Association of Teacher Educators 2017-Feb-10 to 2017-Feb-15

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"Dressing Up Like Mexicans" and "Making Tacos": Differentiating Culturally Dissonant, Essentializing Pedagogies
 Bacon, Heidi.

"Funds of Knowledge" of Paraprofessionals in Community Schools
 Mulholland, Valerie., Salm, Twyla. and Black, Glenda.

"Nobody Here Thinks You’re Average": Culturally Relevant Critical Teacher Care in the Classroom
 Hambacher, Elyse. and Bondy, Elizabeth.

3-D Anaglyphs as Anchoring Phenomenon in Earth Science: Teacher Resources for Next Generation Science Standards
 Henson, Harvey. and Lickteig, Duane.

“Educate, Acknowledge, and Respect:” Supporting Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Teacher Candidates
 Bower-Phipps, Laura.

“Every Teacher Succeeds: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Develop Positive Classroom Environments”
 Pepper, Stephanie.

“Here is the Form”: Decolonizing Pre-Service Teacher Education One Paradox at a Time
 Salm, Twyla. and Mulholland, Valerie.

“I am prepared to teach!” Teacher Candidates Perspectives in a CoTeaching Collaborative School
 Torrez, Cheryl.

“If They Don’t Understand, How Can They Reach Me?"
 Doneske, Jessica. and Mear, Andrea.

“Moving on from NCATE to CAEP: Challenges Ahead”
 Feldmann, Marilyn. and Fisher, Robert.

“My Child’s Teacher”. Preparing Worldminded Educators of the Future: global perspectives in local contexts
 Shonia, Olga. and Stachowski, Laura.

“Prepared to Lead”: A Cross-Campus Initiative to Integrate Leadership Development into Pre-service Teacher Preparation
 Philipose, Sandy.

“Searching for Collaboration: Formal and Informal Forms of Professional Development in an Elementary School”
 Kang, Grace.

“What did I do?” Teaching Strategies & Engagement of Empowerment for the K-12 Classroom
 Jennings-Towle, Kelly., Walters, Cynthia. and Kaczmarczyk, Annemarie.


A Collaborative Journey: Deepening Mentor-Intern Interactions Through Engagement in a Shared Learning Experience
 Curcio, Rachelle.

A Guide for White Women Teaching Black Boys
 Penick-Parks, Marguerite., Moore, Jr., Eddie. and Michael, Ali.

A Long and Storied Profession: Integrating Historical Research and Teacher Education
 Currin, Elizabeth.

A Self-Study: Developing A Clinically Rich Management Course In A PDS
 Baker, Wendy. and Burns, Rebecca.

A Sovereign Nation & A Teacher Preparation Program: A True Partnership
 Krebs, Marjori., Torrez, Cheryl., Lewis, Hayes. and Panteah, Stacy.

A Teacher Educator Practicing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
 Harris, Rebecca.

ATE Science Educators: Cutting Edge Work in STEM, STEAM, and STREAM
 Davis, Edith. and Kaden, Ute.

Addressing the Needs of Students with Autism in the University Classroom
 Getty, Laura.

Advances in Technology Use as a Tool for Practitioner Researchers
 Currin, Elizabeth.

Aligning Clinical Experience to Curriculum, Assessment and Student Learning Outcomes
 Hartnett, M. Joanie., Richardson, Christina. and Lee, Mark.

Aligning Teacher Education Programs, Supervising Teachers’ Beliefs, and Preservice Teachers’ Development
 Miller, Henry. and Yurko, Kathleen.

Alignment between Pre-service Teacher Performance Expectations and In-service Teacher Evaluations: Implications for Teacher Educators
 Bair, Mary. and Bair, David.

An Analysis of Doctoral Candidates’ and Graduates’ Perception of Doctoral Supervisory Practices
 Tapoler, Colton. and Fulton, Lori.

An Analysis of Doctoral Program Applicants' Abilities in Synthesis Writing
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.

An Online EdD for Instructional Leadership: Integrating Culturally Responsive / Social Justice Pedagogy
 Hutchison, Laveria. and White, Cameron.

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BE A BEACON: Navigating your way through challenging supervision experiences
 Gardner, Stephanie., Edwards Moore, Sarah., McLaughlin, David., Allison, Valerie. and Welteroth, Susan.

Become Your Absolute Best "Five Practical Tips to Prevent Burnout" Thrive Students Toward Academic Success
 Collins, Marcia.

Becoming Teacher Educators: Transformational Journeys of Classroom Teachers
 Gallavan, Nancy. and Barocas, Sadie.

Becoming a Teacher Leader
 McGlamery, Sheryl. and Shillingstad, Saundra.

Before and After: A Teacher Candidate’s Exploration of Pre-Reading Literacy Strategies as a Path to Peer-to-Peer Teaching in Teacher Education
 LaDuke, Aja.

