Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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Facing the challenges and triumphs of co-teaching in higher education: A case study
 McConnell, Michele., Kalyanpur, Maya. and Mandell, Helene.

Feedback and Reflection: Utilizing Digitally-Mediated Distance Supervision to Support the Student Intern
 Wood, Jill. and Allen, David.

First Year Teachers’ Perceptions of Induction Programs and Mentoring
 Kern, Joan.

First-Attempt Success on the Praxis: How We Did It
 Wise, William. and Davis, Steven.

Five Technology Assessment Tools to Conduct Formative Assessment in the Classroom
 Bohannon, Larry., Gunn, Sharon., Porter, Debi. and McCollum, Dixie.

Five Things Preservice Teachers Are Shocked They Can Do with Microsoft Word®
 Rogers, Douglas. and Rogers, Rachelle.

Five Ways to Personalize Teacher Professional Development
 Franklin, David.

For the Common Good: Connecting with AMTE’s Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics
 Olson, Travis.

Forty Years of “Un-learning”: Enlightenment of a Veteran Teacher
 Cross, Mackinley., Williams, Lindsay. and Henry, Ed. D., Aiyana.

Fostering Discussion and Inquiry through the Case Study Method to Teach Democratic Ideals and Practices.
 Byford, Jeffrey., Shorten, Jenny., Edge, Gay. and Thompson, Jordan.

Fostering Resilience and Persistence in Early Career Teachers: Lessons Learned from an Induction Professional Learning Community
 HOFKAMP, Kim., Kramer, Kathrine., Kretchmar, Kerry. and White, Kimberly.

Fostering a Teacher's Voice and Resilience Through a Year-long Student Teaching Placement
 Kaufmann, Laura., Burr, Stacy., Beck, Judy. and Fernandez, Susan.

Freshmen Education Candidates’ Perceptions of Title 1 Schools
 Costner, Richard., Costner, Betsey., Richmond, Jamia. and Hitt, Austin.

From Passive Recipients to Policy Actors, Equipping Teachers and Teacher Educators to Enact Change
 Gillham, John.

From Serial Monologue to Deep Dialogue: Designing and Facilitating Online Discussions in Teacher Preparation Courses
 Hambacher, Elyse., Ginn, Katherine. and Slater, Kathryn.

From the Top of the Class to the Front of the Classroom
 Moffa, Eric. and Sigler, Haley.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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