ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13

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"Disruption" in Scholarly Communications?: Questions of Faculty Work
 Weiland, Steven.

"It's Okay to Talk About More than Beer and Sports" : Narratives of Collegiate Men in Service-Learning Programs
 Foste, Zak. and Jones, Susan.

"Something You Can't Put into Words": Multi-Generational Themes about Experiences of Attending an HBCU
 Scott, Lakia.

"Tell Me Your Story": Voice, Ethics and Reciprocity in Researching Undocumented Youth
 Negrón-Gonzales, Genevieve.

"What Am I Doing to Be a Good Ancestor?" An Indigenized Phenomenology of Giving Back among Native College Graduates
 Reyes, Nicole.

#Hashtivism as Public Discourse: Exploring Online Student Activism in Response to State Violence and Forced Disappearances in Mexico
 Blanco Ramirez, Gerardo. and Metcalfe, Amy.

[Multi-Sited] Ethnography and the Off-Campus Imaginary: Studying Contemporary Student Activism in Higher Education
 Davis III, Charles.

“Es como una Familia”: Bridging Emotional Support and Encouragement with Academic and Professional Development through the Acquisition of Capital in Latinx Student Organizations
 Luedke, Courtney.

“How They Got Past the Difficult Parts of Their Journeys” :Understanding the Persistence of Graduate Students of Color in STEM Through Engagement in Developmental Networks
 Griffin, Kimberly., Baker, Vicki., O\'Meara, Kerry Ann., Nyunt, Gudrun., Robinson, Tykeia. and Staples, Candice.

“I Don’t Remember Asking You For Protection”: Anonymity, Voice, and Critiques of the Academy
 Muñoz, Susana.

“I don’t even like theory!”: Faculty approaches to teaching student development theory in higher education programs
 Harris, Jessica. and Wolf-Wendel, Lisa.

“It's not just about creating noise”: Women leaders advocate for change in higher education
 Broadhurst, Chris., Ardoin, Sonja., Locke, Leslie. and Johnson, Jaime.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Dean of Students”: Exploring the Pathways to Senior Leadership for Latina/o Students Affairs Administrators
 Espino Lira, Michelle., Salazar, Cinthya. and Morin, Molly.

“Orphaned” doctoral students in American higher education: A phenomenological study
 Yan, Lu. and Hagedorn, Linda.

“Students at the margins”: Student affairs administrators creating inclusive campuses for LGBTQ students in the South
 Broadhurst, Chris., Martin, Georgianna., Hoffshire, Mike. and Takewell, William.

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A Case Study Exploring How URM Graduate Students Negotiate and Make Meaning of Their STEM, Racial/Ethnic, and Graduate Student Identities
 Brown, Brittini. and Esters, Levon.

A Comprehensive Mixed Methods Examination of Outcomes-based Funding in Indiana: Policy Development, Institutional Response, and Effects on Pell Students
 Stull, Ginger., Callahan, Kate., Duffy, Mark., Meehan, Kasey. and Kim, Dae.

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the College Student Social Capital Scale.
 Marley, Scott., Wilcox, Jeanne., Nailor, Natalie. and Rodriguez De Jesus, Sue.

A Critical Look at Perspectives of Access and Mission at Diverse Urban Universities
 Zerquera, Desiree., Ballysingh, Tracy. and Templeton, Emerald.

A Critical Media Analysis of International Branch Campus Promotional Videos
 Estera, Annabelle. and Kanhai, Dana.

A Critical Race Response to Florida's Performance Funding Model
 Elliott, Kayla.

A Culture of (HBCU) Success: Black Alumnae Discussions of How Spelman College Creates Greatness
 Winkle-Wagner, Rachelle., Forbes, Jacqueline. and Rogers, Shelby.

A Funds of Knowledge Approach to Teaching and Learning for First-generation College Students
 Delima, Dianne.

A Grounded Theory of the Provision of Online Education at Research Universities
 Ortagus, Justin. and Derreth, Tyler.

A Long Way to Gender Equality in Academia: Current Efforts to Hire More Women in Japan
 Hosaka, Masako.

A Pandect of Prestige Seeking at Public Colleges and Universities in the US
 Zerquera, Desiree., Roberts, Drew. and Lee-Garcia, Rebecca.

A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Student Retention by Pell Grant Eligibility
 Kwon, Jihye.

A Snapshot of College Access and Inequity: Photovoice and the Pathways to Higher Education for Underserved Youth
 Means, Darris., Hudson, Tara. and Tish, Elizabeth.

A Spectrum of Student Success: Identifying Factors Affecting Access, Experiences, and Outcomes for Students on the Autism Spectrum
 Cox, Bradley., Brogdon, Bailey., Edelstein, Jeffrey. and Roy, Amanda.

A Typology of Multiple Measures State- and System-Level Policies
 Duffy, Mark.

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Basic Competency?: Examining the Training Needs of Athletic Professionals Working with Diverse Students
 Haslerig, Siduri. and Bernhard, Laura.

Becoming “Translatable:” How Lower Socioeconomic Status Queer Undergraduates Make Meaning of Social Capital in College
 Lo, Marc.

Before the NCAA Death Penalty: The Integration of Academics, Fundraising & Athletics at SMU
 Hamell, Stephon. and Harris, Nathan.

Being Black And: An African American Doctoral Student’s Experience Through Gender
 Dortch, Deniece. and Felder, Pamela.

