Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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INTERNSHIPS….The New Relationship Builder for Online Programs
 Copeland, Sherry.

IPad Tips and Tricks to Enhance Teachers', Students', and Teacher Educators' Professional Practice
 Fogleman, Jay.

Ideate This: Developing Teacher Candidates as Design Thinkers in a PDS Partnership
 Matsumoto, Vail., Yoshioka, Jon. and Fulton, Lori.

Identity Shift: Identity in the Mobile Teacher
 Cross, Mackinley. and Henry, Ed. D., Aiyana.

Imagine! All Faculty Prepared to Teach Language Learners (LL)
 Kaufman, Roberta. and Galvin, Trehixi.

Impactful Practice: Sharing Practice Amongst Early Childhood Teacher Educators
 Meidl, Christopher., Bromer, Billi., Smith, Jill., Chvala, Terry., Byrne, Laurel. and Ammentorp, Louise.

Implementing Social Stories for Students of Color with Emotional Behavioral Disorders
 Matute, Monique., Dennis, June. and Atwell, Nicole.

In the Company of Children and an Elementary School Community: Exploring how Pre-service Teachers Come to Understand High-Leverage Teaching Practices while Participating in a State-Wide CEEDAR Initiative
 Norton-Meier, Lori. and Lingo, Amy.

Incorporating Facebook into Ones’ 21st Century University Classroom
 McCarthy, David.

Incorporating the Simulation Approach to Teach Un-Democratic Practices and Principles
 Byford, Jeffrey.

Increasing Diversity in the Teaching Profession: A “Simple” Idea with Complex (and Positive) Outcomes
 Hawk, Jean.

Indigenizing Health Education Curriculum in Teacher Education
 Salm, Twyla., Mulholland, Val. and Hernandez, Arthur.

Induction and Mentoring Outcomes for First, Second, and Third Year Teachers
 Jadallah, Edward., Darden, Amanda. and Costner, Betsey.

Influences of a University-School Partnership on Preservice Teachers’ Efficacy and Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Reading
 Jang, Bong Gee. and Wiens, Peter.

Information Literacy Skills (or lack thereof) of Preservice Teachers
 Prather-Jones, Bianca.

Innovation in Teacher Preparation in a Co-Located PK-8 and College of Education
 Bates, Alisa., Vossenkuhl, Angela., Owens, Julie. and Murphy, Stephanie.

Instituting Ed. Cafe's to engage discussion on important issues in Education.
 Murie, Kimberly., Matchell, Connie. and Cunningham, Curtis.

Instructional Coaching: An investigation of a pre-service teacher’s self efficacy through supportive and reflective dialogue
 Steiner, Amanda.

Instructional Rounds in the Clinical Experience
 Yeigh, Maika. and Cherner, Todd.

Integrating 21st Century Sills into the Teacher Education Classroom
 Schubert, Cynthia. and Richards, Jan.

Intentional Field Experience: Foundations of Reading Course
 Nelson, Priscilla.

Interacting Within Contexts: Considering Mentor Teachers’ Work at the Intersection of K-12 Education and Teacher Preparation
 Kolman, Joni.

Interdisciplinary, Collaborative and Equity-focused: A Graduate Preparation Program for Teacher Candidates and Aspiring Policy Actors
 Wesley-Nero, Sabrina.

International Faculty’s Use of Lived Experiences in Teaching U.S. Classrooms
 Hsu-Kim, Ching. and Zhang, Shaoan.

Introspection through the arts: PSTs’ beliefs/practices within a clinically- rich, culturally-diverse and community-based field experience
 Robinson, Raven., Jacobs, Jennifer. and Haberlin, Steven.

Inverting the “Apprenticeship of Observation” Through Study of Program Impact: Teacher Educators in P-12 Schools
 Wieczorek, Kim.

Investigating Principals’ Instructional Philosophical Orientation and Their Students’ Level of Engagement
 Maynus, Lou. and Meisel, Edna.

iO Project:Using Technology to Advance Candidate Reflection
 Gillies, Warna. and Pierczynski, Melissa.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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