ATE Annual Meeting 2011-Feb-09 to 2011-Feb-17

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Re-examining Relationships in Student Teaching
 Fantozzi, Victoria.

Re-igniting the Desire to Function as Effective Advocates
 Mullins, Frank., Jones, Melissa., Cook, Rebecca., Li, Mei-Ling., Lechtenberger, Deann. and Miller, Diane.

Re-igniting the Passion of Practicing Teachers: The Impact an Inquiry-based Graduate Teacher Leadership Program
 Ross, Dorene., Adams, Alyson., Bondy, Elizabeth., Dana, Nancy., Dodman, Stephanie. and Packer, Colleen.

Reading the World in the Word: The possibilities for Literacy Instruction Framed Within Human Rights Education
 Dunkerly, Judith.

Reasons We Answered the Call: Re-igniting Passion to the Profession by Re-examining Why We Wanted to Teach
 Fry, Timothy. and Schrock, Connie.

Reflecting on the Purpose and Practice of Mathematics and Science Education Through Video-Based Historical Intervention
 Bu, Lingguo., Mumba, Frackson., Henson, Harvey. and Wright, Mary.

Reflections on Teaching – Another Approach When There is Not Room for a Secondary PDS
 Schrock, Connie. and Fry, Timothy.

Reflective Practice: Using Focus Groups and Blogging to Develop Pre-Service Teacher Competence
 Bruster, Benita., Peterson, Barbara. and Harris, Ann.

Relational Leadership: Building Healthy Communities of Practice during Hard Times
 Shoemaker, Patricia., Moore, Sandra. and Anderson, Alice.

Resiliency in Teachers: Optimistic Attitudes as Contributing Factors to Retention in the Field
 Caruana, Victoria.

Resistance and Passion in Preparing 21st Century Teacher for Teaching a Diverse Student Population
 williams, olivia a. and Evans, Kathy D..

Retaining Our Best and Brightest: An Innovative Journey Toward Teacher Induction
 Porter, Georgia., Richardson, Lenora. and Duncan, Sandra.

Rethinking the Notion of Mathematics Classroom Environments: Perceptions of Learning to Teaching
 Gerretson, Helen., Fortino, Carol. and Iliško, Dzintra.

Revisiting Reading, Researching, Reporting: Equipping Preservice Teachers to Utilize Nonfiction
 Thomson, Margaret. and Cox, Linda.

Risk and Resiliency: Cultivating Supportive School Environments for LGBQ Youth
 Kilanowski-Press, Lisa. and Polka, Walter.

ATE Annual Meeting 2011-Feb-09 to 2011-Feb-17
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