Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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"Put on your thinking app": How iPads transformed teaching and learning for pre-service teachers
 Mitchell, Chrystine.

[Re]Learning to Teach: Preparing Saudi Educators for Educational Reform
 Carver, Cynthia., Diliberti, Rhonda. and Trotter, Sara.

‘This Doesn’t Apply Here’: Challenging Race Talk Among White In-Service Educators Through Teacher-Led Professional Development
 Ginn, Katherine. and Hambacher, Elyse.

“Clear the Mechanism”: Making Deep Work a Priority in the Classroom by Putting the Brakes on Technology and Other Seemingly Beneficent Tools
 Hicks, John.

“I hope the saying if you can’t do, teach dies”: A Pre-service Teacher’s New Perspective on the Teaching Profession
 Kaya, Jean.

“Re-imaging Teacher Education using Practicum-Embedded Coursework for Longwood University’s Liberal Studies Elementary and Middle Pre-service Teachers”
 Brinkmann, Jodie. and Maynard, Katrina.

Conceptualization and Creation of a Video-Based Assessment of Teacher Knowledge
 Wiens, Peter. and Beck, Jori.


A Look at the Learning Curve: Teacher Educators’ Perspectives of Online Teaching and Learning
 Flihan, Sheila., Fragnoli, Kristi. and Margolin, Marcia.

A Missing Element in Teacher Education: Conflict Resolution
 Bonner, Robert.

A Mixed Methods Study Exploring the Relationship between Clinical Evaluations and edTPA
 Teske, April. and Grove, Karen.

A Retrospective Approach to Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy
 Dillard, Heather., Goodin, Terry., Caukin, Nancy., Hover, Ashlee. and Carter, Lando.

A Shared Leadership Model for Mathematics Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
 Mistetta, Regina. and Cilento, Mary Ellen.

A Study of Mexican-American Mentors’ Use of Cultural Responsive Mentoring in the Field Experience
 Zenteno, Ana Paola. and Zhang, Shaoan.

A Study of Strengthening Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge of Statistics and Probability via Professional Development
 DEVAUL, LINA. and Adkins, Amy.

A courageous approach to developing professional educators
 Wickham, Claudia. and Rose-Woodward, Jennie.

Academic Community Engagement: It's What's For Supper
 Maninger, Robert. and Wells, Edie.

Academic support and teacher relationships: The role of caring teachers
 Johnson, Leona.

Accessing Science Content for All: Universal Design for Learning Strategies
 Summy, Sarah. and Fetters, Marcia.

Adventures in Social Justice-Informed Co-Teaching
 Sharma, Manu. and Cobb, Cam.

Advocacy Groups in Action: TxATE as a Model
 Shulsky, Debra., Bledsoe, Christie., Dickerson, Kimberly., Anderson, Gina., Estrada, Veronica., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Van Overschelde, James. and Werner, Patrice.

Agents of Democracy: Pre-service students and professors use of positionality as a teaching reflection strategy
 Namatovu, Winnifred. and Johnson-Whitt, Eugenia.

Aiming for Higher Grounds. First Steps for a complex-wide PDS development
 Schlaack, Nicole. and Crumpler, Tom.

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Backward & Forward Sequencing the Prewriting & Drafting Steps of the Writing Process
 Ewoldt, Kathy. and Morgan, Joseph.

Becoming Advocates: The Role of Transfomative Experience
 Lawrence-Brown, Diana.

Becoming Effective Teachers of English Learners: Candidates Improving Practice Through Actionable Feedback
 Strebel, Carine.

Becoming responsive, responsible teachers: Using documentation and dialogue to explore/disrupt/utilize our engagements with texts
 Hayes, Sharon.

Beginning Educators as Democratic Mediators: Community Building through Literacy Instruction
 Delgado Brown, Lisa., Willner, Liz. and Wilhelm, Laura.

Benefits and barriers to providing information literacy skill instruction to future teachers.
 Shaw, Erin.

Beyond Pedagogy: Teacher Candidates’ Digital Stories as Participatory Literacies
 Coggin, Linda., Sydnor, Jackie., Davis, Tammi., Daley, Sharon. and Grove, Karen.

Breaking Silos: Using the Danielson Model as an Evaluation Tool During Student Teaching
 Feiten, Beth., Carver, Cynthia., Carruthers, Holly. and Wigent, Catherine.

Bringing Order Out of Chaos: Training Teacher Candidates in Hawaiian Education.
 Faria, Kahea. and Lenchanko, Mischa.

Building Data Literacy in a Practice-Based Teacher Education Program
 Hurlbut, Amanda. and Krutka, Dan.

Building Democracy In Teacher Education Methods Courses Through Open-Ended Assignments
 Stone, Brian.

