ASWAD 9th Annual Biennial Conference 2017-Nov-07 to 2017-Nov-12

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"Deliberate and Afraid of Nothing": Radical Women of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)
 Allen, Patrice.

"It's in the Genes": Genetic Essentialism in the Time of Black Uprising in Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex
 Middleton, Kianna.

"No Longer a Quarrel": The Diasporic Writer and Her Exchange with History
 Lambert, Laurie.

"The Ladies with Tignons": Free Women of Color, the Contested Body, and Performances of Power in Antebellum Louisiana
 Voltz, Noel.

"They can keep me in exile forever": Paul Robeson, Robert F. Williams, and State Power within the Diaspora
 Mares, Richard.

"Those who know know": A Pedagogy of African Diasporic Religious Epistemologies
 Coleman-Tobias, Meredith.

"What do they have to do with me?": Blackness & Latinidad in African American Museums
 Curtis, Ariana.

"Where are you from?": Negotiating Identities and Belonging Among Second Generation African-Canadians
 Creese, Gillian.

"You Don't Know Cuba If You Don't Know Oriente"
 Dodson, Jualynne.

#BlackHumanity: Digital Space as a New Terrain of Black Resistance
 Smalls, Krystal.

#BlackLivesMatter: Understanding Rage, Depression and Suicide Among Young African American Males
 King, Nicki.

#WeAreWelcomeHere: (Re) imagining Social Spaces and Collective Identities in Higher Education
 Washington, Ilya.

(Re)Imagining Blackness: Gendered Diasporic Politics in the Visual Art of Karen Spencer Downs
 White, Melanie.

‘C’est une vie de dingue': The Gendered Contours of Sub-Saharan Migration to France in the 1980s
 Adamo, Liz.

“Api Lanka Kapiri, Mey Apey Gama”: Space, Being and Belonging among Ceylon Kaffirs
 Jayawardene, Sureshi.

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A Black “Prince” in the Royal Court of Europe: Prince Saunders, Haitian Emigration and the Problem of Citizenship in the Age of Slavery, 1815-1839
 Alcenat, Westenley.

A Construção do Currículo em uma Experiência Escolar para Meninos Pretos e Pardos na corte (Rio de Janeiro - Século XIX)
 Ferreira, Higor.

A Loud Silence: Visual Arts in th Resistance to Enslavment
 Bouie, Anne.

A Meeting of the Continents: Book Culture, Anti-Facist Activism, and Transnational Solutions in Black Britain
 Morgan, Alaina.

A Worthy Subject in Her Own Right: Gregoria Fraser Goins, Her Archive, and Reconstructing Afro-Latinidad
 Hammond, Lauren.

Abolitionism: The Slow Death of Black and Africana Studies at Neoliberal Public Institutions
 Davis, Dana-Ain.

Across Waters: African American Women Educators and Studying in Africa and the Caribbean
 McMillion, Desiree.

Activism through the Performance of Race, Nation, and Gender in the Lives of Rita Montero and Josephine Baker
 Anderson, Judith.

Adorning the Spirit: Clothing, Sexuality and Spiritual Exchange in Haitian Vodou
 Nwokocha, Eziaku.

Aesthetics, Technology and Female Blackness
 Edu, Ugo.

African Diaspora Moving in Sound: Hip-Hop Rhythms and Popular Resistance
 Freeland, Gregory.

African Diaspora and the Act of Writing: Cristiane Sobral’s Voice in Brazilian Literature
 Mesquita, Luciana.

African Diasporas in Spain: Moroccan Women, Citizenship and Belonging
 Marouan, Maha.

African Diasporic Futures and the Challenge of Xenophobia on the African Continent
 Arukwe, Nnanna.

African Digital Diasporas in Spain: Gender and Virtual Identities in the Sahrawi Case
 Almenara Niebla, Silvia.

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Baba Omcane: The Relationship Between African Cultures and African American Fatherhood
 McDougal III, Serie.

Becoming Black and African: Nigerian Diaspora Transformations of Racial and Ethnic identities in the United States
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

Being Black in France Today
 Mokoko Gampiot, Aurelien.

