Zhonghe. and Epstein, Arnold.

Intergenerational Obesity Transmission and Correlations of Human Capital Accumulation
 Classen, Timothy.

International Comparison of Out-of-Pocket Costs and Medication Compliance
 Hirth, Richard., Piette, John., Greer, Scott., Albert, Justin. and Young, Eric.

Is Being Overweight A Big Deal? Body Mass Index and Health Dynamics of Elderly Americans
 Yang, Zhou.

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Job Displacement and Health Insurance Coverage
 Simon, Kosali. and Schroeder, Mathis.


Labor Income Risk and Health Outcomes
 Halliday, Timothy.

Labor Market Effects of a Public Health Care Expansion: Evidence from the VA
 Boyle, Melissa. and Lahey, Joanna.

Labor Market Outcomes of Persons with Mental Disorders
 Baldwin, Marjorie. and Marcus, Steven.

Location decisions of mammography facilities: racial/ethnic disparities across zip-codes
 Bhargavan, Mythreyi. and Sunshine, Jonathan.

Longevity Bias in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
 Liu, Liqun., Rettenmaier, Andrew. and Saving, Thomas.


Making Babies Healthier by Providing a Managed Care Option to California's Poor
 Barham, Tania. and Gertler, Paul.

Managed Careand the Safety Net. More Pain for the Uninsured?
 Mas, Nuria.

Market Power in Dutch Hospital Sector: Bargaining between Hospitals and Insurers
 Halbersma, Rein., Mikkers, Misja., Motchenkova, Evgenia. and Seinen, Ingrid.

Market Structure and Plan Characteristics in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
 Atherly, Adam., Florence, Curtis. and Thorpe, Kenneth.

Measuring Managed Care and Its Environment Using National Surveys: a Review and Assessment
 Liang, Su-Ying., Phillips, Kathryn. and Haas, Jennifer.

Measuring patient empowerment in the general community
 Loukanova, Svetla. and Bridges, John.

Medical Malpractice: Examining its Effect on Hospital Efficiency
 Bagga, Shalini.

Middle School Behavioral Problems, High School Completion and Employment Outcomes in Early Adulthood
 Karakus, Mustafa., Salkever, David., Slade, Eric. and Ialongo, Nichalos.

Migration and the health and well-being of the elderly in rural China
 Yip, Winnie.

Mixed Ownership Markets: Theory and Evidence from Hospitals in the US and China
 Eggleston, Karen.

Modeling Efficiency at the Process Level
 Lee, Robert., Taunton, Roma., Gajewski, Byron. and Bott, Marjorie.

More Predictive Modeling of Total Healthcare Costs Using Pharmacy Claims Data: Adherence and Boosted Regression
 Roebuck, Mark.


New cost sensitivity index based on cognitive cost cues for an application of the Lens model on physicians’ choices
 Huttin, Christine.

Nobody does it better? The impact of surgeon specialty on outcomes for carotid endarterectomy.
 Hollenbeak, Christopher., Bowman, Adam. and Han, David.

Nurse staffing and skill mix and association with cost in the Veterans Health Administration
 Sales, Anne., Li, Yu-Fang., Lowy, Elliott. and Lui, Chuan-Fen.


Obesity and Nutritional Knowledge
 Grafova, Irina.

Offers or Take-up: Explaining Minorities' Lower Health Insurance Coverage
 Honig, Marjorie. and Dushi, Irena.

One way to improve two part modeling of longitudinal cost data – using latent class clustering of cost casemix groups
 Ahn, Jeonghoon.

Overweight in Adolescents and Implications for Health Expenditures
 Monheit, Alan., Vistnes, Jessica. and Rogowski, Jeannette.


Partially Identifying Treatment Effects in the Presence of Unobserved Treatments: Covering the Uninsured
 Kreider, Brent. and Hill, Steven.

Participation in Food Assistance, Maternal Employment, and Child Obesity
 Liu, Haiyong.

Patient information and pharmaceutical prices.
 Rudholm, Nicklas.

Pay for Performance - linking payers and providers to acheive quality
 Barth, Sanford.

Pent-Up Demand and the Discovery of New Health Conditions after Medicare Enrollment
 Schimmel, Jody.

Perspective in Drug Abuse Treatment Economic Evaluations
 Cartwright, William. and Solano, Paul.

Physician Billing Behavior in Two State Programs
 Seiber, Eric.

Physician Responses to Gainsharing
 Ketcham, Jonathan. and Furukawa, Michael.

Physicians’ Second Practice Decision under the Floating Conversion Value System: A Case of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 Wen, Yu-Ping.

Potential for adverse selection for the new Medicare drug benefit
 Bernet, Patrick.