Behind the Curtain of Being a Teacher Educator: Grappling with Tensions, Conflicts, and Responsibilities
 Snow, Jennifer., Wenner, Julianne., Dismuke, Sherry. and hicks, Serena.

Beliefs about teaching for social justice and attitudes toward disability: Adding a chapter to the story
 Fisher, Mary., Blackwell, Will. and Buss, Jennifer.

Beyond Borders: Teaching Digital Literacy to Elementary Teacher Candidates
 Baker, Sheila., Willis, Jana., Shulsky, Debra., Chvala, Terry. and Fogleman, Jay.

Bon App(etit)! Google Apps for any palette
 Jones, Julie., Hunt-Barron, Sarah. and Storer, Amy.

Book Study Groups as a Tool for Professional Development
 Dolan, Holly., Conlon, Jennifer. and Cohn, Annie.

Breaking Down Barriers: Building Up a Diverse Teacher Workforce for All Students
 Fitzsimmons, Jan., Ragland, Rachel., Spesia, Tracy., Tonsing-Meyer, Julie., Okpareke, Alicia., Cochran, Cynthia., Gardner, Jennifer., Spitzer, Bruce., Pruitt, Rebecca., Cooke, Spring., Brady, Darcel., Vallone, Trina. and Schroeder, Michael.

Bridging Cultural and Linguistic Barriers through Pedagogy: Challenges of Teaching in the Quebec Cegep System
 Karp, Dr. Renee.

Bridging Cultural and Linguistic Barriers through Pedagogy: Challenges of Teaching in the Quebec Cegep System
 Karp, Dr. Renee.

Bridging the Gap Between High School, College, and the American Workforce
 Haupert, Matthew.

Building Capacity of Teacher Candidates through the Development of Dispositions
 Griswold, Amy.

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C.H.I.L.L.: Appreciating the Past, Thriving in the Present, Confident in the Future
 Goekler, Kaitlynn., Thacker, Della., Walls, Kelsi., Cimaroli, Catrina., Johnson, Alex., Pund, Baden., Dezsi, Morgan. and Neal, Drew.

C.H.I.L.L.: Pre-Service Teachers Collaborating to Support and Inspire the Future of Education
 Goekler, Kaitlynn., Thacker, Della., Cimaroli, Catrina., Dezsi, Morgan., Johnson, Alex., Neal, Drew., Pund, Baden. and Walls, Kelsi.

C.H.I.L.L.: Renewing the Passion of Teacher Education
 Thacker, Della., Walls, Kelsi., Cimaroli, Catrina., Johnson, Alex., Pund, Baden., Goekler, Kaitlynn., Dezsi, Morgan. and Neal, Drew.

CHAMPS: Effective Classroom Management Practices for Yesterday’s, Today’s and Tomorrow’s Ever-Changing Classrooms
 Blacklock, Phillip. and Curry, Daphney.

Capturing Practice: Using Video to Parallel Conference with Teacher Candidates
 Kotch-Jester, Stephanie., Goettel, Vicky., Bell, Nick., Duda, Bridget., Lilly, Dede. and Soslau, Elizabeth.

Challenges and Curricular Innovations for Chinese Learners in Acquiring the Temporal and Aspectual English Expressions
 Kung, Jiunn-Ying.

Characteristics of Mathematics Lessons under Reform Pressure in U.S. and Chinese Urban Elementary Schools
 Wang, Jian.

Characterizing Middle Grade Mathematics Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in Practice
 Kurban, Karman.

Charged With Change: Using a Problem-Based Learning Approach to Reinvent a Teacher Education Program
 Goodin, Terry., Caukin, Nancy. and Dillard, Heather.

Charter School Educators: Examining Perceptions of Response to Intervention
 Hovey, Katrina.

Check that Attitude at the Door: Dispositions in Field Experience
 Thompson, Amy., Voegele, Crystal. and Hogan, Chris.

Closing the Achievement Gap and Blocking the School to Prison Pipeline through an Empathetic School Milieu
 Fleres, Carol. and Hernandez-Petrosky, Priscilla.

Co- Teaching: Lessons Learned – Questions Still Unanswered
 Hartnett, M. Joanie., Lee, Mark. and Richardson, Christina.

Co-Teaching: A Model for Change for the Student Teaching Experience
 Frazier, Joyce., Rebich, Susan. and Crandell, Rosslyn.

Co-teaching Effectively: Understanding the Student Perspective to Make Instructional Decisions
 Keeley, Randa.

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Data Analysis for the Teacher Researcher
 Dana, Nancy.

Data-Driven Instruction: Empowering Parents as Partners
 Dunlap, Karen., McMahan, Sarah., Fredrickson, Rebecca. and Anderson, Gina.

