Advocating for the Silenced: The Educators’ Vocation 2015-Feb-13 to 2015-Feb-18

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"Can I Teach Writing?....Are You Crazy?"
 Gunn, Sharon. and Bohannon, Dr. Larry.

"If You Are Not in the Right Frame of Mind, Even the Hardest Stone Can Break on You"
 Krebs, Marjori., Torrez, Cheryl. and Francis, Lee.

(De)constructing Student Engagement for Pre-service Teacher Learning
 Beasley, Jennifer. and Imbeau, Marcia.

90 Years after Meyer v. Nebraska: Advocating for the Students’ Home Language Educational Rights
 Sanatullova-Allison, Elvira.

‘For me, change is not a choice’: A conversation with a teacher change agent
 Lukacs, Karrin. and Kogut, Julia.

“A Refreshing Change of Pace”: Using Digital Multigenre Research Projects to Promote Pre-Service Teacher Learning
 Krell, Desirae.

“Access and Equity for Arkansas Ozark Mountain Preservice Teachers”
 Pepper, Stephanie.

“Cranking Up the Social Justice Dial”: Teachers as Agents of Change
 Johnson, Janet., Hines, Mary Beth. and Rodgers, Mary Kay.

“I Really Saw a Difference”: How Yogic Discourses Can Disrupt Dominant Narratives in School
 Johnson, Janet.

“I don’t know how to ask for help”: Stories from foster youth on academic struggles
 Morton, Brenda.

“I send home a literacy survey, but then what?” Designing and Redesigning Reading and Writing Engagements that call on pre-service and in-service Teachers to consider the Difference Difference Makes
 Mayor, Sunita.

“Just Say Whoa!” …Promulgating the Rethinking of Federal and State Educational Policies Regarding Academic Standards
 Polka, Walt., McKenna, John., Barbra, Sheadric. and Barbra, Zheadric.

“Science Doesn’t Only Reside Within Thick Textbooks”: Preservice Teachers’ Evolving Understandings of Literacy in their Discipline
 Carlson, James.

“Unimagined Complexities”: New Teachers, Writing, and the Common Core Standards
 Fennessy, Maureen.


A Case for Education Recovery in Rural Schools
 Burns, Ann. and Putney, LeAnn.

A Framework for STEAM Integration
 Fulton, Lori. and Simpson-Steele, Jamie.

A Model for Pre-Service Teachers to Learn to Incorporate Technology into Instruction
 Stewart, Sam.

A Potpourri of Multicultural Curricular Models and Frameworks
 Mysore, Anita Rao.

A Regional University's Approach to Recruiting and Supporting Teacher Candidates of Color
 Swain, Colleen.

A Shared Reading Experience to Develop Culturally Competent, Intellectually Engaged Pre-Service Teachers
 Ammentorp, Louise. and Carroll, Stuart.

A Study of Self-Disclosure Between Mentors and Pre-Service Teachers
 Zhang, Shaoan., Alshukri, Abdullah., Alnajjar, Khaled., Hsu, Ching. and Zenteno, Paola.

A Tale of Two Methods Courses: Integrating the Tenets of Social Justice and Critical Literacy
 Shulsky, Debby. and Hendrix, Elaine.

A year of edTPA Candidate Results and Trends
 Wightman, Jim.

ADVOCATE: Apps doing very organized capers at ATE
 Beck, Judy., Murphy, Michael., Fernandez, Susan., Burr, Stacy., Kaufmann, Laura. and Toole, Cece.

Action Research Using Distance Education via the Blackboard Platform
 Corey, Noble. and Balch, Bradley.

Addressing Writing Deficiencies in Teacher Applicants
 Sprague, Marsha. and Farina, Deborah.

Addressing a shortage of high quality teachers: An Escalating Dilemma for Arizona Schools
 Hurley, Beverly., LaPrade, Kimberly., Stanton, Paul., Johnson, Jennifer. and Tirozzi, Gerald.

Addressing the Needs of Exceptional Children Through Pre-Service Teachers' Field Experiences
 Sutton, Kimberly., Hamme, Robin., Malloy, Jamie. and Linebaugh, Kati.

Advancing Instruction and Student Achievement through the Assistant Principal Fellows Program: A Professional Learning Community for Administrators.
 Diaz, Raquel., Curcio, Rachelle., Mendez-Fariñas, Valerie. and Collins, Deborah.

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Becoming a Teacher: Factors that Influence Success
 Pfister, Christina. and Paljevic, Sophia.