Being Nontraditional in the Traditional World of Higher Education: A Study of Social and Academic Integration of Nontraditional Female Students
 Jones, Stephanie. and Ryan, Patricia.

Being One of Few: Examining the Black Biomedical PhDs Training Experiences and Career Development through a Campus Racial Climate Lens
 Griffin, Kimberly., Gibbs Jr., Kenneth. and English, Shelvia.

Beyond Cultures and Structures: Racialization and its Impacts on Southeast Asian American College Students
 Yi, Varaxy.

Beyond enrollment: How college access programs aid participants not just to college but through college - Emerging themes
 Williams, Leslie.

Black Doctoral Women: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies
 Patterson, Shawna., Lane, Tonisha. and Vital, Louise.

Black Students’ Sense of Belonging and Community and Differences among Student Service Usage within an HSI
 Williams Pichon, Henrietta.

Black Women Intersectional Identity and Implications on Leadership
 Lenzy, Cherjanet.

Black Women and College Success: Striving for Excellence in Higher Education
 Barnhardt, Cassie., Anderson, DaVida., McCloud, Laila., Phillips, Carson. and Young, Ryan.

Blending Criticality and Hope: Examining the Preparation and Development of Community College Student Affairs Personnel from a Social Justice Lens
 Hornak, Anne., Ozaki, C. Casey., Latz, Amanda. and Royer, Dan.

Borderland Masculinities in Higher Education
 Rodriguez, Fernando.

Building Institutional Capacity for Effective Change: Intentional Practices Supporting the Retention of Males of Color
 Leon, Raul., CHARLESTON, LAVAR. and Jackson, Jerlando.

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CIHE Mentoring Roundtable: Internationalizing Academia
 Valdez, Gabriela. and Nokkala, Terhi.

California Multiple Measures Assessment Project
 Hetts, John.

Call for Institutional Action: Bridging the Gap between Access and Persistence in Higher Education in the Caribbean
 Stewart, Saran. and Paterson-Lipps, Nicola.

Campus Police Interactions and the Relationship to Campus Racial Climate, Racial Microaggressions, and Stress
 Franklin, Jeremy.

Campus Safety as a Public Good
 Lane-Bonds, Dena. and Christensen, Rocky.

Capabilities in South Africa: An Analysis of Social Media Narratives #FeesMustFall
 Van Alebeek, Wouter. and Wilson, Kristin.

Cautioning against the folklore of ‘reduced recidivism’ and ‘reentry’: Reinscribing public higher education during hyperincarceration
 Castro, Erin.

Challenges of Institutionalized Student Evaluations of Teaching and Faculty’s Feedback Data Use Practices to Inform Teaching for Student Learning

Changes in Rural-Nonrural Disparities in Postsecondary Enrollment and Attainment: A follow up study
 Wells, Ryan., Kommers, Suzan., Manly, Catherine. and Kimball, Ezekiel.

Changing Faculty Employment at Four-Year Colleges and Universities in the United States
 Zhang, Liang., Ehrenberg, Ronald. and Liu, Xiangmin.

Characteristics and Experiences of Incoming Transgender College Students
 Hughes, Bryce. and Stolzenberg, Ellen.

Charting a New Course: Navigating Fatherhood in Student Affairs
 Sallee, Margaret. and Venturiello, Michael.

Chicana Education in Everyday Life: Mother and Daughter Scholars Re-conceptualizing Notions of Educacíon in Graduate School
 Escobedo, Cindy.

Christian Power and Privilege in Higher Education: Challenging the Dominant Narrative
 Dessel, Adrienne.

Collaborative project: Exploring the Experiences of Engineering Students’ Engagement in face-to-face and virtual peer learning
 Pang, Toh Yen., Kootsookos, Alex., Steiner, Tom., Afaghi Khatibi, Akbar. and Crossin, Enda.

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Dangerous Possibilities: Diversity and Difference in Times of Crisis
 Anderson, Raymond.

Democratization, Diversion, and Profit: The Impact of For-Profit Institutions on Degree Attainment
 Skinner, Benjamin. and Doyle, Will.

Developing Critical Consciousness and Social Justice Self-Efficacy: Lessons From Feminist Community Engagement Student Narratives
 Clark-Taylor, Angela.

Developing Doctoral Students as Scholar-Activists
 Garrett, Stacey., Waugaman, Chelsea., Howard, Jimmy. and Lewis, Leslie.

Developing Perspective Taking: Connecting Learning and Organizational Environments
 Hemer, Kevin., Perez, Rosemary. and Harris Jr., Lincoln.

Developing Students’ Sociopolitical Capacity: An Essential Learning Outcome For Racially Diverse First-Generation College Students
 Castillo-Montoya, Milagros.

Development Labs: University Knowledge Production and Global Poverty
 Collins, Christopher.

Development and Initial Validation of the HEIghten Written Communication Assessment for College Writing
 Rios, Joseph. and Liu, Ou.

Development of Sense of Belonging in First-Year LGBQ College Students
 Hughes, Bryce. and Stolzenberg, Ellen.

Development of a Weighted Algorithm for College Placement
 Reddy, Vikash.

Diminishing Returns: The Unintended Consequences of Performance Funding and its Effects on Faculty
 Bledsoe, Ripsime.

Directors’ Perspectives of Disability Service Programming in Postsecondary Institutions
 Whitaker, Warren.

