Advancing Teacher Education that Matters in Teaching, Learning, and Schooling. 2014-Feb-14 to 2014-Feb-18

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1 to 1 Technology to Enhance Student Achievement and 21st Century Learning Skills
 Kear, Dennis., Pearman, Cathy., Chang, Ching-Wen., McLean, Annice. and Medlin, Kent.

“I Can’t Hear Myself Write:” Ideological Force of Cultural Models on Literacy Learning & Teaching
 Adamson, Susan.

“I can’t believe we pulled if off”: Using service learning to create learning that matters.
 VanGunten, Dawn. and Chadd, Julie.

“I take it back, I will learn something”: Transforming Pre-Service Teachers’ Pretexts about Teaching and Learning
 Oesterreich, Heather. and Oliver, Kimberly.

“I’m not so sure...”: Accepting and acknowledging uncertainty as essential to teaching
 Rogers, Carrie.

“Maximizing What Matters in a Minimum Amount of Time: Preparing Alternative Licensure Teacher Candidates”
 Pepper, Stephanie.

“Using Scenarios and Videos to help teach Dispositions”
 Bohannon, Dr. Larry. and Mader, Dr. Cheryl.

“What’s Content Got to Do With It?”: Tackling the Dilemmas of Teaching a General Secondary Education Methods Course in a PCK World
 Philipose, Sandy.


A Cutting Edge Observation Instrument for Measuring Short-Cycle Formative Assessment in the Classroom
 Eddy, Colleen., Harrell, Pamela., Payne, Ruth. and Dana, Nancy.

A Matter of Discourse: Preservice Teacher Beginnings in Field Research
 Glaus, Marci., Herrmann, Bailey., Gallo, Jessica. and Carlson, James.

A Multi-year Study of Factors Contributing to the Hard-to-Staff Schools Phenomenon in Texas
 Jenlink, Patrick., Jenlink, Karen. and Huling, Leslie.

A New Paradigm for Preparing Generative Learning Leaders for 21st Century Schools
 Watts, Aileen.

A Panel Discussion of Candidates on Co-Microteaching in a Content Literacy Class
 Sautter, Alberta., Benton, Jean. and Cwick, Simin.

A community reading experience implemented through a partnership with Barnes and Noble
 Fredrickson, Rebecca. and McMahan, Sarah.

A. The Interim Effects of Virtual Peer Coaching On the Instructional Behaviors
 Benson, Tammy. and Cotabish, Alicia.

Academically Optimistic Elementary School Settings
 Van Hof, Jill.

Accessible Assessment: Helping Online Students Receive Our Feedback
 Saunders, Nancy.

Accreditation, Accountability and Academic Freedom
 Rudolph, Amanda.

Action Research as Authentic Professional Development to Advance Learning in STEM Disciplines
 Butler, Kyle. and Vanosdall, Rick.

Advancing Computer Programming in our schools
 Sautter, Alberta.

Advancing Content Literacy Skills with Co-Microteaching
 Sautter, Alberta., Benton, Jean. and Cwick, Simin.

Advancing Teacher Education Program Accountability That Matters
 Resta, Virginia., Huling, Leslie. and Lopez, Omar.

Advancing Teacher Education that Matters : A Yearlong Student Teaching Residency Model that Works
 Britt, Megan.

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BLAB: Empowering Teacher Candidates to See Students as Individuals, Not Labels
 Bonner, Robert.

BOOK REVIEW: Action in Teacher Education
 Handsfield, Lara., Lycke, Kara., Lucey, Tom., Crumpler, Thomas. and Brown, Ryan.

BOOK REVIEW: Developing Critical Cultural Competence: A Guide for 21st-Century Educators
 Cooper, Jewell., He, Ye. and Levin, Barbara.

BOOK REVIEW: In the Presence of a King
 Webster-Smith, Angela.

BOOK REVIEW: Inquiring into the Common Core
 Dana, Nancy., Burns, Jamey. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

BOOK REVIEW: Investigating University-School Partnerships: A Volume in Research in Professional Development Schools
 Nath, Janice., Guadarrama, Irma. and Ramsey, John.

BOOK REVIEW: Meaningful Conversations: The Way to Comprehensive and Transformative School Improvement
 Webster-Smith, Angela., Albritton, Shelly. and Kohler-Evans, Patty.

