ATE Annual Meeting 2012-Feb-11 to 2012-Feb-16

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"Obviously, I'm going to teach to the test": A Sociocultural Perspective on Developing Professional Identity about Assessment
 Hamman, Doug., Mason, Reagan., Griest, Allison. and Burke, Jim.

"Our Lips AREN'T Sealed" - Why dialogue in the classroom is a good thing!
 Garcia, Lori.

"Wow~! That was fantastic!" Collaborative Peer Feedback, how your teaching impacted my teaching.
 Watters, Shawn.

21st Century Partnership Schools: A Clinically-Based, Collaborative Approach to Teacher Education
 Spalding, Liz., Lin, Emily., Quinn, Linda. and Kier, Jane.

‘I Want to Test my own Unique Ideas’: Tensions in the Cooperating Teacher-Teacher Candidate Relationship
 Johnson, Janet.

“I Now Hear My Students as Individual Voices”: A Programmatic Focus on Reflective Practice
 Torrez, Cheryl. and Krebs, Marjori.

“You feel like family!” Exploring the joys and dysfunctions of the cohort model in preservice teacher education programs.
 brazo, carol., Morton, Brenda. and Dixon, Kristin.

• Elementary teacher candidates’ self-efficacy in planning and enacting concepts of "backward design" and differentiation
 Hughes, Michelle. and Ohn, JD.

• Hope in Teaching: Encouraging Teachers and Finding Colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Young, Alice.


A Case Study of Ohio's Educational Field Office
 Bowman, Connie., DeLucia, Shirley. and Martin, Kaye.

A Formal Mentoring Policy/Process for a School of Education
 Paese, Paul.

A Journey of Professional Transformation in the Redesign of Large Classes.
 Morrison, George. and Bower, Amanda.

A Journey to Programmatic Technology Integration
 Beck, Judy., Toole, Cece., Kaufmann, Laura. and Burr, Stacy.

A Policy Analysis of Student Achievement Measures in Teacher and Principal Evaluations
 Piro, Jody., Roger, Wiemers. and Shutt, Tammy.

A Project of Fostering High School Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Growth through Engaged in Designing Mathematics Tasks
 CHIN, Erh-Tsung.

A Protocol for Modeling Multiple Discussion Strategies in Teacher Education Coursework
 Post, Donna.

A Reflective Journey: An Analysis of Dialogue Journals between Supervisors and Secondary Student Teachers
 Jacob, Shirley.

A Report on the State of Environmental Education in Teacher Preparation Programs: Supports and Barriers
 Crim, Courtney., Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche. and Moseley, Christine.

A Research Study on Developing Writers’ Voices in a Standardized Testing Environment
 Bushrow, Kathy., DeWeese, David. and Smith, Randall.

A Safe Environment: Campus Police Relationships with Schools
 Nath, Janice., Pelz, Beth. and Berthelot, Emily.

A Study of the Effects of an Experimental Spiral Science Curriculum Taught in Science Summer Camp to Middle School Girls and Boys
 Davis, Edith.

A Task for Understanding and Enhancing Prospective Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge of Student Cognition
 Yang, Kai-Lin., Hsu, Hui-Yu. and Chen, Jian-Cheng.

A Tool for Mentors: Using Dialog Journals to Assess and Guide New Teacher Development
 Gut, Dianne., Beam, Pamela. and Burgess, Lawrence.

A Twist on Statistical Analysis Instruction
 Swails, Patricia.

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Beating the Beginner Blues: Strategies of Support for your Beginning Teachers
 Curtis, Gayle.

Beyond Misperceptions and Miscommunications: Enhancing Collaboration Between Families and School
 Varnell, Ashley.

Beyond knowledge and pedagogy: Case study profiles of teacher giftedness and leadership.
 Vaidya, Sheila.

Beyond the Model: Examining the Trials and Tribulations of a Alternate Route Program
 Fantozzi, Victoria., Dobrick, Alison. and Rosenthal, Julie.

Beyond the Rap: Stimulating Diversity Dialogs for Real Understanding and Respect
 Polka, Walt. and Heaggans, Raphael.

Blended Instruction: Traditional In-Class Instruction Supported by Engaging Online Learning
 Conway, Claudia. and Cefaratti, Michelle.

Break the Mold: Collaboratively Design a Teacher Education Program
 Konecki, Loretta., Melin, Jacque., King, Caryn., Cleveland, Rosemary., Schiller, Ellen., LaBeau, Barbara., Coffey, David., Lancaster, Paula., Smith, Bill., Tramper, Keith. and Perkins, Kate.

