ATE Annual Meeting 2013-Feb-15 to 2013-Feb-19

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"Group Differences” Curriculum: Reflections from Pre-service Teachers in an Educational Psychology Classroom
 Aronson, Brittany.

"I'm not racist, but...":Broaching Race with Elementary Preservice Teachers
 Buchanan, Lisa.

(Re-)Imagining classroom selves -- Shifting prompts and positions
 McKamey, Corinne.

21st Century Teachers: Meeting the Challenge for Preparing Them to Teach in Virtual K-12 Classrooms
 Hamilton, Karen.

40 Days, 40 Months, 40 Years: Lessons for Lifelong Learning
 Jorgensen, Donna. and Glynn, Deirdre.

¡Sí Puedo!: The Continuing Education of a Multicultural Teacher Educator
 Marshall, Patricia.

“I am White – that’s a privilege.”: White Teachers, White Privilege, and Social Justice Education
 Ramirez, Laurie.

“That’s Great!” Is Not Good Enough: A Case of Developing Critical Feedback Skills Among Early Career Teachers
 Brugar, Kristy.

“Tweeting” for Professional Growth: Teaching Preservice Teachers to Create Professional Learning Networks via Twitter
 Whitaker, Beth., Leinenbach, Marylin., Bauserman, Kathryn., Wheeler, Pat. and Bosley, Amy.


A Cross-National Study of Elementary Teachers’ Professional Attitudes
 Ye, Renmin., Lai, Shu-Ling., Stevens, Carla. and Tate, Patricia.

A Lifetime of Success: Implementing the Co-Teaching Model in Student Teaching
 Nickens, Nicole., Hartnett, Joanie., Weed, Rahila. and McCoy, Ann.

A Longitudinal Study of Male Elementary Teachers’ Career Development and School Climate
 Benton, Cynthia.

A Magical Mystery Tour? Driving Teacher Education Curriculum toward Project Based Learning
 Hamilton, Karen.

A Multidimensional Approach to Multiculture Education
 Howell, Leanne.

A Plan to Raise Scores in Schools of Poverty
 Costley, Kevin., Leggett, Timothy. and Bell, David.

A Practical Road Map to Publishing Your Research
 Sarno, Una.

A Professor’s Tale: Confronting Preservice Teachers’ Latent Assumptions about Disadvantaged Children
 Allison-Roan, Valerie. and Hayes, Michael.

A Study of Four Types of Interactions among Teachers in European Elementary Schools
 Lai, Shu-Ling., Ye, Renmin. and Stevens, Carla.

A Unique Perspective on Gifted Education: Inside a Gifted Musical Artist’s Unconventional Educational Journey
 Hensberry, Amy. and Margolin, Marcia.

Academic Success for English Language Learners through Teacher Collaboration and Two-way Content Based Instruction
 Alonso, Orlando. and DelliCarpini, Margo.

Achievement…Whose Fault is it Really?: The Impact of Teacher Effectiveness
 Savage-Davis, Emma.

Action Research, Race as a Social Justice Issue, and a Lifetime of Learning
 Martin, Renee., Burel, Carla., Spradley, Jessica., Warnke, Jeffery., Thomas, Steven. and Swinea, Senetta.

Adapting Pre-Service Teacher Education Curriculum to meet Career and College Readiness Standards: Year Two
 White, Jane., White, John., Philipose, Sandy. and Shahid, Julia.

Adopting a Co-Teaching State of Mind
 Heck, Teresa. and Bacharach, Nancy.

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Becoming a Reflective Practitioner: Encouraging Teacher Education Students to Construct Knowledge in OUR Classrooms
 Bromer, Billi.

Becoming a Teacher: Can Traditional Undergraduate Programs Influence Attitudes and Dispositions of Teacher Candidates?
 O\'Sullivan, Sheryl.

Bilingual Parents’ Perspectives on the Early Development of Number Sense within the Amish Community
 Beverley, Diana. and Bush, Lucy.

Bilingual Parents’ Perspectives on the Early Development of Number Sense within the Amish Community
 Beverley, Diana.

Biracial Children: Racial Identification, Self-esteem, and School Adjustment
 Buttery, Thomas.

Bridging Students’ Lives to What We Teach: Connecting Students’ Emotional Needs to the Classroom
 DeGracia, Ashley. and Thayer, Kelly.

Bringing 21st Century Skills to Teacher Education Programs: A Collaborative Approach
 Michaels, Rosemarie., Truesdell, Elizabeth. and Brown, Billye.