Beginning and Sustaining a SIG (Special Interest Group)
 De Lucia, Shirley.

Beginning teachers’ vision in action: Aligning the ideal and the practical
 Zimmerman, Aaron.

Beliefs and Knowledge about English Learners
 Hutchinson, Cynthia.

Believe It or Not: Interactive Web-Based Case Studies Preparing Teachers
 Meyer Rogers, Rachelle., Rogers, Doug. and Trumble, Jason.

Best Practices for Preparing Alternative Certification Students
 Farr, Wendy. and Preach, Deborah.

Beyond Ideological Innocence Teacher Preparation: Giving Voice to the Silenced in the Geography of Difference
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Jenlink, Karen.

Beyond Knowledge and Pedagogy: Academic Optimism of Teachers in high need schools
 Vaidya, Sheila.

Bias, Belief Systems, and Barriers: Examining the use of Cultural Autobiographies to Overcome Ineffective Teaching
 Williamson, Amy.

Big Data, Learning Analytics and Data Visuaization: Implications for Teacher Education
 Resta, Paul.

Breaking News: Teacher preparation programs do not change assumptions or perspectives regarding racial bias
 Timmons, Crystal.

Breaking the Silence through Preparing Elementary Teachers as Teachers of Writing
 Ballock, Ellen., McQuitty, Vicki. and Faulkner, Sarah.

Breaking the Silence via Mobile Devices
 Juarez, Brandon.

Bringing the Teacher Preparation Program Review Process into the 21st Century: Process, Product and Challenges
 Roth, William., Stowers, Patricia. and Kenyon, Tracy.

Building Relationships to Facilitate Learning: Culturally Responsive Strategies
 Lastrapes, Wanda.

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C4: Creating a Culturally Competent Classrooms
 Smith, Patricia. and McKinnon, Lea.

COMPASS: A guide for urban teacher training standards in formal out-of-school instructional contexts
 Barnes-Johnson, Joy. and Cuesta, Kilpatry.

CORCD: A New Tech Framework for Teacher Education Candidates
 Rogers, Doug. and Meyer Rogers, Rachelle.

Calling a Spade, a Spade: Who is Advocating for the Silenced?
 Meidl, Tynisha. and Delano-Oriaran, Omobolade.

Capitalizing on Differences: Keys to Unlocking the Academic Achievement Gap
 Byrd, Marie.

Capturing Video on your Computer using Jing and SnagIt
 McCarthy, David.

Challenges Cooperating Teachers Face Mentoring Student Teachers: Recommendations for University Supervisors to Address Issues
 Paulson, Dawn.

Challenges and Opportunities on the Journey to Becoming Culturally Responsive Educators in a PDS Model
 Vasquez, Anete., Annis, Kathy., Baker, Mark., Doll, Victoria., Holbein, Marie., Lang, mark. and Cooper, Jewell.

Changing Assessment Practices of Teacher Candidates
 Kaden, Ute. and Patterson, Phillip.

Check that Attitude at the Door: Dispositions in Field Experience
 Thompson, Amy., Hogan, Chris. and Voegele, Crystal.

Children of Poverty: Incoming teacher candidates’ perceptions about the performance of these children in school.
 Hossain, Kazi.

Classroom Demonstrations of Common CORE Lessons to Promote Best Practices and Build “Teacher Voice.”
 Wortman, Robert.

Clinical Practice in United States: A Report from the Field
 Elizabeth, Ward. and Fender, Virginia.

Closing the Gaps: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to use Technology Critically and Creatively with All Students
 Fantozzi, Victoria., Sigler, Haley. and Lewinskiw, Kimberly.

Co-Teaching During the Student Teaching Semester
 Musselman, Meagan.

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Data Chats: Supporting Preservice and Inservice Educators Through Professional Learning Communities
 MacIsaac, Doug. and Piechura-Coture, Kathy.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Prioritizing Program Work
 Howell, Valerie. and Borden, Ryen.

Deconstructing Text & Forefronting a Language Design Collaborative with ELLs in Mind
 Mukherjee, Keya. and Erben, Tony.

Delpit and Defining “Diversity”: The Pedagogy and Results of a Differentiation- Focused Course Centered around Delpit’s “The Silenced Dialogue”
 Philipose, Sandy.

Designing a Middle Level Licensure Program: Strengths & Pitfalls
 Huvaere, Dorene. and Palmi, Christopher.

Developing Biliteracy: A collaborative effort among bilingual reading specialists, teachers and parents.
 Cevallos, Tatiana.