Bringing Theory to Life: Strategies that Make Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Reality in Diverse Secondary Classrooms
 Herrera, Socorro., Kavimandan, Shabina. and Holmes, Melissa.

Bringing a Teacher Education Lens to Leadership Preparation: Innovative Coursework in 3 Leadership Preparation Programs
 Carver, Cynthia., Abrego, Michelle. and Gimbert, Belinda.

Building Community and Making Knowledge Personal: Using Metaphors with Diverse Graduate Students
 Vera, Debbie. and harris, shelley.

Building Community through International Collaboration
 Houff, Suzanne. and Epps, Beverly.

Building Stronger Partnerships Through Co-Teaching: A Train-The-Trainer Model
 Bacharach, Nancy. and Heck, Teresa.

Building Teacher Disposition Assessment Into a Dynamic Tool
 Knotts, J. Dusteen., Angell, Carol., Beck, Judy., Kirby, Gail., Shanks, Joyce., Kaufmann, Laura., Toole, Cece. and Wash, Pam.

Building a Community of Learners: Supporting Teacher Educators through a Faculty Peer Coaching Model
 Theiss, Deborah., Jarman, Georgia., Varma, Tina., Brant, Kitty., Nickens, Nicole. and Hentges, Julie.

Building a Vision of Powerful Social Studies Instruction: (Re)Teaching Middle School Pre-Service Teachers
 Tilford, Keith.

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C.O.R.K.: Colleagues Organized for Research and Knowledge
 Wilson, Judi. and Edwards, Susan.

Can Online Degree Programs Develop Teachers as Leaders?
 Booth, Jackie., Martin, Diana. and Record, Michael.

Can They Write a Research Paper? Strategies to Improve the Writing Skills of Teacher Education Candidates.
 Bromer, Billi.

Can We Increase Teacher Candidates’ Ability to Critically Reflect on Their Teaching?
 Keogh, Molly., Contonpidis, Ellen., Daboll-Lavoie, Kathleen. and Dunn, Kerry.

Censorship: Perspectives of Educators and Parents Concerning Banned and Challenged Books
 Hynes, James., Edgington, William. and Warnock, Jamie.

Clinical Based Practices: The Plan and the Potential of Technology in Creating University and School Partnerships
 Cook-Benjamin, Lorie.

Co-Teaching in Student Teaching--A University-School Partnership
 Torrez, Cheryl.

Co-Teaching: Redesigning Internship Experiences in a Time of High Stakes Testing
 Tichenor, Mercedes., Heins, Elizabeth., Piechura-Couture, Kathy. and Macisaac, Doug.

Cohort-based Teacher Preparation: A Collaborative Design That Addresses the Concerns of Non-traditional Students and Geographic Difficulties
 Katzmarek, JoAnne. and Shaw, Patricia.

Collaborating with Peers to Improve Skills of Teaching Lessons
 Iwai, Yuko.

Collaboration 4.0: Bridging the Gap between Pre-service Teachers and Authentic Classroom Practices
 Shelby-Caffey, Crystal., Jenkins, Bethany. and Ubeda, Edwin.

Collaboration in Teacher Preparation: Arts and Sciences and Teacher Education Faculty Working Together
 Ciscell, Robert.

Collaboration in mathematics teacher education: Convenience, controversies, and common ground
 Burbank, Mary.

Collaborative Data Collection Across Colleges Quantifying the Benefits of School Partnerships
 Norris-Bauer, Nancy. and Mobley, Martha.

Common frameworks of teaching and learning related to disability: Twenty years of ATE research
 Owen, Valerie. and Dickey, Allison.

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Data Driven Change: The Difference That Makes a Difference
 Myers, Shellie., Kasperbauer, Kim., Hennessy, Gail., Wolf, Amy. and Seybert, Linda.

Defined by our Framework in Practice: An Assessment of Teacher Intern Performance by Supervisors
 Bowser, Audrey. and Bradley, Mary Jane.

Designing an education program for enhancing elemetary inservice teachers' pedagogical power for initiating math concept formation
 Cheng, Ying-Hao.

Designing and Implementing Teaching Cases into Content Area Courses to Feature Diversity Issues in Teacher Education
 Gunn, AnnMarie. and Welsh, James.

Developing Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom
 simpson, mary.

Developing Global Competency and 21st Century Skills: Redefining curriculum through global education
 Yildiz, Melda.

Developing Language and Literacy Digitally
 Flihan, Sheila.

Developing a preschool program in a Kansas City Charter School
 Aldrich, Jennifer.

Digital Storytelling in Teacher Education Programs: A Method for Enhancing Reflective Practice
 Thorsen, Cathy. and DeVore, Simone.