Deep Understanding and Knowledge Transfer in a Classroom Management Course
 Figliano, Fred. and Mariano, Gina.

Designing Authentic Field Experiences for Student Learning through University/School Collaboration: Inspiring a new generation of educators to use the power of collaboration to impact K-12 student achievement.
 Alea, Jamie. and Voegele, Crystal.

Designing Methods Courses to Increase Teacher Self-Efficacy
 Naidoo, Kara. and Polka, Walter.

Designing an Innovative Educator Preparation Program for the 21st Century: Maximizing Early Field Experiences
 Black, Linda.

Designing and Building a New Educator Preparation Program Upon the New Landscape of Teacher Performance Assessment
 Grugel, Annie.

Developing A Social Justice Perspective: Insight From the Minds of Preservice Teachers
 Namatovu, Winnifred.

Developing Mentors for Beginning Teachers
 Fisher, Robert.

Developing New Models for Early Clinical Placement: Niner Clinical Immersion Schools (NCIS)
 Mangiaracina, Rex., Fisher, Thomas., Hathcock, Misty. and Hobbs, Erica.

Developing Prospective Teachers’ Beliefs and Literacy Assessment Knowledge Through Video-mediated Reflection on Clinical Experiences
 gelfuso, andrea.

Developing Teachers with a Global Perspective
 Mendoza, Charlotte. and Mendoza, Alicia.

Developing Technologically Fluent and Flexible Teacher Candidates
 Hunt-Barron, Sarah., Bradley, Gary. and Jones, Julie.

Developing Themed Issues for Action in Teacher Education: A Process and Product Story
 Crumpler, Thomas., Lucey, Thomas., Handsfield, Lara., Lycke, Kara. and Hosek, Vicki.

Development and Outcomes of a Dispositional Review Protocol in Teacher Education
 Bertolini, Katherine.

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E-Learning that Supports Teacher-Student Team Instruction
 Kalonde, Gilbert. and Mousa, Rabab.

E-mentoring Novice Science Teachers through University-Sponsored Online Induction: A Self-Study
 Legler, Christian.

ELLs and Idioms: Making Meaning of Metaphorical Language
 Fernandez, Susan. and Bradley, Gary.

Education Majors’ Self-Evaluation of Dispositions
 Armstrong, Alexis.

Effects of Online/Face-to-Face Professional Development on College Faculty Perceptions of Students with Disabilities
 Buss, Jennifer.

Effects of Poor School Attendance on Technology use in Rural Small Schools, the Learners, the School and the Community
 Kalonde, Gilbert. and Williams, Kayce.

Elementary School Teachers Committed to Teaching Science
 Opperman, Julianne. and Davis, Edith.

Embedding Professional Study in an Elementary School: Moving campus to the classroom
 Sherry, Tammie., Bacevich, Amy. and Resing, Lisa.

Empowering pre service teachers with the professional capital: The role of beliefs in pedagogical micro blogging
 Gurjar, Nandita.

Enacting partners to address teacher shortages: The Teacher Apprenticeship Program
 Jack, Ashlie., McDowell, Kimberly., Myers, Kim. and Myers, Scott.

Engaging Teachers and Community: Collaboration towards Revitalizing Indigenous Language in a Pueblo Community
 Torrez, Cheryl. and Krebs, Marjori.

English Song Lyrics as a Mediator in Acquisition of Lexis and Structures
 Nguyen, Ha. and Bennett, Stephanie.

English language teacher education in China: changes and issues
 Wu, Xin.

Ensuring Ethics and Equity with Classroom Assessments via Mobile Technology in Online Education
 Gallavan, Nancy., Huffman, Stephanie. and Shaw, Erin.

Ensuring Success During Final Semester: Facilitating Discussions to Support Provisionally Licensed Teachers During edTPA
 Cossa, Nedra. and Nash, Chelsea.

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Faculty Development Supporting STEM Education: The NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative
 Huling, Leslie. and Ortiz, Araceli.

Feynman’s Lecture to U.S. Science Teachers on “What Is Science” and Today’s Mistrust of Science
 Bentley, Michael.

Findings from the Validation Study of the Elementary Teacher Efficacy Beliefs Instrument-Math (ETEBI-M) and the Elementary Teacher Efficacy Beliefs Instrument-Science (ETEBI-S)
 Johnston, Elisabeth. and Ward, Elizabeth.

First-year University Students’ Perceptions of Teaching as a Career Option
 Bertolini, Katherine., Emo, Ken., Smith, Amyu., Smith, Brittany. and Montplaisir, Lisa.

Flipped Instruction: Effectively Blending the Old and the New
 Verkler, Karen. and Mora, Catherine.

Focuses and Patterns of Mentor-Novice Discussion about Novice Teachers’ Lesson: A Comparative Study of US and UK Cases at Preservice Level
 Wang, Jian.

