42nd Annual ASHE Conference 2017-Nov-08 to 2017-Nov-12

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"A Student Should Have the Privilege of Just Being a Student": Student Activism as Labor
 Quaye, Stephen., Linder, Chris., Lange, Alex., Okello, Wilson. and Lacy, Marvette.

"But it doesn't come naturally": How Effort Expenditure Shapes the Benefit of Growth Mindset on Women’s Intellectual Belonging in Computing
 Stout, Jane. and Blaney, Jennifer.

"Just Let Me Live!": Student Leaders of Color Navigating Racial Battle Fatigue
 Beatty, Cameron. and Lima, Anastasia.

"Men Doing Life Together": Black Christian Fraternity Men's Descriptions of and Benefits from Brotherhood
 McGuire, Keon., McTier Jr., Terrence., Ikegwuonu, Emeka., Sweet, Joseph. and Bryant-Scott, Kenzalia.

#CollegeBound: An examination of the power dynamics that influence university engagement and recruitment efforts on social media.
 Sharp, Sacha.

#TRIOWorks? A Formative Evaluation of TRIO-Student Support Services
 Anthony, Marshall.

(Re)designing Faculty Tenure Review to Award Inclusive Pedagogical Practices
 Paguyo, Christina., Iturbe-LaGrave, Valentina. and Tuitt, Franklin.

(Re)membering epistemology and methodology: utilizing sista circles in Black feminist educational research
 Green, Qiana.

(Up)Lift as We Climb: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Southeast Asian American Women Pursuing the Academy
 Na, Vanessa., Yi, Varaxy., Mac, Jacqueline. and Thaviseth, Latana.

[Re]Envisioning the Role of Faculty in Public Scholarship through State Legislative Policy Papers
 Schneider, Holly., Espinoza Parra, Oscar., Nehls, Kim., Nourrie, Elena., Tyler, Travis. and Hines, James.

'Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself’: Remixing Intergroup Dialogue through Hip-Hop Aesthetics
 Okello, Wilson.

¡Tu dime rana y yo salto! Latinx Parents' Funds of Knowledge in College Access and Choice
 Olivarez, Catherine.

“A Better Person Coming Out Than Going In”: Community College Transfer Students and Constructivist Grounded Theory
 Rodriguez, Sheri. and Kerrigan, Monica.

“A Hard Space to Manage”: The Experiences of Women of Color Faculty Teaching Online
 Boss, Ginny. and Yao, Christina.

“A two-way street”: Adjunct faculty’s learning from and with students about subject matter
 Bolitzer, Liza.

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A Bridge to Somewhere: A Rhetorical Analysis of Intermediary Organization Documents on College Completion Policy
 Hammond, Lindsey., Adams, Philip., Rubin, Paul. and Ness, Erik.

A Broad Access Mission: Thinking Beyond Undergraduate Education at Regional Comprehensive Universities
 Kinne-Clawson, Alicia.

A Critical Analysis of the Research on Student Diversification Efforts: Leveraging an Organizational Adaptation Framework
 Kamimura, Aurora.

A Critical Discourse Analysis of University Responses to the Travel Ban: Higher Education Between the State and International Staff and Students
 Stein, Sharon.

A Critical Examination of the Socialization of International Doctoral Students for the Professoriate
 Lane-Bonds, Dena. and Hart, Jeni.

A Decade of the Accreditation Process in Chilean Graduate Education: a Push for Internationalization and issues of Multidisciplinarity
 Celis, Sergio. and Veliz, Daniela.

A Difference-in-Differences Analysis of PBF 2.0 Policy Impacts on State Expenditures to Public Higher Education
 Serna, Gabriel.

A Four-Year Longitudinal Examination on the Effects of Faculty-Student Interaction on Latina and Latino Seniors' Intellectual Development.
 Espinoza Parra, Oscar. and Collins, Christopher.

A Framework for Exploring Teaching and Learning for Sustainability in Higher Education
 Michel, Jessie.

A HOPE for Study Abroad: The impact of merit-aid policy adoption on study abroad participation in Tennessee
 Wu, Jiayao. and Kramer, Dennis.

A Heterosexist Discourse of Dating Violence: Lessons from LGBTQ College Students
 Wooten, Sara Carrigan.

A Multi-Site Study of the Normalization of Emotional Labor in Academia
 Gonzales, Leslie., Espinoza, Benjamin. and Aguilar-Smith, Stephanie.

A Multiple Case Study of MSI Students Abroad: Three Cohorts of Frederick Douglass Global Fellows in London, Cape Town, and Seoul
 Blake, Daniel., Esmieu, Paola., Gasman, Marybeth., Cener, Jillian. and Castro Samayoa, Andrés.

A New Era for High-Skilled Mobility? Race and International STEM Graduate Students’ Intentions To Stay or Leave U.S. Post-Graduation
 Gesing, Peggy. and Glass, Chris.

A Performative Analysis of the Construction of the University Student
 Smithers, Laura.

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B.M.O.C. – Black Men on Campus in College Films
 Donahoo, Saran. and Smith, Asia.

Beauty in a Crooked Room: Investigating the Discourse of Black Women in Pageantry at a Predominately White Institution of Higher Education
 Nathan, Angel., Howell, Gloria., White, Francesca. and Harris-Hasan, Alandra.

Beyond enrollment: How college access programs empower participants to succeed in and after college
 Williams, Leslie.

Beyond the Baccalaureate: Transfer Students and Graduate Degree Aspirations
 Romo, Edgar.

Beyond traditional ways to navigate college: A content analysis of First-Year Experience seminars
 Ramos, Delma., Del Real Viramontes, Jose. and Sotto-Santiago, Sylk.

