ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13

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Table 1: Prestige as the Highest Ambition: Implications for Emerging Research Universities in Texas 2009 – 2014
 Ryan, Sean.

Table 2: Transparency and Public Utility: Rethinking the Role of Accreditation in State-Level Higher Education Policy
 Karas, Felicia., Sopdie, Elizabeth. and Himmerick, Jessica.

Table 3: Helping to Educate, Not Recidivate: The Impact on Incarcerated Students and Their Ability to Create a College-Going Culture
 Lovendahl, Rachael.

Table 4: All Aid is Not Created Equal – Examining the Effects of Unsubsidized Federal Loans on Student Persistence over Time
 Franke, Ray. and Walker, Mike.

Tanks and Battleships to Hallways and Classrooms: Understanding the Student Veteran College Experience
 Tilman, Travis. and Eagan, Kevin.

Teaching and Learning at the Community College: A Normative Argument for Democratic Engagement
 Harbour, Clifford., McCoy, Daniel., Weatherford, Jennifer. and Lausch, David.

Teaching and Learning in Online Spaces: Instructor Practices that Support the Formation of Virtual Community
 Berry, Sharla.

Teasing Out the Complex Relationship Between Part-time Faculty and Quality: A Qualitative Case Study Comparing Departments at a Large, Public University
 Ott, Maya.

Tempered Radicals?: Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty as Change Agents
 Drake, Anna., Struve, Laura., Meghani, Sana. and Bukoski, Beth.

Testing a Social Cognitive Model of Social Justice Behavior for Student Affairs Professionals
 Monje-Paulson, Laura.

Texas Community College Presidents’ perceptions of their institution’s commitment to Male Students of color Degree Completion
 Ponjuan, Luis., Palomin, Leticia., Hernandez, Susana. and Saenz, Victor.

That’s not the End of the Story: Exploring the Effect of High School Tracking on College Experiences in South Korea
 Shim, Woojeong. and Paik, Sunhee.

The (Re)production of Safe Knowledges: A Critical Content Analysis of ASHE Conference Sexuality and Gender Sessions
 Nicolazzo, Z., Kortegast, Carrie. and Jaekel, Katy.

The Academic Impact of Participating in College Football Playoffs: A Fixed Effects Study
 Starcke, Matthew. and Crandall, Rebecca.

The Adjunct Crisis in Academe: Divining Solutions Through Foundations and Government Partnerships
 Lane, Tammy., Hines, Kenneth. and Irvin, Derek.

The Application of Synthetic Control Methodology to Higher Education Research
 Curs, Bradley. and Jaquette, Ozan.

The Company Regional Comprehensive Universities Desire to Keep: Analyzing University Choice of Presidential Association
 Orphan, Cecilia. and Miller, Graham.

The Cost of Study Abroad: An Analysis of Student Loan Debt
 Whatley, Melissa. and Gonzalez Canche, Manuel.

The Dark Side of Organizational Saga: Sowing the Seeds of Ethical Fading at Penn State University
 Harris, Nathan. and Rall, Raquel.

The Development and Validation of the Just Sustainability Inventory
 Wells, Andrew., Cooper, Diane. and Engelhard, George.

The Drive to College Attainment: State-Level Policy Influences on Tennessee Higher Education Performance
 Finney, Joni., Castillo, Wendy., Kent, Daniel., Leigh, Elaine., Ruiz, Roman. and Smith, Edward.

The Effect of High School Characteristics on Participation Rates in Oklahoma's Promise
 Mariott, David.

The Effect of State Required High School Math Curriculum on College Enrollment
 Kyoore, Jude.

The Effects of Financial Constraints and Stressors on the International Undergraduate Student Persistence
 Won, Sho Eun.

The Entrepreneurial University and the Mediation of Crisis: A Study of University Research Magazines.
 Jolliff, Grant.

The Experience of Faculty of Color in Academe: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Achieving the Rank of Associate Professor in Departments of Educational Leadership and Administration
 Guillaume, Rene. and Moreno, Marlena.

The Future of Higher Education: Why We Need a Focus on Social Justice Education Curricula
 Tharp, D. Scott.

The Global Trend of Ph.D. Graduates Employment and Its Challenges for Doctoral Education: A Cross-national Comparative Study
 Gu, Jianxiu., Zhang, Jiale. and Luo, Yingzi.

The High Impact of [Whiteness] on Trans* Students in Postsecondary Education
 Stewart, Dafina-Lazarus. and Nicolazzo, Z.

The Impact of Declining State Appropriations on Online Enrollment at Public Universities
 Ortagus, Justin. and Yang, Lijing.