BOOK REVIEW: Positive Psychology in the Classroom.
 O\'Grady, Patty.

BOOK REVIEW: Positive Psychology in the Elementary School Classroom.
 O\'Grady, Patty.

BOOK REVIEW: Publishing in the SRATE Journal
 Buttery, Thomas.

BOOK REVIEW: Reexamining the Influence of John Dewey on the Creation of Social Studies
 Jorgensen, Gregg., McIntyre, Christie. and Petersen, Sandra.

BOOK REVIEW: Reflection and the College Teacher: A Solution for Higher Education
 Wlodarsky, Rachel. and Walters, Howard.

BOOK REVIEW: Rubric Assessment Goes to College: Objective, Comprehensive Evaluation of Student Work
 Selke, Mary.

BOOK REVIEW: Supervising Student Teachers the Professional Way, 7th ed.
 Weber, Ann. and Henry, Marvin.

BOOK REVIEW: Teacher Education and Practice
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Jenlink, Karen.

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Case Method of Instruction: Shifting Teachers’ Beliefs about the Role of Families in the Classroom
 Smith, Stephanie., Soutullo, Olivia. and Smith-Bonahue, Tina.

Challenging the Deficit Model: A Regional University's Response to Recruitment and Retention of Teacher Candidates
 Swain, Colleen.

Changing Practice with Action Research: Challenges and Epiphanies of Teachers as Researchers in a Graduate Capstone Course
 Slapac, Alina. and Navarro, Virginia.

Children of Poverty: Incoming teacher candidates’ perceptions about the performance of these children in school.
 Hossain, Kazi.

Children’s Engineering: A Peek into the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
 DeJarnette, Nancy.

Chinese Teachers’ Beliefs about Minority Students’ Learning: A Comparative Analysis of Han and Mongolian Chinese Teachers
 Wang, Jian. and Teng, Xing.

Classroom Success Through Assessing and Sustaining Pre-service Teacher Dispositions
 Burr, Stacy., Beck, Judy., Toole, Cece., Fernandez, Susan. and Kaufmann, Laura.

Classrooms as Places of Possibility: Teacher Research in Rural America
 Horwitz, Julie. and Flessner, Ryan.

Clinical Experiences Redesigned For Classroom Management Skills
 Riel, David., Rader, J. P.. and Rader, Helen.

Clinical Practice in Texas: A Report from the Field
 Elizabeth, Ward., Fender, Virginia., Goree, Krystal. and Teel-Borders, Julie.

Close reading of disciplinary texts
 Landt, Susan.

Co-Teaching Model for Student Teaching: Evaluation of Effectiveness after Two Years
 Niemeyer, Jill;. and Ryan, Carol.

Co-Teaching in Student Teaching: A National Conversation
 Bacharach, Nancy. and Heck, Teresa.

Co-Teaching in Student Teaching: Advancing Teaching that Matters
 Melser, Nancy.

Coaching is Teaching and Teaching is Coaching
 Crane, Mary. and Hilliard, Jonathan.

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Data-Driven Observation Techniques for University Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers to use with Teacher Candidates
 Wilkins, Elizabeth.

Defining, Operationalizing, Developing, & Assessing Candidate Dispositions in Teacher Education
 Zenkert, AJ. and Clift, Renee.

Delving into Teacher Self-Efficacy with Candidates, Classroom Teachers, and Colleagues
 Black, Glenda., Beasley, Jennifer., Freddie, Bowles., Gallavan, Nancy., Johnson, Elizabeth., Lefever-Davis, Shirley., Manner, Jane., Peace, Terrell., Pearman, Cathy., Polka, Walt., Prather-Jones, Bianca., Putney, LeAnn., Smith, V. Carole., Walsh, Kathy., Elizabeth, Ward., Webster-Smith, Angela., Wojcikiewicz, Steven. and Young, William.

Designing an Education Major for the 21st Century
 Mendoza, Charlotte.

Determining and Measuring Self-Efficacy During The Student Teaching Semester
 McDougle, Kenny., Runyan, Kent., Willard, Ray., Fehrenbach, Carolyn., Sells, Pam. and Brown, Steve.