Building Reflective Communities of Practice: Video as a Tool to Enhance Reflection in Teacher Education
 Sydnor, Jackie., Daley, Sharon., Davis, Tammi. and Coggin, Linda.

Building a Bridge for English Language Learners through Writing Workshop
 Miller, Melinda., Berg, Helen. and Cox, Donna.

Building the Public Good: Public Achievement and Organizing as a Key Component of Special Education teacher preparation
 Rogers, Kaycee.


California’s New Teacher Performance Assessment: The “Natural” Harvest of Evidence
 Soodjinda, Daniel., Escalante, Karen., Mandell, Helene., Boyd-Batstone, Paul. and Reising, Amy.

Can Commitments to Culturally Responsive Teaching Prevail: Implications for a Teacher Education Program
 Vescio, Vicki.

Candid Camera: Self-Reflection and Constructive Feedback
 Piechura-Couture, Kathy. and Tichenor, Mercedes.

Case Study of Teacher Candidate Autism Self-Efficacy Development Through Participation in a Community of Practice
 Hagler, Natalie. and Orlando, Ann-Marie.

Changemaking in Teacher Education: A Journey from Inspiration to Action
 Alexandrowicz, Viviana. and Hansen, Bobbi.

Characteristics of Effective Secondary Teachers: Addressing Both High School Student and Pre-Service Teacher Perspectives
 McCall, Madelon.

Civil Society that Embeds Democratic Agency and Deliberative Governance: Overcoming the Hibernating Teacher Educator Effect
 Crawford, Caroline.

Classroom Teachers as Associated Teacher Educators: Learning in Landscapes of Practice
 Hardy, Sandra., Crawford, Caroline. and McConnell, John.

Clinical Faculty: Reimaging Borders in a Changing Landscape
 Adams, Alyson. and Vescio, Vicki.

Clinical Preparation Revisited: One to Five Years Later
 Torrez, Cheryl.

Closing the Gaps between School, Culture, and Community via C.H.I.L.L. and Community-Based Inquiry
 Woolard, Cassandra., Thacker, Della. and Pund, Baden.

Co-Teaching Across the Teacher Preparation Program: Collaboration Among University Faculty, Mentor Teachers and Preservice Teachers
 Dolan, Holly., Cohn, Annie. and Conlon, Jennifer.

Co-Teaching Model: Making a Difference for Teaching and Learning
 Blacklock, Phillip., Bussue, Nikki. and Curry, Daphney.

Co-navigating the U.S. educational system by immigrant parents: Preparing teachers to Include immigrant parents
 Fayazpour, Shahla. and Putney, LeAnn.

Collaborating with Theatre, Nature, and STEM: A Multigenerational Family Event
 Reinking, Anni., Vetere III, Michael. and Percell, Jay.

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Data Day: Bringing Together Multiple Measures and Multiple Voices for Data-based Decision Making in Teacher Education
 Thompson, Amber., Culpepper, Shea., Button, Kathryn., Hamman, Doug., Burkett, Jerry., Lewis, Chandar. and Ford, Haley.

Death of an American Ideal – The Privatization of Education
 Shelly, Ann. and Alouf, James.

Democracy as a Topic in the Diversity in the Classroom Course
 Harris, Rebecca.

Democracy in the Tip: Imperatives for Teacher Education
 Masterson, Jessica. and Gatti, Lauren.

Democracy within Education;The Impact of Poverty on School- Aged Children
 Fradkin-Hayslip, Ann.

Democratic Dispositions: Using Evaluation to Promote Critical Dialogue in Teacher Education.
 Cooper, Jane., Beaudry, Christine. and Gauna, Leslie.

Democratic Processes in a Teacher Education Cohort
 Robinson, Scott.

Determining Civic Principles, Values, and Rights and Responsibilities: A Case Study of High School Students
 Byford, Jeffrey. and Horn, Brian.

Developing Disposition Protocols: Collaboration, Lessons Learned and Best Practices
 LaFave, Matthew., Rogers, Carrie. and Rose, Terry.

Developing Empathy and Cultural Sensitivity Through Short-Term International Field Study
 Levine, Aaron., Balinbin Santos, Rosela., Nonaka, Chisato., Traynor, Kevin. and Frambaugh-Kritzer, Charlotte.

Developing Multi-Point Assessment Instruments for Measuring the Knowledge, Ethical and Professional Reasoning, and Growth of Educational Diagnostician Candidates
 Blackwell, William., Cole, Corinna. and Duran, Jaime.

Developing New Models for Early Clinical Placement: Niner Clinical Immersion Schools (NCIS)
 Moody, Erica. and Bayer, Ashley.

Developing New and Experienced Teachers into Agents of Change through Collaborative Inquiry Communities
 Hebert, Lara., Insana, Lindsayanne. and Kessler, Meghan.