Premium Growth between 1997 and 2003 and Its Effect on Employer-Sponsored Insurance
 Vistnes, Jessica. and Selden, Thomas.

Prenatal Health Investments: What's the Child's Gender got to do with it?
 Lhila, Aparna. and Simon, Kosali.

Prevention and Dynamic Risk Adjustment
 Lu, Mingshan., Eggleston, Karen. and Ellis, Randall.

Price and Quality Competition Between Hospitals and Quality of Care
 Volpp, Kevin., Konetzka, R Tamara., Sochalski, Julie. and Zhu, Jingsan.

Projecting the Health and Economic Impact of a Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine using a Multi-type Transmission Dynamic Model
 Elbasha, Elamin., Dasbach, Erik. and Insinga, Ralph.

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Quality assessment of health systems: A disease based approach
 Wuebker, Ansgar.


Racial and ethnic disparities in mammography screening over the period 1996 - 2003
 Bhargavan, Mythreyi., Meghea, Cristian. and Sunshine, Jonathan.

Ranking the health system efficiency of Canadian provinces, American states and OECD countries, using DEA
 Liu, Chunping., Ferguson, Brian. and Laporte, Audrey.

Reassessing Cost Effectiveness Analyses for Young People
 Eisenberg, Daniel. and Freed, Gary.

Reducing Direct Care Turnover: Do Wage Subsidies Matter?
 Baughman, Reagan. and Smith, Kristin.

Relationship between Reliance on God and Mental Health in College Students
 Ghobari, Bagher. and Sadri, Mohammadreza.

Replace Pharmaceutical Patents Now!
 Grinols, Earl. and Henderson, James.

Residency choice among women medical students--effect of economic and time-constraint factors
 Ruan, Shuolun., Bhargavan, Mythreyi., Potterton, Victoria., Applegate, Kimberly., Sunshine, Jonathan. and Forman, Howard.

Retirement and Location of Food Consumption: A Household Framework
 Chung, Sukyung., Domino, Marisa., Popkin, Barry. and Stearns, Sally.

Risk Adjusting Episodes of Care to Account for Illness Burden in Payment and Evaluation
 Weir, Sharada., Yi, Rong., Kramer, Marilyn., Ash, Arlene. and Ellis, Randall.


Safety Net Health Care as Low-Quality Universal Coverage: Can it be Optimal?
 Goddeeris, John.

Selection and the Effect of Prenatal Smoking
 Fertig, Angela.

Self-Reported Health Status What Does It Tells Us And How Might It Be Used To Assess Public Health Policy For The Ederly
 Poyer, David., Hambleton, Ian. and Hennis, Anselm.

Separating selection and moral hazard effects in Swiss health insurance – a nonparametric bounds analysis
 Leu, Robert. and Gerfin, Michael.

Sicker and Poorer? The Role of Health Status for Welfare Leavers
 Moffitt, Robert. and Frogner, Bianca.

Single Specialty Hospitals and Competition in the Hospital Industry
 Carey, Kathleen., Young, Gary. and Burgess, James.

Smoker Preferences for Increased Efficacy and Other Attributes of Cessation Therapies
 John, Kevin.

Smoking and Ratings of Perceived Health Status
 Yaffe, Kirsten.

Smoking cessation and health
 Hu, Yu-whuei.

Social Capital Externalities and Individual Mortality Risks in Swedish Municipalities
 Islam, Kamrul., Gerdtham, Ulf-G.., Gullberg, Bo., Lindström, Martin. and Merlo, Juan.

Social Security Income and Elderly Mortality
 Meghea, Cristian.

Some Unexpected Relationships Between Health Plan Options and the (Dis)Enrollment Decisions of Medicare Beneficiaries
 Elbel, Brian. and Schlesinger, Mark.

Spatial Analysis of Elderly Access to Primary Care Services: Informing the Debate on Physician Shortage in the U.S.
 Mobley, Lee., Root, Elisabeth., Anselin, Luc., Gracia, Nancy. and Koschinsky, Julia.

Spend It While You Can Still Enjoy It: Health, Longevity, Aging, and Consumption in the Life Cycle
 Olsho, Lauren.

Spending on health programs for the poor in rich and poor states
 Nikolov, Plamen.

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Testing for Statistical Discrimination in Health Care: Lessons from NHANES III, 1988-1994
 Rose, Danielle.

The Comparative Efficiency of Community Hospitals and Polyclinics in Ukraine
 Pilyavsky, Anatoly. and Staat, Matthias.

The Connection between Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: Inspecting the Mechanisms
 Fertig, Angela., Glomm, Gerhard. and Tchernis, Rusty.

