ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13

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LGBTQ+ College Students’ Definitions of Success
 Shea Gasser, Heather., Nguyen, David., Lange, Alex., Hill, Robert., Renn, Kristen. and Woodford, Michael.

Latina/o College Student Sense of Belonging: The Role of Campus Subcultures
 Garcia, Crystal.

Leadership Development and Mentoring for Faculty of Color at the University of Missouri System
 Kateman, Michael. and McKinney, Jason.

Leading Workforce Education in the Community College: Mission, Accountability, and an Agenda for Future Research
 Garza Mitchell, Regina. and D\'Amico, Mark.

Legislating Public Good: Examining the Positive Consequences of Higher Education’s Involvement in Addressing Campus Sexual Violence
 Badke, Lara.

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual African American Students’ Sensemaking of Diverse HBCU Campus Contexts
 McGowan, Brian. and Blockett, Reginald.

Leveraging the Data: Effective Implementation of Analytics in Higher Education
 Paulson, Jamie.

Living in the Threshold: Using Border Theory to Rethink What it Means to Be Gay in Academia
 Phillips, Glenn.

Locating and Problematizing Global Ethics in Internationalization Research
 Stein, Sharon.

Looking Beyond Degree Completion to Understand How Youth Are Meeting Their Own Postsecondary Expectations: A Rural Example
 Koricich, Andrew., Koca, Fatih. and Vogel, Sophie.

Losing their Distinctive Purpose? The Shifting Course Curricula of Liberal Arts Colleges
 Jones, B. Noble. and Ciarimboli, Erin.

Low-SES College Students’ Perceptions of Earnings and Job Security of College Majors: Experimental Evidence from a Survey of Undergraduates
 Ruder, Alexander. and Van Noy, Michelle.

Low-Touch Notification of a High-Stakes Test: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect of Supplemental Information on Students’ Placement Test Participation, Preparation, and Performance
 Moss, Brian., Bahr, Peter., Arsenault, Leigh. and Oster, Meghan.

Low-income, Latin@ parents’ framing of college: Building on funds of knowledge in an academic outreach program
 Montalvo, Janette.
ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13
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