Disaster Capitalism in Florida
 Letizia, Angelo.

Discursive Constructions of the World and Education in Presidential Candidates’ Statements of 2015-2016
 Suspitsyna, Tatiana.

Diversity Funnels: Cultural Centers as Sites of Subject Production
 Hoffman, Garrett.

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Educating Through Microaggressions: Self Care for Diversity Educators
 Miller, Ryan., Jones, Veronica., Reddick, Richard., Lowe, Tracie., Flunder, Brandelyn., Hogan, Kristen. and Rosal, Ana.

Education in Action: The Highlander Center, Experiential Learning, and Educational Leadership in the Civil Rights Movement
 Smith, Shanna., Cooper, Ashton. and Boyd, Karen.

Educational Pathways for Native American Graduates: Stories through the STEM Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees
 Chow-Garcia, Nizhoni.

Educators Acculturating to Serve Student Veterans and Service Members: Strategies of Cultural Stress, Shedding, and Learning
 Arminio, Jan., Yamanaka, Aoi., Ford, Meggan., Hubbard, Christina., Athanasiou, Janet. and Bradshaw, Ryan.

Efficacy of a Financial Literacy Program Among College Students
 Holthaus, Gretchen.

Employing Quasi-Experimental Methods to Relate First-year Student Participation in Research with Faculty to Desired Outcomes
 Fosnacht, Kevin. and Zilvinskis, John.

Engaging Black Males in Scholarly Discourse: Integrating Hip-Hop Pedagogy
 Johnson, Stevie.

Engaging Cross-Racial Interaction to Mitigate Disparities in Campus Climate Satisfaction between Black and non-Black Undergraduates
 Neighbors, Teresa.

Engaging the Gatekeepers: Empowering Male Collegians to Promote Gender Equity in Engineering
 Shoger, Suzanne.

Estimating Workforce Demand and Supply in the Education Sector: Data Sources, Limitations, and Policy Implications
 Suspitsyn, Dmitry.

Estimating the Effect of Magnitude of Exposure to Developmental Education on Associate's Degree Attainment: A Dose-Response Approach Using Two Nationally Representative Student Samples
 Turk, Jonathan.

Ethnographic Research in Student Affairs Pedagogy: Methodological Considerations, Challenges and Opportunities
 Peterson, Matthew. and Orihuela, Ruthanne.

Evaluating South Korea’s Introduction of an Income Contingent Loan Program
 Wiederspan, Mark. and Kim, Jeongeun.

Examining Christian Normativity and Religious Oppression in U.S. History and Contemporary American Lives
 Joshi, Khyati.

Examining Class Differentiation in College Financing: The Structuring of Advantage through Family Financial Aid Practices
 Calderone, Shannon.

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Facilitating Transfer Student Success: Exploring Sources of Transfer Student Capital
 Maliszewski, Casey. and Hayes, Shannon.

Faculty Attitudes and Behaviors That Contribute to Thriving in First-Year Students of Color
 Vetter, Matthew., Schreiner, Laurie. and Jaworski, Brian.

Faculty Collaborative Dyads: Profiles and Productivity
 Peters, Martha.

Faculty Conflict and Negotiation in Developmental Education Reform
 Doran, Erin.

Faculty Engagement in Cultural Mentoring as Instructors of Short-Term Study Abroad Courses
 Niehaus, Elizabeth., Reading, Jillian., Nelson, Matthew., Wegener, Ashley. and Arthur, Ann.

Faculty Socialization and the Impact on Teaching Effectiveness
 Guerin, Allison., Bell, Barbara. and Kucker, Patricia.

Faculty and Worklife Balance: Is Career Satisfaction in Academia an Uphill Battle?
 Slaton, Kelly. and Webber, Karen.

Faculty as Institutional Agents
 Falcon, Vannessa., Vang, Melissa., Estrada, Stephanie., Leal, Ulises., Vasquez Urias, Marissa. and Harris III, Frank.

Family Affair: Southeast Asian Americans’ Journey to College
 Crandall, Jennifer.

Federal Investigations into For-Profit Colleges of the Late Twentieth Century
 Angulo, A.J..

Federal higher education policymaking: Whose perspectives are included?
 Perna, Laura., Kent, Daniel. and Orosz, Kata.

Females in the Scientific Workforce: An Examination of Attitudes among African American Females toward STEM College Majors and Careers
 Jackson, Jerlando., CHARLESTON, LAVAR., Lang, Nicole. and Parrish III, Walter.

Fighting for Social Justice: Addressing Equal Educational Opportunity Through The South Texas Border Initiative
 Carales, Vincent.

Financing Hope: The Impact of State and Institutional Financial Aid on Undocumented Student Persistence and Success in Texas
 Rodriguez, Angelica.

Finding Freedom: Facilitating Postsecondary Pathways for Undocumented Students
 Trivette, Michael. and English, David.

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Gender Differences in Attitudes toward Stop-the-Clock
 Sahl, Allison.

Gender Inequality, Academic Capitalism, and the Global Good: Sex Disparities in Patenting in Eight Nations
 Johnson, David., Peifer, Jared. and Ecklund, Elaine Howard.

Gender, Race, Finance, and Student Engagement in Cocurricular Activities in a South African University
 Naik, Sapna. and Wawrzynski, Matthew.