The Decision to Conduct a Head-to-Head Comparative Trial: A Game-Theoretic Analysis
 Mansley, Edward., Elbasha, Elamin., Teutsch, Steven. and Berger, Marc.

The Demand for Health Care Among Urban Slum Residents in Dhaka, Bangladesh
 Mookherji, Sangeeta. and Bishai, David.

The Determinants of Gambling Behavior
 Nyman, John., Welte, John. and Dowd, Bryan.

The Economic Burden of Experiencing a Major Complication during Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
 Long, Kirsten., McMurtry, Erin., Bailey, Kent., Naessens, James., Jacobson, Kurt. and Rihal, Charanjit.

The Economic Impact of Health Care Spending in Washington State
 Bunting, David. and Jones, D..

The Economics of Prevention in Health Care - The Business Case for Quality
 Edwards, Rhiannon.

The Effect of Education and Parental Education on Obesity
 Stehr, Mark.

The Effect of Eliminating Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage On Methadone Users
 McConnell, Kenneth. and Wallace, Neal.

The Effect of Health Insurance Characteristics on Outpatient Mental Health Care and Substance Abuse Treatment Utilization among Privately-Insured Employees and their Dependents
 Dunlap, Laura., Norton, Edward. and Zarkin, Gary.

The Effect of Health Literacy on Mental Health Service Outcomes in Adult Medicaid Patients
 Smith, Richard., Davis, Christine. and Armstrong, Mary.

The Effect of Information Technology on Nurses and Patients in the Veterans Health Administration
 Spetz, Joanne. and Phibbs, Ciaran.

The Effect of Insurance on the Demand for Prescription Drugs by the Elderly and Near-Elderly
 Sing, Merrile., Miller, Edward. and Banthin, Jessica.

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Understanding Geographic Variations in Health Care Expenditure of the Privately Insured Population
 Yi, Rong.

Using relative distributions to investigate socio-economic inequalities in the Body-Mass Index in England and Canada
 Wildman, John. and Contoyannis, Paul.


Validity and Reliability of Willingness-to-Pay Estimates: Evidence from Two Overlapping Discrete-Choice Experiments
 Zweifel, Peter., Telser, Harry. and Becker, Karolin.

Valuing Variety: How Much Do Workers Value Having Choices Among Health Insurance Plans?
 Abraham, Jean.

Variations in the Prescribing Patterns of Statins for Persons Diagnosed with Dyslipidemia and CHD
 Condliffe, Simon. and Link, Charles.


Weather Conditions and Disparities in Physical Activity and Obesity in the United States
 Eisenberg, Daniel., Schanzenbach, Diane. and Okeke, Edward.

Web Analysis – Research on Members’ Health Plan Website Use and Impact on Health Care Utilization
 Wu, Charlotte., Levin, Regina., Owen, Ross. and Bashaw, Carole.

What is the Value of a Critical Access Hospital?
 McNamara, Paul.

What matters: Reality or Perception? The impact of peer binging on college student drinking behaviors
 Wolaver, Amy., Powell, Lisa., Chaloupka, Frank., Ciecierski, Christina. and Wechsler, Henry.

When Consumers Are Not Bayesians: Experience Goods, the Representativeness Heuristic and Physician Markets
 Elbel, Brian., Stuckler, David. and Schlesinger, Mark.

When Low Birth Weight Babies Grow Up: Can Parents Buffer Their Health Shock?
 Lin, Ming-Jen., Liu, Jin-Tan. and Chou, Shin-Yi.

Which Patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Benefit Most from Nurse-based Disease Management?
 Hebert, Paul. and Sisk, Jane.

Which is a Better Investment for Health Workforce Growth: Expanded Educational Space or Financial Support to Students?
 Spetz, Joanne., Chapman, Susan. and Seago, Jean.

Who Loses Health Insurance Coverage As Premiums Rise?
 Keenan, Patricia., Chernew, Michael. and Cutler, David.

Willingness-to-pay for a hypothetical drug for treating Buruli ulcer, Ghana, 2003
 Mumma, Gerald., Whitney, Ellen., Dadzie, Frank., Asiedu, Kingsley., Ampadu, Edwin., Etuaful, Samuel., Appah, Beatrice., Klutse, Erasmus., Owusu-edusei, Kwame. and Adomako, Joseph.

Willingness-to-pay for ‘Zinc’ preparation in the management of childhood diarrhea in a NGO served rural area of Bangladesh.
 Akhter, Shamima., Varghese, Beena. and Larson, Charles.


You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Thin: Causal Impact of Income on Obesity
 Simon, Kosali., Cawley, John. and Moran, John.
Economics of Population Health: Inaugural Conference of the American Society of Health Economists 2006-Jun-04 to 2006-Jun-07
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