ATE Annual Meeting 2011-Feb-09 to 2011-Feb-17

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"I said it and put it on the board!" Pre-Service Teacher Thinking About Differentiation
 Carroll, Stuart. and Ammentorp, Louise.

"I'm a Teacher... What's Your Super Power?": Promoting Passion and Pride in Pre-Service Teachers
 Rauscher, Marisa. and Konkle, Becky.

"Reading with my son": a Promising Family Literacy Project
 Carignan, Isabelle. and Beauregard, France.

"Why do I have to wear this?"…Questions and Lessons Learned from Redesigning Field Experiences
 Thomas, Jeff. and Gulley, Joyce.

2+2=Success: Collaboration between 2 and 4 year Institutions in Teacher Education
 Beck, Judy., Toole, Cece., Izzard, Marilyn. and Lamb, Dee.

21 Things You Need to Know to Create Flexible Thinkers in the 21st Century
 McNulty, Carol., Davies, MaryAnn. and Maddoux, Mary.

21st Century Social Studies Instruction
 Russell, William.

21st Century Teachers for 21st Century Schools: What Does It Mean Right Here, Right Now?
 Miels, Jill.

“Ableism” and Teacher Education: Socially Just Dispositions as the X Factor?
 Dickey, Alison. and owen, valerie.

“Developing a Socio-Cultural Critically Conscious Framework: Diversity Awareness for Educators”
 Lastrapes, Wanda.

“Everyone Has a Story”: Learning About Teacher Education from Preservice Teachers of Color
 Bower, Laura., Mehta, Sejal., Watanabe, Rachel., White, Marissa., Figueroa, Jessenia. and Chang, Monica.

“Ganas”: The Power and Potential of Developing Latina ELL Teachers for Racial Uplift
 Morales, Amanda.

“What Factors Contribute to Teacher Resiliency in Persistently Low-Achieving Schools?”
 Won, Noelle.

“What is the “RIGHT STUFF”? Intercultural Student Teaching: Report on Rural School Administrators Hiring Practices and Preferences”
 Shonia, Olga. and Williams, Jeanne.


A Case Study: Comprehensive School Reform and its Positive Impact on Teacher Efficacy
 Fuchs, Wendy.

A Collaborative Partnership – Recruiting and Enlightening Future Educators
 Vocke, David., Williams Morgan, Pamela. and Cornish, La Jerne.

A Complete Study of the Effects of an Experimental Spiral Physics Curriculum Taught to Sixth Grade Girls, Boys and Resilient Children
 Davis, Edith Davis.

A Discussion of the Mental Health of Public School Teachers
 Ballou, Gary.

A Mastery Master’s Program: A New Perspective of Advanced Teaching Programs
 Shelly, Ann. and Walters, Howard.

A Pedagogy for Critical Teacher Education: Engaging in “Brave” and “Gentle” Dialogue
 Bondy, Elizabeth., Zafar, Aliya., Short, Katrina., Caron, Alvarez., Clawson, Jess., Hambacher, Elyse., Krell, Desi., Tripp, Lauren. and White, Chris.

A Practical Framework for Understanding and Using Web 2.0 Tools to Develop 21st Century Skills
 McNeil, Sara., White, Cameron. and Miller, Angela.

A Qualitative Study on an International Practicum of the Korean Pre-Teachers in the States
 Kim, Younock., Sol, Yangwhan., Kang, Youngha., Chung, Hyeyoung. and Im, Seahyuck.

A Research-based Planning Strategy for Facilitating Instructional Differentiation via Focused Teacher Reflections about Desired Constructivist Practices and Current Realities
 Polka, Walter., Polka, Monica. and Dunn, Deborah.

A Retrospective and Futuristic Picture of the Teacher Education Knowledge Base
 Binko, James. and Neubert, Gloria.

A Shared Passion: Cooperating Teacher and Professional Intern Relationships
 Gut, Dianne., Beam, Pamela., Burgess, Lawrence. and Wan, Guofang.

A Study of the Effects of an Experimental Spiral Physics Curriculum Taught to Sixth Grade Girls, Boys and Resilient Children
 Davis, Edith Davis., Kirk, Marian. and Kaden, Ute.

A Twenty Year Longitudinal Research Study of Future College Teachers at Illinois State University
 Jerich, Ken.

A Vision of Hope: Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Teaching Role in the 21st Century
 Williamson, Amy.

A re-ignition of a Teacher's Self-Worth and Self-Efficacy: A Five-Point Process for Dewey's Renewal
 Oborn, Ph.D., Stephen.