Between Black and Creole: Negotiating Belizean Identity and Belonging through National Commemoration
 Ramsey, Nicole.

Biosocial Wellbeing: Hysterectomies, Reproductive Health, and Masculinities Among Black Lesbians in Brazil
 Falu, Nessette.

Black America and New African Fiction
 Osinubi, Taiwo.

Black Girlhood and the Power of Belonging
 Lewis, Janaka.

Black Homemaking: Contemporary U.S. Based Black Public Performance Interventions as Radical Placekeeping
 Brown, Arielle Julia.

Black Identities in Europe: Social Spaces and The Reimag(in)ing of Collective Identities
 Murdoch, Adlai.

Black Léonore of Aquitaine
 Semley, Lorelle.

Black Women & Radical Honesty: Examining Truth-Telling and Emotional Labor in Organizing Practices
 Williams, Bianca.

Black Women and Contingent Labor in the American academy
 Navarro, Tami.

Black Women and State Violence: Revisiting the 1900 New York Race Riot
 Hicks, Cheryl.

Black Women in Portugal: Exploring the Grey Area
 Da Silva, Mojana.

Black Women's Global Connections - From Protest to Politics
 Brown, Nadia.

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C.L.R. James and the Misunderstanding of “American Civilization": Correcting the Postcolonial Record
 Neptune, Harvey.

Calling the Question: Resolving Critical Contradictions in Black Organizing
 Mitchell, Maurice.

Capital and the Bimbines: Dominican Rural Politics, Rumor, and Revolt in the 1890s
 Eller, Anne.

Caribbean Trade Unionism and the Politics of Expertise in the Project for a New Africa
 James, Leslie.

Chicago’s Renaissance Woman: Dr. Margaret T.G. Burroughs and the Diasporic Midwest
 Hagedorn, Olivia.

Cimarronaje in Global Cities: Afro-Cuban Dances in Exile
 Torres, Neri.

Citizens and Subjects: West Indian Immigrants and the Geopolitics of Race and Migration in the Circum-Caribbean, 1926-1941
 Gibson, Khemani.

Claude McKay and De-Territorialized African Identity in the 1930s
 Goulding, Marc.

Claudia Jones, State Repression, and Black Revolutionary Feminism
 Burden-Stelly, Charisse.

Combining Two Different African Diaspora Studies Traditions
 Rastas, Anna.

Community Participation and Empowerment: The Cultural Inquiry of the Community and Educational Achievement in African Caribbean Immigrant Communities in Brooklyn, New York
 Greene, Makeda.

Competing Narratives of Slavery: Visual Culture, Memory, and the Creation of a Colonial Landscape in Santo Domingo
 Carrasquillo, Rosa.

Complicating the Feminine in Haiti
 Louis-Jeune, Sandrine.

Contesting Public and Private Spheres through the Kanga
 Fourshey, Catherine.

Cross-Dressing to Freedom: Interrogating Gender and Imprisonment in 19th Century Maryland
 Singleton, Kyera.

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Dance: A Catalyst for Spiritual Transcendence
 Williams, Tamara.

Debt, ‘development’, and the (Re)making of Diasporic Imaginations in Indian Ocean East Africa
 Wint, Hollian.

Decolonization and Justice: Fundamentals for Education and Intercultural Policies
 Oliveira do Carmo, Aline Cristina.

Deconstructing the Use of Atavism and the Unconscious in Afro-Brazilian Art: Agnaldo Manoel dos Santos
 Bevilacqua, Juliana.

Deconstruction of "Western Civilization" and "Europe" and Decolonization of the Pan African World
 Kunnie, Julian.

Desertion, Extradition, and Subjecthood on a Colonial Frontier
 Ewing, Tabetha.

Diaspora Literacy, Afrofuturism and Liminal People
 Bascomb, Lia.

Diaspora in Reverse: The Exile of Enslaved Africans from the French Antilles to Senegal in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution
 Jones, Hilary.

Diaspora on the Margins: Reimagining Race, Class, and Gender in Bahian Hip-Hop
 Henson, Bryce.

Diasporic Disbelongings: Liberatory Worldmaking in Feminist Nigerian Diasporic Art
 Akinbola, Bimbola.