Developing Culturally Responsive Teachers for Urban Schools: Preliminary Findings of a Research-Informed PDS Model
 Jiang, Binbin., Lang, Mark., Annis, Kathy. and Holbein, Marie.

Developing Effective Co-Teaching Practices in Inclusive Middle Level Classrooms
 Prather-Jones, Bianca.

Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: Documenting Preservice Elementary Teachers' Experiences
 Kwiatkowski-Egizio, Erica.

Developing Novice Teachers as Learners and Leaders Through Scaffolded, Developmental, and Responsive Coaching
 Fisher, Teresa. and Lynch, Heather.

Developing Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge Of And Responsive To Issues School-Age Children Can Confront
 Mistretta, Regina.

Developing Professional Identity Throughout Teacher Preparation: Cultivating an Inquiry Stance
 Hooser, Angela., Delane, Darby., Richner, Mark. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

Developing Teacher Educators To Lead Preparation Program Reforms That Matter
 Huling, Leslie. and Ortiz, Araceli.

Developing Teachers through Cognitive Coaching
 Gonzalez Del Castillo, Alla.

Developing a SIG on Dispositions: Are You Interested?
 Shanks, Joyce. and Angell, Carol.

Developing and Nurturing Mathematics Teacher Efficacy: Implications for Teacher Educators
 Elizabeth, Ward. and Johnston, Elisabeth.

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Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Development – Perspectives from the Field
 Mogharreban, Cathy. and Green, Shannon.

Effectively Motivating Students by Addressing Their Personal “high-touch” Needs as well as Their “high-tech” Interests
 Polka, Walt. and Wolfgang, Jerald.

Effects of Colonialism on Technical Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Kalonde, Gilbert.

Effects of Three Teaching Approaches On Caucasian and Hispanic Students’ Mathematics Performance
 Cheng, Qiang.

Embedding Face-to-Face and Web 2.0 Collaborative Activities within Clinically-Based Experiences
 Cook, Rebecca., Jones-Bromenshenkel, Melissa., Huisinga, Shawn. and Mullins, Frank.

Enabling Sustainable Learning: Strategies and Tools for Blended Course Design and Implementation in Teacher Education
 Hughes, Michelle. and Liu, Juhong “Christie”.

Energetic. Innovative. Unclouded. New Teachers and Their Role in Transformative Leadership Communities
 Pangan, Catherine. and Lupton, Angela.

Engaging Community Stakeholders in the edTPA process
 McIntyre, Christie.

Enhancing Graduate Programs through an On-Line Field Practicum
 Shelly, Ann. and Billman, Linda.

Enhancing Teacher Preparation through Intern Story Writing
 Sprague, Marsha. and Farina, Deborah.

Essential Questions to Advance Learning among African American Male Middle Level Learners: The Next Step
 Petty, Barrett.

Evaluating Islamic Education Teacher’s Preparation Program in Al-Jouf University Based on NCATE Standards

Evaluating the Effectiveness of ESOL Infusion through Analysis of Student Learning Gains during Student Teaching
 Lavery, Matthew. and Youngblood, Alison.

Evaluating the Implementation of a Statewide College and Career Readiness Initiative
 Rollins, Kayla., Alford, Beverly., Brown, Danielle., Stillisano, Jacqueline. and Waxman, Hersh.

Evolving the Language Arts Methods Course for 21st Century
 Will, Kathryn.

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Facilitating Instructional Differentiation via Focused Teacher Reflections about Desired Constructivist Practices and Current Realities
 Polka, Walt., VanHusen, Monica., Dunn, Debra., Ivey, Shannon. and Young, William.

Facilitating Pre-Teacher Identity: How Online Social Networks Can Help
 Rogers, Audrey.

Field Placement Teacher Support & Development: Lessons Learned In a New School/University Partnership
 Carver, Cynthia., Olson, Mark., Secord, David. and Hudson, Marcia.

Finding Success and Satisfaction in Realizing the Common Core in Mathematics
 Fitzsimmons, Jan., Oberg, Todd., Tonsing-Meyer, Julie. and McMahon, Mary.

Fine Arts as a Tool for the Enhancement of the Core Curriculum
 Hynes, James., Edgington, William., Hancock, Sarah., Harris, Deborah. and Minina-Mentz, Irina.