Gender, Sexuality, & (Dis)Identification in the Experiences of Students with Disabilities
 Kimball, Ezekiel., Tissi-Gassoway, Nina., Bobot, Denny., Vaccaro, Annemarie., Moore, Adam., Newman, Barbara. and Troiano, Peter.

Gendered Pathways: How Mathematics Ability Beliefs Shape Course and Degree Choices Across High School and College
 Perez-Felkner, Lara. and Nix, Samantha.

Generals, Professors, and Politicians: AAU Presidential Backgrounds in Historical Perspective
 Cain, Timothy. and Wilkinson, Philip.

Geographical Network Analysis and Spatial Econometrics as Tools to Enhance Our Understanding of Student Migration Patterns and Benefits in the U.S. Higher Education Network
 Gonzalez Canche, Manuel.

Global Positioning Strategy in Marketing to International Students, Anglo-American and Central European Style
 Rhoades, Gary. and Sporn, Barbara.

Going Test-optional: The Effect on Diversity, Admissions, and Rankings
 Sweitzer, Kyle., Blalock, Emiko. and Sharma, Dhruv.

Guided Learning Pathways: Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence
 McNair, Tia.

Guru, Coach, or Performer: Schemas for Teaching Practice
 Dwivedi, Neelam. and Purao, Sandeep.


HBCUs: More Than a Social and Cultural Equalizer for Black Students
 Preston, DeShawn.

Helping students draft a blueprint for college success: Not assuming but asking
 Seifert, Tricia., Oliveri, Christy., Funke, Karen. and Clark, Jennifer.

High School Students’ Accuracy in Estimating the Cost of College: A New Methodological Approach and Examination of Racial/Ethnic Differences
 Nienhusser, H. Kenny. and Oshio, Toko.

High Value Outcomes in International Education: The Case of HEA Title VI at Yale University
 Ruther, Nancy. and Hackman, Judith.

Higher Education Finance and Minority Serving Institutions in New Mexico
 Stull, Ginger.

Higher Education and the Public Good: An Analysis of the Economic and Social Benefits for Completing a College Degree
 Chan, Roy.

Higher Education for Social Change: A Look at Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Leadership Development
 Chandler, Kapua.

Higher education for undocumented students: Is liminal legality a barrier to achieving their DREAM?
 Bon, Susan., Platt, Spencer. and Simon, Michelle.

Historical Sites of Oppression as a Building Block to Culturally Responsive Practice
 Shaw, Mahauganee. and Okello, Wilson.

How Christ-Centered Campus Culture Shapes the Experiences of Student Affairs Professionals Serving LGBTQ Students
 Scibetta, Dominica.

How College shapes attitudes towards gender Equality in Africa: A micro-level comparative Analysis
 Kyoore, Jude.

How Do 2-Year College Students View Themselves as STEM Learners?
 Wang, Xueli., Ning, Sun., Wagner, Britney. and Nachman, Brett.

How Has College Choice Changed? An Update for the 2000s Using the Conditional Logit Model
 Skinner, Benjamin.

How LGBTQ+ Students Thrive in College
 Hill, Robert., Kilgo, Cindy., Shea Gasser, Heather., Nguyen, David., Lange, Alex., Renn, Kristen. and Woodford, Michael.


Identity, Independence, and Information: Low-income Helicopter Parents and College Match
 Burkander, Kri.

Ideologies of Invisibility Impacting Diverse Families: An Analysis of Orientation Programs
 Sarubbi, Molly., Marquez Kiyama, Judy. and Harper, Casandra.

If You Build It, Who Will Come? An Examination of Factors Contributing to Student Selection into Living-Learning Programs
 Mayhew, Matthew., Selznick, Benjamin. and Dahl, Laura.

Illinois Rural Student Attendance at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
 Rockey, Marci.

Impact of Collegiate Recreation on Academic Success
 Guistwite, Nicole., Sanderson, Heather. and DeRousie, Jason.

Impact of Diversity Interactions on Psychological Well-Being and The Role of Racism
 Kilgo, Cindy., Linley, Jodi. and Bennett, LaVonya.

Improving Mathematical Literacy In Communities of Color Through Developmental Mathematics Pedagogy
 Razo Duenas, Juanita.

Improving Students' Learning Through 'Inquiry-Based Reading' (IBR)
 Katan, Lina. and Baarts, Charlotte.

Improving Transparency in College Costs in the era of Differential Tuition Practices
 Wolniak, Gregory., George-Jackson, Casey. and Nelson, Glen.

In Pursuit of Law Degrees: Anticipatory Socialization of Racial/Ethnic Students in Pre-Law Majors at HBU and PWI
 Azizova, Zarrina., Mendez, Jesse., Khojasteh, Jam. and Felder, Pamela.

In order to serve we must first understand: understanding Latina student’s graduate experience through a space/place/homeplace lens.
 Medina, Oscar.

Indigenizing Accreditation for Pacific Higher Education
 Hannibal, Joy. and Saelua, Natasha.

Individualized Learning Plans: Do students who fail to plan, plan to fail?
 Spencer, George. and Britton, Tolani.

Inequality in College Knowledge among the Children of Immigrants
 Holzman, Brian.

Inequity by design? Examining the alignment between high school math course offerings and admissions requirements at public flagships
 Rodriguez, Awilda. and Martell, Christian.

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Joined, Maintained, and Abandoned: Exploring Classroom Learning Network Evolution over Time
 Brown, Michael.