Difference, Defiance and Death in Carmen
 Wilks, Jennifer.

Digitizing Black Cuban Women’s Mobility in Prerevolutionary Cuba
 Brunson, Takkara.

Disease, Space, and the Experience of Residential Segregation: Matanzas, Cuba, 1860-1890
 de la Torre, Oscar.

Do Black Lives Matter in Health Outcomes?: Towards a Pan-African Approach to Addressing Health Inequities in the African Diaspora
 Staggers-Hakim, Raja.


Economic Anxiety or Racial Predispositions? White Support for Donald Trump and the Remaking of White Nationalism in the Era of Obama
 Riley, Emmitt. and Peterson, Clarissa.

Educating Across the African Diaspora: Development of a Seminal Advanced Placement Course with the Arts as a Vehicle to Enhance Educational and Artistic Outcomes
 Khan, Nafees.

Elusive Runaways: Petit Marronage in the Judicial Archives of French Louisiana (1725-1769)
 Terrien, Yevan.

Emancipation Between and Beyond Empires: Reading the Politics of Black Writing in Panama
 Nwankwo, Ifeoma.

Embodied Cultural Citizenship: Black Caribbean Women Making Space in American Society
 Gentles-Peart, Kamille.

Eneke the Bird and Survival by Adaptation: Writing for the Possibility of a Diasporan Future
 Melton, McKinley.

Engaging Diaspora at the National Museum of African American History and Culture
 Hyppolite, Joanna.

Ensino de História e Cultura Afro-Brasileira: A Aplicabilidade da Lei 10.639/2003 Nas Comunidades Quilombolas de Abaetetuba
 Sousa, Deusa. and Silva, Marley.

Enslaved ‘Black’ West Africans in the Moroccan Sahara in the 20th Century
 El Hamel, Chouki.

Entangled Exclusions: Slavery, Medicine, and the Law in Colonial Colombia
 Waters, Brandi.

Environmental Engineering of Black Diasporas
 Manigault-Bryant, James.

Envisioning an Africana Peace Education
 Williams, Hakim.

Epistemología Afro-feminista, Reflexiones y Contribuciones a la Metodología de la Historia
 Laurent-Perrault, Evelyne.

Equatorial Guinea's Triple Heritage, Spanish, Bantu or Diasporic?: The Vargaries of Post-Colonial Black Identity
 Sundiata, Ibrahim.

Ethnographies of Belonging: Indigeneity and Blackness in the Americas
 Fuller, Sharon.

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Family Life in Carver City- Lincoln Gardens (Florida)
 Armstrong, Lisa.

Fascism in Context: Imperial Warfare, State Repression, and the Refugee Crisis
 Farnia, Navid.

Fear of a Black Planet: The Long History of African Futures in Europe’s Past
 Young, Jason.

Feast of the Gods: A Diasporic Play
 Sterling, Cheryl.

Fighting for the Right to Remember: Curating and Commemorating Enslavement in the Black Atlantic
 Garcia, Claire.

Following the “Internal Whisper”: The Religious and Antislavery Work of Zilpha Elaw in England
 Katungi, Candace.

Forced Labor in Brazil's Age of Abolition
 Morgan, Zachary.

Forging and Representing the Nigerian Diaspora in the African World
 Nwabara, Olaocha.

Fragmentación de identidades de las trabajadoras domésticas en Medellín: Raza, Género, y el espacio en la ciudad
 Montoya Robledo, Valentina.

From Afro-Sweden with Defiance: The Clenched Fist as Coalitional Gesture?
 Licona, Adela.

From Bohemian Piolo to Black Radical Jorocón: The Pan-African Conversion Narrative in Carlos Moore’s Pinchón
 Masiki, Trent.

From Exchanging Our Country Marks to Exchanging Our Country: Gender, Collectivity and the Underground Railroad in the Age of Emancipation
 Washington, Margaret.

From Grenada to Montreal: The Diasporic Journeys of Louise Langdon, Garveyism, and the Struggle for Black Liberation
 McDuffie, Erik.

From Sistas Liberated Ground to #SayHerName: Gender, Race and the Intersections of Violence
 Burrowes, Nicole.