Developing Self-Efficacy through Mentoring
 Jack, Ashlie., Lefever, Shirley. and McDowell, Kim.

Developing and Evaluating an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Focused on Social Justice in Preservice Teacher Education
 Sander, Scott., Reyes, Ganiva., Aronson, Brittany., Radina, Rachel., Saultz, Andrew., Kelly, Molly. and Johnson, Ashley.

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E-Mentoring Novice Teachers Through University-Sponsored Online Induction: Implications for Practice
 Legler, Christian. and Evans, Kathy.

EFL Preservice Teachers’ Reflective Learning and Identity Development Through Video-Mediated Reflection
 Li, Chengcheng., Zhang, Shaoan. and KIAEEHA, MOHAMMAD MAHDI.

ESOL Endorsements: Potential Pathways for Conscientization
 Leckie, Alisa. and Henry, Ed. D., Aiyana.

EdTPA Relevance: Voices from Teacher Education Program Graduates
 Huss, Robyn. and Smith, Laura.

Educating Homeless Children
 Singh, Delar.

Educating Quality Teachers: Research and Ethical Dimensions in Teacher Education
 Flores, Maria.

Education, Equity and Inclusion: Preparing teachers to support diverse students
 donahue, denise. and Banks, Crista.

Educative Distance Supervision: Lessons Learned from an E-Coaching Model
 Curcio, Rachelle. and Castanheira, Brittney.

Effect of Government Spending on Science Achievement: A Cross-Section Analysis of Education Model
 KIAEEHA, MOHAMMAD MAHDI., Zhang, Shaoan. and Li, Chengcheng.

Effectively conveying democratic ideals through educational publishing.
 Buttery, Thomas. and McConnell, John.

Effects of Recess on Student Achievement
 Kunders, Todd., Holt, Josh., Holly, Allison. and Hammonds, Craig.

Elementary Preservice Teachers Inquire, Investigate, and Develop a Plan of Action For Working With Families
 Buelow, Stephanie. and Balinbin Santos, Rosela.

Ellis Island: The beginning or the end of the immigration process?
 Hossain, Kazi.

Employing Lorraine Code’s Ecological Epistemology: Understanding One’s Situatedness to Engage in Cultural Competency
 Bartone, Michael.

Empowering Teacher Candidates through Action Research: A Qualitative Examination of Practice in an Undergraduate Program
 Bohannon, Kimberly.

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Facing the challenges and triumphs of co-teaching in higher education: A case study
 McConnell, Michele., Kalyanpur, Maya. and Mandell, Helene.

Feedback and Reflection: Utilizing Digitally-Mediated Distance Supervision to Support the Student Intern
 Wood, Jill. and Allen, David.

First Year Teachers’ Perceptions of Induction Programs and Mentoring
 Kern, Joan.

First-Attempt Success on the Praxis: How We Did It
 Wise, William. and Davis, Steven.

Five Technology Assessment Tools to Conduct Formative Assessment in the Classroom
 Bohannon, Larry., Gunn, Sharon., Porter, Debi. and McCollum, Dixie.

Five Things Preservice Teachers Are Shocked They Can Do with Microsoft Word®
 Rogers, Douglas. and Rogers, Rachelle.

Five Ways to Personalize Teacher Professional Development
 Franklin, David.

For the Common Good: Connecting with AMTE’s Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics
 Olson, Travis.

Forty Years of “Un-learning”: Enlightenment of a Veteran Teacher
 Cross, Mackinley., Williams, Lindsay. and Henry, Ed. D., Aiyana.

Fostering Discussion and Inquiry through the Case Study Method to Teach Democratic Ideals and Practices.
 Byford, Jeffrey., Shorten, Jenny., Edge, Gay. and Thompson, Jordan.

Fostering Resilience and Persistence in Early Career Teachers: Lessons Learned from an Induction Professional Learning Community
 HOFKAMP, Kim., Kramer, Kathrine., Kretchmar, Kerry. and White, Kimberly.

Fostering a Teacher's Voice and Resilience Through a Year-long Student Teaching Placement
 Kaufmann, Laura., Burr, Stacy., Beck, Judy. and Fernandez, Susan.

Freshmen Education Candidates’ Perceptions of Title 1 Schools
 Costner, Richard., Costner, Betsey., Richmond, Jamia. and Hitt, Austin.

From Passive Recipients to Policy Actors, Equipping Teachers and Teacher Educators to Enact Change
 Gillham, John.

From Serial Monologue to Deep Dialogue: Designing and Facilitating Online Discussions in Teacher Preparation Courses
 Hambacher, Elyse., Ginn, Katherine. and Slater, Kathryn.

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GEM (Generalized Empirical Method), Teaching and Our Schools: How the Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan Can Lift American Education Out of the Straitjackets of Scientism and Reductionism.
 Hicks, John.