Digital Storytelling: A New Approach to Reflection
 shahid, Julia. and White, John.

Dispositions Toward Teaching: A Comparison of Effective Urban Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers Participating in an Urban Field Experience
 Yu, Yong., Bieger, George. and Vold, Larry.

Diverse Faculty and Teacher Education: A Vision for Future
 Singh, Delar.

Do You See What I Say?: Visual Demonstration of Teaching Dispositions
 Cook, Rebecca., Jones, Melissa., Mullins, Frank., Stringfellow, Jennifer., Edmonds-Behrend, Christina. and Johnson, Sandy.

Do you know ME?: Embracing Diversity through Literature
 Savage-davis, emma.

Dpte 1
 Lucey, Thomas.

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Early Field Experience: Preparing a Better, Stronger STEM Teacher
 Woods, Cindy., Walls, Teresa., Tucker, Tami., Kabongo, John. and Meyer, Chelsea.

Education for global citizenship: trends, challenges and best practices in Houston secondary schools.”
 Ortloff, Debora. and Floridia, Tina.

Educational theory at work: Connecting educational theory to the classrooms of Quito, Ecuador.
 brazo, carol., Nava, Robert. and Cevallos, Tatiana.

Educator Preparation as a Factor in Disproportionality: Finding Equity for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
 Isbell, Laura.

Effective Teacher Characteristics: A View from the Field
 Fender, Virginia., Hernandez, Arthur. and Walling, Brenda.

Effectively Implementing a Hybrid Social-Learning Environment in Teacher Education
 Mills, Michael.

Effects of a Service-Learning Environment on Middle-Level Educators' Social Responsibility and Professional Success
 Hebert, Terri.

Elaborating a 3X3 framework for professional growth of teachers
 Lin, Fou-Lai., Hsu, Hui-Yu. and Yang, Kai-Lin.

Embracing Global Issues With New Paradigms
 BEERY, Dr. Penelope., Lund, Sandra. and Montane, Mireia.

Empowering Preservice Teachers in the Age of Informational Literacy
 Thomson, Margaret. and Cox, Linda.

Empowering Teacher Candidates to Improve PK-12 Student Learning Using Teacher Work Sample Methodology
 Lavery, Matthew. and Platt, Jennifer.

Engaging Higher Education Institutions with The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
 Cleveland, Ella. and Tinajero, Josefina.

Engaging K-16 Learners with Technology
 Esteves, Kelli., English, Susan. and Sweeney, Jackie.

Engaging Preservice Teachers in Cultural Competence — Evaluating Different Mediums for Authentic Ethnic Content
 Hechenberger, Dan.

Engaging Students as Active Members in their Student Education Associations
 Petersen, Ann.

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Face It! Using Social Media Tools to Enhance Online or Hybrid Teacher Education Courses
 Murphy, Michael. and Meisel, Edna.

Facilitating & Evaluating Critical Thinking through an Online Discussion Rubric
 Angell, Carol. and Knotts, J. Dusteen.

Facilitating Instructional Differentiation via Focused Teacher Reflections about Desired Constructivist Practices and Current Realities
 Polka, Walt., VanHusen, Monica., Dunn, Debra., Ivey, Shannon. and Young, William.

Facing the Saber-toothed Tiger
 Hayes, Deborah. and Clark, Pat.

Faculty Mentoring at the University Level: Modeling professional development and faculty learning communities for teacher education candidates.
 True, Charlene., Goodin, Terry. and Butler, Kyle.

Faculty Taking Charge of Change: Navigating Shifts in State Policy for Teacher Education Programs
 Vanosdall, Rick., Goodin, Terry., Clark, Laura. and Phelps, Amy.

Faculty professional growth as a result of researching and coaching in partnership with school Math PLCs
 Hoy, Linda., Bradley, Janice. and Horwitz, Julie.

Familiarity Breeds Content: How to Use Multicultural Education in the Classroom
 Quarles, Peggy.

Fear, hope and opportunity: teacher perspectives on global citizenship
 Ortloff, Debora. and Shonia, Olga.

Finding Spaces to Teach Critical Literacy with the Common Core State Standards
 Gallo, Jessica. and Herrmann, Bailey.

First Year Matters - Meaningful Professional Development for the New Teacher
 Gaines, James., Goodman, William. and Tucker-Lloyd, Julia.

Frameworks: Becoming Janus in the Digital World
 Ackerman, Gary.

From A Different Vantage Point: Experienced Teacher Insights About Teacher Preparation, Mentoring and Teaching
 Resta, Virginia., Huling, Leslie. and Yeargain, Pat.