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Be PassionATE about 21st Century Tech Skills as Tools for Learning!
 Deline, Mary Ann., Sautter, Alberta., Cwick, Simin., Bratberg, William., Powell, David. and Benton, Jean.

Becoming Teachers of Hope: Critical Ethnography of Occupational Socialization in an Age of Teacher Deskilling
 Furuness, Shelly. and Putney, LeAnn.

BeginningTeacher Dispositions: Results from the Comprehensive Teacher Induction Consortium
 McGlamery, Sheryl.

Belonging to Puerto Rico and America: New York Puerto Rican Children's Developing Conceptualization of Their Own Cultural Group
 McNamee, Abigail.

Beyond the Field Experience: Requiring Education Majors to Become Substitute Teachers
 Ciscell, Robert.

Beyond the Rap: Stimulating Diversity Dialogs for Real Understanding and Respect
 Polka, Walter.

Bilingual Learners in 21st Century Schools
 Burns, Rebecca.

Blogs: A 21st Century Technology for Our Tech Savvy Teacher Candidates
 Williams, Nicole.

Boring Social Studies – No Longer: 21st Century Digital Literacy Changes the Paradigm
 Collins, Mary. and Yates, Jan.

Brain-Based Instructional Planning: Making Learning Memorable
 Curtis, Laurie.

Breaking the Cycle of Underperformance: Developing Academic Optimism
 Vaidya, Sheila. and Paul, Cynthia.

Breaking the Silence: Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Action Research
 Gupta, Dittika., Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara., Meyer, Rachelle. and Cooper, Susan.

Building Administrator as Teacher Educator
 McDermott, Laura.

Building Linkages with International Project Based Learning Online – Live Link
 Smith, Kathryn., Vilela, Adriana. and Gragert, Edwin.

Building a Habit of Reflection in Pre-service Teachers
 Hunzicker, Jana. and Short, Barbara.


C3 Wiki: Collaboration, Connection, and Creation
 Hebert, Terri., Whittingham, Jeff. and Bunn, Gary.

Campers + Clinicians = Confidence: The Impacts of a Developing University Reading Clinic on the Self-Efficacy of Graduate and Undergraduate Education Students
 Clements, Taylar., Kelley, Michelle. and Alloway, Kimberly.

Can Passion for Teaching Be Nurtured: A Look at Fundamental Characteristics of Effective Teachers
 green, phyllis. and williams, erma.

Can Remote Obserations Be Effective for Student Teaching Supervision?
 Hynes, Michael. and Zugelder, Bryan.

Can Six Universities Collaborate to Reform Teacher Education?
 Warring, Douglas.

Can We Increase Teacher Candidates' Abilities to Critically Reflect on Their Teaching?
 Keogh, Molly., DaBoll-Lavoie, Kate., Dunn, Kerry., Contopidis, Ellen., Jamanis, Shanna., Darling, Deana., Ayanru, Rasheda. and Grigg, Gail.

Can You Teach Dispositions to Pre-Service Teachers? Yes! And One Way is Through Children’s Literature
 Bromer, Billi.

Catalyst for Change: Critical Action Research, Passion and Pedagogical Promise
 Martin, Renee., Doraiswamy, Nithya., Knechtges, Cynthia., Warnke, Jeffery., Ziegler, nathan. and Soric, Tina.

Changes in Education to Ignite Passion and Purpose
 Phifer, Sandra. and Fraser, Margaret.

Changes in Teacher Preparation Program - Ohio House Bill 1
 Creasap, Sally.

Changing Face of Graduate Education
 Blundell, Patricia. and Petersen, Ann.

Changing Program Standards Again: Now What?
 Shank, Kathlene. and Hooser, Christy.

Characteristics of High-Quality Secondary History Teachers
 Burenheide, Bradley.

Characteristics of School-University Partnerships in NCATE Accredited Teacher Preparation Programs
 Neapolitan, Jane.

Characterizing Effective Literacy Instruction: Strategies for Supporting Diverse Learners
 Lawrence, Salika.

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Daring to Care, A Guide to Building a Caring Ethic in the Classroom
 McBee, Robin. and Aruffo, Mary.

Data, Data, Data, Oh My!
 Summy, Sarah.

Deepening Collaborations Through Critical Friendships
 Horwitz, Julie. and Flessner, Ryan.

Democratic Citizenship in Action: Elementary Students Challenge an artist, a president, and the Constitution
 Miller, Grant.

Demystifying Mindfulness for Educators
 Roberts, Nicole. and DeMatteo, Francis.