Developing Global and Cultural Competence: International Teaching Programs for Preservice and Inservice Teachers
 Mendoza, Charlotte.

Developing Preservice Teachers’ General Pedagogical Knowledge: Tools for Making Observation Purposeful
 Burns, Rebecca. and Baker, Wendy.

Developing Rain of Hope, Inc.: Partnering with a Non-profit Organization to Prepare Teachers and Children to Care
 Bower-Phipps, Laura., Fedorko, Cynthia. and Ricker, Jennifer.

Developing Reflective Practice in Beginning Teachers
 McGlamery, Sheryl. and Shillingstad, Saundra.

Developing Teacher Candidates’ Intercultural Competence and Communication through Pre-service Co-teaching in International Schools
 Strieker, Toni., Steffen, Cherry. and Zong, Guichun.

Developing Teachers as Agents of Change
 colvin, suzanne.

Developing an Attitude of Critical Witnessing in an Urban Teacher Education Program Through Narrative Inquiry
 Peloso, Jeanne. and Jennings, Greg.

Developing and Nurturing Mathematics and Science Teacher Efficacy in Elementary Teachers: Implications for Teacher Educators
 Elizabeth, Ward. and Johnston, Elisabeth.

Development of Instructional and Cultural Competence through International Student Teaching: Research in Six International Settings
 Jiang, Binbin. and DeVillar, Robert.

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EPILLAW: Learn to Think and Write
 Sarno, Una.

Early Childhood Colloquium: Issues and Innovations
 Vetere, mary. and Kline, Lynn.

Early Field Experiences and Developmental Relationships
 Hughes, Michelle.

Educational Needs of Classroom Teachers Regarding Mentoring
 Yilmaz, Gulbahar. and Jordan, Valin.

Effectively Motivating Students by Addressing Their Personal “high-touch” Needs as well as Their “high-tech” Interests
 Polka, Walt., Wolfgang, Jerald., Khokhar, John. and Ayaga, Augustine.

Embracing 21st Century Learners: Developing critical math teachers through critical math literacies
 Waddell, Lanette.

Empowering Teachers to Teach With Comics Literature in K-12 Classrooms
 Rieger, Alicja., McGrail, Ewa. and McGrail, John.

Encore Voices: A Longitudinal Study of Mid-Career Transitions into Teaching
 Resta, Virginia.

Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentation with Advanced Skills
 McCarthy, David.

Enhancing Pre-Service Teachers’ Learning to Teach through Chaperoning: Field Trip as a Way of Informal Learning
 Cheng, Qiang., Britton, Stacey. and Hill-Cunningham, P. Renee\'.

Evaluating Preservice Candidates’ Dispositions: Moving from a Compliant to an Authentic Process
 Rogers, Carrie. and Tracy, Kelly.

Examining Consulting Teachers Experiences in a Peer Assistance and Review Program
 Diamond, Lindsay., Brown, Danielle., Beck, Jori. and Small, Theodore.

Examining Novice Teachers Experiences in a Peer Assistance and Review Program
 Brown, Danielle., Diamond, Lindsay., Beck, Jori. and Small, Theodore.

Examining Pre-service Teacher Implementation of Technology during Student Teaching
 Odhiambo, Eucabeth., Ziegenfuss, Robert., Cyr, Nelly. and Liu, Han.

Examining Preservice Teachers’ Performances and Pedagogies of Practice Through the Use of a Simulated Learning Environment
 Jennings-Towle, Kelly.

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Facilitating CCSS-based Literacy Instruction Among Pre-service Teachers
 Leckie, Alisa., Wall, Amanda. and Yendol-Hoppey, Diane.

Facilitating Instructional Differentiation via Focused Teacher Reflections about Desired Constructivist Practices and Current Realities
 Polka, Walt., VanHusen, Monica., Young, William., Dunn, Debra. and Ivey, Shannon.

Faculty and SPA reports: The guidebook we wish we had
 Major, Patricia. and Mercurio, Mia.

Families Supporting Mathematics Understanding through Funds of Knowledge
 Willams, Julie.

Fielding Field Experiences: Considerations in the Placement of Pre-Service Students in Large Urban School Districts
 Mendoza, Alicia.

Finding My Own Voice: Authentic Writing in the Language Arts Methods Classroom
 Martin, Kaye.

Finding Our Voices: Preparing Pre-service Teachers to work effectively with English Language Learners
 VanGunten, Dawn. and Chadd, Julie.