Game-Based Models in Education: The Democracy of Creating Shared Experiences
 Bacos, Catherine., Laferriere, Jeffrey. and McCreery, Michael.

Generational Overcomers: Successful Teen Moms and their Progeny
 Dambo, Neffisatu. and Halton, Marvina.

Giving Teachers a Voice in Improving Schools
 Staudt, Denise.

Global Serendipity: How Study Abroad Promotes Cultural Competence for Teacher Candidates
 Wheeler, Patricia., Bauserman, Kathryn. and Knaebel, Debra.

Grit, Determination and Resilience: Creating Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms
 Lelli, Colleen.

Growing Sense of Self Efficacy In Teaching English Learners
 Strebel, Carine.

Growing Urban Educators with Persistence and Skill: Fulfilling the Promise of University Partnerships and Shaping Preservice Teacher Clinical Practice
 McClellan, Anne., Thompson, Amber., Culpepper, Shea., McCanna, Jeff. and Ford, Haley.

Growing Your Own: A Univerity/District Collaboration
 Stewart, Sandra., Lowe, Katie. and Nerren, Jannah.

Growing as Democratic Educators: Personal Narratives from the Field
 LaDuke, Aja., Pfister, Christina., Paljevic, Sophia., Curtiss, Kayla., Petker, Zackary., Spano, Samantha., Walsh, Kevin. and McGan, Katherine.


Hangry & Insecure: Maslow’s Basic Needs in the 21st Century
 Rickman, Wendy.

Hawaiian Culture-Based Education: A Collection of Teachers’ Stories Of Transformation
 Lenchanko, Mischa. and Faria, Kahea.

High-Impact Practices: Preparation of Teacher Candidates through Social Justice
 Jennings-Towle, Kelly., Hoffman, Elizabeth., Kaczmarczyk, Annemarie., Spalding, Lee-Anne. and Wenzel, Taylar.

Hilda Taba and the Spiral Curriculum
 Davis, Edith.

How Focus Groups Informed our Understanding about an Alternative Certification Cohort-Model Teacher Education Program
 Eaton, Katherine. and Fetters, Marcia.

How Has Working in an Indigenous Community Changed Our Perspectives as Teacher Educators?—The Results of a Dual Self
 Krebs, Marjori. and Torrez, Cheryl.

How a Student Organization Envisions the Future of Education
 Thacker, Della., Woolard, Cassandra., Cole, Brady., Merriam, Kristen., Pantone, Triston., Collins, Lydia. and Warren, Tyler.

How a team of teachers and staff in a program for pregnant and parenting teens learned about stress
 Mulholland, Val. and Salm, Twyla.


INTERNSHIPS….The New Relationship Builder for Online Programs
 Copeland, Sherry.

IPad Tips and Tricks to Enhance Teachers', Students', and Teacher Educators' Professional Practice
 Fogleman, Jay.

Ideate This: Developing Teacher Candidates as Design Thinkers in a PDS Partnership
 Matsumoto, Vail., Yoshioka, Jon. and Fulton, Lori.

Identity Shift: Identity in the Mobile Teacher
 Cross, Mackinley. and Henry, Ed. D., Aiyana.

Imagine! All Faculty Prepared to Teach Language Learners (LL)
 Kaufman, Roberta. and Galvin, Trehixi.

Impactful Practice: Sharing Practice Amongst Early Childhood Teacher Educators
 Meidl, Christopher., Bromer, Billi., Smith, Jill., Chvala, Terry., Byrne, Laurel. and Ammentorp, Louise.

Implementing Social Stories for Students of Color with Emotional Behavioral Disorders
 Matute, Monique., Dennis, June. and Atwell, Nicole.

In the Company of Children and an Elementary School Community: Exploring how Pre-service Teachers Come to Understand High-Leverage Teaching Practices while Participating in a State-Wide CEEDAR Initiative
 Norton-Meier, Lori. and Lingo, Amy.

Incorporating Facebook into Ones’ 21st Century University Classroom
 McCarthy, David.

Incorporating the Simulation Approach to Teach Un-Democratic Practices and Principles
 Byford, Jeffrey.

Increasing Diversity in the Teaching Profession: A “Simple” Idea with Complex (and Positive) Outcomes
 Hawk, Jean.

Indigenizing Health Education Curriculum in Teacher Education
 Salm, Twyla., Mulholland, Val. and Hernandez, Arthur.

Induction and Mentoring Outcomes for First, Second, and Third Year Teachers
 Jadallah, Edward., Darden, Amanda. and Costner, Betsey.

Influences of a University-School Partnership on Preservice Teachers’ Efficacy and Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Reading
 Jang, Bong Gee. and Wiens, Peter.

