Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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E-Mentoring Novice Teachers Through University-Sponsored Online Induction: Implications for Practice
 Legler, Christian. and Evans, Kathy.

EFL Preservice Teachers’ Reflective Learning and Identity Development Through Video-Mediated Reflection
 Li, Chengcheng., Zhang, Shaoan. and KIAEEHA, MOHAMMAD MAHDI.

ESOL Endorsements: Potential Pathways for Conscientization
 Leckie, Alisa. and Henry, Ed. D., Aiyana.

EdTPA Relevance: Voices from Teacher Education Program Graduates
 Huss, Robyn. and Smith, Laura.

Educating Homeless Children
 Singh, Delar.

Educating Quality Teachers: Research and Ethical Dimensions in Teacher Education
 Flores, Maria.

Education, Equity and Inclusion: Preparing teachers to support diverse students
 donahue, denise. and Banks, Crista.

Educative Distance Supervision: Lessons Learned from an E-Coaching Model
 Curcio, Rachelle. and Castanheira, Brittney.

Effect of Government Spending on Science Achievement: A Cross-Section Analysis of Education Model
 KIAEEHA, MOHAMMAD MAHDI., Zhang, Shaoan. and Li, Chengcheng.

Effectively conveying democratic ideals through educational publishing.
 Buttery, Thomas. and McConnell, John.

Effects of Recess on Student Achievement
 Kunders, Todd., Holt, Josh., Holly, Allison. and Hammonds, Craig.

Elementary Preservice Teachers Inquire, Investigate, and Develop a Plan of Action For Working With Families
 Buelow, Stephanie. and Balinbin Santos, Rosela.

Ellis Island: The beginning or the end of the immigration process?
 Hossain, Kazi.

Employing Lorraine Code’s Ecological Epistemology: Understanding One’s Situatedness to Engage in Cultural Competency
 Bartone, Michael.

Empowering Teacher Candidates through Action Research: A Qualitative Examination of Practice in an Undergraduate Program
 Bohannon, Kimberly.

Enacting Teacher Evaluation Reform: The role of resistance in processes of policy realization
 Masters, Angela.

Encouraging Teacher Readiness: Targeting “Classroom Ready” on Day One
 Pacheco-Guffrey, Heather. and Cayson, Andrea.

Engaging Democratic Professionals: The Impact of Choice on PD Effectiveness
 Weaver, Joanna. and Lavery, Matthew.

Engaging Problems, Engaging Minds: Promoting Civic Engagement in Teacher Preparation Using a Problem-Based Learning Approach
 Goodin, Terry., Dillard, Heather., Caukin, Nancy., Hover, Ashlee. and Carter, Lando.

Engaging in the Discovery of Viable Research Topics: The Power of Reflective Practices and Analyses
 Moffett, Noran. and Crawford, Caroline.

Engaging the heart and the mind: Reaching college and the community
 Wenzel, Taylar. and Kay, Marni.

Engaging with Purpose: A Teacher’s Voice in a Community. Collaboration with Refugee Resettlement Agency.
 Shonia, Olga. and Wightman, Jim.

Engineering a New Faculty Annual Evaluation Process in a College of Education
 Anderson, Patricia. and Ellis, Maureen.

Equalizing Access to Supports for Universal Design for Learning in Teacher Education
 Lawrence-Brown, Diana.

Evaluating the Feedback Loop: A Comparison of Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor Feedback as a Factor in Pre-Service Teacher Growth.
 Allen, David. and Wood, Jill.

Evoking The Devil Within: Teaching Teacher Candidates how to Resist Authority
 Wellenreiter, Benjamin. and Lucey, Thomas.

Examining instructional practices in Japan through textual analysis: Awareness of Japanese educators about benefits of constructivist approaches
 Kambara, Hitomi.

Examining the Influence of Methods Coursework on the Beginning Reading Teacher
 Clark, Sarah.

Examining the Past to Inform the Future: Capitalizing on Technology to Create Agents of Change
 Byfield, Lavern. and Shelby-Caffey, Crystal.

Examining the Research: Working with Diverse Populations in Early Field Experiences
 Black, Linda.

Exercising Democratic Authority in the Classroom: Teachers as Participant Action Researchers
 Hernandez, Arthur. and Fender, Virginia.

Exploring Opposing Viewpoints of a Reluctant Digital Native and an Innovative Digital Immigrant
 Pierczynski, Melissa.

Exploring Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach Students with Disabilities
 Reeves, Linda., Johnson, Todd. and Giles, Rebecca.

Exploring Students’ Knowledge of Engineering and their Applications of the Engineering Design in an Informal Setting
 Trumble, Jason., Dailey, Deborah., Cotabish, Alicia., Buchanan, Michelle. and Jackson, Nykela.

Exploring Teachers’ Work and Professional Development through the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey
 Zimmerman, Aaron., Bowles, Erika., Carter, Cari., Eko, Sipra., Guo, Lu., Liu, Yilan., Nguyen, Ngan., Sneed, Stacey., Wu, Nan. and Zeng, Xi.

Exploring a Research Agenda on the Effects of Language on Mathematical Understanding-Implications for Teacher Education
 Wilkerson, Trena., Yoder, Gina., Mistetta, Regina., Booher, Loi., Nugent, Patricia., Adcock, Justin., Cayson, Andrea., Johnston, Elizabeth. and Bu, Lingguo.

Exploring a Summer Field Placement Focused on Restoring the Democratic Ideal
 Holbert, Romena.

Exploring the Beliefs of Early-Career Scholars of Teacher Education
 Zimmerman, Aaron., Brasher, Donna., Carter, Cari., Rose, Judy., Taylor, Cassandra., Woodall, Elizabeth. and Wu, Nan.

Exploring the Challenges Related to Cultivating a Shared Framework of Teacher Educator Practice
 Zimmerman, Aaron. and Hodges, Kelly.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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