From Leonardo da Vinci to the Common Core – Modeling Engaging Seminars and Systematic Inference-making in the Teacher-preparation Classroom
 Chaucer, Harry.


Giving Voice to Diversity: Lessons from Diverse Teacher Candidates
 Bower, Laura., Albaladejo, Cristina., Homa, Thomas., Johnson, Arlette. and Cruz, Maria.

Global education from the start: A study of technology-based, shared curriculum and professional development in elementary classrooms
 Barnatt, Joan.

Global vision and problem based learning: Preservice teachers develop critical literacy skills for science applications
 Graham, Meadow. and Erdosne Toth, Eva.

Going Global: Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century World
 Mendoza, Charlotte.

Graduate Degrees Matter: Survey Findings of How a Job-Embedded Graduate Program Inflluenced Changes Within and Beyond the Classroom Walls
 Swain, Colleen., Adams, Alyson., Ross, Dorene. and Fichtman-Dana, Nancy.

Growing CLD Teachers for Today’s Classroom of CLD Children
 Lohfink, Gayla., Morales, Amanda., Yahnke, Sally. and Shroyer, Gail.

Guiding Future Educators in Today’s Classrooms: How Three Field-Based Teacher Educators Understand Their Craft
 Smith, Thomas., Akins, Robin., Rogers, Sara. and Sealine, Julie.

Guiding Teacher Candidates in Content Literacy with Active Online Learning Experiences
 Sautter, Alberta. and Benton, Jean.

Guiding future teachers through a workable roadmap to understanding and embracing diversity
 green, phyllis. and williams, erma.

Guiding the Future of Education Using Assessment to Enhance Practice
 Cwick, Simin., Benton, Jean., Bratberg, William., DeLine, Mary-Ann., Powell, David., Sautter, Alberta. and Talbut, Mary-Harriet.

Guiding the Future of Education via Collaborative Program Development: A Professional Development School
 Hargus, Jauquita. and Ballard, Glenda.

Guiding the Future of Education: Social Justice Courses-Can Students Live Outside Their Heads?
 Martin, Renee.

Guiding the Future: Multiple Lenses From the Community of Multicultural Educators
 Lastrapes, Wanda., Marshall, Patricia., He, Ye., Prater, Kathyrn., Wadell, Lanette., Ryan, Ashley. and Oesterreich, Heather.

Guiding the future by mentoring teachers
 Zavada, Paul.


Holistic Professional Development: Museum-University Collaborations that Tap the Community
 Bentley, Michael.

How Middle School Students Perceive Care: Educating Teachers to Demonstrate Care for Diverse Learners
 Lavery, Matthew.

How to Teach Methods and Material Courses Appropriately
 Fillippino, Tonja., Jones, Jo., Towery, Ron. and McMurtry, Zelda.


I Can’t Believe I Taught Today with No Disruptions
 Goodwin, Dennis.

I Don't Like to Read, But I Plan to Teach: Preservice Teachers' Attitudes about Reading
 Fehrenbach, Carolyn., Sells, Pam., Willard, Ray., McDougle, Kenny. and Runyan, Kent.

Identity, Image, and Transitions: Old Leaders Don’t Just Fade Away
 Warring, Douglas.

If We Could Invent Our Own School: A Case Study
 Goggins Selke, Mary.

Implementing Instructional Coaching
 Ries, Pam.

Improving Field Experiences Through Collaboration
 Mahlum, Lynn., Overton, Kim., Staiger, Lisa. and Knodle, Kim.

Improving Pre-Service Teacher Preparation to Engage in Meaningful Student Assessment: A Practical Framework Using Digital Teacher Work Samples
 Winikates, Debra., Conner-Zachocki, Jennifer., Essex, Kathryn., Kelceoglu, Ilknur., Husbye, Nicholas. and Sherman, Jeremy.

Improving Science and Math Instruction for All: It's Elementary
 Thomas, Julie.

Improving Teacher-Student Relationship: A Public School and an “Invisible” University Partnership
 Divoll, Kent. and Segraves, Andrea.

Incorporating Diversity in Teacher Education Programs at Off-Campus Sites
 Davis, Susan., Lawler, Dianne., Stewart, Paula. and Anselm, Sue.

Incorporating Literacy Strategies in Mathematical Problem-Solving Activities: A Collaborative Venture
 Reese-Durham, Nancy. and Davis, C. E..

Increasing Candidates’ Understanding of, Access to, and Appreciation for Research-Based Practices
 Jones, Melissa.

Induction Support: Assisting Novice Teachers Through Classroom Observation and Informal Feedback
 Davis, Barbara., McGlamery, Sheryl., Gilles, Carol. and Key, Terri.