Information Literacy Skills (or lack thereof) of Preservice Teachers
 Prather-Jones, Bianca.

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K-12 Teachers Join University Efforts to Reclaim Excellence in Teacher Education
 Benson, Tammy., Green, Charlotte. and Gault, T. K..


Leading Change In A Complex-Wide PDS
 Schlaack, Nicole.

Learning about Professional Evaluation and Assessment: Teacher Candidates’ Experiences with the Danielson Framework and edTPA
 Kessler, Meghan.

Leave Your Attitude at the Door: Dispositions in Field Experience
 Thompson, Amy., Voegele, Crystal. and Hogan, Chris.

Leveraging Partnerships for Culturally Rich Pre-Service Field Experiences
 Lawrence, Salika., Paul, Sheilah. and Wright, Donna.

Lived Experiences of Second Career STEM Teachers
 Vaidya, Sheila.

Living and Working Above the Noise: Voices from a Complex Area PDS
 Fulton, Lori., Yoshioka, Jon., Matsumoto, Vail., Levine, Aaron. and Zuercher, Deborah.

Locally Grown and Globally Engaged: Preparing Teachers to be Agents of Democracy
 Yoshioka, Jon., Fulton, Lori., Matsumoto, Vail. and Zuercher, Deborah.

Lopes Leap to Teach and Lead: Building Collaborative Networks
 St. Arnauld, Eva., Rickey, Debbie. and Brett, Julianne.


Making Data-Based Decisions About Behavioral Interventions: An Inclusive Practice for All Students
 Taylor, Shanon., Abernathy, Tammy. and McCarthy, Jane.

Making Personal Connections in an Online Teacher Education Program
 Pierczynski, Melissa., Pilato, Virginia. and Gillies, Warna.

Making a Difference in the Classroom Through Collaborative Action Research
 Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara. and Rogers, Rachelle.

Many Lenses, Many Voices: Becoming Aware of and Learning to Teach Multiple Perspectives Through Inquiry
 Torres, Heidi.

Measuring Preservice teachers’ Impact on Middle and High School Student Learning using Student Learning Objectives
 Yeigh, Maika., Lenski, Susan., Cherner, Todd., Thieman, Gayle. and Ferner, Bernd.

Meet the ATE Editors—A Roundtable Discussion
 Crumpler, Tom., Handsfield, Lara., Miller, Kyle., White, Beth. and Durling, Joe.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners through Research Collaboration in Teacher Education
 LaCour, Misty. and Dees, Laura.

Mentor Teachers on Becoming a Teacher Leader
 McGlamery, Sheryl. and Shillingstad, Saundra.

Mentor-Intern Relationships: Cultivating Persistence and Resilience for 21st Century Challenges
 Curcio, Rachelle.

Mentoring Across a School Network: Novice Teacher, Teacher Leader, and Administrator Experiences
 Hayden, Steve., Plachowski, Tara. and Scott, Dr. Chyllis.

Mentoring Urban Youth towards Meaningful Action: Teacher Candidates’ Pursuit of the Democratic Ideal
 Bower-Phipps, Laura. and Golding, Linzi.

Microlearning and Mobile Applications: Enhancing Teacher Candidate Coursework and Field-Based Understandings
 Crawford, Caroline. and Simons-Semeniuk, Melissa.

Mining NAEP Data: Importance of Read Aloud and Read Silently in 4th Graders’ Reading Proficiency
 Kolski, Tammi. and Zhang, Mingyuan.

Model teaching- Using video to capture exemplar teaching practices
 Colwell, Christopher.

Modeling Inclusion within Art in Education and Music and Movement in Education Courses for Early Childhood and Childhood Student Teachers in a Community College in Brooklyn New York
 Carpenter, Susan.

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N!gga(er): Classroom, Hallway, Recess: Are We Becoming Moore Accepting of The Word?
 Moore, Jr., Eddie.

Navigating Discourses in Academia: Challenging the Status Quo
 Bacon, Heidi. and Byfield, Lavern.

No Perfect Patriotism: Encouraging Preservice Teachers to View Patriotic Processes from Multiple Perspectives
 Wellenreiter, Benjamin.

Novice Teachers and Classroom Management: A Study of Strategies and Traits that Lead to Effectiveness
 Weisman, Ted. and Zhang, Shaoan.

Novice to Expert: Mentoring to Build Great Teachers
 Escalante, Karen., Selva, Ashley. and Edic Bryant, Jennifer.


One year later....moving toward a year-long internship.
 Fillippino, Tonja., Towery, Ron., McMurtry, Zelda., Jones, Jo. and Hiatt, Sylvia.

Online Teacher Educators Modifying Teaching Attributes to the Face-to-Face Modality
 Juarez, Brandon.