Five iPad Apps to Enhance Lesson Delivery
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.

Focus on Writing Self Efficacy: The Role of Writing Strategies on Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes and Abilities
 Hennessy, Gail. and Seybert, Linda.

Free Apps to Improve Students’ Interaction and Collaboration
 Ibrahim, Mohamed. and Callaway, Rebecca.


Gender Differences in Learning Preferences among Undergraduate Students
 Johnson, Leona., Dillon, Vincent., Preddie, Justin. and Rhodes, Imanie.

Get ATE (apps for teacher educators)!
 Beck, Judy., Murphy, Michael., Burr, Stacy., Kaufmann, Laura., Fernandez, Susan. and Toole, Cece.

Getting Better at Preparing Teacher Educators: Revisions to the Doctoral Program at Mississippi State University
 Brenner, Devon.

Growing Professionally through Peer Collaboration in Higher Education
 Turkovich, Dawn. and Harty, Kristin.

Growing in the Kindergarten: Pre-Service Teachers as Researchers, App Developers, and Reflective Practitioners
 Egan, Mike., Hengst, Randy., Lorr, Stephanie. and Wilson, Abbey.


Heart, head, and hands: Facilitating urban teacher community-based dispositions and practices
 Horn, Brian.

Heeding the Call: Reasons why individuals choose to teach the STEM disciplines
 Morettini, Brie. and Flessner, Ryan.

Helping Preservice and Inservice Teachers Understand the Common Core: An Inquiry Approach
 Dana, Nancy., Wolkenhauer, Rachel. and Burns, Jamey.

High School Students’ Chemical Literacy: Familiarity, Interest and Conceptual Understanding
 Banda, Asiana., Mumba, Frackson. and Kamberelis, George.

History in Action-The Legacy Lives: A Study of the Impact of an HBCU on Teachers
 Starker, Tehia., Mariella-Walrond, Helena., Watson, Allyson. and Scott, Lakia.

How Much Can I Do? Candidates' Changing Views of Self-Efficacy
 Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Meyer Rogers, Rachelle.

How Title I of ESEA Paved the Way for the Current Accountability Movement
 Barocas, Sadie. and Evans, Kathy.

How can we make you love reading?: Pre-service teachers’ reactions to a department-wide reading requirement.
 Carroll, Stuart., Ammentorp, Louise. and Zabel, Amanda.

How do teachers use memory strategies?
 Chang, Sau Hou.

How to Develop Parent Understanding: The Art of Educational Best Practices
 Hallissey, Megan.

How to Make a Dollar Out of Fifteen Cents: Dismantling Myths about Poverty through Enhancing Curriculum
 Heaggans, Raphael.

How to Reach Them Where They Are: The Use of Social Media, Technology, and Data to Develop a Stronger Teacher Education Program and University-School Partnerships
 Bickley, Melanie. and Wilkins, Elizabeth.


Identity Complexities in the Continuing Education of a Multicultural Teacher Educator
 Marshall, Patricia.

Implementing Multicultural Curriculum: Experiences of a First-Generation Indian Immigrant Teacher
 Mysore, Anita Rao.

Improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Teaching and Learning though Innovative Collaboration
 Ortiz, Araceli. and Bos, Beth.

Improving Student Success through a Scaffolded Field Experience
 Smith, Thomas.

Improving the Problem Solving Skills of Elementary and Middle Level Education Majors
 Bradley, Gary.

Inclusion and Awareness of Multicultural Education in Teacher Education Preparation Program(s)
 Kumi-Yeboah, Alex.

Incorporating English Language Proficiency Standards into the Early Childhood Classroom
 Miller, Melinda., Berg, Helen. and Nabors, Diana.

Increasing Mentoring Skills of Cooperating Teachers to Enhance Support for Pre-service Teacher Candidates
 Borden, Ryen.

Increasing Minority Participation in Honors and AP Courses
 Kerr, Roberta.

Increasing Self-Efficacy in Teacher Candidates Early On in Urban Setting
 MItchell, Laura. and Nath, Janice.

Induction Matters!
 Welsh, Hilarie.

Influences of Intensive Professional Development in Writing instruction on Teachers’ Dispositions and Self-Efficacy
 Dismuke, Sherry.