From Street Corners to Billboards: Re-Branding Palenqueras in Cartagena, Colombia
 Henry, Amber.

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Gender and Race Governance in Colonial Barbacoas
 Bryant, Sherwin.

Gendered Geographies: Enslaved Women, Law, and Space in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Cuba
 Cowling, Camillia.

Gendered Slavery, Gendered Freedom: Roles and Role Rejections among Black Women in colonial Santo Domingo
 Acosta-Corniel, Lissette.

Geospatial Distributions and Population Substructure of Subgroups of US New World African
 Jackson, Hasan.

Governing Blacks/Black Governance
 Graubart, Karen.


Helemozão’s Gorda Flor and the “Eternal” Image of Black Female Identity in Brazil
 Shirey, Heather.

Helen Dickens and the Politicization of Medical Education
 Shakir, Ameenah.

How I Got Over: Donald Goines, Racial Grief and Ephemeral Masculinity
 Manditch-Prottas, Zachary.

How to Be a Patriot? Activism and Citizenship in Angolan Evangelical Pentecostal Churches in Lisbon and London
 Zawiejska, Natalia.

Human Rights, Gentrification and Discourse in New Orleans: African Diaspora Implications
 Stockard, Russell.

Human Rights, Zanzibar and a Diaspora from Africa: The Global Aftermath of the Zanzibar Revolution
 Mathews, Nathaniel.


Identity and Enslavement: The Case of Tituba
 Goetz, Rebecca.

Idéias Livres Versus Homens Escravizados. Trabalho, Cidadania e Transformações Urbanas (Rio de Janeiro, século XIX)
 Da Silva, Antonio Carlos. and Gomes, Flavio dos Santos Gomes.

Imagining A New Reality: Decolonization, Artist Collectives, and Open-Mic Performance Spaces in Trinidad
 van Leeuwaarde Moonsammy, Patricia.

Imagining Nigeria in Anglophone Diasporic Spaces: Contrasting Nollywood Consumption in Naija London to Afro-Jamaican Audiences in Montego Bay
 Ewing, Kamahra.

In (search) (of) the Black Diaspora: A Journey with Black Caribbean Women’s Writing
 Harding, Warren.

In Search of Africa: Contemporary Black Struggle and the Borders of Solidarity
 Strong, Krystal.

Incomplete Freedoms in Contemporary American Neo-Slave Narratives
 Knight, Nadine.

Internal Migration: Mobility as Challenge to the Marginalization of African Identity in Brazilian Citizenship Narratives
 Bragg, Beauty.

Inumação Desumana: O Enterramento Dos Pretos Novos no Rio de Janeiro
 Nara Júnior, João Carlos.

Israel Campbell: Recalcitrant Slave "Under the Paw of the British Lion"
 Harris, William.

Issues in Heritage Tourism and Implications for African Diasporic Futures in Curaçao
 Jackson, Antoinette.


Jamaican Lace-Bark and the Black Woman's Culture of Refinement
 Buckridge, Steeve.

Jamaican Runaways and Spanish Religious Sanctuary in Cuba, 1749-1751
 Bretones Lane, Fernanda.

José Raquel Mercado, the Labour Movement and Race-Making in Colombia, 1960-1976
 Correa Ochoa, Laura.


Keeping Black Motherhood Out of Prison: African-American Clubwomen Against Convict Leasing 1890-1920
 Brown, Nikki.


La Negritud Soprendida: Black Poetics, Surrealism, and Aida Cartagena Portalatin
 Chetty, Raj.

Landscapes of Black Futurity: Octavia Butler, Science Fiction, and (Re)Imagined Blackness
 Manigault-Bryant, LeRhonda.

Lecturas Feministas Afrodiásporicas, Racismo Científico e Historiografía del Arte Colonial Latinoamericano
 Sánchez Barona, Angélica.

Lei e Mediação Racial: Desafios para a Efetivação dos Direitos da População Negra no Brasil
 Santos, Gislene.

Lelia Gonzalez: Combatting Racism, Sexism, and Class Inequality
 Miles, Tshombe.

Listen Up English Boy: British Black Power and Transnational Racial Consciousness
 Cantres, James.

