ATE Annual Meeting 2010-Feb-13 to 2010-Feb-18

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1,000-Words Literacy Project – Summer 2008, 2009
 Sanford, Mary.

“Accepting the Challenge: Acknowledging and Affirming the Value and Strengths in Diversity”
 Lastrapes, Wanda.

“I Love Kids! Doesn’t That Mean I Will Be a Successful Preservice Teacher?”
 Krebs, Marjori. and Torrez, Cheryl.

“I am warm and caring:” Is that enough? Exemplary Teacher Characteristics for Underserved Students.
 Young, William.

“Lessons Learned: Case studies demonstrating both successes and failures in attempts to modify students' dispositions”
 Moberly, Deborah. and Sharp, Kathryn.


A 3-D Approach to Alternative Elementary Teacher Education: Design, Delivery, and Data
 Oswald, Rebecca., Crook, Tim. and Gagle, Lynn.

A Brain Based Agenda to Lower Stress and Engage Students Through Arts Inclusive Content
 Toney, Hannah., Wawiye, Joyce. and Meyer, Calvin.

A Cloud Forest Connection: Reflective Journaling on International Student Teaching
 Mendoza, Charlotte.

A Collaborative Action: A Professional Development School
 Hargus, Jauquita. and Ballard, Glenda.

A Collaborative Approach for the Preparation and Induction of Teachers
 Martinez, Elda. and Mulhall, Lisa.

A Collaborative Model for Building a Research-based Teacher Education MAT Program
 Spelman, Maureen., Korenman, Tamara. and George, Anne.

A Collaborative Model for Developing Secondary Teacher Candidates Using A Computerized Assessment System
 McDougle, Kenny.

A Collaborative Model for Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Work with ELLs
 Lin, Miranda. and Herrell, Adrienne.

A Collaborative Study Exploring the Relationship of Mentor Support to Novice Teacher Retention and Student Achievement
 Resta, Virginia. and Huling, Leslie.

A Comparative Analysis of M.A.T. Programs in Illinois
 Post, Donna.

A Division of Education Transitions to Blended Online Teaching/Learning
 Fernandez, Rogelio.

A Grounded Theory Study of the Effects of A Spiral Physics Curriculum For Resilient Sixth Grade Girls and Boys
 Davis, Dr. Edith.

A Journey: Inter-Related Field Experiences
 Herman, Ellen. and Ries, Pam.

A Mixed Methods Study of Teacher Perceptions and Attitudes Using the Cultural Awareness and Beliefs Inventory
 malhan, jyoti.

A Model Assessment System for Science Teacher Preparation Programs
 Robinson, Theresa.

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Becoming a Teacher Educator: Paths into the Professoriate
 Faith, Ellen.

Beginning Teacher Dispositions: Results from the Comprehensive Induction Consortium
 McGlamery, Sheryl., Davis, Barbara. and Gilles, Carol.

Beginning Teachers, Mentors and Induction Programs: Contemporary Issues and Implications
 Grondin, Valerie.

Being Accountable: Improving the Effectiveness of Teacher
 Rinaldo, Vincent., Sheeran, Thomas., Denig, Stephen., Smith, Robert. and Vermette, Paul.

Being Puerto Rican in America: Learning from Nuyorican Children
 McNamee, Abigail.

Beyond Collaboration:High-Quality Teacher Preparation Program from Conceptual Framework to Coursework
 Ko, Eun Kyung., Costello, Terry., Freedman, Ruth., Gardiner, Wendy., O\'Connor, Deborah. and Robinson-Lyles, Krista.

Beyond the Basics: Improving Collaboration in Teacher Education
 White, Cameron., McNeil, Sara., Miller, Angela., Behling, Debbie., Marsh, Sabrina. and Mulholland, Amy.

Beyond the Course Catalog: Partnering to Explore Community Contexts with Urban Student Teachers
 Michie, Gregory., Pacione-Zayas, Cristina., Lee, Dr. Robert., Nunez, Cesar., Johnson, Diana. and Perez-Pietruzska, Evelyn.

Beyond the Rap: Stimulating Diversity Dialogs for Real Understanding and Respect
 Polka, Walter. and Heaggans, Raphael.

Blogs: New Tools for Learning in Preservice Teacher Preparation
 Glassett, Kelly.

Bridges to Success – Teacher Induction Program
 Combs, H. Jurgen.

Bridging the Divide between Theory and Practice through Collaboration
 Bowman, Connie. and DeLucia, Shirley.