The Impact of Instructor Identity and Curriculum on Students with Disabilities in STEM Fields
 Friedensen, Rachel., Lauterbach, Alexandra. and George Mwangi, Chrystal.

The Impact of Internationalization: School Counselors’ Preparedness Supporting International High School Students in the College Admission Process
 Nicola, Tara. and Koranteng, Anna-Maria.

The Impact of Teacher Preparation Program Features on Early Career Retention: A Survival Analysis
 Kapral, Andrew. and Wheatley, Kathryn.

The Impact of the Community College Library on Retention and Graduation Rates: An Expenditure Analysis
 Mathuews, Katy. and Pulcini, Brad.

The Impacts of External Quality Assurance Mechanisms on Curriculum Development in Ontario Postsecondary Education
 Liu, Qin.

The Influence And Effects Of The Neoliberal Era On Transforming The Academy
 Morales Vazquez, Evelyn.

The Influence of Family on LGBQ College Student Success
 Linley, Jodi. and Mollet, Amanda.

The Kuleana of College-Going: Kānaka Maoli College Graduates on the Significance of Giving Back
 Reyes, Nicole.

The Lived Experiences of African American Community College Achievers in Developmental Education: A Phenomenological Study
 Hicks, Janice.

The Making of Millennial “Scholarship Boys”: Understanding the Educational Uplift Ideologies of High-Achieving Latino Males from the Borderlands
 Sánchez, Nydia.

The Moderating Influence of College Major on Graduate Degree Attainment
 Wolniak, Gregory., Engberg, Mark., French, Andrew. and Williams, Tiffani.

The Myth of Mediocrity
 Corces-Zimmerman, Chris.

The Need for Student Affairs Higher Education Professional Degree Programs to Produce Business Leaders
 Wright, Dianne., King, Corey. and Cocuzza, Michael.

The Origins of Systemic Reform in American Higher Education, 1895-1920
 Ris, Ethan.

The Perils of Unpredictability: The Consequences of Uncertainty in State Appropriations for Higher Education
 Delaney, Jennifer.

The Policy Filtering Process: Understanding Distinctive State Responses to the National College Completion Agenda
 Rubin, Paul. and Hearn, James.

The Postdoctoral Fellow’s Search for Career Coherence
 Jaeger, Audrey., Dunstan, Stephany., Hudson, Tara., Haley, Karen., Dinin, Alessandra., Mitchall, Allison., Grantham, Ashley. and Zhang, Jingjing.

The Power of Media Influence: Examining the Discourse Surrounding Critical Incidents that Occurred at Two Historically Black Colleges and Universities
 Troy, Charmaine.

The Relationship between Psychological Well-Being and Institutional Support for Students’ Existential Pathway to Purpose
 Goodman, Kathleen. and Duran, Antonio.

The Role of Identity Development in Multiethnic Latino Students' Sense of Belonging
 Montañez, Wanda.

The Role of Intergroup Contact Theory in Interracial Interactions: Reconceptualizing Student’s Interactions with Diverse Others
 DeMonbrun, Robert.

The Role of Parental Support on College Achievement: Differences between Non-returning and Graduating Students
 Zhou, Enyu., Harper, Casandra. and Whitney, Steve.

The Role of Parents in Facilitating Belonging and Institutional Commitment for First-Generation and Low-Income Students
 Roksa, Josipa., Whitley, Sarah. and Deutschlander, Denise.

The Role of Political Engagement in College Students’ Civic Identity: Results from Post-Graduation
 Johnson, Matthew., Ferguson, Jr., Mark. and Tucker, KJ.

The Role of Regional Labor Markets in Cohort Default Rates
 Klasik, Daniel.

The Role of Relationships in the Scholarly Learning and Knowledge Projects of Women and Women of Color Scholars
 Terosky, Aimee. and Gonzales, Leslie.

The Role of Social Trust in the Construction of Borrowing Perceptions and Financial Stress
 Calderone, Shannon. and Fosnacht, Kevin.

The Role of Student Financial Resources, College Experiences, Institutional and State Characteristics in Explaining Undergraduate Borrowing
 Orosz, Kata.

The Role of “Shadow Education” in Korean Higher Education
 Kim, Jeongeun.

The Roles of Academic Disciplines in Student Success, Learning, and Career Preparation
 Kim, Mikyong.

The Self-defined Standpoints of Black Women in STEM
 Nguyen, Thai-Huy., Washington, Amanda. and Gasman, Marybeth.

The Sooner the Better: How Early and Sustained Exposure to HIPs Contribute to Students’ Development of Habits of Mind for Lifelong Learning and Pluralistic Orientation
 Eagan, Kevin.

The Stigma of Tenure Denied: An Exploration of Individual and Institutional Implications
 Alleman, Nathan., Cliburn Allen, Cara. and Nelson, Justin.