Finding Voice in Literature Circle Conversations: Online and Face-to-Face
 Raymond, Roberta. and Butaud, Gayle.

Finding and Sharing their Stories: Pecha Kucha with Preservice Teachers
 Davis, Janine.

Florida A & M STEM Education Institute (SEI): Planet Earth and Collaborative Education (PEACE) Program Implementing a Micro-Spiral Curriculum for STEM teaching
 Davis, Dr. Edith.

Forgotten History: White Rose, a decision making lesson
 Smilowitz, Sarah. and Byford, Jeffrey.

Formative Intervention to Support Learning in Practice
 Tunney, Jessica.

Fostering Pre-service Teachers' Commitment to Inclusitivity in the Classroom and Beyond
 Green, Pam.

From Agency to Advocacy: Nurturing Leadership Dispositions in Pre-service Middle School Teachers
 Crabtree-Groff, Kristen.

From Good to Great: Improving New Teacher Practice Through Effective Coaching and Feedback
 Funk, Molly.

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Getting a Foot in the Door: Helping Education Students "Kick it" During Interviews
 Butler, Judy., Huss, Robyn. and Johnson, Christie.

Giving a Voice to Students in Urban Schools Through Rain of Hope, Inc.'s Music Matters
 Fedorko, Cynthia. and Bower-Phipps, Laura.

Giving a voice to the 'silenced': Delivering instruction to help the 'silenced'!

Global Education through Global Academy: Adding ‘I’ to ‘STEM’. Internationalization effort – a community partnership within STEM Initiative.
 Shonia, Olga., De Lucia, Shirley., Sanders, Tobie., Creasap, Sally. and Smith, Teresa.

Growing Cultural Competency in Educators: Finding the Voice Within
 Miranda, Twyla.

Guideposts or Detours: The Roles of the Standards in our Journey Towards Tenure
 Smith, Thomas., Tanase, Madalina., Sowder, Mary. and Leavitt, Teresa.


Having a Collective Voice: Collaborating and Developing Innovative Pre-Service Programs
 Hinson, Cindy. and Bradley, Dr. Mary Jane.

Hearing Teachers' Voices: Mindful Teaching, Meaningful Professional Development
 Gallo, Jessica. and Herrmann, Bailey.

Helping Students with Asperger Syndrome (Autism) Survive and Thrive In The Classroom
 Willis, Clarissa.

Hiring Preferences of Western PA School Districts
 Zane, Linda., Johnston, Elisabeth. and Sente, Lisa.

Horizontal Expertise, Boundary Crossing, and Knotworking in Refining the Implementation of edTPA
 Vasquez, Anete., Chafin, Jessica. and Dooley, Kim.

How Cooperating Teachers and Interns Understand “Teaching for a Better World” During Internship
 Salm, Twyla. and Mulholland, Valerie.

How Teacher Educators Serve Stakeholders as High School Literacy Coaches
 Lawrence, Salika.

How a Teaching Philosophy Statement Emerges from Problem-Based Learning Events Designed for Teacher Candidates
 Caukin, Nancy., Goodin, Terry., Dillard, Heather. and Bartos, Stephen.


I Lead: A Collaborative Approach to Principal Preparation for High Need Schools.
 Kincaid, Maureen. and Servais, Kristine.

Igniting Pre-service Passion for Culturally Responsive Teaching: Increasing the Visibility of Elementary Social Studies
 Soltero, Crystal.

Impacts of In-service Teacher Trainings on Teachers’ Pedagogical and Content Knowledge about Disaster Education

Improving Secondary Education Programs in a Small Liberal Arts College
 Armstrong, Alexis.

Improving Service-Learning to Support Urban Teacher Recruitment and Cultivation of Communities of Practice
 Holbert, Romena.

Improving the Proportional Reasoning Skills of Elementary and Middle Level Education Majors
 Bradley, Gary.

Inclusion Comes to Higher Education! Strategies for Teacher Candidates with Disabilities and a Model for All
 Matlock, Pam.

Increasing Cultural Competence through Relevant and Quality Early Field Experiences
 Black, Linda. and Gound, Elizabeth.

Informed Choices: Modeling Problem Analysis and Decision-Making Strategies for Pre-Service Teachers
 Brown, Lois.

Innovative Educator Preparation in a Race-to-the-Top State: Clinical Partnerships, the edTPA, and Teacher Evaluation
 Bromer, Billi.

Instructional Coaching: Analyzing teacher learning through a transformative learning theory lens
 Rodgers, Mary Kay. and Adams, Alyson.

