ATE Annual Meeting 2012-Feb-11 to 2012-Feb-16

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Data Driven Change: The Difference That Makes a Difference
 Myers, Shellie., Kasperbauer, Kim., Hennessy, Gail., Wolf, Amy. and Seybert, Linda.

Defined by our Framework in Practice: An Assessment of Teacher Intern Performance by Supervisors
 Bowser, Audrey. and Bradley, Mary Jane.

Designing an education program for enhancing elemetary inservice teachers' pedagogical power for initiating math concept formation
 Cheng, Ying-Hao.

Designing and Implementing Teaching Cases into Content Area Courses to Feature Diversity Issues in Teacher Education
 Gunn, AnnMarie. and Welsh, James.

Developing Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom
 simpson, mary.

Developing Global Competency and 21st Century Skills: Redefining curriculum through global education
 Yildiz, Melda.

Developing Language and Literacy Digitally
 Flihan, Sheila.

Developing a preschool program in a Kansas City Charter School
 Aldrich, Jennifer.

Digital Storytelling in Teacher Education Programs: A Method for Enhancing Reflective Practice
 Thorsen, Cathy. and DeVore, Simone.

Digital Storytelling: A New Approach to Reflection
 shahid, Julia. and White, John.

Dispositions Toward Teaching: A Comparison of Effective Urban Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers Participating in an Urban Field Experience
 Yu, Yong., Bieger, George. and Vold, Larry.

Diverse Faculty and Teacher Education: A Vision for Future
 Singh, Delar.

Do You See What I Say?: Visual Demonstration of Teaching Dispositions
 Cook, Rebecca., Jones, Melissa., Mullins, Frank., Stringfellow, Jennifer., Edmonds-Behrend, Christina. and Johnson, Sandy.

Do you know ME?: Embracing Diversity through Literature
 Savage-davis, emma.

Dpte 1
 Lucey, Thomas.

Dpte 2
 Lucey, Thomas.
ATE Annual Meeting 2012-Feb-11 to 2012-Feb-16
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