Operationally Defining Teacher Educators’ Work: Reimagining Educator Preparation in a Democracy
 Holbert, Romena., Fisher, Robert. and Watts, Aileen.


PDS Transitions
 Cossa, Nedra.

Pathways beyond privilege: A multi-stakeholder partnership for access to equity and opportunity across education communities.
 Burbank, Mary., Goldsmith, Melissa., Eldredge, Kona., Spikner, Jennifer. and O\'Brien, Nicole.

Pedagogical Practices for Preparing Socially Just Teachers: A Teacher Educator’s Narrative
 Mysore, Anita Rao.

Pillars or Pliers? The Dialectic of Critical Pedagogy in Student Interactions
 Mozenter, Suki.

Planting the Seeds of Civic Literacy: Cultivating Teacher Candidates’ Ability to Create Learning Experiences that Foster Civic Global Mindedness
 Baker, Sheila., Shulsky, Debra., Chvala, Terry., Willis, Jana. and Black, Linda.

Positive Psychology of Mindfulness in the Classroom
 O\'Grady, Patty.

Power of Professional Partnerships: Taking The Show On the Road!
 Benson, Tammy., Voegele, Crystal., Thompson, Amy., Whittingham, Jeff., Styles-Foster, Sunny., Wake, Donna. and Alea, Jamie.

PowerPoints No Longer! How to use Adobe Spark
 White, Kimberly.

Practicing What I Preach: A Self-Study on Modeling Asset-Based Teaching in Undergraduate and Graduate Teacher Education Courses
 Ruggles, Krista.

Pre-Service Teachers Exploration of Self through Experiential Learning
 Hogan-Chapman, Ava., Cooper, Rebecca., Warren, LaTeshia., Howse, Tashana. and Lewis, Brandon.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Field Experiences Making Data-Based Educational Decisions
 Hovey, Katrina.

Pre-service & In-service Teacher Perceived Knowledge of Bullying in School-aged Students
 Peterson-Ahmad, Maria., Wise, Nicolette. and Walsh, Colleen.

Preparing Candidates to Work With Impoverished Student Populations
 Huvaere, Dorene., Palmi, Chris. and Reinhardt, Kimberly.

Preparing Future Educators for Mental Health Issues in the Classroom: A Problem-Based Learning Approach
 Goodin, Terry., Peyton, Marvin. and Huffman, Jim.

Preparing Globally Minded Educators through Partnerships between University-Based Teacher Education Programs and K12 Schools
 Liu, Katrina. and Yang, Yichen.

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Re-Imagining Education Preparation in a Democracy: Teacher Educator and Public Intellectual: Requiring Valid Scientific Research
 Funk, Fanchon., Bolin, Sheila. and Jenlink, Patrick.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation In A Democracy: Administrators Tell About the Strengths and Weaknesses in Current Student Teachers
 Melser, Nancy.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation In a Democracy: The Teacher Educator as Public Intellectual--Changes in a College of Education
 Price, Elsa.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation in a Democracy: Reclaiming Educator Preparation -Incorporating Stress Management Skills for Different Personality Types
 Price, Elsa.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation through Democratic Partnerships: An Integrated Collaborative between a School District, University Educator Preparation Program, Community College, and an Alternative Certification Program
 Anderson, Gina., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Dunlap, Karen., McMahan, Sarah., Bush, Brandon., Huber, Diann., Valenta, Richard. and Del Rio, Roxanne.

Re-Imagining Pre-Service Teacher Preparation: Empowering Teachers to use an Integrated Approach to Literacy and Science
 Lewinski, Kimberly. and Byrne, Laurel.

Re-Imagining Spaces for Democratic and Critical Dialogue in A Diversity Course
 Marshall, Patricia.

Re-engaging urban students in Democracy and Civil Responsibility post ‘Ferguson Riots’
 Ming, Miranda. and Key, Rhonda.

Re-imagining General Secondary Methods Course to Incorporate Teacher Inquiry
 Welsh, Hilarie.

Re-imagining Tracking Practices to Allow All Students the Opportunity to Participate in a Democratic Society
 McCardle, Todd.

Re-imagining professional development for middle school science teachers: Lessons learned in an online learning environment
 Pringle, Rose., Mistry, Erin. and LaFramenta, Joanne.

Re-thinking about teacher education programs from global perspectives
 Kambara, Hitomi. and Persinger, Ebru.

Reaching for Interculturality and Transformation After an International Teaching Practicum
 Black, Glenda., Bernardes, Roger. and Wilcox, Kevin.

Reclaiming Our Responsibility: Preparing Teachers with a Social Justice Lens
 Bryde, Beverly.

Reclaiming the Central Role of Art in STEM Teacher Education
 Bu, Lingguo., Henson, Harvey., Renzaglia, Karen. and Sipes, Sedonia.