Bringing Reality to Classroom Management in Teacher Education
 Cushman, Carey Anne., Edwards, Susan. and Eisenman, Gordon.

Building Teacher Technology Self-Efficacy: Sustained, Collaborative, and Scaffolded Professional Development
 DeSantis, Josh.

Building a Better Teacher: Teacher Preparation Programs at a Crossroad
 Sharp, Kathryn.


CR3 - A Teacher Education Instructional Formula for Classroom Management
 Black, Glenda.

Can Educators Teach Students to Access the Culture of Power through Culturally Responsive Teaching?
 Varnell, Ashley.

Can We Better Design Teacher Preparation for Urban Schools that Candidates and School Districts will Buy?
 Lang, Mark., Annis, Kathy., Hearrington, Doug., Jiang, Binbin., Mark, Baker., Vicki, Doll., Holbein, Marie. and Taasoobshirazi, Gita.

Candidates’ Perceptions of Course Expectations: Impacts on Preparation and Efficacy
 Gallavan, Nancy. and Barocas, Sadie.

Case Studies of Student Teachers Who Make Poor Decisions: What Would You Do?
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

Changes in Teacher Evaluations: What Should Preservice Teachers Know Prior to Entering the Profession?
 Vocke, David.

Changing Drivers: Putting students in charge of their success
 Knutowski, Jennifer. and Aune, Peggy.

Changing Ways of Thinking by Changing Ways of Reading: A Conversation About Common Core Standards
 Flihan, Sheila. and Fragnoli, Kristi.

Characteristics of Chinese Middle School Beginning Teachers’ Mathematics Teaching: Relationship between Instruction and Mandated Curriculum
 Wang, Jian.

Charting the Course: Navigating Career Planning and Preparation in Teacher Education Programs
 Green, Pam.

Children at the Center: A Constellation of Socioecological Factors Influencing Resiliency and High School Completion for American Indian Youth
 Klug, Beverly., Pewewardy, Cornel. and Young, William.

Co-Teaching 101: Getting Started
 Bacharach, Nancy. and Heck, Teresa.

Co-Teaching as Best Practice in Student Teaching: The Texas Wesleyan University Model
 Ward, Elizabeth. and Gaffner, Jackie.

Co-Teaching as the Ideal for New Teacher Induction Programs and for Retention of Teachers in Their First Five Years
 Hicks, John.

Collaboration and Support in a Professional School Environment: Lifeling Learning for All
 Hopper, Cindy. and Frazier, Joyce.

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Data-Informed Reflective Practice: Using Teacher Work Samples to Ask, “What’s my Vale Added?”
 Lavery, Matthew. and Avila, Cheryl.

Demonstrations of Accomplished Teaching by National Board Certified Teachers
 Cleveland, Ella.

Developing 21st Century Teacher Candidates
 Powell, Rebecca. and Branson, Stephanie.

Developing Cultural Competence through an Urban Education Teacher Fellows Program
 Marx, Helen. and Bower-Phipps, Laura.

Developing Equity Pedagogy and Multicultural Competence: A Case Study of Successful Teachers in an Urban School System
 Medina, Monica.

Developing Future Educators for Career Success
 Spencer, Trina. and Richardson, Mark.

Developing Mentors: Classroom Teachers’ Collaborative Approach to Learning to Mentor
 Bower-Phipps, Laura. and Sature, Amanda.

Developing New Understandings of Action Research in Teacher Education: Living and Learning in Virtual Schools
 Krell, Desirae., Wolkenhauer, Rachel. and Dana, Nancy.

Developing Professional Reflection through the Socratic Circle
 Lawler Brown, Lois.

Developing Socially Just Teachers: A Look at the Teaching Philosophy Statement
 Bonofiglio, Zoa-Gay.

Developing and Modifying Student Teacher Assessments and Cooperating Teacher Training through a Cross University-School Partnership
 Hall, Dara., Brownscombe, Sandy., Lemons, Lowell., Swayne, Nick. and Hogan, Mark.

Development of an Educational Studies Major
 Armstrong, Alexis. and Lightfoot, Connie.

Digital Bulletin Boards - Supplementing your On-line or Face-to-Face Classrooms
 McCarthy, David.

Digital Citizenship: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Develop Digital Citizens in Their Classrooms
 Wiedmaier, Cheryl., Huffman, Stephanie. and Rickman, Wendy.

Digital Storytelling and 21st Century Skills
 Hicks, Joya.

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Educating Minority Students: A critical look at students’ and teachers’ experiences in the classroom
 Milligan, Deirdra.