Developing 21st Century Citizens of Character with Film
 Russell, William. and Waters Jr., Kevin.

Developing Digital Literacy Skills for 21st Century Classrooms Using a Variety of Web 2.0 Tools
 McCarthy, David.

Developing Dispositions in Teacher Candidates Through Community Service
 Meidl, Tynisha. and Baumann, Beth.

Developing a Professional Learning Community: What/How Prospective Teachers and Teacher Educators Learned With/From Each Other
 Hayes, Sharon., Graham, Meadow., Cooperrider, Bethany., Jenkins, Meredith., Anderson, Jennifer. and Wilson, Abbey.

Developing the Passion for Teaching by Understanding and Grooming Positive Dispositional Traits
 Bunn, Gary., Benson, Tammy. and Daniels, Lisa.

Developmental Stages of Student Teaching as Seen through Reflective Journals
 Young, Alice. and Wilkins, Elizabeth.

Differentiation Through Assistive Technology: A General Ed./Special Ed. Inclusion Collaboration
 Thomson, Margaret. and Arredondo, Pat.

Digital Reflective Practice
 Willhite, Gary.

Digital Storytelling and More at the Morgridge International Reading Center: Ideas to Invigorate the Curriculum
 Wegmann, Susan. and Puig, Enrique.

Digital Storytelling: Writing for the Net Generation
 Wake, Donna.

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E-Coaching for Beginning and Experienced Teachers’ Professional Learning
 Gimbert, Belinda., Ball Anthony, Anika., Parker, Rebecca., Hayes, Judith., Young, Martha., Fultz, David., Hanna, Patricia. and Stewart, Yolanda.

EPILLAW: How to Think and How To Write
 Sarno, Una.

Early Childhood Education Candidates and a Dynamic Research Based Senior Culminating Experience: a process that connects research-based college preparation to practical implementation in the p-3 learning environment.
 Watters, Shawn.

Early Childhood Teacher Educators: We Have Been Right All Along!
 Morrison, Kathy.

Easing Teacher Candidates toward Cultural Competence
 Gallavan, Nancy. and Bowles, Freddie.

Effective Online Instruction: Best Practice Strategies and Realities from the Field
 Miels, Jill.

Effective Teacher Classroom Management Skillsets
 Woodard, Rich.

Effective Teaching and Student Engagement in the 21st Century College Classroom: Using the Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) as a Tool for Peer Observation and Self-reflection
 Lukowiak, Twila. and Hunzicker, Jana.

Effectiveness of a Professional Development Approach to Integrate Differentiated Instruction in Higher Education
 Sikka, Anjoo., Beebe, Ron. and Bedard, Carol.

Effects of International Student Teaching on Beginning Teachers: Advances in Professional, Pedagogical, and Multicultural Development
 Jiang, Binbin. and DeVillar, Robert.

Efficacy of Effort: Teachers' Sense of Efficacy based on Teacher Training and Years of Experience
 Shane, Julie.

Encouraging Equity and Social Justice: Assisting Teachers to Celebrate All Learners
 Gibson, Dona.

Encouraging Passionate Teachers to Become Passionate Teacher Leaders: Reflections on the Development and Implementation of a University Course on Teacher Leadership
 Kortecamp, Karen. and Tate, Patricia.

Encouraging a Disposition of Introspection: Reflective Profiles of TFA Corps Members
 Meyers, Barbara.

Engaging 21st Century Adolescent Learners
 Carr, Sherah., Dodd, Victoria., Harris, Derek., Lee, Cheralyn. and Whaley, Kenneth.

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Facilitating Action Research: A Study of Coaches' Experiences Leading Teachers through the Process of Practitioner Inquiry
 Krell, Desi. and Dana, Nancy.

Fear, Finances, or Family: Why Do Qualified Candidates Withdraw From Student Teaching?
 Swetnam, Leslie., Anderson, Myron., Chung, Miri. and Vigil, Peter.

Finding the X-Factor in Teaching: An Overview of One Successful Approach
 Plaskon, Stephen.

Fostering Critical Witnessing in Pre/In-Service Teachers in an Urban Teacher Education Program
 Peloso, Jeanne. and Jennings, Gregory.

From Notepads to iPads: Using Socially Mediated Technologies to Promote 21st Century Pedagogy
 wereley, megan., Broda, Matthew., Schmidt, Alison. and Shutt, Jennifer.

From Rhetoric to Reality: Preparing Urban Teachers who are Truly Prepared
 Adams, Julius., Huber, Mara. and Williams, James.