Bringing an Equity Focus to Field Supervision: Experiences of Teacher Educators
 Jacobs, Jennifer.

Building Learning Communities for Social Responsibility
 Huvaere, Dorene., Augsburger, Deborah., Jessee, Pam., Mackey, Barbara., Mines, Jeanette. and O\'Brien, Suzanne.

Building Pre-service Teacher Awareness and Understanding through Multicultural Literature.
 Huvaere, Dorene., Palmi, Chris., Augsburger, Deborah., White, Jackie. and Woods, Jennifer.

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Can a Teacher Candidates’ ACT, GPA, and CBASE Scores be used to Predict Success on the State Mandated Praxis II Tests?
 Bratberg, William., Cwick, Simin., DeLine, Mary., Sautter, Alberta., Benton, Jean., Powell, David. and Talbut, Mary Harriet.

Can the Early Field Experiences be Better?
 Zhang, Shaoan.

Cell Phone Use in the College Classroom: What are the Challenges and Possibilities?
 Miller, Melinda., Berg, Helen., CArwile, Dixie., Cox, Donna., McGuire, Maggie., Richardson, Rhonda., Votteler, Nancy. and Williams, Joan.

Change a Life Today, Not Tomorrow
 Webster-Smith, Angela.

Choosing Literature Selections That Promote Cultural Competence and Promote Social Justice
 Leavell, Judy.

Choosing to Teach for Understanding: A Positive Action to Ensure the Success of PK-12 Students
 Wilkerson, Trena., Davis, Marie., Zandstra, Anne., Bott, Kevin., Rodgers, James., Emke, Julie. and Lewis, Kim.

Closing the Distance: Using Video Diaries as a Supervisory Tool of Student Teachers
 Kootsikas, Allison.

Co-Teaching for Student Teaching - The Millikin University Story
 Newtson, Cornelia (Connie). and Smith, Patricia.

Co-teaching: Improving the Collaboration Between Cooperating Teachers and Teacher Candidates.
 Patel, Nimisha. and Kramer, Tracey.

Collaborating to Provide Model Experiences for Pre-Service Teachers
 Taylor, Linda., Clark, Patricia., Stroud, James., Williams, Donna. and Zygmunt-Fillwalk, Eva.

Collaborating with Two Year Schools: Creating a Smooth Transfer for Teacher Education Candidates
 Lamson, Sharon. and Aldrich, Jennifer.

Collaboration From Afar: Utilizing Technology as a Mechanism for Support
 Flessner, Ryan. and Horwitz, Julie.

Collaboration is the Key: Working Together to Strengthen Programs
 Hutchison, Laveria.

Collaboration or Extinction? The Survival of University-Based Teacher Education
 fry, pamela. and rodgers, debbie.

Collaboration to Enhance Literacy Learning: Meeting the Needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
 Curtis, Laurie. and Lohfink, Gayla.

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Deepening Understanding of the Relationship between Inquiry Stance and Reflectivity
 Smith, Jason., Milam, Rejoyce. and Yendol-Hoppey, Diane.

Defining Who We Are as Teacher Educators Using Standards: A Summary of our Journey
 Short, Barbara., McBee, Robin. and Westcott, Patrick.

Designing a Stimulus Package for Teaching and Learning
 Rey, Janice.

Determining Our Education Graduate's Effectiveness
 Jay, Jordan. and Miller, Howard.

Developing Cultural Competence through Diverse Field Experiences
 Bradley, Mary Jane., Bowser, Audrey., Hinson, Cindy. and Gaines, Genee\'.

Developing Effective Satellite Programs in a Rural Setting
 Towery, Ron., Fillippino, Tonja. and Prince, Dianne.

Developing International Teacher Education Experiences for Preservice Teachers: Challenges, benefits, and Unanticipated Outcomes
 Cohen, Sandra., Wilson, Eleanor., Moss, David., Marx, Helen. and Bradford, Helen.

Developing Multi-Faceted Educators
 Hunnicutt, Donna. and Doss, Peggy.

Developing Professional Competence in Novice Teachers
 Gut, Dianne., Beam, Pamela., Burgess, Lawrence. and Wan, Guofang.

Developing a Credentialed Teacher Leadership Program: Dilemmas and Opportunities
 Smith, Jason., Hubler-Larimore, Lucretia. and Yendol-Hoppey, Diane.

Developing a Sense of Urban Communities through a Collaborative Teacher Development Program with Community Agencies
 Vold, Larry., Rivera, Ann., Brown, Iris., Davaz McGowan, Reed., Rivera, Tomacita. and Weems, Jason.