Education Knows No Boundaries: Learning & Sharing Across the Atlantic
 Funk, Fanchon.

Education outside the classroom: How one institution integrated multi-cultural communities into their field experience
 Lentfer, Vicki.

Effectively Motivating Students by Addressing Their Personal “high-touch” Needs as well as Their “high-tech” Interests.
 Wolfgang, Jerry. and Denig,, Stephen.

Effects of Online Tutorials and Age on Achievement and Attitude in Remedial Mathematics
 Baugher, Greg.

Empowering Teacher Candidates to Use Artifacts to Demonstrate Competency
 Hennessy, Gail., Seybert, Linda. and Meyer, Michelle.

Enabling Honors/Standard Biology Students to Problem-Solve
 Brackin, Cindy.

Enacting emerging teacher educator identity: Implications of a pedagogy of teacher education seminar on practice
 Butler, Brandon., Burns, Elizabeth., Frierman, Christina., Hawthorne, Katrice., Parrott, James. and Trizna, Alisa.

Encouraging Critical Thinking with Media Literacy in Teacher Education
 Atkinson, Amanda., Meehan, Jessica., Ray, Brandi. and Wells, Sunny.

Encouraging Equity and Social Justice in a Diverse Society
 Gibson, Dona. and Gibson, Richard.

Enhancing Field Experiences with Technology: Multi-Curricular Approaches for Undergraduate and Graduate Candidates
 Fraser, Virginia., Riehl, Jane., Ridout, Susan., Pinkston, Gary. and Schweitzer, Deborah.

Enhancing Teacher Candidates’ Writing Efficacy: A Way to Promote Student Learning
 Hennessy, Gail. and Seybert, Linda.

Ensuring Life-long Learning: Holding Teacher Candidates Accountable in an "Interconnected and Highly Diverse" Classroom
 Hinson, Cindy. and Bradley, Mary Jane.

Equal vs. Equity: Principals Searching for the Champion
 Timmons, Crystal.

Equitable Instruction: Classroom Practices That Support Socially Just Learning
 Smeltzer Erb, Cathy. and Brownscombe, Sandy.

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Facilitating Instructional Differentiation via Focused Teacher Reflections about Desired Constructivist Practices and Current Realities
 Polka, Walter., VanHusen, Monica., Young, William., Dunn, Debra. and Ivey, Shannon.

Facilitating Undocumented Latin@s' Borderlands Navigation of High School Science, College Policies, and their DREAMs
 Aguilar-Valdez, Jean.

Facilitating diversity discourse and practices among teacher educators: Institutional and program factors
 Stenhouse, V.

Factors Related to Teacher Retention in Arctic Alaska
 Kaden, Ute.

Faculty Development for Teacher Educators Related to College and Career Readiness
 Huling, Leslie., Beck, John. and Ortiz, Araceli.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Scaffolding the Transition from Teacher to Teacher Educator
 Franco, Yvonne. and Parker, Audra.

Familiarity Breeds Content: How to Use Multicultural Education in the Classroom
 Quarles, Peggy.

Findings on the Use of TeachLIVE®, a Mixed-Reality Teaching Environment, to Prepare Special Educators
 Enicks, April., Whitten, Elizabeth., Morgan, Daniel. and Dieker, Lisa.

Flip the Script: Digital Storytelling as Reflective Practice in Teacher Education
 Shelby-Caffey, Crystal.

Flipped !Using Weebly to Change and Enrich hybrid Teacher Education courses
 Murphy, Michael.

Flipping the University Classroom: A Journey in Blended Learning
 Willhite, Gary.

Formative Assessment and Evaluation: What We Learn about Ourselves and What We Model for Our Students
 Short, Barbara. and Grugel, Ann.

Formative Assessment of Candidates' Dispositions
 Colby, Susan., Bercaw, Lynne. and McGee, Jennifer.

From Feedback to Action: The Road to More Clinical Practice Opportunities through Creative Placement Strategies
 Dantzler, Joyce.

From Group to Individual Understanding: The Role of Grand Conversations on Individual Reading Comprehension
 McGee, Inger.

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Giving Teachers' Voice in the Common Core Implementation Process
 Kagan, Shayna. and Sisneros, Cassandra.

Global Kitchen Project: Promoting Healthy Eating Among Children & Engaging Teachers in Developing Project Based Learning Activities
 Yildiz, Melda., Petela, Altagracia. and Mahoney, Brianne.