Forget the Rainforest – SAVE My Classroom!
 Jones, Teri.

Formats for Online Teaching: Keeping the Good Things and Adding Some New Things
 Whittingham, Jeff., Casey, MIke., Gallavan, Nancy. and Shaw, Erin.

Fostering Whole Career Teacher Development
 Insana, Annie., Kennett, Katrina. and Kessler, Meghan.

Fostering “Inquiry as Stance” in Pre-Service Elementary Education: Challenges and Opportunities of Pre-Service Teacher Inquiry
 Schroeder, Stephanie.

From Teacher Training to Teacher Education: Procession or Progression?


Get Ready, Get S.E.T., Get Tenure: How Junior Faculty Collaborate Toward TenureGet Ready, Get S.E.T., Get Tenure: How Junior Faculty Collaborate Toward Tenure
 Brooksher, Kelly., Cossa, Nedra. and Serianni, Barbara.

Getting to Global
 Cunningham, Ann.

Global Competencies for Teachers
 Fry, Timothy.

Growing Partnerships, Harvesting Rewards- Stories from the Field
 Rickey, Deborah., Wisehart, Randall., St. Arnauld, Eva. and Dimick Eastman, Rebecca.


Helping 21st Century Teacher Candidates Understand the Importance of Safety in The Science Classroom
 Schmidt, Terri.

Helping You Helps Me! The Reciprocal Benefit of Collaboration Between Educator Preparation Programs and Partner Schools to Build a Better Future
 Nerren, Jannah.

Hiding in Plain Sight: An Autoethnography of a Lesbian Catholic Teacher
 Bulatowicz, Donna.

High school faculty awareness of post-concussion return-to-learn policies and guidelines
 Bomgardner, Rich. and Vermillion, Mark.

Hilda Taba Spiral Curriculum: Micro-Spiral Curriculum for Minorities
 Davis, Edith. and Byrd, Marie.

Hocus Pocus: The Magic of the Mind
 Fernandez, Susan. and Murphy, Michael.

Homeless, Hungry and Hurting: Developing a Curriculum of Hope for Today's Children of Poverty
 Harris, Deborah. and Baxley, Traci.

How Teaching Activities Affect the Development of Students’ Attitudes toward Mathematics: A Empirical Study of 13 Middle Schools in Chinese Mongolian Region
 Zhong, Zhiyong.

How and Why Teachers Advocate: Exploring the Pedagogical Compass
 Nowell, Shanedra. and Been, Sherry.

How new teachers’ accommodate (or don’t) the diverse needs of their students.
 Losser, Janet.

How school districts can foster collaborative relationships with college/university partners
 Timmons, Crystal.

Hybrid Space in School-University Partnerships: Trioethnographic Exploration of Where a Community of Learners Situate themselves
 Jang, Chiau-Wen., McDyre, Alicia., McDonald, Christine. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.


If You Build It They Will Learn
 Quinn, Linda., Paretti, Lois., McCarthy, Jane. and Burkett, Eugenie.

Impacting Change in Educator Preparation Programs
 Jack, Ashlie., McDowell, Kimberly., Adler, Michelle. and Lohfink, Gayla.

Impacts of Residency I on Teacher Candidates’ Teaching Philosophy
 Caukin, Nancy., Dillard, Heather. and Goodin, Terry.

Implementing Residency 1: Balancing Field Experiences and Course Work
 Harmon, Shannon.

Improving Graduate Educator Preparation Programs: An Alternate Route to Alternative Educator Certifications
 Hammonds, Craig., Kunders, Todd. and Hammonds, Chad.

Improving Student Learning Through Data-Informed, Culturally Responsive Coaching
 Swain, Colleen. and Mokhtari, Kouider.

Improving Teacher Preparation Programs
 Staudt, Denise. and Fender, Virginia.

In-service Teachers’ and Teacher Educators’ Views on Professional Development Schools
 Ulubey, Ozgur., Yildirim, Kasim., Aykac, Necdet. and Alpaslan, Muhammet.

Increasing Early Childhood Preservice Teachers’ Intercultural Sensitivity Through the ABCs
 Monroe, Lisa. and Ruan, Jiening.

Indiana State University Honoring 150 Years of Educator Preparation through an Innovative Student-Led Organization, C.H.I.L.L. (Colleagues Helping Implement Lifelong Learning) to Impact the Present and Future Teacher Educators
 Thacker, Della., Caruso-Woolard, Cassandra., Kiger, Susan. and Thoma, Robin.

Infusing Web 2.0 Technology Into Higher Education Teacher Preparation Programs
 Peterson-Ahmad, Maria. and Stepp, Jennifer.

Initial Teacher Education and Corporate Education Reform: Learning from Conversations with Critical Teacher Educators
 Knotts, Michelle.