Literatura, Resistencia e Identidad Negra en La Diáspora: Un Análisis Discursivo y Etnico-Racial de La Novela Gráfica CUMBE
 Mesquita, Luciana., Giorgi, Maria Cristina., Castro, Alexandre. and Sampaio, Fabio.


Mame Stewart Josenberger: Arkansas Businesswoman, Activist and Internationalist, 1872-1964
 Jones-Branch, Cherisse.

Manufacturing Sameness: Continuities and Expansions of Community Identity in Afro-Chinese Relations
 Mock, Tara.

Maternidade e Liberdade na Amazônia Colonial Portuguesa (1790-1800)
 Silva, Marley.

Melville Herskovits, Alfred Métraux and Haiti, with Reflections on Anthropology
 Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra.

Migration, Education, and Afro-Latin@s
 Johnson, Ethan.

Migration, Memory and Religion: Afro-European and Afro-Caribbean Dialogues in Helen Oyeyemi’s The Opposite House
 Feracho, Lesley.

Missionary Lives: Tracing Diaspora and Nation through Biography and Religious History in the Caribbean
 Davidson, Christina.

Moor Spanish Than the Paella: Black Citizenship in a Country Where Citizens ‘Can’t’ Be Black
 Jackson, Brian.

Música en/de la Diáspora: Instrumentos Musicales del Vudú Haitiano y del Umbanda Omolokó en Brasil
 Giorgi, Maria Cristina.


Narrating Civic Engagement: Self-Representations of the Urban Poor in Trinidad and Tobago
 Forde, Maarit.

Native and African Slavery in English Jamaica
 Fisher, Linford.

Natome Medri is Their Land: The Rehabilitation of a Vernacular Identity
 Yemaneberhan, Felema.

Natome Medri is Their Land: The Rehabilitation of a Vernacular Identity
 Yemaneberhan, Felema.

Natural Hazards, Internal Displacement and Communal Conflict
 Veduti, Giacomo.

Navigating Spiritual Autonomy: Moroccan Women and the Politics of Belonging
 Marouan, Maha.

Negotiating Citizenship: West Indian Social Organizations and Transnational Identities
 Maddox, Tyesha.


O Brasil é um Branco: Cinema Nacional e  Branquidade
 Borges, Roberto Carlos Da.

Of Swans and ‘Adventurous [Colonial] Experiments’: Nigerian Amateur Athletes, Photography and the 1948 London Olympics
 Polyne, Millery.

On Yams and Resistance: African Foodways, Collective Health, and Slave Uprisings in the Eighteenth Century Caribbean
 Dator, James.

Opera and the African Continent
 Perry, Twila.

Oppression, Resistance and Religion in Literature from the Borderlands of the Colombian Pacific Coast
 Garcia Navas, Cristina.

Other Geographies: Re-imagining Black Liberation through Indigenous Territoriality and Illegal Slavery
 Miki, Yuko.


Pan African Unity: The Diasporic Activism of Black Panthers Pete and Charlotte O’Neal
 Jones, Charles.

Para la Historia del Anti-racismo en Cuba. Lino D’ou y Su Arte como Expresión de Activismo y Praxis
 Danzie Leon, Barbara.

Percepções e Práticas Docentes no Ensino de Educação das Relações étnico-raciais
 Nascimento, Caroline.

Performing Sexualities: Striptease, Lesbian Sex, and "Corrective Rape" at a Nigerian University
 Achebe, Nwando.

Performing Wives: Polygamy and Anticolonial Activism in Twentieth-Century Nigerian Theatre
 Ayobade, Dotun.

Personhood Between Africa and Europe in Dani Kouyaté’s Life and Work
 Skinner, Ryan.

Pigments of the Imagination: Colorism and White Supremacy in African Diasporic Families
 Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth.

Place and Identity in the Novel El Porteador de Marlow: Canción Negra Sin Color
 Price, Nicole.

Plassy Lawrence's Caribbean Freedom Journey
 Lightfoot, Natasha.

Policing through Housing: Regulation and Surveillance of Racialized Bodies through New York City Shelters
 Santiago, Odilka.