Digital Natives or Preservice Teachers? The Impact of Using Technology in a Teacher Preparation Program
 Epler, Cory., McKee, Katherine., Moore, Donna. and Thomas, Broyles.

Discover the Technology Skills that are Needed in our 21st Century Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Do Teachers Use What They Learn in School?
 Talbut, Mary Harriet.

Do as I Do: Enhancing Instructors’ Credibility in the Classroom
 Kalchman, Mindy.

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E-professional Learning Community for Improving the Quality of School-University Partnership and School-based Teacher Preparation programs in low-performing schools
 Gimbert, Belinda., Young, Martha., Hayes, Judie., Parker, Rebecca., Ritchey, David., Ingram, Nell., Washington, Rebecca., Corcillo, Judy. and Hanna, Patricia.

Early Childhood SIG (Special Interest Group): Current Trends in Early Childhood Education across the States
 Donnelly, Carol.

Effectively Implementing Technology to Facilitate Differentiation and Progress Monitoring.
 Eicke, Emily., Graves, Robert. and Seimears, Charles.

Effects of Modeling Instruction on Descriptive Writing and Observational Skills in Junior High School
 Park, Do-Yong., Logsdon, Cindy. and McIntyre, Christie.

Effects of Physical Activity In the Science Curriculum on Achievement and Self-Regulation
 DeCarlo, Melissa. and Fyffe, Chelsea.

Efficacy in Pre-Service Teacher Disposition Assessment
 Shanks, Joyce. and Angell, Carol.

Embedded and Reciprocal Collaboration
 Norris-Bauer, Nancy. and Mobley, Martha.

Embedding the Teacher Work Sample-Year Four of the TWS Journey
 Miller, Brian., Johnson, Daphne., Miller, Melinda., Kohn, Lawrence., McGuire, Maggie. and Foster, Andrea.

Encouraging Big Picture Thinkers in a Team Learning Environment
 Simpson, Mary.

Encouraging Teacher Leaders to Be Teacher Advocates
 Reese-Durham, Nancy.

Engaging Prospective Teachers in the Community for Collaboration
 Warring, Douglas.

Engaging the Best and Brightest in Inclusive College Programs
 Carroll, Stuart., Aydelotte, Jennifer. and Mummey, Nicole.

Engineering Education: Lasting Impact or Passing Fad?
 Hansen, Jan. and Thomas, AnnMarie.

English Language Learners: Teacher Strategies for Different Levels of Reading Ability
 Edwards, Audrey. and Paulson, Dawn.

Enhancing Literacy Assessment through Applied Technologies
 French, Michael. and Bixler, Phyllis.

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Fitness Fun for Everyone: Linking Physical Activity and Academic Performance
 Andrews, Stan. and Andrews, Shirley.

Five Layers of Support for Preparing New Teachers
 Losser, Janet., Lybbert, Tamra., Beck, Katherine., Leavitt, Karen. and Nelson, Larraine.

Fostering Empowerment through a Multimedia Capstone Project
 Schafer, Nancy. and Stenhouse, Vera.

Four Years Later--Not Much Has Changed: Teaching in a Testing Environment
 Torrez, Cheryl., Snow-Gerono, Jennifer. and Jang, Bongseok.

Framing the Community: Analysis to Action
 Shulsky, Debby. and McCormack, Susan.

From Teacher Leader to School Administrator: Developmental Phases of pK-12 Principals and Superintendents
 Goggins Selke, Mary. and Zavada, Paul.


Global 21, the Reshaping of Teacher Education: the Perspective of a Principal and a Professor.
 Meyer, Calvin. and Porter, Georgia.

Globalization inside Education
 Rivera, Efrain.

Globalizing Teaching and Learning: Perspectives of African-Born Teacher Educators and Students in Urban Settings
 Harushimana, Immaculee., Namulundah, Florence. and Ikpeze, Chinwe.

Google Docs 101: Explore the Skills and Strategies for Incorporating Web 2.0 Google Docs into Teacher Education and K-12 Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Google Reader Aggregator – Explore this Web 2.0 Tool for Teacher Education and the 21st Century Classroom
 McCarthy, David.

Grants: Funding Engagements
 Silva, Susan.

Greater Expectations: A Faculty Development Program for Infusing Active Learning Strategies into the Curriculum
 Ruthkosky, Kathleen., Arter, Patricia., Fedrick, Mary Anne. and Burkhouse, Ellen.


Hallmarks of Effectiveness: Common Themes in Collaborative Teacher Education Programs
 Ward, Elizabeth. and Roberts, Jennifer.