Keeping Race on the Radar? Administrators’ Diversity Framing and Awareness of Admissions Policy in a Post-Affirmative Action Context
 Glasener, Kristen., Martell, Christian. and Posselt, Julie.

Kids, College, and Capital: Parental Financial Support and College Choice
 Flaster, Allyson.

Knowledge Economies, Human Capital, and Academic Marginalism: The Impacts of Regional Heterogeneity on Higher Education Systems in Europe
 Brajkovic, Lucia.


LGBTQ+ College Students’ Definitions of Success
 Shea Gasser, Heather., Nguyen, David., Lange, Alex., Hill, Robert., Renn, Kristen. and Woodford, Michael.

Latina/o College Student Sense of Belonging: The Role of Campus Subcultures
 Garcia, Crystal.

Leadership Development and Mentoring for Faculty of Color at the University of Missouri System
 Kateman, Michael. and McKinney, Jason.

Leading Workforce Education in the Community College: Mission, Accountability, and an Agenda for Future Research
 Garza Mitchell, Regina. and D\'Amico, Mark.

Legislating Public Good: Examining the Positive Consequences of Higher Education’s Involvement in Addressing Campus Sexual Violence
 Badke, Lara.

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual African American Students’ Sensemaking of Diverse HBCU Campus Contexts
 McGowan, Brian. and Blockett, Reginald.

Leveraging the Data: Effective Implementation of Analytics in Higher Education
 Paulson, Jamie.

Living in the Threshold: Using Border Theory to Rethink What it Means to Be Gay in Academia
 Phillips, Glenn.

Locating and Problematizing Global Ethics in Internationalization Research
 Stein, Sharon.

Looking Beyond Degree Completion to Understand How Youth Are Meeting Their Own Postsecondary Expectations: A Rural Example
 Koricich, Andrew., Koca, Fatih. and Vogel, Sophie.

Losing their Distinctive Purpose? The Shifting Course Curricula of Liberal Arts Colleges
 Jones, B. Noble. and Ciarimboli, Erin.

Low-SES College Students’ Perceptions of Earnings and Job Security of College Majors: Experimental Evidence from a Survey of Undergraduates
 Ruder, Alexander. and Van Noy, Michelle.

Low-Touch Notification of a High-Stakes Test: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect of Supplemental Information on Students’ Placement Test Participation, Preparation, and Performance
 Moss, Brian., Bahr, Peter., Arsenault, Leigh. and Oster, Meghan.

Low-income, Latin@ parents’ framing of college: Building on funds of knowledge in an academic outreach program
 Montalvo, Janette.


Making a Way Out of No Way: Stories of Resilience and Success Among HBCU Graduates
 Johnson, Jennifer.

Mapping and Visualizing: Using Multi-Modal Data Collection to Understand Campus Climate
 Pitcher, Erich. and Royal, Genyne.

Marginalized Agents for Student Success: Conceptions of Libraries and Librarians
 Chodock, Ted. and Relles, Stefani.

Marketing to International Students: Presentation of University Self in a Geopolitical Space
 Castiello, Santiago., Lee, Jenny., Marei, Mahmoud., O\'Toole, Leslie. and Rhoades, Gary.

Meaningful Relationships with Institutional Agents: Examining Student-Faculty Interaction in College
 Herrera, Felisha., Kovats Sánchez, Gabriela. and Chapar Hernandez, Judith.

Measuring Student Disposition to Intervene in a Bystander Situation
 Mayhew, Matthew., Lo, Marc. and Dahl, Laura.

Measuring Undergraduates’ Innovation Capacities
 Selznick, Benjamin. and Mayhew, Matthew.

Membership in a Social Fraternity or Sorority and College Student Success
 Bowman, Nicholas. and Holmes, Joshua.

Memorials as a Conduit between Campus Tragedy and Community Healing
 Shaw, Mahauganee.

Mental Health in Graduate and Professional Education: Identifying Individual, Relational, and Disciplinary Risk Factors
 Posselt, Julie.

Merit Aid and College Pricing: A Quasi-Experimental Examination of the Effects of Bright Futures on Public University Pricing in Florida
 Hunt, James.

Methodological Borderlands: Using Multiple Methods to Understand the Influence of Social Identities on Leadership Identity Development of Latinx Collegians
 Garcia, Gina., Ramirez, Jenesis., Medina, Oscar. and Hudson, Lisanne.

Methodological Challenges of Postsecondary Research with American Indians and Alaskan Natives
 Lopez, Jameson. and Marley, Scott.

Mind the Gap: Faculty Experiences of Organizational Justice when Tenure Seems or Becomes Unattainable
 O\'Meara, Kerry Ann., Bach, Lauren., Nyunt, Gudrun. and LaFave, Allison.

Mobilizing the Black Student Community: How Students Utilize Activism and Engagement to Influence PWI Policy
 Jones, Veronica. and Reddick, Richard.

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Nature Versus Nurture: The Role of Good Teaching Practices on Student-Parent Persistence
 Sheets, Jessica., Kilgo, Cindy., Barnhardt, Cassie., Pascarella, Ernest. and Phillips, Carson.

Navigating Competing Responsibilities: Community College Student-Parents, Support Networks, and Institutional Agents
 Cox, Rebecca. and Sallee, Margaret.

Navigating the Traditionally Heterogendered Institution: Resistance Strategies from the Field
 Pryor, Jonathan. and Hoffman, Garrett.