Gauging the Passionate Teacher through Directed Student Teaching and Technology
 Murphy, Michael. and Meisel, Edna.

Getting SMART about Teacher Education: Introducing Preservice Teachers to Interactive Whiteboard Technology
 Giles, Rebecca. and Kent, Andrea.

Globalizing Teacher Education for the 21st Century: An Ongoing Collaborative Partnership Between U.S. and Spain
 Gaylen, Nancy. and Newtson, Connie.

Grouping Strategies for Turning 21st Century Learners into Critical Thinkers
 Mendoza, Alicia. and Mendoza, Charlotte.

Growing CLD Teachers for Today's Classroom of CLD Children
 Lohfink, Gayla. and Morales, Amanda.

Guiding Preservice Teachers' Understanding of Diverse Learners in K-8 Classrooms
 Skawinski, Susan. and Rossetti, Zachary.


Hand to Hand: Teaching Tolerance with Young Children
 Zakin, Andrea.

Help Student Teachers Successfully Transition into their First Year of Teaching: Pre-Induction Suggestions
 Wilkins, Elizabeth., Jerich, Ken. and Bolander, Jenny.

Helping Preservice Teachers’ Oral and Written Communication: Going, Downhil in a Hdbsket?!
 Nath, Janice.

Helping Teacher Candidates Use Problem-Based Learning Techniques
 Lamson, Sharon., Aldrich, Jennifer. and Tye, Natalie.

How Can We Fully Evaluate the Effectiveness of Teacher Education Programs?
 White, Jane., White, John., Philipose, Sandy. and Shahid, Julia.

How Do Candidates Define Pudding that Proves Student Learning?
 Shea, Catherine.


I AM: The Story of Self as Bridge to Passionate & Inclusive Teaching
 Tennial, Derrick. and Scott-Simmons, Wynnetta.

I-StEP - Internship Start Early Program: A Collaborative Program to Expand Roles of Mentors and Interns
 Williams, Karri. and Shelton, Patricia.

INTC Beginning Teacher Conference: New Teacher Leaders, Expanding Networks, and Research Opportunities
 Welsh, Hilarie. and Hebert, Lara.

ISTE/NCATE Standards for 21st Century Teaching, Leadership, and Learning
 Thomas, Lajeane.

Identifying and Understanding Defining Moments for Navigating Cultural Competence
 Gallavan, Nancy.

Identifying the X-Factor: The Role of Field Experiences
 Wells, Candace.

Igniting Change in Schools: Equity-Centered Teacher Leadership
 Jacobs, Jennifer.

Impact of School-Based Teacher Educators on Teacher Candidates
 Leavitt, Teresa. and Losser, Janet.

Impact of a Practitioners’ Master’s Program on Cohort Members’ Subsequent Educational Careers
 Goggins Selke, Mary.

Implementing New Technology: Elementary Teachers Using a SMART Board to Represent Mathematical Ideas
 Waddell, Lanette.

Implications of Emerging Research and Practice in Socio-Emotional Learning for Practitioner Development
 Shoemaker, Patricia.

Increasing Teacher Performance and Effectiveness during the Age of Accountability: A Case Study of Two Small Elementary Schools
 Ahrens, Patricia.

Influence of Constructivists’ Approach to Teaching and Learning on Pre-service Teachers’ Confidence to Teach Science
 Varma, Tina.

Intangibles in the UTeach Insitute at the University of North Texas
 van Tassell, Frances.

Integrating Language Interventions into Teacher Preparation Curriculum
 Getty, Laura.

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Joining the Dinosaurs and Dodo Birds: Are Secondary Reading Specialists Becoming Extinct?
 Carlson, Carolyn.

Jumping Out of Bed with your Passion On
 Lupton, Angela., Hochman, Arthur. and Pangan, Catherine.


KThe Impact of Literacy Program Experiences on Preservice Teachers' knowledge and Ability
 Mundy, Charlotte. and Donovan, Carol.

Knowledge Building: International Dynamics, Partnerships, and Strategies
 Tuca, Mireia. and Laferrière, Thérèse.

Knowledge of Students and Enactments of Motivational Strategies in Teaching The Concept of Function
 Nguyen, Giang-Nguyen.


LGB Youth: Legal Protections and Directions for Educators
 Kilanowski-Press, Lisa. and Polka, Walter.

Leadership preparation in a Master's in Reading Program: Teacher candidate’s self-efficacy and self-perception as literacy leaders
 Lawrence, Salika., Mongillo, Geraldine. and Hong, Carrie.