Hands-On, Minds-On Teaching Strategies: Inculcating Elementary Pre-service Teachers’ Interest in Teaching Science
 Varma, Tina.

Have Standards Failed to Promote Authentic Instruction and Real-World Learning?
 Young, Linda.

Helping Preservice Teachers Develop a Community of Learners That is Tolerant and Accepting of Differences
 Miller, Melinda. and Angell, Carol.

Helping Student Teachers Successfully Navigate Their First Years of Teaching
 Wilkins, Elizabeth., Bolander, Jenny. and Jerich, Ken.

Higher Education’s Responsibility to Develop Quality Online Mathematics Courses
 Murphy, Michael. and Meisel, Edna.

How Do Student Teachers’ Reflections, Efficacy, and Expectations Differ?: Comparing Distinguished and Proficient Student Teachers
 Brannon, Diana.

How Does Location Impact Meaning? Rural Schools and the NCATE Diversity Standard
 Miretzky, Debra. and Stevens, Sharon.

Humanistic Mentoring: Nurturing the Person Within
 Varney, Dr. Jim.

Hungarian Sojourn: A "Cool Media" Trip
 Jacobs, Dariel.


I Was Shocked! Learning Experiences of Prospective Teachers in Their Cross-cultural Encounter
 Tran, Anh.

Improving College Teaching: Let’s Rekindle Our Own Excitement in Teaching
 Huffard, Ileene.

Improving Instruction for Teachers of African American Learners
 Carter, Norvella., Skinner, Dametria., Malhorn, Jyoti., Williams, Kamala. and Zannou, Yetunde.

Improving Schools and Enhancing Student Learning through Teacher Leadership: The University of Florida Teacher Leadership for School Improvement Graduate ProgramsImproving Schools through Teacher Leadership: The UF Teacher Leadership for School Improvemen
 Swain Packer, Colleen., Dana, Nancy. and Boynton, Sylvia.

Improving University Course Content: Perspectives of New Teachers in the Field
 Cook, Rebecca.

In Search of Understandings: Knowledge of US History through 1877 among Pre-Service Teachers at Three Universities
 Lucey, Thomas., Hatch, Douglas. and Giannangelo, Duane.

Inclusive Classrooms: What are Teaching and Management Techniques for Effective Inclusion?
 Armstrong, Alexis.

Inclusiveness and Advocacy through Literature and Storytelling
 Angell, Carol. and Markos, Patricia (Pat).

Incorporating Valid Neuroscientific Findings into Teacher Education Programs
 Neubert, Gloria.

Inducting new teachers in Illinois: ACTION and consequences
 Brady, Patricia., Roegge, Chris., Hebert, Lara., Barnish, Mary., Clift, Renee., Hensley, Vicki., Rosenbaum, Nicki., Oehlert, Sara. and Helm, Lindsey.

Inform and Transform: Helping Undergraduates Tackle Sensitive Issues in Education
 Tricarico, Katie.

Informing and Reforming an Elementary Teacher Education Program: Using Assessment Data from Cooperating Teachers
 Torrez, Cheryl. and Krebs, Marjori.

Inquiring into Mentoring and Exploring the Possibilities for Co-Mentoring in a Professional Development School
 Hayes, Sharon.

Institutional Core Values in the Teacher Educator Classroom
 Lee, Ellen.

Institutional Reports: A Comparison of Two Review Cycles
 Young, Alice. and Wilkins, Elizabeth.

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Junior Achievement Curriculum in an Early Field Experience
 Piro, Jody. and Hutchinson, Cynthia.


Keeping in Touch through Live Classroom
 Winterton, Sally.

Kindergarten Choice: A Case Study Analysis of Public, Private and Charter Kindergarten Experiences
 Rudolph, Amanda.


Leaning from Student Teaching: Case Studies of Three Student Teachers
 Saito, Masahiro.

Learning How to Teach Reading: A Tale of Two Beginners and the Factors That Contributed to Their Vastly Different Teaching Perspectives
 Smith, Michael.

Lessons Learned From Eight Years of Professional Development Partnerships
 Schiller, Ellen., Joseph, Jann. and Konecki, Loretta.

Lessons for Urban Education from the Urban Teacher Residency Model
 Jagla, Virginia.

Lessons in Recruitment and Retention from the Mouths of African American Teacher Education Candidates
 Webster-Smith, Angela.

Life After High School: Are English Language Learners Ready for College?
 Tran, Anh.