Infusing Teaching with Content, Literacy and Technology - The CCSS Way
 Chappell, Manya., Brenner, Devon. and Slater, LaTonya.

Innovative New Teacher Prep & Professional Development
 Gilman, Stephen.

Input From the Field: Utilizing School Administrator Feedback to Guide Teacher Preparation Program Redesign
 Fuchs, Wendy. and Mundschenk, Nancy.

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Kenya Practicum: Transformative Experience for Teacher Candiates
 Black, Glenda. and Bernardes, Roger.

Knowledge of School Law and Its Impact on Educator Practices: A Missing Element in Teacher Preparation
 Tareilo, Janet.


Language Characteristics: What Every Educator Must Know
 Getty, Laura.

Learning Across a Lifetime of Teaching: Stages of Teacher Development
 Runyan, Charles., McDougle, Kenny., Sells, Pam., Willard, Ray., Fehrenbach, Carolyn. and Brown, Steve.

Learning for life: Lessons from an effective culturally responsive classroom manager
 Hambacher, Elyse.

Learning to Connect Theory to Practice: The Next Generation of Teacher Educators
 Jacobs, Jennifer., Arndt, Katie., Casciola, Vanessa., Mallory, Mashainah., Pennington, Sarah., Powell, Rebecca. and Ward, Jennifer.

Lessons Learned from the First Year of a Year-long Internship
 colvin, suzanne., Simmons, Renee. and Ridgewell, Natalie.

Linking Standards and Instruction in Higher Education: Meeting the Challenges of Implementing the New Standards in Teacher Education Programs
 King, Nancy.

Listening to the American Public: PDK/Gallup Poll Findings for 45 Years
 Williams, Patricia., Maier-Ickes, Joan., Polnick, Barbara. and Muns, Nedom.

Literature Circles: Unlocking the Potential Energy of Reading Assignments
 Whittingham, Jeff.

Local Evaluation of the edTPA as a Professional Development Tool
 Wightman, Jim.


Making Meaning In Context: Evaluating Campus and Field Assignments in an Undergraduate Teacher Education Program
 Manning-Osborn, Mia., Hucks, Darrell. and Bohannon, Kimberly.

Making Personal Stories Graphic: A Case Study of an Integrated Oral History Project
 Shulsky, Debby. and Hendrix, Elaine.

Making White Privilege Explicit for Pre-service Teachers: An Action Research Project Including a Teacher Educator, Popular Media, and Future Teachers
 Aronson, Brittany.

Manifest Test Destiny: Take Over in the Name of Achievement
 Haynes Writer, Jeanette.

Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching and Its Influential Factors: An Analysis of Chinese Elementary Mathematics Teachers
 Wang, Jian.

Mentor Teachers' Perspectives on Teacher Leadership: Looking Across Induction Programs
 McGlamery, Sheryl., Davis, Barbara., Shillingstad, Saundra. and Gilles, Carol.

Mentoring and Induction: Saturdays, colleagues, chocolate, soup and webcams
 Fetters, Marcia.

Mentoring the Mentors: Supporting Cooperating Teachers through Professional Development
 Bernhardt, Philip. and Putney, LeAnn.

Metaphorically Speaking: The Impact of Metaphors in Teacher Candidates’ Development
 Lynch, Heather. and Fisher, Teresa.

Micro Pedagogies: Implementing a Micro-spiral Science Curriculum for Pre-service Teachers and Middle School Children Science Summer Camp
 Davis, Dr. Edith.

Midcourse Corrections: Reflective and Responsive Program Design
 Smith, Stephanie., Shannon, Darbianne., Castaneda, Magdalena., Diaz, Raquel., Adams, Alyson. and Bondy, Elizabeth.

Mobilization and Innovation in Teacher Preparation
 Russell, Sharon., Black, Ernest., Fellows, Meredith. and Plaugher, Randall.

Model Clinical Practice Strategies
 Fisher, Teresa., Lynch, Heather., Tanguay, Carla. and Dangel, Julie.

Modeling Student-Centered Use of Technology in Your Teacher Education Courses: No experience necessary
 Donovan, Loretta., Green, Tim., Case, Kim. and Cabiness, Catherine.

Monitoring Candidates for Success
 Mills, Lynne.


National Council Athletic Associations
 Klecka, Cari.