Google Education: Changing how Schools Work in the Cloud
 Smith, Kathryn. and McCarthy, David.

Gorillas as Effective Teachers: Pittsburg State University’s Model of Collaboration
 McDougle, Kenny., Willard, Ray., Runyan, Kent., Fehrenbach, Carolyn., Sells, Pam. and Brown, Steven.

Great Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools for Educators
 McCarthy, David.

Growing Dispositions: Supporting Teacher Candidates in Disposition Development
 Angell, Carol. and Shanks, Joyce.


Hard at Work on the Teacher Work Sample: The Evolution of a Performance Assessment
 Pease, Jennifer. and Haraway, Dana.

Help! "I'm Lost in the Technology Riptide" :One Professor's Struggles to Become Media Savvy.
 Price, Elsa.

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves? Teach For America and the White Savior Industrial Complex
 Anderson, Ashlee.

High Impact Science Education Pedagogy
 Davis, Dr. Edith., Kaden, Ute. and Thomas, Theresa.

High Quality Professional Development in Action: Embedding learning in the daily work of teachers
 Adams, Alyson., Leeman, Jessica., Murphy, Amy., Rodgers, Mary Kay., Thoermer, Andrea. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

How Cross-cultural-Simulation Activities Prepare Teachers for Diversity in the Classroom
 Yamaguchi, Misato. and Kemp, Drew.

How Four Teacher Educators Use Standards, A Narrative Exploration
 Smith, Thomas., Tanase, Madalina., Sowder, Mary. and leavitt, teresa.

How iPads Can Be Effectively Incorporated In Teaching Elementary Literacy
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.

How teacher inquiry on academic literacy can promote advocacy for social justice
 Merino, Barbara., Holmes, Pauline., Cannon, Shannon. and Pella, Shannon.

How to Get Quality Feedback from Cooperating Teachers: Just T.A.L.K.
 Wilkins, Elizabeth.

How to Make a Dollar Out of Fifteen Cents: Dismantling Myths about Poverty through Enhancing Curriculum
 Heaggans, Raphael.

Hybrid Course Delivery System in Graduate Teacher Education Programs: Lessons from the Graduates
 Knorr, Ronald. and Binkney, Richard.


I Can't Believe I Taught the Whole Lesson Without Disruptions
 Goodwin, Dennis.

I don't know YOU, but I HATE YOU: Building relationships through culturally relevant practice
 Adamson, Susan., Warren, Brandon., Rogers, Jennifer., McLucas, Terri. and Clark, Rosemary.

Immigration: How should we teach?
 Hossain, Kazi.

Impact of Educational Field Experiences Abroad
 Ryan, Lynne., Hauerwas, Laura. and Skawinski, Susan.

Implementation of a community reading program: Preparing preservice teachers for entry and sustainability into the ELL classroom
 McMahan, Sarah. and Fredrickson, Rebecca.

Implementing College and Career Readiness Standards in Mathematics, Science, Technology Teacher Academies
 Brown, Danielle., Alford, Beverly., Rollins, Kayla., Stillisano, Jacqueline. and Waxman, Hersh.

Implementing the TPA
 Ries, Pam. and Herman, Ellie.

Implications for educators of students' home access to broadband and computers
 McLaughlin, Ph.D., Robert.

In Pursuit of Digital Literacy: An Overzealous Jettison of both Baby and Bathwater?
 Dunlap, Karen. and Fredrickson, Rebecca.

InTASC Implications for Clinical Practice: Developing Professional Capital
 Norris-Bauer, Nancy. and Mobley, Martha.

Incorporating College and Career Readiness Standards into a Teacher Preparation Program
 Alford, Beverly., Brown, Danielle., Rollins, Kayla., Stillisano, Jacqueline. and Waxman, Hersh.

Incorporating Multi-tiered Systems of Support into Pre-service Programs: How Will We Know It’s Working?
 Mundschenk, Nancy. and Fuchs, Wendy.

Incorporating Technology and Diversity into Early Childhood Education through the use of Digital Literacy
 Bell, Douglas., Steffen, Cherry., Jean-Sigur, Raynice. and Basch, Katy.

Increasing Mentor Skills of Elementary School Teachers through Online Training
 Borden, Ryen.

Increasing On-Task Behavior for Students with Autism using Mobile Technology.
 Rivera, Christopher., Mason, Lee. and Crosby, Shane.

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John Dewey’s Impact on the Creation of Social Studies
 Jorgensen, Gregg.