Leading is a Form of Learning: Development of a Teacher Leader Graduate Program
 Musselman, Meagan., Jacobs, Martin. and Richerson, Ginny.

Learned Helplessness: A Framework for Understanding Individual and Program Teacher Preparation Efficacy
 Hernandez, Arthur., Fender, Virginia. and Walling, Brenda.

Learning Standards-based Teaching through Mentoring: The Development of Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge and its Influence on their Teaching Practice
 Gao, Su. and McKinney, Marilyn.

Letters of Recommendation: What to Write about the X-Generation Student Teacher
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

Looking at the American Culture of Applied Learning
 Limpert, Kirsten. and Clayburn, Climetine.


MTSU NSF Master Teaching Fellows: Sustained Support for Transformative STEM Teaching and Learning.
 Butler, Kyle., Goodin, Terry. and True, Charlene.

Making Connections: Teaching to Teach Across Disciplines While Partnering with a Public School Classroom
 Turkovich, Dawn., Harty, Kristin. and Kanfush, Philip.

Making Teachers Self-Reliant: Using Peer Coaching to Empower Practicing Teachers in a Graduate Program
 Cohen, Myrna., Nath, Janice., Garcia, Viola. and Mahoney, Sue.

Making the Intangibles Tangible: How Special Education Teacher Candidates Enact Professional Dispositions during Student Teaching
 Tillman, Beverly. and Richards, Stephen.

Making the Transition: Intergrating a New University Liaison in a Professional Development School Situation
 Henry, Aiyana. and Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara.

Meaningful Learning through E-learning
 Tolentino, Carmina.

Measuring the Ability to Care in Pre-Service Teachers
 Gutshall, Anne.

Meeting the Needs of Struggling Learners through the Response to Intervention (RtI) Process
 Robbins, Christiana.

Meeting the needs of Graduate Literacy Specialist Candidates; A program created for 21st century educators
 cefaratti, michelle cefaratti. and Conway, Claudia.

Mentored Learning to Teach as Expected by Reform: Internship Experiences of Two Preservice Teachers
 Wang, Jian.

Mentoring Generation Y in the 21st Century
 Losser, Janet. and Leavitt, Teresa.

Mid-Career Teacher Preparation: Research on 20 Cohorts of Participants
 Huling, Leslie. and Resta, Virginia.

Middle School Student Teachers and Special Education Student Teachers Working Together
 Dore, Elizabeth.

Middle School Teachers, Students of Color, and Students Living in Poverty: A Success Story
 Packer, Colleen.

Modeling Self-Efficacy: Empowering Pre-Service Teachers for Real World Classrooms
 Marsh, Sabrina., White, Cameron. and Mulholland, Amy.

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NCTQ and Private Colleges: Its Impact on the Purpose and Passion for Teacher Education
 Fero, George. and Richards, Timothy.

Narratives in Education: Learning to Teach by Constructing Literacies through the Stories of Ones’ Lives
 Blake, Jr., Robert. and Blake, Brett.

Nature or Nurture?: Can the Dispositions Teachers Need to Work with Students Identified with EBD be Developed?
 Prather-Jones, Bianca.

Never Enough Time: Content Area Faculty Supporting Field Experiences Through the Use of Technology
 Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Henry, Aiyana.

New York State Math Curriculum Changes and the Effects on High School Math Classroom Pedagogy
 Wieczorek, Douglas.

New and Improved Parent Teacher Education Connection
 Harris, Mary. and Brown, Amber.

No More Boobs, Butts, or Bellies: Why We Implemented a Uniform Dress Code for Teacher Candidates in Initial Field Experiences
 Gulley, Joyce. and Divine, James.

Novice Teacher Socialization: Putting Your Educational Philosophy to the Test
 Furuness, Shelly., Beilfuss, Meredith. and Wenzel, Alicia.

Now I Get It! - Utilizing Children's Literature to Build Preservice Teacher's Mathematics Efficacy
 Nesmith, Suzanne., Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara., Cooper, Sandi. and Meyer, Rachelle.


On Becoming a "Real" Teacher: Secondary Novice Teacher Candidates' Struggles and Concerns
 Cooper, Jewell. and He, Ye.

On Becoming a Critical Bibliophile: Moving with Passion from Cultural Tourist to Denizen
 Scott-Simmons, Wynnetta., Gaiek, Lura., Gray, Nikeya., El Masri, Rania., Tyson, Quatyoa. and Williams, Kendall.

On the Job or in the Classroom? Using Problem-Based Learning to Improve Teacher Preparation Programs
 Goodin, Terry., True, Charlene. and Butler, Kyle.

