Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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California’s New Teacher Performance Assessment: The “Natural” Harvest of Evidence
 Soodjinda, Daniel., Escalante, Karen., Mandell, Helene., Boyd-Batstone, Paul. and Reising, Amy.

Can Commitments to Culturally Responsive Teaching Prevail: Implications for a Teacher Education Program
 Vescio, Vicki.

Candid Camera: Self-Reflection and Constructive Feedback
 Piechura-Couture, Kathy. and Tichenor, Mercedes.

Case Study of Teacher Candidate Autism Self-Efficacy Development Through Participation in a Community of Practice
 Hagler, Natalie. and Orlando, Ann-Marie.

Changemaking in Teacher Education: A Journey from Inspiration to Action
 Alexandrowicz, Viviana. and Hansen, Bobbi.

Characteristics of Effective Secondary Teachers: Addressing Both High School Student and Pre-Service Teacher Perspectives
 McCall, Madelon.

Civil Society that Embeds Democratic Agency and Deliberative Governance: Overcoming the Hibernating Teacher Educator Effect
 Crawford, Caroline.

Classroom Teachers as Associated Teacher Educators: Learning in Landscapes of Practice
 Hardy, Sandra., Crawford, Caroline. and McConnell, John.

Clinical Faculty: Reimaging Borders in a Changing Landscape
 Adams, Alyson. and Vescio, Vicki.

Clinical Preparation Revisited: One to Five Years Later
 Torrez, Cheryl.

Closing the Gaps between School, Culture, and Community via C.H.I.L.L. and Community-Based Inquiry
 Woolard, Cassandra., Thacker, Della. and Pund, Baden.

Co-Teaching Across the Teacher Preparation Program: Collaboration Among University Faculty, Mentor Teachers and Preservice Teachers
 Dolan, Holly., Cohn, Annie. and Conlon, Jennifer.

Co-Teaching Model: Making a Difference for Teaching and Learning
 Blacklock, Phillip., Bussue, Nikki. and Curry, Daphney.

Co-navigating the U.S. educational system by immigrant parents: Preparing teachers to Include immigrant parents
 Fayazpour, Shahla. and Putney, LeAnn.

Collaborating with Theatre, Nature, and STEM: A Multigenerational Family Event
 Reinking, Anni., Vetere III, Michael. and Percell, Jay.

Collaboration/Consultation in the 21st Century
 Mundy, Joyce. and Heins, Elizabeth.

Comparing Apples to Oranges: using academic scaling for meaningful assessment and evaluation
 Francis, Ray. and Deschaine, Mark.

Comprehensive Literacy Partnership: Enhancing Literacy Achievement of Students Living in Poverty
 Sartin, Loleta.

Consciousness Building, Critical Literacy, and Action for Liberation: An Emerging Framework for Ethnic Studies Teacher Development
 Lee, Darlene., Hipólito, Emma., Guillén, Lorena., Pham, Josephine., Lopez, Eduardo., Reyes McGovern, Elexia., Hannegan Martinez, Sharim. and Gutierrez III, Andrew.

Continuities of Privilege and Marginality: Using Critical Autobiographical Narrative and Poetic Inquiry to Disrupt Deficit Discourses in Teacher Education
 Handsfield, Lara.

Continuous Improvement in Teacher Training- Through Field and Clinical Experiences
 Cwick, Simin., Bratberg, William., Clapsaddle, Shannon. and Hepler, Brandy.

Creating Change and Crossing Boundaries
 Farr, Wendy.

Creating Community in the College Classroom
 Thomas, Jeff. and Gulley, Joyce.

Creating Educational Opportunity: Creativity in Teacher Education through mutually beneficial school/university partnerships
 DelliCarpini, MArgo., Langman, Juliet., Bustos Flores, Belinda., Fies, Carmen. and Claeys, Lorena.

Creating Initiatives that Support Beginning Teachers to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners in 21st Century Schools
 McMahan, Sarah., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Dunlap, Karen., Anderson, Gina. and Hurlbut, Amanda.

Creating Intentional Spaces for Field Placements to Maximize Teacher Candidate and Mentor Teacher Collaborative Learning
 Adler, Michelle. and Lohfink, Gayla.

Creating Liminal Spaces: Design-Thinking as Democratic Pedagogy in Teacher Education
 Beck, Brittney.

Creating a Diverse Supervised Early Field Experience: Challenges and Opportunities
 Rogers, Carrie. and Rose, Terry.

Creating an Environment that Empowers and Supports Preservice and Inservice Teachers
 Nugent, Patricia., Hart, Katherine., Antola Crowe, Heljä. and Parks, Roxanne.

Creating an authentic learning community for a teacher preparation course with both at-distance and face-to-face enrollment
 Will-Dubyak, Kathryn.

Critical Social Theory’s Impact upon Research Methods, Data Attainment and Learning Analytics: Engaging Teacher Educators and Teacher Leaders
 Moffett, Noran. and Crawford, Caroline.

Critical conversations; Engaging teacher candidates in community-based knowledge
 Buchanan, Thomas. and Buchanan, Karen.

Cultivating Cross-Institutional Collaboration in the Preparation of Preservice Teachers: Responsibilities and Accomplishments of “Partnership Coordinators”
 Bondy, Elizabeth., Burklew, Lina., Christian, Dagni. and Lagotic, Diana.

Cultivating Democratic Communities of Practice in Equity-Focused Online Courses
 Murphy, Amy.

Cultivating a Continuum of Professional Development for Supporting Teachers
 Hughes, Michelle. and Hall, Dara.

Cultivating a Global Perspective in Pre-service Teachers
 Cayson, Andrea., Devine, Donna. and Thomas, Deborah.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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