Biracial Students’ Collegiate Interactions and Perceptions of the Campus Environment
 BrckaLorenz, Allison., Harris, Jessica. and Nelson Laird, Thomas.

Black Students’ College Choice: The Role of Perceptions of Institutional Diversity and Climate
 Slay, Kelly.

Black Women as Experts: Using Grounded Theory to Conceptualize Lived Experiences
 Mlambo, Yeukai. and Porter, Christa.

Black and Latino Men Finding Home: Sense of Belonging as Experienced and Practiced in Higher Education
 Serrano, Uriel.

Black on campus: Contemporary Black student activism and demands for institutional change
 Davis, Charles Harold. and Bishop, Jalil Mustaffa.

Black woman student leaders intersectional matter(ing) as responding to marginality in same and mixed gender co-curricular organizations
 Hotchkins, Bryan.

Brave Community: Teaching and Learning Race in College in the 21st Century
 de Novais, Janine.

Breaking the Bubble: Recent Graduates’ Experiences of Ideological Diversity
 Johnson, Matthew. and Peacock, Jennifer.

Building Coalition: Cross-Racial Relationships in a Student Initiated Retention Program
 Chang, Connie.

Building readiness and intention towards STEM fields of study: Using HSLS:09 and SEM to examine this complex process from high school to college
 Kurban, Elizabeth.

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California DREAM: The Impact of Financial Aid for Undocumented Community College Students
 Ngo, Federick., Astudillo, Samantha. and Velasquez, David.

Campus Climate and Racial Microaggressions: The Freshmen Student of Color Experience
 Teitelbaum, Emily.

Campus Culture: Recognizing the Role of HBCU’s as Students Arrive in Pieces and Depart Whole
 Stubblefield, Charlene. and Proctor, Lorie.

Campus Unions: What the Research Says about Faculty and Graduate Student Unionization
 Cain, Timothy.

Can university prestige lead to discrimination? A critical reflection on meritocracy, stratification, and university prestige.

Capital Brokers: A Literature Review of the Experiences of Low-Income, First-Generation Black Female Undergraduates at Predominantly and Historically White Institutions
 Harris, Tieka.

Capital and Wealth Frameworks in Latino Persistence: How Students’ Theorizing and Resistance Epistemologies Can Inform Capital Frameworks in Education
 Abrica, Elvira.

Career Aspirations of Women Midlevel Student Affairs Administrators
 Ryan, Patricia. and Jones, Stephanie.

Ceremonial Isomorphism in Economic Development Structuring in Public Universities
 Moore, Nathan.

Challenge Perceptions, Gender, and Race: Longitudinal Impacts on Participation in Mathematics-Intensive Fields
 Nix, Samantha. and Perez-Felkner, Lara.

Challenges Conducting Intersectional Research: Reflecting on Studies Exploring Spirituality and Disability Among LGBQ Students
 Jones, Ashley. and Miller, Ryan.

Challenges and Opportunities of Creating Global Diversity in Small Liberal Arts Colleges
 Ghazal, Rehab.

Challenging Critical Thinking: A Measure of Critical Being in an Era of Accountability
 Culver, KC., Selznick, Benjamin. and Trolian, Teniell.

Challenging Unidimensional Models of Student Veterans’ Cultural Transition: A Multi-layered Framework
 Interiano, Claudia., Lim, Jae Hoon., Nowell, Caroline., Tkacik, Peter. and Dahlberg, Jerry.

Change Agents as Adult Learners: The Power of Situated Learning
 Eddy, Pamela., Iverson, Ellen., Hao, Yi. and Markiewicz, Christopher.

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DACAmented Students' Sense of Belonging in Public Institutions of Higher Education
 Franco, Martha. and Lacomba, Cristina.

Data (In)Visibility: The Power of Data to Uplift Native American Communities
 Nelson, Chris.

Degrees of Opportunity: Policy and Performance of Postsecondary Education in Georgia
 Finney, Joni., Berry, Lauren., Edgerton, Adam., Featherstone, Kristina., Granville, Peter., Kendall, JT., Miller, Stephanie., Nan, Frances. and Napier, Ashley.

Delivering on the Promise: The Role of RCUs in College Access and Affordability
 McClure, Kevin.

Designing for Resistance in Prison Nation
 Annamma, Subini.

Developing First-Year Students’ Innovation Capacities
 Selznick, Benjamin. and Mayhew, Matthew.

Developing a Social Justice Orientation: An Autoethnography of Graduate Student Learning Through Service
 Beard, Trista.

Developing an English-Speaking Student Self: A Study of International Students in English-Medium Programs at a Finnish University
 deMan, George.

Differences in Voting Behavior by Student Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Major: An Intersectionality Approach
 Ro, Hyun Kyoung. and Bergom, Inger.

Different Phrase, Same Barrier: Challenges African American Women Face when Attaining Presidency at Postsecondary Institutions
 Lane-Bonds, Dena., Christensen, Rocky. and Pinto, Ransford.

Different Shades of the Rainbow: A Photovoice Study Exploring Belonging for Queer Students of Color
 Duran, Antonio.

Discourse as Leadership: Examining Presidential Addresses as Calls for Change
 Canaba, Karina.

Dismantling Deficits: Using a Community Cultural Wealth Lens in Research on Latina Administrators
 Morin, Molly.

Disrupting Binary Measures of Gender: Exploring Gender Identity and Expression Among College Students Through Scaled Measurements
 Dockendorff, Kari. and Geist, Claudia.

Diversity Work in Higher Education: A Neoliberal Analysis
 Ng, Jennifer.

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EQUITY-MINDED EDUCATORS: Identifying Differences in Student Services Practices that Benefit Students of Color
 Wood, J. Luke.