Instructional Coaching: Enhancing Teacher Retention through High Quality Experiences with Urban Populations for Pre-service Teachers
 Williams, Mary., Yost, Deborah., Harry, Gutelius., Lorraine, Wylie., Lugo, David. and Davis, Dina.

Integrating Aesthetic Education to Nurture Literacy Development
 Peloso, Jeanne.

Introducing game-based learning to pre-service teachers
 Vu, Phu., Frederickson, Scott., Ziebarth, Jane. and Hoehner, Patricia.

Investigating Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Science
 McLaughlin, David.

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John Dewey, Maxine Greene, and Art as Experience in Teacher Education
 Abraham, Timothy.

Joint Planning Between Special Education Majors and Secondary Education Students in a Pre-service Program
 Ryan, Kathy. and Sconzert, Karin.


Keeping educators from dropping out
 Collins, William.


LGBTQ education in early childhood setting
 Kim, Taehyun.

Learning for life: Lessons from an effective culturally responsive classroom manager
 Hambacher, Elyse.

Learning to Be a Teacher
 Olson, Pennie.

Let the Student Voices Ring: A More Effective Statewide K-16 Teacher Evaluation System
 Niemeyer, Jill;.

Loyola University Chicago's Re-envisiond Approach to Initial Teacher Preparation: Developing Social Justice Educators
 Smetana, Lara., Ryan, Ann Marie., Ensminger, David., Steindam, Caleb. and Ferguson, Kelly.


MTSS/RtI Skill and Knowledge Building for Pre-Service Teachers
 Bakalyar, Kourtney.

MTeach: An Innovative Program for STEM Teacher Development
 Caukin, Nancy. and McNeil, Leigh.

Mail-Mering Letters and Certificates Utilizing MS Word and Excel
 McCarthy, David.

Making "Official' Diverse Cultural Materials for Storytelling in an Urban Reggio-inspired Preschool
 Adamson, Susan.

Making Connections to Content: Using Stop Motion Animation as a Teaching Tool
 Ruggles, Krista. and Kolb-Ellison, Kristan.

Managing the Complexity of Teaching and Learning: Adaptive Teaching Expertise as a Model
 Insana, Lindsayanne. and Williams, Patricia.

Maximizing field experiences to better prepare teacher candidates for entry into the profession
 McMahan, Sarah. and Malone, Peggy.

Meeting District and State Needs for Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education Teachers
 Hansen, Cory.

Mental Health and Public Education: How Do These Two Fit Together?
 Rudolph, Amanda. and Bradford, Alison.

Mentoring Matters!
 Balch, Tonya.

Mentoring for diverse populations: Cultural considerations for effective mentoring.
 Winter, Jeffrey., Bressman, Sherri. and Efron, Efrat.

Mentoring the Mentors: Supporting Clinical Educators through Professional Development
 Bernhardt, Philip.

Mentors Perspectives on Teacher Leadership
 McGlamery, Sheryl., Shillingstad, Saundra. and Davis, Barbara.

Middle Grades Teacher Preparation: Review of Program Requirements of Colleges & Universities in the US
 Cook, Chris., Faulkner, Shawn., Miller, Nicole., Thompson, Nicole. and Howell, Penny.

Modeling and coaching reflective practice within an initial practicum experience
 Wisehart, Randall., Rickey, Deborah. and Dimick Eastman, Becky.

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Navajo and Anglo Collaborators Reflect on Teaching, Learning, and Living on the Navajo Nation
 Stachowski, Laura., Henderson, John. and Lev, Justin.

Navigating Problems of Practices: Field Instructors’ Facilitation Practices In Post-Observation Conferences with Beginning Teachers
 McQueen, Kiel.

New Teachers in Urban Schools: Reflections on Culturally Relevant Teaching
 Jiang, Binbin., Annis, Kathy. and Holbein, Marie.

New thinking, better results: An examination of project based learning in the teacher preparation setting
 Hollas, Tori., Potter, Jalene., Coyne, Jaime. and Creghan, F. Casey.

Not Your Mother's Teacher Ed Course
 Banker, Deborah.

Noticing Students' Mathematics Strengths
 Jilk, Lisa. and Crespo, Sandra.


Obtaining a Baccalaureate Degree: How High School GPA and ACT Score Affect African American Males
 Petty, Barrett., Gallavan, Nancy. and Webster-Smith, Angela.

Organizing Article and Publishing in the SRATE Journal
 Buttery, Thomas.


Pairing Preservice Teachers and Costa Rican Students in a Dynamic Cultural Immersion Experience
 Hall, Beverly.