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STEAM in Hawaii: An Innovated Field Trip Experience for Pre-Service Teachers
 Cheng, Qiang., Cunningham, Renee. and Hom, Erik.

STEMS^2: Empowering Educators and the Youth They Teach to Re-envision STEM Education Through the Lens of Place and Sense of Place
 O\'Neill, Tara.

Saudi Arabia’s Female Mathematics Teachers’ Readiness and Attitudes toward Implementing Integrated STEM Education
 Mousa, Rabab.

Scholarship Re - reconsidered: Redefining Scholarship Criteria for Professors of Education
 Zook, Kevin., Price, Gwen., Rogers, Amy. and Curci, Juliet.

School-University Partnerships Through Clinical Practice: Our Journey in Supporting Pedagogies of the Practical
 O\'Connor, Kevin.

Self-study of Team-based Clinical Supervision for a Fully-online Special Education Masters in Teaching Program
 Beymer, Lisa.

Sense of Place in STEMS^2: A Catalyst For Global Citizenship
 Yu, Waynele.

Sinking, Swimming, or Floating Along: Student Teaching as Field of Study
 Davis, Summer. and Diacopoulos, Mark.

Socializing New Teachers to Use Emotional Intelligence Practices to Reduce Stress and Promote Democratic Ideals
 DeBiase, Jessica., Lloyd, Carrie., Linder, Angie. and Harris, Pamela.

Special Education: Evidence Based Strategies that Support the Successful Inclusion of Students with Special Needs
 Walker, Angela.

Specific reading learning disabilities: Are pre-service teachers prepared to teach?
 Peterson-Ahmad, Maria. and Peterson, Emily.

Springfield College: Preparing Educational Leaders Through Collaboration and Service Learning at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels.
 Bonanno-Sotiropoulos, Kristen. and Reed, Katherine.

Stakeholder Influence on Alternative Licensure Teacher Candidates
 Treadway, Ellen. and Smith, V..

Stamping Out Fake News through Critical Literacy
 Fernandez, Susan., Kaufmann, Laura., Burr, Stacy. and Anderson-Murray, Ashley.

Student Reflections from Working in Special Education Classrooms During a Short-Term Study Abroad
 Hovey, Katrina. and Peak, Pamela.

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Taking a Critical Look at Ourselves: Uncovering Practices, Structures, and Policies that Minoritize Teacher Candidates
 Jacobs, Jennifer. and Latzke, Randi.

Taking an interest in Pinterest: How pre-service teachers use Pinterest
 Schroeder, Stephanie., Curcio, Rachelle. and Lundgren, Lisa.

Taking the Long View: Cultivating Historical Thinking for Democracy in Teacher Education
 Currin, Elizabeth. and Schroeder, Stephanie.

Targeting high leverage practices across courses & experiences: Building preservice teachers instructional capacity
 Francis, Anthony. and Olson, Mark.

Teacher Book Study Groups as a Tool for Professional Development: Discussion Themes and Threads
 Dolan, Holly., Cohn, Annie. and Conlon, Jennifer.

Teacher Candidate Preparation: Teaching Diverse Students and Encouraging Resilience
 Furuta, Stephanie. and Traynor, Kevin.

Teacher Candidates Beliefs During Residency
 Caukin, Nancy.

Teacher Candidates FACE Literacy: A Civic Engagement Model to Support Family Literacy
 Grugel, Annie.

Teacher Candidates’ Field Experiences with Progress Monitoring
 Hovey, Katrina. and Sutton, Tim.

Teacher Educator Collectives to Reimagine the Teachers as Public Intellectuals
 Aronson, Brittany., Aydarova, Elena., Boveda, Mildred., Cordova, Rebekah. and Reyes, Ganiva.

Teacher Educators and Public Advocacy (ATE Standard 7): An Opportunity to Prepare Future Change Agents in Educational Psychology Courses
 Williams, Nicole.

Teacher Educators and Teacher Leaders in Graduate Coursework: The Impact of Differentiated Communities Integration
 Crawford, Caroline.

Teacher Educators as Public Intellectuals: Preparing Teachers to Challenge the Status Quo in Education
 Snow, Jennifer., Dismuke, Sherry. and Wenner, Julianne.

Teacher Interns’ Impact on Student Learning: A Qualitative Analysis of Physical Education Candidates’ Reflections
 Kanyiba, Lewis.

Teacher Leader Identities as Cultivated in Clinical Practice
 Snow, Jennifer. and Dismuke, Sherry.

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UbD and edTPA: Using an Understanding by Design framework to enhance preparation for the edTPA
 Blackwell, William., Roberts, Christy., Fisher, Mary. and Buss, Jennifer.

Understanding Children's Reading Motivation in an International Context
 Jin, Lijun. and Ruan, Jiening.