Online Publishing in the SRATE Journal
 Buttery, Thomas. and Barrett, Betty.

Opportunities to Respond (OTR): Engaging the 21st Century Learner
 Jones, Melissa., Mullins, Frank. and Cook, Rebecca.

Out of this World! Space Camp’s Ability to Reignite Teachers’ Jets
 Gut, Dianne. and Regan, Blake.

Outside Their Box: Increasing Teacher Candidates' 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills Through Engagement in Dialectics
 Ojure, Lenna. and Sigler, Haley.

Over 700 Dead in Chicago: Developing Curriculum that Explores the Geosciences' Cultural Relevance
 Miller, Grant.

Overcoming Non-Traditional Obstacles with Traditional Opportunities: A Collaborative Approach
 Bunn, Gary. and Hebert, Terri.


PDS and University Faculty Collaborative Classroom-based Teacher Research
 Corrigan, Diane., Weber, Edward. and Mortensen, Karen.

Passion, Purpose and Professional Leadership in A Redesigned Doctoral Program
 Warner, Allen. and Hutchison, Laveria.

Passionate Mathematics Teaching: Innovative Methods for the 21st Century
 Lacefield, William., Beverley, Diana., Whaley, Kenneth., Davis, Claudine. and Hobbs, Sarah.

Passionate Teaching Begins with Powerful Learning
 Blumenreich, Megan.

Passionate Teaching Incorporating Emotional Intelligence as an X-Factor
 Kremenitzer, Janet. and Delucchi, Joanna.

Passionate Teaching? The dispositions of an Effective Teacher
 Thompson, Susan.

Pathways and Agency Toward Teaching (PATT) Scale: A Development and Validation Update
 Boazman, Janette., Roberts, Jennifer. and Ward, Elizabeth.

Perceptions of Interactive Whiteboards by Current Users and Future Users over a Three Year Period
 Hall, Jeffrey.

Perceptions of Online Education by Significant Stakeholders
 Linardopoulos, Nikolaos.

Perceptions of Self-Efficacy: Teacher Candidates' Narratives and the Descriptive Review of the Child
 Slostad, Frances.

Play: It's Serious Work for Teachers and Students
 Swanson, Karen. and rosenstein, debra.

Post-Student Teaching International Internship: The Impact on First Year Teachers
 Magoulias, Christie.

Pre-Financed Sabbaticals: Solutions for Teacher Burn-Out, Professional Development, and Increased Teacher Employment
 Smith, Robert.

Pre-Service Teacher Field Experience Learning Through Literacy Assessment: Documenting Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions
 Angell, Carol. and Love, Mary.

Pre-Service Teachers' Dispositions: What if They Don't Have the 'Right Stuff'?
 Moberly, Deborah. and Sharp, L. Kathryn.

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Re-examining Relationships in Student Teaching
 Fantozzi, Victoria.

Re-igniting the Desire to Function as Effective Advocates
 Mullins, Frank., Jones, Melissa., Cook, Rebecca., Li, Mei-Ling., Lechtenberger, Deann. and Miller, Diane.

Re-igniting the Passion of Practicing Teachers: The Impact an Inquiry-based Graduate Teacher Leadership Program
 Ross, Dorene., Adams, Alyson., Bondy, Elizabeth., Dana, Nancy., Dodman, Stephanie. and Packer, Colleen.

Reading the World in the Word: The possibilities for Literacy Instruction Framed Within Human Rights Education
 Dunkerly, Judith.

Reasons We Answered the Call: Re-igniting Passion to the Profession by Re-examining Why We Wanted to Teach
 Fry, Timothy. and Schrock, Connie.

Reflecting on the Purpose and Practice of Mathematics and Science Education Through Video-Based Historical Intervention
 Bu, Lingguo., Mumba, Frackson., Henson, Harvey. and Wright, Mary.

Reflections on Teaching – Another Approach When There is Not Room for a Secondary PDS
 Schrock, Connie. and Fry, Timothy.

Reflective Practice: Using Focus Groups and Blogging to Develop Pre-Service Teacher Competence
 Bruster, Benita., Peterson, Barbara. and Harris, Ann.

Relational Leadership: Building Healthy Communities of Practice during Hard Times
 Shoemaker, Patricia., Moore, Sandra. and Anderson, Alice.

Resiliency in Teachers: Optimistic Attitudes as Contributing Factors to Retention in the Field
 Caruana, Victoria.

Resistance and Passion in Preparing 21st Century Teacher for Teaching a Diverse Student Population
 williams, olivia a. and Evans, Kathy D..