Linking Dispositions to Course Objectives and BSE Degree Outcomes: Successful Advocacy and Meaningful Assessment
 Ford, Deborah.

Linking Preservice Teacher Education to Beginning Teacher Induction
 Fisher, Robert.

Literacy Activities for Building Classroom Communities
 Govoni, Jane. and Wright, Valerie.

Literacy Strategies Across Content Areas
 Fehrenbach, Carolyn.

Living Assessment AS Learning: Researching the Outcomes of Inclusive Teacher Education Programs
 DaBoll-Lavoie, Kate., Contopidis, Ellen., Darling, Deana., Dunn, Kerry. and Wieczorek, Kim.

Long-term, Multifaceted Relationships Feature Multiple Adults to Help Students and One Another
 Carroll, Margaret.


Making Assessment Work for You
 Daughtry, Jody.

Making Music Fun by Making Musical Instruments for Children's Play
 Leggett, Timothy. and Costley, Kevin.

Making the Grade: Effectively Collaboration Between Four-year Institutions and Community Colleges
 Eicke, Emily. and Seimears, Charles.

Math Related Anxiety of Latina Pre-Service Teachers: Result of a Survey
 Vander Veldt, Michelle. and Gautreau, Cynthia.

Meaningful Realignment of Literacy-Related Course Content and Products in a Field-Based Program
 Thomson, Margaret., Cox, Linda., Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Gloer, Sheila.

Meeting the Challenge of the Millennials: Cultivating Positive Dispositions in Pre-Service Teachers
 Potter, Christine. and Bloom, Elizabeth.

Mentoring Generation Y
 Losser, Janet.

Mentoring Teachers at Private Day Schools: An Innovative Collaboration Between a College of Education and Orthodox Jewish Day Schools
 Winter, Jeffrey. and Bressman, Sherri.

Mentoring: Comparing How Districts Implement Mentoring Programs
 Ware, Ralph., Pfister, Christina. and DiMarino, Ralph.

Merging Best Practices: Response to Intervention and Differentiation
 McCrea, Linda. and Melin, Jacque.

Mi Ecuador: Professional Identity Development in an Intercultural Immersion Program for MAT Pre-service Teachers.
 brazo, carol., Addleman, Rebecca. and Cevallos, Tatiana.

Middle Level Advisory: Exploring Culture and Building Community
 Smith, V. Carole.

Model Online Application System for Clinical Field Experiences and Cooperating Teacher Registration
 Umerski, Fran., Thoma, Carol. and Watson, Kathy.

Model of a Fine Arts Teacher Education Curriculum based on Bruner's Concept of "Fundamental Structures"
 Strouse, Lewis.

Modeling Assessment and the Impact on Elementary and Middle Level Learners
 McGlamery, Sheryl. and Wetig, Saundra.

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NCLB: A Conversation about Advocacy, Accountability, and Action
 Alouf, James. and Bentley, Michael.

National Mandates, Local Performances: Empowering Reflective Practitioners through Action Research
 Conner, Jennifer., Hines, Mary Beth. and Wise, Faith.

Non- Hierarchical, Collaborative and Cooperative Leadership Within a (hierarchical) University Structure
 Ganley, DeLacy., Quintanar, Anita. and Loop, Lisa.

Not Quite a PDS, but a Most Excellent Partnership
 Haggard, Cynthia. and Barber, Anthony.


Objects in the Mirror: Assessing Teacher Research as Catalyst for Creative Change in the Classroom
 Amtzis, Alan.

On Becoming Teacher Educators: A Standards-Based Evaluation of Our First Year as Teacher Educators
 Leavitt, Teresa., Tanase, Madalina., Smith, Thomas. and Sowder, Mary.

Once Upon Our Wiki
 Garcia, GNA.

Online Learning: Achievement and Challenges for Students and Professors
 Hicks, Amelia. and Barnish, Mary.

Online Publishing in the SRATE Journal
 Buttery, Thomas., Luck, Donalld. and Barrett, Bettie.

Open Source Software Applications and Subsequent Implications for Teacher Education: Framing the Social Community of Learners without Economic Concerns
 Crawford, Caroline. and Martin, Sylvia.

Outcome Standards IS the Program
 Ligon, Jerry., Olson, Pennie., Anderson, Patricia., VanSlyke, Pat. and Roth, Karen.

Overseas Student Teaching: Enhancing Global Engagement
 Siler, Carl., Swails, Patricia. and Armstrong, Alexis.