Innovation Through Community-Based Learning: Student-Driven Service Projects as Course Assessments in Teacher Preparation
 Sigler, Haley. and Moffa, Eric.

Innovation Through Practice: An Integrated Approach to Literacy and Science
 Lewinski, Kimberly. and Byrne, Laurel.

Innovation in Teacher Preparation: Preparing Preservice Teachers for Engagement with Families and Communities
 McGuire-Schwartz, Mary. and Arndt, Janet.

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KWL: How project-based learning (PBL) effectively implements the recursive nature of this instructional strategy
 Watson, Cindy.

Keeping Drama in the Classroom: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Use Drama with English Language Learners
 Vetere, Timothy. and Vetere, Michael.

Knowing Is Half the Battle! Teaching and Learning for Cognitive Rigor
 Francis, Erik.


Learning to Teach Students Who Look and Speak Differently Than Me: A Comparative Examination of Teacher Perceptions About Their Ability to Teach Reading to Diverse Learners
 Clark, Sarah.

Leaving our Classroom and Learning from our Partners; teaching candidates to work with diverse families
 Buchanan, Karen. and Buchanan, Thomas.

Leveraging Lesson Plans to be an Educative Tool for Pre-Service Teachers
 Van Schooneveld, Jacqueline.

Linking Federal Legislation to Instruction: Implications for Teacher Education Programs
 King, Nancy.

Looking at Calendar Time in Early Childhood: How has Teacher Instruction been Shaped?
 Evans, Lesley.

Looking through the lens of pre-service students: Why Teach
 Namatovu, Winnifred. and Johnson-Whitt, Eugenia.

Looking to the Past to Inspire the Future to Create a Professional Development School Complex
 Fulton, Lori., Yoshioka, Jon. and Matsumoto, Vail.


Making Explicit What you Already Do and Expect Implicitly: Promoting Critical Thinking Habits
 Rieger, Alicja. and Rieger, Daniel.

Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching K-12: Leading with Content
 Nolan, Edward., Dixon, Juli. and Adams, Thomasenia.

Making the Most of Librarian/Teacher Collaboration
 Brasfield, Amanda. and Brasfield, Jon.

Market Orientation in 'International' Schools: Creating Capital or Instilling Social Advantage?
 Arifin, Daniel. and Dabrowski, Anna.

Market orientation in demonstrative high schools in Northeast China
 Yang, Deyun. and Arifin, Daniel.

Mathematical Modeling for Elementary Teachers on Variations of Task
 Nguyen, Giang-Nguyen., Bartush, Precious. and Chandler, Kimberly.

Mathematical Modelling of Word Problems from Student Teachers' Perspectives
 Haciomeroglu, Guney.

Maximizing Student Success in Mathematics Through Teacher Collaboration
 Chandler, Kimberly.

Mental health issues in the classroom: Three stories
 Pitton, Debra., Pitton, Angela. and Guerrero, Laura.

Mentoring Across Cultures: Supporting Relationships That Inspire Professional Growth
 Bressman, Sherri., Winter, jeffrey. and Efron, Sara.

Mentoring recent graduates beyond commencement: Promoting retention and sustainability in the teaching profession
 McMahan, Sarah., Dunlap, Karen., Fredrickson, Rebecca. and Anderson, Gina.

Merging ESL and the Common Core State Standards
 Manner, Jane.

Mindfully Connected: Preparing Beginning Teachers to Use Mindfulness Strategies as a Professional Support Tool
 Olcese, Nicole.

Mindfulness Training: Innovation in Educator Preparation from Professors' and Candidates' Perspectives
 Howell, Glenna., Pedigo, Timothy. and Kelly, Felicia.

Mindfulness for Teachers
 Gentry, Roberta.

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National Trends in Student Teaching and Field Supervision
 Ward, Elizabeth. and Fender, Virginia.

Navigating a Culture of Anxiety: Student Teaching in the Age of Accountability
 Murphy, Amy.

Nearpod-people, MeTL-heads, and Virtual Reality: Inspiring the Future through Interactive Technologies
 Krell, Desi., Keyser, Alyssa., Ippolito, Jennifer., Fuqua, Kristen. and DeWitt Buckalew, Alyse.

New Approaches to Scaffolding the Learning of Threshold Concepts and Overcoming Cognitive and Emotional Bottlenecks in Preparing Teachers for Multicultural Education Practices
 Charles-Harris, Sian.

New Partnerships: Teacher Preparation Transformation and Roles for Performance Assessment Instruments – Program Coordinator(s)
 Thompson, Amber. and Cooper, Jane.

New and Veteran Teachers’ Perceived Support and Barrier of Professional Development
 Zhang, Shaoan. and Shi, Qingmin.

