ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13

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Undergraduate Men’s Alcohol Behavior: A Critically Informed Quantitative Analysis
 Radimer, Scott. and Rowan-Kenyon, Heather.

Underrepresented Faculty of Color: Examining Theory and Research
 Southern, Kyle.

Understanding Academic Undermatch: Latinx Student Narratives of Access and Opportunity
 Olivarez, Catherine.

Understanding Business and Society Models to Benefit Higher Education
 Clevenger, Morgan. and MacGregor, Cynthia.

Understanding Change in Higher Education: Social Movement Theory as an Untapped Resource
 Perkins, Anne.

Understanding Chinese International Student Experiences in United States Higher Education
 Willard, Tanya.

Understanding Florida Students’ Decisions to Enroll in Developmental Coursework through Rational Choice Theory
 Lanford, Michael.

Understanding Promise: Impact of State Support on Latino High School Student Habitus
 Azizova, Zarrina. and Mendez, Jesse.

Understanding Students’ Nonreligious and Nontheistic Worldviews and Identities: A Case of (Mis)alignment
 Armstrong, Amanda.

Understanding Transfer Adjustment: A Critical Genealogical Tracing of the Term and its Application
 Cortez, Eden.

Understanding Undermatching: Examining Student and Institutional Characteristics on Degree Attainment for Academically Undermatched Students
 Gansemer-Topf, Ann., Downey, Jillian. and Genschel, Ulrike.

Understanding Unfulfilled Advanced Placement Potential across the Participation Pipeline by Race and Class
 Rodriguez, Awilda. and Hernandez Hamed, Esmeralda.

Understanding how “Light Bulb” moments lead to anti-racism awareness and engagement among White administrators
 Ash, Allison., Clark, Karen. and Jun, Alexander.

Understanding the Arc of Higher Education Scholarship at ASHE: Topic Modeling of ASHE Paper Presentation Trends 1980-2015
 Hernandez Hamed, Esmeralda. and Brown, Michael.

Understanding the Characteristics of Social Science Research Cited by Amici in Fisher v. University of Texas I
 Horn, Catherine., Marin, Patricia., Garces, Liliana., Miksch, Karen. and Yun, John.

Understanding the Development of College Students' Civic Identity: A Grounded Theory
 Johnson, Matthew.

Understanding the Impact of a Multi-Institutional STEM Reform Network through Key Boundary Spanning Individuals
 Hill, Lucas.

Understanding the Promise: A Typology of State and Local Promise Programs
 Perna, Laura. and Leigh, Elaine.

Understanding the STEM Faculty Approaches to Student Talent Development
 White-Lewis, Damani., Figueroa, Tanya., Eagan, Kevin. and Hurtado, Sylvia.

UndocuScholars Project: Ethical Considerations for Survey Development and Community-Based Partnerships
 Teranishi, Robert.

Undocumented and College Bound: A Case Study of the Supports and Barriers High School Students Encounter in Accessing Higher Education
 Murillo, Marco.

Unhinging the Machismo Binary through a Third Space Lens
 Witenstein, Matthew. and Cervantes, David.

Universally Eligible Financial Aid Typology
 Hemenway, Bradley.

University Experience and Barriers to PhD Completion of Postgraduate Students at Elite Russian Universities
 Maloshonok, Natalia. and Terentev, Evgeniy.

University Student Activism in Kenya: Advancing the Public Good through Political Resistance
 Hailu, Meseret.

Unmasking the Conditional Effects of Undergraduate Research on Students’ Academic Achievement at Research Universities
 Holmes, Joshua., Linley, Jodi. and Mollet, Amanda.

Unpacking Canadian Exceptionalism, Colonial Elisions, and Economic Drivers in the “EduCanada” International Education Brand
 Stein, Sharon.

Using Constrained Optimization to Achieve Academic Excellence and Student Diversity in College Admissions
 Zwick, Rebecca., Ye, Lei. and Isham, Steven.

Using Theory of Possible Selves to Examine the Contexts of Postsecondary Success
 Acuna, Arely., DePaola, Thomas., Wheaton, Marissiko. and Cole, Darnell.

Using Visual Teaching and Learning Methods to Examine Diversity: Teacher Education Students’ Exploration of Disability
 Beres, Jacqueline. and Taylor, Leanne.
ASHE Annual Conference: Higher Education and the Public Good 2016-Nov-09 to 2016-Nov-13
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