Perceptions of pre-service, beginning, and regular classroom teachers on classroom management issues in Texas, Russia, and Turkey
 Sullivan, Sam., Maninger, Bob., Koptolov, Andrey. and Williams, Patricia.

Picturing English language learners’ and pre-service teachers’ perspectives on school: Intersections and tensions to inform our pedagogies and curricula
 Zenkov, Kristien., Taylor, Laurel. and DeGregory, Christine.

Portfolio, TWS, TPA, MoPTA- What are these?
 Cwick, Simin., Bratberg, William. and Fridley, Daryl.

Portraits of pre-service teacher candidates of color during internship: stories and encounters
 OONGE, HARRISON. and Hayes, Sharon.

Portraits of teacher candidates of color: The juxtaposition of contexts, narratives, and encounters
 OONGE, HARRISON. and Hayes, Sharon.

Power of Play: Impact on Student Achievement and Overall School Climate
 Gilpatrick, Marjaneh., Winfrey, Valencia. and LaPlante, Regina.

Practices of Cooperating Teachers Contributing to a High Quality Field Experience
 Lafferty, Karen.

Practitioner Inquiry: Teacher Candidate Voice in Teacher Education
 Wolkenhauer, Rachel. and Hooser, Angela.

Preparation for Future Teaching: K-12 Pre-Service Teachers Engaged in Authentic Practices in a Higher Education Setting
 Downton, Michael.

Preparing Education Professionals to be Lerner Ready: edTPA and Program Implementation
 Parsons, Patricia.

Preparing Elementary Teacher Candidates for the edTPA and Beyond: A Longitudinal Study of the Development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
 Kwiatkowski-Egizio, Erica.

Preparing Pre-service Teachers for Increasing Demands and Expectations of the Classroom
 Dimmett, Deborah.

Preparing Professionals for Collaboration and Advocacy
 Callahan, Jane.

Preparing Secondary Pre-service Science Teacher to Teach English Learners
 LYON, EDWARD., Tolbert, Sara., Roth, William. and Hill, Joyce.

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Qualities of Effective High School Teachers: Addressing the Pre-Service Teacher Perspective
 McCall, Madelon.

Quest2Teach: Using 3D game-infused experiences to bridge between theory and practice in teacher education
 Arici, Anna., Barab, Sasha. and Borden, Ryen.

Questioning and Lesson Planning around Primary Sources
 Kowalsky, Michelle. and Viator, Martha.


Race and Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs: A Missing Component in Mathematics Education Research
 Franzak, Mark.

Re-envisioning Practice through Teacher Inquiry
 Bacon, Heidi.

Ready Right Now Teacher Candidates
 Hahn, Karen., Mukherjee, Keya., Carver, Lin. and Skarbek, Denise.

Rebrand PDS work? : Advocating for a common professional language of teacher preparation practices
 Maier-Ickes, Joan., Nath, Janice., Shulsky, Debby., O\'Neal-Hixon, Kelly. and Seimears, Matt.

Recruiting and Inducting Minority Teacher Candidates: Challenges and Strategies
 Carr, Kevin. and Morton, Brenda.

Redesigning Teacher Preparation to a Year-Long Residency Model: Both Accountable and Creative
 Goodin, Terry., Huffman, James., Moseley, Aubrey. and Peyton, Marvin.

Reframing the Conversation: From Achievement Gap to Cultural Dissonance
 Marshall, Helaine. and Watson, Jill.

Relationship Between Teacher Efficacy and Instructional Practices: An Analysis of TIMSS 2011 Data
 Shi, Qingmin. and Wang, Jian.

Responding to the Social, Emotional, and Academic Needs of Students in Urban Classrooms
 Mitchell, Laura., Burnett, Christal. and Nath, Janice.

Results of a National Study on Advanced Programs in Teacher Education
 Walters, Howard. and Shelly, Ann.

Rethinking Tomorrow’s Classroom: Advocating for an Interactive Learning Ecosystem
 Mulholland, Colleen. and Turner, Elizabeth.

Revealing Community Cultural Wealth: Helping Teachers Affirm Students' Linguistic and Cultural Assets
 Bellas, Traci.

Rooted in Collaboration: Engaging Middle School Students through Poetry
 Speltz, Anna., Redmond, Megan., Zerante, Nora., Klein, Holly., Cain, Molly., Reuter, Kristin. and Welsh, Hilarie.

Rubrics That Work: Identifying and Repairing Common Errors in Design and Implementation
 Selke, Mary.


