ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13

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Race Tracking: A Review of the Literature on Advanced Placement Enrollment and Race
 Kolluri, Suneal.

Racial Consciousness' Influence on the Behaviors of White Faculty in the Classroom: A Substantive Theory
 Haynes, Chayla.

Ramping Up for STEM Success: Understanding Community College Transfer Students’ Intention and Degree Attainment
 Zhang, Yi., Adamuti-Trache, Maria. and Connolly, John.

Rationing Scarce Resources: The Impact of Financial Constraints on Undergraduate Engagement
 Goldrick-Rab, Sara., Kinsley, Peter., Roksa, Josipa. and Brujes Colo, Emily.

Re-Examining our Roots: A History of Racism and Anti-Rape Activism on College Campuses
 Linder, Chris.

Re-conceptualizing Doctoral Training in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Conceptual Framework
 Moja, Teboho. and Madhani, Naureen.

Reaffirming Indigenous Identity: Coping with Stigmatization and Marginalization on the Path to College
 Kovats Sánchez, Gabriela.

Recognizing Distance Traveled in Selective College Admissions
 Blatter, Andrew. and Glynn, Jennifer.

Redistribution of Institution and State Financial Aid Due to Federal Pell Grants: A Pooled Repeated Cross-sectional Analysis of the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study
 Simone, Sean.

Refining Two-Year Pathways in STEM for System-Wide Movement
 Herrera, Felisha. and Villarreal, Anthony.

Reflective and integrative learning: Examining the impact of study abroad participation in the context of high-impact practices
 Hiller, Stephen. and Ruddy, Anne-Maree.

Religious Student Organizations as Agents of Spiritual & Moral Development Among South African Undergraduates
 Cradit, Nathaniel.

Reprogramming Higher Education: MIT and the Rise of the MOOC Movement
 Genre-Medhin, Ben.

Restorative leadership: Exploring resident advisors’ views on authority through a developmental lens
 Whitworth, Patience.

Restricted Graduate Mobility in Hungary: The Real Price of a Free University Degree
 Thoma, Hanni.

Restructuring the Tenure Process at the University of California
 Alcaraz, Jorge.

Retaining Latino males in community colleges: A structural model explaining sense of belonging through social-academic integration
 Garcia, Hugo. and Garza, Tiberio.

Rethinking College Readiness and Student Success: The Case of the U.S. Pacific
 Sablan, Jenna.

Retracing historical and contemporary trauma: Forging pedagogies of remembrance in a student culture show
 Vue, Rican.

Rhetorical Perspectives of Research University Presidents on Higher Education and the Public Good
 Khwaja, Tehmina. and Eddy, Pamela.

Risky Talk: Considering the Impact of Digital Communication on the Qualitative Interview
 Foste, Zak. and Rivera, Marcos.

Romanian Students’ Mobility - Perceptions and Trends
 FIT, Cristina. and Gologan, Delia.

Roundtable: Beyond Sage Advice: Understanding International Advisory Councils at Tertiary Education Institutions
 MIHUT, GEORGIANA., Yudkevich, Maria. and de Wit, Hans.

Roundtable: Developing Theory of Planned Behavior for a Large-Scale Undergraduate Empirical Studies: Model for Inclination to Academic Dishonesty
 Maloshonok, Natalia. and Shmeleva, Evgenia.

Roundtable: Globalization as a Framework for Developing a Research Agenda
 Lanford, Michael. and Tierney, William.

Roundtable: Match Matters: Higher Education Specificity and College Graduates’ Job Stability
 Chiang, Shu-Chen.

Roundtable: The Carelessness of Culture: Black Women Higher Education Administrators in South Africa
 Singleton, Dawn. and Johnson, Ane.

Roundtable: The Chinese Government Scholarship Program: the brain development scheme that illuminates a vision across 30 years
 Zha, Qiang. and Wang, Dongfang.

Rural Students in Higher Education: Considerations for Assessment and Student Success Research
 Dunstan, Stephany., Zelna, Carrie. and Griffith, Emily.
ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13
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