Retaining Our Best and Brightest: An Innovative Journey Toward Teacher Induction
 Porter, Georgia., Richardson, Lenora. and Duncan, Sandra.

Rethinking the Notion of Mathematics Classroom Environments: Perceptions of Learning to Teaching
 Gerretson, Helen., Fortino, Carol. and Iliško, Dzintra.

Revisiting Reading, Researching, Reporting: Equipping Preservice Teachers to Utilize Nonfiction
 Thomson, Margaret. and Cox, Linda.

Risk and Resiliency: Cultivating Supportive School Environments for LGBQ Youth
 Kilanowski-Press, Lisa. and Polka, Walter.


School Choice: America’s Past or Future or Both?
 Guerriero, Sam.

School Solutions for the Digital Age Bully, the Cyberbully
 Hutchinson, Cynthia.

Science Notebooks: Teachers’ Developing Beliefs / Practices and Student Outcomes
 Fulton, Lori.

Science, Service Learning, and Self Efficacy: Three Community Agencies and Pre-Service Teachers
 Johnson, Lillian.

SeaMonkey: Yes, a Web Browser but also a No-cost Web Development Tool for the 21st Century Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Self-Efficacy of High School Math Teachers: A Case Study of Teachers Using Different State Mandated Math Curricula
 Ceglie, Robert., Olivares, Vidal., Scott, Mark., Ramsey, Philip. and McClendon, Deborah.

Self-Reflection as Key to Effective Field Experiences
 Weems-White, Denise., Lu, Hsiu-Lien. and Arroyo, Cassandra.

Show Them How It's Done: Modeling Effective Instruction Through Online Courses
 Booth, Jackie. and Kirschner, Andrew.

Smartphones (Mobile Learning Devices) and Students with Learning Disabilities: Technology That Enhances Access to Mathematics
 CRISTOL, DEAN., Herner-Patnode, Leah., Lee, Hea-Jin., Menchhofer, Kyle., Gimbert, Belinda. and Özgün-Koca, S. Asli.

Social Issues and Childhood Suicide
 Buttery, Thomas. and Barrett, Betty.

Spanish for Educators: A New Methodology to Reach 21st C. English Language Learners
 Bowles, Freddie. and Landrum, Tonya.

Spin It, Roll It, Pick a Card - Using Simulations to Promote and Build Cultural Competence
 Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Nesmith, Suzanne.

Starting from Scratch: Passion and Purpose Unite in the Founding of Brand New Teacher Education Units
 O\'Sullivan, Sheryl., Bedwell, Pamela., Boggs, Merry., Cosgrove, Maryellen., Layton, Kent. and Moore, Cathy.

Stop the Noise! Structured Reflective Discourse Assists Pre-service Teachers in Hearing their Own Voices
 brazo, carol.

Stopping the Revolving University Door
 Ries, Pam.

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Taking Action Research On-Line
 Dana, Nancy.

Teacher Education 2.0: Liberating Curriculum through Global Connections and Teaching Beyond Borders
 Yildiz, Melda.

Teacher Education Students’ Perceptions of Themselves as Writers and Their Self-Efficacy as Writing Teachers
 West, Jane.

Teacher Educator Reflections: Validation of Professional Purpose through the NCATE Accreditation Process
 Winikates, Debra., Baird, Kate. and Conner, Jennifer.

Teacher Educators’ Perceptions of Promoting Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
 Alexander, Sashelle. and Robinson, Carrie.

Teacher Know Thyself: Reflections from Teachers about their Ability to Effectively Teach Social Studies
 Reese-Durham, Nancy.

Teacher Leadership and Equitable Classroom Practices
 Berube, Brenda.

Teacher Morale: Twenty Years of Longitudinal Study in Texas
 Maninger, Bob., Sullivan, Sam., Johnson, Daphne. and Rice, Marilyn.

Teacher Presence: Traits and Dispositions Leading to Passion and Professionalism
 Dee, Amy. and Morton, Brenda.

Teacher Work Sample and Effective Teachers: What’s the Connection?
 Beck, Judy., Toole, Cece. and Shanks, Joyce.

Teacher, Know Thyself: Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
 Cole, Helen. and Quarles, Peggy.

Teacher-Researcher Mini-Grants: Provoking and Revealing a Passion for Teaching English Learners
 Walker, Carole., Zeek, Catherine., Foote, Martha., Green, Laura., Lambino, Juanita., Garcia, Margie., Holliday, Veronica. and Crabtree, Sara.

Teachers as Writers
 Watts, Jeri. and Thompson, Susan.

