Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting 2016-Feb-11 to 2016-Feb-18

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School Safety and Prevention of Violence Instructional Modules for Teacher Preparation
 Jones, Kathleen. and Small, Maria.

School-Based Teacher Education: Collaborating with PK-6 Partners to Re-conceptualize Methods Courses and Field Experiences
 Parker, Audra., Parsons, Seth., Groth, Lois., Sell, Corey., Levine-Brown, Elizabeth., Baker, Courtney. and Gallagher, Melissa.

Scientism, Reductionism and the Accountability Industry’s Effects on Teaching and Learning in the English Language Arts
 Hicks, John.

Searching for the Culture in Accountability
 Byrd, Marie.

Selected Variables and Factors Related to Students with Disabilities
 Brownlee-Williams, Yolanda., Moffett, Noran. and Frizzell, Melanie.

Service Learning: High Quality Clinical Practice for Bilingual and ESL Teacher Candidates
 Rodriguez, Alma.

Six Phases for Transitioning into an Accreditation Data Management System
 Ward, Leslie. and Wanjiru, Ellen.

Standards-based Instruction for Diverse Populations
 Byfield, Lavern., Caffey, Crystal. and Shen, Xiang.

Standards-based Teacher Evaluation from Preservice to Inservice: Alignments, Gaps, and Possibilities
 Meyer, Debra., Burke, Lisa., Fitzsimmons, Janis., McQuillan, Joan., Brown, Kelly., Gaylen, Nancy., Jackson, Judith. and Nelson, Rebecca.

Start at the End: Deconstructing a Certification Examination in Writing to Visualize Paths to Success
 Danielowich, Robert.

State Testing for New Teachers How Pre-service Teachers Feel and How Colleges Can Help
 Melser, Nancy.

Stop Trying to be Cool: Integration versus Addition of Social Media
 Jackson, Nykela., Hendrix, Tami. and Trumble, Jason.

Strategies to Promote Target Language Use in Elementary World Language Instruction
 Shanks, Joyce. and Hindson, Jean.

Strengthening Assessment: Holding students accountable by reflection on assessments with clinical teachers, coaches, and professors
 Lentfer, Vicki. and McGlamery, Sheryl.

Strengthening Coherence in the Clinical Experience: Insight into a Collaborative Mentor-Intern Summer Institute
 Curcio, Rachelle. and Adams, Alyson.

Striving for Excellence in the Teaching Profession (E + R + C = G)
 Foggatt, Stephen.

Student Engagement: What Does It Look Like in the Urban Education Classroom for Preservice Teachers?
 Mitchell, Laura. and Nath, Janice.

Student-Inspired and Teacher-Lead Educational Reform Initiatives: Lessons Learned from a 5-Year Professional Development Initiative
 Brooks, Kathryn. and Adams, Susan.

Successful Collaboration in Inclusive Settings between General Education and Special Education Teachers
 Tanase, Madalina., Patterson, Karen. and Lastrapes, Wanda.

Successful PLC Practices Impacting Student Achievement within a Culture of High Stakes Accountability
 Blacklock, Phillip., Curry, Daphney. and Miller, Grant.

Successful PLCs: What is the Role of Accountability?
 McHenney, Rebecca. and Wilkerson, Trena.

Supporting Teacher Candidate Readiness to Teach ELLs: Possibilities for Developing Teacher Educator Capacity
 Evans Fanaeian, Emily.

Supporting the Development of Alternatively Certificated Teachers with Effective Clinical Supervision and Data Technology
 Farr, Wendy. and Preach, Deborah.

Sustaining Our Bridge: Raising the Level of Professionalism for Field Supervisors
 Rickey, Deborah. and St. Arnauld, Eva.

Synergy in Workshop Teaching: Building Coherence in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
 Adamson, Susan., Flessner, Ryan. and Flessner, Courtney.

Systematic Approach to Ensuring Teacher Preparation for Common Core Supported Standards
 Havercroft, Kathryn., Woodley, Stephanie., Cook, Rebecca., Jones-Bromenshenkel, Melissa., Edmonds-Behrend, Christina., Li, Meiling., Rosenstein, Amy. and Stringfellow, Jennifer.
Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting 2016-Feb-11 to 2016-Feb-18
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