Neoliberal Subjectivities of Trans* Academics within the Market and Corporate Driven Academy
 Pitcher, Erich.

Non-cognitive Outcomes among Southeast Asian Men Attending Community Colleges
 Xiong, Soua.

Not Unharmed, Unchanged, or Undecided: Influences of Student Activism on Black Faculty and Staff Belonging
 Phelps-Ward, Robin. and Kenney, Jeffrey.

Not in this Alone: Black Male Peer Support, Connections, and Persistence in College
 Brooms, Derrick.

Not the Exception, but the Rural: Arguing for a Critical Approach to Researching Rural Students
 Stone, Ashley.


One Size Does Not Fit All: Racial Differences in Doctoral Student Socialization
 Grim, Jeff., DeMonbrun, Robert. and Morton, Christina.

Online Education in Higher Education: Evidence of the Effect of Online Enrollment on Credential Completion
 Ortagus, Justin.

Organizational Justice and Student Discipline: Understanding the Structure and Influence of Fairness in Collegiate Conduct Systems
 Neumeister, James.

Organizational Learning for Student Success: Exploring the Roles of Institutional Actors
 Taylor, Leonard.

Out Abroad: A Case Study of Two Queer International Students at a Midwestern Predominantly White Institution
 Duran, Antonio. and Thach, Jennifer.

Outcomes of Relationship-Focused Global Community Engagement for Student, Faculty, and Community Participants
 Ulrich, Mary.

Outsourcing Presidential Selection: The Emergence and Consequences Associated with Executive Search Firms
 Warshaw, Jarrett. and McNaughtan, Jon.

Outsourcing in Higher Education: The Known and unknown about the Practice
 Wekullo, Caroline. and MUSOBA, GLENDA.


Parents and families of first-generation college students experience a transition to college
 Harper, Casandra., Zhu, Hao. and Marquez Kiyama, Judy.

Patterns in Giving by Philanthropic Foundations to Higher Education Institutions: A State-level Social Network Analysis
 McClure, Kevin., Hall, Adam. and Ostlund, Kara.

Pedagogy of the Other: Christian Privilege’s Manifestation in Teaching Approaches on Hinduism
 Balaji, Murali.

Peer Pedagogies of Resistance, Communities of Memory, and Protest Infrastructures in Contemporary Student Organizing in College
 Davis III, Charles.

Performance Funding Policy Impacts on STEM Degree Attainment
 Li, Amy.

Performance Funding and HBCUs: An Assessment of Financial Incentives and Baccalaureate Degree Production
 Boland, William.

Performance-based funding of higher education: Analyses of policy discourse across four case studies
 Ziskin, Mary., Hossler, Don. and Rabourn, Karyn.

Philanthropic Mirroring: Exploring The Social Base of Identity-Based Fundraising in Higher Education
 Drezner, Noah.

Pilot surveys, Cognitive Interviews, and Focus group – Oh my! A Mixed Method Approach toward Designing a Longitudinal Survey to Examine Learning Communities and Students’ Educational Outcomes.
 Cole, Darnell., Kitchen, Joseph., Kezar, Adrianna., Masterton, Mark., Soldner, Matthew. and Levenstein, Rachel.

Pimped to pimp: Diversity college admission professionals’ as race-conscious admission strategy
 Bethea, Kathryn.

Playing the "Game": Individual, Organizational and Sociocultural Factors Contributing to Undergraduates' Persistence in STEM
 Thiry, Heather., Harper, Raquel., Holland, Dana., Seymour, Elaine. and Hunter, Anne-Barrie.

Policy Actors' Use of Evidence to Inform Performance Funding Policy Designs in Two States
 Gandara, Denisa.

Policy Design and Target Populations: Investigating the Impact of Performance Funding on State Appropriations
 Hagood, Lori.

Policy Emulation and Diffusion, and Performance Funding for Public Higher Education: A Dyadic Approach
 Cohen, Joshua., Serna, Gabriel. and Adams, Venice.

Policy Implications of Irish Women's Experiences in STEM Education
 Chance, Shannon. and Bowe, Brian.

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Quantifying Aspects of the Socialization Process for Black Male Doctoral Students and Measuring Its Influence on Perceptions of Success
 Strayhorn, Terrell.

Queer Leadership: An Exploration of LGBTQ Grassroots Leadership in Higher Education
 Pryor, Jonathan.

Queering La Familia: A Phenomenological Study Reconceptualizing Queer Latinx Males’ Familial Capital
 Duran, Antonio. and Pérez, II, David.


Race Tracking: A Review of the Literature on Advanced Placement Enrollment and Race
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Racial Consciousness' Influence on the Behaviors of White Faculty in the Classroom: A Substantive Theory
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Ramping Up for STEM Success: Understanding Community College Transfer Students’ Intention and Degree Attainment
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Rationing Scarce Resources: The Impact of Financial Constraints on Undergraduate Engagement
 Goldrick-Rab, Sara., Kinsley, Peter., Roksa, Josipa. and Brujes Colo, Emily.

Re-Examining our Roots: A History of Racism and Anti-Rape Activism on College Campuses
 Linder, Chris.

Re-conceptualizing Doctoral Training in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Conceptual Framework
 Moja, Teboho. and Madhani, Naureen.