Early Career Professionals’ Perceptions of International Preparation in Higher Education/Student Affairs Graduate Programs
 Shelton, Leslie. and Yao, Christina.

EdD or PhD?: Black Doctoral Students Program Choice
 Harris, Dana Michelle.

Educational Access for Undocumented Immigrants: A Participatory Action Research Study
 Gonzalez, Laura.

Educational Uplift in the Era of the "Latino Education Crisis": The Legacy of Mexican-American College Students from the Texas Borderlands
 Sánchez, Nydia.

Elite Private University Trustees as Institutional Advocates: Collaborative Partnerships at MIT
 Slaughter, Sheila., Barringer, Sondra. and Taylor, Barrett.

Embracing Race: Moving Toward Racially Equitable Praxis in Higher Education
 Crain, Andrew.

Emotional Labor: Black Alumnae Reflect on Navigating Identity and Performativity at PWIs
 Kelly, Bridget.

Empowered Subjectivities: Asian Americans, Racial Ideologies, and Affirmative Action
 Poon, OiYan., Segoshi, Megan., Surla, Kristen., Nguyen, Caressa. and Tang, Lilianne.

Empowered through Exposure: Perceived Benefits of a STEM Intervention Program and Engineering Students’ Major Confidence
 Morton, Christina. and Beverly, Selyna.

Empowering Black Student Leaders while Navigating the Rocky Terrain: Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Advocacy
 Jones, Veronica. and Reddick, Richard.

Empowering Classroom Groups: The Driving Obligation of Math Faculty in Open-Access Institutions in Chile
 Celis, Sergio., Toro-Vidal, Valentina. and Quiroz, Carlos.

Empowering Global Citizens Through Study Abroad: A Critical Analysis of Short-term Program Design
 Whatley, Melissa., Landon, Adam., Tarrant, Michael. and Rubin, Donald.

Engaging Election Contention: Finding mission and vision in presidential communication
 McNaughtan, Jonathan., McNaughtan, Elisabeth Day., Louis, Sarah. and Garcia, Hugo.

Engaging International Students at Community Colleges: Understanding the Role of Institutional Support Structures
 Garcia, Hugo., McNaughtan, Jonathan., Eicke, Dustin., Leong, Mi Chelle. and li, xinyang.

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Factors Affecting an Academic's Choice of Retirement Benefit Plan
 Toutkoushian, Robert.

Factors of Success: Building and Sustaining Teaching Professional Development Opportunities for STEM Graduate Students and Postdocs
 Hill, Lucas., Savoy, Julia N.., Bantawa, Bipana. and Austin, Ann.

Faculty Attitudes Toward College Students with Criminal Convictions
 McTier Jr., Terrence., Ott, Molly. and Parrish, Walter.

Faculty Beliefs about the Nature of Intelligence
 Rubin, Lisa., Dringenberg, Emily., Lane, Jessica. and Wefald, Andrew.

Faculty Creating Lines of Communication between Equity Advocacy and Academia
 Liera, Roman.

Faculty Members as Agents of Institutional Change: The Case of the Transfer of Knowledge Practices
 Morales Vázquez, Evelyn. and Montero-Hernandez, Virginia.

Faculty Perspectives of Campus Carry: Experiences, Attitudes, and Behavior
 Krismer, Joslyn.

Faculty as Global Learners: The Transformative Impact of Leading Study Abroad/Study Away Programs
 Jasinski, Lisa.

Fat and thin envelopes: Understanding college application data from national surveys
 Furquim, Fernando.

Fight the Power or Succumb to It: Subversive Tactics for Leading Diversity Efforts in a Race-Adverse Climate
 Jones, Sosanya.

Finding Connections Beyond Boundaries: White, Heterosexual, Male Student Affairs Professionals Engaging with Transgressive Teaching
 McLaughlin, Conor.

Finding Their Way: The Predictors and Correlates of College Student Religious Conversion
 Starcke, Matt.

First-Year College Performance: A Study of Students from an Urban School District at One Midwestern University
 Reed, Eric.

Food for Thought: Examining College Student Food Insecurity Using Critical Race Theory
 Brescia, Stephanie.

Foster Care Alumni and Family Privilege: Perspectives and Practices inside College Programs
 Lopez, Kizzy., Whitman, Kenyon. and Vélez Young-Alfaro, Morghan.

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Gains in Undergraduate Biology Student Achievement from a Combined Cognitive-Motivational Intervention Across Multiple Semesters
 Perez, Tony., Cromley, Jennifer., Van Boekel, Martin., Kaplan, Avi., Mara, Kyle., Balsai, Michael. and Dai, Ting.

Gender & Implicit Bias in Assigning Faculty Tasks
 Ross, Lydia., Judson, Eugene., Hjelmstad, Keith., Krause, Stephen., Ankeny, Casey., Culbertson, Robert. and Middleton, James.

Geographic Constructions of Racial Identity: Asian American College Students in the Midwest
 Chan, Jason.

Getting Smart About Race: The Role of Race and Racism in Black Men’s College Going Processes
 McLewis, Channel.

Girl power: Gendered Academia and Workplace Experiences of College Women in Engineering
 Smith, Kathleen. and Gayles, Joy.

Girls Can Run Too: The Transition towards Fluidity in Conceptualizing Gender Roles for Collegiate Female Student Athletes
 Ositelu, Monique.

Giving Up on a Course: An Analysis of Course Dropping Behaviors among Community College Students
 McKinney, Lyle., Novak, Heather., Hagedorn, Linda. and Luna-Torres, Maria.