Political or Economic Refugee? Lessons from Haitian Asylum Seekers Relevant to the African Migration Crisis
 Pierre, Nathalie.

Poverty Discourse, Immigration, and “La Questione Meridionale”: How Italian Cinematic and Literary History Inform Cultural Discourses on Non-Whiteness
 Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra.

Presenting the Story of Slavery and Freedom in the National Museum of African American History and Culture
 Elliott, Mary.

Promoting African-American Causes in Europe: Frances Joseph Gaudet in Scotland, 1900
 Adderley, Laura.

Prostitution and Racialized Regulation in Early-Twentieth Century Puerto Rico.
 Jimenez-Muñoz, Gladys.


Queer/in Black Britain: Mr. Loverman’s Reclaimed Diasporic Positionality
 Stein, Mark.

Queerness of the Sea: Charting a Queer Black Epistemology in the Hispanic Caribbean
 Willis, Kedon.

Questions of Slavery in a Qatari National Narrative: The Case of the Msheireb Slavery Museum
 Al-Thani, Al Jawhara.


Race and Citizenship in Ida B. Wells’s Trans-Atlantic Campaign Against Lynching
 Chandler, Laura.

Race, Gender and Natural History: The Representation of the Black Female Body in Colonial Latin American Art
 Sánchez Barona, Angélica.

Race, Modernism, and Negrophilia: Tarsila do Amaral’s The Negress (1923)
 Cleveland, Kimberly.

Racismo e Educação das Relações Etnico-Raciais no Brasil: Um Debate Fundamental e Polêmico
 Nascimento, Alexandre.

Raza, Parentesco y lo Negro Como Problema en el Caribe Hispánico
 Rodríguez Velásquez, Katsí.

Raça, Gênero e Lesbianidade: Corpos e Processos de Subjetivação de Lésbicas Negras em Contextos Diaspóricos Latino-Americanos
 Lima Santos, Maria.

Re-Envisioning Peace, Health and Human Security under 21st Century Radical Black Intellectual and International Traditions
 Martin, Jamal.

Re-Imagining African Freedoms in a Colonial Caribbean Context
 Scott, Mikana.

Re-examining Violence in African American Women’s History
 Gross, Kali.

Reasserting Cuba's Role in the Liberation of Africa from European Rule
 Laumann, Dennis.

Reconstruction of the Early Population History of Africans in the Americas through St. Helena Island (South Atlantic) and New York City
 Johnson, Gretchen.

Reconstruction of the Early Population History of Africans in the Americas through St. Helena Island (South Atlantic) and New York City
 Johnson, Gretchen.

Recovering the Life Histories of the Enslaved in Colonial Africa: New Findings from Sierra Leone
 Ali, Myles.

Recreating National Belonging: Displacement, Repatriation, and Identity among Diaspora Returnees in Liberia
 Covington-Ward, Yolanda.

Reframing the Quilombo: Aesthetic Strategies for the 21st Century
 Rarey, Matthew.

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Safe Spaces in Diaspora Freedom Struggles
 Leverette, Tru.

Sauti Yetu: A New York Based Social Service NGO for African Immigrant Women
 Day, Lynda.

Sierra Leoneans, Gullah Geechees, and the Performance of Belonging
 Peach, Douglas.

Slavery and the City: Labor, Resistance, and the Building of a New New Orleans
 Johnson, Rashauna.

Slavery as a Family Institution among Elite Fassi Families in early 20th century Morocco: A look at Women’s Sphere
 Khannous, Touria.

Slavery, Marriage, and Mothering in Enslaved Communities in the Gulf, 1926-1938
 Willis, John.

Social Spaces as a Means of Reimagining the Pan African Nexus: Negro in the World Today Conference, London, July 1934
 Lindsey, Lydia.

Solidarity, Revolutionary Black Feminism, and Britain's Black Liberation Front
 Johnson, W. Chris.

Somali Immigrants and Counter-Terrorism Policies from Bush to Obama
 Nesbitt, Francis.

Songs of Samuel: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Twenty-Four Negro Melodies, British Identity, Black Atlantic Transnationalism, and Protest in the Age of Empire
 Murchison, Gayle.