Novice Teachers Benefit from Pre-service Training in Professional Learning Communities
 Dillard, Heather.


Old McDonald had a Collective Farm: Using Simulation to Teach Economic Concepts
 Byford, Jeffrey., lennon, Sean. and Horn, Brian.

On Track for Success?: How Tracking and Within-School Segregation Form Students’ Career Aspirations
 McCardle, Todd.

Online Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (eSGID)
 ONeal-Hixson, Kelly.

Online Special Education Fellows Program
 ONeal-Hixson, Kelly.

Organizing and Writing Academic Papers
 Buttery, Thomas. and McConnell, John.

Overcoming Odds - How We Created an All-Online Doctoral Program in Educational Technology
 Zhang, Ming. and Li, Xiaoping.


Parent Actors and Teacher Avatars: Preparing Teacher Candidates for Family Engagement
 Meyer, Joy. and Lenarz, Kelly.

Participatory Action Research Learning Communities: Enculturating Research, Collaboration, and Action into Practice
 Hales, Patrick.

Partnerships: Working with parents and the community for the success of the child.
 Henry, Aiyana.

Pedagogical Choices Made by Mathematics Teachers Preparing for High Stakes Testing Under the Common Core
 Mahovsky, Kimberly.

Pedagogical concepts as identified by Middle and High School Social Studies Teachers
 lennon, Sean. and Byford, Jeffrey.

Perceptions of Educators Involved in Identifying and Implementing Social and Emotional Learning Supports and Interventions
 Tilley, Joseph.

Perceptions of teacher candidates and cooperating teachers regarding edTPA implementation: Implications for teacher educators
 Winter, jeffrey. and Price, Todd.

Performing the edTPA: The Perceptions and Practices of Six Teacher Candidates
 Kessler, Meghan.

Personal Finance: Data Illuminating the Missing Literacy in Teacher Education
 Lucey, Thomas. and Henning, Mary.

Perspectives of Studying Teacher Education as An International Graduate Student in The U.S.
 Ma, Vera., Dogan, Selcuk., Lopez, Mark. and Alrouqi, Fawaz.

Picturing a Curriculum for Traumatic History: Teachers, Photography & the Museum Context
 Clarke-Vivier, Sara.

Pleasure Reading's Impact on Academic Achievement
 Whitten, Christy., Labby, Sandra. and Sullivan, Sam.

Portraits of Educators: Examining How Graduate Students Unpack Positionality in a Critical Multicultural Education Course
 Aronson, Brittany., Enright, Esther. and Amatullah, Tasneem.

Practicing Teachers' Outcomes from Study Abroad
 Witt, Allison.

Practicing What We Preach: Teaching and Modeling Professional Learning Communities to Preservice Teachers
 Dillard, Heather., Caukin, Nancy. and Goodin, Terry.

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Questing to Inclusion: Using Gamification in Course Design to Support Critical Thinking and Inclusive Practices
 Russell, Victoria.

Questioning for Controversial and Critical Thinking Dialogues in The Social Studies Classroom
 lennon, Sean., Byford, Jeffrey. and Horn, Brian.


Race and A University School Patnership
 Beck, Brittney.

Raising and Inspiring the Profession: Southeastern Regional ATE (SRATE)
 Govoni, Jane., Benson, Barbara., Pepper, Stephanie. and Nystrom, Jaime.

Raising the Profile of Teacher Education by Improving the Writing Skills of Teacher Education Candidates
 Barnes, Debbie., James, Terry. and Atkins, Kathleen.

Re-Engaging Struggling Readers and Writers with the Help of Comic Books
 Rieger, Alicja., McGrail, Ewa. and Doepker, Gina.

Re-Tooling Methods: Integrating iPads into the Teacher Practicum Experience
 Minicozzi, Lisa.

Re-thinking Formative Assessment of Literacy learning: A Children’s Rights Framework
 Crumpler, Thomas.

Reaching Higher for Civic Efficacy
 Waterson, Robert.

Reading Wrap-Ups: The Strategic Use of Weblogs to Enhance Teacher Candidates’ Reflective Practice
 Eutsler, Lauren. and Curcio, Rachelle.

Recruiting, Retention and Mentoring: Bridging Educator Preparation and School Districts
 Bernhardt, Philip.

Redefining the function of lesson plans: A study of teacher candidates’ knowledge of lesson plan as genre
 Hutchinson, Cynthia., Zygouris-Coe, Vassiliki., Andreasen, Janet., Olan, Elsie., Berry, Landon., Wenzel, Taylar. and Sypolt, Terrie.

Redesigning Clinical Experience: From Observation to Yearlong Internship
 savage-davis, emma. and Horn, Suzanne.

Reflective Practitioner in a 21st Century Classroom
 savage-davis, emma. and Fegely, Alex.