The Tennessee Promise: Policy Diffusion, College-Going, and the Power of “Free.”
 House, Emily.

The Theory of Planned Behavior in Entrepreneurship Education Research
 Morton, Christina., Huang-Saad, Aileen. and Libarkin, Julie.

The Underutilization of the Public Good: Examining Issues around Work life Balance and Attrition of Graduate Students
 Elue, Chinasa.

The Value Of Outward Student Mobility In Canada: Does It Contribute To The Public Good?
 Barbaric, Diane.

The Water Cooler Effect: Using Leader-Member Exchange Theory to Illustrate the Importance of Informal Networks in Advancement of Women’s Leadership
 Heminger, Sarah., Gailey, Nicole. and Russell, Kristin.

The influence of participation in co-curricular activities on sense of belonging of Black women in science, engineering and technology (SET)
 Mlambo, Yeukai.

The influence of professional philosophy and behavioral change in faculty and advisor educational technology tool adoption
 Klein, Carrie., Lester, Jaime., Rangwala, Huzefa. and Johri, Aditya.

Theoretical contributions to the discussion of gender and career and economic outcomes of higher education
 Williams, Tiffani.

Thinking Beyond Students with Disabilities: Why Do Disability Frameworks Matter For Qualitative Researchers?
 Brown, Kirsten., Broido, Ellen., Stapleton, Lissa., Evans, Nancy. and Pena, Edlyn.

Thinking Critically about High-Impact Practices
 Zilvinskis, John.

Through the Eyes of the Other: Students of Color on Whiteness in Higher Education
 Foste, Zak.

Through the Looking Glass: Presidential Partners, Gender Performativity, and Positionality
 Freed, Gwendolyn., Hendel, Darwin. and Kaler, Karen.

Time May Change Me: Evolving Predispositions for College During High School
 Hossler, Don., Chen, Jin., DesJardins, Stephen. and Toutkoushian, Robert.

Time Poverty and Parenthood: Who Has Time for College?
 conway, katherine., Wladis, Claire. and Hachey, Alyse.

Tinto Revisited: Exploring the Academic and Social Integration of LGBTQ+ Collegians
 Nguyen, David., Shea Gasser, Heather., Hill, Robert., Lange, Alex., Renn, Kristen. and Woodford, Michael.

To Work with Peers or To Not Work with Peers? Factors that Help and Factors that Hinder Students’ Formation of Outside of Class Peer Study Meetings
 Falcone, Tara.

Tocayo Epistemology for Chicana/o Scholars in Educational Leadership Across the Pipeline
 Salinas Jr., Cristobal. and Rodríguez, Cristobal.

Top Management Turnover: The Role of Personal and Environmental Factors in Determining Exit Strategy
 Rutherford, Amanda. and Lozano, Jon.

Tournament in Academia: A Comparative Analysis of Faculty Evaluation Systems in Research Universities in the U.S. and China
 Gu, Jianxiu. and Levin, John.

Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Internationalization in Higher Education
 Valdez, Gabriela.

Tracing a Hidden Management Reform within Academic Middle Management?
 Harboe, Thomas., Rump, Camilla., Hyldegård, Jette. and Bruun, Jesper.

Trans*Masculine College Students’ Experiences in Trans-Inclusive Feminist Women’s Colleges
 Jourian, T.J..

Transcending the Undergraduate Experience: Stress and Coping in Graduate School Settings
 Smith, Madeline.

Transfer Aspirations of African American and Latino Males enrolled in California Community Colleges
 Fregoso, Julio. and Locks, Angela.

Transformative Leadership: How Practitioners Become Change Agents for the Implementation of Academic Pathways
 Trinidad, Adrian. and Meyer, Dayna.

Transforming Campus Racial Climates: Examining the Discourse Around Student Experiences of Racial Violence and Institutional (In)Action
 Arellano, Lucy. and Vue, Rican.

Translating the Community College Concept in India
 Gross, Jillian.

Trends in Promotion and Tenure Policies and Guidelines Among Leading Graduate Schools of Education in the United States
 Newman, Christopher. and Whitaker, Warren.

Trustees as Boundary Spanners: Implications for University Connectivity and the Field of Higher Education
 Barringer, Sondra., Taylor, Barrett. and Slaughter, Sheila.

Tuskegee University in the Late 1960s: the Student Movement, the Black University Concept and the Legacy of Booker T. Washington
 Jones, Brian.

Types of Mentoring and Their Relationship to Sense of Belonging, Mentor Trust, and Career Satisfaction
 McCallum, Carmen., Libarkin, Julie. and James, Patricia.
ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13
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