Influences of Collaborative Professional Development on Teachers’ Practices and Student Outcomes
 Fulton, Lori.

Initial Implementation of the TPAC Assessment: A Road of Bumps and Bridges
 Short, Barbara.

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Just Read, Jaguars: Experiential Learning for graduate Reading students.
 harris, shelley.


LIBRE: Addressing Special Education Teacher Attrition Through A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Teacher Preparation
 Crosby, Shane. and Guerra, Norma.

Learn and Lead: A Model for Meaningful K-12 Collaboration Through a Structured Teacher Candidate Leadership Program.
 Ojure, Lenna. and Sigler, Haley.

Learning to Teach While Teaching to Learn: Collaborating to Enhance Secondary-Level Pedagogical Preparation
 Green, Pamela.

Lesson Study as Collaborative Learning: School and University
 raisch, michele.

Lighting the Mountains of Kentucky with Alternative Teacher Licensure
 Meyer, Calvin. and Lambert, Duane.

Location, Location, Location: How To Find the Best Cooperating Teachers for Student Teaching Experiences
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

Looking back: The evolution of a transformative and innovative mathematics program in an urban school
 Paul, Cynthia.


Making Comprehension Concrete: Supporting Preservice Teachers as They Teach Comprehension Strategies
 Thomson, Margaret.

Making Learning to Problem-Solve Count: Critical Use of Mathematics to Bring about Financial Justice
 Lucey, Thomas. and Tanase, Madalina.

Making Sense of Teacher Learning: Concept Maps and Self-Assessed Changes
 Torrez, Cheryl.

Making Supervision Particular: How Member Checks Improve Student Teaching Evaluations
 Randall, Regine.

Making Vocabulary Words come Alive: A Research Study with 3rd Graders
 Kapavik, Robin., Webb, Lorrie. and Tillman, Denise.

Making a Successful Transition to University Teaching and Administration: The Future of Teacher Education
 Benson, Tammy., Fisher, Heather. and Mills, Michael.

Making school relevant for learners in the 21st century with Personal Learning Environments (PLE)
 Kline, Lynn. and Gordon, Jacki.

Mathematical Pen Pals: How the Discursive Practices of Pre-Service Teachers and Middle School Students Affect Their Learning and Identities
 Bolyard, Johnna. and Hayes, Sharon.

Mathematics teachers’ professional development through designing task sequences: Integrating conjecturing activities into diagnostic teaching
 Lin, Fou-Lai., Chen, Jian-Cheng. and Yang, Kai-Lin.

Maximizing the qualities of the traditional classroom in online teaching: ideas from first-hand experiences
 Gong, Rose. and Paulson, Dawn.

Meaning Making: Developing Technology Competencies within the Context of Social Justice Issues
 Smith, Donna., Willis, Jana. and Shulsky, Debby.

Measuring Field Based Teacher Education through Cooperating Teaching Actions: Scale Development
 Holbert, Romena.

Meeting the 21st Century Challenge: Preparing K-6 Teachers for Inclusive Classrooms
 Kent, Andrea. and Giles, Rebecca.

Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Learners: Using the iPad Throughout Teacher Education Programs
 Ward, Elizabeth., Tyler, Kim. and Gaffner, Jackie.

Mentoring 101: Guiding the Novice Teacher and Novice Teacher Educator
 Price, Elsa.

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Navigating the Road Less Traveled: International Collaboration for Learning
 Curtis, Laurie.

New Teacher Induction Programs: Student Teacher Perceptions and the Role Universities Play
 Wilkins, Elizabeth. and Jerich, Ken.

New to Online Instruction? Tips and Tricks to Get You Started
 Donovan, Loretta. and Green, Tim.

Non-traditional Trends in Educator Preparation: An Examination of Student-Centeredness
 Lucksinger, Linda. and Summerlin, James.

Norwegian Teacher Education Struggling to Meet Global Challenges and European Regulations
 Jordell, Karl. and Hjardemaal, Finn.

Novice Inclusive Secondary Secondary Educators: Navigating Belonging
 Radigan, Eileen. and White, Julia.


O Brother, Where Art Thou? Using mentors to attract male candidates to the Educational field.
 Gaines, Genee\'. and Bowser, Audrey.

On the Unity of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education: Literacy, Diversity, and Reflection
 Herrmann, Bailey., Gallo, Jessica. and Carlson, Jim.

One Department, One Book: A Program to Improve Pre-Service Teacher World Knowledge and Literacy
 Carroll, Stuart., Ammentorp, Louise. and Dell\'Angelo, Tabitha.

Online Professional Development for Elementary Mathematics: A Design Framework
 Bu, Lingguo., Mumba, Frackson., Henson, Harvey. and Wright, Mary.