STEM, STEAM and STREAM Cutting Edge Teaching and Learning Best Practices
 Davis, Dr. Edith. and Kaden, Ute.

STEM2: Strengthening Teaching of Elementary Minds in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
 Nelson, Priscilla.

Save Your Favorite Websites by using Social Bookmarking Tools
 McCarthy, David.

Say Cheese! A Snapshot of Elementary Teachers’ Engagement and Motivation for Classroom Assessment
 Black, Glenda.

School Culture: Comparing Professional Learning Community Characteristics Between Professional Development and Non-Professional Development Schools
 Blacklock, Phillip., Curry, Leann. and McIntyre, Christie.

Science in My City: Using Photovoice to Make Science Culturally Relevant
 Kelly-Jackson, Charlease. and Szwec, Cindy.

Secondary Teacher Candidates' Lesson Planning in Field Experiences
 Santoyo, Christina. and Zhang, Shaoan.

Secondary Teacher Preparation Programs
 Cox, Mae. and Coyne, Jaime.

See Yourself Teach - Using Video for Reflective Practices
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.

Seeing Themselves in the Curriculum
 Fry, Timothy. and Schrock, Connie.

Self-Study of TwoTeacher-Educators' Self-Efficacy Using the ATE (2007) Standards and Critical Friend Networks
 Tobery-Nystrom, Jamey. and McGee, Kris.

Senator Williams, Do You Vote Aye or Nay on the Resolution before the Senate? Fostering and Analyzing Discussion through the Case Study Approach
 Byford, Jeffrey. and Smilowitz, Sarah.

Sense of Community in the Collaborative Classroom: Online Learning or Traditional Learning?
 Wendt, Jillian.

Setting the Stage for the edTPA requirements for Elementary Pre-service Teachers
 Velsor, Kathleen.

Shades of Noticing: Unpacking Teachers' Attention in Diverse Classrooms
 Sweeney, Jacquelyn. and Fu, Jing.

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TERPS Academy: A Collegiate Alternative for Adjudicated Youth
 Wilson, Peggy.

Talking About Diversity in Teacher Education: Critical Conversations and Exercises
 Vasquez, Anete., Ellerbrock, Cheryl., Cruz, Bárbara. and Howes, Elaine.

Teacher Candidate Perception of Culturally Competent Social Interaction
 Wagner, Kathleen.

Teacher Candidates Determine Math App Effectiveness
 Burr, Stacy. and Bradley, Gary.

Teacher Candidates Today - Exceptional Teachers Tomorrow
 Lukowiak, Twila., Kintop, Sam. and Olson, Peter.

Teacher Candidates’ Awareness of Students’ Resiliency Behaviors: Advocating for Elementary Children’s Coping Skills
 Lohfink, Gayla. and Unruh, Susan.

Teacher Candidates’ Engagement and Motivation for Classroom Assessment
 Black, Glenda.

Teacher Concerns and Perceptions About the Implementation of Professional Learning Communities at the High School Level
 Bertsch, Todd. and Wageman, Justin.

Teacher Education and the Struggle for Social Justice
 Ciliberti, Barrie.

Teacher Education as a Portal: Facilitating University-Wide Support of Under-resourced Rural Schools
 Ojure, Lenna. and Sigler, Haley.

Teacher Educators' perceptions and practices about multicultural education and social justice
 Joshi, Arti., Eberly, Jody., Dell\'Angelo, Tabitha. and Ammentorp, Louise.

Teacher Educators’ Discussions and Reflections on Teacher Candidates’ Video Recorded Lessons: Our Experiences with Video Coding Technology
 Parker, Audra., Parsons, Seth., Groth, Lois., Sell, Corey. and Suh, Jennifer.

Teacher Evaluations: Value Added Analysis, Measures, and their Impact
 Warring, Douglas., DeLucia, Shirley. and Klug, Beverly.

Teacher Perceptions as to the Efficacy of Pull-out Programs
 Fernandez, Naomi., Hynes, James. and Edgington, William.

Teacher Planning and Preparation: Does Teacher Education Make a Difference?
 Torrez, Cheryl.

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Uncommon Knowledge: Land, Indigenous Knowledge and Teacher Education
 Haynes Writer, Jeanette. and Bitsui, Xavier.

Unconsciously (de)serving English Users: A Reflection of Bilingual Educators on the Border
 Uribe-Flórez, Lida., Araujo, Blanca. and Haynes Writer, Jeanette.