Reaffirming Indigenous Identity: Coping with Stigmatization and Marginalization on the Path to College
 Kovats Sánchez, Gabriela.

Recognizing Distance Traveled in Selective College Admissions
 Blatter, Andrew. and Glynn, Jennifer.

Redistribution of Institution and State Financial Aid Due to Federal Pell Grants: A Pooled Repeated Cross-sectional Analysis of the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study
 Simone, Sean.

Refining Two-Year Pathways in STEM for System-Wide Movement
 Herrera, Felisha. and Villarreal, Anthony.

Reflective and integrative learning: Examining the impact of study abroad participation in the context of high-impact practices
 Hiller, Stephen. and Ruddy, Anne-Maree.

Religious Student Organizations as Agents of Spiritual & Moral Development Among South African Undergraduates
 Cradit, Nathaniel.

Reprogramming Higher Education: MIT and the Rise of the MOOC Movement
 Genre-Medhin, Ben.

Restorative leadership: Exploring resident advisors’ views on authority through a developmental lens
 Whitworth, Patience.

Restricted Graduate Mobility in Hungary: The Real Price of a Free University Degree
 Thoma, Hanni.

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Saplings in the hurricane: A grounded theory of how trauma affects college student identity development
 Shalka, Tricia.

Secret Service: Revealing Gender Biases in the Visibility and Value of Faculty Service in the Higher Education Landscape
 Hanasono, Lisa., Broido, Ellen., Yacobucci, Margaret., Root, Karen., Pena, Susana. and O\'Neil, Deborah.

Segregated Bodies: Higher Education, College Sports, and Social inequality
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Sense of Community in Student Retention at a Tertiary Technical Institution in Bogotá: An Ecological Approach
 Mendoza, Pilar., Suarez, Juan. and Bustamante, Eileen.

Sense of Power: Marginalized Student Experiences from a Culturally-relevant Learning Environment
 Yellow Bird, Eliza., Tachine, Amanda., Valencia, Bryant. and Garcia, Josie.

Separating Belief and Culture: A Critical Perspective on Religious Identity
 Edwards, Sachi.

Serving the Public Good through Science? The Ascendance of STEM-Centered Organizational Innovations and Academic Administrators
 Warshaw, Jarrett.

Setting the Stage: Pre-trip Preparation for Short-term Immersion Programs
 Rowan-Kenyon, Heather., Knight, Sarah. and McCready, Adam.

Shadow Education in China: How does private supplementary tutoring influence students’ National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) Performance?
 Li, Ran., Hagedorn, Linda. and Chen, Yu (April).

Shared Vulnerability as Cultural Intuition: Methodological Reflections on Critical Race Feminista Research with Undocumented Women.
 Pérez Huber, Lindsay.

She Matters: An Intersectional Perspective on Girl-Child Education Policy in Ghana
 Pinto, Ransford. and McMillian, Rhodesia.

Similar yet Different: The Educational Experiences of Latino Male Students at a Texas PWI, HSI, and HBCU
 Hernandez, Susana. and Ponjuan, Luis.

Small Frog in a Big Pond or Big Frog in a Small Pond? The Effect of Institutional Selectivity and Major on Occupational Outcomes for Different Generations
 Kim, Jeongeun.

Social Identity Construction Among Doctoral Students in Diverse Learning Environments
 Robbins, Claire.

Social Identity and Postsecondary Aspirations of Minority Rural High School Students
 Holley, Karri., Caliskan, Omer. and Joseph, Joretta.

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Table 1: Prestige as the Highest Ambition: Implications for Emerging Research Universities in Texas 2009 – 2014
 Ryan, Sean.

Table 2: Transparency and Public Utility: Rethinking the Role of Accreditation in State-Level Higher Education Policy
 Karas, Felicia., Sopdie, Elizabeth. and Himmerick, Jessica.

Table 3: Helping to Educate, Not Recidivate: The Impact on Incarcerated Students and Their Ability to Create a College-Going Culture
 Lovendahl, Rachael.

Table 4: All Aid is Not Created Equal – Examining the Effects of Unsubsidized Federal Loans on Student Persistence over Time
 Franke, Ray. and Walker, Mike.

Tanks and Battleships to Hallways and Classrooms: Understanding the Student Veteran College Experience
 Tilman, Travis. and Eagan, Kevin.

Teaching and Learning at the Community College: A Normative Argument for Democratic Engagement
 Harbour, Clifford., McCoy, Daniel., Weatherford, Jennifer. and Lausch, David.

Teaching and Learning in Online Spaces: Instructor Practices that Support the Formation of Virtual Community
 Berry, Sharla.

Teasing Out the Complex Relationship Between Part-time Faculty and Quality: A Qualitative Case Study Comparing Departments at a Large, Public University
 Ott, Maya.

Tempered Radicals?: Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty as Change Agents
 Drake, Anna., Struve, Laura., Meghani, Sana. and Bukoski, Beth.

Testing a Social Cognitive Model of Social Justice Behavior for Student Affairs Professionals
 Monje-Paulson, Laura.

Texas Community College Presidents’ perceptions of their institution’s commitment to Male Students of color Degree Completion
 Ponjuan, Luis., Palomin, Leticia., Hernandez, Susana. and Saenz, Victor.

That’s not the End of the Story: Exploring the Effect of High School Tracking on College Experiences in South Korea
 Shim, Woojeong. and Paik, Sunhee.