Navigating Educational Philosophy Through Mindomo
 Stearns, Cathy. and Crow, Chelleye.

New Potentials of Literacy Education Through New Media
 Kim, Sujin.

No Teacher Left Behind: Raising the Standards for Teachers and Students
 Friga, Marilyn. and Gallavan, Nancy.

Non-Native English Speakers in TESOL teacher education programs: Taking stock of and applying the NNEST Lens.
 Meadows, Bryan.


Observation, Feedback, and Video Analysis in Microteaching
 Zhang, Shaoan. and Lin, Emily.

On Becoming a Bilingual Teacher: Lessons Learned from a Teacher Preparation Program in South Texas
 Musanti, Sandra. and Rodriguez, Alma.

On Tap at a New Kind of HAPPY Hour: Professional Development for Teacher Candidates
 Hutchinson, Cynthia.

One States Story: The Changing Face of Middle Level Licensure
 Smith, V. Carole. and Carter, Charlene.

Online Collaboration for Certification Test Preparation
 Rozell, Scott.

Online Professional Development in Mathematics: Teachers’ Perception of the Learning Environment
 Bu, Lingguo., Mumba, Frackson., Henson, Harvey. and Wright, Mary.

Outcomes of the National Summit to Mobilize Teacher Educators
 McLaughlin, Robert., Shelly, Ann., Savage-Davis, Emma. and Resta, Paul.


Pass It Forward: Lessons Learned throughout a Career of Student Teacher Supervision
 Weber, Ann.

Pay for Performance - A Failure by Any Other Name
 Mendoza, Alicia.

Perspectives on Site-Based Teacher Preparation Courses: A Conversation with Teacher Candidates, PK-12 Administrators, and Teacher Educators
 Bower-Phipps, Laura., Slivinski, Emily., Kearney, Katiria., Scinto, Marissa., Newton, Deborah., Aiello, Donna. and Gannon, Nadine.

Placing Practices at the Core of Teacher Education
 Olson, Mark., Francis, Anthony. and Bowe, Anica.

Planning and Using a Professional Learning Network for the Contemporary Study of Leadership and Policy Throughout Our World
 Rossi, Rachael., Rabey, Jeffrey., Baudo, Kelly., Marwaha, Shushma., Reilly, Michael. and Polka, Walt.

Planning as a Pivotal Component of Successful Teaching
 Torrez, Cheryl.

Positive Transitions for Children Begin with Self-Determination, Self-Realization and self-Monitoring ( 3 S's = Success)
 Johnson, Sandy.

Post Teacher Preparation Program: Technology Lending Library, and Professional Development
 Andrews, Nicole. and Kuban, Karman.

Pre-Service teachers’ Attitudes, Perceptions and Usage of Technology Mediated Science Instruction
 Kalonde, Gilbert. and Chabalengula, Vivian.

Pre-service teachers' attitudes, understanding and teaching confidence towards science
 Alatoai, Ataallh., Chabalengula, Vivian. and Mumba, Frackson.

Preparing Cooperating Teachers to Mentor Your Teacher Candidates
 Handcock, Shelley.

Preparing Digital-Age Professionals
 Seybert, Linda., Reyes, Christine., Simmons Estes, Judith. and Myers, Michelle.

Preparing Preservice Teachers for Diversity: What can Teacher Educators Do?
 Casciola, Vanessa., Jacobs, Jennifer. and Mallory, Mashainah.

Preparing Teacher Candidates for Performance Evaluations through the ATE Teacher Educator Standards
 Williams, Nicole. and Crates, Kathleen.

Preparing Teacher Candidates for Successful Self-Evaluation of Instruction: Rolling Out edTPA via PDS
 Epstein, Ann. and Chen, Wen-Chiang.

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Questions beginning teachers are afraid to ask
 Pitton, Debra. and Pitton, Laura.


RAMPing up for Teaching: The effects of an Early Clinical Experience on Student Teaching
 LaForce, Beth., Fuller, Katherine., McNay, Lacey., Mendez, Ariella. and Wright, Emily.

Racial Identity and Self Awareness: Assessing the Implications of Racial Identity for African American College Students
 Howard, Janette.

Reflecting on Reflection: Advancing the Teacher Performance Learning Curve through Candidate Reflection
 Cramer, Rebecca. and Mickey, Evan.