Government Vs. Faculty Perspectives on Faculty Activism on American College Campuses 1965-1979
 Cowley, Matthew.

Governors and Higher Education: Investigating Their Role in the Statewide College Completion Policy Process
 Rubin, Paul., Ness, Erik., Hearn, James. and Rippner, Jennifer.

Graduate Student Debt: 2000-2012 Trends and Implications
 Webber, Karen. and Burns, Rachel.

Graduate Student Voices: Experiences of (Dis)Connection
 Weintraub, Dayna., Ensminger, Micaela. and Hamrick, Florence.

Growth from Abroad: Women in U.S. STEM Graduate Programs, 2004-2014
 Bennett, Christopher. and Arbeit, Caren.


Habitus, Cultural Capital, and Economic Inequality in Elite American Higher Education
 Ward, Michael.

Harnessing People Power: A Case Study of an Urban City-University-Community Partnership to Build Capacity for Change
 Sikes, Chloe., Gururaj, Suchitra. and Lowe, Tracie.

Having or Serving: Perceptions of HSIs
 Gates, Rebecca., Watson, Doris. and Nehls, Kim.

Help or Hindrance: Understanding the Role of Dual Credit in the College Transitions of Latinx Students
 Ozuna Allen, Taryn.

Hidden and unaddressed issues of inequality in Tanzanian higher education: How limited access to education has delayed minority and indigenous populations from social and economic advancement.
 Mollel, Luca.

High-Impact Practices: Is the Impact Positive or Negative for Students of Color?
 Kinzie, Jillian., McCormick, Alexander. and Gonyea, Robert.

Higher Education and Employability: A Case Study of Debt and Justice in the Process to Becoming a Work College
 Bolger, Andrew. and Collins, Christopher.

Higher Education and Social Class: Presidential Agendas and Tertiary Higher Education, 1946-2015
 Palmadessa, Allison.

Higher Education at the Intersection of Queerness and Blackness at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) serving as a Community Cultural Wealth for African Americans who enroll in STEM doctoral programs
 Preston, DeShawn.

How Administrators use “Niceness” to Maintain Silence among Faculty at a Religiously-affiliated Liberal Arts University
 Villarreal, Cynthia. and Malcom-Piqueux, Lindsey.

How Do Online Students Connect? Exploring Learning Communities in Distance Programs
 Berry, Sharla.

How Faculty, Administrators, and Practitioners Make Sense of Racial Equity Data: A Theoretical and Methodological Framework
 Ziskin, Mary.

How Foster Care Alumni Finance Postsecondary Education
 Gross, Jacob. and Geiger, Jennifer.

How Interactions with Student Affairs Professionals Shape Cognitive Outcomes in the Fourth Year of College: A Replication Study
 Martin, Georgianna., Smith, Matthew., Takewell, William. and Miller, Allison.

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I Belong Therefore, I Give? Graduate Students’ Sense of Belonging and Future Alumni Engagement
 Drezner, Noah. and Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

I Think for Myself, Therefore I Am: Self-Authorship Capacity and College Student Experiences and Outcomes
 Bowman, Nick., Linley, Jodi. and Weaver, Kari.

I didn’t become a professor to teach high school: Examining college educators’ perspectives of culture in Early College High Schools
 Mollet, Amanda., Stier, Matthew., Linley, Jodi. and Locke, Leslie.

I, Too, Am a Scientist: Developing STEM Identity Among African American Male College Students
 Charleston, LaVar., Jackson, Jerlando. and Leon, Raul.

Identifying Determinants for Success in Female Minority Nursing Students
 Baker, Sarah.

Identifying Institutional Oppression and Promoting Change Through Native Narratives
 Begaye, Monty., Faris, Breanna., Still, Corey. and Pasque, Penny.

Identifying Transfer Student Subgroups by Academic and Social Adjustment: A Latent Class Analysis
 Fematt, Veronica.

Illuminating Champions: The Contributions and Challenges of Program Champions in STEM Doctoral Education
 Robinson, Tykeia. and Okahana, Hironao.

Implementation of a New Developmental Education Policy in the Colorado Community College System: A case study of Street-Level Bureaucrats
 McKay, Heather.

Implications of Performance-Based Funding on Equity-Based Missions in Higher Education
 Zerquera, Desiree. and Ziskin, Mary.

Improving College Access at Low-Income High Schools? The Impact of the GEAR UP Program on Postsecondary Enrollment and Persistence
 Bowman, Nick., Kim, Sanga., Ingleby, Laura., Ford, David. and Sibouih, Christina.

Indigenous Data Collection: Addressing Limitations in Native American Samples
 Lopez, Jameson.

Individual and Institutional Change via Faculty Development: Year One Results from an International University Partnership Program
 Wrightsman, Karen., Fox, Rebecca., Samaras, Anastasia., Lebron, Jennifer., Marklein, Mary Beth. and Asif, Sadia.

Individual and Institutional Factors that Contribute to Student Learning Among Latina and Latino Undergraduate Students.
 Espinoza Parra, Oscar. and Collins, Christopher.

Influence of Non-Cognitive Attributes of Self-efficacy, Outcome Expectations, and Interest on STEM Degree Completion Outcomes
 Aryee, Michael. and Kim, Eunyoung.

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Key Attributes of a Campus TRIO Program in Supporting Student Success
 McKenzie, Weena., Bustamante, Rebecca., Fletcher, Katherine. and Stuckey, Kelly.


LGBQ in Residence: Exploring the On-Campus Housing Ecological Systems of LGBQ College Students
 Linley, Jodi., Mollet, Amanda., Hurley, Liza., Weaver, Kari., Holmes, Joshua. and Renn, Kristen.