Journey to Life Long Learning through Curricular Integration: Experiences of One Elementary Teacher Education Program.
 Shulsky, Debby., Hendrix, Elaine., Moore, Kelly., Weiser, Brenda. and Browning, Sandra.


Keeping it Real: The Role of Service-Learning in Developing Reflective and Mindful Teachers
 Kasperbauer, Kim. and Cuff, Shannon.


Language teacher education for a culturally diverse world: Transnational pedagogy
 Meadows, Bryan.

Learning About the Cultural Competence of Indiana's Special Education Teachers
 Abbott, Daniel.

Learning Videos: Making Instructional Planning Visible to Pre-Service Educators
 Manos, Marika., O\'Shea, Mark. and Foley, Brian.

Learning in Community: Assessing College Level Peer Mentoring in a Special Education Teacher Preparation Program
 Tillman, Beverly. and Richards, Stephen.

Learning the Ropes: Using Podcasts as a Tool for Literature Reviews
 LaDuke, Aja. and Pfister, Christina.

Learning to Teach Through Oscillating Inquiry in a Student Teaching Seminar
 Cuenca, Alexander.

Lesson Study with Teacher Candidates: A Successful Approach to Guided Field Experiences
 Michaels, Rosemarie.

Linguicism: Questioning the Credibility of Nonnative English Speaking Teachers
 Ates, Burcu., Petron, Mary. and Berg, Helen.

Literacy Instruction in Theory and in Practice: Discrepancies between the University Classroom and the Primary Classroom
 Sanden, Sherry.

Live Long and Prosper: Cooperating Teachers Identify Effects of Professional Development
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

Living and Learning Across a Lifetime by Delivering an Online Master's Degree Program in Educational Leadership
 Nicholas, Marilyn. and Neapolitan, Jane.

Living, Learning and Lessening the Achievement Gap: A Noble Pursuit
 Benson, Tammy., Hogan, Chris., Spears, Julie. and Young, Brittany.


Making History Come Alive: Preservice Teachers Create a Living Museum for their Students
 Soltero, Crystal.

Making a Difference: Technology and Growth in Teaching
 Meyer, Rachelle., Hodge, Kari. and Rogers, Douglas W..

Making the Most of History: Teaching Historical Empathy Across the Content Areas
 Collins, Geri., Lacefield, William., Culpepper, Jacquelyn. and Morris, Margaret.

Many Languages: One Core
 Bowles, Freddie. and Adamson, Stephen.

Math and Science Teachers’ Experiences of Online Professional Development
 Bu, Lingguo., Mumba, Frackson., Henson, Harvey. and Wright, Mary.

Mathematics Teaching Approaches and U.S. Students' Math Achievements: A Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Perspective
 Cheng, Qiang., Wang, Jian. and Lin, Emily.

Maximizing learning from first-hand experiences: Engage teacher candidates to multicultural education
 Pu, Chang. and Bell, Steven.

Mean Scores in a Mean World
 Baines, Lawrence.

Meeting College and Career Readiness Standards Using Powerful and Authentic Social Studies
 Laney, James., Shulsky, Debby., Shahid, Julia. and Philipose, Sandy.

Meeting Student Needs in the Freedom Writers Movie: An Activity in a Classroom Management Course
 Tanase, Madalina.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners: Access to a Life Time of Learning through Universally Designed Lesson Plans
 McGuire-Schwartz, Mary. and Arndt, Janet.

Meeting the Students Where They Are: Preparing Preservice Teachers to Teach in the 21st Century.
 Steffen, Cherry., Warner, Mark. and Cope, James.

Mentoring Doctoral Students To Teach A Teacher Education Course
 Quinn, Linda., McCarthy, Jane. and Zhang, Shaoan.

Mentoring New Faculty in Teacher Education Programs
 Ciscell, Robert.

Mentoring Pre-Service Teachers: A Professional Development Approach
 Bernhardt, Philip.

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Navigating the Discussion of Controversial Cultures in light of Globalizaton
 Thompson, Eddie. and Byford, Jeffrey.

New Literacies for New Technologies: The Teachers' Views
 Brown, Tammy., DeMatteo, Francis. and Nash-Ditzel, Susan.

New Media for Today: Graphic Novels across the Secondary Classroom
 Schwarz, Gretchen. and Atkinson, Amanda.


Observing Instructional Design Strategies Online: A Formative Practice for Prospective Online Teachers in Secondary Schools
 Widdall, Chris.

Oh, the Hats We Wear! Helping Preservice Teachers Make Sense of their Field Experiences
 Van Duinen, Deborah. and Hamilton, Erica.

