Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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A Look at the Learning Curve: Teacher Educators’ Perspectives of Online Teaching and Learning
 Flihan, Sheila., Fragnoli, Kristi. and Margolin, Marcia.

A Missing Element in Teacher Education: Conflict Resolution
 Bonner, Robert.

A Mixed Methods Study Exploring the Relationship between Clinical Evaluations and edTPA
 Teske, April. and Grove, Karen.

A Retrospective Approach to Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy
 Dillard, Heather., Goodin, Terry., Caukin, Nancy., Hover, Ashlee. and Carter, Lando.

A Shared Leadership Model for Mathematics Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
 Mistetta, Regina. and Cilento, Mary Ellen.

A Study of Mexican-American Mentors’ Use of Cultural Responsive Mentoring in the Field Experience
 Zenteno, Ana Paola. and Zhang, Shaoan.

A Study of Strengthening Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge of Statistics and Probability via Professional Development
 DEVAUL, LINA. and Adkins, Amy.

A courageous approach to developing professional educators
 Wickham, Claudia. and Rose-Woodward, Jennie.

Academic Community Engagement: It's What's For Supper
 Maninger, Robert. and Wells, Edie.

Academic support and teacher relationships: The role of caring teachers
 Johnson, Leona.

Accessing Science Content for All: Universal Design for Learning Strategies
 Summy, Sarah. and Fetters, Marcia.

Adventures in Social Justice-Informed Co-Teaching
 Sharma, Manu. and Cobb, Cam.

Advocacy Groups in Action: TxATE as a Model
 Shulsky, Debra., Bledsoe, Christie., Dickerson, Kimberly., Anderson, Gina., Estrada, Veronica., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Van Overschelde, James. and Werner, Patrice.

Agents of Democracy: Pre-service students and professors use of positionality as a teaching reflection strategy
 Namatovu, Winnifred. and Johnson-Whitt, Eugenia.

Aiming for Higher Grounds. First Steps for a complex-wide PDS development
 Schlaack, Nicole. and Crumpler, Tom.

An Examination of the Skills, Knowledge, and Dispositions that Emerge within the First Year of Teaching- A Collective Case Study
 Harmon, Shannon.

An Exploration of Pre-service Teachers' Experiences of 3D Design
 Nyirenda, Euginia., Henson, Harvey. and Bu, Lingguo.

An Investigation of Multi-Tiered System of Supports: Implementation Perceptions and 3rd Grade Reading Achievement
 Sherman, Valerie., Pierce, Corey. and Handsfield, Lara.

An Investigation of Vocabulary Learning Strategies by Iranian EFL Students in Different Proficiency Levels
 Jafari, Samaneh.

An Ohana Approach: Re-Imagining Education in Hawaii
 Zuercher, Deborah., Fulton, Lori., Yoshioka, Jon., Robinson, Scott. and Matsumoto, Vail.

An Urban STEM Residency: Empowering Secondary Teachers to 'Find-A-Way'
 Lastrapes, Wanda.

An investigation in STEMteach candidate's teaching and learning beliefs
 Buchanan, Michelle., Dailey, Deborah., Cotabish, Alicia. and Trumble, Jason.

Anatomy of a Faculty-Led Journey for the Reconceptualization of INSPIRED Teacher Education Programs.
 Amador-Lankster, Clara.

Annotation – An Effective Approach for Enhancing Online Discussion
 Zhang, Mingyuan., Kolski, Tammi. and Li, Xiaoping.

Are Teacher Education Programs Preparing Students to Understand the Implications of Race in the Classroom?
 Rezaeian, Fereshteh., Bernstein, Janna. and Somji, Rahima.

Are Two Heads Better Than One? Fostering a Collaborative Mindset in Teacher Preparation Programs
 Tichenor, Mercedes.

Assessing Dispositions: A Success Story
 White, Kimberly.

Assessing Rigor in a Teacher Education Program
 Medaille, Ann., Goldrup, Sharon. and Abernathy, Tammy.

Assisting the transition from K-12 to Higher Education: The Importance of Mentoring Relationships
 Caukin, Nancy., True, Charlene. and Butler, Kyle.

Attempting to standardize Second Language Assessment across three languages: A Department’s Accreditation Journey
 Bobbitt, Uilani.

Authentic Teacher Practices as Educative Tools for a Democratic Teacher
 Van Schooneveld, Jacqueline.

Autoethnography Via an Online Network
 Diamond, Lindsay.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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