Latina Student STEM Success: A Proposed Decision-Making Model
 Rodriguez-Wilhelm, Davinia.

Latina and Black Women Faculty in STEM: Successfully Navigating the Promotion and Tenure Process
 Soto, Melissa. and Lane, Tonisha.

Latino Male College Enrollment Patterns Using HSLS:09 Data
 Saenz, Victor., Ryu, Wonsun., Burmicky, Jorge. and Segovia, Jorge.

Latino Male Community College Student Persistence: Findings and Reflections on Institutional Research Capacities
 Abrica, Elvira.

Latino Male Community College Students: A Quantitative Examination of the Transfer Experience
 Vasquez, Marissa.

Latino male voices: Exploring their academic experiences at Texas Community Colleges
 Ponjuan, Luis., Hernandez, Susana. and Palomin, Leticia.

Latinx Faculty Members’ Funds of Knowledge: A Qualitative Study of Empowerment Agents’ Experiences and Practices
 Fernandez Castro, Marlon.

Latinx STEM Achievers: Exploring the Role of Cultural Wealth
 Gomez, Ana.

Latinx Student Involvement at Mid-Size University
 Ballinger, Gary. and Workman, Jamie.

Latinx Undergraduates in an Anti-Immigrant Climate: Implications for Belonging, Health, and Policy
 Franklin, Jeremy. and Medina, Rudy.

Leadership Identity Development: Impact of the (WO)Mentorship Deficit in Higher Education
 Durazo-DeMoss, Sara. and Witenstein, Matthew.

Leading with Privilege: White Male Leaders in Higher Education
 Johnson, Craig.

Learning Race To Unlearn Racism: The Effects of Ethnic Studies Course-Taking on Students’ Understanding of Racism and Cross-Racial Empathy
 de Novais, Janine. and Spencer, George.

Learning about Difference in the Classroom and College: Students’ Views of the Campus Climate
 Parker, Eugene. and Trolian, Teniell.

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Madame Matriarch and Sister Sapphire: The Crafting of Black women HBCU Presidential Narratives in the Media
 Commodore, Felecia., Washington, Amanda., Johnson, A.C.., Googe, Cheleah. and Covington, Megan.

Making Sense of Reverse Credit Transfer: Leadership Perspectives
 Cortez, Eden. and Taylor, Jason.

Making Sense of the Provost's Priorities: How Academic Deans Navigate Revenue-Centered Budget Environments
 Harris, Nathan.

Making the Case for Acceleration: Findings from the First in the World AMP-UP Program
 Douglas, Daniel. and Putorti, Scott.

Male Perspectives on the Female Engineering Experience
 Neiss, Charles.

Managing Conflict on Public Higher Education Boards
 Smith, Kylie.

Managing Diversity in Academic Institution: The Fall and Rise of Leadership at The University of Missouri
 Pinto, Ransford., Lane-Bonds, Dena. and Christensen, Rocky.

Mapping and Recontextualizing the Evolution of the term Latinx: An Environmental Scanning in Higher Education
 Salinas, Cristobal. and Lozano, Adele.

Marginalization and Social Reproduction: Differentiated Post-secondary Education in a Global Landscape
 Unangst, Lisa.

Marginalization at the Crossroads: Exploring the Experiences of Queer Students of Color
 BrckaLorenz, Allison. and Clark, Jana.

Measuring Civic Engagement: Using MSC Data to Inform Assignment Design in the Classroom
 Bergeron, Jason.

Measuring Student Workload Following a Student-Centered Approach: The Issue of Time and Learning Outcomes
 Clasing-Manquian, Paula.

Measuring Transfer Partnerships for Equitable Outcomes: Initial Findings from the Higher Performing Transfer Partnerships Study
 Apple Meza, Elizabeth.

Measuring Universities' Spillover Effects on Community College Students' Educational Outcomes
 Gonzalez Canche, Manuel.

Mediated Community: Social Media & Campus Life
 Ludwig, Eric.

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Naming the Elephant: The Need for Faculty Group Facilitators in Cohorts
 Aguilar-Smith, Stephanie. and Shanks, Levi.

Narrative Conceptualization of the World and Education in Donald Trump’s Speeches
 Suspitsyna, Tatiana.

Narratives of Fit: Women Faculty Making Sense
 Bennett, Jessica.

Navajo Students’ Decision Making Factors That Influence Them To Pursue and Persist in Graduate Education
 Ben, Colin.

Navigating Two Worlds: Exploring Home-School Dissonance in the College-Going Process of Immigrant Families
 George Mwangi, Chrystal.

Navigating the Natural Hair Journey in White-Dominated Spaces
 Hambrick, Angelica. and Taiwo, Tolulope.

Navigating the Shapeless River: Differences between Student and Personnel Perspectives of Transfer Processes and Pathways at Community Colleges
 Schudde, Lauren. and Hartman, Catherine.

Negotiating Philanthropy, Power & Privilege: An Exploration of the Experiences of Women in Higher Education Fundraising
 Spadafore, Daniel.

Neoliberal Consequence: The circumscription, subversion, and sabotage of student success efforts
 Taylor, Jr., Leonard.

Neoliberalism’s Discontents: How Neoliberal Public Policy Affects Regional Comprehensive Universities
 Orphan, Cecilia.

Net Price for Low-Income Students: A Spatial Analysis
 Lyke, Austin.

Non-Stigmatic and Stigmatic Situational Barriers to Postsecondary Participation Experienced by Formerly Incarcerated Community College Students
 Dreger, Miah.

Nonpecuniary Returns to Postsecondary Education: Examining Early Non-Wage Labor Market Outcomes Among College-Goers in the United States
 Schudde, Lauren.