Online Publishing in the SRATE Journal
 Buttery, Thomas.

Online Science Instruction: Facilitating the Vision of Science Education Standards
 Varma, Tina.


Partnerships and possibilities: Expectations and learning outcomes in an alternative field experience
 Mikulec, Erin. and Herrmann, Adam.

Paving a Pathway: Supporting Novice Clinical/Cooperating Teachers
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

Peers as Parallel Mentors
 Flessner, Ryan. and Horwitz, Julie.

Perspectives on Play: Findings from the Field
 Geneser, Vivien. and Vera, Debbie.

Policy Matters for Learners
 Harris, Mary., Cranmore, Jeff., Sanders, April., Johnson, Standra., Taylor, LaBotta. and Feild, Kelly.

Policy and Practice: The Influence of Participation in the Vote Smart Challenge on Teacher Credential Candidates
 Truesdell, Elizabeth.

Post-Epistemological Strands within Multicultural Education Courses: Possibilities for Change, Hope, and Understanding
 Ryan, Ashley. and Baptiste, H. Prentice.

Power of Reflection: Using preservice teacher reflections to inform assessment instruction in teacher education
 Karsted, Kimberly.

Practicing What We Preach: The Strugge to Create Democratic Teacher Education Classrooms
 Petersen, Sandy. and Allison-Roan, Valerie.

Pre-Service Secondary Teachers' Efficacy Towards Character Education
 Waters Jr., Kevin. and Russell, Will.

Pre-Service Teacher Engagement Styles as Assessed through Problem Solving
 Castro-Villarreal, Felicia. and Guerra, Norma.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Intellectual Development May Impede their Ability to Learn Effective Pedagogy
 Powell, Debbie. and Higgins, Heidi.

Pre-service Teacher Candidates as Professional Learning Community
 Schrock, Connie. and Fry, Timothy.

Preparing All EC-8 Pre-service Teachers for ESL Certification
 Petron, Mary., Berg, Helen. and Greybeck, Barbara.

Preparing Future Educators to Meet the Needs of Students with IEPs
 Winterman, Kathleen. and Rosas, Clarissa.

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Re-Forming Norms: Navigating the Newlands of Parent Involvement
 bracke, deborah. and Hyser, Charles.

Re-examining student understanding function concepts in Algebra: Where do we go from here?
 Nguyen, Giang-Nguyen.

Re-igniting Advocacy for Students with Disabilities
 Mullins, Frank., Jones, Melissa., Cook, Rebecca., Li, Mei-ling., Lechtenberger, Deann., Miller, Diane. and Murdock, Jan.

Reading + Writing = Increased Math Skills
 Walling, Brenda., Bixler, Laura., Claxton, Debbie., Lawter, Lisa., Vollmer, Staci., Rothrock, Teresa., Green, Jack. and Dollins, Kathy.

Reading Plus! Making a Difference for At-Risk Students in a Community Setting
 Allen, Mishaleen., harris, shelley., Bossesy, Consuelo. and Garza, Esther.

Reading, Risk, and Resilience: Investigating the Lives and Literacy Habits of Three Adolescents
 Clapsaddle, Shannon.

Realizing the Presence and Power of Reflecting on Defining Moments
 Gallavan, Nancy. and Webster-Smith, Angela.

Recognizing the Recursive Nature of Conscientization in Cultural Competence through Self Study
 Gallavan, Nancy. and Webster-Smith, Angela.

Reflection and Videotape – Based Feedback to Student Teachers: Effective or Not?
 Vu, phu. and Howard, Janette.

Reflections of a First Year Professor - How I Was Advised and Mentored
 Pepper, Stephanie.

Reflections on student learning by student teachers who are part of an Ohio Department of Education grant supporting their co-teaching in Math, Science and Social Studies.
 Michael, Martha.

Reflective Conversations: Engaging a Diverse Faculty Group as a Reflective Practitioner Community
 Shea, Pat.

Reflective Teaching Practices: Facilitating Research for Teaching
 GUPTA, DITTIKA., Wilkerson, Trena., Cooper, Sandi. and Meyer, Rachelle.

Reflective journal as a contributory for student’s critical engagement with a workplace assignment?
 Dreyer, Lorna.

Reframing the Fieldwork Experience for Student Teachers (Masters Alternative Route to Licensure Program)(MA/ARL)
 keyes, gael.

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SOS: Supporting our Supervisors
 Dangel, Julie., Tanguay, Carla. and Meyers, Barbara.