Reflection as a Sustainability Tool: Advancing Teacher Education by Making Professional Development a Priority
 Wlodarsky, Rachel. and Walters, Howard.

Reflective Practice through Digital Storytelling
 Shahid, julia. and White, John.

Resisting Mediocrity: Gaming, Greatness, and Schooling
 Lynch, Heather. and Clift, Renee.

Retaining and Supporting Teachers: Teaching and learning in urban schools
 Waddell, Lanette.

Rethinking Federal and State Educational Policies About Academic Standards and the Knowledge Convergence Movement
 Polka, Walt., Barbra, Zheadric., Barbra, Sheadric. and McKenna, John.

Revising a Technology Course: Iterative Design-Based Research in Teacher Education
 Ruggles, Krista. and Adams, Alyson.


Secondary Candidates’ Perceptions of Teaching Roles and Responsibilities
 Williamson, Amy. and McGilvery, Christopher.

Seeing with Other Lenses: Implementing Virtual Supervision in Student Teaching
 Rickey, Deborah. and Arnauld, Eva St..

Sharing the Load: New and veteran faculty working together to teach the same course
 Hughes, Michelle., Almarode, John., Tricarico, Katie. and Bodle, Aaron.

Sheltered Instruction in Secondary Content Area Classrooms
 He, Ye. and Cooper, Jewell.

Shifting Perspective on Teacher Evaluation: From Seeing the Teacher to Seeing the Student
 Reynolds, Timothy., Murrill, Leslie., Thomas, Timothy. and Warwick, Jeanette.

Shifting my stance: Learning to teach critical thinking in a history of education undergraduate classroom
 Comerford, Kathryn., Bondy, Elizabeth. and Ross, Dorene.

Significance of Student Suicide Prevention
 Buttery, Thomas. and Barrett, Bettie.

Situated Professional Development: Teachers-Researchers Collaboration for Latina/o Students Mathematical Learning.
 Musanti, Sandra.

Standards for Teacher Educators: Content and P-12 Interactions for edTPA Success
 Holbert, Romena.

Standards for Teacher Educators: Strengthen Your Practice; Conduct Publishable Scholarship
 Holbert, Romena., Houston, W. Robert., Fisher, Robert., McBee, Robin. and Short, Barbara.

Statistical Analysis Instruction, a Study in Content Retention
 Swails, Patricia.

Strengthening Necessary Ties: Methods Courses and Field Experiences
 Janisch, Carole.

Strengthening collaboration between faculty and students for successful field experiences
 Potter, Jalene., Hollas, Tori. and Berry, Jaime.

Student Learning Preferences: Nurturing a Student Centered Classroom Environment
 Johnson, Leona.

Student Teaching and Preservice Teachers’ Efficacy and Attitudes towards Working with Diverse Learners
 Wiens, Peter. and Francois, Amir.

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Taking a Look at Effective Online Instructional Approaches
 Brown, Terrell.

Teacher Candidate Success: Field Based Teacher Educator's Engagement in the Teacher Educator Standards
 Willhite, Gary.

Teacher Candidates Today - Passionate, Expert, Professional Educators Tomorrow
 Lukowiak, Twila.

Teacher Education and High-Stakes Performance Assessments: Lessons from Georgia and Missouri
 Cuenca, Alexander.

Teacher Education in a 21st Century Community Learning Center: Inquiring into Professional Development
 Wolkenhauer, Rachel., Stukey, Marisa. and Pennypacker Hill, Ashley.

Teacher Education in a One-to-One Environment
 Sautter, Alberta., Smith, Robin., Cwick, Simin., Powell, David. and Bratberg, William.

Teacher Leader-Teacher Educator, Examining the Nexus
 McBee, Robin.

Teacher Perceptions of the Use of Formative Assessment
 Edgington, William., Hynes, James. and Lynch, Courtney.

Teacher Preparation: Mathematics and the Common Core State Standards
 Barocas, Sadie.

Teacher Training and Retention in Rural Alaska
 Kaden, Ute.

Teacher candidates’ literacy assessment and intervention strategies: An elementary tutoring field component
 Iwai, Yuko. and Angell, Carol.