Nuestro Pasaje: A Journey of Latinas into Mid-level Management in Student Affairs
 Olivo, Jesus. and Lu, Charles.


On the Significance of Native Students’ Post-Graduate Choices: Giving Back as Nation-Building
 Reyes, Nicole.

Opening the Book: Outcomes of First-Year Common Reading Programs
 Young, Dallin. and Stolzenberg, Ellen.

Organizational Change in an Interdisciplinary Major
 Marias, Rachel.

Organizing for Equity and Success: Exploring the Institutional Culture of Retention
 Hurtado, Sylvia., Cho, Katherine., Ruiz Alvarado, Adriana. and Ramirez, Joseph.


Paper 1: Political Polarization, Policy Consistency, and Higher Education Policy
 Doyle, William.

Participatory Action Research: Institutional Change in Higher Education Through Student-Led Grassroots Initiatives for Transfronterizo College Students From the San Diego-Tijuana Border
 Falcon, Vannessa.

Party Schools and Party States: Campus and State Policy Factors in Student Drug and Alcohol Violations
 Lyke, Austin.

Patrons and The Humanities Postdoc: A Faculty Labor Market Symptom or Solution?
 Cantwell, Brendan. and Haddad, Nabih.

Paving Effective Community College Pathways by Recognizing the Latinx Post-Traditional Student
 Iloh, Constance.

Pa’lante, Siempre, Pa’lante : Pedagogies of the Home among Puerto Rican College Educated Families
 Garcia, Nichole.

Pedagogy of Validation: Autobiographical Reading and Writing Courses for First-Year, Low-Income Students
 Perez, Rosemary., Acuna, Arely. and Reason, Robert.

Peering into the Black Box of Grit: How Does Grit Influence the Engagement of Undergraduates?
 Fosnacht, Kevin., Copridge, Keeley. and Sarraf, Shimon.

Pell Grants and Student Success: The Heterogeneous Effects of Institutional Characteristics on College Completion
 Ruiz, Roman.

People, Power, and Inequality: Exploring the Emergence and Professionalization of Higher Education Studies across 48 Countries
 Chan, Roy.

Perceptions and Experiences of Diversity & Inclusion of Outdoor Educators in Higher Education
 Rogers, Elizabeth.

Performance Based Funding in Texas Community Colleges: Policy Implementation and Accountability Review
 Mendoza, Michael.

Performance Funding Policies and Campus Perspectives: Retaining Underrepresented Students and “Intended” Unintended Consequences
 Li, Amy.

Performance-based funding: Differential effects by institutional characteristics
 Oster, Meghan.

Pixilated Education: Institutions of Higher Education in Video Games
 Lozano, Jon.

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Qualitative Differences in Undergraduate Students' Conceptions of 'Teaching Excellence"
 Mimirinis, Mike.

Quantifying Institutional Racism: How Quantitative Researchers Examined Institutional Racism in Four Higher Education Journals between 1995-2015
 Garibay, Juan Carlos.

Queer Activist Leadership: An Exploration of Queer Leadership in Higher Education
 Pryor, Jonathan.

Queer Leaders: LGBTQ+ Professionals Navigating the Traditionally Heterogendered Institution
 Pryor, Jonathan. and Hoffman, Garrett.

Queer and Trans* in Community Engagement: Understanding LGBTQ Participation in Service
 Mitchell, Tania., schneider, finn. and Soria, Krista.

Queering the Academy: Implications for Creating Inclusive Communities
 Holley, Matthew.

Queerness in College: A Queer Phenomenological Reading of a Longitudinal Study on LGBTQ+ College Students
 Hill, Robert. and Renn, Kristen.


Race and College Completion in New York City
 Flores, Stella. and Park, Toby.

Racial Subjection: Toward a New College Student Racial Identity Model
 Iftikar, Jon.

Racial and Ethnic Minority Students' Sense of Belonging in ROTC Programs
 George, Casey., Buckley, Jessica., Colston, Jared. and Burkes, L..

Racism and Microaggressions on Campus: Counternarratives of African American Students’ Experience at an AANAPISI
 Freeman, Stacey.

Racism in Dual Enrollment Recruitment and Participation
 Trost, Jennifer.

Racist Nativism: An Attack on Latinx Faculty Credibility
 Sotto-Santiago, Sylk., Vigil, Darsella. and Ramos, Delma.

Reading, Writing, and English Pathways When Developmental Education is Optional: Course Enrollment and Success for Underprepared First-Time-in-College Students
 Woods, Chenoa., Park, Toby., Hu, Shouping. and Bertrand Jones, Tamara.

Reciprocity and Scholarly Connections: Faculty Perspectives on the Role of Community Engaged Work on their Career Vitality
 LaPointe Terosky, Aimee.

Reconsidering Community College Per FTE Expenditures: Adjusting for Noncredit Enrollment
 Romano, Richard., Kirshstein, Rita., D\'Amico, Mark. and Hom, Willard.

Recounting Racism, Resistance, and Repression: Examining the Hard Social Justice Work of College Students with Critical Race Theory and Counter-narratives
 Reynolds, Rema. and Mayweather, Dar.

Recruitment without Retention: Critical Case of Black Faculty Unrest
 Kelly, Bridget., Gayles, Joy. and Williams, Cobretti.

Reflections on the College Selection Process for Gifted Black Students from NYC Public Schools
 Goings, Ramon. and Sewell, Christopher.

Reframing Success: Attending to Intersectionality to Support Lived Experiences of First Generation College Students
 Pascua Dea, Tracy., Aquino Sosa, Gloria. and Sasso, Pietro.

Reframing resistant capital within the conceptual framework of community cultural wealth
 Valdez, Trina.

