Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting 2016-Feb-11 to 2016-Feb-18

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TPACK as a Cross-Cultural Framework: Evaluating Teacher Education and Preservice Teachers' Use of Digital Tools
 Olcese, Nicole. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

Taking the next step: Retention and sustainability
 McMahan, Sarah., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Dunlap, Karen. and Anderson, Gina.

Teacher Absenteeism: An Examination of Causes
 Labby, Sandy., Harrison, Debbie. and Sullivan, Sam.

Teacher Candidates in Context: A Cross-Case Study of Self-Efficacy, Anxiety, and Inquiry within Teacher Education
 Coppersmith, Sarah., McCarty, Glenda. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

Teacher Certification Exams In The Age Of Accountability: Implications For Diverse Teacher Candidates
 Kolman, Joni., McLurkin, Denise. and Gellert, Laura.

Teacher Dispositions: Reaching for consensus using a Delphi study
 Bair, Mary. and Bair, David.

Teacher Educators’ Experiences in Context with Classroom Assessments
 Kelting-Gibson, Lynn. and Black, Glenda.

Teacher Educators’ Perceptions of the Impact of Accountability Measures on Student Teaching Experiences in Florida
 Murphy, Amy.

Teacher Intercultural Development through a Short-Term Curriculum Design Abroad Program
 He, Ye.

Teacher Preparation Program Redesign In Response To New Standards: Collaborating For Success
 George, Anne.

Teacher Preparation: Seeking Accountability, Making It Meaning, and Assisting ELLs’ Academic Success
 Li, Nan.

Teacher Visioning as a Teacher Preparation Activity
 Parsons, Seth., Pierczynski, Melissa., Vaughn, Margaret., Groth, Lois., Bruyning, Alicia. and Daoud, Nisreen.

Teachers’ Interpretation of the Cultural Relevancy of MoneySKILL®
 Lucey, Thomas., White, Elizabeth. and Andre, Aline.

Teaching Cyberkids in the Real World: Effective teacher preparation for the iGeneration
 Wereley, Megan., Schmidt, Alison., Broda, Matthew. and Shutt, Jennifer.

Teaching and Learning Teacher Self-Efficacy through Classroom Assessments: Accountability to Accreditation, Colleagues, Classrooms, and Candidates
 Gallavan, Nancy., Dailey, Debbie., Wake, Donna. and Thompson, Amy.

Teaching to Connect pK-5 Children to Nature
 Bentley, Michael.

Teaching “the other”: Altering pre-service teachers’ preconceptions of urban students
 Scott, Lakia. and Venegas, Elena.

Teaching/learning within a circle of co-practice: Mentors, interns, and university coaches addressing a systemic problem through collaborative conversation
 Fisher, Mary. and Buss, Jennifer.

Technology as an accountability mediator: Electronic observation tools and their effectiveness for supervising candidates in clinical placements in-state and overseas.
 Shonia, Olga. and Wightman, Jim.

Technology in Teaching and Learning and Developing Digitally Fluent Educators
 Mosley, Keenya. and Crawford, Caroline.

Test-based Accountability in Linguistically Diverse Schools: Value-Added Measure and Multilingual Learners
 Brooks, Kathryn.

Texas Principals’ Perceptions on Educator Preparation Needs and Educational Trends
 Swain, Colleen.

The Boundary Spanner in PDS: In Search of Common Nomenclature
 Burns, Rebecca. and Baker, Wendy.

The Current Status of Common Core Stamdards in Illinois
 Fero, George., Richards, Tim., Barnes, Pamela. and Manning, Pamela.

The Dearth of Diversity in Teacher Education
 McConnell, John., Lynch-Alexander, Erin., Lowe, Charmaine. and Lowrance, Larry.

The E-text Potential
 Burr, Stacy., Fernandez, Susan., Kaufmann, Laura. and Beck, Judy.

The Effect of Blended Online Learning on Learners' Interaction
 Almalhy, Khalid.

The Effectiveness of Video-Enhanced Reflective Practices and Literacy Coaching: A Case Study of What Was Learned from a Year-Long Grant-Supported PD Project
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.

The Effects of Mentoring on Pre-Service Special Education Teaching Self-Efficacy
 Lombardo-Graves, Mary.

The Flipped Classroom: What Did We Learn, Part II
 Johnson, Leona.

The Impact of Racial Identity, Parental Support, Self-Esteem, Mastery, and Teacher Discrimination on Moderate and High Achieving Black Adolescents
 Scriven, Heather.

The Impact of Residency 1: Teacher Candidates' Perceptions of Field Experiences
 Harmon, Shannon.

The Journey of Kindergarten Teachers Developing and Implementing STEAM Curriculum
 Smith, Jill. and Graves, Shanna.

The Language, Literacy, and Inquiry Collaborative: Building Collective Capacity to Strengthen Research and Teaching Practices
 Hebert, Lara. and Norton-Meier, Lori.

The National Center Test for University Admissions in Japan
 Kambara, Hitomi. and Ruan, Jiening.

The Need for Student Teacher Accountability Prior to Admission. Why?
 Paese, Paul. and Robertson, Andy.

The Power of Teachers: Exploring identity, agency, and collaboration in the context of literacy
 Kang, Grace.

The Right to Teach: Valuing the professional knowledge of the Teacher
 ostorga, alcione.

The Use of Instructional Technology to Effectively Assess and Differentiate Instruction for Diverse Student Populations
 Howell, Leanne.

The Who and What of High-Stakes Testing Validity
 Boerger, Priscilla.

The use of technology in the global preparation of teachers
 Francis, Raymond.

This Just In: Opt Out in the Media and What It Means for Teacher Education
 Currin, Elizabeth., McCardle, Todd. and Schroeder, Stephanie.

To whom are we accountable? The factors influencing teacher educators' pedagogical practices.
 Butler, Brandon. and Diacopoulos, Mark.

Transforming Identity: Becoming a Bad Ass Early Childhood Educator
 Meidl, Christopher. and Siekierski, Kristen.

Transforming Ourselves to Become Culturally Inclusive Educators
 Samuels, Dena.

Transforming University-based Teacher Education Courses through Democratic K12 Partnerships
 Liu, Katrina., Samuels, Vicki. and Dunhum, Kathleen.

Turn Up the Learning: Motivational Techniques in Higher Education
 Benson, Barbara.
Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting 2016-Feb-11 to 2016-Feb-18
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