Ohio's New Teacher Evaluation System and the TPA's Impact Upon Pre-Service Teachers
 Wightman, Jim.

On-Line Preparation of Educational Administrators: Identifying Quality Programmatic Components
 Goggins Selke, Mary., Zavada, Paul. and Fender, Virginia.

Once Is Not Enough: Preparing Traditional Teacher Education Students to Work with Families & Communities
 Jurich, Donna.

One Department, One Book: A Faculty Collaboration to Enhance Pre-Service Teachers' World Knowledge
 Ammentorp, Louise. and Carroll, Stuart.

Online Discussion Through Literature Circles
 Whittingham, Jeff.

Online Pedagogy
 Ibrahim, Mohamed. and Kaden, Ute.

Online Publishing in the SRATE Journal
 Buttery, Thomas. and Barrett, Bette.

Out of the classroom and into the community: The use of fieldtrips in teacher education
 Moore, Cara.


Partnership Fuels Student Growth During Internship Semester
 Wheeler, Pat., Bauserman, Kathryn., Whitaker, Beth., Leinenbach, Marylin. and Bosley, Amy.

Passing the Torch to a New Generation: Teaching for Lifelong Learning
 Pepper, Stephanie.

Perfectionism Examined: Steps to Take to Minimize the Pain
 Maninger, Bob. and Nickson, Lautrice.

Perspectives of Educational Reform: Advocacy for Teacher Education from Varied Stakeholders
 Rudolph, Amanda.

Picture This: Using Digital Photography and Figurative Language to Represent Preservice Teachers’ Ideas
 Hamilton, Erica.

Pinterest and PinSanity - A Great New Social Networking and Marketing Tool!
 McCarthy, David.

Placing Gifted Teacher Candidates in Urban Fieldwork: Case Studies
 cohen, myrna. and Nath, Janice.

Planning and Using a Professional Learning Network for the Contemporary Study of Leadership and Policy
 Rossi, Rachael., Rabey, Jeffrey. and Baudo, Kelly.

Political and educational views on English-only and bilingual approaches in teaching ELLs
 Tran, Anh.

Post-Epistemological Strands within Multicultural Education Courses: Promoting the Lifelong Learning of MCE Principles & Practices through Support
 Ryan, Ashley. and Baptiste, H. Prentice.

Poverty and Social Class: Improving Awareness
 Bruno, John.

Practical Experiences Outside Classroom Walls: Their Role In Teacher Preparation
 Mistretta, Regina.

Practical and Workable Suggestions on How to Fight Grade Inflation
 Costley, Kevin., Leggett, Timothy. and Bell, David.

Practicing What We Preach: Choices and Consequences
 Faulconer, Johna.

Pre-Service Secondary Teachers' Efficacy Towards Character Education
 Waters, Kevin. and Russell III, William.

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Qualitative Methods as Support for Student Teaching? An Accidental Finding
 Fantozzi, Victoria. and Clift, Renee.

Qualities of an Ideal Teacher: The Student Perspective
 Fike, Renea., Fike, David. and Zhang, Shishu.

Que sera sera: Or not? Preparing Teachers to Address the Ecological Future
 Bentley, Michael.


Rational Interpretations of Value-Added Teaching: It's Not Just About the Numbers
 Post, Donna.

Reading Workshop Buddies: A Collaboration in Adolescent Literacy
 Hinkle, Vickie.

Reading, Selecting, Teaching, and Creating Multicultural Children's Books: Preservice Teachers' Experiences and Perspectives
 Zhao, Yali., Moore, Christi. and Kavanagh, Kara.

Ready to Teach: Special Education Pre-Service Teacher Perspectives on Teacher Preparation
 Lombardo-Graves, Mary.

Reconceptualizing the Daggett’s Rigor & Relevancy Framework
 Cherner, Todd.

Recruiting Teachers of Color as Leaders in 21st Century Schools
 Ali, Nazneen. and Castro, Antonio.

Reflection as a Professional and Personal Development Tool: Helping Individuals Live and Learn Across a Lifetime.
 Wlodarsky, Rachel.

Reflection, Collaboration and Iterative Process: A Review of Lesson Study in Teacher Education
 Manning-Osborn, Mia. and Schoenfeld, Naomi.

Reflections From Ten Years of Practice: What Teachers Have To Say About Teaching, Schools, and Teacher Education
 Resta, Virginia. and Huling, Leslie.

Research on teacher educators
 Stenhouse, V. and Gorski, Paul.