Understanding Civic Literacy Projects
 Epstein, Shira.

Understanding Teacher Candidates’ Engagement with Inquiry-Based Professional Development
 Parker, Audra., Yendol-Hoppey, Diane. and Bush, Amanda.

Unpacking Privilege: Developing Cultural Competence in Teacher Education
 Shelby-Caffey, Crystal., Byfield, Lavern. and Solbrig, Stephanie.

Unpacking the Federal Agenda for Teacher Preparation
 Shelly, Ann., Alouf, James., Wojcikiewicz, Steven., West, Jane. and Westerhof, Jolanda.

Up Close and Personal: Using Relationships to Foster Competence, Shatter Misconceptions, and Internalize Learning
 Daniels, Lisa., McCoy, Christine. and Russ, Suzanne.

Update on Nationwide State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)
 Jacobson, Emily.

Using "TOON" Comic Books and Graphic Novels to Increase Struggling Readers’ Literacy Attitude, Motivation, Confidence, and Skills
 Rieger, Alicja. and Doepker, Gina.

Using Authentic, Reliable Evidence of Program Quality to Meet Changing State and National Standards
 Foley, Denise. and Donnelly, Carol.

Using Clinical Medical Model Simulations with standardized Parents and Students to Develop Classroom Management Skills in Teacher Candidates.
 Rader, Helen., Rader, J. P.. and Riel, David.

Using Data-Based Decision Making for Improving a Teacher Preparation Program: A Case Study
 Bakalyar, Kourtney. and Summy, Sarah.

Using Evernote to Support Preservice Teachers
 Fogleman, Jay.

Using Mobile Technology to Foster TPACK: Lessons Learned from a Three Year Study of Student Teachers Using Ipads
 Fogleman, Jay., Kern, Diane., de Groot, Kees. and Byrd, David.

Using Peer-to-Peer Classroom Video Footage to Evaluate and Improve Elementary Candidates’ Teaching
 Costner, Richard.

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Video Games Improve College Students’ Writing Skills
 Rogowsky, Beth.

Voices Within Socrates Café: Pedagogy that Supports Diversity, Democracy, and Civil Discourse
 Anderson, Gina. and Piro, Jody.

Voices from the Field: Balancing Mandates and Socially Just Teaching in an Age of Standardization
 Krell, Desirae.


WYSIWYG: Pre-service Teachers Can Decipher Data! (aka STAAR scores)!
 Dunlap, Karen. and Piro, Jody.

Ways of Learning: Using Differentiated Instruction for Classroom Assessments
 Kelting-Gibson, Lynn. and Black, Glenda.

Ways of Seeing: Using photography as a tool to engage teacher candidates in collaborative research
 Grugel, Annie.

We Need to Talk: Having Courageous Conversations to Enhance Cultural Competence in Teacher Education
 Morettini, Brie., McBee, Robin., Brown, Corine., Viator, Martha. and Phillips, Anne.

What About Our Gifted and Talented Students? A Blended Learning Ppportunity
 Barocas, Sadie.

What Do Undergraduate Teacher Candidates Understand about Assessment?
 McIntyre, Christie. and McIntyre, John.

What We Know About Professional Development (Face to Face Vs. Online) for Educators Who Teach Rural and Urban Students Science
 Carroll, Kimberly. and Ratcliff, Nancy.

What can teacher education programs learn from examining novice teachers’ lesson plans, as a type of educative tool?
 Van Schooneveld, Jacqueline.

What pre-service teachers need to know about language: Interactive teaching methods for an introductory course
 Zipke, Marcy.

What’s in it for me? First-Time Cooperating Teachers Reflect on The Experience
 Childs, Victoria. and Kahn, Brian.

Where Do Safe Classrooms Come From: Helping Teachers Create Democratic Practices for Student Equity and Voice
 Tareilo, Janet.

Whose Social Justice? Whose Rationality?
 Hicks, John.

Will they stay or leave? Teacher Retention and Social Justice
 Kaden, Ute. and Patterson, Phillip.

Working with Attention Deficit Children
 Buttery, Thomas.

Working with English Learners in Secondary Math Classrooms
 He, Ye., Cooper, Jewell. and Wilson, Holt.

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You Don't Know What You Don't Know: A New Way to Assess Student Learning
 Bracke, Deborah. and Schultz, Jessica.

You decided to transition from classroom to online…now what?
 Greenberg, Steven. and Marvelle, John.
Advocating for the Silenced: The Educators’ Vocation 2015-Feb-13 to 2015-Feb-18
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