Understanding Generational Perspectives and the Implications on Effective Mentoring and Coaching for Teacher Leadership Development
 Hameister, Tonya. and Arnold-Tengesdal, Dr. Barbara.

Understanding and Addressing Issues Regarding Students with Autism in the University Classroom
 Getty, Laura.

Universal Design for Learning in Teacher Preparation: A General Educator’s Journey from Differentiation to UDL
 Maynard, Amy.

Untrained EFL Teachers’ Participation in the in-Service Professional Development Program in Senegal
 Diack, Ndeye Helene.

Up Periscope! Advancing Preservice Teachers Conceptions of Equity and Social Justice
 Davis, Summer.

Urban Education with an Equity / Social Justice Framework: An Online EdD in Professional / Instructional Leadership
 White, Cameron. and Hutchison, Laveria.

Using A TPACK-Based Technology Integration Assessment Tool to Observe the Art and Design Classroom
 Alsuwaida, Nouf.

Using Action Research to Develop Scholar-Practitioners Committed to Social Justice
 Barber, Catherine. and McCollum, Janet.

Using Eight Key Questions to Improve Personal and Professional Decision-Making
 Hawk, William. and Hawk, Jean.

Using GroupMe as a Digital Platform for Community of Practice for Pre-Service Teachers
 Unger, Susan. and Fogleman, Jay.

Using Microteaching Video Analysis for Modeling & Reflection in Student Teaching Seminar
 Rouech, Kristina. and Cavanaugh, Shane.

Using Performance-Based Evaluations to Prepare Teacher Candidates
 Hover, Ashlee., Carter, Lando., Caukin, Nancy., Dillard, Heather. and Goodin, Terry.

Using Simulations to Increase Perceived Self-Efficacy and Problem-Solving in Special Education Teacher Candidates
 LaFave, Matthew.

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Validation of an Observation and Evaluation Instrument for the Supervision of Middle and Secondary Pre-Service Teachers
 Bush, Brandon.

Video Analysis: A Professional Development Tool for Inquiry and Growth
 Howell, Leanne.

Video Mediated Reflection for Teacher Candidate Instruction for English Language Learners
 Smith, Dr. Monica.

Video-Based Discussions in Service of Student Agency, Authority, and Identity
 Mozenter, Suki., Gomez Zaccarelli, Florencia. and Ellsworth, Alison.

Virtual Reality in Teacher Preparation: The How, The Why, The Impact
 Reinking, Anni.

Visualizing Our Individual Role as an Equal Team Player within our Teacher Preparation Program
 Thacker, Della., Woolard, Cassandra. and Thoma, Robin.


WEPOP: Teacher fellows working with pre-service teachers to access policy and foster change
 Barocas, Sadie.

What Does It Mean to Be Gifted? Voices from the Classroom
 Rudolph, Amanda.

What Have We Done to Meet CAEP Standards and What is Next?
 Feldmann, Marilyn. and Fisher, Robert.

What I Can Bring to My White Preservice Teachers: An Asian Graduate Student Instructor’s Self-study
 Ma, Vera.

What is the Right “FIT”? Exploring the Motivations to Elect a Teaching Career in Dynamic Democratic Times using The FIT-Choice Scale
 Ridgewell, Natalie.

What’s in Your Toolbox? A Digital Resource for Educators in the 21st Century.
 Stiffler, Daniel. and Frazier, Mary.

What’s yours is mine and what mine is my own: Teaching democratic principles via simulation
 Byford, Jeffrey., Hopper, Sherrie. and Grant, John.

Where Making meets ELL: Discussing a Collaborative, Makerspace Approach to ELL Methods
 Judkins, Brandy.

White Privilege 101: Getting in on the Conversation
 Moore, Jr., Eddie.

Who Are the Teacher Educators in Your Neighborhood?: Classroom Teachers’ Views on Being a Teacher Educator
 Paljevic, Sophia.

Who Decides What Learning Is? A Critical Inquiry Into Community-Based Out-of-School Learning Opportunities
 Coomer, M. Nickie., Jackson, Robin., Oglesby, Nicole., Hannon, Kelly. and Nadaraj, Aghilah.

Who are You? Using Storytelling to Construct Understanding of Disability in Inclusive Secondary Classrooms
 Russell, Victoria.

Why should Interactive Read Alouds be implemented?
 Fillippino, Tonja., McMurtry, Zelda., Jones, Jo. and Hiatt, Sylvia.


Your Voice is Your Weapon! Empowering Youth Through Community Based Writing Workshops
 Reinhardt, Kimberly. and Johnson, Robin.


Zeichner Revisited: Communities' Significant and Necessary Role in Intercultural Student Teaching Experiences
 Stachowski, Laura.
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