Satisfying Cravings for Citizenship Education: Hunger Games and the Arts
 Lucey, Thomas., Lycke, Kara., Connelly, Christopher. and Laney, James.

Science Education High Impact Pedagogy
 Davis, Edith., Kaden, Ute., Kirk, Marian. and Thomas, Theresa.

Science Teachers’ Beliefs and Experiences: The Findings of a Multiple-Case Study
 Jackson, Dionne.

Science achievement for all: Improving science performance and closing gaps
 Jackson, Julie.

Second thoughts on reflection - and converging perspectives on teacher learning
 Jordell, Karl.

Service Learning: A powerful means to connecting with families, culture, and community
 Winter, Jeffrey.

Service-Learning: Powerful Pedagogy Prepares Pre-Service Teachers
 Jagla, Virginia., O\'Connor, Deborah. and Robinson-Lyles, Krista.

Shared Supervision Structures for Enhanced Partnerships and Meaningful Clinical Experience
 Snow, Jennifer. and Zenkert, A. J..

Shifting Roles within a Community of Practice: Modeling and Supporting the Graduate Student towards the Successful Moderation and Facilitation of an Online Discussion Event
 Crawford, Caroline.

Slam Poetry, Visual Literacy, and Youths' Notions of Citizenship
 Zenkov, Kristien., Pellegrino, Anthony. and Calamito, Nicholas.

So You Want to Be a Teacher?
 Clish, Richard. and Palmi, Chris.

Social Processes Observed During Preparation for State-Mandated Tests: Implications for Teacher Education Programs
 Miranda, Twyla., Dryden, Joe., Dryden, Lisa., Martinez, Carlos., Myers, Sandra. and Newton, William.

Stalinizing American Public Education
 baines, lawrence.

Standards of quality research and the preparation of doctoral teacher educator researchers
 Lin, Emily.

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Teach Vocabulary?!? But I'm not an English teacher!!!
 Bull, Sylvia. and harris, shelley.

Teacher Candidates’ Development through Peer Evaluation and Self-assessment
 Schmidt, Terri. and LeBlanc, Patrice.

Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions of Professional Dispositions: Potential Impacts on Effective Teaching
 McMahan, Sarah., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Dunlap, Karen. and Anderson, Gina.

Teacher Characteristics: Dispositions for Success in Low SES Schools
 Dee, Amy. and Morton, Brenda.

Teacher Dispositions: Virtues, Personalities, or Behaviors
 Shi, Qingmin. and Zhang, Shaoan.

Teacher Education Standards as Professional Development: The Journey Begins
 Willhite, Gary.

Teacher Education and Teach for America: Strange Bedfellows or Quality Classroom Teacher Preparation?
 Krebs, Marjori., Torres-Velasquez, Diane., Keyes, Thomas., Burton, Sonya., Cross, Lindseu. and Line, Katie.

Teacher Educator, go measure thyself: how to judge the teachers of teachers?
 SPENCER, Christopher.

Teacher Educators as Scholar-Practitioners: Democratizing Education Epistemologies
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Embry Jenlink, Karen.

Teacher Induction Support Initiative: An Initiative to Maintain a Connection With Teacher Candidates After Graduation
 Martinez, Elda. and Salinas, Marcela.

Teacher Leadership in Special Education: Exploring Skills, Roles, and Perceptions
 Bagley, Sylvia. and Tang, Kimmie.

Teacher Pipelines and P-16 Career Pathways: Models of Inclusive Excellence in Responsive Teacher Education
 Embry-Jenlink, Karen.

Teacher Reflectivity: Guiding the Future of Education
 Pultorak, Ed. and Barnes, Debbie.

Teacher for a day: Examining Hollywood myth and classroom reality
 Delony, Sheila., Hutcherson, Joni. and Stephens, Janille.

TeacherCorps: Connecting AmeriCorps and Teacher Education in a Service-Learning Initiative for Schools and Communities
 Krebs, Marjori., Katira, Kiran., Singh, Swechha., Apodaca, Veronica., Meyer, Kathy. and Erlanger, Ellen.

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Undergraduate Research: A Key Focus for Education Students and Faculty at a Predominantly Undergraduate University
 Taggart, Germaine.

Understanding Learning in 21st Century Classrooms: Skills and Outcomes in Web 2.0 Environments
 Glassett, Kelly.

Understanding Multiple Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Quality Pre-K
 Mallette, Marla., Thompson, Stacy., Khan, Asma., Stewart, Whitney., DuBois, Lindsay. and Patrizio, Kami.

Understanding and Embracing Diverse Cultures Using Adolescent and Children’s Literature.
 Slick, Susan., Upham, Dayle., Johnston, Vickie. and Niday, Donna.