Owing the future through Action: A Fresh Look at Teacher Preparation Curriculum for Middle School teacher candidates.
 Fallahi, Mitra.

Own the Future by Reflecting on the Past: Reflective Practice in Higher Education.
 Wlodarsky, Rachel. and Walters, Howard.

Owning Outcomes in Advanced Programs for Teachers: Validity and Reliability of Scores from a Case-based Performance Assessment Linked to National Standards for Data Analysis, Statistical Decision-Making, and Reporting.
 Denner, Peter. and Hooper, Jennifer.

Owning the Future Through Action and Commitment: The Story of an Evolving School-University Collaboration
 Keenan, Donna., Witsell, Kathleen., Nelson, Fred., Syverud, Susan., Hall, Katrina. and O\'Farrell, Cathy.

Owning the Future Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration
 bracke, deborah., Simonsen, Jane., Ferreira, Letania. and Zhou, Lina.

Owning the Future of Online Classes: Advice for Creating your First Course
 Melser, Nancy.

Owning the Preparation of Teachers: A Clinical Faculty Model that Works!
 Sprague, Marsha. and Farina, Deborah.


Paired Modification of Lesson Plans with Elementary Student Teachers: The Practical Implications
 Sangueza, Cheryl.

Paraprofessionals Perceptions of Supervisory Practices of Maine Teachers: Implications for Teacher Education Programs.
 Breton, William.

Partnering with Third Party Content Providers: How to Do it Right!
 Speziale, Michael. and Schmied, Kathy.

Pedagogical Challenges of Teaching an ‘Action Research’ Course
 Choi, Jung-ah.

Performance Analysis for Colleges of Education: A Tool for Continuous Quality Improvement
 Lowrey, Sherri. and Wineburg, Mona.

Personal Accountability: How do Graduates Maintain Their Professional Ethics over Time?
 White, Jane.

Podcasting for Beginners: Skills and Strategies for Incorporation into Teacher Education and into our 21st Century Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Pre-Service Teacher Candidates and their Impact on P-12 Learners: Perspectives of Cooperating Professionals
 Jones, Melissa., Mullins, Frank., Li, Mei-Ling. and Johnson, Sandy.

Pre-Service Teachers E-Portfolio Self-Efficacy in the Methods Classroom
 Beilfuss, Meredith. and Yang, Li-Ling.

Pre-Service Teachers and Social Justice Issues: Exploring the Disconnect between Reflection and Reality
 Marsh, Sabrina. and Mulholland, Amy.

Pre-service Teachers’ Motivation for Choosing Teaching Career and Their Intention to Teach in Urban Settings
 Yu, Yong., Bieger, George. and Vold, Larry.

Preparing Educators to Promote Social Justice
 Webb, Lorrie.

Preparing For The Future: Exploring The Role of Research in Teacher Development
 Flihan, Sheila. and Pfister, Christina.

Preparing Preservice and Expert Teachers to Use Technology to Understand Data in Problem Solving Models
 Ryan, Lynne. and Hauerwas, Laura.

Preparing Teachers as Collaborative Leaders
 Mattson-Gearhart, Jeanine., Whitten, Elizabeth. and Summy, Sarah.

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Racial Attitudes and Awareness in Young Children of Recent Latino Immigrants and Latino Young Children
 Cristol, Dean. and Jenlink, Patrick.

Re-envisioning teacher education programs through the lens of Queer Theory
 Kennedy, Megan. and Regan, Leighanne.

Reaching across the Pacific: What we have learned from an international education program in China
 Jin, Lijun., Nicholas, Marilyn. and Feng, Jiuguang.

Reading and writing blogs: A new means to develop new literacies for reading teachers
 feng, shoudong.

Recruiting, Selection and Training for Success
 Westerman, Eileen. and Andrews, Nicole.

Reexamining Conversations About Diversity: From Queer Theory to Practice
 Bower, Laura.

Reflections from Stakeholders: US Educators Refuse Leaving Any Student Behind…But,
 Polka, Walter.

Reflective Digital Storytelling
 Willhite, Gary.

Reforming the Science Methods Class: Pre-service Teachers Share Ownership and Responsibility
 Johnson, Lillian.

Responding to Learning Styles: Facilitating English Language Learners to Do Translations More Successfully
 Tran, Anh.

Retaining Talented Teachers
 Pool, Jonelle. and Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara.

Rethinking the Role of Technology in Teacher Education: Framing the Social Community of Learners through Valuable Instructional Tools within Face-to-Face, Hybrid and Online Environments
 Crawford, Caroline. and Martin, Sylvia.