Teacher moonlighting and morale: A comparison of two Texas teacher organizations and a Russian teacher organization
 Brown, Sharon., Maninger, Bob., Koptolov, Andrey. and Sullivan, Sam.

Teacher perceptions and implementation of Positive Behavior Support in urban language immersion schools
 Pauls, Jeffrey.

TeacherCorps: What Teachers, Principals, and Community Partners Say About Community-Based Teacher Preparation
 Krebs, Marjori., Katira, Kiran., Singh, Swechha. and Rigsbee, Neil.

Teachers as Expert Learners and Fellow Travelers: Professional Development Practices for Problem-based Learning
 Walton, Janet.

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Understanding Professional Learning in Action
 Stukey, Marisa.

Understanding and Supporting Schooling Experiences of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian (EBCI) Youth
 McLendon, Ashley. and Rogers, Carrie.

Understanding the role and function of the PST supervisor: A review of the empirical literature
 Yendol-Hoppey, Diane., Jacobs, Jennifer., Burns, Rebecca. and Byrd, David.

University-School Partnerships--Working Hand in Hand Toward Solutions
 Benson, Tammy., Alea, Jamie., Hogan, Chris., Thompson, Amy. and Voegele, Crystal.

Using Data Driven Decision Making with Elementary Teacher Teams in Mathematics
 Short, Barbara.

Using Data from a Capstone Project to Inform Program Review
 Seybert, Linda., Sportsman, Michel. and Simmons Estes, Judith.

Using Digital Tools for Writing Instruction in K-12 Schools: A Meta-Analysis Study on Student Achievement
 Kumi-Yeboah, Alex.

Using Evernote to Support Preservice Teachers' Personal Knowledge Management
 Fogleman, Jay., de Groot, Kees., Kern, Diane. and Byrd, David.

Using Literature Case Studies to Transform Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Children's Lives
 Griffith, Priscilla., Goolsby, Rhonda., Conrady, Kansas. and DeBacker, Teresa.

Using Teachlive Simulations to Apply Classroom Management Theories
 Brown, Terrell.

Using Technology to Broaden Learning Opportunities for ELL Students
 Fraser, Virginia., Ridout, Susan. and Riehl, Jane.

Using Tumblr and Wikis with Preservice Teachers
 Fantozzi, Victoria.

Using Videoconferencing for Teacher Professional Development in Mexico
 Staudt, Denise. and Hinojosa, Celina.

Using a Campus-Wide Early Academic Alert System: Advisors Are Selling BUT Are Faculty Buying?
 Faulconer, Johna., Danell, Allison., Geissler, Jayne., Majewski, Diane. and Mellish, Linda.

Using a Short Video in a Classroom: What Works or Not?
 Ahikpa, James.

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Value-Added Assessment Models: The Impact on Program Accountability: Round 2
 Hernandez, Arthur. and Fender, Virginia.

Virtual Book Clubs
 Lane, Mae. and Berry, Jaime.


Warnings...Warnings...Warnings...How Many Are Enough
 Collins, William.

Web-blended learning at Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University, Ukraine: A Pilot Study in Online Education
 Powell, David., Kuzmina, Svitlana., Yamchynska, Tamara. and Shestopalyuk, Oleksandr.

What Post Secondary Educators Need to Know to Improve Success for Aboriginal Learners
 Black, Glenda., Hachkowski, Chris. and Van De Wal, Samantha.

When to Bend and When to Stay Strong: An Authoethnography of my Teaching Self
 Chasteen, Cynthia.

Who Am I?: Candidates' Use of Autobiographies as a means of Professional Development
 Williamson, Amy.

Worthy Use of Leisure: How the Arts & Physical Education Contribute to Lifelong Learning
 Abraham, Timothy.


You Want Me to Teach There? Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Successful Careers in Urban Schools
 Watson, Allyson.


ZETAC: Zuni Engaging Teachers and Community—A Teacher Preparation Partnership between the Pueblo of Zuni and the University of New Mexico
 Krebs, Marjori., Torrez, Cheryl. and Lewis, Hayes.

Zambian High School Students’ Attitude Towards Chemistry
 Banda, Asiana. and Mumba, Frackson.
Advancing Teacher Education that Matters in Teaching, Learning, and Schooling. 2014-Feb-14 to 2014-Feb-18
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