Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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Data Day: Bringing Together Multiple Measures and Multiple Voices for Data-based Decision Making in Teacher Education
 Thompson, Amber., Culpepper, Shea., Button, Kathryn., Hamman, Doug., Burkett, Jerry., Lewis, Chandar. and Ford, Haley.

Death of an American Ideal – The Privatization of Education
 Shelly, Ann. and Alouf, James.

Democracy as a Topic in the Diversity in the Classroom Course
 Harris, Rebecca.

Democracy in the Tip: Imperatives for Teacher Education
 Masterson, Jessica. and Gatti, Lauren.

Democracy within Education;The Impact of Poverty on School- Aged Children
 Fradkin-Hayslip, Ann.

Democratic Dispositions: Using Evaluation to Promote Critical Dialogue in Teacher Education.
 Cooper, Jane., Beaudry, Christine. and Gauna, Leslie.

Democratic Processes in a Teacher Education Cohort
 Robinson, Scott.

Determining Civic Principles, Values, and Rights and Responsibilities: A Case Study of High School Students
 Byford, Jeffrey. and Horn, Brian.

Developing Disposition Protocols: Collaboration, Lessons Learned and Best Practices
 LaFave, Matthew., Rogers, Carrie. and Rose, Terry.

Developing Empathy and Cultural Sensitivity Through Short-Term International Field Study
 Levine, Aaron., Balinbin Santos, Rosela., Nonaka, Chisato., Traynor, Kevin. and Frambaugh-Kritzer, Charlotte.

Developing Multi-Point Assessment Instruments for Measuring the Knowledge, Ethical and Professional Reasoning, and Growth of Educational Diagnostician Candidates
 Blackwell, William., Cole, Corinna. and Duran, Jaime.

Developing New Models for Early Clinical Placement: Niner Clinical Immersion Schools (NCIS)
 Moody, Erica. and Bayer, Ashley.

Developing New and Experienced Teachers into Agents of Change through Collaborative Inquiry Communities
 Hebert, Lara., Insana, Lindsayanne. and Kessler, Meghan.

Developing Self-Efficacy through Mentoring
 Jack, Ashlie., Lefever, Shirley. and McDowell, Kim.

Developing and Evaluating an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Focused on Social Justice in Preservice Teacher Education
 Sander, Scott., Reyes, Ganiva., Aronson, Brittany., Radina, Rachel., Saultz, Andrew., Kelly, Molly. and Johnson, Ashley.

Developing teachers’ data literacy skills: The evolution of teaching with practical data tools
 Trumble, Jason., Wake, Donna., Dailey, Deborah. and Mills, Michael.

Developing the Teacher Educator
 Salmacia, Kaycee. and Beal, Sarah.

Digital Tools and Strategies for Effective and Equitable Approaches to Science Learning for All
 Pacheco-Guffrey, Heather. and Ingle, Jeanne.

Discover How Teacher Candidates’ Are Learning About the Importance of Inquiry Based Science Teaching.
 Schmidt, Terri.

Dismembered Identities: Stories of Intersectional Minoritization in Teacher Education
 Beck, Brittney.

Disruptive Learning Narrative Framework: Understanding Intense and Uncomfortable Experiences from International Placements
 Sharma, Manu., Allen, Andrew. and Ibrahim, Awad.

Distinguished Voices: ATE Distinguished Awardees Explore the Evolution of Teacher Preparation in a Democratic Society
 Shulsky, Debra., Black, Glenda., Dunlap, Karen., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Fulton, Lori., Harris, Rebecca., Li, Nan., Shelly, Ann., Young, William. and Zhang, Shaoan.

District-Wide PD Transforms Teachers into Agents of Democracy to Strengthen Student Writing
 Weaver, Joanna., Brodeur, Katherine. and Murnen, Timothy.

Do As I’m Told?: A Comparison of Dean Position Postings and Deans’ Actual Responsibilities
 Savage-Davis, Emma. and Beck, Judy.

Do STEM Teachers Need Design Skills for Mathematics and Science Courses?
 Kalonde, Gilbert.

Duoethnography: Creating Space for Collaborative Inquiry into Teacher Educator Preparation
 Wolkenhauer, Rachel., Higgins, Mary. and Morton, Amy.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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