Removing the silos in teacher preparation: Collaborative team placements across multiple classrooms
 Insana, Annie. and McMurry, Sunny.

Resistant Teaching: Inspiring the Future in an Age of Accountability
 Krell, Desi.

Rethinking Teacher Education Coursework: Developing Technological Self-Efficacy through Continuous Community Engagement and Real World Feedback
 Crawford, Caroline.

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STEAM and Literacy
 Kay, Marni.

STEM Career Readiness: Getting 7th Grade Science Students Excited About 3D Design and Printing
 Bromer, Billi.

School Leaders and Teachers Speak: Exploring Perceptions Regarding Literacy Preparedness of Early Career Elementary Teachers
 Kindall, Heather., Crowe, Tracey. and Elsass, Angela.

School Performance of Low SES Children: What teacher candidates think the reasons for these children’s poor achievements.
 Hossain, Kazi.

School-District and University Partnerships: Strengthening the Grow-Your-Own Program Pipeline to Enhance Teacher Recruitment and Retention
 Anderson, Gina., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Dunlap, Karen. and McMahan, Sarah.

School-University Partnerships Through Clinical Practice: Our Journey in Practice-and-Theory Integration
 O\'Connor, Kevin. and Aylesworth, Chris.

Science Teacher Leaders as Agents of Change in their Schools and Districts
 Pringle, Rose., King, Natalie. and Cordero, Mayra.

Secondary Educator Preparation and Disciplinary Literacy
 Zygouris-Coe, Vicky.

Seeking Innovation: Building the Future of Teacher Education and Preparing Pre- and In-Service Teachers to Teach ELLs
 Li, Nan.

Selecting the Best Mentors for Student Teachers: How Professional Development Schools Select Clinical Supervisors
 Melser, Nancy.

Self-Perception of a Developing Teacher Presence among Clinical Teachers in a Year-Long Practicum
 Horn, Brian., Byford, Jeffrey. and lennon, Sean.

Self-Study in Teacher Education
 Clift, Renee.

Service Learning: A Space to Challenge Perceptions of Disability
 Ashton, Jennifer.

Shaping Teacher Education in Canada, 1920-1950
 Clausen, Kurt. and Lemisko, Lynn.

Shaping the Future: Enhancing Academics through Exercise
 Fernandez, Susan. and Horton, Ashlee.

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Taking One Indicator and Digging Deep: What Can We Learn, What Can We Infer, and Implications for Program Coherence – Graduate Student and Principal Investigator
 Black, Misty. and Turchi, Laura.

Taking Steps Towards Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching
 Dupree, Lakesia.

Tales of a Young Professor: 5 Lessons for New Academicians
 Barrios, Amy.

Teach Now! Transform Tomorrow: University of Southern Indiana’s full-year student teaching pilot program
 Berridge, Gina. and Goebel, Vella.

Teacher Beliefs Platform: Supporting Preservice Teachers’ Identity Development
 Leeman, Jessica., Hooser, Angela. and Krause, Margaret.

Teacher Candidate Personality and the Development of Teaching Skills
 Runyan, Charles., Brown, Steve., McDougle, Kenny., Willard, Ray., Fehrenbach, Carolyn., Sells, Pam. and Sells, Patrick.

Teacher Candidate Research and Assessment: Seeking Balance in the Age of Accountability
 Shanks, Joyce. and Harrington, Judith.

Teacher Candidates in Context: A Cross-Case Study of Self-Efficacy and Anxiety
 McCarty, Glenda. and Bromer, Billi.

Teacher Candidates’ Field Experiences with Response to Intervention
 Hovey, Katrina.

Teacher Inquiry into Practice through constructive learning
 Vaidya, Sheila.

Teacher Leaders; Agents of Change
 Sudeck, Maria.

Teacher Shortage? GROW YOUR OWN!
 Brantley, Sherri.

Teacher education for a transnational/transcultural world: An Investigation of curricular alignment to transnational standards.
 Murry, Kevin., Herrera, Socorro. and McIntyre, John.

Teaching Future Teachers: Modeling Methodology While Delivering Content
 Easley, Jacqueline.

Teaching Professionalism in a Teacher Education Program
 Black, Glenda., Clausen, Kurt. and Olmsted, Barbara.

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Understanding and Addressing Issues Regarding Students with Autism in the University Classroom
 Getty, Laura.

Understanding field experiences in Missouri teacher preparation programs: Findings from a statewide survey
 Meyer, Stephen. and Fernandez, Susan.

Universal Design as a Framework for Support Content Areas: Shaping the Future
 Summy, Sarah. and Fetters, Marcia.

Universal Design for Learning: Innovation Meets Issues of Treatment Integrity and Acceptability
 Johnson-Harris, Kimberly. and Mundschenk, Nancy.