Rigor and Instructional Clarity in a Graduate Online Program: Acting Upon Participant Feedback
 Oberlander, Judith.

Rural Educatoars Responding to State Education Initiatives
 Babione, Carolyn.


SURRGE: Southern Illinois Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention in Geoscience Education
 Miller, Grant.

Scaffolded interaction with cooperating teachers may create resiliency in new teachers
 Hamman, Doug. and Burley, Hansel.

School District and University Partnership: Can This Relationship Be Saved?
 Rudolph, Amanda. and Mize, Lisa.

Schooling and Cultural Capital: Negotiating Limited English Proficient Students’ Experience in Multilingual/Multiethnic Schools
 Echeverri, Paula.

Schools of Professional Education (ScOPE): A research-based management framework
 Wineburg, Mona., Beck, John. and Cox, Robert.

Seeking for Different Ways of Planning for Teaching: Preservice Teachers’ Views of Instructional Planning and Their Practices
 Ko, Eun Kyung.

Self-study Research for Teacher Educators: Aims and Methods
 Lin, Emily.

Service Learning Projects from Two Urban Universities
 Westerman, Eileen. and Nath, Janice.

Service-Learning Prepares Teachers to Meet the Needs of Urban Learners
 Jagla, Virginia. and Karlin, Sy.

Shaping the future: Collaborative action creating new possibilities
 daly, james., Viator, Martha., osborn, jeff., cotterell, fred., gardner, arlene., siegel, brad. and campisano, christopher.

Sharing outcomes: How EC-12 certificate programs implement and share action research results
 Meyer, Rachelle., Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Conaway, Betty.

Smoother Sailing with Cooperative Navigation
 Armstrong, Donna. and Frank, Marietta.

Social Bookmarking 101: Skills and Strategies for Incorporation into Teacher Education and into our 21st Century Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Social Interaction, Diversity, and Children’s Literature
 Esch, Ginny. and Evans, Kathy.

Social Networking Tools for Teacher Education: What Teacher Education Needs to Know about Web 2.0
 Bowser, Audrey.

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Taking Learning and Thinking to New Levels: The Reggio Inspired Middle School Language Arts Classroom
 Konigsbacher, Danielle. and Beilfuss, Meredith.

Taking action to improve your PDS's future: Using a new profile instrument based on NAPDS nine essentials
 Maier, Joan. and Bump, Wren.

Teacher Candidate Positions on Education: What They Believe: “Technically Speaking”
 Davis, Steven. and Wise, William.

Teacher Candidates’ Reflections on a Service Learning Project
 McIntyre, Christie. and Bruns, Debbie.

Teacher Development through School and Community Collaboration
 Evans, Michael., Skinner, Elizabeth., Mucino, Ebelia., Boggess, Laurence., Schulz, Melissa. and Schwartz, Tammy.

Teacher Education Candidate Dispositions: Assessing Performance in Preclinical and Clinical Settings
 Prokosch, Neil., Keneman, Ayn. and Lorch, Janet.

Teacher Education Programs and its Impact on Successful Teachers in a Diverse Society
 Bumpers, Erica.

Teacher Educator Standards: The Invisibility of Disability
 Dickey, Allison. and Owen, Valerie.

Teacher Professional Development-Closing the Achievement Gap by Closing the Instruction Gap
 Griffith, Priscilla., Ruan, Jiening., Sarani, Saeed. and Kimmel, Susan.

Teacher Researchers: Taking Action
 Pfister, Christina. and Flihan, Sheila.

Teacher as Researcher: Transformative teaching in a high needs Physics classroom.
 Vaidya, Sheila.

Teaching ESL Teachers at a Distance: Professional Development that Spans the Miles
 Manner, Jane. and Rodriguez, Diane.

Teaching Foundations Courses using On-Line Technologies
 Murphy, Madonna. and Barwa, Robert.

Teaching Quality Initiative (TQI): An action agenda for teaching quality in Tennessee
 Butler, Kyle., True, Charlene. and Gilbert, Linda.

Teaching dispositions: What can we learn about them through teacher candidates' responses to instructional and learning technologies?
 Kemeny, Vera. and Salmon, Diane.

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Understanding Hope and Its Role in Student Suicide Prevention
 Buttery, Thomas., Luck, Donalld. and Barrett, Bettie.

Universal Instructional Design in Teacher Preparation: Advocating an Inclusive Vision for ALL Students
 Summy, Sarah.

Using "Social Surfing" to Expose Pre-Service Teachers to Resources and Issues in Education
 Pilgrim, Jodi. and Bledsoe, Christie.

