ATE Annual Meeting 2012-Feb-11 to 2012-Feb-16

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LIBRE: Addressing Special Education Teacher Attrition Through A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Teacher Preparation
 Crosby, Shane. and Guerra, Norma.

Learn and Lead: A Model for Meaningful K-12 Collaboration Through a Structured Teacher Candidate Leadership Program.
 Ojure, Lenna. and Sigler, Haley.

Learning to Teach While Teaching to Learn: Collaborating to Enhance Secondary-Level Pedagogical Preparation
 Green, Pamela.

Lesson Study as Collaborative Learning: School and University
 raisch, michele.

Lighting the Mountains of Kentucky with Alternative Teacher Licensure
 Meyer, Calvin. and Lambert, Duane.

Location, Location, Location: How To Find the Best Cooperating Teachers for Student Teaching Experiences
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

Looking back: The evolution of a transformative and innovative mathematics program in an urban school
 Paul, Cynthia.
ATE Annual Meeting 2012-Feb-11 to 2012-Feb-16
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