The (Re)production of Safe Knowledges: A Critical Content Analysis of ASHE Conference Sexuality and Gender Sessions
 Nicolazzo, Z., Kortegast, Carrie. and Jaekel, Katy.

The Academic Impact of Participating in College Football Playoffs: A Fixed Effects Study
 Starcke, Matthew. and Crandall, Rebecca.

The Adjunct Crisis in Academe: Divining Solutions Through Foundations and Government Partnerships
 Lane, Tammy., Hines, Kenneth. and Irvin, Derek.

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Undergraduate Men’s Alcohol Behavior: A Critically Informed Quantitative Analysis
 Radimer, Scott. and Rowan-Kenyon, Heather.

Underrepresented Faculty of Color: Examining Theory and Research
 Southern, Kyle.

Understanding Academic Undermatch: Latinx Student Narratives of Access and Opportunity
 Olivarez, Catherine.

Understanding Business and Society Models to Benefit Higher Education
 Clevenger, Morgan. and MacGregor, Cynthia.

Understanding Change in Higher Education: Social Movement Theory as an Untapped Resource
 Perkins, Anne.

Understanding Chinese International Student Experiences in United States Higher Education
 Willard, Tanya.

Understanding Florida Students’ Decisions to Enroll in Developmental Coursework through Rational Choice Theory
 Lanford, Michael.

Understanding Promise: Impact of State Support on Latino High School Student Habitus
 Azizova, Zarrina. and Mendez, Jesse.

Understanding Students’ Nonreligious and Nontheistic Worldviews and Identities: A Case of (Mis)alignment
 Armstrong, Amanda.

Understanding Transfer Adjustment: A Critical Genealogical Tracing of the Term and its Application
 Cortez, Eden.

Understanding Undermatching: Examining Student and Institutional Characteristics on Degree Attainment for Academically Undermatched Students
 Gansemer-Topf, Ann., Downey, Jillian. and Genschel, Ulrike.

Understanding Unfulfilled Advanced Placement Potential across the Participation Pipeline by Race and Class
 Rodriguez, Awilda. and Hernandez Hamed, Esmeralda.

Understanding how “Light Bulb” moments lead to anti-racism awareness and engagement among White administrators
 Ash, Allison., Clark, Karen. and Jun, Alexander.

Understanding the Arc of Higher Education Scholarship at ASHE: Topic Modeling of ASHE Paper Presentation Trends 1980-2015
 Hernandez Hamed, Esmeralda. and Brown, Michael.

Understanding the Characteristics of Social Science Research Cited by Amici in Fisher v. University of Texas I
 Horn, Catherine., Marin, Patricia., Garces, Liliana., Miksch, Karen. and Yun, John.

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Virtually the Same: Estimating the Effect of Online Courses on Student Outcomes at Open Access Institutions in Georgia
 Skinner, Benjamin.


Waking-Up: A Phenomenological Study of First Year College Students on Academic Probation
 Clock, Curtis., Latz, Amanda. and Mulvihill, Thalia.

What Can Liberal Arts Institutions Outside the US Tell Us About Where the Model is Headed in the US
 Purinton, Ted. and Skaggs, Jennifer.

What Do You Really Want Students To Know? Perspectives of Faculty in the Creative Disciplines About Learning and Assessment
 Ozaki, C. Casey., Worley, Deborah., Cherry, Emily. and Kehn, Andre.

What Happens to Underprepared Students When Developmental Education is Optional?
 Park, Toby., Woods, Chenoa., Tandberg, David., Hu, Shouping. and Bertrand Jones, Tamara.

What Math Matters for Community College Student Success? Insights from Diagnostic Tests
 Ngo, Federick.

What Works and Why: Impact Heterogeneity and Designs of Community College Student Success Courses
 Hatch, Deryl., Garcia, Crystal., Mardock Uman, Naomi., Rodriguez, Sarah. and Young, Dallin.

What factors predict the founding of a new university? National Predictors of University Foundings by Sector
 Buckner, Elizabeth.

What’s Money Got to Do with It?: The Impact of Taiwan’s World Class University Project on Scientific Publication
 FU, YUAN CHIH., Baker, David. and Zhang, Liang.

What’s Philanthropy Got to Do With It?”: A Historical View of the Post-1960s Push for Gender Equity
 Walton, Andrea.

When Free Higher Education Is Not A Silver Bullet: Examining The Impact Of Free Higher Education In Trinidad And Tobago
 Streete, Denzil.

When Mom Goes to School: Maternal Education and Intergenerational Mobility
 Devlin, Maura.

When master’s degrees pay: Multivariate analysis of earnings differentials on STEM master’s degrees
 Okahana, Hironao.

Where Do I Sleep? What Do I Eat?: A Growing Concern for Men of Color in Community College
 Vasquez Urias, Marissa., Vang, Melissa., Mazyck, Jamal., Falcon, Vannessa., Harris III, Frank. and Wood, Jonathan.

Where Does the Money Go? An Analysis of the Use of Contingent Faculty
 Riffe, Karley. and Burns, Rachel.

Where is my college? The Impact of College Location on Student Earnings
 Zhu, Qiong.

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Young, Gifted, Black and Contingent: The Narratives of Four Non-tenure Track Faculty Women in HESA Preparation Programs
 Porter, Christa., Moore, Candace., Jones, Ginny., Davis, Tiffany. and Louis, Dave.
ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13
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