Using Action Research in Integrating Technology in the Social Studies Classroom: An Emergent Inquiry Stance
 Ogg, Anne.

Using Children's Literature to Deter Bullying
 True, Charlene., Butler, Kyle. and Gilbert, Linda.

Using Critical Friends Protocols to Enhance Teacher Development
 Dangel, Julie., Meyers, Barbara., Schafer, Nancy., Kavanagh, Kara. and Matthews, Cassandra.

Using Facebook to Support Beginning Teachers
 Staudt, Denise., Martinez, Elda. and St. Clair, Norman.

Using MP3 Devices to Provide Feedback to Preservice Candidates
 Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Rogers, Douglas.

Using Moodle As A Qualitative Data Point in a Multi-Year Study of Cultural Relevance
 Marshall, Patricia.

Using Music and Visual Art to Simulate Pre-service Teachers’ Attitudes towards Teaching for Social Justice: Outcomes from Four Institutions
 Lucey, Thomas., Laney, James., Giannangelo, Duane. and Cowart, Melinda.

Using Student Reflections to Reveal a Teacher Educator's Personal Practical Theories
 Nelson, Fred.

Using Teacher Candidates’ Video Reflections as a Catalyst for Program Change
 Salmon, Diane., Rossman, Alan., O\'Connor, Deborah., Costello, Terry. and Winter, Jeffrey.

Using WIKIs as a Social Interactive Network for Education Classes
 Adcock, Phyllis.

Using Wiki in Teaching Innovative Uses of Technology
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.

Using a Collaborative Leadership Model in a Teacher Education Program
 Kincaid, Maureen., Servais, Kristine. and Keiser, Nancy.

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Valuing Our Teacher Education Program: Measuring Outcomes through An Exit Project
 Bendixen-Noe, Mary., Erchick, Diana. and Hessler, Theresa.

Video Analysis of Teaching as a Tool in Teacher Cognition
 Baecher, Laura.

Video Conferencing: Using Self-Talk as a Gateway to Better Teaching
 Simone, Genet.

Visions for Reform of Science Teacher Education: Realizing the Potential
 Yager, Robert., Hacieminoglu, Esme. and Ali, Mohamed.


What Elementary Interns Need to Know (When Teaching Science or Social Studies) and What Happens When They Do: Collaboration Among University Supervisors and Faculty, Interns, and Mentor Teachers
 Cox, Linda. and Thomson, Margaret.

What Kind of Story Are We In? Changing the Story of Teacher Education in Order to Erase the Negative Perceptions of Our Critics
 Hicks, John.

What do certification tests tell us?
 Olson, Pennie.

What’s Playing? Can Popular Movies be Used in Assessment?
 Jurich, Donna. and Vandergriff, Jim.

When Realities Unite: Collaboration Among Community Colleges and Universities in Teacher Preparation
 Duke, Charles. and Ballew, Belinda.

When assessment is the outcome: One program’s efforts to evaluate teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to classroom assessment.
 Schaffer, Connie. and Danielson, Lana.

Who Do You Ask about Teaching? Near Peers as Coaches for Preservice Teachers
 McKee, Katherine., Epler, Cory., Moore, Donna. and Thomas, Broyles.

Who educates teachers? A look at the staffiing of preservice and induction teacher education programs
 Fisher, Robert.

Why Don’t You Just Die?: Helping Teachers and Preservice Teachers deal with Cyberbullying
 Andersen, Amy., McCaleb, Karen. and Hueston, Harry.

Wiki Resources: Using the Internet as a Tool for Educational Collaboration and Professional Development
 Lucey, Thomas. and Shifflet, Rena.

Wikis and Blogging 101: Explore these Web 2.0 Tools and Their Potential in Teacher Education and the 21st Century Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Wired and Connected; Why the Web and Social Networking Matter…
 Lara, Ann. and Kouyoumdjian, Nicole.

Working with Peers: Using the Electronic Discussion Board with Student Teachers
 Everett, Karen.

Working with parents: Are teacher education programs preparing preservice teachers to partner with parents?
 Weems, Denise.

Workshops that Work: Preparing cooperating teachers, university supervisors and teacher candidates for collaborative work
 Heck, Teresa. and Bacharach, Nancy.

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Year-long Professional Development School Program vs. Traditional Program: How do Middle Level Teacher Candidates Compare?
 Morgan, Vicky., Hatch, Douglas., Weilbacher, Gary., Mertens, Steve. and Tilford, Keith.
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