Reinterpreting Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Using Organizational Theory to Look Inside the Black Box of Professional Accreditation
 Klassen, Mike.

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STEM Checkmate! Parental Agency, Cultural Wealth Generation and Chess Tournament
 Azizova, Zarrina. and Mendez, Jesse.

STEM Self-Study of Teaching Inquiry Group: Getting Out of Our Element
 Samaras, Anastasia., Hjalmarson, Margret., Bland, Lori., Nelson, Jill., Christopher, Emily., Nord, Julia. and Schwebach, James Reid.

Safe for Whom and from Whom? A Critical Race Theory Analysis of a Texas PWI’s Campus Carry Policy
 Hernandez, Susana.

Say What You Say: An Application of Previously Developed Bag of Words Models to Large-Scale Corpus Debating Tuition-Free Policies
 Collier, Daniel.

Say Yes to Education Buffalo: An Analysis of Backbone Organizations and the Potential for Successful Community Collective Impact
 Daun-Barnett, Nathan. and Hinckley, Chelsie.

Scaling a Faculty Professional Development Program to Multiple Disciplines to Promote Active Learning Strategies in Classroom Instruction
 Ross, Lydia., Krause, Stephen., Hjelmstad, Keith., Middleton, James., Judson, Eugene., Culbertson, Robert., Ankeny, Casey., Hamilton Mayled, Lindy., Chen, Ying-Chih., Park, Yong Seok., Smith, Bethany. and Lopez, Elizabeth.

Seeking Empowerment through Science and Technology Higher Education: A Literature Review of Women’s Experiences in Ethiopia
 Hailu, Meseret.

Sense of Belonging in Computer Science: The Role of Introductory Courses for Women and Underrepresented Minority Students
 Sax, Linda., Blaney, Jennifer., Lehman, Kathleen., Rodriguez, Sarah., George, Kari. and Zavala, Christina.

Serving Latinx students in two-year colleges with established and emerging Latinx populations: Perspectives from institutional leaders
 Crespin-Trujillo, Valerie.

Serving the nation or winning the global competition? The world-class university project and faculty’s scientific productivity in China
 Yang, Xi.

Shadows of History: Asian American Identity Resilience in Post-Colonial Institutions
 Sun, Jonathon.

Shifting Focus: Examining Black Girls and Women’s Educational Experiences in K-16 Education
 Steele, Tiffany. and Little, Alexis.

Should We be Concerned about Nonresponse Bias in college Student Surveys? Evidence of Bias from a Validation Study.
 Standish, Trey. and Umbach, Paul.

Shout It Out Loud: Chinese International College Students’ Experience of Microaggression
 Pei, Shaohua. and Hagedorn, Linda.

Show Up!: Relationships between Campus Administrators and Student Activists
 Linder, Chris., Quaye, Stephen. and Lange, Alex.

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TV Networks for College Sports: Implications for Institutional Subsidies
 Delaney, Jennifer. and Kearney, Tyler.

Table 10: Role Modeling College: How First-Generation Latinx Students Nurture Funds of Knowledge and Activate Capital to Contribute to the College-Bound Habitus of Familia
 Luedke, Courtney.

Table 11: Teaching Race and Social Justice in Predominantly White Spaces: A Dialogue
 Doran, Erin.

Table 12: Where are the Sistas Coming From: An Exploration, Critique and Curation of Pedagogy for Black Women
 Hazelwood, Ashley. and Chen, P. Daniel.

Table 1: #DiversityGottaGoParty?: Federal & State Funding Implications for Curriculum Design & Academic Freedom
 Williams, Brittany. and Stewart, Terah.

Table 1: Assessing intercultural competence development globally: Does one size fit all?
 Castiello, Santiago.

Table 1: Moving Toward a Closer Understanding of Ecology, Sense of Community, and Socio-Academic Integration of Graduate Students Persisting at a Hispanic Serving Institution
 Williams Pichon, Henrietta.

Table 2: An Analysis of Undocumented and DACAmented Student Activism on Student Retention During the Trump Administration
 Martinez, Katelyn. and Lu, Charles.

Table 2: Enriching theories of female leader's advancement in higher education with a comparative analysis from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
 Kuzhabekova, Aliya.

Table 3: Analyzing Social Integration and Academic Success of First Generation College Students in Living Learning Communities
 Udoetuk, Mayen. and Levine, Jeffrey.

Table 3: Fostering Intercultural and Global Competencies: Potential for Transformational Learning through Short-Term Study Abroad in Africa
 Gathogo, Mary.

Table 3: Problematizing and Deconstructing Power Structures: Alternative Approaches to Diverse College Student Development Theory
 Bonner II, Fred., Gonzalez, Elsa., Smith, Stella. and Williams, Kamala.

Table 4: Examining the Experiences of LGBTQ+ Community College Students of Color Using an Intersectional Framework
 Whitehead, Melvin.

Table 4: Global Learning in the Community College: Understanding Rationales, Motivations, Strategies and the Role of Context
 Branham, Dawn.

Table 5: Hidden in Plain Sight: Narratives of Asian American Transracial Adoptees Working in Higher Education
 Ashlee, Aeriel., Assalone, Amanda. and Fry, Jessica.

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Ubiquity of Theism? A Comparative, Ethnographic Analysis of Atheist Identity Development
 Bourdeau, Gerald.

Un Mejor Futuro: The College Sensemaking of Latino Parents with Elementary School-Aged Children.
 Mariscal, Janette.

Underfunded and Achieving: An Examination of Efficiency in HBCUs using Data Envelopment Analysis
 Templeton, Toni. and Mata, Sly.