Understanding and Implementing the Common Core Standards as a Foundation for Curriculum Development
 King, Nancy.

Understanding “Marriages” of Interns and Mentors: Research on Models of PDS Intern “Matching” and “Placements”
 Corrigan, Diane., Beebe, Ronald., Weber, Edward., Bolgar, Brigitte., Gibson, Stephanie. and Sutton, Rebecca.

Universal Human Rights: Essential for Teaching Civism in a Global Context
 waterson, robert.

University K-12 School Partnerships: Informing Program Development in Teacher Education
 Wilkerson, Trena., GUPTA, DITTIKA., Sharp, Patricia. and Baker, Betty.

Unlearning mathematics for teaching: Intel® Math in Southern Illinois
 Bu, Lingguo., Calvert, Wesley., Kiehna, Marc., Feldmann, Math., Quivey, Mary Ann. and Johnson, Melanie.

Urban Is
 Alexander, Sashelle. and Harper, Brian.

Using Conceptual Frameworks to Create Teacher Education Outcomes
 Lawler, Dianne., Stewart, Paula., Davis, Susan. and Anselm, Sue.

Using Digital Storytelling to Teach 21st Century Skills in Teacher Education
 Husband, Terry.

Using Emerging Technologies to Improve the Teaching of Pre-service Special Education Students
 Whitten, Elizabeth. and Wallace, Luchara.

Using Fan Fiction to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers to Support K-12 Students with 21st Century Literacies
 Conner-Zachocki, Jennifer., Hines, Mary Beth., McWilliams, Jenna. and Dias, Danielle.

Using Historical Novels: Literacy Inclusion in the Social Studies
 Siler, Carl.

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Validating Websites – Teaching a Critical Skill within the Global Community
 Brinkekrhoff, Jonathan.

Valuing Global Understanding in Teacher Education: An Exit Project
 Bendixen-Noe, Mary.

Views of Teachers: Observing Trends to Inform Preservice Teachers about the Profession.
 Vocke, David.

Virtual Supervisor: Remote observation techniques used in supervising teacher candidates in Intercultural Student Teaching program.
 Shonia, Olga., Motsch, Madison. and Coroneos, Thomas.

Vocabulary Collections: Building a Deeper Understanding of the Vocabulary of Literacy
 Thomson, Margaret. and Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara.

Voices from Prison: Advice to New Teachers from Female Inmates at TDCJ ( Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
 Freeman, Lynn.


WE Think They Work: What Do Students Really Think About Electronic Portfolios
 Nath, Janice., Cohen, Myrna., Connell, Michael. and Hill, Lisa.

Walking the Talk: Teacher Educators, First-year Teachers and Cultural Competence
 Beebe, Ronald. and Miller, Grant.

Ways to Reduce Bullying by Creating a Positive School Culture
 Hutchiinson, Cynthia.

We Learn What We Like: The Influence of Affect and Personal Engagement on Learning in a School-Wide Multicultural Event
 Powell, David., Cwick, Simin. and Khalid, Tahsin.

Weaving Teacher Education into the Day-to-Day Work of a Charter School: Successes and Lessons Learned
 Haniford, Laura. and Wehrli, Bryan.

What Book Are You Reading?: Experiences of a Department-Wide Book Study on English Language Learners
 Kurumada, Katie., Mays, Lydia., Dangel, Julie., Meyers, Barbara., Hart, Lynn. and Schafer, Nancy.

What Can We Learn From Interview Instruments and Principals' Questions?
 Wightman, Jim.

What Do We Really Know About Educating Foster Children?
 Morton, Brenda.

What Is A Teacher Leader?
 McBee, Robin.

What It's Like: Challenging Middle Class Teacher Candidates to Understand Overty, Race, and Privilege
 Schroeder, Mike., Shea, Pat. and An, Sohyun.

What Kind of Teacher Will I Be? Supporting Preservice Teachers’ Identity and Persona Development
 Fantozzi, Victoria. and Davis, Janine.

What We Teacher Educators and Community Leaders Learned about Technology Implementation: Digital Readers in the Hands of Reluctant Middle School Readers
 Miranda, Twyla., Williams-Rossi, Dara., Johnson, Kary. and McKenzie, Nancy.

What current research has to say about the effectiveness of on line teacher education programs
 Anselm, Sue.

When Strengths Are Challenges: NCATE Design Principles and the Re-Conceptualization an Elementary Teacher Education Program
 Jurich, Donna. and Soltero, Crystal.

Where is the Trickster?: Exploring Youth Conceptions of theTrickster Archetype as a Democratic Citizen
 Lycke, Kara. and Lucey, Thomas.

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