Research-Based Reading Strategies: Elementary and Middle School Preservice Teachers’ Learning Experiences
 Iwai, Yuko.

Rethinking Federal and State Educational Policies about Academic Standards and the Knowledge Convergence Movement
 Polka, Walter., McKenna, John., Barbra, Zheadric., Barbra, Sheadric. and Phillips, Zach.

Rethinking Field Experience: Exploration of One Institution’s Efforts to Improve Assessment, Collaboration, Scheduling, and Use of Technology in Regard to a Significant Field Experience.
 Lentfer, Vicki.

Review of Literature on Mentor-Novice Relationships and Its Influences on Learning to teach in Teacher Induction
 Wang, Jian.

Riding the Race to the Top Teacher Evaulation Roller Coaster
 Swain, Colleen.


STEM-Based Service -Learning in Urban Middle Schools: A University/Urban School District Partnership
 Jagla, Virginia.

Scaffolding Teacher Candidates through the Backward Design Process: An Innovative Approach
 Andrews, Shirley., Kovach, Cindy., Minor, Lynn. and Sartin, Nancy.

Science Teachers’ Training and Its Impacts
 Lai, Shu-Ling., Stevens, Carla. and Ye, Renmin.

Second Career Mathematics and Science Teachers Resistance to Teach All
 Fetters, Marcia. and Summy, Sarah.

Secondary Data Mining After Saturation in a Longitudinal Qualitative Multi-Case Study Of Preservice Teachers Knowledge Construction
 Glassett, Kelly.

Secrets of Success in Designing Online Teacher Professional Development: The Prime Online Experience
 Dana, Nancy., Prosser, Sherri., Griffin, Cynthia. and Pape, Stephen.

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching in Diverse Classrooms
 Rossetti, Zachary. and Skawinski, Susan.

Self-Study of University Supervisors’ Autobiographical Writing as a Form of Professional Development
 O\'Neill, Vince., Tate, Patricia., Bernhardt, Philip. and Wilson, Lindsey.

Service Learning and Culturally Responsive Teaching: Impediment or Impetus?
 Rauscher, Marisa.

Service Learning: Making Connections Between Classroom Learning and Real World Problems to Create Lifelong Learning
 Chadd, Julie. and VanGunten, Dawn.

Serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students through Professional Development in ESL
 Manner, Jane.

Shaping Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusion: The Role of Cross-Departmental Collaboration in Course and Field Experiences
 Parker, Audra., Alvarez McHatton, Patricia. and Mickelson, Ann.

Shifting from Faculty Member to Department Chair…and back again.
 De Luica, Shirley., Creasap, Sally. and Johnson, Daphne.

Social Foundations Online Course Transformation: Collaboration, Pedagogical Integrity and Life-long Learning
 Cobb-Roberts, Deirdre., Shircliffe, Barbara. and Stweart, Shelley.

Social justice education: Educators' perspectives and practices in a job-embedded, online course
 Hambacher, Elyse., Bondy, Elizabeth., Krell, Desirae., Murphy, Amy. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

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TPA is coming, are your candidates ready?
 Kline, Lynn., Vakil, Shernavaz. and Welton, Evonn.

TPA: Measuring the Transformation of Teacher Candidates and Teacher Educators
 Russell, Victoria. and Ballock, Ellen.

TPS Museum Curators’ Project: A University and School Collaboration
 Pardieck, Sherrie., McMullen, David., Cantu, Dean., Bell, Tom., French, Tami. and Robosky, Candy.

Tailoring a Program to Support Urban Teachers and Promote Lifelong Learning
 Theiss, Deborah., Jarman, Georgia. and Nickens, Nicole.

Taking Writing Breaks to Assess Middle Grades Students’ Comprehension in Mathematics
 Dillard, Benita., Stokes, Angela. and Jackson, Almeisha.

Talking Books: Supporting Learning and Literacy with Multimedia
 Brinkerhoff, Jonathan.

Teacher Autonomy and Instructional Decision Making during Student Teaching: The Case of Brett and Julie
 Cross, Stephanie. and Bayazit, Nermin.

Teacher Candidates’ Career Readiness: What If They Are Not Ready?
 Bradley, Mary Jane., Bowser, Audrey. and Hinson, Cindy.

Teacher Education in a 21st Century Environment
 Smith, Kathryn.

Teacher Educators as Agents of Social Justice: Mediating Social Injustices in Culturally Diverse Educational Settings
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Embry Jenlink, Karen.