University/P-12 Partnership for the Win: Practicing and Future Teachers Collaborate to Serve ELL Students
 Cuff, Shannon. and Hennessy, Gail.

Using Aurasma to Create Augmented Reality Poster Presentations
 Brown, Terrell. and Danford, Jessica.

Using Big Books to Integrate Content Areas in the P-5 Classroom
 Andrews, Shirley. and Sartin, Nancy.

Using Computer Simulations to Prepare Future Teachers
 Gentry, Roberta.

Using Danielson’s Framework Domain 2 to Shape Classroom Management Course
 White, Kimberly.

Using Digital Commonplacing to support Preservice Teachers' Learning and Reflection across a Developmental Course Sequence
 Fogleman, Jay., Byrd, David., deGroot, Cornelis. and Kern, Diane.

Using Multiple Evaluation Standards to Inform the Future of Teacher Preparation
 Bowser, Audrey., Bradley, Mary Jane., Hinson, Cindy. and Spence, Mary Elizabeth.

Using Real-Time, Online Polling to Encourage Student Participation and Discussion
 Cossa, Nedra., Brooksher, Kelly. and Serianni, Barbara.

Using Video and Commentary of Accomplished Teachers to Shape the Thinking of Preservice Teachers
 Johnson, Heather., Foote, Chandra., Palmeri, Amy., Hougan, Eric. and Novak, Daniel.

Using a Program's Evaluation Framework to Discuss the Implicit Model of Action in Teacher Preparation Programs
 Hernandez, Arthur. and Fender, Virginia.

Using a cohort model in a tutorial program to increase teacher candidates' first-time pass rates on state licensure exams
 Bohannon, Larry. and Gunn, Sharon.

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Validation of Historical Teachings through Collaboration of Current Research: A Case Study Using Mute Swans
 Funk, Fanchon. and Bolin, Sheila.

Video-based Discussion Groups: Using Digital Video to Develop Pre-service Teachers’ Reflexivity
 Leeman, Jessica.

Video-based classroom observations (VBCO): Bridging teaching standards to practice
 Piechura-Couture, Kathy., Colwell, Chris. and Tichenor, Mercedes.

 Polka, Walter.


What Do Veteran Teacher Educators Really Think of edTPA and Similar Reforms?
 Ammentorp, Louise. and Carroll, Stuart.

What Does It Mean to Be Gifted? Voices from the Classroom
 Rudolph, Amanda.

What Does Our Teacher Education Program Include That Prepares Pre-service Teachers to Work with LGBTQ Students and Families?
 Donahue, Denise.

What Was Old is New Again: Thoughts from Teachers in Single-Sex Educational Settings on Improving the Academic Success of Young Women
 Tareilo, Janet.

What We Wonder? The Evolution of Teacher Candidates’ Inquiry Stance from Methods to Practice
 Curcio, Rachelle.

What are the Language Demands of Historical Thinking? Action Research in a Linguistically Diverse Secondary History Classroom
 Pella, Shannon.

What attributes do parents look for when selecting their child’s early childhood centre?
 Murray, Kathy.

What if Education Weren't First and Foremost about What We Know but about What We Love?
 Hicks, John.

What is Happening with Teacher Candidate Dispositions in Teacher Education Programs Across the United States?
 Hughes, Michelle., Burden, Paul., Creasy, Kim., Lear, Janet., Mahovsky, Kimberly., Cummings, Katherine., Summy, Sarah., Fetters, Marcia., Fernandez, Susan., Beck, Judy., Harris, Rebecca., Angell, Carol. and Shanks, Joyce.

When Mom Goes to Graduate School
 Yeigh, Maika.

Where do PDS Learners Situate Themselves?: A Trioethnographic Exploration of Hybrid Teacher Educator Roles
 Jang, Chiau-Wen., Wolkenhauer, Rachel., McDonald, Christine. and McDyre, Alicia.

Wicoicage (the future): Pre-service teacher education in Indian Country
 Young, William.

Working Together to Inspire the Future: Stories of Collaboration within a Teacher Education Program
 Araujo, Blanca., Potter, Karen., Hernandez, Cecilia. and Lucero, Leanna.

Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Multicultural Journey: Reflections on Walking the Walk
 Marshall, Patricia. and Young, Jennifer.


Yo lo sé: Preparing empathetic, ELL-minded teacher candidates through teaching abroad.
 Vartanian, Lee. and Fernandez, Susan.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Do: Connecting Theory to Advocacy in Teacher Education
 Bracke, Deborah., Strahn, Catherine. and O\'Donnell, Haylee.

Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Challenges and Benefits of Undergraduates, Teachers, and Teacher Educators Collaborating on Research
 LaDuke, Aja., Pfister, Christina., Paljevic, Sophia., Curtiss, Kayla. and Petker, Zackary.
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