Undergraduate Financial Knowledge and College Financial Education Efforts: Initial Findings from a Multi-Institutional Study
 Fosnacht, Kevin., Dugan, Brendan. and Merckle, Ryan.

Undergraduate Science Identity for Women of Color: Predicting STEM Career Persistence Eleven Years After College Entry
 Cobian, Krystle. and Hurtado, Sylvia.

Underrepresented doctoral students’ self-efficacy towards Ph.D. completion
 Artiles, Mayra., Hasbun, Indhira. and Matusovich, Holly.

Understanding Diversity: Chief Diversity Leaders’ Conceptions of Diversity at Two Research Universities
 Parker, Eugene.

Understanding Latina Doctoral Student Experiences: Negotiating Ethnic Identity and Academic Success
 Arocho, Omayra. and Kim, Eunyoung.

Understanding Who Stays: High Achieving Underrepresented Minority Students and Women Scholars
 Oseguera, Leticia., De Los Rios, Maria., Park, Hyun Ju., Aparicio, Elyzza. and Rao, Sridevi.

Understanding and Improving IPEDS Data Collection on High School Students Taking College Courses
 Taylor, Jason. and An, Brian.

Understanding rural students in higher education: A literature review
 Yenney, Caolfionn.

Understanding the Educational and Life Experiences of Students Who Have Attended For-Profit Institutions
 McClelland, Molly. and DeAngelo, Linda.

Understanding the Experiences of Foster Youth from a Community Cultural Wealth Perspective
 Amechi, Mauriell.

Understanding the Invisibility of Asian Americans within Institutions of Higher Education: A Qualitative Analysis of the Perspectives of Asian American Student Organization Advisors
 Grim, Jeffrey., Lee, Nue., Na, Vanessa., Ting, Marie. and Museus, Samuel.

Understanding the Role of Academic Self-Efficacy in Academic Cheating: A National Study of College Students
 Yu, Hongwei.

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Valio la Pena: Sacrificios and Undocumented Latina/o Parents’ Engagement in Students’ College Readiness
 Cuevas, Stephany.

Variations in the Emotional Labor of Black and White Practitioners in Racial Equity Work
 Dowd, Alicia., Liera, Roman., Elmore, Branden. and Fernandez Castro, Marlon.

Verification, Limitation, and Omission: Constructing Autism on College and University Websites
 Nachman, Brett. and Brown, Kirsten.

Verily, With Hardship There is Ease: Navigating College as a Black Muslim Woman
 Daoud, Nina.

Vertical Transfer: Perceptions of Underrepresented Minority and Non-Underrepresented Minority Students
 Ryan, Patricia., Almekdash, Mhd Hasan., Paton, Valerie. and Elliott, Robert.

Veterans Going to College: Evaluating the Impact of the Post-9/11 GI Bill on College Enrollment
 Zhang, Liang.

Viewing Higher Education as a Sea of Islands: The Impact of Student Engagement on Cultural Validation of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Students
 Saelua, Natasha., Ribera, Amy., BrckaLorenz, Allison. and Museus, Samuel.

Visualizing Microaggressions: Photovoice, Black Masculinities and Resistance at a Predominantly White Private Liberal Arts University
 Allen, Quaylan.


Waking from the American Dream: Black Immigrant College Students’ Engagement in Racial Justice
 George Mwangi, Chrystal., Peralta, Alicia., Fries-Britt, Sharon. and Daoud, Nina.

Walking a Tightrope: Multiracial Women in Racially Homogenous Sororities at a Predominately White University
 Snider, Jeanette. and Park, Julie.

We Ain’t Your Negros! Acts of Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy as Forms of Transformative Resistance in Higher Education
 Stewart, Saran.

We Have Student Diversity at Our University, Now What?: Examining Faculty Perspectives on Building Institutional Capacity to Support Diversity
 Camargo, Elsa.

We the People: Critical Issues of Educational Leadership in the 21st Centry
 Smith, Tommie.

What Accounts for Inter-industrial Wage Differentials?——Evidence from College Graduates in China
 Zhou, Liping. and Yue, Changjun.

What Does the Literature Say about Underserved Transfer Students?
 Yeh, Theresa.

What Make Them Happy?: Collegiate Experiences and Psychological Well-being among International Students
 Koo, Katie. and Davila, Kristina.

What Matters To Immigrant Transfer Students: Challenges Facing Immigrant Transfer Students and Personal and Institutional Initiatives for Overcoming these Challenges
 Hyun, So Hee.

What are We Teaching Abroad? Faculty Goals in Short-Term Study Abroad Courses
 Niehaus, Elizabeth. and Wegener, Ashley.

What does it Mean to be a “First-Generation Student?”: The Role of Intersectionality in Illuminating the Implications of an Accepted—yet, unchallenged—term
 Nguyen, Thai-Huy. and Nguyen, Bach Mai Dolly.

What’s the Deal! Why Aren’t We Talking about Students of Color in Development Education?
 Assalone, Amanda., Preston, DeShawn. and Xiong, Soua.

When Average is Not Enough: Examining the Variation in the Influences on Undergraduate Debt
 Baker, Dominique.

When Do Trustees Matter?
 Taylor, Barrett., Barringer, Sondra. and Slaughter, Sheila.

When Immigrant Asian Faculty Teach Racial Issues: De/re/co-constructing "Authority" in Classroom?
 Choi, Jung Ah. and Lim, Jae Hoon.

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You Can’t Say That!: Student Attitudes Toward Speech on Campus
 Whang, Hannah. and Berdan Lozano, Jennifer.

Young Alumni Perspectives about Philanthropically Supporting Their Alma Mater
 McDonough, Kimberly. and Gansemer-Topf, Ann.
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