Sound like Turkish, Look like Turkish: Reading Surname Law through the Case of Afro-Turk community
 Cakmak, Ezgi.

Sounds Of Blackness: To/Ward African Diasporic ‘Voicing’ in Women's Music
 Barnett, LaShonda.

Spain and Jamaica in Translation: Sylvia Wynter and the Anticolonial Politics of Performance
 Owens, Imani.

Spanish and African Migration, Modernity, and Mestizajé in Colonial Mexico
 Ramirez, Christian.

Stuart Hall as a Jamaican Diasporic Organic Intellectual and Pioneering British Race Relations Theorist
 Barnett, Michael.

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Teaching Complexion: Colorism in Diasporic Critical Discourse
 Ford, VaNatta.

Terror Narratives: Toward an Inventory of Gendered, Racial Microaggressions in Schools and Society
 Staples, Jeanine.

The African Diaspora Globalization Student Exchange (ADCGSE): The Arts as Cross-Culture Interconnection and Social Justice Leadership
 Archung, Kim.

The Bantu Expansion: Cultural Change in the African Proto-Diaspora
 Zaid, Blair.

The Birth of the Militant Martinican Woman: Jane Lero and Yvette Mauvois
 Mulira, Sanyu.

The Black Spaniards: Logics of Inclusion in Colonial Lima
 Hayes, Marcella.

The Color of Devotion: Whiteness, Power, and Ritual Citizenship in Haitian Vodou
 Daniels, Kyrah Malika.

The Critical Backstory to Plymouth Colony
 Peters, Paula.

The Exile’s Yen and Attempts to Reconstruct Haiti in 19th and 21st Century
 Pierre, Nathalie.

The Future of the Diasporic Novel: Re-imaginings in Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing
 McLaren, Joseph.

The Global Circuits of Garveyism and Zulu-ness in South Africa and the US South
 Vinson, Robert.

The Implications of the Designation of Jamaican Maroon Territories as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
 Fuller, Harcourt.

The Legacy of Juan Latino “El Negro” in Contemporary Spanish Literature
 Castro Borrego, Silvia.

The Legible Inheritance
 Wigfall, Jacqueline.

The Libyan Jamahiriya and Afro-Arab Solidarities in Black Britain
 Johnson, W. Chris.

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Uma Abordagem Acerca das Experiências de Vida Familiar Negra na Sociedade Escravista Brasileira
 Dos Reis, Isabel Cristina.

Una Frontera Interior en El Espacio Urbano Europeo: La Periferia, Lugar de Exclusión para Los Afrodescendientes
 Cantarale, Giorgia.

Undoing Slavery’s Anonymity: Naming Names in Black Canadian Poetry
 Cuder-Domínguez, Pilar.

Unremembering the “Controversial” Stories of Enslaved Peoples on John C. Calhoun’s Fort Hill Plantation
 Thomas, Rhondda.


Video Documentary -- Familiar Faces/Unexpected Places: The Global African Diaspora
 Walker, Sheila.


We are More than Our Suffering: Intersectionality and Black Self-Determination
 Ikard, David.

Welcome Home?: Transnational Experiences of Hospitality and Hostility among 'Bantu Somali' 1800-2015
 Fourshey, Catherine.

What Kind of Mother is She? From Margaret Garner to Rosa Lee Ingram to Mamie Till to the Murder of Korryn Gaines
 Carter, Lashonda.

What the Tides May Bring: Antillean Politics and Maritime Maroonage in Samaná, Dominican Republic
 Mann-Hamilton, Ryan.

When Africa Was a Refuge
 Ray, Carina.

William 'Neptune' Dehaney, a "most infamous man": Slavery and Geographies of Punishment in the Nineteenth-Century Caribbean
 Jones, Ebony.

Women and Enslavement in Atlantic Africa
 Lindsay, Lisa.

Women, Power, and Spirituality in Imperial Mali and Songhay
 Gomez, Michael.

Writing from "A Small New Diaspora": Afropolitans in the Black Atlantic
 Fulani, Ifeona.

Writing in the Midst of Fascism: Chester Himes and Frank Yerby Living in Franco’s Spain
 Simms-Burton, Michele.
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