Teacher Morivation:" Drive" and Its Implications for Recruitment, Retention, and Performance
 Mendoza, Charlotte.

Teacher Preparation: Mathematics
 Barocas, Sadie.

Teacher Research: Learning about Teaching from the Inside of Schools
 Falk, Beverly. and Blumenreich, Megan.

Teacher Self-Efficacy: Applications in Teacher Education and P-12 Classrooms
 Gallavan, Nancy.

Teacher candidate demonstrations of teacher leadership in portfolio entries: Compliance or understanding?
 Rogers, Carrie. and Scales, Roya.

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Uncovering the "Black Box": Common attributes of coherent teacher education programs.
 Butler, Brandon.

Understanding complex educational issues: A reader's theatre presentation
 McKamey, Corinne.

Understanding how self-identity, race related centrality can affect first generation African American college students.
 Howard, Janette.

Universal Design for Learning: Evaluation of use of UDL pedagogy across Math, Science, Social Studies and Education.
 Michael, Martha. and Shonia, Olga.

Unleash the Power of the iPad
 McCarthy, David.

Unlocking Learning with iPads: Tools for Literacy and Social Justice
 Corrigan, Diane. and Harmon, Jim.

Unnormalizing Education: How Teacher Educators Can Prepare Teacher Candidates to Combat Homophobia in Schools
 Jones, Joseph.

Use of popular film as classroom management video case study
 Madden, Robert.

Using Academic Service-Learning to Engage Pre-teachers to be Social Just, and Culturally Competent: It happens in and out of the classroom
 Delano-Oriaran, Omobolade. and Meidl, Tynisha.

Using Case Methods to Prepare Teacher Candidates: Where Are We Now?
 Lin, Emily.

Using Co-Microteaching to Promote the Integration of Literacy Strategies in Secondary Content Areas
 Sautter, Alberta., Benton, Jean. and Cwick, Simin.

Using Collaborative Self-Study Methodologies to Construct Evidence for Program Review
 Miller, Grant. and McIntyre, John.

Using Data from a Teacher Candidate Performance Project (TCPP) to Inform Program Review
 Seybert, Linda., Sportsman, Michel. and Simmons Estes, Judi.

Using Disposition Assessment to Foster Candidates’ Social/Emotional Development
 Sprague, Marsha. and Farina, Deborah.

Using Self-Regulated Strategy Development to Improve Reading Comprehension for Secondary Students
 Johnson, Joseph.

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Value-Added Assessment Models: The Impact on Program Accountability
 Fender, Virginia., Hernandez, Arthur. and Walling, Brenda.

Views that impact decisions to be teachers : Initial findings from teacher education candidates’ perceptions of professional dispositions
 McMahan, Sarah., Dunlap, Karen., Anderson, Gina. and Fredrickson, Rebecca.

Virtual Worlds and Teacher Education: Emerging Trends and Opportunities
 Resta, Paul. and Ladores, Minerva.


We're All in this Together: A Course Alike Mentoring Model
 Faulconer, Johna. and Cannon, Tanya.

Web Applications for Teacher Education Students
 Lundquist, Philip.

What Do Editors Want?: We Asked Them
 Williams, Patricia., Sullivan, Sam. and Muns, Nedom.

What Makes an Effective Online Instructor?
 vu, phu.

What do I Really Believe? An Investigation of the Developing Educational Philosophies of Early Childhood Teacher Candidates
 Bogle, Amanda.

What to Do When Teaching Positions Are Limited
 Olson, Pennie.

What's New in the Educational Technology World
 McCarthy, David.

Where is the music?: Teacher Candidates' Perceptions and Pratice with Integrating Music in the Classroom
 Rajan, Rekha.

Whose Job Is It Anyway? The Role Teacher Educators Play in Teachers' Career Development
 Booth, Jackie. and Roth, Steve.

Why Can't We Keep Teachers of Special Special Education?
 Fleming, Liz.

Why aren’t you here? : An Epistemological Investigation into the Dynamics that Contribute to the shortage of Black Public School Teachers
 Ryan, Ashley. and Ingram, Cheryl.

Why do I stay?: A case study of one secondary English teacher in an urban high school
 Cooper, Jewell. and He, Ye.

Wolfram Alpha - A New Scientific Knowledge Engine (Search Tool)
 McCarthy, David.

Writing Matters:Professionalizing Preservice Teachers for the Workplace
 Thomason, Regina. and Pepper, Stephanie.

Writing Using Your Five Senses
 Miller, Autumn. and Andrews, Shirley.
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