Teachers from the All-Black Lincoln High School Speak to Contemporary Educators of Diverse Children
 Caron, Alvarez.

Teachers of the Year – Their “Right Stuff”
 Stramiello, Al., Morris, Margaret., Ramsey, Philip., Russ, Deborah., Southerland, Nicole. and Tenant, Patti.

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Understanding & Reaching the Wounded Student
 Hendershott, Joseph.

Understanding Earthquake Awareness among Southern Illinois School Children
 Henson, Harvey., Mumba, Frackson., Hodgson, Scott., Black, Christine. and Heidel, Dustan.

Understanding the 'Self' in Self Efficacy
 Webster-Smith, Angela.

University Partnership Facilitating On-Site Student Achievement and Teacher Motivation Through Improved Communications and Service Learning
 Smith, Robert.

Unlocking the Door to Accreditation: Using Technology and “Key Assessments” for Program Evaluation and Data-driven Decision-making in Teacher Education
 Laney, James., Dixon-Krauss, Lisbeth., Harris, Mary., Mohr, Kathleen., King, Kelley. and Sutton, Tim.

Urban Immersion: How Can We Better Prepare Pre-service Teachers to Teach in Urban Schools?
 Schaffer, Connie., Adcock, Phyllis. and Edwards, Sarah.

Using Data to Inform Instruction
 Ross, Alexandria., Bernard, Cathy. and Ramirez-Bello, Damaris.

Using Historical Statistics: Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Social Studies
 Siler, Carl.

Using Lesson Study to Develop Backwards Design Lesson Plans Focused on 21st Century Themes
 Fondacaro, Donna.

Using Multiliteracies and New Literacies in Classroom Literacy Instruction
 Love, Mary., Angell, Carol., Chen, Wen-Chiang (Rita). and Iwai, Yuko.

Using New Technologies and Social Media to Identify the “Intangibles” Early in the Teacher Candidate’s Experience.
 Goodman, Constance. and Platt, Jennifer.

Using Studio Code to Improve Conferencing Skills
 Tellep, Michele.

Using Teaching Practices to Improve Reading Comprehension of Students in Mexico
 Staudt, Denise.

Using Technology to Support Effective and Efflicient Assessment
 Smith, Kathryn. and Vasquez, Maria.

Using Web-based Team Learning to Develop and Support Social Justice Teachers
 Cowan-Pitre, Charisse.

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Video Vignettes: How Digital Case Studies Impact Learning in Teacher Preparation Programs
 McKeeman, Leah.

Viral Education: The Use of Web 2.0 tools on a Social Issues in Education Course
 Talbert, Dr. Tony. and Meira, Adeline.


WebQuest: Teaching for an Innovative, Meaningful use of Technology
 Cianca, Sherri.

Week of Transition: Moving from Candidate to Professional
 Waggoner, Jan. and McIntyre, John.

Welcome Home, Annie Moore Passion is great, but Get the Facts Right
 McNamee, Abigail.

We’ve got data! Now what? Lessons learned from a pilot study investigating the use of the Assessment Literacy Inventory
 Mirlenbrink Bombly, Sarah.

What Blind Spot Do We Have in Teaching Mathematics: Investigating the discrepancy of K-12 Teachers’ Beliefs in Teaching mathematics
 Lo, Hsuehi (Martin).

What Can be Learned from Top Performing Countries about Teaching Problem-solving Skills?
 Lin, Emily.

What Cooperating Teachers Tell Us about their Traits, Skills and Attitudes
 Heck, Teresa. and Bacharach, Nancy.

What Dispositions are Important to Passionate, Effective Teachers?
 Armstrong, Alexis.

What Do MAT Students Think about Their Ability to Teach? -- A Study of Their Autoethnographies
 Zheng, Binyao. and Stockdale, Susan.

What Factors Impact the Development of Teacher Candidates?
 McIntyre, John., Miller, Grant., McIntyre, Christie., Glassett, Kelly., Killian, Joyce., Mogharreban, Cathy. and Van Winkle, Julie.

What Makes an Effective Teacher? Reflections from a Principal at a Texas Prison
 Freeman, Lynn.

What do Preservice Teachers Need to Know about Language Development and Acquisition? A Literacy Perspective.
 Zipke, Marcy.

What do middle school students think about the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance?
 Martin, Leisa.

When Student Teachers' Passions Lead to Career Choices: Indiana Educators' Commitment to Navajo Nation Youth
 Stachowski, Laura.

Where does it Begin?: Advocacy for Elementary School Social Studies
 Knight, Rhonda.

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